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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 14, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EST

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now on chasing new. >> it's friday the 13th. >> yeah i'm mad. >> i'm so glad to meet you, here's nathan, the goodwill ambassador from friday the 13th in blairstown. >> i love the time, i love the movie. >> how are you guys? philadelphia bacon and beer festival is coming up. i have a preview and they have some stuff for you to enjoy. >> you can pretty much put bacon on anything. >> wow. >> oh my gosh. >> diana, you are chasing a
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evan or kristi will be able to get her medical marijuana on school grounds. >> as you can imagine, the barber family is ecstatic. >> that is pretty good. >> for the first time since april, their daughter jenny will return to full day of school governor chris christie signing a bill on monday allowing grounds. >> my daughter is 12. we were sitting in the computer room and she jumped on facebook and said dad i think the governor signed jenny's bill. >> i was like it out here, said, said no mom's facebook is blowing up. people are congratulating us. >> it is a game changing for them for being in a law suit
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since 2014. there citing the fda lifting of the drug as a schedule one narcotic as the reason why the drug cannot be on school grounds. that resulted in a bill for medical marijuana needs. starting next week that will change. it is an emotional topic who has really feared about the impact it would have on her daughter. >> it's because she is a two-year-old she cannot understand like we can understand. or. or even a regular two euro can understand. it is like a regular child going to school in the summer and then you have to wake her up and go back to school just exhausted. >> it is the school in the nation that has enacted a policy like this. here's the the catch, only guardians, caretakers or parents can administer the drug.
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again it is taking time out of their day, they both have full-time jobs because they have to bring the truck to school. >> the child is in school five days a week. >> experts say more needs to be done in terms of medical marijuana policy. >> there really difficulties that legitimate patients have in obtaining medicine when they are qualified for it. >> all agree this is a huge step for those who need it most. >> this is the worst idea ever. schools are not equipped to keep marijuana in the facility. they do not have the security, drugs have caused a lot of violence in this country. >> way over the top. the problem what diana said his marijuana was listed alongside of heroin as a narcotic. it isn't, and never and never has been. it should not be listed as
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though drugs. it is not a a drug in our country that has people whoring themselves on the street. marijuana does does not do that to people especially in the case. the only side medical marijuana has is making others feel better. >> governor christie is back to making a difference. he's on the campaign trail and it's good to see him show up and sign something like this. >> so this is a school for developmental needs and they administer oxycodone and other serious drugs they are giving tickets. who better to give it to them the nurses? >> thanks diana. >> high-speed chase. >> the nypd is looking for this man, you can see him riding a bike, shooting a gun. this happened in the bronx on november 6 around 1:00 p.m.
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the street and was riding a bicycle, he did not hit the kid by police are looking for him. if you see him call the police. >> five told you once i have told you 1000 times, times, 911 for emergency only. tell that to a florida woman who called 911 because she was drunk and needed chicken wings and cigarettes. be the responsible person she is she did not want to drive. she was arrested for misusing 911. >> tamra, you are chasing a story about a school, the department of education wants to build but some preservationists have said hold on, not not so fast there are revolutionary war soldiers buried on the site. >> new york city wants to build a prekindergarten school on the site behind me.
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some people believe that revolutionary soldiers are buried here in a mass grave. this site might be the location where the maryland 400 are buried. we hope to get more information on this area and the revolutionary war i went to the old stone house, it is a house that survived this battle and where most of the events happen. i spoke with with the executive director. >> the maryland 400 was about the battle of brooklyn under the leadership of william alexander they let him charge against the british. >> she told me there is no evidence they are actually buried in a mass grave anywhere in this area. >> one of the great mysteries is where the maryland 400 are buried. 258 are listed as missing and no documentation to say where they lay.
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>> there is a historian who is fighting to put in a park near this location, bob petitioned the state to buy the land to put a park in commemoration of the maryland 400. >> did the historian tell you when she shoji the troop movement? did the site in particular other than being a potential burial ground didn't play any part, this actual spy? >> when she talked about the battle she said this entire area wasn't part of the battle of brooklyn. >> there could be bodies buried all throughout brooklyn? >> exactly. they considered the army and not give them a proper burial, they would just bury them where they fell. >> you can have bodies anywhere in brooklyn. >> if they weren't as sacred that would already be a museum.
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relate to the traffic, crowds, and all-around hullabaloo associated with a big event in any three of the big cities. do you think there's an easier way for like minded even going people like us to get to and from games and concert? there introducing crowd power event transportation. it's a technology platform that introduces writers to other writers that it is going to have high -- high and bus transportation to and from the event. i secure home base better known as a tailgate. >> what is good about it is we bring fans together and bring them to the event. no matter the rivalry, no matter
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having a good time. the event starts before the game. >> by circumventing the high parking fees and taken cars off the road they are saving you green while also going green. speaking of green i hopped on board a rally bus last night to the jet game for an epic at new york, new york showdown with the buffalo bills. i was greeted by a group of group of fans from both teens, multiple cities, and even some canadians. how cool is that? >> didn't have anything like that. >> no. >> i was greeted with new friends, free beers and reliable transportation. perfect scenario, right?
