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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  November 19, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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announcer: it's 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. gunbattle raid in france from this is authorities confirmed that the ringleader of the attacks was killed in the operation. propaganda video released just days after the attack is nothing new. the authorities continued to confirm that the reason terrorist in france, the prime minister warned that his country remains under permanent threat. dari: sharon crowley has the latest with this new information. reporter: forensic evidence is what is really needed to positively identify the man in the plot behind the deadly paris attack. they were also able to reach him
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cell phones left behind at the scene. reporter: france's most wanted she harnessed, abdelhamid abaaoud is dead. the monster behind the deadly terror attacks died in a shootout with police on wednesday. the police found him hiding just outside of paris. his body so will it ridden that forensic teams have used dna evidence to be sure it was him. his cousin also died during that raid. and it suspects are being interrogated by police. >> we are using every thing that we can to identify if there's another cell of players, who the
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evidence led police to abdelhamid abaaoud, they thought he was in syria. >> we do not receive any prior information from any european country where he could've gone through before reaching france. reporter: the police are still looking for critical players including salah abdeslam, who rented one of the getaway cars and his brother was one of the suicide bombers. he slipped out of france for the borders shut down and there's a chilling video from the daily mail that shows one of the attacks in progress. the gunmen repeatedly fired shots into the cafe as patrons tried to hide and run for their lives. the french police and belgian police are conducting raids. they're also trying to figure out the size of this terror network. the french president will travel president obama at the white house. steve: thank you. bill bratton says that the
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is nothing new trade a first service back in april and shows a suicide bomber along with footage of times square leaving an impression of an impending attack on new york city. >> for all purposes that there's nothing specific that is raising additional concern at this time. dari: a bill that would make it harder for them enter the country has been in the house. dan bowens has more on the political fight over the refugees future. reporter: that's right, this restricts access for syrian and iraqi refugees by creating stricter standards for entry into the united states. it passed the house of representatives with bipartisan overwhelming support. complicating the white house is long-term middle east strategy.
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>> the bill is passed. reporter: the bipartisan legislation will require fbi background checks for each and every syrian and iraqi refugee. the bureaucratic barrier for those seeking asylum, supporters say it is necessary for safety. >> if law enforcement and intelligence cannot verify that each and every person coming here is not a security threat, they shouldn't be allowed in. reporter: 47 democrats supporting the republican backed bill, steve israel is among them. he said the effort is not shut the door on innocent women and children who can be certified as seeking refuge from isis. standard set by the bell like having the heads of fbi and homeland security certify each refugee is impossible to meet. and shuts the door on a joe age-old american value. >> children, women, families, themselves victims. reporter: the issue remains
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contentious on the campaign trail where ben carson compared refugees to dogs. >> it's like a rabid dog running around the neighborhood. you're probably not going to assume that something good is going on with that dog. you're probably going to get your children out of the way. reporter: commissioner bill bratton acknowledge the difficulty of screening people, but says the swift congressional reaction in light of the terror attacks have been misguided. >> congress is demanding an absolute guarantee. life doesn't work that way. reporter: president obama promises to veto the legislation if it makes it out of the senate, but because it passed the house of representatives by such a wide margin, 289 dash to 137, that could make this veto proof.
