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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  November 17, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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two stadiums in germany evacuated by bomb threats. another look in paris friday. one tef stadiums supposed to host a concert, the other a soccer match. angela merkel supposed to attend in a shove bravery and solidarity. steve: all right f. the eiffel to you we're was closed witness again to visitors 24 hours after it reopened. the decision made after concerns. the hunt behind the continueed. sharon crowley here with new information. sharon? reporter: that is right. an international manhunt is now on for two fugitives believed to be directly involved. now the second terrorist
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has not been named yet. we are also learning that some of the attackers were known to american intelligence. almost all of them have been identified or on the u.s. no-fly list. a once outside of the sidewalk cafe in paris took video of three terrorists before the attacks. french police are now pouring over it. the video reportedly shows twos dunnman dressed in black with automatic weapons, calmly firing into the restaurant friday then slowly walking back to waiting car and driver. this new information is ed leading there is no believe a second unnamedded terrorist is on the loose. an international manhunt underwar for 3:00 salah. p cos are flashing him in belgium anger many. in an effort to find him. french police executed
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128 raids overnight, nearly 300 since sunday. french suspect francois holland did he called it coward. >> they wanted to weaken to welcome the world the doorsteps to dy pin shall the pride we have to be a conly that exchanges with all colliculi tures. reporter: france ramped up the military campaign in syria and iraq. ten fighter jets are carrying out new airstrikes on syria tonight. president hollande met today with john kerry. a the level of cooperation could not be higher sh. we have a you agreed even to exchange more information and i am convinced that you over the course of the next week, we will feel even greater appreciate sure. reporter: the city still mourning more than 100 people killed in these attacks. and president obama will meet with french president next week in between. the white house says they will consult and cord mate.
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one more thing to add to the story. u.s. marine corpses have sent additional quads to the u.s. embassy in paris to pollster see core try there. dari, steve. steve:ng make sense, all right. thank you sharon. improve seeing core ty systems in france. all 28 members say it is ready to provide full support and readiness for whatever assistance france needs includes taking part fin airstrikes against isis in syria and iraq. dari: the brother of the two two of the terror suspects is speaking out. he didn't know that they joined isis. also de to fox 5's linda schmidt in the newsroom with more on the messaging that has for his brother still on the run. reporter: that is right. dari, hes the older brother of abdeslam. the last time he saw the brothers was week ago. he sayest this both left without saying good-bye. you now he is urging the brother salah to turn ups in.
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if. >> translator: i will would tell him to surrender fresh has something to do with it, he must face his responsibility. reporter: mohamed abdesla mist appealing with his brother. mohamed says he, his mother with shall and family, haded to idea that his brothers were plan the hor riff aric attack in paris. >> translator: even if you saw them, their behavior wassite formal. reporter: the eldest brother says they lived in the same home in belgiumle with their mother. the only bee naifier change is that sala h stopped drink alcohol and frequented the mosque. >> when you have a son drink, it doesn't mean he will come mate terrorist attack. reporter: knowing the were two of the isis terrorists, momoh home med reflect on vacations the brothers took turkey.
