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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  November 16, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> france strikes back. they bombed in isis stronghold in rocca, syria. the attacks claimed the lives of 129 people. hundred 29 people. we know the mastermind of these attacks. >> kerry: president obama and others at the g20 summit, terrorism is going to become the main effect. spee1 tourist destinations and other attractions across new york city, including time square has
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stepped up police presence, you will see the police everywhere you go new york city. >> kerry: i am in for ben this morning. his wife had a baby over the weekend. congratulations to them. >> juliet: little deme, they cannot name him julian but dean was a good choice. >> kerry: he is adorable, look at bed, he is so happy. nine ounces. >> juliet: he texted me saturday there is such horrible news coming in at that time. it just got me all teary-eyed to see that wonderful bit of news. we are so happy for ben and his family. >> kerry: congratulations you guys, they are probably up at this hour,. >> juliet: we love you guys, we're so happy for you good morning audrey.
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this morning, temperatures are feeling good especially in new york city where central park is at 52 degrees. 44 degrees in iceland, 44 in islip, readings in the 30s around poughkeepsie and sussex. down the shore in belmar you are at 46, liberty airport is 45. it is nice throughout the 50 degrees in buffalo, boston and upper 40s. our nations capital is at 42 degrees. high pressure is in control and will bring us sunshine from the great lakes to the mid atlantic. area of high pressure will keep us dry, a cold front we are watching from the north, this will bring us cooler temperature in the meantime we are watching the system out toward the west.
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chance of rain on wednesday. today will bring the nicest day temperatures in the low 60s which is a below above average for this time of year. a soaking rain is expected by thursday and will dry out by friday. temperatures will will be high of the 50s on friday. highs of 40s over the weekend. apparently i noticed is not like that. >> ines: the roads are doing okay. there's a problem in elizabeth. southbound there are two lanes blocked with an accident. rest chester is fine, no problems on either side of the tappan zee bridge. let's take a look at the l ie which is moving fine, driving into the city the george washington bridge, there's no
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problem. just a minor delay on the express. lincoln lincoln and holland tunnel is looking good. the trains are running on or close to schedule. >> juliet: 6:03 a.m. france has had their jet launching airstrikes against isis in syria. spee2 we are getting our first look at the earliest moments of the attack in paris. the moments the bullet started flying. take a look at this. >> we are seeing a massive response from france and others. >> juliet: teresa has some breaking news in the last few minutes. >> there's a major events happening in brussels. neighbors are being told to stay away while there is a heavily armed police presence. they are searching for members
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of the super cell who happened to be from brussels. they have arrested one of the key players, he is 26 years old. he is from the same brussels neighborhood according to police as the mastermind of the attack. , he is a known extremist and up connected to other thwarted attacks. an attack that was thwarted on it train, he is believed to be in or on his way to syria. with all of this happening french officials are saying they will get these guys and they are looking for others. >> this is just the beginning from the response that was promised in the wake of the heinous terror attack that claim the terror attack from 129 people. france promised revenge and
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fighter jets pounded syria, dropping 20 bombs 20 bombs and destroying agility training camp, and ammunition dump and a command center. center. isis claimed the sites were already abandoned. there's an international manhunt for this man and seven others who are believed to be a ball. french police say he rented the volkswagen that brought the terrace to the concert hall. he was questioned by police at the belgian border on saturday, he was released and it is unclear why. one of the suspects brothers was killed in the attack, another is under arrest and belgium. one survivor says she is just starting to realize what she went through. >> my main thought was just to get out. i don't think i actually realized or even know them what it was. it was gunshots and you had to get out. afterwards we realized it was a terrorist attack attack. >> the synchronized terror
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attacks by isis in is now the focus of the g20 summit in turkey. it is quickly becoming an emergency seminar terrorism. president president obama spent 35 minutes speaking privately with val the mere. >> we will redouble our efforts working with other members of the coalition to bring about a peaceful transition in syria and to eliminate isis as a force that can create so much pain and suffering for people in paris. this morning that turkish officials twice try to alert french officials to the mastermind. giving them information. they said their requests were never answered and they received no word back until after the attack occurred. there is also word that iraq he
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intelligence with france to get the leader tried to order the attack prior to it occurring. they did not suggest where when it would take place only that it would happen through bombings, assassinations, and hostagetaking. france officials are saying we get these tips all of the time we just didn't think this one would pan out the way it did. >> juliet: intelligence officials have said there seems to be a new route of communication between isis, they have gone dark essentially. that something intelligence officials are looking into and are very concerned about. >> reporter: seems these and individuals were known at one point or another, they have passed, they have been convicted of terrorism in some cases yet they are able to slip through somehow. >> kerry: vigils are happening
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home. >> juliet: we will go to the french consulate for the latest. >> reporter: good morning. as soon as this attack happened in paris the nypd quickly responded. they came to the french consulate on fifth avenue. one noticeable change is also the growing memorial that is extending down the street. please commissioner said this attack was a game changer. said the nypd has had to adjust to prepare just in case for something similar. >> it is been a visible security presence across new york city says the paris attack on friday night. before the sunday next game at madison square garden nypd officers kept a watchful eye outside the arena. tabla penn station armed guards were ready. please commissioner appeared on face the nation and said there have been no specific threats but new york city is on high alert.
