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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  November 26, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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once, you changed how you ate breakfast. it's time to start changing when. from "fox 5 news" this is "good day new york". >> good day new york and happy thanksgiving, thursday morning, i'm teresa and what people they we have on tap we can answer nicer weather that's for sure. highs in the 60s today wasn't lash also really nice on thanksgiving. >> i think it was called last year, sunny but chilly. >> well today it's going to be sunny and nice. >> thinking speaking of the prayed the balloons are ready to
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go. there's this guy fox hd above the sky this morning. people. people are ready claiming their spots along the roof we have a preview of the thanksgiving day parade. >> & thanks given is all about the parade, food, and family, and shopping. stores will be open later for those who cannot wait for brack friday. >> and a select few are ready decked out for christmas you put up your tree on wednesday ready. >> tuesday well a lot of folks getting the tree the tree up before the turkey, we will look at the glowing moments of a christmas tree. >> also coming up we'll have the executive chef of cavern on the green. he he will cook up a nice thanksgiving dinner for us all those kinds of things you'll do before -- are you good at all of that.
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thanksgiving on my own. >> so a part of the meal have you actually? >> ben: i have never done the bird without assistance, like for my mom or something like that. >> theresa: you know my mother, she's not awake but when she does get up, call her and help her because she needs help with the bird this year. >> ben: is an always dry? >> theresa: it's amazing but she needs help is usually bad. honestly, she said to my husband can you please just do it this year? he can do it. >> ben: that's what should happen. >> theresa: when mom relinquishes control of the bird you know you have a problem.
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i've done both. turkey i practice making turkeys what eyes back in phoenix. >> mike: i'd have friends over and be like to be my little test they came out great, the first time out. i had one of those bags you put it in. >> theresa: people are often put in the bird and now. >> mike: what were going to cater it. happy thanksgiving everyone, it looks like we have some great weather for us here, coming up today there is not a heck of a lot going on, just stepped outside and if you're heading to the parade a lot of folks are doing that right now getting up and going out.
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it looks like 42, 43 degrees, mainly 3 degrees, mainly clear skies, there's high clouds out there. no present for you today. about 51 by 10:00 a.m., high temp of 60 later this afternoon. it is a a warm one out there. that we can appreciate. it's 34 bridgeport, 25, 25 in poughkeepsie, 28 a monticello, changes in the plus category about two-5 degrees warmer than it was yesterday. some clouds off to the west not going to do a great job holding together. but they will do when they come on by his filter out the sunshine a little bit. not a big deal at all. the warfront is going by us right now that will help with a warmer warm air mass. more clouds come without especially later today and into tonight.
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early high temp is 64. mostly cloudy tonight and patchy fog. your seven day forecast, hive 60 today, 64 tomorrow, more clouds tomorrow as we had to saturday there'll be showers coming in. high 53 on saturday, 50 on wednesday next week. let's bring in ines. >> ines: people are lining up prey that kicks off at nine. here's what's going on. a lot of green on the road. sixth avenue 42nd street we have people lined up on sixth
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if you want to take the train that's the best way to and from the parade. subways are on a subway schedule, staten island staten island on the saturday schedule. metro-north, and others on a holiday schedule with extra service to and from the raid. 86 street is closed, central park west is where the parade will be going on, south of 86 street will be closed and the parade will continue down. all of these closures are already set up. south on sixth avenue, so the streets around this parade route i basically closed. and that's where the prey disperses. so 86 until 33rd street. let's go to skyfoxhd, his along the parade group and will give you more formation. good morning jim smith. >> reporter: good morning, many the street closures are ready went in, central park west is
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what were looking at now that's where some of the balloons are set up. central park west are ready down, many people already lining up. closed down last night. keep in mind not only with the closures themselves but you will not be able to cross the avenues to get through the parade once morning. you want to avoid that area between the adm the 30. >> in the 80s and the 30s, that's a huge section of manhattan. all right jim smith for us, looks pretty crowded out there are ready but it is a great event every year. >> theresa: i found even at 430 this morning there were street closures, and so many police officers.
