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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  November 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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watch as people rush to hide as shots are fired into the cafe. the life of one customer is spared when a gunman's weapon jams. >> and new tonight, the french prime minister is warning isis could arm itself about biological and chemical weapons in future terror attacks on europe. the president talked with president obama today by phone. they will meet at the white house next week. steve: thank you, sharon. it was an emotional reunion for an american exchange student studying in france days after the deadly attacks. he was back in california. he was at the soccer stadium when three suicide bombers detonated themselves. he was going to stay and finish the semester, but a weekend of talking with his family convinced him the move was to come home. >> it was just me hearing her cry and hearing my family
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it definitely influenced me the most steve: he vows to return to finish the program. dari: the top cop says new york city is very well prepared. steve: that's right. commissioner bratton says the counterterrorism offices have been on the offensive long paris. linda schmidt is live at one world trade center with more on how police are securing the city. >> reporter: that's right. good evening to both of you. we were at a symposium today where commissioner bratton was talking about the video isis released yesterday. all it does is spread fear, he says, and it's the oxygen that isis and terrorism needs in order to survive. however, he says new yorkers should not live in fear as the holidays approach. >> for our purposes, there's nothing specific in that video that's raising additional concern on our part at this juncture. >> reporter: police commissioner bratton once again saying the propaganda video released by isis is nothing new and no
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it first surfaced back in april. the video includes pictures of what isis wants us to believe is a bomber zipping up his jacket over a suicide belt and a couple of pictures of times square, leaving the impression of an impending attack on new york city. >> some of the video appears in other videos that have been released at an earlier time. the new york reference was 19 seconds out of 5-1/2 minutes with no specific language about new york. >> there is no credible and specific threat against new york city. we have the strongest and best police department in the country, the best intelligence capacity of any police force in the country in terms of detecting and preventing terrorism. you can tell 14 years of success since 9/11. >> reporter: the video coupled with the terrorist attacks in paris has some new yorkers on edge. the macy's day parade is next
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week. a massive influx of tourists for christmas and new year's eve will be in times square. commissioner bratton wants the public to feel safe and know the nypd is doing everything it can to prevent attacks here. out of an abundance of caution, the department has deployed additional members of its new antiterrorism unit. >> we are already heavily engaged all the time in providing security. >> reporter: also tonight, the commissioner reiterated what he has said many times. the public here plays a major role. we all have to pay attention. we have to be vigilant. if you see something that looks odd or somebody leaves luggage or a pocketbook and it doesn't make sense, don't hesitate. call police. that's the latest from here. back to both of you in the studio. dari: all right. thank you. democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders outlined steps today to combat isis.
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state has vowed to keep ground troops, well, out of syria, she said that america must lead the effort to fight that terror group. >> we still must be prepared to go after terrorists wherever they plot using all the tools at our disposal. that includes targeted strikes by u.s. military aircraft and drones with proper safeguards when there aren't any other viable options to deal with continuing imminent threats. >> our response must begin with an understanding of past mistakes and missteps in our previous approaches to foreign policy. it begins with the acknowledgment that unilateral military action should be a last resort, not a first resort. dari: meanwhile, he stressed that muslim nations should commit to fighting isis together
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regardless of religious and idealogical differences. the pair of candidates paid a visit to fox news channel. donald trump was with sean hannity while ben carson chatted it up with bill o'reilly. both were asked how they would handle the growing terror threat from isis. >> i'd get everybody together. that includes russia. i've been right about that. now all of a sudden putin is going wild with bombing isis. that's a good thing. not a bad thing. who needs to take the credit. let him have some credit. i would get everybody together them. they wouldn't be there long. i would blast the hell out of them. >> the french have already started bombing the oilfields. but i say you have to either destroy the oilfields or you have to take them. and we can utilize the kurds, who are already in that area, particularly in eastern syria, as well as our special ops people. dari: the latest poll in new
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leading all gop candidates with 27 percent of the vote. ben carson finished fourth with 9th percent. steve: the house placed a temporary roadblock in front of refugees hoping to settle in the u.s. the political fight is far from over. dari: dan bowens explains the scrutiny they may be subjected to. >> reporter: the bipartisan legislation will require fbi background checks for each and every refugee before they can be admitted, essentially slowing the syrian refugee program to a halt. >> if our law enforcement and intelligence community cannot verify that each and every person coming here is not a security threat, they shouldn't be allowed in. >> reporter: the move comes after 31 governors threatened to refuse syrianefugees into their states. >> if in doubt at all, we have to say no to that. we have to say hold back. >> the dilemma of the syrian immigratn issue, particularly in a country that is built on
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of immigrants that are in our city currently. >> reporter: calling the u.s. a nation of immigrants, new york police commissioner bill bratton acknowledging the difficulty of screening pele from countries like syria, but says the swift congressional reaction in light of the terror attacks may be misguided. >> there is potential risk from anybody we're letting in from anre. what congress is demanding, there is no absolute guarantee. life doesn't work that way. >> reporter: the vote is the most signifi sign of grong opposition to the obama administration's plan to allow 10,0 syrianseeking asylum into the united states. the president defending his plan. >> the overwhelming numbers who have been applying are children, women, families, victims of terrorism. >> reporter: it's unclear if or when the senate would take up a vote on this bill. if it passes the senate, president obama has promised to veto it.
