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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  November 21, 2015 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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>> gus: 38-28 baylor, five minutes to play in the fourth quarter. oklahoma state, the sixth ranked team in the nation undefeated. and they still have james washington with the touchdown and second of the night. you take look at the drive. what's the philosophy for oshg state -- oklahoma state? >> joel: the key is the first down call. you know baylor has to run the ball. one, they're not going to want to throw to it stop the ball. two, they don't want to throw with it chris johnson who made a mistake. you kick the ball off deep. you stack the line on first down. >> gus: are you sure, joel? looks like he's going to on-side it. and he does.
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corey coleman, schools it up. >> joel: i never like going to the desperation play until i have to, for exampled into it. defense was playing well, offense on the ropes, now the defense job is to hold them to a field goal opportunity. it would still be a two-possession opportunity at that point. >> gus: i totally agree with you. maybe a tactical mistake with five minutes to go, the on-side kick. especially when you consider chris johnson has thrown an interception on their last series. and in all likelihood they were going to run the ball and punt it a way. >> joel: they had to run it because of johnson being a bit rattled in the clock situation. they'll still be in the run it mode. man coverage on the outside. >> gus: johnny jefferson running on first down, taken down to the
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jay skobs with the tackle. >> joel: mike gundy doesn't to have use his time-outs yet. he will to have use them if baylor gets them. guess, you just get the sense, the nature of baylor, with the man coverage that, kendall briles is itching to try to take a shot with corey coleman. you get the sense you might see a fake and coleman in a 1-on-1 situation. >> gus: coleman at the top of the screen. and jefferson. third down and shortcoming up for the bears. >> joel: mike gundy is going to use one of the time-outs here. >> referee: time-out, oklahoma state. >> gus: we'll take a break, 4:07 to go.
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>> gus: 4:07 to go, baylor faced with the third down and one at the 21. >> joel: i wouldn't fake the ball, would i bring in all of the heavy personnel. would i snap it to chris johnson who is 6'5", 235 pounds. this would be a quarterback run the entire way. quarterback power from baylor. >> gus: also mcgowan, 410 pounds.
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here's the handoff. oh, lowered his shoulder and picked up the first down. threw himself under the chariot. >> joel: power here. he will have a three oklahoma state defender. and he meets them, powers through, and is able to get the first down. always falling forward. 6'0", 225 pounds with 53 yards rushing on the night. >> gus: linwood injured his leg. hasn't sign much action in the second half. johnson! chris johnson with an eight-yard run. lampkin with the tackle. >> joel: he has some athleticism. mike gundy going to be forced
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into using his time-outs after this next snap. >> gus: you never want to second guess the coach like mike gundy. he's just one of the best in america. on-side kick with five minutes to go, you wonder if he'd like to have that back. >> joel: he would have been in this type of series, where the defense has to get a stop. >> gus: second down, chafin, first down. >> joel: baylor, if it can methodically run the ball, i don't like the desperation plays, i don't like going for two or the on-side kick until you have to. mike gundy, he knows his team better than anybody. he's done a remarkable job. this team, an island of castoffs. they have seven different players that were walk-ons or transfers. starters, seven of the 22 starters on his team, he's done
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at this point as an undefeated. >> gus: first and goal. chafin, gets inside the 5. the thing about mike gundy, 48 years old. a lots of job openings this year, south carolina, maryland, usc. >> gus: 2:15 to play. 38-28. baylor, bears trying to bounce
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back from their only lofts season last week at home to oklahoma. this would be a huge road win for baylor. mike gundy, 2: 5 away from his -- 2:15 away from his undefeated season. second and goal at the four. johnson, touchdown. he's thrown for two touchdowns. he now has run for a touchdown. chris johnson, came into this game in the third quarter for jarrett stit ham. stidham. he has had the game of his life. against the sixth ranked team in the nation. >> joel: there's no more pressure-packed situations than top ten matchups late in november. and the third stringer who played wide receiver for the entire season, lost that backup job in fall camp, plays wide receiver all year, when seth
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back as a quarterback. and, gus, he has played like a champion tonight on the road. >> gus: and it's the determination and the wiflt baylor bears, 311 yards rushing, three touchdowns. snap on the main sails! [ barking ] be extra whippy! [ laughing ] together: ahhhhhhhhhhh! yarrrr, it be the twizzler. run! crew member: what does he want? happy holidays! free shipping all season long at and free returns too! >> gus: 4578-28, baylor. 2:10 to go. here's the dr pepper one of a kind game. >> joel: you just never know when the backup comes in the
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game how's he fog to reajt. how about throwing the ball perfectly for a touchdown? his first touchdown of the night. one of a kind play of the game. chris johnson, an amazing feeling. get your first action, 5 of 10, two touchdowns. one interception which was a mistake, was a great rushing touchdown. baylor bears alive and well in the crazy ending of the college football season. >> gus: baylor 707 yards in total offense. >> joel: carr and lacy back deep. oklahoma state starts inside the 10 chlt . gets up to the 35.
