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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  November 17, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day". >> and analysts cited seeming >> and analysts cited seeming like summery temperatures. it is definitely fall. >> live report as the search goes on for the mastermind behind friday's attack. >> for many weapons it is a counter terrorism force.
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just to the streets, more on their mission. to keep from sliding down vandals. they won't be happy about that. i am teresa priolo. meet coffee. >> copy please. i am juliet huddy. november 17th. it is going to be christmas. >> ines. i have not seen any. it is not time for that. >> i understand there's a rush to breeze through the ball embracing it early.
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show you what is going on. for starters it is cool again, starting to feel little like the holidays, 28 in monticello is your current temperature, allentown has 39, 43 and newark, 43 in bridgeport, 43 also in montauk with mainly clear sky compared to what we had 24 hours ago, most of us cooler but not everyone, and degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago at central park, that is the biggest drop has far as montauk, and degrees cooler than we had 24 hours ago and the northeast wind coming through too, sort of a backdoor cold front situation. we have that cooler air spinning across the northeast and that brought temperatures down and the fact the winds are back a little that makes a few cooler yet but we have mainly clear skies year, some clouds to the south and west of us over pennsylvania, not a bother, they won't be a problem for a while until we get an area of low pressure, cold front, warm front working its way through taking a
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couple days to get here but it is a problem for folks in oklahoma and texas and kansas and toward missouri and the showers and storms through that region, severe weather early this morning but for as it will take some time to arrive so don't worry about anything rainwise, sunny skies with a few high clouds, temperature 51 today, tomorrow 56 for a high, 64 wednesday, or thursday, feels like that. we have rain coming through thursday into friday and we get a break for the weekend. one day off here. what is going on? 3 day weekend, these things happen to you. >> the commute off to a good start tuesday morning, no problems in queens, bqe doing fine, let's go to the cameras and see how things are moving in new jersey if you're taking route 80 by exit 42202 no problems, tekkies bound, your
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the west down side, queens, islam get a lie, you saw on the graphic is doing fine and a live look at that no problems at the moment, west bound by grants under par, moving fine and trains moving on or close. >> france as we know continues its attack pounding gneisses with overnight air strikes. >> the country as interior minister says there were even more raids as the manhunt goes on for the mastermind behind friday's attack. liz dahlem joins us now with the latest on the developing story. >> reporter: good morning. in addition to that france has mobilized 115,000 police and military personnel to try to find those responsible for the attacks the guilt 129 people. the french president called on the united states and russia to join a coalition to this -- restore the islamic state, airstrikes continue in syria.
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continue to drop bombs early tuesday when in syria, the so-called capital of isis. president holland says the country is that war. >> translator: france is at war, the acts committed friday night in our acts of war. >> reporter: isis promising to fight back, this is a still image from the terrorists's most recent video. in it they promise to attack washington d.c. next entry countries taking part in syria airstrikes. meanwhile there's an international manhunt underway for the suspected mastermind behind the terrorist attacks. the search also continues for the eight suspected terrorists, police raids in belgium turned up nothing on either of the suspects in. news of that least one of the attackers coming drebin 12 posing as a refugee in early october has the french president calling for change. holland was to extend the state of emergency for another three months in order to change the
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citizenship of convicted terrorists. >> translator: i want to pollination as resources and to protecting our citizens, the nation's power, police, army, representatives of the nation, you know this and the duty circumstances call for those that very and sacrifice. >> reporter: john kerry arrived in paris and promised the united states will continue to be an ally. >> we will do our duty side-by-side and we will prevail. >> at home the debate over how many serious refugees should be allowed in the u.s. is intensifying. more than half of the nation's governors, 27 to be exact, don't want syria refugees in their states but the obama administration announced in september the tenth hour and syrians will be allowed entry next year. so far that plan has not changed. >> president obama standing by his strategy to defeat isis. at a news conference at the g 20 summit mr. obama was peppered over and over with questions
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about the attack in paris and whether his strategy was working. he insisted over and over and over again that it is, but did say he will intensify airstrikes and train forces in syria and iraq but stressed he is not going to be putting u.s. troops on the ground. his critics say that is not good enough. >> a strategy has to be one that can be sustained. the strategy we are pursuing which focuses on going after, targets, limiting wherever possible the capabilities of isil on the ground systematically going after the leadership, infrastructure. >> we are involved in a battle for civilization, the president calling it a crime and bringing people to justice, this is war. >> reporter: president obama also announced an agreement between the united states and france to share more intelligence. >> since the attacks there has been a growing debate over what to do about 1000's of syrian
