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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  November 13, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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announcer: at 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. dari: explosions outside of a soccer stadium, just the beginning of a night of terror in paris from a series of coordinated attacks has left more than 100 the dead. and tonight it appears to be authorities are saying that all steve: this is the worst terror attack in french history, they are even calling it french's 9/11. a soccer stadium, a mall, were all affected by terrorism. dari: the concert hall is by far the worst, the gunman took hostages, 118 people killed, a state of emergency has been in
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under a mandatory curfew since 1994 let's get to share with the the attack in the investigation? that's right, interview has been put in place, terrorist opening fire, the death toll now standing at 150. reporter: the city of lights is dark and in lockdown after terrorists attacked a city of lights, paris, france, suicide bombers pulled off mass shootings and explosions, killing at least 158 people. many were gathering here to hear the eagles of death metal. the gunman shouted this is
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crowd from above. authorities stormed in and kill the terrorists, but by then 100 people in the concert hall were dead. a state of emergency was declared. tara set off explosions, the national stadium near stade de france, where germany and france were playing a soccer match, you can't see it, but you can here the explosions go off during the game. >> everybody started to panic. it happened quickly and now it's impossible to go back home. the trains are packed, it's quite stressful and a big mess. reporter: president francois hollande was in the stadium watching the game and had to be evacuated. eleven more were killed in a
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more massacred at a bar near the stadium when a bomb went off there. president obama called the killings heartbreaking and pledged u.s. support. >> once again we have seen outrageous attempts, this is an attack not just on paris, not just on the people of france but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share and the french police have arrested one person so far who claims to be with isis. another five terrorists were killed, this is the deadliest violence that paris has seen since world war ii. the head of the paris police saying tonight that all of the attackers are believed to be dead. steve: we do want to mention that the u.s. state department issued a number for people to call if they need help locating any loved ones in paris. the number is below.
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dari: on heightened alert from january's deadly shootings after the shootings at the "charlie hebdo" offices, 12 people were killed in that assault and four others died. steve: the nypd monitoring the situation and they have stepped up security at key locations including the french consulate on the side, that is where we find it listed on tonight? that's right, good evening to you. a noticeable police presence right here in front of the french consulate and i want to show you that the flag has been brought to half staff. in front of the building after this tragedy. people have been coming by here. people are dropping flowers in front of the doorways, leaving handwritten notes and letting people know that they aren't inking about the city of paris right now. of course after this incident happened the nypd quickly sprung into action. the nypd counterterrorism unit
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crowded areas across the city. cameras spotted the team members in front of the french consulate on fifth avenue. the department is also helping on the grounds in france. the nypd sent this statement, saying that the intelligence bureau detectives are conducting liaison activities to assess the paris police and assist them. situation of data. senator chuck schumer has been briefed by the fbi, saying that they have the most specific threats, but the nypd still had to act accordingly. >> a lesson for us, if we think that terrorism is vanquished, what happened in france clearly indicates that it is not. we have to remain vigilant, we cannot cut back on the tools that we need to protect our homeland. dari: taking a look at the flowers that have been left here, the port authority police issuing a statement a couple of minutes ago saying that they
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have heightened their security and all the bridges and tunnels in the world trade center. back to both of you. dari: we offer our thoughts and prayers to the people of paris, mayor bill de blasio saying in part that the people of new york city are heartbroken to see our sister city shaken again by the thoughtless acts of violence and we stand in solidarity with the residents of paris and the mayor during this time of tragedy. governor cuomo also says as more details emerge, i want the people to know that just as the world has stood by new york in times of tragedy, today new york stands with you. tonight i have directed new york state law enforcement remain vigilant in the wake of these attacks.