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steve: thank you. and storms in the area making it home. let's check in with nick gregory. sky guardian. a line of rain just moving out of manhattan now over queens line. it was really pouring on the jersey shore earlier which is sliding to the east. again, we will show you what is going on in western new jersey towards pennsylvania it is much better there. join the back edge of the rain that will be coming in. the clouds are extending back into central pennsylvania. we will end up with clearing trends and sunny weather will return although we will be on the breezy side. there is our future cast and you can see how it's cleared out in
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so expect a sunny day and it will be all that cooler yet, just a little bit cooler, lower 60s across most of the area, upper 50s tomorrow. saturday we will have some sunshine with clouds popping up. a little bit cooler than the temperature is around 50 degrees and even cooler air arriving as we head towards the second half of the weekend into the early part of next week. show is coming to an end and then clearing later on. fortys of the doubt to the suburbs tomorrow and then gusty westerly wind and then we will see sunshine, 53 by 9:00 a.m., mid-fifties lunchtime. 58-mile afternoon and began a gradual cooling trend as we head through the weekend. steve: jared fogle will be spending a lot of long time behind bars. the 38-year-old sentenced to 15
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he is charged with creating is child and having sex with underage girls. dari: stepping down after four years on the job. this position is scheduled to be illuminated. the position of ceo was created during the george washington bridge lane closed scandal. the 58-year-old says that he will not participate in the search for a new ceo, but it's going to stay on for the next four months to help the transition. dari: new video obtained shows a state trooper on the scene in the garden state parkway rest stop crash. this man was allegedly drunk and drunken on duty when he rear-ended another car last month. on the video he tells a trooper that he's sober. listen to what else he says. [inaudible] steve: his blood alcohol level was reportedly twice the legal
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limit and he is charged with drunken driving. dari: affordable housing in this city the city is hard to come by and we all now. some of the nicest places are part of a lottery based system. we have the story of winners that hit the jackpot by turning to transcend. >> breathtaking views, steps from mass transit, many would be happy to find an apartment here. renters who won the lottery have been trying to turn the apartment over for profit. >> that is illegal. because it goes against the lease and it's not right. >> the people that do need it, they don't have a place. reporter: the city subsidized part of the hunters point development to create affordable housing. low income units were offered to
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those who qualify who then have to enter a lottery with the odds of winning one in a hundred. not least three residents have been spotted on airbnb renting out their units for up to $500 per night. jason lives in the building and those based on the price point that what he has seen seems like greed. >> of someone is getting a place in this range and they are doing it for $500 a night not thinking that they would get caught is amazing. they have so many nice residency or, the view, as you can see is incredible. the apartment is great, the staff is great. reporter: the city council member making it clear that what is happening is illegal and it looks like the ads have been taken down. >> everyone is here to sign a lease like anyone else and they promise not to turn their affordable unit of housing into a profit-making venture. reporter: the councilman with
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in this to be thrown out not just because it's illegal but because there are plenty of people who truly need affordable housing in the city. dari: months after the rapper's unsolved murder. steve: we have an exclusive interview with lisa evers. dari: what student protesters are demanding. steve: guys do some pretty stupid things to impress women, apparently stuffing their faces one of them. why do many more when they are around women. >> students learning science to hip-hop.
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steve: logo professors using hip-hop to make his class school for students in this month's big idea. >> let me tell you something. reporter: something incredible is happening inside this library. the energy is at fever pitch for the performers. including students the right verses for popular beads using the terminology of their science lesson. reporter: it's part of a hip-hop education science genius program that uses the repetition of rap. it's the brainchild of doctor christopher and then. one of the top education experts in the country. >> we literally just go into the
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96% of the kids and they are like, what just happened? reporter: the students compete to represent their school in a competition. >> in hip-hop, the kids are doing everything that you would want them to be doing. in school they are disengaged. as an educator i know that a young person is engaged, they are more likely to be successful. reporter: this is not a gimmick or entertainment. the doctor is a product of new york city public schools says that hip-hop help them come especially these science oriented versus from the wu-tang clan. >> you put the science on the board, the definitions, and then you take two lines that rhyme about the content.
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this earth science teacher tells me that it's a game changer in many ways. not the least of which is improved test scores. >> then they try to research their own vocabulary and then they actually figure out vocabulary that i never speak about. reporter: she says it makes teaching what the filling and helps you connect your student. >> they want to be here, they want to be here and to get to excited about education is something that i absolutely live tour. >> there was content in there and i loved it. >> it's not just the work that we are doing. it's what happened afterwards, we have kids that are more
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science classes. >> hopefully i will remember it and use it in my vocabulary. >> it helps me and it helps everybody else. >> the kids in the white schools and african-american schools and the latino schools are all consuming the same artifacts which is hip-hop. so hip-hop becomes a mechanism through which we can bridge the cultural vibes. this idea of hip-hop and education has an influence in education and we are changing the world. >> the benefits of this person go well beyond the classroom. the guidance counselor told me that it helps so many students look at the potential for their lives in a different way. we severs for "fox 5 news". steve: if you like to learn more on the head to our website at
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"fox 5 news" and last night we told you about the unsolved murder of rapper chinx, a survivor of the shooting reached out to we severs until his side of the student. he was in the passenger seat and he credits chinx was saving his life and is doing everything he can to help find the gunman who murdered his friend and nearly killed him in the process. >> a lot of people blame me for his death. god willing, we are going to find out who did it. steve: he says the nightmare of the shootings with him every day, just like the physical scars that were never going to go away. dari: surveillance video has been released by police in hopes of catching this man who shot two men inside of a brooklyn subway station. the man seen in that video wearing the gray sweatshirt shot
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utica avenue station on tuesday night. the victims are in stable condition but if you have any information about the suspect, please call crime stoppers. steve: students staged a protest at princeton university. a group calling themselves together to lock themselves in the president's office after spending the night, they are demanding that princeton removed the name of woodrow wilson from all programs and buildings on campus due to what they say is racist legacy. wilson also served as the school's president from 1900 to 1910. and fans of adele can't wait to get their hands on her new album, which comes out tomorrow.