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>> the attacks on paris attack sports stadium, restaurants, nightlife, entertainment venues. all of the things that isis hates and tries to work against. in new york city we have no shortage of those or soft targets which is the problems. >> reporter: while new yorkers remain vigilant they are also morning. the washington square square arch lit up red, white, and blue. there's candles and notes to honor the victims. in carroll gardens there's a large french community there is a candlelight vigil. a a moment of silence and prayers for the victims. the commissioner said if the attack happens here the department is ready. >> we have been training to deal with that active shooter concept. the idea of going in. what is new is the fact that every one of these individuals
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with a suicide vest. that is something we need to be aware of in terms of protecting our first responders as they go into the first responders. >> reporter: you can see the french flag flying at half staff in front of the consulate. the the nypd has a presence in france right now. they have boots on the grounds with intelligence detectives and are feeding back information to new york city. we are live from the upper east side, back to. >> kerry: some of the people who are killed in the attacks are starting to come out. a 32-year-old music industry.-year-old music industry. a lot of young people. the cousin of a french soccer player was playing at the match was there a suicide bombing outside. lots of music industry folks. >> kerry: students and faculty are honoring the 23 old student
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in industrial design. she was studying in paris. a vigil was held yesterday in her honor. she was killed while having dinner with friends at a popular bistro in paris. her parents say she was fulfilling her dream of attending school abroad. >> she had big dreams, she was 17, she finished high school early. she moved to the dorms in long beach to live over there. she was so happy. every day, because she loves school. confirmed 16 other students studying abroad or say. moore still had this morning including how the u.s. is looking closely at its relation with syria following the attack. >> juliet: we are going to move
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monday morning. congratulations to ben who had a little baby this weekend. >> audrey: good morning we are area, cool north and west, readings, readings in the 30s like in poughkeepsie and what monticello. central park is checking in at 52 degrees. it is going to be a beautiful monday across the tri-state area. temperatures above average this time of year, the wind is light right now the wind is important because it will bump our numbers up to above average readings. this front will move through the area tonight and tomorrow we will have colder temperatures across the region. no rain associated associated with it still plenty of sunshine. you'll feel the difference of temperatures tomorrow morning. the next focus will bring wet weather from iowa, this is heading east and will affect us
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into thursday. high pressure will keep things drive for today, plenty of sunshine for monday and tuesday. wednesday clouds will roll in, chance of patchy drizzle in the afternoon, and thursday we will see a steady rainfall across the region. temperatures in the 60s with lots of sunshine. clear skies tonight and our temperatures will drop north and west. tomorrow is cooler with a high of 50 degrees, plenty of sunshine, clouds, clouds on wednesday and rain on thursday. dried by the weekend but cooler with highs in the 40s on saturday and sunday. you can download the fox 5 will weather app at the google play store and apple itunes store.
