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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  November 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and france create a dozen were air france employees. french president franc ois hollande offered his support. >> once again terrorists want to have their barbaric presence felt everywhere where they can massacre. reporter: witnesses said the attackers told hostages to recite passages from the koran. forces were able to enter the hotel and go floor to floor freeing the hostages. an african jihad is group affiliated with al qaeda has claimed responsibility. >> some experts believe the terror group is trying to reclaim the spotlight as they complete with vices for terror recruits. >> oxide is threatened by the rise of the islamic state. reporter: mali has been home to violent attacks big country fell under the control of islamic militants in 2012. the french helped out the extremists in 2013 but factions remained and they continued to stage attacks on u.n. peacekeepers and civilian forces. state department officials say they are in the process of verifying the location of americans in mali.
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again there are reports one american is among the dead in a hotel siege. the white house has offered its support an investigation here in new york please commissioner bratton says the nypd is closely monitoring the situation. christina: stacey delikat thank you. the death toll from last friday's attacks are up to 130. at least one fugitive is still on the run. salah abdeslam slipped past the border last friday before the lockdown. the french interior minister called for heightened security in france. >> the strengthening of the control at our borders is indispensable for the protection of european citizens especially in light of the recent terrorist attacks. we have been saying this for months now. christina: shrines with flowers candles and notes mark decides where the attacks happened. a memorial service for the victims is scheduled for next week. authorities have located a missing plane that vanished
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from mississippi. ed wheelan part of a seed from a single-engine plane were retrieved from the reservoir in westchester county. the aircraft vanished last night while preparing for landing at danbury airport. two people were reportedly on board. a bizarre scene at the apple store in midtown. a man with a sword tried to enter the store earlier. witnesses say he attempted to harm himself. fox 5 you are sure the video with us and the man can be seen outside holding the sword to his neck. police were able to subdue him and thankfully no one in the store was hurt. the weather is kind of like a katy perry song. it's hot and cold. mike: i thought you were going to go at the 4th of july or something. fireworks. christina: a holiday coming up. my back we have been around the corner and we have good weather as we head into the next couple of days. it will get colder at the same time.
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the almanac for today. temperatures we made it up to 64 for a high but that actually was that the cold front going by. 52 are low but guess what? after we have right now. on the cooler side at this point in time as opposed to what we have had for starters this morning and it now looks like we have got cool temps to come. in central park we have 52 degrees and we do have them in a clear sky. it will be that way through the evening. winter coming from the northwest , most location singh wins coming through at five to 10 miles an hour. other temperatures across the region, a high of 63 ad network and 56 in bridgeport, 63 and i slip. a nice day but these temperatures were the warm temperatures we had before the cold air arrived later on in the day. the temperatures were holding steady and falling back down. right now 52 in newark same thing and i slip 52 year current
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a mainly clear sky in the area. the winds coming in from the northwest at around six to 12 miles per hour. 14 in montauk so a little bit breezy but they wouldn't start trending downward backing down as we head into the overnight hours as well. things are looking better for us but it's going to get cool over the next few days. check out the region and see whether tim slip like. 52 in philadelphia, 40 degrees in buffalo, 41 williamsport. more cool air locked up high and this cold front. states and that will swing into the stripe -- tri-state region bringing changes. as far as rain or snow is concerned that is not our concern but you can see the snow pack through the upper midwestern states with maybe even record-breaking snow pack in the region. it looks like the area of low pressure doesn't hold onto enough moisture to bring us anything significant rain or snow. highs for tomorrow up to 33 for
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a high high-end chicago 35 in kansas city but for us we managed to get up to 50 but the cooler air in the midwestern states will come this way and another day and a half. here is what we will see with futurecast. high pressure slides in and we will see the next area of low pressure. it will have minimal moisture as it passes by. it should only bring in a few sprinkles sunday morning and it's out of here before you know it. we are actually looking at a nice dry sky for the majority of sunday. others of you will have showers around sunrise. today mostly clear skies temperatures dropping between 30 and 40 degrees. tomorrow sun and take it late into the afternoon and clouds will make a comeback. 50 tomorrow. as we go to the next seven days we have that quick front passing by as we head into sunday. we have cool lows, two times in a row low temps dropping to freezing monday and tuesday morning.