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however, because the bill receives support from 47 democrats in the house, that could make the measure veto proof. but that's never a sure thing. back to you. steve: rarely is. thank you. israeli officials calling today's deadly stabbing in tel-aviv a terrorist attack. a gro of israelis had gathered to hold afternoon prayers. the palestinian suspect was killed by police. an accomplice was able to get away. dari: a suecis uer arrest in the theft of guns from a massachusetts army reserve facility. the gu we reporte stole from the armory on suay, according to an fbi affidavit. james morales was arrested at a b.j.'s in westbury. he was scheduled to appear in court today. the fbi said that the theft is not terror-related >> a long isla high school student was rushed to the hospital after taking synthetic marijuana. steve: that's right. one school district fears an
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epidemic. jodi goldberg has the story. >> reporter: the superintendent james nolan says a 16-year-old from the high school was taken by ambulance to stony brook hospital on monday. he sent a robocall to parents. >> we have experienced a couple of very frightening situations where our students experienced severe seizures as a result of using a synthetic marijuana, k2 or spice. >> reporter: the contents are sprayed with a compound similar to thc and it's more powerful than marijuana. it's effects are unpredictable and life-threatening. >> it's another cornucopia of toxic mind and mood altering chemicals that are disproportion alley and adversely affecting our use. >> it's sold as incense in gas stations for 5 for 8 bucks. kids are starting at a young age at a rate we've never before
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seen. statewide, governor cuomo issued an alert earlier this year after more than 160 people were hospitalized in a two-week period. >> some people have a euphoric high. other, psychotic breaks. others, seizures. the >> reporter: the products are swabbed down and it falls through the loophole. >> it terrify ies me my older school is closer to middle school. it scares me. >> iope it scad them what happened at school. >> reporter: officials advise it's important to know what your kids are up to. it's not a question of privacy, but a matter of safety. in farmingville, jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. steve: scary stuff. thinking of going back to school old school. dari: we sent alison morris to the academy to learn how to man the turntables.
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steve: a cool skill. and winterheer at starbucks. it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you.
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dari: oh, my. steve: pretty cool.
