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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  November 17, 2015 4:30am-4:59am EST

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from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". >> the french launch air strikes against isis strong vote in syria. we have the latest as the manhunt goes on the mastermind of a terrorist attack. the nypd reveals the latest counterterrorism forests, the corresponds command at its offices are willing to kill to protect your life. >> willing to give up their lives. a brutal baseball bat attack in the bronx, police need your help catching the guys in the video. service immensity go, people. good morning, i am juliet huddy. tracymac iron teresa priolo in for ban.
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good-view here, at the tuesday. let's get to make. >> this is quite the out fit the little peach sunshine yellow too do i see? sunshine yellow shirt. >> meteorologist: i don't know. >> you look remarkably put together for 4:30 in the morning. really quirky. >> those are cowboy boots. >> meteorologist: we got everybody's attention. we have -- let's talk about the weather oxide wary is clear and cool, freezing temperatures but not too many, not cool in the city, 44 degrees right now all, 46 at newark, 48 in belmar, 40 degrees in bridgeport, 44 in montauk, cooler temperature classmate and come back even
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though it was not easy esther a. here's what is happening with wind from the northeast and 7 to 14 miles an hour, breezy, clear cooler-out there all together, not a bad start to your tuesday morning, mainly clear skies, a lot of sunshine, clear sky coming to un temperatures, little limited side of a cooler a meeting and come back, storms in the plains states back into central mississippi valley area, severe weather coming through oklahoma and texas but eventually that weather will come to as in the tristate watered-down form. for the time being the is where the big storms happening, in the dallas area some dollars just a few minutes ago but a couple
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days away from us will be weaker, the temperature wise, mostly sunny skies and tomorrow 56 for a high with clouds making a come back, showers coming through and that is the rainfall coming through texas and oklahoma into the city of valley area today. its bring in ines and see what we have, give you started on tuesday morning. >> meteorologist: staten island into brooklyn, no problems on 287, let's take a look at a live by terry road west bound and eastbound traffic moving fine and trains running on or close to schedule. >> new over interest rates against isis in syria. >> it did not stop there. france and its interior minister said there were 100 reinstating place. liz dahlem joins us live from the newsroom with the latest.
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has mobilize 115,000 police and military personnel to find those responsible for the attack until 129 people. the french president called on the united states and russia to join a global coalition to destroy the islamic state as their strikes continue in syria. french fighter jets continue to drop bombs early tuesday in the capital of isis. president holland says the country is now at war. >> the acts committed friday night's our acts of war. >> isis promising to fight back, this is a still image from a terrorist's most recent video. they promised to attack washington d.c. next and any country taking part in syria and airstrikes. meanwhile there's an international manhunt underway 40 suspected mastermind minor terrorist attack.
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the tweet suspected terrorists, police in belgium turned up nothing on either of the suspects. news of that least one of the attackers coming para greece posing as refugees in early october as the french president calling for a change. holland was to extend the seed of emergency for another two months in order to change the constitution and revoke citizenship of convicted terrorists. >> i want to put all the nation has rescission to protecting our citizens nation power to police, the army, representative of the nation and who know their son to do because circumstances of this third of sacrifices. >> john kerry arrived in paris and promised the united states will continue to be an ally. >> we will do a pretty sad eyes iron and we will prevent coin. >> the debate over how an assyrian refugees should be allowed in the u.s. has intensified. have of the nation's governments, 27 to be exact
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their state. the obama administration announcing 10,000 syrians will be allowed entry next year. so far that plan has not changed. back over to you. theresa: president obama standing by his strategy is to defeat isis, at a news conference at the summit in turkey after a conference that has definitely raise the ire of many in the united states, mr. obama was peppered with questions about attacking paris and whether it is strategy was working. he insisted over and over that it is and kept answering this unquestionably handover, just in different with his which he acknowledged that he said he will intensify the air strikes for forces in syria and iraq and stressed he will not put u.s. troops on the ground. his critics said a and not enough. >> he strategy has to be one that can be sustained.
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which focuses on going after targets, limiting where possible the capabilities of isil on the ground, systematically going after their meter should and infrastructure. >> we are involved embattled for civilization, calling it a crime, bringing people to justice, this is war. >> reporter: president obama announced an agreement between the united states and france to share more intelligence. and liz mentioned the earlier, there's a growing debate what to do about thousands of syrian refugees slated to come to the united states because one of the seven terrorists may have entered france with a syrian passport. governors in 27 states, and the refugees away from their states including new jersey governor republican presidential hopeful chris christie. >> what if they were orphans under the age of 5? >> we can come up with the king scenarios but the fact is we need appropriate vetting, they
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should not readmitted into the united states at this point. >> we do not close our hearts to these victims of such violence, and some of start the issue of refugees with the issue of terrorism. >> reporter: the president went on to say refusing these refugees was un-american. daniel malloy said he would let the refugees who have gone through security, andrew cuomo has not yet responded. under the refugee act of 1980 governors cannot legally block refugees from settling in their communities. they can stop the men of the border. quote police commissioner bill brandt says threats from isis are part of our new reality. >> nypd responding with a new counterterrorism unit. lidia curanaj has more. >> with this elite group we are taking our efforts to the next level. >> reporter: that of the group is islam. the nypd's credit response command.