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thanksgiving, looking good high temperatures near 60. christina: mike woods thank you. we continue our week long celebration of new york's boroughs after the break and we say hello to the change over the years. join us next week for a special of a giving back. this is a time we normally think of -- but that meet goes far beyond food and clothing. look at that and how other nations change lives, next week at 6:00. pson, the holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...cheese plates, turkey, appetizers. and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. that's my boy!
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christina: brooklyn has undergone quite a transformation pondering images of hipsters with beards buying something are two small but brooklyn is much more. as linda schmidt shows us there's a reason why it's become so hot. reporter: britvan isn't just one of the five girls, it is now a destination. while this amazing coffee the great artists and culture the stuff you can buy here is unlike anywhere in the world.
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clintonites and greenpoint along with hotspots like coney island barclays center in the britvan began a garden are drawing people from all over the world. agatha company owns a bakery in greenpoint. >> a lot of japanese tourists, a lot of folks from france and china, korea. reporter: there's so much to see and do in brooklyn that travelers have a guidebook that's just about brooklyn. did you know that brooklyn was not part of new york city? brooklyn would be the fourth largest city in the country. brooklyn is a borough that is filled with dozens of neighborhoods. over 50 cuisines, hip nightlife fashion architecture and yes, tranquility. >> one of the great things about brooklyn is you feel like you're living in the place. head to coffeeshop sit down and
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read a book, meet other people. reporter: filipe gives five tours are brooklyn lasting between three and five hours. he started his business three years ago. >> business is booming especially with the nice weather now but her plan has gotten super popular. we are averaging 10 tours a week , private and public tours. reporter: on this day his group was from australia and holland. >> i think it's about beer t-gen bakeries -- artesian bakeries. reporter: what would you think so far? >> amazing. no better person to ask than former senator of new york as well. former police platoon commander. you have walks almost every inch of new york. brooklyn is a borough that is close to your heart. >> it's fantastic. to borrow from one of the
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brooklynites we are great because we are made of the best stuff on earth. we are diverse. 47% of brooklynites speak the language of their original home so when you go outside of your comfort zone you will really get a true flavor of the boroughs. reporter: get it's changing every day. i did an informal poll in the newsroom. what do you think the brooklyn? hipsters. it's getting kind of quirky and interesting. there are great food options as well but do you think it's becoming gentrified a little bit? >> i tell people to define what they call gentrification. what we don't want to happen is long-term residents being forced out around housing, affordable housing. we want new arrivals to immerse themselves into brooklyn in their own flavor but understand
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part of the borough. reporter: it's about community and speaking of flavor where do you go for the chance of flavor in brooklyn? >> so many different places. one of my favorite spots is >> so many different places. one of my favorite spots is the russian community and different flavors of foods and restaurants. you can get a real full show when you have your dinner there. the largest chinese community and one of the largest outside of china and if you go into the caribbean community, williamsburg is growing. a lot of people think it's -- but there's so much more there. some great restaurants. our tech industry is booming in that community. a lot of people coming there so the world is involving intern -- evolving at an amazing place. reporter: senator eric adams
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brooklyn borough president scott to get your insight and now i know where to go eat. thank you so much. one more borough left on our five borough tour. it's the one we know as manhattan. trying to juggle its property without losing its neighborhood. next. it's the holidays. which means a house full of people --
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christina: when people say they have visited new york chances are they have spent time in manhattan. it has some of the city's oldest neighborhoods and its own unique set of challenges as well. arthur ch'ien finishes our five borough celebration in manhattan. reporter: reports have been briefly exaggerated. a mark twain quote was not about the manhattan. the other boroughs what makes this borough special is that it's manhattan. >> i still think manhattan is what people think of when they think of new york and i still think it's vibrant. reporter: editor has a front row seat of things that make manhattan special. she says will neighborhoods transformed entertainment tonight led to shopping it can also be found here.