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tonight for dj-con. 100 scratching and spinning records in an attempt to set a world record as the largest gathering of its kind. the final hour will pay tribute to dj's that passed aw. it's not over yet. the event runs until 8:30. dari: looks like fun. well, if you want to learn who to spi theros p and those guys you saw at the apollo, a schooln do itown manttan has you vered. ste:ev alisomorrn wenof the mix. >> we're just, pun intended, scratching t reporter: downtown on coopers square, scratch dj acamy is baby scratching, scribble scratching and dropping on the ones. it was founded 13 years ago to make it easier for people to learn. >> i started with a senior moment from my grandfather who instead of giving me 100, gave
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me $1,000 for my birthday. >> he ptnered with jm master j. >> afterine months of chang him, hanager called me and said they're performat the lettern sh ifou get here, jay will meet you in the greenroom. he has five minutes for you. >> reporter: let's rewind about 20 years to the first time rob met run dmc. he was 12. >> i had a layover in denver. on thelane came run dmc. i sat next to jay. i was listening to them in my walkman at the time and took pictures with them and had tse pictures and i brought them with show. >> reporter: that sealed the deal. running. they started with a series where people could learn from all kinds of dj's. he built a curriculum and started classes in 2002. >> jay for the first semester
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>> on october 30th, he was shot and killed in a recording studio in jamaica queens. rob vowed to keep the academy going and started scratch events, a network of dj's for hire and scratch weddings. >> we have 54 people in new york city. we have academies in -- all over. we've taught 500,000 people since inception. we've entertained through our network 27 million people. we've executed 60,000 even. >> reporter: the dj's are some of the best t industry. like dan, who's been doing this professionally for over 15 years. >> everyone calls me dirty. the best names are given. >> reporter: since i'm a business reporter, i'm d.j. chas mot. dirty digit showed me the
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basics. >> m it frdwa and back. that's the baby scratch. >> reporter: taughme how to drop on the one with a beat. >> there we go. >> then we put it together. >> cash monet in the house. >> reporter: then he showed me how it'slly done. [music] >> repter: alison morris, fox 5 news. steve: it is a skill like anything else. dari: the curve. i tried it a few weeks ago. just doing what she did is so gratifying. when you see what they do, there's such a curve. steve: for sure. nick: a long time to learn. steve: the rain is moving out of the way? nick: got a little ways to go. we're getting into the heaviest part of the rain now. we said it would be a late day,
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evening affair. that's the case. we've got another few hours of this. then it will taper down and things will improve tomorrow. 53, 41 is the average. we'll be better than that tomorrow. we'll spend a couple of days below average. so far, .08 of an inch of rain. a lot happened in the last hour. 61 now. raining steadily. wind gusty out of the south-southeast. there it is. fox 5 sky guardian lit up in green and some yellow and that's the area of rain moving through. so the heavy downpours over the city, they extend southward towards englishtown and 195, backwards to allentown and philadelphia. it's all advancing to the northeast as you'll see when we put it into motion. here are the highs for the day. it's low 60s everywhere we go. 61 bridgeport. 63 at the jersey shore. 62 sussex. the same from poughkeepsie. we're still in the lower 60s
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61 is a common number, all from north jersey off to the east end of long island. 63 as we get to belmar. we're up five, six, seven degrees from 24 hours ago. we expected the mild air to come up with the southerly wind. it's 10 to 20 miles an hour. we have seen gusts approaching 30 miles an hour in parts of the area. that's going to continue tonight. it will be gusty as we head into tomorrow. here's fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. you can see how some of the lighter rain has moved on. here's the bigger batch of rain coming up from the south and west. on the wide view and the satellite and radar composite, you can see the back edge north of baltimore, which is why i say another two, three hours of this, depending on where you are in the tri-state area. then it will move along. tomorrow, things will improve nicely with the cold front mong offshore. the clear weather comes in. it will be a sunny day, breezy and in the upper 50s. the sunshine here. low to mid 50s through midday. 58 tomorrow afternoon.
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take look at the futurecast, showing the front continuing to advance on to the east. and high pressure builds in. that will give us a nice saturday. in the meantime, the storm will bring the first snowstorm of the season to chicago. milwaukee, they'll get upwards of eight inches there. that's not coming for us. when the system brings a shower saturday night and sunday morning, colder air will come in behind it. showers, breezy, 52 in the city tonight. 43 in the suburbs. the rain will come to an end past midnight. 58 tomorrow, sunny and breezy. 50 on saturday: sunshine, 52. then the chill, monday, 45. morning low of 33. wednesday looks good. 52. thanksgiving, at least 55. mild and nice for the parade. steve: that's about as good as we can get this time of year. all right. thank you, nick. >> we know starbucks took a lot of heat from people who thought the holiday cups weren't holiday enough. dari: one artist from washington heights saw the cups as an
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opportunity. audrey puente shows us more of his cute creations. >> reporter: starbucks recently came under fire for this year's minimalist design of its annual holiday cup. while some complained of it being just a plain red cup, graphic artist richard herrera saw it as a blank canvas. >> i just, you know, went to starbucks to get my coffee and saw a blank cup and just during my lunch break thought i'd draw on it. >> the first drawing was of jack skellington. >> they're cultural touchstones that people from all backgrounds can relate to. >> like how the grinch stole christmas or starbucks. there's also a christmas story. charlie brown.
