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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  November 15, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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christina: developing france taking it to isis launching a massive airstrike against the strong hold in syria, hello, i am christina park. antwan: i am antwan lewis today's retaliation after a series coordination attacks in paris killed at least 129 people, and left more than 300 others injured, attacks which isis has claimed responsibility. christina: the same day that we're seeing new video showing moments that terrorists opened fire, zachary is joining us with latest. >> reporter: good evening france was the agressor today, war planes launched on an attack this evening more than 20 bombs were launched at isis targets
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the group claimed responsibility for the attacks on pair it. >> the french air force use the basis in jordan and united arab emirateses to strike at target lists. >> so the dig discussion we had today was helpful. >> reporter: at g-20 summit in turkey, broke broke president obama said that attacks today were stoke en with the french president. >> we redouble our efforts to bring about a peaceful transition in syria. and to eliminate dash as a force that can create so much pain and suffering, for people in paris. other parts of the globe. >> reporter: president obama vowed to help france, france's
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response has been multiproned and far reaching that leads to a terrorist finding his way to the country. one car dis covered that the kalashnikov rifles they believe up to 10 people could be responsible as 3 teams carried out 6 attacks, officials' to see this man, a french national suspected of being involved. >> this is new video from friday night in paris, paris killed 89 people at eagles of death concert, this is presume abbey when they started, you can see some people duck are, others run, american band in shock onstage, this video, taken from a perrisian filmmaker.
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paris cries, and responds, the city of lights now littered with candles of grief, tears of fear. >> u.s. does not plan to changing its attack on isis opec more of the same including air attacks but no boots on ground in paris, a northbound of museum are to open monday. they are trying to get things back to normal but it will take time. antwan: paris primains very were a -- remains very much a city on edge. peaceful moments turned to panic today. people ran for their lives at a memorial. police responded quickly with guns drawn to investigate, today an american living in paris described mood of the city.
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>> a few blocks away from the restaurant, where there was 19 people who were shot. it is actually around the corner from my son's daycare. antwan: we understand that scare was reportedly cause by fireworks. christina: focus has shifted to syria with the obama administration. one of the paris attackers may have slipped into europe from syria. >> with airstrikes, the u.s. looks more closely at its relations with syria, especially refugees from syria where the deadly attacks on paris were planned, a syrian passport was reportedly found near a suicide bomber in paris, showing owner arriving by ship as a refugee,
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europe, with thousands to arrive in u.s., a probably terrorist slipping through the borders is a valid concern. >> we need to sort out those people who have gone into syria, and come out and. to launch attacked and theme people with congestion with isis in syria. >> when can testimonies to refugees from syria -- when it comes to refugees from syria, most are not terrorists, they are leaving the terrorists but you cannot be too careful, we have to be very careful. >> reporter: it could draw heated opposition for open door refugee poll policy for leaders like president obama, saying they are not budging from plan to bring in 10,000 refugees next year, but some dop law g.o.p. lawmakers say that is taking a
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>> the robust vetting of refugees is untrue, there is no vetting there are no databases in syria, this is really, a -- they are rolling the dice hire, we know that isis wanting to bring in terrorists with these refugees. >> reporter: more than 4 million refugees have come to europe since syrian forces and rebels start the fighting. >> family and friends continue to mourn a 23-year-old industrial design student from cal state who was killed friday, no memma memo -- nohemi gonzalez was oversea program. >> she has big dreams, she was 17 she finished high school earlier. she moved to the dorm. in long beach, to live over
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and she was so happy. every day, because she loved to go to school, she loved school. antwan: university confirms that other 17 students studying abroad are safe. christina: new yorkers continue to express sympathy for the victims and sol dare solidarity with france, a look at washington square park. the arc in blue, white and red. and local leaders and members took part in a candle like walk, today in flat iron second, a candlelight vigil was ahead at the eatery. antwan: new york city remains in a state of heightened security, at high-risk targets like french consulate, they have been sent to crowded areas like penn station and madison square garden, security soft targets
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will have to rely on public awareness. >> there is not a city in america that has the resources we have in new york, understandably based on confident neb 9/11 confident experience, we are on alert but we have resources, increase you on presence. antwan: albert teen, only bookshop in city devoted to books in french and english reopen for business tomorrow they closed for the weekend. christina: city's across the station are tightening -- nation are tightening security so did nationally will football league with a heavy police present at the nfl games today. the department of homeland security stressed there is no known credible threat 13 nfl against nfl stadiums but they added more security to be safe. >> al qaeda has history of multiple attacks also at sporting events like the boston bombing, nfl commissioner
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essentials to make sure that games, that we have a hightened security out there. christina: nfl said they continue to use mandatory metal departicular or screen -- detector screenings and not allowing bags but small see through purses. antwan: teams paying tribute to those killed friday, this is metlife stadium where a moment game. christina: for more on the terror attacks in paris you can log on to for latest updates. >> still to come on fox 5 news at 10:00? antwan: ronda rousey's students title loss. christina: we take you to denver, and introduce you to a star wars fan whose collection is out of this world. antwan: 4e8ly hello samantha. samantha: hello, a lot of sunshine, we have warmer
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duke: coming up on "sports extra" present by toyota, giants and patriots play a great game this time giants, on the shortened of the stick, highlights and postgame reaction, and yankees general manager brian cashman in studio, "sports extra" presented by
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hall to united nations to send a strong message that crashes are not accidents, saying the way people talk about vehicle violence. >> we to save lives. appointment. light. >> more be that a million people die in crashes every year. christina: jury select begins tomorrow in federal extortion and bribery trial of dean skelos and his son adam. arrest came 4 mobs after morning after arrest -- months after the arrest of sheldon on bribery charges. antwan: a teller, was shown a gun tucked in his waistband, and
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demanded money, the suspect is described describe 5-10 to 6 feet tall. >> samantha is here with our forecast, it is going to be nice. antwan: 60s? samantha: low 60s, good stuff, sunshine, feeling comfortable. i am off tomorrow, maybe have you the day off as well, hopefully you can get out there and enjoy it. about 61, check out normal for this time of year. only 53 we're doing pretty good for november. record high tomorrow 72 we're not going to be that warm but a nice day. best day of week today was great as well, with clear sky, a well the sunshine, check out the sunset, east islip, shawn mills took this sent it to me on twitter.