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says is just shifted. >> if you look further east to the 80s and the 90s there are a lot of exciting bars. there is the penrose and cool stuff happening there. reporter: a traditionally stuffy restaurant decline. >> there's a lot of stuff going on in the middle right now. shops are having fun and restaurants in general are more casual. reporter: the manhattan experience is when you will pay more for now. >> people are dropping money that they never would have imagined, 185 bucks. >> there's very limited space. prices making manhattan special in the arts and not in a good way. gallery owner jay says from broadway shows to galleries of the artist can no longer afford to live in the boroughs their work still make sit here. >> we are produced to live in
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can go out and see a jazz performance. you can go to museum. you can go to the theater you can go to the opera. reporter: things have got more expensive than a city whether dinner at a restaurant for the cost of a broadway ticket but the point is we can't go negative on this. we have to continue to patronize the arts because if we don't use these things that could threaten their existence. there are ways to make it more reasonable from ticket deals two using the hours of the museum to finding hits off-broadway. it's all it takes to enjoy a little research. >> there are still alternative theaters that offer opportunities for young individual starting out to showcase their work. reporter: there you go. the best way for you to discover how special manhattan is to keep an open mind and explore.
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arthur ch'ien "fox 5 news." christina:christina mackerly this figure and he sat down with borough president gail brewer. reporter: gail you know this is a tourist attraction. do you have your favorite places? versailles something new going on. what's the most important thing you can say about manhattan? >> manhattan has everything. we have stores in the greatest theaters in the world, the greatest parks in the world but we also have the greatest favorites in the world. the neighborhoods are not something the tourist necessarily understand it unless the good east harlem and the borough or they go to a wonderful museum on the lower east side like the chinese museum. the neighborhoods are what makes new york and particularly manhattan very special. reporter: i have always said the whole world is one city in new york. i love the diversity here. i love the culture. it's what everybody talks about when i come to new york, how
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their buildings going up all the time. >> we expect new york city another million people in the next baby two decades, maybe less and in manhattan we have 1.6 residents and 1.62.4 million come in every single day. reporter: what is aiming for lifestyle in terms of our city is growing and how people will live and work here? >> it means tourists. what it means is we have to have safe streets. we have to have places for people to set. in terms of lifestyle you got to have affordable housing which i know the mayor has been pushing. i think we need retail. we appreciate the banks and we appreciate the large restaurants but we also want a hat store and the card store in the grocery story. we want the bodega. we have to make sure that talent continues and that's a challenge.
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zoning law no more large banks on the web site so we have to be very careful of keeping our retail mix. christina: back after the break with a man accused of assaulting someone on the street, after the
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christina: time for sports.
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again. reporter: the guard is a former member of the new york knicks jr smith a story released in the daily news today they came out this afternoon that jr allegedly choked a teenager. this happened last friday when the cavaliers were in town. the team stayed in town after the game and in the story a 19-year-old justin brown is accusing smith of choking him at artichoke basil pizza in chelsea. this is down the street from one of. it happened christina at 4:00 a.m., 4:00 in the morning. this is an exact example of why jr smith maybe phil jackson traded him to cleveland. he just can't resist new york city so a little bit more about this incident. it's alleged and smith's attorney said the claims are completely false however again
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4:00 a.m.. according to the report the teen asked for a photo with jr and jr ignored him and the teenager started parading him saying that is when you're kicked you out and that's where the next treated you. smith quote checked him against the exterior the building and put his hands around brown's neck. i have covered jr's entire next career. you is as good to me. his parents were always around. he was a walking timebomb. incidents like this, and it's a legend but it seems to follow him. he got in trouble for indecent tweets, but as they were indecent and undecided opponents show -- shoes at the free-throw line. he was undisciplined and a lot of it stems from him not -- they new york city lifestyle and this is culminating. we will see where the charges and up but jr smith in the news and it's not about basketball.
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christina: we don't know what happened. >> typical jr smith, not surprised. christina: tina thank you. i pretty much does it for now. thanks for joining us everyone. i'm christina park, for all of us here at studio park in the control room have a great night
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