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there trip to turkey, well, this may be why they went there. maybe he had contacts hrk can i. reporter: mohamed said his brother may have been radicalized on the internet. how do two bothers live abe housewell with family and appear normal while being radicalized by isis and planning the most heinous attack in modern history. >> you know, they rely, they have affection for the family. they don't see what is staring them in the eye. reporter: the doctor is a forensic psychologist, he says families and close friends have epositional investment which leads them to justified behavior. >> if those with guys were bank alcohol, they were going to the mosque, this may be a course source of pride or pleasure for the family to say, hook, they are straightening movement if you were on
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you may say, does it sig neal move toward something different? reporter: all right, now mohamed abdeslam say they do not admire the broth verse dome. are completely in shock. steve, back upare stairs to you. screw thank you, linda. the white house in a conference call with the nation's governors tonight after 25 said they would block syrian refugees from settling in their states. them. they are worried terrorist could sneak in but governor cuomo plans to welcome the refugees to new york. >> america says close the gates, mr. the wall, then, i say take down liberty, because you place. steve: new house speaker paul paul rye called for a pause. but the aclu and other groups say it would violate for governor to bar entire group of refugees from entering the u.s. dari: well, its official. terrorists brought done
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they say the traces of an explosive were discovered on pieces of the plane and also on passenger's belongs. isis claimedded response k were the beginning of the crash. russian president putin is vowing to find those responsible for killing all 224 people onboard. steve: a woman from poland fashion charges for acting out and a british airways flight to london to pos ton t. she was drunk when she tried to open the exit door in the middle of the flight. the crew youmembers jumped into action to retrain her. police were waiting went the flight it the ground. they do not believe was any link to terrorism. dari: back here at home, we have developing news out of bed-stuy, rook lynn, police searching for a suspect who shot two men walk mooing the subway station this happened earlier tonight. miss say a 27-year-old man is in critical condition. a 45-year-old man has serious but nonlife-threatening injuries. the trains are bypassing the subway station, tonight, while the police are conducting their investigation.
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steve: all right, pretty frightening moments in garfield, new jersey. am out-of-control suv plug mood the water. over midland avenue late this afternoon. once pulled this the male driver to safety. he was treated for minor injuries. at this point why he lost control in the first mace remains unclear. dari: bobby jindal the louisiana for is out tef dop race for president. jindal told fox news tonight, doing with is not my time. "hes are said that is not ready to endorse another candidate. support the eventual republican nominee. 14 candidating are still in. alright. the worst kept secret. today, charlie sheen went public the hi diagnosis. as dan bowen tells us, the actor's confession come cans with a lot of fallout. were are report vie a responsibility now beter myself and to help a lot of other people.
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reporter: 50-year-old actor was dying notioned four years ago but doesn't know how he conbe tract thet virus. he insists he did not knowingly transfer it to others. >> impossible. reporter: at least one former girl friend known as one of sheen's live-in goddess not vale the hiv positive diagnosis hern the spring of 2011. downplaying the claim saying the two were together before he was diagnosed. >> if he knew, he haded sex with someone, that person contracted hiv or quite frankly any other disease, he would be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by big fine. reporter: when magic johnson announced he contracted hiv in the early 1990's. thought of as death sentence. now a regiment of medication covered by most insurance iced to treat patients. we have a toast this could affect the hiv. year ago, we didn't have those medication bry available. we could not effective
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ofly treat hiv nearly as well. reporter: dr. david rones that is the medical director for the center for pediatric hiv at north shore lij. he says the age group is seeing that biggest increases of positive hiv case is teen 13 and 204 and trying to see the positives of the public admission. >> him talking about it on the news immediate ya is something that helps wing about digs. i thinking that is important for us to learn what we can and figure out to we can treat ourselves if we are hiv positive. report dan bouwens, "fox 5 news." dari: fanduel has suspend the access to fork players. the judge to block new york attorney general's effort to ban play in new york state. this the office filed an injunction asking the judge to immediately stop draft kings and fanduel from doing with us nes in the state. he says the companies operate on license of chance that constitute
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our state law. yao all right. attention. dari: sounds too good to be true. the new fda approved fat zapping laser. we will show you how it works. >> spoiler alert. steve: i don't know. fans cannot wait for the new star wars fill. some are questioning whether we're beginning to learnp too much from these new trailers. dari: oh, that excruciate feeling in in the middle of the night is the worse when you step on lego. explain why it hurts so bad. it is so annoying and
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you see this look on my face? sfx: growling so i'm gonna have a snack to make me feel better and once i do you will see contentment blossom across my face. see, now i feel better. make your tummy happy mmm
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zoo is new high-tech tool. >> all right. sign me up. a fat-busting layser that promises a flatter stomach. fox 5's sharon crawley shows us how you it to works.