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fbi agent manny gomez. we saw staggering amount of sophistication and coordination in these attacks. are you taken aback by what we saw in the level of locations in different ways that we saw people killed? >> i'm truly surprised that post-9/11, world-class country which has world-class intelligence was taken totally by surprise by these multiple attacks and i think that the entire world is actually surprised because nobody picked up on this. not france, not england. not in israel. and so we have to find out how this happened without anyone knowing. obviously this is not your classic situation and this was a collaborated effort with multiple people involved that obviously had been planning
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location, they had been able to carry it out extremely dari: i actually heard and analysts point out the fact, speaking of the fact that these terrorist were very well-trained and had a great strategy which spoke to certain elements of al qaeda and others of isis. but the small-scale targets. and that is why it is very difficult to figure out who was responsible and that could be done saying that we left the caliphate, we are on the map in the west. >> that is to be determinist who takes credit. someone soon will take credit for this. the intelligence services or very soon going to try to decipher what the communications
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exactly who is to blame for this attack. and it's interesting because on the heels of the russian plane going down and who is responsible for that it came to mind, now there is going to be a big rush, isis, al qaeda, whoever else am i to have the next big attack. because they will claim the greatest dollars and the greatest resources and here we have it, less than two weeks away, this massive attack on france. dari: obviously everybody is flinching after this. what is the take away for america? >> the take away is that we are very vulnerable. if this happened in france, it could potentially happen here. we have been exceptional at stopping numerous attacks post-9/11. and clearly they have stepped up their game to be able to
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attack. steve: thank you so much. steve: pairs is not very big compared to a place like new york, the events happen not very far from each other, allison morris actually live there for several years and we're taking a look at the layout of the land. that's right, i lived about a attacks. you can walk across the city in just about an hour or so. so you are looking at a map right here, this circle is the entire city within the circle. it's just kind of a highway that runs around the city. this where the football and soccer manse was today, the stade de france, about 80,000 people were there when the first attack started taking place, we also heard about what is going
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on at this theater, the concert. that happened in the area here. so even though this is just outside of paris, you're not talking about a great distance. so does here, just a matter of blocks away, this area is the restaurant, le carillon, i lived near that restaurant and that is where a number of the attacks happened. there could have been as many as six different locations and these are the three major ones we've heard about the evening and we also heard reports that there may have been something going on right here in the center of paris not far from the louvre or city hall. and the attackers picked places that were going to be very populated this evening. we know that 80,000 people were at the stade de france, 1200 people at the concert and here,
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the center of france, that is where a major metro and subway station is and they basically connect all of the subways which is almost like a long island railroad of paris, they all come through this area. on friday night with so much going on, these were central locations. one more thing i would like to show you because it's very cool, facebook has a safety check and they have a special one for paris terror attacks tonight and these are actually my friends that live there that are checking in to let people know they're okay. a big thing tonight if you're having trouble getting through to people. just a very cool way that social media was used to let people know the people were okay. steve: thank you very much. dari: as we have been saying, the city is under siege. steve: we will hear from people who are in the city. dari: we will also hear from french nationals that have
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steve: and an update on steve: the colors of the french flag are lighting up the 1wtc. it the more we learn, the more our hearts are aching, condolences coming in from all over the world for the people of paris, antwan lewis is here with more on the mood in this beautiful city. and it is so sad and dark tonight. reporter: you have been reaching for words to try to convey the motions. as we think about our own shock when we heard the reports coming into the newsroom. hearing the reaction from
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it in the perspective. reporter: the personal stories of the people of paris make this difficult. our 5:00 o'clock newscast, we spoke with a resident who lives roughly five minutes from the bataclan cafe , he describes what he saw when he ran outside his home. >> i look to my window and i went down the street. there were people gathering there. i was talking with the neighbors and they were saying that it was a total horror. there were dead people, and people were throwing sheets outside the windows to cover the corpses. reporter: many opening their doors to anyone needing safety and shelter as the massacres were being carried out. right now officials have been told to curfew mandating all
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as a state of emergency has been called. no where will that be greater than paris tonight. >> there has been an attack against the russians, against lebanon and paris, we feel that the planet is not secure and it's like the republic was really under a threat. reporter: our hearts are heavy tonight. steve: thank you. geraldo rivera's daughter was actually inside the soccer stadium when the explosions went off outside.