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and even the simpsons. however, there is one cup that is not holiday themed. >> cookie monster is the one that's not specifically christmas related. i saw how he had a cookie in his mouth and drew from there. >> reporter: starbucks uses 2.3 billion paper cups a year. only one looks like this. each design takes richard about an hour to draw and so far, he has received good feedback from the folks at his local starbucks. >> it's been very positive because it's meant in a fun, light hearted manner. >> it's cute. >> reporter: you can find his designs under art for strangers on instagram and maybe he can make your frappachino frosty. audrey puente, fox 5 news. steve: pretty cool. dari: adorable. well, music's hottest new couple for the holidays. steve: how blake shelton and
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dari: and why tenants in some airbnb rentals are
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dari: well, former subway pitchman jared fogle has learned his fate.
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steve: simone boyce with more on his day in court. >> reporter: the court showing no mercy here to jared fogle. the former subway spokesman has been sentenced to 15 years and eight months in federal prison. he's charged with trading in child pornography and having sex with underaged prostitutes. the 38-year-old pled guilty to having sex with 16-year-old girls and he opted for a plea deal after policeaided his indianapolis home this summer. but his legal team may have miscalculated when they tried to blame his pedophilia on his rapid and sudden weight loss. here's tmz's harvey levin. >> they were saying that he was obsessive-compulsive as an eater. when that got cured, the compulsion needed to go somewhere else and it went to hyper sexuality. nobody bought that. the judge didn't, the prosecutors didn't, and it could have worked against him. but ultimately the judge decided goi to give you more than even the prosecutor wanted. >> reporter: fogle is in the
5:25 pm
midst of paying each of his 14 victims $100,000 each in restitution. we're going to take a hard left now. either we're all being punked or things are heating up between blake shelton and gwen stefani. he wants her to join him for thanksgiving in oklahoma. the two singers and the voice judges have confirmed they are dating after splitting from their spouses. what do you think? too soon? steve: not for november sweeps ratings to go through the roof. dari: i'm so glad you took a hard left. blake will have a good time with the boys on a big old farm, all that space. steve: country thanksgiving. >> reporter: god's country. steve: good deal. thank you. a drive-by shooting survivor could hold the key to solving the murder of a queens rapper. dari: we have the exclusive interview. steve: and the program that's
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steve: rapper pickens was killed six months ago and his killer is on the loose. dari: he wasn't the only one shot. a friend survived and tonight is talking exclusively to our lisa evers. lisa? >> reporter: steve and dari, the last person to see chings alive of his friend. he wants everyone to know he's doing everything he can to help find the gunman who murdered his friend and nearly killed him. >> it was really devastating. i'm really hurt and really angry we can't find the killer >> reporter: the bullet holes in his porsche show the viciousness of the drive-by shooting that took his life on may 17th. one of the bullets struck this 27-year-old and pierced his lung. he believes chinx shielded him
5:30 pm
>> they started shooting up the car. i went down. he jumped on top of me and took the rest of the shots. i got shot one time. he got shot seven or eight times. >> reporter: i spoke with him in the harlem deli his family owns. he works there part-time and is a music promoter affiliated with the coke boy music crew. he goes by the name coke boy yemen and was a close friend. police sources say he stopped cooperating, but he says he gave investigators everything he knows. what did they ask you and what did you tell them? >> everything that went down. i told them when i went down, i don't know nothing. i'm a victim. i didn't see anything. i told them everything they need to know. like -- >> reporter: he said there was no third person in the porsche and that chinx was on his way home. it is believed he was the intended target. he knows some people blame him for the tragedy even though he
5:31 pm
was a victim, too. >> i'm feeling very stressed out. a lot of people blame me for his death. i'm really going through a lot. look where i'm at. i'm in the store where i usually be at. i'm not, you know -- i'm just trying to make it and, trust me, hopefully and god willing, we're going to find out who did it. because everything do come to the light. it's always going to be long live chinx. i don't care what people think. >> reporter: he told me he'll continue to promote his music and pursue his career in the industry, even though it may have nearly cost him his life. the nightmare of the shooting is with him every day, just likes the physical scars that will never go away. steve: pretty incredible. thank you. dari: well, former inmates looking to enter the workforce often face an uphill battle. steve: a group in queens is helping them learn the skills