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we will travel to palo alto. joel and i will call the notre dame-stanford game along with molly mcgrath. huge playoff implications especially for the irish. >> joel: that's going to be an amazing game. notre dame winning tonight in fenway park by three. 19-16 over boston college. >> gus: rudolph near side. that's sheperd. >> joel: 1:58, art briles and this fan base from baylor is going to become the biggest oklahoma state fans in the big 12. with bedlam looming next week. >> gus: walking downts field. and briles, at the 10, out of bounds.
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juwan beat his man. with 1:49 to go, he gave 49 yards. and a football will be placed at the 5 yard line. >> joel: we've seen crazier endings in college football. excellent pass from rudolph down the side line. >> gus: here's rudolph. lobbing it. and incomplete, washington, the intended receiver. waz covering him. >> joel: mike gundy said that they're just trying to scratch and claw, smoke and mirrors their way to 150 yards rushing. one of the first games they haven't been able to do that. walsh has not been effective in the game. he is going on come in the game in this goal line situation,
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>> gus: second down and five. walsh running to the right side. goes down at the two. jamal palmer with the stop. >> joel: we've seen baylor three different times, this is the best the defense has played, and particularly the front seven. they played a lot of snaps tonight. but they've been excellent against the run. >> gus: walsh again, straight ahead this time. gets in for the score. >> joel: here you go. p.a.t. to make eight ten-point
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kick situation. >> gus: extra point is good. ten-point game, 1:12 to go. oklahoma state, with one time-out left.
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to go. fighting until the very end. as the cowboys and the bears prepare for an on-side kick. tried to cross him up, last time. came to the wide side of the field. kicked it right at coalman. he, again, will be down here just below the 50 on the bottom of the screen. >> gus: this time kick it to the other side, off the bounce. >> referee: free kick out of bounds, kicking team, five-yard penalty, first down.
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>> gus: art briles, he's smiling now. his team comes in to stillwater. take a look at the remaining games for baylor. tcu in forth worth next week. >> joel: boy, we thought that was going to be just a barnburner of a game. still holds so much important answer. but this was a gutsy win. just an awfully gutsy win. down to your third string quarterback. chris johnson, bo blacksheer, defensive tackle was out, chance waz played with a neck injury, o'brien stewart was out, terrell burton the safety was out. and what i like the most about chris johnson's performance as a third string quarterback, he came in to the game when they need him. and he was prepared.
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>> joel: he was prepared. so difficult to do when you don't have the reps to back the confidence up. what a performance. >> gus: for the first time since 1939 baylor comes in to stillwater and wins, 45-35, the final. they do it with a backup quarterback. chris johnson. saves the day for art briles. the bears hand the cowboys their first loss of the season. lets's go down where our molly mcgrath is standing by with art briles. thanks, gus. coach, congratulations going around. your team has dealt with adversity all season. another quarterback, jarrett stidham, goes down with injury. how happy are you with how chris johnson responded? >> i'm just happy for your football team. we have faced a lot of adversity and we talked about being a tough team. that's something we want to be and come in here and play tough. just grind every play.