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more this year than i remember seeing last year. >> ben: this of course is one of the big new york city annual traditions. there there are a few of them, there's the new york city marathon, the july 4 and new year's day. it now now the parade kicks off in two hours. >> theresa: liz is on the upper west side braving the crowds already there. the morning liz. >> reporter: good money to the both of you, tresa ben and happy thanksgiving to everyone at home. ben, like you said this is one of the traditions that makes new york city so special. we are starting to see the parade, volunteers and participants get up and adam and hit the road here at central park west. a lot of of floats, a lot of balloons, a new addition to the parade this year. we had some video of the floats and
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night. a lot of people came out to see that and then today we have some performers going through their final practice before they kick off. we are expecting 3,000,000 people to lined the streets to take in the parade. there'll be lots of dancers, the parade will go down central park west, go across 59th street, down sixth avenue and and at macy's herald square. we spoke to the director of the parade who puts in a lot of work and as soon as it and today work for next year starts again. take a look at what she has to say about how it gets put together. >> reporter: this is an incredible day for macy's and all of those who volunteer their time for the prey. we have been working for a solid year to bring this parade to lie. we have four brand-new balloons they'll take flight today. we have seven brand-new floats and more than anything we have volunteers from macy's and around the country to bring this prey to america. >> reporter: another thing people notice whether watching on tv are on the streets is at a police presence.
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things very seriously. back out here you can see the bomb squad out here and the k-9 unit going through the floats and things like that to make sure everything is turning up okay. it's really comforting to see these added officers here, 100 were here earlier. earlier. they will be scattered all throughout the parade route making sure we say stay safe. and a lineup of the singers that will be talking to the media soon, mariah carey, sean mendez, train, they will all be performing at the end of the parade route. or hoping to get interviews with them later on. it will be a great day new york city, it always is. i'm is. i'm excited to be out here. now back over to you. >> theresa: i think this is one
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grew up in the area that you trim about being a reporter of the city it's this and that new year's eve, watching the ball are his hope to cover. >> reporter: it's true, my parents never wanted to come in a deal with the craziness so we always watched it on tv. it's cool to be here i have to save. >> ben: thank you liz. we'll see you in a little bit. >> theresa: if you not at the want to art shopping. >> theresa: i'm with you i shop every day of the ice really friday or gray thursday. there are people hitting the store today. i don't know if they're trying to get rid of the turkey, or what. >> ben: let's go to fox fives live and were busy outside walmart. >> reporter: not too busy yet, what were seen as mostly people last-minute thanksgiving items. i spoke to the manager a little while ago she expects biggs crowd today. some people love
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they have their barricades set up, rows and rows of them. up when the door busters kick off at 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> an estimated three and half million people are estimated to plenty of opportunity to spend with door busters starting earlier than ever. once again walmart, target, best buy, and macy's are among those opening their doors before you have a chance to digest the pumpkin pie. other retailers have taken a different approach. >> bring back the holiday with you j maxson. >> reporter: this is a response
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to consumer backlash and petitions to boycott the stores who do open on thursday. retail analysts say when stores open their physical locations it is becoming less and less important as more people click to purchase online. >> more people are shopping online than ever before. you're knackered to not going to see the prince in the store that we might've seen even a few years ago. if and when the urge to shop hits your view of the deals you'll find online and in store. target is giving 100-dollar gift card with the purchase of an apple watch. best buy is discounting ipads by up to $125, old navy and the gap are all very 50% off everything. what you think about the stores thanksgiving? >> i think it shouldn't do it. family. before the madness. >> reporter: so that was a woman we spoke to on her way into walmart to grab some last-minute food items. she will be shopping on black friday, she's taken with a half today. for those who can't wait to want to get off there's plenty of options, at 10:00 a.m., jcpenney at 6:00 o'clock. there. and of course on the world wide
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web. ben and tresa back to you. >> ben: thank you. other news this morning burglar >> theresa: will take a look at surveillance camera. walked into a bedroom where a man was sleeping and took his cell phone, look at him. he has what appears to be a knife in his mouth. he just ran off when the man woke up. he was last seen wearing all black, a black make on, and the word diamond in red and white lettering on it. if you have any information on this very creepy, disturbing crime please call crime stoppers. dramatic draft dashcam videos
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traffic on the major highway. >> ben: this video was posted and the chase happen on monday morning. the clip begins on the palisades parkway but the pursuit started early above the new york state throw away. it goes over the grass, median, into oncoming traffic. watch this. officers kept up with them. look at the at the cars going the other direction. he went all the way to the new jersey turnpike hitting speeds of 110 miles per hour and then got stuck in traffic like your likely to do. that happened just before the toll plaza where cops were able to do him. this suspect is wanted for murder, the murder of a former lover in troy, new york near albany. he now near albany. he now faces charges and faces extradition from new jersey back to new york. >> theresa: my goodness, how credible no one was injured. in the chase.