5:32 pm
>> reporter: most are retired after successful careers in i.t. and the banking world. now they compromise an army of volunteers. the stakes are high. >> good afternoon. >> i'm eileen. you are? >> leviticus. >> reporter: he needs a job. that doesn't make him unique. what does, he's just 20 and has spent five years behind bars. >> is that the only experience you've had? >> reporter: here at the job training area we see a mock interview session. >> people come here hungry to work. there are barriers. >> reporter: in october, 6,000 nonviolent prisoners were released after the u.s. sentencing commission reduced punishment for drug crimes and made it retroactive. that number could grow to more than 40,000. we're here at fortune because regardless of the crime, they provide the type of wraparound services and support needed to help people integrate back into their communities. >> they do background checks. >> yes. i was convicted of possession of a weapon in 2009. >> one of the biggest factors
5:33 pm
that will determine if he and people like him keep their freedom is employment. why. >> our way of evaluating people and assessing people and assigning worth to people starts with what they do for a living. and if you don't have a job, you in the world. you also lack a source of legitimate income. both of those things matter >> reporter: the goal is simple. get a job, hold a job, pay taxes, lead by example. they also deal with addiction and mental health. the list goes on. fortune is a safety net for those who have paid their debt, for those who have so much to give. how do you teach that to someone who has become hopeless? >> i think there are a number of things that people need. employment is core. you need a legitimate source of income. and you need the pride that comes with being a person who
5:34 pm
has a job. steve: winners of an affordable housing lottery didn't waste time cashing in. dari: they're posting their new apartments on airbnb. wait until you hear how much they're charging. steve: per day. plus an iconic city nightclub cleans out the closets. the local charity that will benefit from the blast from the past.
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dari: some affordable housing lottery winners are accused of taking their tax subsidized apartments and renting them out to airbnb. steve: arthur chi'en is live in long island city outside a building where some tenants are making a pretty tidy profit. >> reporter: keep in mind this comes at a time when affordable housing is nothing short of a crisis in the city. when this development went up, 900 units were set aside for low income housing. more than 90,000 people applied to get in. it's clear some of those who got in didn't deserve to be here. luxurious waterfront property, breathtaking views of manhattan, steps of mass transit. some would be happy to find an apartment for the right price. renters who won the lottery for designated low income housing units have been trying to turn the apartments on airbnb for profit. >> it's illegal.
5:37 pm
because it goes against your lease and it's not right. >> the people who do need it don't have a place and they're just interested in making money off it. >> reporter: the city subsidized part of the development in long island city to create affordable housing. low income units were offered to those who qualified who had to enter a lottery where the odds of winning were one in 100. now at least three residents have been spotted rented out their units for 500 a night. jason lives in a building and knows based on the price point what he sees on airbnb seems like greed. >> it's mind-boggling. if someone is getting a place for in the 600 range and they're doing it for 500 a night, not thinking they would get caught, is amazing. we have so many nice residences here. the view is incredible. the apartments are great. the staff is great. >> reporter: this city council member making it clear this is illegal and the ads have been
5:38 pm
taken down. >> everyone here signs a lease, just like anyone else. and they promise not to turn their affordable unit of housing into a profit-making venture. it is illegal. >> reporter: it is illegal and takes away from people who need housing. the councilman amongst others we spoke with want people engaged in this to be thrown out. arthur chi'en, fox 5 news. steve: pretty galling. dari: a city nightclub from the '80s is giving fans a chance to own a piece of the glory days. steve: memorabilia from the mud club is up for sale. every dollar benefits a very worthy cause. >> reporter: candid portraits, snapshots in time, t-shirts worn on stage, vintage oscar de la renta harry.