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i thought jarrett was unbelievable in the first half, chris was unbelievable in the second half, the defense placed great. good special teams a great team win. nour third string quarterback goes in and the success of the offense lie on the shoulders of the offensive line bhachlt did they do well to help you get win? >> all of them are old, they played a bunch of games, won a bunch of football games, won two championships. we leaned on them, they played well, they responded well. and i'm just proud of our team. they did a great job. >> in the big 12, november is all about wins over quality opponents. you definitely did that tonight. how will this give you momentum going into next week in forth worth? >> we have six days, we have to travel home tonight, go to work tonight, and travel to fort worth friday. we have good team. >> congratulations, coach. back to you. >> gus: molly, 45-35, baylor, defeats oklahoma state and the bears are still alive for their third straight big 12 title.
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>> gus: 4 5-35, baylor handing the cowboys their first loss of the season. moments ago molly mcgrath caught up with the star of the second half, quarterback chris johnson. chris you have been waiting for this opportunity to really show what you can do. what was your mindset as you took the field heading into the second half? >> i mean, coach briles teaches take one shot at a time, i didn't want to make irt bigger than what it was w those guys around me, it's not very hard. i wanted to go out there and just be poised and focused and do what i hat to do. >> you mentioned your teammates, offensive line protected you well. stidham, russell showing support during the game. how much did your teammates' confidence in you help you, with that big run into the end zone. how did that give you confidence? >> i mean, that helped, you know, a whole bought lot.
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those guys on the side line, talking to me, encouraging me, we went in at halftime, they were telling me, just stay ready, stay warm, stay hot, you never know when you might get the shot. it came tonight. i have to give credit to those guys, offensive line played great, dif played a great game. -- defense played great. >> great performance, congratulations. >> thank you. thank you. >> gus: the final score here at boone picken stayed stadium 45-35. next week is rivalry week in college football. we will bring you plenty of matchups, including washington against washington state for the apple cup. and the civil war between oregon state and oregon, all begins thanksgiving day on fs1 and here on fox. that wraps it up here. for joel, molly, i'm gus
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>> right now on "fox 5 news" at 10. antwan: a major university among several schools canceling trips to new york city out of safety concerns. good evening i'm antwan lewis. christina is off tonight. penn state university to lay the school to cancel field trips to the area in the wake of the recent paris terror attacks. in recent days schools in new york new jersey and maryland have also postponed -- postponed trips generic city. lidia curanaj has the latest from times square. reporter: the holiday season in new york city is one the most beautiful times of the year but an ugly turn of events events such as the terrorist attacks and terrorist video showing images of times square, penn state is the latest school to cancel non-academic trips to manhattan citing security
11:28 pm
concerns. plans to visit the city have been abandoned by schools in new jersey long island and maryland. as penn state students and alums cheered on their alma mater, they also questioned their school's decision. >> you can't live your life in fear. i think there are going to be under heightened -- and years to come. >> i understand the better safe than sorry mentality but i think they are being a bit too cautious. report to the head of the department for the 6 train friday to show new yorkers they shouldn't be afraid. >> we are living in a very safe city and a very secure city. reporter: in an effort to keep new york city more safe recently the nypd and build the new counterterrorism critical response command. an elite squad of officers whose main objective is to prevent and respond to terrorist threats.
11:29 pm
are you rethinking your trip? >> i wouldn't say rethinking it that we didn't have, if we were little hesitant to report other hesitation didn't hold them back from visiting the square. this group from pittsburgh leave other parts of the city off limits. >> we did not attempt the financial district. and we wouldn't take the ferry. reporter: not all class trips have been canceled. though serbia's -- academic or service-oriented can be continued if employees with the students at all times. lidia curanaj "fox 5 news." antwan: breaking news to tell you about of new jersey. the all clear has been given at the edgewater multiplex center. witnesses tell fox 5 a fight broke out during a screening of "the hunger games" movie when someone yelled bomb which created a panic. police arrived and evacuated the theater and no close as were found during the sweep of the multiplex and no injuries were reported.
