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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  November 16, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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greg: i am greg kelly. rosanna: massive airstrikes. retaliation for the horrific attack. killed 129 people. greg: the second mastermind. this guy right here. he is described as one of the most active executioners in syria. we may have seen him and some of those videos were hostages were killed. what does this mean for us here at home? rosanna: security has been stepped up in the wake of the paris attack. i was in town square this weekend. you saw them out there with the big machine guns. things are on high alert here in new york city.
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what happened. you see the arch down out washington square park, lit up for france. everyone is talking about what happened over there. one of our friends got himself over there. his daughter, thankfully, is safe. rosanna: his daughter was going to school there. situation. we will talk with the former police commissioner of new york city. i do not know how many attempted attacks here in new york city. greg: looking live at times square. you will see extra security. could it happen here? it would not be very hard to
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pull off here. more from the expert in a moment. rosanna: you sound so much better. so sick and tacking all over me last week. greg: drugs. miracle drugs. [laughter] rosanna: so much better. nice to have you back. >> a beautiful start to our week. this is my pick for the nicest day of this week. we are already at 53 degrees in central park. fifty-four out towards montauk point. a little bit cooler to the north and west. newark is checking in at 48 degrees.
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the same number out towards westfield did hoboken feeling good this morning. relatively milder temperatures all courtesy of a southwest wind. that wind direction will bring us temperatures above average for this time of year. clear skies out there. a beautiful start to our monday. we will have very nice conditions. there is a culture and setting off to our north. with all the sunshine today, expect the high readings to move into the middle 50s. temperatures will take a drop. increasing clouds on wednesday. some patchy drizzle in the afternoon. trying out just in time for the weekend. that is a check of your weather. let's see how it looks on the
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road since morning. some problems with your commute. an earlier stall on the tappan zee bridge. that cleared away. an accident off to the shoulder. your commute and parsippany, no problems. let's go to our cameras. show you the l.i.e. traveling westbound, you can see how the traffic is trying to peer around. you will have to lace traveling from west county. you can see where you have that little hiccup there. you can see the flashing lights. on the inbound side, you have your normal delays. as for the trains, everything running on or close. greg: the terror crisis in paris and beyond.
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isis targets in syria. this came about very quickly after the initial attack. rosanna: one of the most active executioners in syria. greg: 27-year-old did dozens of people have been arrested. rosanna: teresa priolo has the very latest this morning. >> reporter: the morning. that key player, a 26-year-old national is accused of renting the vehicle that brought them to the concert hall. he was also involved in one of the attacks.
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this man is said to be from. believe to have rejoined voices in syria. this is a guy who turkish authorities say they flagged twice. they notified the friends, but they had no response. french police carried out 168 raids overnight. >> this is just the beginning. attacks. it claimed the lives of 129 people. pounding isis targets. ten aircraft dropping some 20 bombs destroying a jihadi
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training camp. now, the focus is in turkey. it was supposed to be about economic issues, it has quickly become an emergency summit on terrorism. renewing calls to root out the evil that is isis. >> we will redouble our expert. creating about a peaceful transition in serious. eliminating a force that can create so much pain and suffering for people in paris. >> reporter: also making news, british officials said the total number for the attacks in the uk
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two female suicide bombers have plan to struggle explosives in hand cream onto an aircraft. the women were detained in austria and france. greg: what does that mean for us here in the new york city area? police are on high alert. rosanna: i was in times square on saturday. a lot of police officers with big machine guns. there is no specific threat here. greg: that is what we are told. hood with catherine there happen here? we have liz with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. you will see a higher police presence. we are also seeing it out here out of the french consulate. another noticeable change, this
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massive memorial stretching down fifth avenue right now. the nypd says new york city is always a target. police commissioner brad says the attack in paris is really a game changer. just in case something similar happens. there has been a visible security presence since the attacks. nypd officers have kept a watchful eye outside the arena. armed guards were ready. police commissioner brad appearing on face the nation says there has been no specific threats. new york city is on high alert. >> sports stadiums, restaurants, night life, entertainment venue. all things that isis tries to work against.
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of those. we also have no shortage of short targets which is the problem. >> reporter: red white and blue. a growing memorial to honor the victims. there is a large french community was a candlelight vigil. a moment of silence and prayers for the victims. police commissioner bratton said if an attack happened here, the department is ready. >> we have been training very vigorously. this one would have to take a very careful look. every one of these individuals was prepared to die. that is something we need to be aware of in terms of protecting our first responders.