5:39 pm
anyone who's nostalgic for gritty '80s new york. it's happening at the jango jazz club. not quite, it was an antidote to the uptown glitz of studio 54. this french artist is one of the originals. >> downstairs was the dance floor. there were performers. i can say that i saw a lot of performances that made it out there. >> reporter: the mud club wasn't open long, between '78 and '83. it attracted a who's who of celebrities, artists like andy warhol and musicians like the b-52s, mick jagger and david bowie. >> it felt like we are kids. >> reporter: much of the
5:40 pm
merchandise is one of a kind, worn and crafted by artists many of us know today but who were cutting their teeth back then. but it's more than just a sale. it's a reminder of how things used to be in new york city's infamous underground. >> as much as we could try, it's is different now. even if we wanted to create the same. >> reporter: jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. there are more than 200 pieces on display. they range in price from $10 to 1100. the proceeds will benefit the bow bowerry mission center. dari: she's making dreams come true. steve: why a tony award-winning producer started working with young athletes.
5:41 pm
dari: an opera singer from the bronx joins christal young in
5:42 pm
steve: a producer is helping kids compete on the basketball court. dari: linda schmidt shows us what inspired her to work with
5:43 pm
young athletes. >> reporter: a successful broadway producer is making a difference in the lives of inner city kids and she's doing it through basketball. kids from grades one through 12 are able to play basketball in a program on the upper west side thanks to rose, a tony award-winning broadway producer who has turned part of her attention to helping inner city children. in september, she started a basketball program called epic which stands for every player is crucial. 25 percent of the children who pay to participate in the program attend private schools in the city while the other 75 percent can play for free. their cost is covered in part through grants and donations. >> i want to create opportunities for inner city kids that don't have the capability to train and link it to an academic piece so they can get basketball training, they can get their studies done. >> reporter: she says the beauty is bringing children from
5:44 pm
>> a lot of the scholarships come in and they don't necessarily have the gear that they need to train and our kids that are the tuition-based kids come forward and say i have an extra pair of shoes or i have an extra sweatshirt. i'd be happy to give it to my teammate. that's something that touches my heart. >> it's nice to meet other people. >> this program is fun because, like, other programs, i don't get to play as much basketball, but now this program has given me a lot of freedom. >> it's like having siblings and playing basketball, interacting, social, emotional. >> reporter: it looks like going from broadway to basketball is paying off in a big way. on the upper west side, linda schmidt, fox 5 news. dari: oh, red hot about this. the fda approved genetically engineered salmon. they say it is safe to eat and safe for the environment. critics are fiercely opposed to the idea. dr. manny is in the house.
5:45 pm
steve: what's the deal? >> what do you think? five years, the fda has been toying with the approval process. five years later, your government has told you you can eat genetically modified salmon. steve: what does that mean? >> basically this is a salmon from -- that has been genetically modified with a type of eel-like fish from the ocean. it's being grown in panama. you have a salmon that all of a sudden where it would take four months for it to grow full term, now it does it in 1-1/2 months. it has a lot of meat. it's huge. and, therefore, it's good for the industry of salmon, good for the consumer perhaps because the prices of salmon are going to go down. the big question is is it safe? according to the scientists and the government says yes, it is. a lot of people said it has not been vetted properly yet.
5:46 pm
also the big impact is what happens if the salmon escapes the farms and ends up in the ocean? they tell me, no, it's not going to happen. dari: because? this is interesting. >> what? dari: because they made it sterile. >> but that's not -- dari: so they can't reproduce. >> according to them. but a lot of scientists say that's not 100 percent accurate because biology -- you cannot contain biology. when nature wants to get out there -- steve: things evolve. dari: we're americans. >> things evolve. do you trust? nature? pick the salmon. steve: gotcha. well said. thank you. we're short on time. let's talk about the weather and the heavy rain is starting to move in. nick: moving through for the next one to three hours across the area. you can see ahead of the rain and with the rain has been mild temps ahead of the cold front. low 60s in the city for the highs for the day. and look at this. low to mid 60s and upper 60s at philly. 62 at albany.