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>> ben: very incredible. >> theresa: shots were fired at residential building in brooklyn. you can see flames going through the roof. we'll go onto another story. >> ben: a mother who left her baby had a church has been found they say the mother will not be charge. >> theresa: the mother was seen holding a baby, buying a towel, the queens da office followed the spirit of the safe haven law even returned to the church the next morning to make sure that her child had been found. how heartbreaking is this. they discovered the little boy it in the nativity scene with his umbilical cord still attached. a priest who blessed the child said the mother should be praised for her actions that criticize. >> this mother chose life, she said yes to the gift of life. she should be commended for that. she was scared, she must have been distraught.
7:17 am
knew where to come. >> theresa: the baby is doing well that's a good news and is also in the care of authorities. >> ben: a judge says that decision will come soon in a fight between new york and two fantasy sports company. >> theresa: trying to draft it for operating in new york after declaring it illegal gambling operations. a judge her two hours of arguments. the company say these games are not gambling, they are contest of skill. at the sake of billions of dollars. many companies including fox have invested in the fantasy sports industry, fox owns a stake in drafting. >> ben: time to check the weather forecast, we could hit 60 together and it has been a long time. >> mike: 2007 is the last time we had that weather. we had 67 degrees them. there's a good chance the rain front is coming through but it
7:18 am
will be drive for the prey. folks are out gathering through the parade route and we have a good day, not. the top five thanksgiving, let's see what we have, the snowiest thanksgiving was in 1989, with fort .9 inches of snow. an inch and a quarter just a year before. coldest thanksgiving, 1930, 15-degree temperature and 72 and 72 is the warmest in 1920. just some stats for thanks giving holiday here. not much to talk about today and that's a good thing. 42 at central park, 31 in islip, 42 in islip, 42 in montauk, 28 in monticello. as far as winds go, they're coming in in from the east, northeast and switching to the southeast.
7:19 am
right now it's on the cooler side i will see your temps going up, future cast doesn't bring as much cloud cover wise but by tomorrow, the clouds do start to thicken up and we could see some drizzle in the area with a onshore flow. were waiting for rainfall and that will come on saturday. it won't be a ton of moisture but we will see some showers coming through as we head into saturday morning. that should be about it. were going to 64 degrees as a high, tomorrow partly cloudy skies and high 64, then it dries out on sunday and monday. let's bring in ines and see what's happening. >> ines: if you're thinking of leaving right now, it's not bad at the time. no delays on the l ie. you know it's a holiday. new jersey, union, essex county
7:20 am
and show you the parade route. there's closures set up, this is eighth avenue by columbus, you do have a lot of activity going on, people in street closures. if your going to the parade use mass transit. the b.q.e. heading toward the oakland bridges moving five. the tappan zee bridge is looking good. there's 34 street as we go back to tresa and ben. >> ben: we have about an hour and a half. thank you ynez. still to come on "good day new celebrations going on, more than 200 miles above the earth. spee1 nasa space station.