11:30 pm
the theater was closed for the rest of the evening. authorities arrested three suspects -- suspected isis militants at a hotel in turkey. a belgian man was identified as a 26-year-old who officials believe scout of the locations in paris where the attacks took place and some syrians believed to have sent biases to ensure his safe return to syria. officials say the three were preparing to cross the turkish border into syria. meantime the fbi is investigating possible terror threat targeting a wrestling event at philips arena in atlanta. a group thought to be linked to anonymous claims isis is targeting events including the wwe pay-per-view event. the fbi is taking the alleged threat seriously but there's no specific or credible information of an attack at this time. debbie debbie releasing a statement saying it's working with the fbi and local authorities might now there are no plans to cancel this event. tonight delta remains on
11:31 pm
lockdown in response to what's called an eminent threat of a terrorist attack. benjamin hall is in brussels with the very latest. >> another in major european city this time the location is brussels. the entire nation of belgium is on hiler. officials are warning of an imminent terrorist attack like the horror that was visited on paris on friday the 13th or the subway system and the r. shutdown in many restaurants have been ordered to close early. the suburb of brussels, one of the suspects seen crossing the border from france and belgium. batman is salah abdeslam. "fox news" caught up with the man who said he was a childhood friend. >> he would go on and on about jihad with loads of guys sitting around smoking marijuana and watching videos of gun battles
11:32 pm
to join. for the last year talked of nothing else. >> in a related development is a suspected isis member arrested in turkey. investigators believe the man they have taken into custody may have been a scab picking locations for the paris attacks. meanwhile the russian government is donating a puppy to france to replace the police dog who was killed during the raid on saint-denis earlier in the week. military personnel and contractors are told to stay away from brussels for three days. those are the here should stay in place. american embassy is given the same morning to civilians visiting the city. and belgium, benjamin hall "fox news." antwan: in malaysia president obama a vowing to keep america's borders open to refugees after the house approved a bill that would suspend its plans to admit 10,000 series next year. i propose refugee bill would add fbi background checks to the
11:33 pm
personal obama has vowed to veto the bill if it reaches his desk. >> we are going to keep on stepping up and making sure that america remains a place where people who in other parts of the world are subject to discrimination or violence may have an america friend. >> my church has supported refugees but the thing is we can't be blind and say there is no threat. antwan: 31 governors is that they are against bringing refugees into the u.s. until screening procedures are able to ensure they don't pose a threat. tonight we are learning more about the american killed in a terrorist attack and a luxury hotel in molly. 21-year-old anita but tara graduated from rutgers and spent much of her life in our reach working for international development firm. 20 people were killed when islamic militants stormed the radisson blu hotel yesterday. an extremist group led by former al qaeda commander claimed
11:34 pm
responsibility. authorities are still searching for three suspects. police monitor and arrested a man in connection with to a house rental scam on craigslist. john wallace is accused of soliciting a vacant home in massapequa park on the side that police say he doesn't own the property. wallace gave a tour of the home last month to someone interested in renting it and took $2500 from the victim. he is facing burglary and grand larceny charges. new york city 9/11 hero honored by as street on amsterdam in washington heights is called louis topanga junior square. he rushed into the twin towers and help save thousands of lives. he died of an illness related to his work at the ground zero site in november of 2013. >> from my mother, from my father and my sister from oliver family that's here thank you so much.
11:35 pm
looked up and said -- thank you. luis do pena junior was in veteran and stationed at station 13 in washington heights. republican presents a candidate donald trump on the campaign trail in alabama. 3000 people turned out for trumps rally with birmingham protester showing up. when the picketer interrupted his speech he wasted no time throwing him out. >> get him the hell out of here, would you please? get him out of here. throw him out. antwan: during the rally trump criticize president obama's handling of the isis terror threats and the negotiating of the nuclear deal with iran. hillary clinton speaking to a crowd at the dinner parties gymboree event. among her hot topics the growing problem of income inequality in the u.s.. >> what we have got to do is raise the minimum wage. two-thirds of minimum wage workers are women.