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>> ines: not too bad out there, the no major issues on the cross bronx, things are fine in new jersey. no problems on 287 or 78. we'll take a look at the vanwyk by 100 and first, some volume and normal slowdown. no problems on the northbound side. the li ian queens is doing fine, everyone is going to work so a little slow. the b.q.e. eastbound there is a stall. good morning to carlos, i met him at my alma mater doing and events and i met carlos from the eighth grade. i hope you did your homework assignment. watch good day new york at 6:15 a.m. >> kerry: thanks dennis. in the aftermath of the attack in
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france the u.s. is looking syria. especially refugees from that country. >> juliet: authorities are looking to see if they entered europe as asylum-seekers from could cause problems from the open-door policy. top aides to the obama administration is not in 10000 syrian refugees within the next year. they call it a thorough vetting process but there are lawmakers who said that process is not really a vetting process because we can't get proper information from the syrians. it is taking a huge risk. >> a rope bus that in of refugees is untrue. there is no vetting, there are no databases in syria. we do not know who these people are. when you meet with people doing the vetting they tell you that. they are rolling the dice here
6:20 am
in terrace with these refugees. >> democratic senator is also speaking out same as a country we cannot be too careful. the terror attacks are reshaping the race for the white house in a lot of ways. >> kerry: during the democratic debate hillary clinton pushed a hard line on national security. conservatives are stepping up there criticism about how obama has been handling isis. >> we need a new administration who recognizes our friends and who knows how to take care of our enemies. >> we need to have a resolve that will bring the world together, to root out the kind of radical jihadists that motivate organization like isis. >> in addition other candidates are speaking out. they are opposed of president obama bringing in 10000 syrian refugees. >> juliet: facebook is taking some criticism over the safety check tool. it it is a way to
6:21 am
let their family and friends to let know your say. some people are angry they did not employ this tool after the attacks and beirut. mark secker works that it would be activated more during natural disasters but not during wars where there's no clear end. coming up ray kelly is going to be joining greg, he knows about keeping the city state safe and what is going on. >> kerry: a push to legalize marijuana in the state of new jersey.
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welcome back, jury selection begins today and the federal extortion and bribery trial of dean and his son adam. >> kerry: he had charges that he used his position to make hundreds of thousands of dollars for his son. the arrest came four months after the cell sheldon silver on corruption charges. the men said they'll be vindicated at trial. >> juliet: will hold a hearing today on legalizing medical marijuana.
6:25 am
now lawmakers will consider whether new jersey will consider the fifth state to legalize recreational marijuana. they'll hear hear from clergy, health professionals and other experts. chris christie has promised to veto legalizing medical marijuana in his state. >> kerry: we will take a quick break, and have your top stories when we come back. there is a lot developing this morning, good day new york will
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>> from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up". >> the morning. we have have a sunny start to the week. the temperatures will be above average for this time of year. audrey is watching the forecast for us. it is 6:28 a.m. >> kerry: france has launched massive air strikes in syria as the identity of two more
6:27 am
suspects responsible for the attacks that claimed the lives of one and 299 people. we have the very latest. >> juliet: tourist destinations have stepped up please present. >> kerry: the attacks are expected to affect the markets when they open this morning. >> juliet: thank you for being with us. ben is not here today because his wife had a baby on saturday afternoon around 2:00 p.m. little dean, he was a 9 pounds 4 ounces. he is a beautiful baby boy. ben is such a great dad, wonderful person, where so happy for him here. >> kerry: congratulations, we're thrilled for you guys. we are thrilled to welcome another
6:28 am
member into the "fox 5 news". >> juliet: it was a tragic weekend it brought a smile to my face, audrey do you have anything to say. >> audrey: you know he looks like i :-) in that picture. it is a very nice start to the day. definitely worthy of a smile. we are seeing pictures that are nice for this time and year. 52 degrees in central park, 43 in islip, we are cooler to the north and west where readings are the 30s and poughkeepsie, and monticello. a southwest wind flow will bump up our numbers to above average readings today. high pressure will bring us sunshine that will warm up
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tomorrow is cooler, no rain associated with it but it will bring a drop in temperatures. a a high of 50 degrees tomorrow. expect soaking rain by thursday temperatures will be in the 50s on friday and 40s on saturday and sunday. let's take a look at the roads, ines is here today. >> ines: keeping an eye on a two lanes are blocked with an accident so expect delays. otherwise you have no issues, you're starting to slow down on the tappan zee bridge, a normal delay. let's go to our cameras to take a look at the l ie by the 106 and 107. no problems west or east bound. you are fine in both directions, approaching the bridge that has been cleared away.
6:30 am
the b.q.e. toward the brooklyn bridge is normal volume. no problems crossing the brooklyn, manhattan were williamsburg bridge. >> kerry: french police have rated nearly 170 locations 70 locations overnight in response to friday's attacks. >> juliet: a lot going on. authorities release the names of two more suicide bombers. tresa has been watching all this. >> reporter: good morning. lots of developments this morning. start brussels, belgium. authorities and belgian have arrested a suspect in the terrorist attack. 26-year-old belgian born french national is accused of renting a volkswagen that brought the terrace to the concert hall as well as being the person who actually fired the weapons that killed the people inside the restaurant in paris.