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>> it died. i will might book a rally bus of course, here's how i do it. download the app, the app, choose your event, but in your location, share it and invite friends along. or just show up and make some new ones. >> so so you hit the app, log in, it picks you up at run random spots? >> a bunch of people on the bus from long island that logged in and said they wanted to be picked up. it is sort of like the uber cool of buses. they will go to multiple locations and have one spot they'll stop in the city on the way back. it depends on where the people are. >> say hi everybody. >> thursday night football and
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and hank new york jets. but we introduce the color rush campaign and their bright colored uniforms for thursday night football. had to tell the same color. the problem is problem is they were red and green, and men a lot of men are colorblind so it showed individuals what it would be like to be colorblind and watching the game. as you you can see, everybody looks the same. >> and i was on stage by a bartender check out this video of patrick who is a bartender in california, a patron started choking on a cheeseburger. he hopped over the counter, started doing the heimlich, he said the man's life. >> look at that. >> i was searching for the soul
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this morning, people on medicaid who might otherwise be struggling to care for themselves won't have to. because homefirst, a product of elderplan, is there... helping them with bathing, dressing and meals so they can remain safely at home. homefirst, a product of elderplan continuing the work of the four brooklyn ladies caring in so many ways.
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or visit (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. p head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... p change your thinking about buying your next one. >> patrick, hello. >> one of my favorite days of the year, friday the 13th. chasing the original movie back from 1979. london jersey. filmed in jersey. >> i went looking for the soul
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of friday the 13th. i went into the shop and i found it. >> you tell me there is a thing around time and that's why came appear to talk about friday the 13th. can you put them in touch with me? >> yes. >> i am so glad to meet you. here is adjacent the goodwill ambassador ambassador of friday the 13th in blairstown. welcome to the addition of friday the 13th, and unlucky day. they call it christmas and dresses up as the killer jason to control blairstown. >> it is like a dream come true. >> why do i do? because i love the town, i love the movie, i am from here, so i
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guess that means -- hey how are you guys. >> you can see my getup is not quite as good as a paper plate with a rubber band wrapped around it. it's not bad. >> it shouldn't be too cool, the less cool it looks the more frightening it looks. it's a 4-year-old that gave me, you're not allowed to have a real nice. >> let's get down to it. >> in blairstown, friday the 13th is becoming the thing. we met people who wanted to take pictures with us from as far as way as california, north carolina who came specifically to blairstown on friday the 13th. to commemorate the movie. >> i waved to the people, happy
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friday the 13th. >> you have your survivor shared on, that's a long way to come from north carolina. >> we stayed in blairstown at places that were in the movie. the old theater, they will have a showing tonight. the old mill, the diner, speemac. same. >> it hasn't changed at all. >> pleas have been tweeted about friday the 13th in their safety tips if you are involved in a horror movie. tips from the police how to survive friday the 13th. >> keep calm, don't go swimming, don't have sex, don't smoke, don't drink, don't go out, run from the killer, if you run from the killer, if you trip get up and run and above all, turn on the stupid light before entering a room. >> i plan on doing at least five of those things.
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>> at least two of the kids probably three or four in the original friday the 13th got up while they're in the middle of having sex. the mother was upset because jason her son drowned. >> you just boiled the movie. >> you haven't seen it in 35 years. >> i was going to watch it tonight. >> happy friday. >> the philadelphia bacon and beer festival is coming up. i have a preview and they sent you can pretty much put bacon on anything and is going to be amazing. this is michael's and treated me of caramel bacon, bread pudding. out. >> i never even had regular bread pudding. for this to to be my first time it was awesome.
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next up was laura of the avenue deli, this is how i fell in love with tangy nuggets of love. >> it is almost going to be like a deconstructed potato skin, twice baked potato. >> these are fried up pieces of potato, topped with bacon and glazed with yummy spices and sour cream and pickled onions. >> oh my gosh. >> of course what is all this bacon goodness without some beer? john from second-story brewery help me pair each dish with a second-story brew. >> here's a pale ale that's very aromatic, you can smell the smokiness. >> awesome. >> everything was incredible. if you want to try these dishes get on down to philadelphia bacon
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november 14 at the armory. i had to bring back some of it to share with you. so we have and jalapeno bacon. my personal favorite is the fatty. a bacon wrapped sausage stuffed with gouda mac & cheese. chef michael came out with it and it is amazing. >> sorry you have to wait for the bacon. it is going to be done right. here in washington d.c. with this congress.
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the congress. it really is something when a former mobster is the one addressing them about living a godly life. michael was addressing senators and capitol hill staffers at the senate office building, i decided to come along and see what he does. >> we will point them in the right direction with the story of how god can change someone's life. encourage them to do the right thing. >> michael spent 20 years in the mafia and left it all behind 20 years ago for his new. he said it has been the most rewarding >> i wish them tell me this 20 years ago. i tell you, there is nothing more satisfying and encouraging. i want to have an impact, a a positive impact on people. >> so in anticrime commission here mobsters were given a different reception, they came here under subpoena.
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>> i'm told i am the only former mob guy who came into this building that wasn't asked to testify against someone. to me that was a privilege. >> i got it right away. >> the old bras come back. >> michael's testimony has moved thousands of people. one who heard it for the first time today, former indiana congressman who is amazed by his story. >> it is important to hear from michael because it is a testimony that shows the power of the gospel, that there is really no place that we can be, no place we can go where the power of the holy spirit and the power of the gospel cannot win us. >> here we are. church and state, coming together with all due respect. should michael be talking to
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let me know what you think. version of the vatican. >> he wants to raise 70,000,000 earth. >> he wants to start turning water into wine. >> it allows the paralyze to walk again. >> i cannot wait to see it, next tracy news. >> have a story we should know about?
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