11:36 pm
expect companies to share profits with employees instead of all that going to the executives on the top. quanah not the only democrat they rally. bernie sanders and martin o'malley also gave speeches. black friday is less than a week away but you don't have to wait in order to get your hands on some designer deals. several big-name department stores are opening up on the locations. dan bowens has more. reporter: the first coast-to-coast department store offers more than 740 locations nationwide. originally the focus has been on the spin-off to the iconic brand called macy's backstage. intended to compete with other direct retailers and attract the next generation of consumers. trumpeting its deals on designer merchandise. >> i like the deal. reporter: macy's backstage doors will stand out in a crowded
11:37 pm
retailers. >> bever i.d., the quality and the prices. >> i came here for hanukkah and christmas presents and then i got clothing for myself. reporter: a store in west orange is the first in new jersey. five others are located in brooklyn queens bronx in long island. they will open this fall. >> we have seen growth and we think macy's could be competitive in that landscape. reporter: senior vp vanessa lafave versus big key is millennials or anyone between the ages of 1824 -- 18 and 24. >> millennials like i won don't have fashion. reporter: is a competitive market. warden taylor opened a discounted in paramus. bloomingdale's is reportedly planning to open a flagship outlet in manhattan soon. >> in order to keep up with
11:38 pm
stores like marshalls, nordstrom j. crew and mercantile's this is what they have to do to stay relevant. reporter: robert stone of 23 over when you are picked up a dry shirt at the store like anyone from any anyone generation he appreciates a good deal. >> it's a better price for millennials. we like to look nice without spending a lot. reporter: dan bowens "fox 5 news." antwan: music to be as up on long island high school and billy joel keeping a local school open and another ref site -- rat sighting in the subway. this time is he is not taking pizza but taking a selfie. a new fda approved laser and how it works. a nice cool day today. >> the suburbs are chilly but we have clouds in place across the area. a system where watching towards her west. that one with a few isolated showers across the area.
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i will let you know when, coming up. what dear? oh! oh, you're bad. stop that! i'm sorry. (vo) a new york millionaire spent $714,000 to learn how to be a pet
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>> you are watching "fox 5 news" at 10:00. antwan: the pin amana stepping in to help save a long island high school. jonah goldberg explains what billy joel is doing to keep the long island school from closing. reporter: she had her mindset auditioning for long island high school for the arts and she was in eighth grade. the junior says she's living her dream spending or weekday mornings doing what she loves. >> it's amazing what would you hear and you can't live without it. >> looking for a particular? reporter: the performing arts program has been around for nearly half a century and at the peak the program had more than 200 students. now enrollment tested below 100. dr. lidia begley says the program has a stem school in
11:42 pm
>> we have a tax gap which makes funding from the districts very difficult and extremely hard to do. reporter: now help from a famous musician and long island native. billy joel is in support of the students. he sent a letter to the board highlighting the importance of music programs for future generations. they postponed the vote on the closure proposal and he supported willing to donate to the school. jeanne d. esposito is one of the many parents trying to save the school. >> a lot of people like can't afford to bring in anything close to that kind of work they're getting to do with this program. >> it's amazing being a place where the people and everyone wants to do something similar to yours and everyone is here for purpose. >> we are left with a little bit of hope.
11:43 pm
reporter: they have until mid-march to determine whether they have enough funds and students to keep the school open for another year. jody goldberg "fox 5 news." antwan: drones are coming under fire by the city council. new york lawmakers want to place restrictions on where, when and how unmanned drones that can be fun. the bill has 24 co-sponsors. the bill would also ban the use of a drone with the person controlling it is drunk or under the influence of drugs. the issue will be ebated out of council hearing on monday. first there was pizza rat and now they're a selfie rap. here's what happened. now the tenor and his friend were waiting for the subway when they saw a man sleeping near the tracks in crown heights brooklyn. the rats climbed into the man's lap and somehow made his cell phone go off thus taking a selfie. the flash alerted the man to his
11:44 pm
abdel's highly anticipated apple 25 sold 900,000 copies on itunes yesterday which is the davis release. 25 is on track to sell at least 2.5 million copies its first week according to the billboard which means it would break the group in sync u.s. record towards no strings attached album. here's a manly act. dumping your fiance when we before the wedding and then with a text message. kylie malacca said she could hardly move but instead of giving it to heartbreak she chose to run with a crazy idea proposed by one of her bridesmaids to put on their dresses and to a 5k color run celebrate happiness and individuality. >> i did it to kind of show other people it's okay. everything happens for a reason. reporter: kylie said the wedding dress will be cleaned and donated to charity.