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after undergoing a vigorous training for months these 100 officers of a first wave of what will be a 560 member unit. their goal, to prevent terror attacks in new york city. >> the world is changing as we stand here, the world changed the dramatically over the weekend and the assignment which you have volunteered that assignment that is now no more essential assignment in the world of policeing. >> reporter: = with the latest technology these officers will be ready to respond to multiple shooting locations. during the terrorist attack terrorists targeted restaurants, soccer stadium and concert home. it is why brooklyn borough president eric adams is now asking for terror drills to be performed at barkley center. >> what happened in paris define the new normal and we have to focus on how do we turn soft targets. >> headquarters for the critical response command will be here and randal's on and near the triborough bridge and other major roadways. the plan is to have all the
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members of this elite squad will be operational by new year's eve. >> you have gotten great gold standard training from the counterterrorism bureau and now it is time to go to work. >> reporter: lidia curanaj, "good day new york". >> reporter: of the novels attack on a baseball caught on camera, police released this surveillance video and need your help catching these guys. early sunday morning of 56-year-old man was near 181st street in grand concourse when he was assaulted by three other men, one of the men hit him several times with a bat. the man was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. if you have any information on this, crime stoppers at 800-577-tips. amnesty day for people who haven't the fine after getting fined for a minor offense in manhattan. if you go to the soul city station church on 24th street in harlem from 9:00 this morning until 3:00 this afternoon you can pay without having to pay a
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penalty. >> save my soul. this only goes for warrants like disorderly conduct, the public consumption of alcohol, possession of marijuana. you don't pay up next time you stopped by police you could be upset. >> we would like our police to focus on fighting terrorism. still ahead on "good day early call" we have temperatures in the 60s, beautiful day but it peeks out warm weather. mike has the complete forecast. long island railroad commuter is not happy with their ride. a new survey reveals what is wrong with it. probably tell you that are unhappy. >> happy with one direction. p now only ford offers $750t black friday bonus cash on select vehicles, on top of ford friends and neighbors pricing. that doesn't happen every day. make black friday hassle-free with low prices on ford cars, trucks and suvs. and get $750 dollars black friday bonus cash on select ford vehicles, on top of all other offers. it's an inside deal, now for everyone.
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with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. >> russian officials said the jetliner that crashed last month was brought down by homemade explosive device, something officials had started to believe, russia's security service as a bombing killed 224 on board was a terrorist act. isis has claimed responsibility for that crash. russian president vladimir putin as vowed to hunt down those responsible for the crash. 4:44.
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it is the camera. gigantic piece of machinery. let's get over to mike for a check. yesterday was beautiful. >> what is going on here. but little bit different. temperatures are going to struggle to get out of the 40s today, here's what we have tried temperatures yesterday, that was nice, 70 is what you made it up to in newark, 67 central park, nice and mild in the evening what colder air arriving in the overnight hours and still arriving, 68 was your high at belmar, 66 in bridgeport, everyone enjoying 60s and 70s, well above normal temperatures, should be in the 50s, 44 at central park, pretty much back to normal this morning because the colder air has been pushing in overnight, clear skies, winds from the northeast at 21 m.p.h. stiff wind coming through here, not only cooler but breezy at
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syracuse, 34 in boston, 36 in bank or but much cooler temperatures throughout the northeast as cooler air made a come back along with clear skies, no real problems out there with thewise in terms of clouds and precip, still a couple days away, the big miss coming through the central and southern plains states, low pressure, big showers and storms ahead of and snow on the backside especially of the rockies into parts of denver and looks like one of those things typically happens as you get a seasonal changes coming through. that region, it will be here and a couple days but for now we have sunshine out there but i have 51, 56 tomorrow, 64 thursday, war with showers and storms coming through here, could last into friday morning, drying out after that with a cool temperatures of the weekend but plenty of sunshine especially saturday endeavour get the weather apps at the apple itunes store and google play store with daily and hourly forecasts, download it
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ines and see what is happening early tuesday morning. ines: off to a good start, put them county no problems on 684 or the to conduct its you're traveling in quince, whitestone and frogs neck bridge logo in the van with, cameras, take a look at your commute on the lie by 1067107 of problems with salaries down, lincoln tunnel problem, in down you are fine, outbound new jersey bound where there's an accident, holland tunnel, so is the bqe, no issues approaching the brooklyn bridge. ines: long island railroad writers not satisfied with their commute but reportedly feels safer than the year go according to news a lsd annual customer satisfaction survey. it says 82% of customers reported being satisfied overall with the railroad down from 84% last year but when it comes to
