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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  November 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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john kerry says the u.s. will stand shoulder to shoulder with france during this trying time. kerry spoke from paris, the heart of this weekend's terror attacks outside the u.s. embassy. the secretary says the city of lights will not waver and isis will be defeated. >> we will stand shoulder to shoulder as we have throughout history. >> reporter: an international manhunt is underway for the suspected mastermind of the terror attacks in paris that left 129 dead and many more wounded. authorities are trying to find 27-year-old belgian national abdelhamid abaaoud. they believe he may be hiding in syria. authorities are looking for 26-year-old salah abdeslam, who they say was directly involved in friday night's attack. >> france is at war. the acts committed on friday night in paris are acts of war. >> reporter: the french
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order military to carry out air strikes on the islamic state's de facto capital of raqqa syria. >> we attacked a training and command center and hit the targets. >> reporter: president obama has been meeting with leaders on the sidelines of the g-20 summit taking place in turkey 500 miles from the syrian border. >> we have always understood this would be a long-term campaign. there will be setbacks and successes. the terrible events in paris were obviously a terrible and sickening setback. ernie: there is new disturbing reports tonight about isis releasing a video threatening the united states, particularly in the washington, d.c., area. tell us about that. >> reporter: the islamic state released a chilling video. it threatens that any country that takes part in air strikes on syria could face the same fate as paris. now the u.s. department of homeland security has not
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verified the authenticity -- ernie: i was going to ask about that. >> reporter: they haven't. but they said at this time, there is still no credible threat against the u.s. but certainly this is frightening for people to hear, that they've released it, especially in light of what happened friday. ernie: thank you for that. let's tell you more about combatting isis. it will require solid intelligence. today the g-20 summit in turkey, president obama announced a new intelligence sharing event with france but ruled out additional troops to iraq and syria. here in new york, the nypd is beefing up its counterintelligence capabilities. police teams are in paris gathering information and developing strategies to fight the growing threats. especially against soft targets. >> that threat is growing and morphing in new and dangerous directions as evidenced by the events in paris. ernie: commissioner bratton says the idea is to have the entire 560-member critical response unit fully trained and ready to
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news that one of friday's attackers may have entered france with a syrian passport has some re-evaluating what our refugee policy should be. a growing number of governors won't accept refugees, but the president says it's our moral obligation not to turn our backs on them. >> we do not close our hearts to these victims of such violence and somehow start equating the issue of refugees with the issue of terrorism. ernie: the united states has promised to take in about 10,000 syrian refugees over the next year. last year it admitted 1700. >> security is on the mind of many of us as we react to the events in paris. joining me is sam, a professor at nyu school of law and a former nypd intelligence
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director. good credentials. thanks for being here. we've been hearing about the new deployment, a new counterterrorism unit in effect. out? >> there's no such thing as perfect security. all experts get that. this will chip away at the risk. the key is to learn from what's going on and being dynamic. that's what they're doing. ernie: we're talking about looking at critical locations. what about those soft targets important. how do we protect? >> that's where the action is. we can look to the nypd. we can look to our federal officials to do the work for us. i have to say citizens will have themselves. we're going to have to get officials are. ernie: when you talk about see something, say something, that's really important. everybody sort of has to be involved and be aware and help. >> exactly right. if you've lived in israel or
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england or any other country, culture. i think we'll start making that part of our culture to a greater extent. ernie: talk about the challenges now of airport and border security. >> airport and borders are relatively okay. tsa doesn't get an a plus in my report card, but they're doing a credible job. on the other hand, we're worried about interaction between folks who may be here and folks who have real live experience on the battlefield in syria. that was the combustible mix in paris. that's what worries officials here. ernie: we're talking about syria. there's this concern and it's growing about refugees from syria coming into our country. how about the vetting process? with your experience, former intelligence director, how do you see that? how could that work or not work? >> well, it could work. it's going to need to be as robust as possible. it's no substitute for real intelligence work that persists even after folks have gotten into the country.