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we're dealing now is marking the area where the fat is. reporter: like many of us, lisa miller wants a flatter stomach. >> this is typical fat post baby report are report the new jersey mother two of no matter how hard she tries, she cannot get rid of the extra inches around her belly. >> sometimes there is one area that you cannot spot reduce. what we are going to do is create the entire area here. >> dr. mitchell is the met call director of at the reflection center for skin and body in livington, new jersey. he plans to help lisa get the body she once aing laser technology. the lasers able to bypass the surface of the skin and reach any target that we want. here the target we are reaching is fat. >> reporter: he is using a fat burning machine called scum sure to prove for use by the fda. pit us noninvasive. you can keep most of the clothes on and you are awake the wol time. the doctor uses lasers to literally melt the
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fat away. >> what the laser is digs heating the fat and cells. then the body over a period of about stock 12 weeks removes the unwanted fat. >> i ages exited. >> this whole thing will take 25 minutes. >> waves of heat and then just the point with where i can really feel it, it starts to cool. >> right now, the fda has only approved using this machine on certain areas of the body. the abdomen and the love handles but clinical trials are underway for other areas of the pod day this could be available ten future. >> sculptures actually removing the fat cells so not removing fluid or fat from the fat cells but we are permanently remove teg fat cell and the fat cells do not come back. >> the doctor says this works best for someone who has hill ut about of weight to lose not for the more pidly oh piece. he says the opinion will not work to significantly tight continue loose skin and it is not cheap.
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each laser treatment cost between $1 to you and $1500-and not covered by insurance. one more thing, results are not instant. it takes between six and twelve weeks to see the difference. a kang lisa willing to >> looking for toward the next 12 weeks and watching the belly fat melt away where were report since we talked we wanted to fee she has seen any progress and herself. you be the judge. jersey. sharon crowley, "fox 5 news." >> she me the version. it does look promising. dari: different yore. you look thenar. >> yeah. sorry about that. i between believe it? sky me, too. >> le with, at least there what is they say. not telling you to do this. it turns out drink up to five caps day could help you live longer. scientist at harvard school of public health says kite lower the risk of heart disease, parkinson's and type two diet tess.
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the risk of suicide. it unt did mat ert the coffee has caffeine. there is something thing beans but as usual, pore search is needed. >> love it it, though. good. heresy's joining the movement to kiss natural flavors good-bye making the kiss and chocolate bars a little bit healthier by going natural. only natural ingredients will be used like va nil lan could butter. t are being shipped to stores as we speak. they are joining others in a move to paque food. dari: mcdone ailed getting rid $1 menu. it starts in january. you will be able to choose any two mcdoubles, mcchings, small fries for $2. the fast-food chains trying toking if boost the slump in sales but one of the biggest problems has been the constant change confusing menus. you don't recognize it. steve: trying to funneled the right thing again. dozens of lucky kids in new jersey get a speak
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macy's thanksgiving day parade. six floats will make debut next week including big city cheer by spirit of america and are reports for k fk, ocean spray, build a bear and the doghouse t.17 cracker balloons will be a part of the parade. dari: mcdonald's has two boards, old school. >> right. right. sky want the old school stuff. for star war fans. the count joins on a month for the force awakens. >> that is right. a bunch of trailers released. take it. dari: all right. some say enough is enough railroaded. tmi. jennifer lahmers went out to find out why. 2:00. >> the story about what happened. p. force the star wars move will have be up with us it hits theater stems ber 1p. in the days leading up to up the release of "star wars" this he fans cannot get enough. the plogs are buzzing. there is a new trailer out every week, but how
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much is too much. >> i do mission the days where like things were secret, you snow no spoilers. reporter: official star are wars trailer has well over 61 million hits on youtube. most of us have seen that one already but since then, more have come out. there are now at least three trailers director c.j. app abrams promised that would be it. >> where do you comele from? >> i don't know. reporter:ten came this japanese version of 30 second tv spot with new scenes followed by a 60 second spot and a lego version now. that is not to mention the ad shot by verizon and the countless low quality trailer proposeduced by fans. it has some saying maybe we're giving far are, far too much away. 3:00. >> pasley chy, you know, ancient movie. people get the idea of the movie but i think, it likes you don't want to ru wint complete ry, you know, you want to wait little to see how the movies going to be. reporter: well, it may
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be too much for some. for others, the stream of tasers gets them that much more excited for the sold-out premier. >> a lot of people, think think, want clarity. i think the people who are behind star wars want to make sure the fans understand the new star war is. >> to you shall it is like it builds the anticipation. >> yes, yes. >> yes. >> losing my head waiting for the day for the move stroy am coout. >> in times square, jennifer lahmers, "fox 5 news." steve: all right. timeline. not too much information. they don't with want to be too precious. >> all right. a show dedicated in honoring the best deejays in the world. dari: behind the scenes with the global spin award. >> ready. outlet shopping is not just for the bus. too two major retailers bring big discounts here to manhattan. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things.