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refugees slated to come to the united states because one of the seven terrorists may have entered france with a syrian passport. so far governors in 27 states say they will turn refugees away from their state. that includes news the governor and presidential candidate chris christie. >> i would not permit the man. >> what if they were orphans under the age of 5. >> we could come with 18 different scenarios. the fact is we need appropriate vetting. i don't think they should be admitted into the united states at this point. >> we did not close our hearts to these victims of such violence and somehow start equating the issue of refugees with the issue of terrorism. >> daniel malloy says he would let the refugees who have gone through proper security training in. new york governor andrew cuomo has not yet responded with immigration experts say and to the refugee act of 1980 governors cannot legally block
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refugees from settling in their communities once they have undergone that security check. >> reporter: there's a new counterterrorism force that hit the streets of new york first time yesterday. >> making it to stop attackers and leaving children to save the lives of innocent people especially at major venues. lidia curanaj joins us live outside barkley center with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, we are at berkeley center because this is considered a soft target. what we saw in paris was these terrorists, cowardly terrorists purposely sought out people, civilians, when to soft targets, restaurants, concert halls as well as the stadium and that is why erica adams wants terror drills to be performed here at barkley scented, meantime nypd has just the blood and of the force that will specifically deal with terror attacks. >> reporter: with this elite group we are taking our efforts to the next level.
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the mib the's critical response command after undergoing vigorous training for months the 100 officers saw the first wave of what will be 560 member unit. their goal, to prevent terror attacks in new york city. >> the world is changing even as we stand year, the world changed dramatically over the weekend and the assignment for which you have volunteered, that assignment, there's no more essential assignment in the world of policeing. >> reporter: = with the latest technology these officers will be ready to respond to multiple shooting locations. during the paris attacks terrorists targeted restaurants, soccer stadium and a concert hall. it is why eric adams is now asking for terror drills to be performed at barkley center. >> what happened in paris defined a new normal and we have to focus on how do we turn soft targets, how we hot and those of targets. >> reporter: headquarters for the credit corresponds command will be here on randalls island near the triborough bridge and other major roadways.
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members of this of the squad eve. training from the counterterrorism bureau and now it is time to go to work. >> reporter: moat squad will meet in addition to the already thousand counterterrorism police officers on the streets. meantime the nypd will be travelling to paris to get some tips from them from officials there on how to deal with that is the latest. back to you in this city of. >> driver to take the george washington bridge made notice the extra security. the port authority says this random check point is part of the added precautions following friday's attacks in paris and is the port authority has counterterrorism task force monitoring bridges, airports, bus terminals and other sensitive locations. breaking news this morning, russian officials st. this morning that that jetliner that
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down by a homemade explosive device. russia's as this the security service said the bombing that killed all 224 on board was a terrorist act. isis has claimed responsibility for the crash saying it was in retaliation for russia's attacks against him and other groups in syria. russian president vladimir putin has vowed to fund those responsible for the attack and aerosol on isis should not only be continued but intensified. we have a lot more coming up including a new face, such a fascinating story. medicine. we will tell you about the most expensive and extensive face transplanting medical history. >> keeping track of 42 degrees. >> meteorologist: we got up to almost 70 and that did happen, 70 and newark, so this is a kick in about. we have 42 degrees, we will see
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>> if only you heard that. if only you heard that. >> who sang at? >> mixalot. we may be getting a little spoiled with weather like we had yesterday, 70 degrees in new york. >> absolutely gorgeous, don't get used to it, winter will be used in enough and as audrey plenty tells us, speaking of, it could be a nasty one. >> reporter: here we go again, sleet, snow and ice. crazy. >> brace yourself, winter is coming and meteorologist all over the country are gearing up for another active winter season. steven is a top whether consultants. >> will be nice and miles, a kind of what it is in november. then the hammer will hit especially once we get past december, january, february, march, a lot of snow storms, cold snaps, very i see conditions.
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late bloomer season last year, november and december were relatively quiet with a few warm spells. and then winter arrived in full force bringing numerous snow, ice and cold events including a january blizzard that crippled much of long island. a long stretch of subfreezing temperatures brought the coldest february on record for central park and we close the season in march with double the average snowfall. in forecasting what to expect for this season there are a number of variables to consider. >> going from east to central which is a big deal. we have more thunderstorms developing around the date line but also snow fall in siberia went well above normal and that is a huge factor as well. combined those factors with a very warm pacific towards the gulf of alaska and use end up with a pattern that is very stormy and also will introduce a lot of cold air to the eastern united states.