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it's important to remember this isn't just a question of american values and security on the other. we allow hundreds of thousands of would be refugees to remain in what amounts to be a cauldron in syria. it's going to be a global security problem which will reach new york city. ernie: bottom line, everybody wants to know. are we safe? >> bottom line, thanks to the nypd and thanks to our federal officials, we're about as safe in a large city in this city as we could be. but nothing is perfect. ernie: sam, thank you for joining us and your insights. >> also to tell you about, wall street honoring the paris victims on the first business day since friday's attacks. traders at the new york stock exchange paused this morning for a moment of silence. it began five minutes before the opening bell and lasted a full minute. >> stay with fox 5 as we cover the paris attacks and their aftermath. is your place to find the latest and tributes from around the world. >> when the news continues for
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ernie: 63 in new york city. in the news. these top stories. a big announcement from nyu langone medical center. it's performed the most done. a volunteer firefighter from mississippi was burned 14 years ago and this past summer he received the face of a brooklyn man who died in an accident. >> our team took him to macy's to buy clothes. for him, it was so remarkable that no one stared at him or looked at him. ernie: that is an amazing story. patrick is still recovering, but hopes to be home by thanksgiving. >> a pair of giant pandas may call the bronx zoo home. carolyn maloney has been given
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here from china. their upkeep will be paid for with private funding. it would be a great addition and big boost for attendance. >> and check it out. the holiday tree arrived at lincoln center for the 16th annual winter eve celebration. it hails from around buffalo, new york. the lighting is set for the monday after thanksgiving. going to be a lot of fun. that's happening now. holidays. thanksgiving isn't here. nick: we've got to get it to feel like the holidays with days like today. ernie: incredible. no one is complaining. the weather is great. nick: except the ski resorts and we'll transition to different the weather -- word. no snow coming? nick: not anytime soon. there will be cooler temperatures coming. look at that. 67 the high.
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not a record. the record high was 72. mild enough. 51 the low this morning. our average high should be 54. there you go. 52 -- 42 the average low. we'll be closer to these numbers tomorrow. 63 now. the sky clear. wind out of the north to northeast. the humidity is dry. the pressure is rising from 30.20, pretty strong, with high pressure building down from eastern canada. that will bring down cooler air into our area tonight and tomorrow. 70 at newark. how about that? 68 belmar. mid 60s to islip. low 60s on the east end. 65 poughkeepsie and sussex. 59 monticello. amazing for november 16th. we're in the low 60s in town to the jersey shore. back to the 50s and dropping fast at poughkeepsie. they were in the mid 60s. they're down to 49. that's going to happen this evening. you get away from the city, you'll watch the temperature drop quickly in the next few hours. it will get into the 30s in the northern and western suburbs. newark, 65. we'll had a temperature gain
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from 24 hours ago is five to eight degrees. here comes the north-northeasterly wind. that will become easterly tomorrow and drop the temperature to seasonal numbers. it's clear and dry. we have a clear sky on the satellite photograph. that will stay with us tonight and again tomorrow. be a beautiful day, bright and sunny tomorrow. but a little cooler in temperatures because of the high high pressure. look to the protest. these clouds will filter in starting on wednesday. we'll see a little sun to start wednesday. more clouds in the afternoon. an onshore flow will bring drizzle wednesday. this storm will be heading towards canada. it's producing snow in the rockies. ahead of it could be a severe outbreak from illinois to the gulf coast. for us, it could bring heavier rainfall around here on thursday, particularly as we get into thursday afternoon. tomorrow, it's a clear start. it's a sunny day. chilly to start. we'll see cooler temperatures. 43 in the city.
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30s in the burbs. 52 tomorrow afternoon. that's much closer to seasonal. nice tomorrow night. watch the clouds as they come in for wednesday after morning sun. maybe a little drizzle later in the day ahead of the warm front trying to move back. here's the showers off to the west. thursday. after that, temperatures will become more seasonal as we head into the weekend. clear, chilly tonight. 43 in the city. 30s out in the colder spots. tomorrow, beautiful day. sunny at 52. may not get out of the upper 40s along the coast. wednesday, 55, morning sun, then more clouds and drizzle in the day. rain for thursday. heaviest afternoon and evening. 64. 57 friday. look at the weekend. upper 40s. we stay there into monday when we stay chilly into next week. ernie: keep it nice. thank you, nick. now back to the tragedy in paris. for families with loved ones studying abroad in paris and around the world, friday's
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attacks have increased concern for their safety. jessica formoso visited the nyu campus and sampled reaction from foreign students studying here. here's her report. >> reporter: a lot of the students at nyu are studying abroad and say since the attacks on friday, they feel safe in new york city and say they are not going to let fear ruin their experience. melissa arrived at nyu in august from france. she's enrolled in the french studies master program and is saddened about what happened at home. >> everybody was afraid and sad with these events because it was a concert and a coffee. it could have happened to everybody. >> reporter: since friday's attacks, she's been in contact with her family and says neither she nor her family are worried about her safety here in new york. >> paris has been targeted, not here. i didn't feel not insecure place. my family didn't feel that. >> reporter: same for arthur.