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from 80 to 84%, a little bit. cleanliness of train restrooms hit a low with only a 31% satisfaction rating down 24% from last year. if you are living with severe facial burns for more than a decade firefighter from mississippi came to nyu medical center for life faltering service, pretty remarkable. >> as nat king tell us underwent the most extensive face transplanting medical history. >> the story begins in a small town of saratoga, mississippi. >> reporter: patrick and the rest of a volunteer fire department and a burning home to save a woman trapped inside. >> the roof collapsed on patrick, knocking down his helmet. he felt the mask on his face was melting. >> reporter: he jumped out a window with the melting mass claiming his scalp, nose, lips, ears, i did and all of the skin
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on his face. 71 surgery's and skin grafts from his legs left patrick with what doctors described as penal vision. >> no semblance of normal anatomy. >> reporter: that is face burned a friend of his contacted dr. edward rodriguez, now the chair of nyu's reconstructive plastic surgery department, areas teamed up with helen irving to put a face donor of the right skin tones, blood type the major awake and antibodies. more than a year past. >> by the time that it began to lose face, he said it himself a deadline of august. >> ellen found david rosenbaum, and the mx athlete and a august left brain dead after a bicycle accident in brooklyn. as agreed family agreed to donate his face. >> the most extensive face transplant ever performed. >> reporter: 1 of the doctors that the year preparing for this million dollar, 26 our experimental surgery funded by hospital. dr. rodrigues told patrick's family there was only 50% chance
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>> one of the sub shots. >> reporter: 93 days after surgery dr. rodrigues said patrick is doing rather well, swelling continues to subside. for the first time in 14 years after cascara his scalp and face and fully opened his eyes and for the first time in their lives at point sweetie and this children's father dad with a normal case. >> the scene talking to macy's to buy clothes and for him it was a remarkable no one stared at him, no one looked at him. >> reporter: patrick's speech, in an appearance should continue to improve as swelling subsides and doctors say led the extra tissue around his lips and diamonds. matt king, fox 5 news. >> reporter: i wonder what the family -- of not paying complete attention. they address -- the family of the poor boy -- >> i wonder, the face of somebody else -- >> wonder if they see him and talked to him, wonderful they did that. still ahead this season comes to an end before it begins with the giants pittsburgh cruise.
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judaism next with sports.
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who coined the term "side bread?" because there's nothing "side" about this bread. it may look like the moon. but it's the star of the show. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> meteorologist: we are off to another school star, warm temperatures we had yesterday
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are gone, 20 degrees in monticello, 46 in north, 44 central park, two and islip, mainly clear sky around the tristate region, things looking good for a lot of sunshine out there but temperatures on the cool side topping out at 51 degrees, 56 tomorrow, there is your rain coming through, showers and a few storms thursday into friday, done for a while here. over to you. >> reporter: look who is here. duke: not going to be a come back for victor cruz, he is out for the season, he had been on the sidelines for 13 months after tearing the tendon in his knee. recently has been hobbled by a pulled muscle in his cap. saturday he tore the calf muscle running and now need surgery. >> a tough thing to go through emotionally, physically, but i know god has a plan for me. i note that. i have to read to my brain and
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>> reporter: 97 tough decision, crews or trade him? he has missed training on his $43 million contract, next season he is almost a million dollars. monday night football, bangles, texans, check out this catch by hopkins jumping over the defender and grabs the ball with his left hand for a touchdown. that is what the texans on top of the bangles and game on the line, fourth and 6 for the bengals, beautiful catch right there, and the dalton hitting a.j. greene here for the first down, but the ball was loose, texans beat the bengals and 10-6, first loss of the season. knicks at home against charlotte, gnats at home again in and land the. islanders were at home, third period against arizona coyotes, black nelson will to demands for
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now we go into the third, the putt to go into the net, second of the game, hymen diss take down the coyotes 5-2 the final score grumman and over until that is over, yet ibert, the yankee legend receiving the presidential medal of freedom, the nation's isil rihanna, yankees issue a statement saying the honors fitting tribute to a man who has represented a small with unequal dignity and humor, his granddaughter said it is bittersweet because it would have been nice if he received the honor when he was alive. she was actually pushing for that last year. yogi berra died in september, was 90 years old. the late great willie mays or willie mays, the great william a. i should say, will -- broken for the new york giants and ended his hall of fame career with the mets receiving presidential medal of freedom so willing maids who of course broke in with the new york
4:56 am
doing a lot for the giants. we will see. >> i love hearing that out yet he barrel. why now? >> i know. there was a push last year and lindsay was behind the push to remember that petition and the reading list >> was here on "good day". duke: and ford that along. >> thanks, duke. bring your self a fresh pot of coffee. you have no idea how much we mean that. it could help you live longer. >> three to five, sounds like caffeine overload lose scientists at harvard school of public health, we trust them so, said it could lower the risk of heart disease, parkinson's, type 2 diabetes, it could lower the risk of suicide and doesn't matter if the coffee has caffeine, there's something in the beans. needed. they always say that.
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