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has a presence in france. feeding back up-to-date intelligence to investigators back here at home. two things bratton says they are looking at are the apps and social media sites terrorists were using to communicate and coordinate. that could be one way to break isis down. greg and rosanna, back to you. greg: thank you very much. joining us this morning the longest-serving police commissioner of new york city. ray kelly. also the author of the newly released vigil at. he had a -- the highest award france can grant. welcome back. >> great to be with you. rosanna: you boarded 16 possible
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could it happen here? >> we had some luck. no question about it. the unfortunate answer is yes. is that were difficult to do here, yes. we live in an open society. an open city. this is a risk that we run. no city has done more to protect itself in new york city. no city anywhere. bratton talking about that. it is important. unfortunately, new york is the number one target in this country. this is where they want to come. greg: three gunmen. therefore 90 minutes. police stayed out for most of that time. is that standard operating procedure worldwide? >> that is a difficult question. when you have a hostage
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situation, you wait. time is on your side. obviously, in this situation, that was not the case. once you hear shooting, bullets flying, you have to go in. whether or not they did that, i am not certain. rosanna: we have been hearing a lot about technology and how these terrorists use technology to stay ahead of the game. using encrypted apps. basically, a free phone call to wherever your friends are around the world. how were they able to get away without being detected? >> much more sophisticated. we know that the federal government is trying to break into these apps, whether or not
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its technology. we have to change with it. it certainly increased the risk level. no question about that. greg: one of the suspects, they a long time. if someone was like that in new york city, would you be >> they are overwhelmed with these people. the tendency towards jihad. how do you watch, perhaps, 5000 people. you just cannot do it. too much intelligence. to survey someone 247, you need about 20 people to do that. that is an incredible number. who are they going to follow. who are they going to visit
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periodically. right now, over the last 12 hours -- rosanna: france is one of those countries that is very welcoming to immigrants. should we be looking into how we are welcoming those immigrants right now? i think a lot of people are very concerned. >> i think that that is questionable, quite frankly. you have to put it in place before we start allowing large numbers of people. rosanna: aren't they already coming in? part of our country will get a good amount of refugees and the next day or two. >> the problem is, we do not have information about other people in these countries. greg: these terrorist are upset
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about what france was doing regarding syria. france has been participating in those airstrikes. we have been meeting those an american operation with a little bit of help. they have to be more determined to get us than france. >> i think that we are the number one enemy. they want to drag us into a war. a land war in the middle east. playbook. playbook. we get outraged by this. the possibility of sending troops over there increases. rosanna: hearing this gets me a little anxious. what can we do? keep our eyes open. >> that is it. stay alert. see something, say something.
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if you see something out of the norm, you have to be alert. greg: there are nypd detectives in paris right now. bombing. they are permanently stationed >> correct. the police in paris. the detective is providing information to the nypd. that is what they are there for. rosanna: are we safe right now? i know when you were here you were disbanded in the last year or so. >> they disbanded in area that we think is valuable. this is the most diverse city in the world. going.
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country. this person is watching. you do get this type of information. the marathon bombers in boston, they were coming to new york, by the way, until they were intercepted by police. we knew that here. the at the city of these individuals. this is good, randy will information that i believe the city needs. rosanna: we do not have it anymore. >> we do not have it. they are doing some of that work without that unit. greg: ray kelly. spent a lot of time in paris over the years. >> yes. i was on the interpol. i was on the interpol board for four years.
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greg: all right. rosanna: thank you. greg: okay, audrey. what is up? audrey: what is up. temperatures will be above average. 53 degrees and central park. slightly cooler north and west. high-pressure keeping things nice and dry across the northeast. we do have a northwest wind flow. that is putting in the temperatures across the region. southwest wind right now. will shift to the northwest later. this will not affect us until late wednesday into thursday. nice and dry today. same thing for tomorrow. on wednesday, start to see the clouds on the increase. rain is likely on thursday. we will dry it out in time for
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greg: okay. hello again. rosanna: students and faculty are honoring a student that was killed out the attack. greg: naomi gonzalez. a vigil was held yesterday in her honor. she was killed while having dinner with her friends at a popular bistro. she was fulfilling her dream of attending school of rock. >> she had big dreams. she was 17. she finished high school earlier. she moved to the dorms. that was a long beach. she was so happy.
7:24 am
greg: just 22 years old. sixteen other students with her. they are all safe. rosanna: reshaping the white house. hillary clinton pushed a hard line on national security. republicans stirred up even more controversy. >> say what you want. if they had guns, if our people had guns, if they are allowed to carry -- [cheering and applause] it would have been a much, much different situation. >> bringing people into our country from that area of the world is a huge mistake. people that are ideologically opposed for us.
7:25 am
that will bring the world together to root out the kind of radical jihad is ideology that motivates organizations like isis. greg: pope francis condemned the attacks. he said in st. peter's square just today using god's name to justify the acts is bad. let's take a peek outside. security is higher. much higher here in new york. times square. rosanna saw police officers with their heavy equipment. we have seen it before. rosanna: it is so funny. we live in a different world. we realize how lucky we are to
7:26 am
be conducting our normal business. greg: hope we can keep it that way.