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>> you have to just, you know, manage to understand that you need not to be impressed by the action and try to, i don't know, be calm and continue to live. >> reporter: some students in new york are concerned about another attack >> a little worried. new york is one of the big cities in the world. paris is another big city. maybe this could be another one. >> reporter: students planning to go to paris say they won't let these attacks keep them from going ahead with their plans. >> you can't really predict that it's going to happen. you aren't in control of it. but whatever you can do to help the general effort or respect those countries and help them, that's what i will do. i don't think it's going to stop me from going to a country to study abroad and further my education. >> reporter: none of the students in paris were harmed. i'm jessica formoso.
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ernie: it's been a difficult view days as the world comes to term with the terror attacks. i'm asking for your thoughts on this. you know what happened in paris is such a terrible thing. i wondered if you have a message for the people of france and to the world in terms of how you feel about what's happened. ernie: the messages new yorkers are sending to support the people of paris as they continue to mourn.
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ernie: russ is joining us. another heart break for the giants. i'm saying they're playing pretty good. all of a sudden, i said not again. russ: bam. ernie: what is that? russ: you know what it's like doing the post-game shows? ernie: sure. you're there. russ: game one, seven seconds to go. they lose in new orleans. yesterday they lose with one second left on the clock. ernie: like a habit. russ: you feel drunk on monday morning like a bad, bad hangover hangover. the good news is they're in first place. the bad news is they have yet to learn how to close the deal, to finish the job. tom coughlin said it. the players have said it. at that juncture in the game, it's up to the players to get
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they're not getting the job done. ernie: in fairness, a lot of injuries, too? they're plagued with that. russ: we'll get to another injury factor coming up. victor cruz is done for the season. we'll talk about that. you had will beatty, key offensive players. you know what? tom coughlin never uses that as excuses. you can't. it's got to be next man standing. they've always been in a position to win. ernie: a lot of controversy about what they thought, the giants thought was a touchdown. russ: i thought it was a touchdown as well. to me, beckham caught the ball, had one foot down, the other and then the ball was knocked out of his hands. one guy was doing the post-game show and is a giants wide receiver. he is not a homer. he can be very critical. he looked at me and said i'm telling you, no way -- they do
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that was a touchdown catch. even besides the catch, had it been a touchdown, brady would have marched the other way. they allowed to get in position for a field goal. ernie: tell me about victor cruz. russ: a sad situation. it's been three weeks, three weeks, three weeks. that's not happening. victor himself announced today that because of the calf injury, which he suffered back in training camp back in august, he's done for the season. he's going to have surgery. basically here's a young man who lost 10 games last season because of one injury. his future becomes a big question mark. the general manager was asked are you going to talk about his contract? he said i'm not addressing that. that will be down the road. ernie: thank you. we're coming right back after the break with your messages for the people of paris as they cope with friday's deadly terror attacks.
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ernie: a reminder to stay connected with the news at 6:00 on facebook. check out my facebook page for behind the scenes videos and positive messages. you can even leave us a story idea. we'd love to hear from you. anastos. we'll be right back with this question. here it is. the recent tragedy in paris brings us all together. tell me what your message is to the people of france and to the world. >> i feel for you, france. it's just horrible what's happened, but hang in there.
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we new yorkers have come through, and you will come through, too. >> i think new yorkers have a special connection because of what happened september 11th. it ps it's -- they're probably going through the same confusion that we were going through. days get better. ernie: we understand. we feel it. we know what they're going through. >> just it's a horrible thing. my heart breaks for everyone. >> i don't know. there's no words. i don't know what to say. i'm in disbelief still. i have no words. >> i think it's an extraordinary moment in the world now, and people in france just are in shock. we all are in shock. we have the same feeling we have in new york. >> oh, god, no, i'm going to cry. ernie: it is painful. >> it's awful. anybody who loves france, who has been to france, knows the people are just -- they're delightful. they're adorable, kind. i'm going to cry. ernie: nice to see you. bye-bye.
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people saying the same thing. their sense of loss and also their prayers for families and all of those people who have been hurt by what happened in paris. we thank you for joining us. i'm ernie anastos. for all of us in studio 5 and our control room, thanks for being a part of the broadcast. have a good evening.
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