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described the scene that she relayed to him by the phone. >> my daughter told me that she heard the three explosions near halftime and they knew that the president, president francois hollande was there. as they started to leave, as you can imagine the people in the stadium were becoming upset and all of them wanted to leave. the s.w.a.t. team and the emergency services people started coming in with their long rifles and their medical aid. i don't know what the explosions were, she didn't see anyone who have been killed or injured but she's ill had the emergency medical teams arriving. they left the stadium, people were running one way, my daughter and her friend, there were four of them and then they saw the crowd. exit. it was chaos. a immediately the french
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authorities, now they have had a sorry experience after "charlie hebdo" last january, they feel that there is a parameter, the girls managed to get outside the perimeter, i told them not to take the subway. one i just spoke to her two or three minutes ago she said that she was looking for a taxi, they were about 4 miles from home. her phone is not working, it's a mess, but this is a terrifying military scale attack, it seems to me. i think i that she was in at the raw concert but was at the soccer stadium where the presence of the president was considerable security in seal and leader he was actually able to speak to his daughter from >> how are you feeling? >> i'm shaking spell. that was probably the scariest thing that i've ever had to deal with. people started panicking and
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then people started running and there's a bunch of little kids and you just see these parent, not knowing what to do, they were running in every direction. like an hour and a half later. i don't know how people got out of there. they shut down everything. >> don't go outside, stay right where you are. steve: he actually had a friend essentially picked her up and brought her home to his place. so she is home safe, but what a night area there is a growing french community in brooklyn speak to this evening they watched as these terror attacks unfolded. dan bowens got the reaction to the bloodshed in their homeland. reporter: new york city has a significant connection, more than 180 french-speaking people within the boroughs. this stretch is referred to by
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some as little france because there are several french owned businesses here and some ex-patriot tell us that they are still trying to come to grips with what has happened. >> minute by minute, they watched. >> it's very scary. reporter: order played out in their home country. this couple owns a parisian bistro in carroll gardens. both of them remembered the "charlie hebdo" shootings in january, both cannot make sense of what is happening now. >> somebody has to do something about it? a few blocks away many gathered in some prayed.
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what world are we living in. reporter: thomases from paris, he was messaging friends and loved ones this evening and he had not heard him everyone. >> do i feel secure about my friends by matt because i haven't heard everything about them. >> the french people, they have to be together hand-to-hand. steve: the world reporting on the horrific event. steve: how the french media cover the worst attack in terror history speak to the latest on the drone strike that may have killed a cop killer known as
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dari: the big news of before the terror attacks was that jihad
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set successfully by a drone strike. steve: officials were hoping that it would mark a symbolic victory in the war against isis. sharon crowley has more on that. reporter: an incredible day, u.s. forces believed that they killed a major militant target. but it will take time to positively identify the body and confirmed that it is, in fact, the executioner known to all as jihadi john. the families of those that were beheaded on those videos they than his death does not bring them much comfort. u.s. forces now believe that they killed jihadi john with a drone strike in syria. >> we are reasonably certain that we had killed the target. reporter: he is a british citizen whose real name is mohammed emwazi. he was seen in videos showing the headings of the number of hostages including u.s. and
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british citizens. >> the guy was a human animal and killed him was probably making the world a better place? the british prime ministers says that the country contributed to the effort. >> he was the lead executioner of the organizatorganizat ion. let us never forget that he killed many muslims as well. reporter: despite it did little to ease the grief of victims, these parents released a statement saying that this development doesn't change anything for us ,-com,-com ma it's too little, too late, our son is never coming back. that sentiment was shared by this family of james foley, also beheaded by jihadi john. they say that the u.s. should rescuing hostages as it does hunting down extremists. >> we do not see this systematic march across the terrain. but what we have not been able to do is to completely
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control structures. for maximum the victims families said that they found instant relief upon hearing that he might be dead. again, confirmation of his death in the investigation is ongoing. a turkish official says that authorities in turkey have also obtained demand that they think is linked to him. steve: the fallout just getting underway. dari: american airlines now postponing flights to paris and the added concerns passengers have as they arrive at the airport. steve: and they look at how
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