11:45 pm
customers tried to make up for the anti-immigrant message for the california waitress. the server was from thailand and claimed a customer wrote quote tip for u.s. citizens only on this receipt in the gratuity. people in the community are supporting the waitress by sending letters of support as we well as leaving generous tips. turns out selfie sticks are useful and practical. a marshaler school has figured out they come in handy if you are ever attacked or the school is offering a selfie stick to his class who says popular gadgets are not different than trouble. as far as mastering the self-defense techniques days. a new high-tech tool is helping fight the battle of the bulls. fda approves fat burning laser that promises a flatter stomach. "fox 5's" sharon crowley shows us how it works. >> what we are doing now is
11:46 pm
blocking the area were the fattest. reporter: like many of us lisa wants a flatter stomach. >> is typical fabulous baby. reporter: the new jersey mother of two said no matter how hard she tried she can't write get rid of those extra inches around her belly. >> sometimes there's one spot you can't reduce. >> what we are going to do is treat the entire area. reporter: a medical director at their affection center in livingston new jersey plans to help lisa get the body she wants using laser technology. >> the laser is able to bypass the surface of the skin and reach any target that we want. here the target we are reaching is fat. reporter: he's using a fat burning machine called sculpture, just to prove just approved by the food and drug administration. he can keep most of your clothing on and you are awake all-time. the doctor uses a laser to literally melt the fat away. >> with the later is doing is --
11:47 pm
fat and the body of the period of six to 12 weeks removes the unwanted fat. this whole thing will take 25 minutes. >> it feels like waves of heat and it starts to cool. reporter: the fda has only approved using the machine on certain areas of the body through the abdomen and love handles but clinical trials are now underway for other areas of the body that could be available in the future. >> the sculpture is using the fat so much as removing fluid from the fat cells. we are primly removing the fat cells in these fat cells did not come back. reporter: dr. chasen said this works best for someone who is a little bit of weight to lose and not for the morbidly obese. he said the machine will not work to significantly tighten loose skin and it isn't cheap. each laser treatment costs
11:48 pm
by insurance. one more thing, results are not instant. it takes between six and 12 weeks to see the difference. a change lisa is willing to wait for. >> we are looking forward to the next 12 weeks watching the belly fat melts away. reporter: since we talk with lisa two weeks ago to see if she is seeing progress. she sent us this picture of herself. you be the judge. in martinsville new jersey, sharon crowley "fox 5 news." antwan: if you are thinking of going back to school, old-school the scratch dj academy to man
11:49 pm
antwan: if you want to spend the school in manhattan allison went to scratch academy to learn the fine art of mixing. >> we are just unintended scratching the surface. reporter: scratch dj academy is more than scratching the surface they are scribbled scratching and dropping in the one. he found a scratch 13 years ago to make it easy to learn for people to learn.
11:50 pm
>> he also partnered with jam master jay the legendary dj from >> i spent nine months chasing him. his manager said he's performing at the letterman show and if you get here he will meet you in the minutes. reporter: let's rewind. that 20 years to the first time he saw a run d.m.c.. he was 12 years old. >> on the plane came run d.m.c. so i sat next to jay and i was listening to him from my walkman at the time. i took pictures with them and have those pictures and about them with me to meet him at the letterman show. reporter: the photos to the deal. before long scratch academy was up and running. they started with a series where people could learn from djs. from there he started offering classes in the fall of 2002.
11:51 pm
reporter: jam master jay was shot and killed in a recording studio in jamaica queens. he was bound to keep it going. we have academies in new york l.a. chicago and just opened up 3000 people. we have taught 500,000 people since its inception did we have entertained her dj network 27 million people and executed 60,000 events. reporter: djs are some of best in the industry like dan chavez who has been teaching professionally for over 15 years. >> this is my dj name. >> i'm a business reporter and died. >> that's a great name. reporter: he showed me the basics. >> the first thing we'll do is
11:52 pm
move the record forwards and backwards. reporter: he taught me how to drop on the one with the beat. then we put it all together. and then he showed me how it's really done. allison morris "fox 5 news." antwan: coming up a local professor using hip-hop in the classroom in this month's big idea. introducing a beloved is the show to a new generation.
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