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the biggest store in the world. bases off they are to the left. the flagship store. santa claus was there. bases was that war. macy's. rosanna: interesting. greg: oh, come on. rosanna: we need that little distraction right now. greg: let's go to audrey for someone other. where is mike, by the way? audrey: his sister -- rosanna: there is a ceremony to make her a minister. greg: wow. mike has connections.
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rosanna: in the meantime, audrey, what is happening with the weather? audrey: the best weather day of the week. the temperatures at 53 degrees and central park. forty-four is the current reading and isolate. a little cooler to the northwest. thirtys right now. poughkeepsie and monticello. heading up to the north. readings. right now at 42 in white plains. we are almost about 10-11 degrees warmer than that. there. milder temperatures and southwest wind flow. we will stay nice and dry today. with all the sunshine, we will wire it up into the 60s today.
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and patchy drizzle. rain is expected by thursday. right now, let's talk about your commute. ines: it is all because of signal problems. service suspended in both directions. let's go to our maps and show you what else we have going on. watch out for an accident by exit 13. if you are traveling in new jersey, things are okay. the l.i.e., coming in from nassau county into queens, let's go to our cameras. little neck parkway. right after the cross island parkway. greg and rosanna, back to you. greg: thank you very much. if you're watching tv late friday night, you may have seen her although rivera talking to
7:31 am
in paris. okay. she was there going to school. enjoying a soccer game in that stadium when the blast happened. her -- carol. >> thank you so much. we really appreciate it. we love you as a friend. thank you for your concern. obviously, a parents worst nightmare. we heard about the troubles in paris. a big city could not possibly involve my child. i text her how are you doing. no answer. no answer. no answer. we discovered she was at the soccer stadium and heard the blast outside.
7:32 am
in some ways, the president of france was there in the stadium. that is probably why they had heightened security. thank god she was okay. so many, rosanna and greg, so many french families not lucky. over 400 injured. 129 dead. this was a devastating attack that was way too close to home. greg: what is paris like right now? you are in the middle of it all. >> look behind me. this is where they, often to show solidarity. in january, 17 were killed. they came here in massive numbers. down that way where the actual blast occurred.
7:33 am
spontaneous memorials everywhere. flowers. ten-20 feet high. candles everywhere. people in morning. people determined. it is, in many ways, very heartening. lined with police and military act david e. over 160 raids. probably more in the last half-hour. this represented a failure of intelligence. all of these simultaneous attacks with multiple weaponry. how they could get these suicide bombers in place. how did we not see it. how did we not hear some thing. how did the french allow some of these people who had been arrested and questioned previously on the streets again. anger.
7:34 am
righteous anger. righteous rants. out against the isis government in syria. french bombers joining american bombers. in my opinion, there has to be boots on the ground. we have to wipe them out. they are a cancer that will impact the entire civilized world. rosanna: your daughter, like thousands of other people who were in those attacks, they must be happy that they are alive, but at the same time going through a lot of trauma. how is simone doing? >> she is in counseling right now along with all of her classmates. if you were not hear those venues, the friend of a friend or a cousin who died or was
7:35 am
unsettled, as you can imagine. they are being asked to watch the news and read the newspapers to understand the context. simone has been studying immigration and refugees. this plays into some of that. he had come through turkey and then through serbia to get into france. the worry is how many refugees in this latest wave, the 800,000 that have passed your turkey into your justice. one of them clearly was, you know, a story that all of these children, i call them children,
7:36 am
course, they have -- no doubt. she will remember this for the rest of her life and not necessarily in a good way. she was inside the stadium. they heard the bombs. they looked at each other because they are new yorkers. they said what was that. is that a bomb? some of the people looking around very concerned. others were thinking that it was fireworks or some kind of a joyous celebration. it was a soccer match after all. when they did not empty the stadium, when they did not stop the match, the president was there, they figure that everything was okay. it was not until after the match that they started making public announcements that everyone had to leave. simone was confronted by this wall of swat officers. you know, they did not know
7:37 am
they were stranded. the stadium is about 4 miles north of paris. they stopped the metro thinking that if any of the attackers were trying to get away, they would take the subways. they wanted to freeze the scene there, in a sense. they were stranded there. trying to get them a ride home. it was a harrowing hour or so on friday night for us. what we went through, pales in comparison with this terrible suffering. 500 french families. it is the worst violence in france since world war ii. this is a big problem that has to be addressed by their entire planet. i hope when they were in turkey
7:38 am
yesterday that you were talking about how to wipe out isis. rosanna: how easy is it to move around and when will you leave? is it still difficult to move around there? >> it depends on where you are coming from. the belgian borders are very tight right now. they believe that it was french born at theirs along with belgian. muslims based indulge him. where that train was going. it is a hotbed of fact david e. the internal european borders. coming internationally from a place like new york. it did not seem that
7:39 am
it was not that different. france, now -- the president said that this is an act of war. i think that france gets it. now, the united states has to get it here and isis cannot be handled with the vocational airstrike. the refugee crisis needs more than compassion. it needs some real scrutiny. it needs a balanced approach. before 9/11, remember afghanistan and the taliban government pre-9/11. it was a nation launching strikes from afghanistan out to the rest of the world. that is what isis is doing in serious and the rack. they are using the territorial base to launch these deadly strikes. if they are not wiped out, this will and fast every country in
7:40 am
europe and in the new world. the atlantic ocean will not protect us. this is very serious. we have been distracted with a whole bunch of irrelevant issues in this 2016 presidential race. it seems to me that this is the issue of our time. if we do not stop them, they are coming for us. greg: please stay safe. our best to it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back.