5:18 am
>> reporter: long-range seasonal forecasts are dependent on climate and weather patterns around the world but here at home folks want to know what will happen in our area. >> will be high potential for a above-average snowfall especially away from the city. watch for ice threats and mixed bag of snow, sleet and freezing rain and it pushes above normal for this time of year. >> reporter: if this winter turns out as forecast get ready to bundle up and hunkered down. >> she is on my team. we don't think it will snow more than three inches by january 1st. audrey's reporting. >> the only thing that helps you out is technically is a week and half into winter so maybe we
5:19 am
am thinking of doing this more and more. >> that is win/win, we head to mcdonnell's. >> serving breakfast all day. >> reporter: open for business. coming up, point or anything, 66 in bridgeport and islip, 61 in montauk and the mainly clear sky, dew points at 25, the air is dry, pretty cool in the northeast, boston, 35, 36 in williamsport, in buffalo, the intrusion taking over with clear skies, it was warm yesterday but colder air has been noticed out back.
5:20 am
much going on, clear skies altogether, tomorrow morning a few clouds rolling into town but they will thicken up later in the day and wednesday into thursday we have clouds thickening up and showers come through, more on the latter half, but some wet weather takes a while to or arrived. sunny skies, 51 by 2:00 p.m. that is your high for the day, 56 for high with cloud increasing, a few storms, breezy on thursday, and the weekend looks nice and dry with highs in the upper 50s to low 60s. let's get you to ines, pretty early, hopefully it is still holding up. >> reporter: it right is, not a lot going on, some construction out there, some delays, 95 in connecticut as you pass the norwalk area, "star of the day" road walk slowing everyone down,
5:21 am
jersey, union, essex county, 280, let's show you the commute this morning. on the oneness in brooklyn by the prospect no problems eastbound westbound, george washington bridge if you are taking that this morning things are fine to upper lower level, same for the lincoln and holland tunnel, fdr drive construction out there, 96th street by 96, one lane closed so expect delays, traffic backed up to 70s, not a bad delay, a few extra milk minutes on the road, everything on or close to schedule. >> thank you very much, it is called the most extensive face transplant ever, it happened in new york, we have the best doctors here so not a big shock. it happened on 41-year-old patrick partisan, volunteer firefighters from mississippi, he lost most of the skin on his face. that is when he lost his skin,
5:22 am
was trapped in a 2001 blaze. he still went in, 150 doctors, and a 26 hour experimental surgery, from the top of his head over his skull, and for the first time in 14 years, on his scalp and face and will be opened his eyes. >> when our team took into macy's to feel close, no one scared at him. >> reporter: that person you are looking at is the donor, 26-year-old donor, an athlete and artist left brain dead after out accident in brooklyn. our incredible? >> before having a hard time, the emotional impact of that.
5:23 am
he is walking through stores, no one is staring at him. >> is helmets, his masked melted to his face the need jumped out of the window because it was so hot inside the building. >> say goodbye to mcdonald's allah many. will tell you what will embrace it. "good day" coming right back. it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master
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>> sony looking at reports that
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use playstation 4 to communicate with each other. we are dedicated to checking behavior, we urge users to report activities that are offensive, suspicious or illegal. and to take appropriate action. it into the two daily fantasy sports operations have been fact, the judge adjusted fan duel for a temporary restraining order to block the attorney-general from preventing them from operating in new york. the company's claim they have been wrongly characterized as illegal betting operations, the matter returns to court next week. >> mcdonald's is 86ing at one dollar many. in january the fast-food chain will launch the mcpick 2 menu letting customers take two of the following items for a $2 fee, the mcdouble, mcchicken, small flies and mozzarella sticks.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". >> if you thought there was a warming trend yesterday you thought wrong. temperatures will not be in the 60s, we are looking at a much cooler day, mike has the complete forecast. >> the french want airstrikes syria. attacks. >> a brutal attack in the bronx, police need your help getting the guys seen this video. >> long island rail road ride. they tell us this time and again
5:29 am
oftentimes when you go to different lirr stocks they look like a rough day. >> i will be on the island now. shape up there. good morning, i am teresa priolo in for ben, spending time with his new baby. >> 9 pound, congratulations to him. interesting we will talk about that. we will get those guys. good morning. how are you doing? >> meteorologist: doing very well. now an ordained minister. someone is doing for right thing. asking for the same thing. addition to the fox family.