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(vo) you'd make a way better rich person. lotto. making more new yorkers rich than any other game. steve: empire taking over the cover of tv guide magazine. it will feature some of the most powerful people in television. that issue has look ahead as we hold to the explosive finale. catch empire right here on fox 5 tomorrow. dari: yeah. well, tonight, the deejays in the world have converged on new york city. jeep that is right. hear for the grobbal spun awards monitoring the best inp hip-hop, edm and others. zachary caught up with the host. reporter: the gate keepers, the in withs
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that keep the party jumping all night long, the global spun awards and we'll guff inside access. the red carpets the final preparation behind the stage and those with a little skin in the game. >> you got the inside scoop. what can people expect? >> i mean, they can expect pure greatness, you know? a lot of surprises. >> i caught up with the host in the green room before the show. >> just imagine having this job being able to control the crowd, people going through hard times, people, you know, sad, and they, they look to the deejay for those spirits are in that moment when they are with us. reporter: the playstation theater in times square played host to the curators of culture both gleamed some fresh faces. the show the grabbal spn awards is unique baits is a show dedicated to shows deliver? >> every award show 3:00 3:00 that exists when they within award, they never thank the deejay. the thank god and their fam i and the record
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label but never thank the person and the people who actually played a order so they can heard. >> about time you start getting recognition in the game for everything you have done, right? i think classic music is making a coming back and well deaferred. we put in a lot of work and we still got a lot more 2:00 you know to show the young brothers. >> deejays and producers from all regions and gen race a craft one that is finally getting thep respect rite deserves. swit says it is bigger than the grammies, it is another folks that gave you that feet dance to, drive home to, rebound from. the sound track for life. >> started off as deyeah. a i still am a deyeah. in my heart i am a he doo dee yeah. reporter: "fox 5 news." >> all right. a cyber war being waged. dari: how the hacker group unanimous is working to take tem down. >> a powerful way a french father comforts
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dari: the hacker are group declares cyber war on terrorist they are going after twitter accounts in what is being called operation isis. anonymous is claiming the have already taken down thousands of terrorist twitter accounts. >> isis obviously seems under toed releasing a
10:28 pm
message of its owns calling the hackers idiots. here is arthur chi'en. reporter: the claip itself is intriguing. it is a tricky claim to to verify. it is not like we can call isis. tonight we take a careful look beginning with the video started it all. >> we are tracking down the members of the terrorist group. we will not give up. we will not give up. we'll do all fessary. reporter: posted after the terrorist takes. the hacker group makes the news promising to use the attacks to attack that has become valuable to isis. this a day later shall noer version comes in bearing the same threat. >> yeah. [speaking in native tongue. [. reporter: generally translated as expect massive cyber takes. wares declared. now days later. news is spreading that hun linked to isis were published and that twitter has suspended a number of those accounts. while this is going on.