6:31 am
the belgian border on saturday but he was released. it it is unclear why. he was picked up overnight it in a massive raid. it is the exact same believed to be from. the man who is the mastermind of the attack. unknown extremists in several thwarted attacks on a paris he is believed to be in or on his way to syria to rejoin isis. turkish officials say they had him in 2014 and notified the french but had no response. >> this is just the beginning of the pitiless response that was promised in the wake of heinous terror attacks that claimed the lives of 129 people. france promised revenge. overnight the offensive began. french fighter jets pounded isis
6:32 am
targets and rocket, syria. aircraft strapped 20 bombs, to destroy joe hottie training camp, ammunition dump and command center. isis claimed those sites were already abandoned. the synchronized terror attacks and paris and beirut and turkey that downed an airliner, now now the focus of the g20 summit in turkey. it was supposed to be about economic issues but is about an emergency summit on terrorism. president obama spent 35 minutes minutes speaking with the russian president and renewed calls to root out the evil called isis. >> we will redouble our efforts working with members of the coalition to bring about a peaceful transition in syria and to eliminate isis as a force that can create so much pain and
6:33 am
suffering for people in paris. >> there's also word in syria that they have shared intelligence suggesting isis had ordered this attack prior to it occurring. the intelligence did not suggest where it was happening only that it would happen through bombing, assist and hostage taking in the coming days. french is say receive a lot of the information but there really did know that it would actually happen. >> there is some suicide bombers who wanted to put explosives in hand cream and british officials in the last six months they have thwarted seven terror attacks. >> juliet: a lot is happening.
6:34 am
understandably a city on edge. fears of another attack times including this. a sky news reporter with fox news was broadcasting from a cafe paris when customers begin ducking for cover. >> luckily this incident and alarms. it is not clear what started the customers running for cover. again, everything was safe. >> kerry: there's been more security in new york city since the deadly attacks. before the next game please the watchful eye outside the arena. down below penn station their armed guards on the alert, please commissioner of face the nation but the nypd is ready. >> we have been training vigorously to deal with active
6:35 am
shooter concept. the idea of going inches what. what is new is that we'll have to take a careful look is the fact that each individual was repaired to die and was equipped with the suicide vests. that is something we need to be aware of in terms of protecting our first responders. >> juliet: someone else very tuned in his please former police commissioner will be joining us later this morning. new yorkers are also mourning the terror attacks, there is a large french population in carroll gardens. there is a vigil there. >> kerry: adam shapiro is a joining us from the foxbusiness >> reporter: a lot of people are watching happen worldwide. we watched asian market selloff
6:36 am
analysts will tell you after short-term sellout but then a recovery sometimes within a day. history indicates this. the recovered one day later. in the united states after 911 but when they reopened we sold off and then markets recovered a month and half later. were indicating a positive open within three hours. when you look at what is happening in europe they opened at 3:00 a.m., our time, they sold off. the paris sold off more than one percent, it is now trading up, it is in positive territory. germany's trading up, united kingdom is trading up. it is an effort to show the world that terrorism does not stop the normal flow of life.
6:37 am
have a good weekend. >> kerry: it is time to get a quick check of the forecast. >> juliet: we love these warmer temperatures. >> audrey: you can find out tonight at fox 5 wide. we have the ultimate forecast coming up tonight. right now we have morning hours 52 degrees in central park this morning. thirties north 30s north and west in poughkeepsie and monticello. southwest what is going to help bump up temperatures above average readings today, we have plenty of sunshine out there, all courtesy of high pressure. with all the sunshine temperatures will rise above average readings highs mostly in the 60s today.
6:38 am
tomorrow is cooler with a cold front, it will not have rate associated with that but a drop in our numbers. rain arrives by thursday. you contract the weather by downloading the weather at. let's take a look at traffic with ines. >> ines: we have some problems this morning, and earlier's doll on the tappan zee bridge that is been cleared away. watch out for the in accident. let's take a look at the george level is a 20 minute delay. lower level is ten or 15 minute delay. the lincoln tunnel is a normal a normal 30 or 40. the holland tunnel is five-ten. >> duke: of the giants and patriots played non-believable football game. the giants and should have won the game. we will talk about it when we come back.