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flooded this either in harlem. the final hour paying tribute to the djs that have passed away including this one. dari: and the new album "25" by adele debuts tomorrow. but if you want to listen to her songs, you you're going to have to pay for it. reporter: her new album will say hello tomorrow, but not too soon. it will drop on old-school style, cds and records. you will not hear it on
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music and spotify. reporter: taylor swift pulled her single off of spotify in protest over the lack of royalties that artists are paid over streaming services that use their music. and then there is adele. her first single has over 420 million viewers. peter says they are open 24 hours but may need only minutes friday. >> we have already been getting a lot of calls. i expect they will sell out immediately and people will be climbing over each other to get. reporter: she's not the only person that benefited. she works for an independent record label and the other artist would also benefit. and say that is how i want to sell my music as well. so this could lead to a change in the way that the basic
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the industry is waiting to see if she outsells insync. she hopes to say hello to an age where artists get compensated for their work. steve: i think we have turned a corner. okay, can you die of a broken heart? dari: this man says this is what happened to his mother. we are at being doctors about it. steve: the mother died one hour after the father had a heart attack. and cross it is not only for grown-ups. we are going to check in on this little girl's is spot on
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back doug flutie lost those both of his parents. his dad died in less than an hour later his mother had a fatal heart attack. the loss led to a larger conversation about longtime couples who die close together. it. steve: a lot of scientist david you can die from a broken heart. reporter: doug flutie on wednesday announced the death of his parents, both of them passing away within an hour of each other. they save you can die of a broken heart, and i believe it, he wrote. it's sad and at the same time romantic. the idea that someone could not their living without the other so much so that they die of a broken heart. it's the stuff that movies are made of. an elderly couple died together
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and in california, married 67 years, they took the last breath together and yes, died hand-in-hand back in february. in 2012 in oklahoma they were married 62 years, this couple died 10 minutes apart. there have been countless stories just like there's around the world. what is it only coincidence? or is it possible? to these couples really die of heartbreak? stews >> we often seem couples who've been together for a long time that very soon after one another. and we really believe that there's a connection between the mind and the heart. reporter: she says a sudden rush to lead to a special kind of cardiomyopathy. it's a phenomenon that doctors have referred to as a broken heart syndrome.
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shortness of breath or can cause sudden death. reporter: so it looks like there is truth. his facebook page has thousands of comments. from those sharing stories of their own including this one. your mom mr. dodd so much that she couldn't hold out for more than an hour of being apart from him. they are together now. just as they should be. jennifer la mancha "fox 5 news". dari: the national institutes of health sending its last remaining research chimpanzees into retirement. they will be sent to a sanctuary that has room for them, about 300 timms will be tired over the next two years. the nih director says that there is no justification anymore for continued invasive research with the animals. dari: a warning about a superbug. steve: scientist say that it has epidemic potential in southern china and could make deadly
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and the last update is that it spreads easily from one species to another. this idea. they say that wild salmon population may be affected with the genetically engineered fish if they escape into the oceans and rivers, however the fda is claiming may only be raised in land. steve: it's pretty scary. a long island school district fears that it has a synthetic marijuana issue. the school district was rushed to the hospital after taking the
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the effects tend to be much more unpredictable and in some cases even life-threatening and it's also very cheap. >> it is yet another cornucopia. steve: they are working with the suffolk county police department to ensure the safety of students speak to a young girl is proving it's never too early to start getting in shape. this is a video that shows the cross training of a little girl. the youngster then shows off her tiny muscles in their doing a series of modified barbell squats and duke castiglione would be proud.
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steve: it is time now for on-brand and off-brand. on-brand, solid relations with her ex-husband continues. to a song on the upcoming album, they have a lot of cameos carter herself. and off-brand, this florida mayor tried to pay 4000-dollar ethics fine entirely in pennies, the payment was rejected from the sky as being commercially unreasonable and contemptuous which was the point. and the sons of anarchy. canceling his own show because no one is watching it. taking out an ad in variety to announce that he's killing off his executioner after one season because i don't want to write
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watching. dari: do you ever notice how men seem to you lot on a first date? maybe it is nerves of. steve: it's sort of like showing off. dari: there is breaking up and breaking up on social media. what facebook is doing to make it easier to handle
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find over 1,000 special stories at hospital for special surgery. go to >> somebody call the doctor. united health saying that it might drop out of those obamacare exchanges because of cost them too much money. shares of united down around 6%. a couple of technology stocks
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making their debuts. a mobile paying company and their first day of trading. and it looks like younger shoppers are staying in the neighborhood and according to a new survey, they actually had to have a good survey? the traditional thanksgiving meal orders is the dish that people most look forward to eating over the holidays. that is business and i am no caputo. steve: breaking up can be tough to handle that they spoke is helping to make the transition easier. offering options when you change your relationship to single, you'll be asked if you want to see less post from your ex or limit what they can see on your profile.