5:30 am
think it is going -- what does it do again? >> meteorologist: do you think it is not going to snow? pour kid. good morning, let's show you what is going on as we get you going tuesday morning, 35 degrees in sussex, 42 central park, a lot cooler than it was yesterday, for some of us attended redrawing temperatures at central park, you have winds from each northeast at 5 to 15 miles per hour at times. breeze going on there too, back door cold front is here, high pressure building in, clear skies today, this is the next cold front, warm front, an area of low pressure making a mess in the nation's heartland but it will come this way taking two days to get here so for now you are fine, sunny and clear, high temperature 51 degrees, cloud increase, the rain is here by thursday, out of here early friday, weekend looks pretty good. still pretty early tuesday
5:31 am
sounds like things are pretty vocal. good week. you have problems here and there, a lot going on. 24 looking good if you're travelling westchester off of this happens the bridge no issues on the us on a tour of the thruway. let's take a look in your commute on the staten island expressway by bradley avenue east bound doing fine for the verrazzano bridge no problems on the west bound side as for the trains, metro-north long island railroad new jersey transit and pass trains running on or close to schedule. >> thanks very much, breaking news, russian officials saying this morning they do believe the jetliner to crash last month was brought down by homemade explosive device. this is from the security service, that bombing that killed all 220 people on board was in fact a terrorist act. isis claimed responsibility for the crash saying it was in retaliation for russia's attacks
5:32 am
against them and other groups in the syria. russian president vladimir putin vowed to hunt those responsible for the attack and says aerosol on isis should not only be continued but intensified. >> new overnight strength against isis in syria as harris warns about the attacks. >> france's interior minister said there were 120 raids taking place. liz dahlem joins us and here is the latest on this developing story. >> good morning, we're learning more about those raids and what they found, 20 to be blood arrested, dozens of weapons have been seized in those raids across france. two people arrested in belgium and charged in participating in a terrorist attack. the french president called on the u.s. and russia to join a global coalition to destroy the islamic state. this as airstrikes continued in syria. french fighter jets continued to drop bombs early tuesday in syria, the so-called capital of isis.
5:33 am
country is now at war. >> france is at war, the acts committed on friday night our acts of war. >> reporter: isis promising to fight back, this is a still image from the terrorist's most recent video. and a promise to attack washington d.c. next in any country taking part in syria near strikes. there is an international manhunt for the suspected attacks. the search also continues for the eight suspected terrorists, police raids in belgium turned suspects. news of one of the attackers coming through lirr 0 posing as ricky gee in october has the change. holland was to extend the state of emergency for another three months in order to change the constitution and revoke citizenship of convicted terrorists. >> translator: i want to put all the nation's region to
5:34 am
protecting our citizens, the nation's power, police, army, representative of the nation's to know the sense of duty circumstances call for the spirit and sacrifice. >> reporter: john kerry arrived in paris and promised the united states will continue to be an ally. >> we will do our duty side by side and we will prevail. >> reporter: the debate over how many syrian reviews should be allowed in should be intensified, half of the nation's calvinist, 27 to be exact don't want syria refugees in their state however the obama administration announced in september the tenth thousand syrians will be allowed entry has not changed. >> all the politicians speaking out on that. >> the nypd has a new counterterrorism unit that hit the streets for the first time yesterday. >> reporter: officers are trained to take immediate action and stop attackers dead in their tracks to stabilize of innocent
5:35 am
of these soft targets that were attacked in paris, lidia curanaj is talking about this at the barkley center which is considered a soft target and she has details. >> reporter: the barkley center is considered a soft target like we saw in paris when those cowardly terrorists specifically when toward targets like the restaurants, the concert hall, the stadium, that is what the brooklyn borough president eric adams wants terror drills to be performed here. meantime the nypd unveils a new counterterrorism squad that will deal with terror attacks. that terrorism squad about 100 officers were deployed yesterday, days after the attacks in france, the first wave of law nypd critical response command was the floyd, all of these officers volunteered to be part of this squad, specifically trained to deal with terror attacks, they will have special vehicles and
5:36 am
weapons as well as the latest technology so they can respond as quickly as possible to shooting locations, they have been training for months, it has never been more apparent, take a listen. >> that threat is growing and going in dangerous directions as the events in paris. >> these officers are being trained not to negotiate with hostage-takers because what we saw in paris, these terrorists want mass casualties. what these officers will do is take out the attacker as quickly as possible. this of the squad will be in addition to the thousands counterterrorism police officers already on the streets in new york city. that is the latest at a barkley center, lidia curanaj, back to you in the studio. >> the u.s. and france have an unexpected ally in the war on
5:37 am
a contentious relationship with a lot of people in a lot of countries have vowed on efforts to shut down the terrorist organization online. after the charlie hebdo attacks in january anonymous as they exposed social media accounts of 39,000 suspected isis members, 25,000 were shut down. that information needs to get to the right people. >> the enemy of my enemy is my friend. it is amnesty day for people who haven't paid a fine after getting a word for a minor offense in man and. john was 124 on a harlem your be forgiven. that will happen from 9:00 until 3:00, you can pay without having to pay the penalty. warrants like public consumption of alcohol, consumption of marijuana. if you don't pay, next time you are stopped by police you could be arrested.