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on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. audrey: good morning, everyone. starting off with nice temperatures across the area. central park, 53 degrees. fortys in newark. forty-two and richard ford. readings in the 30s in poughkeepsie. elsewhere across the northeast, things are relatively quiet. thirtys and albany.
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philadelphia, 47. allowing clear conditions tonight. tomorrow, more of the same. there is a cold front sitting to the north. it will bring us a drop in our temperatures tomorrow. a wet weather maker off to the west. rain by thursday. it will be nice and dry. wednesday, increased clouds ahead of that rainmaker. today's high, 60s. above average for this time of year. tonight, we will drop down into the 20s. tomorrow, cooler with a high of 50. we will cool it off by the weekend. you can track whether with us with our weather app. download it free at your app stores.
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ines: seven trains. signal problems. both directions. mass transit, metro-north, long island railroad, new jersey transit doing fine. gwb, normals 40 minutes on the upper. twenty-30 on the lower. holland tunnel has a 20 minute wait. let's go to our maps. show you the commute. 684, no issues on the taconic. new jersey, doing okay. especially route 80. not too bad of a ride. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the l.i.e. there is a stalled truck. that is what is slowing everyone down westbound. greg: thank you very much. duke, how are you doing, buddy? duke: doing good.
7:46 am
rosanna: my stomach going crazy. duke: jets should have won this game. multiple chances to put the patriots away. giants started the day with a moment of silence for the victims of the terror attacks in paris on friday. early in the first corridor, trailing. a very nice tribute there. before the game. eli manning hitting ardell beckham junior. career-high. touchdown. tying the game up at seven. here in the fourth quarter, getting behind the defenders. patriots go up 24-23. cannot let rob get behind you
7:47 am
like that. eli then takes him all the way down the field. is this a catch or what? they were going to call it a touchdown. there you go. touchdown. it is overturned. giants go for a field goal. the rookie had a chance to intercept this ball. he could have called fair catch on it. goal. twenty-seven-26. tom coughlin not happy after the >> disappointing. not much for me to say about it. finished the game.
7:48 am
>> time management issues. about the fourth time this year for that. the giants are still in fourth place. a touching tribute prior to yesterday's game. the teams held a moment of silence in remembrance of the attacks in paris. a french native did his own tribute by shaving the word paris into the back of his head. a great play. putting the knicks upper good. ninety-five-87. the national anthem before the
7:49 am
it was a game that came down to the final minute, really. scoring with 53 seconds left. that is a look at sports. greg: we beat that tom brady guy. duke: they had their opportunity. that is what makes it more frustrating. greg: hate that guy. rosanna: really? that is so strong. i wonder about his wife. greg: i have heard that she is attractive.
7:50 am
they gave us their statue it's great to look back at all
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greg: what does it say on that vote? rosanna: july 4. greg: 1886. the statue of liberty opened. one or the other. rosanna: all right. 7:53 a.m. anna gilligan is here. talking about how people are reacting to what is going on in paris.
7:53 am
horrific attacks in paris. postponing saturday night concert to paris. it was supposed to be aired by hbo. the foo fighters canceled their to her. movie premieres in the city have also been canceled. meanwhile, madonna delivered a during a concert in sweden on saturday night, the pop star told the crowd that she considered canceling the show, but that would be letting the >> that is exactly what these people want to do. they want to shut us up.
7:54 am
we will not let them. >> 29 people that were killed on friday night. one of the most powerful images came from a french artist. he says it was the first thing that came out. a message of hope. >> the message went global. anna: i posted it myself. greg: the eiffel tower. >> right. right. >> it was all over social media. actually, i did not realize that he made it for this.
7:55 am
thank you. rosanna: how to be part of the situation. greg: what does it do. does it make it different? >> why not try to have it be part of the conversation. greg: the person of that hour. all right. heading back to the airport. >> that is right. passing by newark airport. greg: how fast are we going? >> we're doing about 120 miles per hour.
7:56 am
i like that. grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you' re quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy. this is your dad at my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. s up. i' re here mom. me too.
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greg: hi, everybody. rosanna: it is going to be a beautiful start to the week. sunny. mild temperatures. what a gift this time of year. audrey puente is in for mike woods.