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steve: eating is am3 steve: eating is among the things that men do to impress women. men need a lot more when they are dining out with a lady that the light. we sent maxing out to get some reaction on this. reporter: when men eat pizza with women, a new article
10:41 pm
and stomachs. men and women eating pizza struggle to explain this finding. >> i have no idea. reporter: men have been showing off the women since the beginning of humanity.
10:42 pm
some say that this makes him see his standing has improved. women consume the same amount of pizza whether they ate with a man or woman or by themselves. >> they felt rushed. >> i leave room for the cannoli. [laughter] reporter: mack king, "fox 5 news".
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nick: we talked about the end of the day making the commute. it's raining pretty hard. just coming off the jersey shore, and it's your term. getting into the heavy rain and 63, 57 today, another day above averages. hoping to be around those numbers saturday and sunday. and there is what we talked about happening. 1.09 in central park. pressure to 2.292. storm approaching from the west. and we are talking about
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towards delmar, sussex towards poughkeepsie, 61 in bridgeport, 62 as you get towards montauk. warm temperatures for this time of the year and 63 and the city to towards no new work. southwind and play and looking at the progression here, 60s and 50s and 40s. thirty-nine right now and fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. and still some clouds but it least it is drying out. right back here at about this area in the cold front will be
10:45 pm
much farther offshore and here is tomorrow's weather and into saturday. this system is coming through in the west. chicago to wisconsin and maybe up to a foot in parts of southern wisconsin. sixtys in atlanta tomorrow and middle to upper 50s. mid-fifties at lunchtime and 50 it will eight will be the high the afternoon. future cast putting the front to the east. some of clouds and saturday, there is the storm i mentioned and a few showers and then turning cooler. breezy, 52 in the city, it's sunny and breezy, northwest winds 15 to 25 miles per hour and 50 on saturday, showers late
10:46 pm
sunday morning and then monday and tuesday it is mid and upper 40s. what happens on wednesday, big travel and they should have at least 55. steve: okay, all right. brandon marshall says that there are too many reporters in the locker room. >> i have your toyota traffic tracker. southbound tomorrow, route 84, this is some construction going on from 11:30 a.m. until
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pson, the holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...cheese plates, turkey, appetizers. and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. that's my boy! fill your cart with everything you need this s eason, all at one place.
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>> are you doing, everyone? last night it was the cy young award winners and major league
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baseball announced it was the most soluble player award winners and the winners are in the national league. bryce hopper, just 23 years of age, harper receiving all 30 of first-place votes making him the youngest unanimous choice in history. batting 330 and also a gold glove finalist. the ripe old age of 29, donaldson in the off-season from the oakland a's, batting to 97, 41 homers, 123 runs and a terrific football player, having said that, brandon made some remarks last night that made him
10:50 pm
sound really ridiculous and also a bit of a phony. while appearing on inside the nfl of which he appears, marshall said that we have an epidemic right now and the epidemic is the clash between local media and players, i personally think that the media has too much access. complaining that when we get out of the shower, 10 or 15 or 20 were orders are standing around when we are waiting to ask a question. at times, that's a fair point, but i've been in plenty of locker rooms over the years and it's not something that reporters enjoy. but they had roughly a 45 minute window to ask questions, just three or four days a week. and if a player takes their time, the reporters are left with no choice. and there are plenty of players that come out and do their
10:51 pm
interviews first while still in uniform and then shower. that makes things a lot easier and here is why brandon marshall comes across as being a bit of a phony. besides his weekly appearances, he likes showing himself off pretty good on his own website. so he wants it on his own terms and it just doesn't work that way. and being a bright young man, he should really know that. the rangers and that is it for sports. steve: coming up next, helping out a classmate that had been bullied. the boys were picking on him because of his shoes. our young hero gifted him a pair
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he reposted the video to instagram and theoretically he can see it because we can all spread information. dari: that is good.
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