5:38 am
all right. >> your wallet will be saved. >> police will be focusing on other things, very important. keep our city saved. >> meteorologist: we had a great day yesterday, great way to kick off the work week, warmer temperatures, kind of like going back to normal, back door cold front coming in here, we still have clear skies that didn't hurt in that regard we have a drop in temperatures out there as well as cooler air nosing in from the northeast so here's what we have today, mostly sunny skies, it will be cool with high temperature in the city getting to 51 degrees and most agree it tonight's, mostly clear and chilly, lows from 30, 33 to 43 and the next five days high of 51 today increasing clouds tomorrow but the rain fall yet, 56 wednesday, that is when rains coming through and a few rumbles of thunder as this moves by and then we will be done for a
5:39 am
little while, high temperatures sitting at the degrees on saturday and there will be sunshine, daily and hourly forecasts available on weather apps, download at the apple itunes store ines rosales. all look at whether there are backups happening out there. >> the commuters of to a good start, dutchess county no problems across the newburgh began bridge everything is fine, connecticut also looks good, watch out for delays southbound 95 exit 13, construction slowing things down, like, nassau county are ok into queens, there was an accident by springfield boulevard the delays are very minor around that. southern state parkway looks good, let's go to our cameras and the allied, no problems, fdr drive wrapped up construction, overnight construction going on.
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juliet: france launch a new wave of air strikes against isis striking the northern syrian city, the so-called capital of
5:43 am
international manhunt for the suspected mastermind behind person tax is still underway. split >> police need your help wanting the suspect in the brutal baseballer taken the bronx, it happened early sunday morning. one of the men hit the victim several times with a bat. if you have any information you are encouraged to call crime stopper that 800-577-tips. >> of% of customers reported being satisfied overall with the long island rail road the man down from 84% last year, that is a decent number according to news they. it published the lirr's annual customer's satisfaction survey but the satisfaction of the 84%. overall pretty good. folks happy with the situation. >> reporter: well, you know. year isn't actually a word.
5:44 am
it is imogee. really? oxford dictionary wrote that it was the chosen as the world's most reflected -- what did it say? basically it is the word that most complete the and bodies our -- >> we have our teleprompter running. oh boy. >> reflects the ethos, moods and preoccupation, try to make something of. other when you probably use a lot. lumbered -- >> limber sexual? >> like a hot guy who wears a plaid shirts. never heard that word in my life. and sleek like your eyebrows, only time i ever used that. it means un point. like they're perfect. >> what is wrong with that?