7:58 am
we will have all of the forecast information coming up. greg: the french counterattack. strongholds around syria. the capital of isis. claiming the lives of 129 people in paris. rosanna: a 26-year-old french man. salah abdeslam. he is in custody. greg: 27 years old. orchestrating the whole thing. rosanna: eight tourists destination. they continue to have a stepped-up police residents. rosanna: they are out there. greg: hi, everybody.
7:59 am
concerning a lot of people. could it happen here? you think about the simplicity of what they did. most of the distraction came from those weapons. not the bombs. >> right. i think only one person died. greg: we are the ones, in america, who have been dropping most of the bombs on syria. we are definitely on their list, but they are on ours, too. rosanna: keeping an eye on things in our area. we cannot be paralyzed. they won. >> stick it to them. keep your eyes open.
8:00 am
work to do. temperatures will be above average. get a look at the afternoon. starting off pretty comfortable across the region. sixty-four right now in central park. 10 degrees cooler than that and islip. fifty-two out at newark liberty airport. let's head over to northern new jersey. 38 degrees. pinebrook. down into the cities in montclair. 54 degrees at this hour. temperatures are relatively mild. southwest wind flow. the flow from the southwest is going to help ramp up our numbers to above average readings.
8:01 am
skies out there. we will stay nice and clear today. high pressure will be in control over the northeast. looking at our day planner. warming it up into the 60s later this afternoon. cooling it down to about 60 degrees. increasing clouds on wednesday. a chance of patchy drizzle late in the day. let's see how clear it is on the roads this morning. i knows is here. >> we have had some problems. signal problems. some of the southbound traits headed towards 34th street, they plaza. there is an accident on the
8:02 am
normal delay southbound. northbound, an accident over by the cross westchester. crossbones westbound moving extra slow. traffic jammed back to the bruckner interchange. normal slowdown headed towards the sheridan. traffic moving a little bit better. some extra volume westbound. there is a stall across the cross island earlier. greg and rosanna. greg: what is happening now? airstrikes. the capital of isis in syria. >> they'll jump board. said to be one of the most active. he was hunted in greece in january after a shootout.
8:03 am
greg: somehow he avoided french authorities. teresa priolo has more. >> there have been a lot of developments overnight. they have arrested a key suspect. 8260 told dull job board national. he was reportedly involved in one of those attacks. questioned by police at the belgian border early saturday morning. he was released. all unfolding in the brussels neighborhood of boeing. >> reporter: this is just the start. france vowed revenge. now they are on the hunt for this man. a known extremist linked to other attacks.
8:04 am
isis. this is a guy who authorities say they flagged twice. they notified the french, but three suspected terrorists were arrested overnight including key suspect salah abdeslam. the french are waging a relentless fight. recovering weapons including a rocket launcher. also hitting isis on their own turf. pounding isis targets. aircraft are dropping some 10 isis claims those sites were already abandoned. this is only just begun. this is war. the tax now, the focus of the g 20 summit in turkey.
8:05 am
economic issues. quickly becoming an emergency summit on terrorism. president obama speaking with vladimir putin. >> we will redouble our efforts. bringing about peaceful transitions in syria and to eliminate the force. creating so much pain and suffering for people in paris. >> keep in mind, you will be hearing that interchangeably. also making news, british officials say an isis plot in the last two months. bringing the number to seven this year.
8:06 am
ahead of the 2014 winter olympics. two female suicide bombers plan to struggle explosives onto a aircraft in hand cream. those women were detained. that is the latest here. greg: hand cream. wow. city? we have seen an increase in security. rosanna: no threat yet. there is increased police presence. you saw the nypd with big rifles. like this. they look like this. greg: we have heard before we are on the top of isis list. let's go to liz. >> reporter: good morning. the nypd wants their presence to be known all across the city. we have squad cars. this growing memorial in front
8:07 am
this attack in paris is a game changer. the nypd has been changing some tactics in case something similar were to happen here. there has been a visible security presence in crowded areas across new york city since the paris attack friday night. nypd officers kept a watchful eye outside of the arena. now below at penn station, armed guards were ready. police commissioner bratton says there have been no specific threats to new york city, but they are on high alert. >> clearly attacked sports stadiums, restaurants, nightlife, entertainment venue. all the things that they hate and tries to work against. we have no shortage of those. we also have no shortage of soft targets which is the problem. >> reporter: the washington
8:08 am
square arch lit up red white and blue. a growing memorial of candles and notes to honor the victims. a large french community. a candlelight vigil. silence and prayers for the victims. police commissioner bratton said the department is ready. >> we have been training very vigorously. the active shooter concept. going in. taking a very careful look at what happened in paris. every one of these individuals was prepared to die. that is something we need to be aware of and protecting our first responders as they go into this the situation as we now train them to do. >> reporter: the nypd has a presence in france. intelligent is on the ground gathering information. commissioner bratton says they will be looking out for two things.