10:29 pm
some high profile activist including the jester cast dut on the crames but an account believed to be associated with isis on the platform called telegram instructs followers change the ip addresses amongst other steps to take. the cyber expert says only time will tell if this threat is real buy is hopeful. >> the nature of the beasts of afmous is you are not going to sort through who is actually providing this information andp verification is going to be very difficult to say the least. like it or not, are more, they have better tools than our government. this is modern war pair. there is nobody better to lead this charge than unanimous. >> time will fell this is, in pack, real. if it is, it represents escalation the beginning when they made threats after they had to attack according to a report published in for are reason affairs? 14 isis web sites dismanleled as a result this.
10:30 pm
arthur chi'en took news. jot all right. local puss limb leaders are coming together to adenounce the violence that is distort their thrive faith. it is lambic leaders gather at rutgers university this afternoon. rom meant us in limb and organization heads clarified their pegs on isis. >> islam is the religion of the peace not what the other people try to hijack islam and do something and the name of islam. steve: all right. the i man says he has chose ton open the doors to all media, law enforcement and anyone else who wants to see what islam is all about. dari: all right. on that note. we should let you know air france plane that was headed from to france has been diverted to salt lake city because of some sort of security issue. throws details that we know now. as soup as we get more. we'll get it tour. once gain, air france plane diverted to salt lake say that was leaving l.a. and headed to perhaps. more on that, meantime, a little poi in france
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gave a tearjerker interview to a report he were in the wake of the attack. take look. 3:00. [speaking in native tongue] dari: how sweet is that? at the of the interview, the were arer asks if the boys feeling better. he says yeah. steve: all right. time for on brand and off brand the daily look at which people are living up or down to our expectation. the ahe ledged long
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island heroin dealer who supported al capone tattoo on the back and a vanity license plate that reads "the bad guy "brian now behind bars being held without bail. off brand. the if pill fin its first month on the market doctors only where it are in 227 scripts compared to half million scrips during viagra's first month in 1998. on brand. the upcoming hbo collaboration the record biz in the 1970's two new trailers make this every bit as good as you would expect. you have to wait bit, though, until it comes out. date buse mid-february on hbo but going to be incredible. dari: hopefully. sounds good. well, parents with little kids snow the pain of stepping on lego. steve: yeah. peg, in there middle of the night. if you to mack you scream.
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reason behind where it hurts. dari: and speaking of luxury life. long island mansion jay low and mark anthony once lived in is up for sale. we'll gave tour. steve: check out the fox 5ny weather ap. we got the upper 60's today. much cooler. you never know what is coming our way. live interactive radar. you get headlines and alerts download the app and it fries. just search fox 5nc weather on the itunes store or goog mail. catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte
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dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. >> reporter: you may have a little less cash this month because consumer prices rising in october after two straight mons in decline. a spike in rent and medical expenses. keeping up at night. you are not alone. according to new survey here than one in three americans say staying current or getting caught up on on the this is about highest financial priority. meanwhile, hopefully signs of the housing market the percentage of of american foreclosure is now at the lowest point ten years. and nearly 47 million americans planning to travel over thanksgiving that is up from last
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year. and the most we have seen since 2007. get. nine in ten travelers plan to take advantage of the low gas price and the drive to their destinations. they travel. that is business, with i am neil cavuto. >> changes to a state food subsidy program for low-income moms could put bow deg gas then city at risk of closing. stores in any zip code would be able to accept the women, infant's children program. if the sales succeed more than $5 pal year. many owners say that the change to wic favors big supermarkets over small business this. the state health department says having fewer shops par are dissipate in the program would improve oversight of that program. >> jort there pan hat tan them to the priciest departmenter on the world. but more and more designer discount can scores are popping up. bloomingdale is opening this saturday and the upper west side.