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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>> kerry: here's a look at the headlines. belgian authorities have arrested one of the suspects in the terrorist attacks. the 26-year-old belgian born frenchman is accused of brought the terrace to the concert hall. french writer jets were deployed to bomb targets in syria. >> juliet: please commissioner said there's no specific threat but the nypd is on hilar. >> kerry: officials say there is no credible threat at the giants game last night but they were not going to take any chances. >> juliet: duke is here with the actual game itself. patriots on the ropes, the giants should have won this game about three different times. they cannot sealed the deal. they started the day with the victims of the terrorist attack on friday. early on the first quarter
6:42 am
manning it's odell beckham junior and it was a career-high 87 urine touchdown to tie the game up at seven. there's a 76 year touchdown pass, patriots go up 24-23. new england had a chance to put the game away they pick off tom brady at the goal line keep in the giants hopes alive. eli takes it down the field, i thought this was a touchdown pass from beckham? what you think? they originally rule it as a touchdown and then they overrule it. the giants go for a field goal but it left too much time on the clock for tom brady, there is one second left and patriots
6:43 am
win. >> it is a disappointing loss, not much for me to say about it other than the frustration -- i mean finish the game, just get the game over with. >> duke: me while on tribute by the knicks prior to the game. also prior to the game us they held a moment of silence to remember those skilled in the terror attack in paris. they did its own tribute by back of his hand. it was him who led 12 points off the bench.
6:44 am
they won 95 - 87 scoremac. the rangers played the french national anthem before the game. they held the moment of silence before the game began. what a game it was, came came down to the final minute. with 53 seconds seconds left it gave the rangers another win. get ready for a rematch he posted a message on instagram, she says she's fine a promises she will be back. you probably heard she got stomped by holly home, she landed punches that will before knocking her out in the second round with a powerful kick to the head. she had had been undefeated in 12 previous fights. she was taken to the hospital over the night. baseball news, the mets formally reached out to free agents and
6:45 am
in soccer the cosmos did it again, they won won their second championship in three years. a former madrid star but the real star was gaston, and the this was a seventh time new york has won a north american soccer >> juliet: very exciting. thank you duke. let's check the forecast. warm. unseasonably warm. there's still time. park this morning. thirtys north and west with temperatures above average into the afternoon. that is is the
6:46 am
in the 50s from buffalo, 30s around williamsport and pittsburgh. high pressures and control over the northeast which will bring a sunny start to the week. it will bring us a nice tuesday as well. with the sunshine expect temperatures to rise into the 60s latest this afternoon. clear skies and will drop into the 20s north and west. a cold front will move in and expect a high of 50 degrees on tuesday. increasing cloud on wednesday there's patchy drizzle in the afternoon and soaking rain by thursday. we will dry in time for the weekend. back to you. >> kerry: much more coming up including how madonna pay tribute to paris. we'll tell you what she said.
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>> good morning, welcome back. we have a few problems out here. staten island expressway is the normal slowdown approaching the verrazano bridge. there's a stall blocking the lane on the inbound side, if you're traveling in new jersey
6:49 am
one and nine southbound there's an accident that has two lanes close. no problems on 78, 280. george washington bridge into the city is not too bad. it is about a 20 or 30 minute delay in the upper. thirty-five at the lincoln tunnel. juliet, still possible to have a white christmas so careful on the warm-up. >> juliet: just as long as there is no more than 3 inches. >> kerry: here's anna gilligan and the lots of people talking about what is happening. >> anna: people affected and saddened by it. saturday night live changed its format after the deadly attack. paris is the city of lights, here in new york city, we, we know that light will never go out.
6:50 am
with you. speaking in french. >> she then continued the message in french. they gave that in lieu of the typical opening monologue. also madonna delivered a heartfelt tribute to the victims of the terror attack. >> that is exactly what these people want to do. they want to shut us up. they want to silence us. we won't let them. >> during her concert the popstar told the crowd she had considered canceling the show but decided not to so that the terrace would not win. afterwards she performed her number one single, like a prayer in memory of the 129 people 129
6:51 am
a very different story here, we knew it was a good one and now tv guide magazine is listing the simpsons as as the most powerful tv series in history. >> anna: they're launching their first-ever power issue to hit newsstands. it will honor the the gas 87. the gas costs an average of 89 cents per gallon in the average income was just more than $24000 per year. fox officially redid renewed this season which will take it into 2017. it is the longest running american sitcom. it is powerful, we, we all kind of use things from it. >> you think of the other shows they talk about like mash than others up there. >> anna: james bown took first
6:52 am
again. the 24th installment of franchise taking more than the peanuts. the peanuts movie was in second place, charlie brown pulled in just over 24 million. the love the cooper's took third spot, the martian rounded out the top five. >> juliet: thank you very much anna. thank you all for joining us. thank commissioners going to be joining us in just a moment. make sure you stay to for that and for all news, have a a good day new york. >> good day new york with greg
6:53 am
rosanna: all right. "good day new york." monday. november 16.
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