8:09 am
social media traction and dating apps they were using. we are live from the upper east side this morning. greg and rosanna, patio. greg: thank you very much, liz. remember how we were all on edge after 9/11. the same thing is happening in paris. everyone thought that the worst was happening all over again. [inaudible] >> be called. he called. be called. rosanna: this was inside of a restaurant. people began running after they thought they heard gunshots. they almost fell on some of the candles outside. they realized it was just
8:10 am
fireworks. greg: wow. rosanna: this is what happens when you are on edge. i can understand that. greg: what about this refugee crisis? these horrible images of folk struggling. leaving serious. where do they go next? there was talk about allowing them into the united states. that is actually happening. michigan and alabama. we have to stop this. we cannot let these refugees into the united states. apparently, a new video emerged that said isis is intent on hitting washington, d.c. rosanna: bret baier has more. >> that videotape is being analyzed. one of the that they believe is a legitimate threat.
8:11 am
the paris attacks. both the u.s. and overseas. the next isis attack will be someplace other than france in an effort to try to take it to other countries. there are 900 investigations ongoing. inside our country. isis related, isis suspected people in all 50 states. it is significant. greg: dc may be on the list? top of the list? what is happening down there? >> in new york, you are always a threat. dc is always a threat. there was a barricade situation. it was nothing related to terrorism. a lot of response early this morning. i think that people are on edge. there stepped up security throughout the entire city.
8:12 am
information on this new video. are they talking on it? >> i have not seen all of it. i have seen the write ups of it. i have talked to people about it. they believe that it is legitimate. coming after countries. washington, d.c. it is not that new. people are taking everything seriously. the french bob 20 bombs just last night. i think you'll see more activity there.
8:13 am
who is up tonight? tonight the chairman of the house homeland security. the big issue, and you guys touch on it, is a refugee issues here in the u.s. politically. we will look into that as 10000 refugees. rosanna: thank you so much. greg: these are intense times. it will be pleasant. rosanna: at least the weather is nice. audrey: that is true. we will start off with a very nice monday. high pressure in control. temperatures running slightly above average. fiftys in central park. where we should be for highs for this time of year. just bringing us dry weather for today. clouds will be on the increase for wednesday ahead of the rainmaker.
8:14 am
well off towards our wes. will be affecting us late wednesday into thursday. a good soaking rain across the region. until that happens, enjoy the nice start to the week. temperatures will be slightly cooler tomorrow. no rain is associated with it. it will usher in some cooler air. mid- 60s. idea sunshine. heating we have had to the day. cold temperatures north and west. that is where we will find readings in the 20s tomorrow morning. plenty of sunshine again. fifty-nine on wednesday with more clouds. patchy drizzle in the afternoon. that will clear out in time for the weekend. tracking the rain along with us. you can find the app free on the google place store in the apple itunes store.
8:15 am
greg: not that big into social media. >> i did not notice that allusion. greg: some people are disappointed. >> we will see how it looks on my nest. ines: here is what is going on. watch out for an accident. it is slowing everyone down. traffic slow approaching queens boulevard. same thing for the jackie robinson. let's go to our cameras. here is the expressway over by victory boulevard. no problems eastbound or westbound. the george washington bridge as normal delays. forty-five on upper, 30 on lower. the holland tunnel has about a 15-20 minute delay. greg, thank you for taking off friday.
8:16 am
>> it would benefit him. >> thank you. greg: at any time. fran, the one that hit on john travolta in saturday night fever. rosanna: such a courageous leader in the fight against cancer. talking about her life-changing catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. p now only ford offers $750t black friday bonus cash on select vehicles, on top of ford friends and neighbors pricing.
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8:19 am
greg: check it out. a live look in paris france. more than 150, i am told. apparently, down the block, a rate is in progress or just wrapped up. let's go live now to fifth avenue. oh, boy.
8:20 am
rosanna: tough times. those of us from 9/11, it is a terrible, terrible reminder. hopefully, it will not happen again. wall street. greg: .forget on june -- bad for business. >> not strong, by any means. after a terrorist attack like this, usually quickly recovered. they are trading up.
8:21 am
think of history. london 2005. market sold off. here in the united states, the markets were closed after september 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. >> this is totally different. lightens the mood a little bit. panda bears. who does not like panda bears. congresswoman. do we know for sure that they >> really trying to get them to come to new york. >> officials there. she wants panda's for the central park zoo. i think she would be happy also with the bronx zoo. rosanna: would not give for them
8:22 am
$1 million needed every year. i thought i was high maintenance. it would cost $1 million for each of them every year. >> quite a moment. they are always dirty. it is always like, they are never as good as the cartoon or these national geographic committees. >> knowing you, you will have me there the day that they come. >> a years long handle. a major hurdle. rosanna: coming up on "good day new york." you know him from cnbc. now, he is an act or. >> i have seen his picture is on the side of a bus.