10:37 pm
action fifth avenue is opening three-lef level are in midtown next spring. shoppers prefer designer labels sat discount prices. >> it is awesome because so many ung thises to find. alofter variety. >> i am a student. that is in my priority. >> all right. retail experts say outlet stores are more pealing to ma hillians. the long island mansion once shared by jaylow and mark anthony is up for sale. fox 5 got sneak peak. in brookville. it has ten bedrooms, eight path rooms where ash guesthouse on eight acres has movie theater, recording studio, are a mark and hon hi recorded some of his plat fom albums. >> amazing piece of property. whoever bir israel with tell them stories that they never eeven thought were they could ever hear. dari: yes. all right. the price tagging $9 million. that is the can. relative steal
10:38 pm
considering it was listed for $12 million. all right. lego helping parent was new slipper to avoid the pain of stoning the tiny plast bic bricks. dari: why does it hurt so much? why is it annoying? there is a see you drivennic reason for that. we'll tell you. look at this rel prick the past. see how stumped kids get when confronted with a walkman. it's the final countdown! the final countdown!
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steve: okay. most parents can relate to the pain of stepping on one of their kids' le goes. dari: why does something so small hurt so much? matt king gets to the bottom of it. reporter: 792 piece, 1005 piece, 1329 petes, it doesn't take many lego sets before one has thousands of legos scattered about their home. some of those lego until we find them with our feet. >> in the middle of the night when nephew heft them out on the floor. >> getting out of of bed, brush your teeth. >> ah. my god. these hurt.
10:42 pm
reporter: slightly colored dimplele little plastic land mines forgotten shadows of the places we live neath the lumbering soles of physician. >> i stepped on a few legos. the smaller they are, the more painful they are baits more pounds per square inch. >> the foot surgeon knows the wrath of a stray brick. he has treated many limbing le go par and attributes the pain one feels to the size and the density. >> the foot has a tremendous amount of another endings be in. and it is prohe techtive mechanism when you do step on things you don't stay on them for too long. >> walk on one of these creates a force of impact twice one's body weight. so lego piece compresses so every brick lice in weight guaranteeing the full fury of corner and angle. >> the willed ending. it is painful. lowing go partner to create a lego-proof
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slipper increasingly necessary level of defense. nearly 46 billion bricks it sold in 2012 doo circle the plan lan get more than 18 times leaving sliplessless vick thins wake. it is awful. >> i midtown, matt king, fox a moose. >> all right. am update now on the breaking news. to planes, one heading from washington to france. one heading from france to to l.a. were both land. they both downed safely. they were diverted. diverted to halifax, nova scotia. as steve said, they land safely. ing everything is okay. they are check ut out. >> that is a loft concern. that is to be expected. all right. the weather now. nick hires. wall difference. we were pushing 7.
10:44 pm
not today. >> struggling to stay around 50. we pecks that. that is today. it should feel hike this time of year. tomorrow. more clouds whip be coming in. then we have rain hen forecast for thursday. of course, we still need rain to catch up you our rainfall deficit for the year. today, 52 and 40. you see that again. it is average. 71 and 19 now. 119 record low degrees for today. so yes. heading into that season 6 clo in 46 sunrise down at 4:36 now t. the clouds take over after too. 45 now humidity still dry. wind is calm or light out of the east. look that pressure strong but starting to fall off now. 30.56 and that is high pressure now starting to move away from eastern dan and eventually allow a cold front to come in here from the west on thursday. look at fox 5. nothing to concern ourselves with tonight. so let's look at temperatures again. high force the day in the lower 50's. le from the city the fort ward. 46 mon i cycle low.
10:45 pm
in the, we had about 50 across long island to 48. all right down the 30's now. even 28 in sussex. wow, that dropped quickly in the last hour. 30 poughkeepsie. 35 bridgeport. 45 hin city. a wide range in temperatures. mid to high deck of clouds in parts of your. our temperature flange yesterday is 10 to 15 degrees down so feeling more like november today versus yesterday. all right. the light east wind will stay tonight eventually am abouting south oar early tomorrow. the thing northeast in the 30's. albany, 30 now. still high 50's as you get pittsburgh. you see how you that cool air moved in then stopped about here. and it will start to come back northward. the mild air that is. it that will be as we head to thursday. all right. more clouds will come in as the night goes along. again, it slides toest that here s. that will become south railroad eye as we head to tomorrow. then this storm lizard conditions in colorado and in kansas and ahead of it. strong thunderstorms and some severe weather going on.