5:45 am
>> that was probably the word of the year long time ago. that is old school. >> like those abercrombie and fitch models that where the plaid shirts, kind of undress. they would be -- >> i like metro sexual. >> let's go to do. >> sportssexual. duke: i will just do sports. there is not going to be a come back this season for the giants's accrues. he is officially out for the rest of the year. this is of news. i know how hard he has worked on the off-season, prior to training camp. he really put in a lot of work, sidelined for 13 months, early in the 2014 campaign, recently that muscle in his calf, saturday it heat for the calf in surgery, yesterday made the
5:46 am
announcement is season is over. >> tough thing to go through emotionally, physically but i know god has a plan for me. i know i have to read full my brain and body to get back to 100%. >> reporter: giants have a tough decision, keith cruise or trade him, he missed two years out of five years, $43 million contract, almost a million dollars. monday night highlights, hopkins jumps over the defender and grabs the ball with his left hand, both in down from a touchdown but that puts texas on top of the bengals and game on the line, fourth and 6 for the bengals, and the dolphin hit a green, punching the ball loose, sections going to be the bagels and-6, their first loss of the season did remember the jets played the texans in houston, a big game for the jets, a huge
5:47 am
college basketball, st. john's beat 75-53, chris mullin now 2-0, in the nba knicks at home tonight against charlotte, the nets at home in atlanta. hockey the islanders at home and just before the game of moment of silence, the victims of the paris attacks, in the third period against arizona, black nelson gets a tip in and scores his sixth of the season, mormonism 2-0. the puck goes into the next one, second of the game, islanders take down the coyote spot, 5-2, no over until it is over for yogi berra. the yankee legend has been tagged to receive the presidential medal of freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor. yankees issued a statement saying the honor is a fitting tribute to a man who represented baseball with an equal dignity and humor, his granddaughter lindsay said it is bittersweet because it would have been nice
5:48 am
to receive the honor when he was still alive. he died in september, he was 90 years old. with the maze broke in with the new york giants ending history with the new york mets will also receive the presidential medal of freedom. i know lindsay got a petition going last year when he was alive, it would have been nice. >> what is happening now? that is good. it means looking good, not on point, a sleek is on fly, looking good. interesting. thanks. >> i don't use them. >> that is not imogee. let's get over to mike. >> meteorologist: there is one first league. i will show you. i think it is all of the above. you know what i mean.
5:49 am
bottom line your forecast for the day-to-day, clear skies coming to you here, chilly morning temperature around 42 which is where we are now, they will come back up as you step out to the bus stop but that is it, you got to put on an extra layer because it is cool and breezy, 43 newark right now, 35 in sussex, bridgeport 39, most spot monticello freezing this morning but a backdoor cold front clear skies out nicely but it also drops temperatures down a bit, yesterday and we made it to 70 in the city but not today, today we are into the upper 40s to low 50s, this messy weather will eventually come to as in the tristate but it takes me 2 days to get here said don't worry about rain, a high of 51 today, 56 tomorrow corinnes thursday into friday, done for the weekend and into a ravine next week. let's bring in ines rosales and
5:50 am
see what is going on tuesday morning. sounds not so bad. >> not a lot going on. new jersey no problems on the parkway crossing the driscoll's bridge, fine on the turnpike as far as your commute in putnam county things are good, no issues 3 yorktown heights, things fine and 84, 684. let's take a look at your commute this morning on a bronx parkway, 230 third street, southbound side if you're coming from the cross county parkway across bronx you are fine, no issues north on, lincoln tunnel in bound, normal delays in down, 10 minute wait heading into the city but you can see a little slower around the legs toward the toll plaza, holland, george every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds.
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>> anna gilligan is here, this is big news. anna: not really at shock. there have been blind items circulating for ay l.a. now it looks like all the reports point to actor charlie sheen is going to reveal today that he is hiv-positive. this is what we expect him to announce. sources telling dmz the former 2-1/2 men star has no he was hiv-positive for more than two years, he was apparently taking
5:53 am
tests of time, claims the disease became, quote, undetectable in the system. these reports are what tnt is saying. team is expected to speak to nbc news about it today, he has been divorced three times, there are sources close to denise richards is that she and the kids have not contracted the disease, sheen has struggled with substance abuse and recently ended his engagement with adult films are last year. at very different news, denzel washington has and tab for it up analogue awarded the golden globes the which honors a person who has made a substantial impact on the entertainment industry in washington, certainly made an impact, two golden globes, two academy awards, tenney and the granny, he is an emmy award away from hollywood's coveted status, other recent recipients include george clooney and jodie foster. actress jennifer lawrence is doing everything right for the
5:54 am
second year in a row. she talked vultures list of most valuable stars. they cite her big studio box office record, her ability to be everyone's best friend and how she does on social media. she has been named highest-paid actors in the world according to forbes magazine making an estimated $51 million last year. her latest film by hungarians, mocking j part ii permit in los angeles last night. adam sandler's hanukkah classic getting an update for the fourth time. >> in time for the festival of light sandler has once again updated the lyrics to beat hanukkah song. perform the new version in carnegie hall saturday. the video event is said to be removed from use of the to but he transcribed some of the new
5:55 am
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