8:23 am
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8:26 am
greg: welcome back. 5th avenue is looking chilled. some of the most expensive real estate in the universe. rosanna: getting back to business. on friday, people were paralyzed, all though it was my friend's birthday, we had plans, we went out to celebrate her birthday. i wonder if the restaurant will be half empty.
8:27 am
people were out. they were trauma tiezed and talked about what happened. greg: that is matilda. before that, we were the witness to a wedding. they got married downtown in the city. rosanna: very nice. judge silver's courtroom. greg: i had to put him in line. rosanna: judge silver watches us. >> greg: he snubbed one of the morning shows and he was telling us about the morning shows and i said excuse me, judge, the ed withing. rosanna: he mentioned my name and you had to get him back on track. greg: yes, that is true. rosanna: it was beautiful. we have a video of the wedding. it was beautiful until the
8:28 am
any way. audrey: people were out friday night. the weather was so nice. rosanna: you never know. people were going about business as usual. at the same time paying respects to paris. greg: mike woods' sister is being or being ordained. >> we are expecting beautiful weather. 54 central park right now. that is close to normal high for the year. elsewhere across the northeast, the readings in the 40s.
8:29 am
we are in the 30s in williams williamsport. clear skies. we have the high pressure, and day. we have a weak cold front passing through the area tomorrow and no rain associated with it, there is a drop in the temperatures for tuesday. and then the next focus is on this wet weather to the west, this is approaching and affect us late wednesday and thursday. before that happens, nice and dry for today and tuesday as the high pressure is dominating the weather pattern. the clouds are increasing on thursday. glass. high temperature 64. 50 tomorrow. increasing clouds on wednesday and patchy drizzle is possible in the afternoon and a soaking rain on thursday and clearing out for friday. now to roadways.
8:30 am
ines: of course, problems out there. route 80 east bound an accident area. grand central parkway same. if you are taking the l.i.e., police activity, a stall on the side west bound. you have to slow down passing through that. eastbound side the fine. aproching the george washington bridge, 45 on up thor. 30 on the low. 495, lincoln tunnel 45 inbound. holland tunnel 20 minutes. trains are running on or close. greg fwreg so in the aftermath of the terror attacks there are air strikes happening in syria.
8:31 am
rosanna: they are looking for attacks. we are getting reports of bombs going off in belgium as they are conducting raids right now. key player wanted in the point. kerry drew has been talking about the nonstop vigils around the world. kerry: first to the american student that was killed. we are getting to it, we are learning more about the student. a cal state long beach student, 23 years old and majoring in industrial design and one of the 17 students studying in paris. gonzales was killed bill having dinner with friends. she was fulfilling a dream of studying abroad. she had big dreams, at 17 she
8:32 am
she moved to the dorm in long beach to live over there and then she was so happy. every day because she loved to go to school. she loved school. >> we are hearing stories of survival, including those inside of the concert hall when the gunmen opened fire. a 22-year-old was one of the people at the concert. she posted a picture of the shirt she was wearing during the attack. it is stained with blood. she posted a long message and seeing dozens of people shot in front of her and played dead for over an hour. she also thanked the many people that helped her out, including a man she never met and he covered her head and reassured her throughout the shooting.
8:33 am
did you watch 60 minutes, they talked to two of the witnesses, it was one by one, he picked them out one by one, he looked to the right and didn't shoot them and went to left and one by one picked them off. we are talking to a woman that was inside one of the restaurants. a manhattan pr executive that was there. greg: watch this. you saw it and heard the shots. the band reacted. american band, by the way, center stage. much more on the aftermath. rosanna: including talking to the public relations person who is and talk about the timing in
8:34 am
she's got a story to tell. >> we have got dean on trial. >> and yes, before being aest ared and sheldonville ver is on trial. >> dr. oz is coming up. we talk about drug addiction and what we should talk to our kids about with all of the terrorism reports going on right now. greg: there is something to that. i remember being traumatized as a kid. rosanna: you think about
8:35 am
dr. oz is coming up.
8:36 am
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rosanna: what a beautiful day. we have lucked out with this fall. it is so mild. greg: it is kind of weird. rosanna: i don't car, i will take it. greg: you wear a sweater and you are too hot. rosanna: let's take about the
8:38 am
out of every three families affected by addiction, but 90% of those who need treatment don't receive it. greg: wow, those are high numbers. dr. oz is joining us, america's physician, we are talking about the addiction issue and how kids and how people are reacting to the terrible news overseas. first of all, how are you doing? >> i'm doing well, greg, rosanna. it is how we cope with the stress. there is a huge report last week that middle aged folks are dying at unprecedented rates and that because of coping strategies that start as kids. to the conversation that we are having with the drug addiction problem and explaining how it relates to the crazy things happening in paris. thursday, folks from the white house, through the federal government, state governments, leaders in medicine, celebrities, ministers,
8:39 am
priests are coming together and 600 addiction groups are behind this and spending thursday night to talk about coping with life and specifically whether we are using drugs to get through it. the powerful is the parents. they are the antidrug. they have remarkable influence about what the kids are thinking, and 90% of those with addictions are starting todaying in the teens. the brains are not mature. if you ask your kids how they are coping and whether anyone is using medications to through it, that starts the conversation. the request is taking a picture of an empty plate, do it now, post it on facebook, twitter, hashtag night of conversations, it is not the meal, it is the conversation on that evening. rosanna: dr. oz, i'm surprised how prevalent it is.