10:46 pm
we'll see some heavier downpours here thursday afternoon and maybe even some localize flooding from that. 40's pacific northwest tomorrow down to denver. 70's along the gulf coast. nik the mid 508's here tomorrow. whatever sun you will find in the morning. 40's at that point. 52 hunch table. 56 in the afternoon. future cast shows a little drizzle may pop up later on in the day tomorrow night. then clouds with rain on thursday. some of that ran again heavy at times. the thunderstorm. then women's see improvement from the end of the beck and turn cool the weekend. some chouds tonight. chilly. ad upper 20's. 43 in town. toll, a little sun in the morning. lots of clouds. and our temperatures stops at 56. here this is 7 day thursday. a gusty breezes, though, heave in there afternoon night. good look days. sunday, colder. 48. breezy. could be a hill rain saturday into sunday morning. then, we stay in the's monday and tuesday.
10:47 pm
maybe a little milder. all right. see the trend. we are getting more. >> yeah. >> staying there. >> got cha. >> all right. >> so funny. >> like in a paining. yeah. >> what is normal. >> yeah. >> i know. >> exactly. >> sports ix next. reporter: i am i nes rosales the toyota traffic tracker. 21 northbound heading toward river drive. the right lane closed tomorrow and thursday from 7:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. tune in to good day new york
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reporter: all right. how are you are you doing, everyone we start off by going way across the pond over to london for international friendly soccer match. france, england, in historic wembley stadium. with the duke cambridge, prince will women are being flag bid england's manager and france's head coach, lay plow wincer trib fut the 129 who lost their lives last fray day in paris. you it was to be no normal soccer match. onlyp 1,000 fans in
10:49 pm
attendance at wembley stadium today along with the players from both sides felt the same way as they sang in unison the french national anthem. >> as for the soccer match itself, it was obviously were the get go that the french players had other thicks understandly so on their minds. in the end, england would prevail by final score of 2-null. this was normal soccer match. when it was over. it withs a job well done by all parties involveed on the field, and in the stands. >> will tell you that is
10:50 pm
in base wall, business. manager tef year awards. announced did the. the texas rangers gets it in the american league while in the national legal. chicago cubs can joe maddon was the winner. mets' skipper finishing third. meanwhile, in other baseball business. david ortiz the greatest designated hitter of all time is going to retire after the 2016 season. the big boss and red sox slugger will make official announcement tomorrow on what will be the0th birthday of the 503 home reasons. 47 of them came and of course big bobby has helped the red sox win not one but three world series titles. on the hard today, good night for the lowle call boys. the they are beating the hornets at the garden. the rack can i 29 points and 11 rebounds while over at barclay sip ter. they got past the hacks 9 0-88 that that is it for sport. thank you, russ.
10:51 pm
>> well, aim laughing because of this. do you remember. all right. for the younger people throughout. 80's equivalent of ipad. you had to have one t. the center of your life when mom pulled her out. it totally stumped the technologicallied a scraped kids can. here is the proof. >> can i try? okay. >> it takes the boys a mall of minute and a half get the tape into the walk pan the right which and a big round of applause. the video posted in ses ter has gained more than 175,000 views and quickly technologyng chas. dari: like the grand father radio. >> listen to the ball game. >> that a is the thing. >> that was what i did. i fell asleep. >> yeah. >> the ear plugs. >> yeah. >> yeah. all the time. >> id that two of them. i had the regular one then the yellow one.
10:52 pm
>> of course. >> way. >> a little special seal when you closed it. >> you know what other people do. >> right. right. for sure. >> i had one of those, too. >> right. >> correct plu wid. right. >> are correct. all right. a yeah. >> all right.
10:53 pm
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