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not as cold as last night. this time last night we were in 40s. the southwest wind is going to help us out tonight, show you big picture cold air to north throughout main, upstate new york in 50s, down to philadelphia, washington, d.c., temperatures in 50s, more mild for you overnight. and a look at satellite and radar, a couple wispy clouds north and west, not much going on, clear across long island to new jersey and hudson valley, that is all compliments i high pressure. this bubble of try air will dominate for the next couple of days. to the north there is a coldfront that the drift south tuesday. winds the switch east, come off water, get cooler, but we'll still talk about sunshine.
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this month, since beginning of year, for this month we're about an inch and a quarter below normal with rainfall, since the beginning of the year, about 9 inches below normal rainfall, we're in moderate drought, any little bit of rain we can get the help us out, no rain tomorrow, tuesday. wednesday night to thursday, is when we'll see a next chance of wet weather, clearing out for weekend with cooler. tonight capitol chilly, 36 to 46 by morning not too bad, sunshine tomorrow just a plate a great day, enjoy your day. sunny skies, they will believe the tuesday a couple more cloud, cooler with wind off water 53, but still a good day, clouds thicken up wednesday, that cold
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rain showers, i say best chance just the afternoon, it will be breezy, we'll clear it out friday, back to november weather for next weekend, but, as whole still looking pretty good, feeling good. christina: thank you samantha. antwan: you set me up. a long time ago in a galaxy not far, far away, a denver man began collecting star wars figurine, carl owed carlos lopez has more than 20,000 people, he owns big top collectables, a star wars super store in colorado. >> these are first 4 action figures ever, r2-d2, chewbacca, and princess leia, and luke skywalker 92 . antwan: i had those as kids.
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antwan: i have to track to my mom, still to come, the toughest woman on the plan the lost her title. christina: in a shocking way,
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antwan: despite the opinions of
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mr. gray kelly, and duke castiglione, james bond, i enjoyed it. taking in more than 35 million this weekend. christina: the peanuts movie remains in second place, and love the coopers tooks number 3 spot. and top 5 -- christina: sports world is still buzzing about holly holmes stunning victory over ronda rousey in australia. antwan: holly, a former world boxing champ dominated rousey from start to finish, landing several punches at will, finally knocking her out, with a powerful kick to head, rousey suffer a gash to her lip, after the match remained overnight, the crowd through 7 0,000 fans
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there was -- they say in will be a rematch. christina: wow, duke with a look at sports. antwan: that look like it hurt. duke: i remember when douglas beat tyson, it was like what, upsets happen, everyone expected ronda rousey to win this fight, she didn't. tonight on "sports extra" presented by toyota, giants and pats with a great game this one to final second, and wow. you got to see the ending gd ing, we have highlights postgame reaction, and cashman in studio with us tonight. talking about yankee moves what they might do, and covenant house sleep out. christina: wonderful. antwan: great thank you, sir. duke: thank you. christina: we'll be right back. antwan: but first what you need
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to know about tomorrow's commute. >> i am ines rosales with toivonen drastic tracker. sawmill southbound from kit go to rory brook role, right lane will be closed from newcastle
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just press clean and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot better together . antwan: last night before we said good-bye we told you about an e-mail we received, about a new addition. christina: a delivery from fox 5
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anchor, they have a by dean, he was born yesterday afternoon, he weighed 9 pounds be 4 ounces, ben said his wife and the baby are gig gig -- doing great, congratulations to them. last week we were waiting every day. christina: they are enjoying a beautiful day tomorrow. samantha: great sunshine, and warmer out there as well, really good start to the week, 61 tuesday, a bit cooler ethen clouds in wednesday, no wet weather until thursday, finishing the week with 60 degree. antwan: we'll take it. christina: thank you, sam. that does it for us, thank you are watching i am christina park. antwan: i am antwan lewis with samantha augeri. and duke castiglione, remember to make up to "good day new york" tomorrow morn joog stick
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