8:40 am
dealing with addiction? >> it is the number one cause of accidental death in people under 50. it is the number one reason americans are dying accidentally and it is driven by the fact that physicians narcotics. the typical person is a 35-year-old construction worker that hurts his back and tykes a medications and he's hooked. and in order to afford the drug, you steal, resort to others and you are ashamed by it and you don't talken it. we had a concert in washington and 20 million americans are in recovery. recovery is real. we have the opportunity to get
8:41 am
currently addicted and get them to believe you can live a life without shame. if you are watching riebt now, folks in recovery but not telling anyone because they are ashamed of it. greg: well, we understand it. we get it. dr. oz great thing you are doing. rosanna: talk about what is happening in the world and how the talk to our kids, at what age do you mention what is happening in paris and how it is affecting us here? >> there's a lot of data that argues under the age of five you don't bring it up. it is hard for them to separate the fact from the fiction. that's young groups should be left alone. but a lot of kids need to be talked to, and the instinct is
8:42 am
if you don't tell them, someone else will in their words. acknowledge their fears. it is not solly to be afraid. and reassure there are strong people out there protecting us and doing the right thing, this is uncommon it is going to happen to us and someone they know, there are more discussions around this and painful events happen and you are there and together you will weather the storm. it is a level of confidence you have to protray. you have to answer the questions. don't give them all of the details, you don't have to show them the pictures, acknowledge something bad happened and answer the questions. greg: i remember at five years old, a school bus full of kids kidnapped in california. i was a different person. i always road in the front seat.
8:43 am
still uncomfortable on a bus because of that. >> yes, your father was a police commissioner and when bad things happened, how did crash? >> i watched the news. i was watching the news at dinner. he came home late o after the news. he caught bad people. that was reassure ing, i knew we had a gun. i was very scared of the bus, being on the bus. thank you, dr. oz. >> thank you. rosanna: good luck thursday night. >> thank you. >> coming up -- did you have a fear as a child? rosanna: son of sam. that happened in my neighborhood. i was a teenager and he was profiling people that looked like me. greg: and you were dating at
8:44 am
rosanna: do you have to put everything out there? really want to get into it? greg: you mean lover's lane. make out point. rosanna: fran dresher is here.
8:45 am
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no way. introducing mcdonald's new all day breakfast menu. once, you changed how you ate breakfast. it's time to start changing when. greg: cab driver told me it takes him 20 minutes to get from the george washington bridge up to rockland county. rosanna: is he flying, wings on the taxi? >> without the traffic, like 2:00 in the morning. you are on the parkway. what else? rosanna: it is 8:50 in the morning and things are moving
8:47 am
they are crawling across the gw. greg: it has seen worse, a lot remember? rosanna: moving on to happier things. greg: anna, what do you have for us? anna: well, we felt after the attacks in paris, not right to go on as usual, including saturday night live and they changed the typical format in honor of the people in paris. >> paris is the city of light and here in new york city we know that light will never go out our love and support is with everyone there tonight, we stand with you. greg: they are speaking french. (speaking french)
8:48 am
>> egg gr greg that was beautiful. rosanna: yes, and said the message in english and french and giving support in lieu of the typical opening. very nice. if you are feeling like nothing new, there is a new show master of none. i have read the articles about it and watched it. greg: i binge watched it. it is terrific. anna: i'm not in love. greg: funny, thought provoking and all set in new york. the place with the big fish in williamsburg. anna: yes, he plays an actor auditioning in new york. he covers the funny topicals.
8:49 am
and for the first date they go to nashville. rosanna: real life or just on the show? greg: on the show. anna: i thought it would be jaded but it is heart warming. it is a feel good thing at the end. rosanna: we need feel good. >> james bond taking first place again. spectre taking in $35 million. it is not going to break the records. peanuts remains in second place. they pulled in 24 million. the christmas comedy love the coopers in number 3, the martian and the 33 rounding out.
8:50 am
movie together, getting ter terrible reviews and making less than $10,000 in the theatres. greg: it is boring for one. rosanna: this reminds me of i would like to see this january on a saturday night when it is cold out and hanging out in the house. anna: it is beautiful people, but kind of overly mellow dramatic. no point. she wrote it. greg: sometimes great casts equals equals medocre movie. rosanna: this is no mr. and mrs. smith. greg: yes. anna: and getting in trouble on the set. he got in a lot of trouble
8:51 am
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grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you' at waking people up in the morning.
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