5:47 pm
boston, pretty good at 54. let's look at fox 5 sky guardian, you can see we're right into the heavy rain, coming over the city, back from queens and brooklyn to staten island, extending to philadelphia. it's advancing north and eastward. if you haven't gotten into the heavy rain, you will. some of this may bypass eastern long island. it's moving in a trajectory like this. we'll look at the wide view on the radar source. you can see the back edge of it in delaware. this will slide through in the next few hours. later on tonight, we'll see the rain come to an end. we'll have a clearing trend that will develop towards daybreak and that will allow for a better friday and a cool-down in temperatures through the next couple of days. it's 61 in the city. also up to poughkeepsie and newark. 63 at the jersey shore. we're still 60 or greater across long island into southern connecticut with a south-southeast wind. 10, 20 miles an hour. we're seeing gusts 25 to 30 miles an hour. that will continue tonight and shift to the west as the night goes along as the cold front moves through.
5:48 pm
off to the west. here's tomorrow's weather. looks good. that will last into saturday. we'll talk about clear weather with sunshine, a gradual cool-down. saturday, around 50. there's going to be a storm out of the west. that will produce chicago's first snowstorm into southern wisconsin and 44 in chicago as we get into tomorrow. look at the colder air to the north and west. we'll get a taste of the colder air on sunday. more so monday into tuesday that the real chill takes over. as has been the case, it will be temporary. we'll start warming it up for the middle of next week. futurecast shows the rain on top of us through the 10:00 hour and beyond. then it goes away. tomorrow, sunday ny, breezy. saturday, a good-looking day, but around 50. it could be a couple of showers into sunday morning with the colder air. breezy, 52 in the city tonight.
5:49 pm
the wind shifting to the west. tomorrow, sunny, breezy, northwest wind 15 to 30. 50 on saturday. showers into sunday morning. sunshine, 52. monday only 45. then a recovery to 49 tuesday. big travel day wednesday. looks good. thanksgiving looks great. steve: awesome. thank you. dari: she's a classically trained opera singer who works on the chappelle show. steve: she is always looking for ways to reinvent herself. christal young found out about her latest project. [music] >> reporter: from jazz clubs to the national anthem, marie proves if you want something bad enough, there's nothing you can't achieve. >> if you take the short road, five steps forward, you'll have to take 10 back. do the work. >> reporter: and work she has. born in dominica, she was belting out lines from her mom's
5:50 pm
tender age of two. >> i would say what's up pussycat and not say a word and sing the song all the time. >> reporter: during college, she had a part-time job at tower records that exposed her to ella fitzgerald, sarah vaughn and maria callist. it wasn't until she moved to austin, texas, and asked to join the opera company that it became clear opera was it. >> i wanted it so badly that people just agreed, you know. it didn't matter what you thought. because i know. >> reporter: her voice is a contralto, the lowest of female voices. she works with a voice coach because practice makes perfect. >> she has notes that some baritones would wish for. it is a low man's voice. it doesn't sound manly.
5:51 pm
she can go up and whack a lot of high notes. that's unique. >> her mentor is pulitzer prize winning composer john harbinson. in june, she sang at the u.n. general assembly and has big dreams of working with kanye west. >> you cannot live your life for people. you can never give up on your dreams. ever >> reporter: christal young, fox 5 news. dari: the talent some people have. steve: incredible. everybody but us. we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00. dari: here's ernie with a look at what's coming up at 6:00. steve and dari, thank you. we have a lot to tell you about tonight. a former fbi agent will join me live as we search for answers in paris and making sense of the threat to new york city. you'll want to hear about this. plus coming up next tonight, we
5:52 pm
we'll take you to the bronx and
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ernie: thursday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you again for joining us. as always, we are on top of the news, and we're talking about it. tonight we continue to follow the pursuit of those involved in the paris attacks. plus the new efforts now to take down isis militants. and we'll talk about how that affects new york with a live guest coming up in just a minute. first, let's go to sharon crowley in the newsroom with the very latest for us. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, ernie. several new developments tonight. first, france's most wanted man is now dead and more suspects are in custody. that as the fbi director tonight is trying to calm concerns. >> we are not aware of any credible threat here of a paris-type attack.
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