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7:24 am
>> ben: signs of a degenerate disease were found in his brain. after a death at the age of 84. the divinely decided to have his brain studied in hopes of further medical research on the condition. >> we tend to use the head as a weapon and when we do we create damage within the skull because the brain which is rather soft moves within the skull. there are areas that could damage. >> ben: cte can only be diagnosed after death. it is found in the brain of dozens of former nfl players, it depression and others. gifford's family said he experienced details. black lives matter protesters night. >> theresa: skyfoxhd was on the gathered. they also gathered in times square and a march was held in the village as well. there were peaceful. and in chicago people people protesting a police
7:25 am
the shopping mall tomorrow wanting to shut down the shopping district on the busiest shopping day of the year. >> ben: hundreds march for the second straight nights of a-cam shooting a black teenager 16 times last october. the officers charged with convicted he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> theresa: o warning this morning about a grader to look out for. this is something that has me grossed out. >> ben: the so-called kissing bug? now spread to more than half of the united states including pennsylvania, possibly new jersey. spee1 you want take a crack take a crack at the name of this thing. >> ben: the latin american tri-
7:26 am
it bites around the lips around people who sleep. really gross. more than half the bugs carry a parasite that can called shang guests. a disease. other mammals. these bugs pass the disease on by defecating into bite wounds. if left untreated it can be deadly. this is the perfect story you want to see in the morning when you're preparing your thanksgiving. >> ben: this is worse than bedbugs. it attacks you while you're sleeping. >> theresa: and it attaches to your lips be too happy thankful you have never seen one of those and never will. i hope they migrate north. new york, excitement is is building, there is snoopy and woodstock. day parade. >> theresa: we will be right
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but whatever, it's nice. what's on we going to play like adam sandler. >> ben: good morning everyone ben and treece are filling in for you this morning. it's really does not feel like the holidays, this fall has been really nice. >> mike: are we do for a cold snap. >> theresa: i don't care if it's cold, it's not going to snow. >> mike: is not going to snow. >> theresa: i have to have people remind me it's not going to snow. >> mike: today it is not going to snow. it will be warm and sunny. i don't mind right now if we get a little snow before january 1. >> theresa: a little bit but were not going to get 3 inches. >> mike: this is late has to be. here's the forecast for you
7:31 am
today, we will keep it nice, dry but chilly for the start of the morning. partly sunny later this afternoon as we head toward bunch and into the afternoon. a lot of folks have it at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, partly sunny skies with highs around 60 for you. as it stands right now it's 42 degrees. twenty-five in poughkeepsie, 39 and elmar, 35 in montauk. a few clouds working their way through right now. the warm front is to the north of us right now. generally speaking over the next few days we will get a warmer, southerly flow coming to us. that brings in the warmer temperatures and a few more clouds out there too. it starts off sunny but we end off with a few clouds in the afternoon. high temp goes to about 60. tomorrow hives 64, high of 53 of 53 on saturday with showers coming through. that spring in ines and look at the parade route and other things.
7:32 am
today so there's not much going on today. things are fine in new jersey as well as westchester and queens. there was an accident earlier on the b.q.e. e, that was quickly cleared away. this is headed toward the tappan zee bridge, no delay southbound if you're heading upstate, northbound things are great. as for the trains of course of the holiday everyone is on a different schedule. you have somehow and holiday service with extra service to the trains. note note traffic headaches on the b.q.e. heading toward the brooklyn bridge. the subways are on a sunday schedule. tree set we already played christmas music on good day. there's a christmas related story last week so we started a little early. >> theresa: that was an exception, as part of a >> mike: at.
7:33 am
>> ines: i say started early is the best time of the year. >> theresa: we need more christmas or holiday maybe we could extended into january. >> ines: january 15, that's when i take the tree down. >> ben: as much a part of thanksgiving as turkey and stuffing. for 89 years macy's has celebrated thanksgiving here in new york city. >> theresa: it is one of our much beloved traditions. liz is joining us on the parade route on the upper west side. she's been filling us in all morning long on what we can expect. is that a marching band behind you? remac yep we set this up just for you guys. good morning good morning to you. this band is from texas. the over in eastern texas they
7:34 am
are going to play a song in a few minutes. they are going to bands and dancers, as, as well as floats and blue characters going down the parade route. cuts around 59th street, goes down sixth avenue, and ends at herald square at macy's. we have lineup of stars performing there in just a little bit. this is an exciting event for new york city. the band will if you want to just take that live in just a second. we can listen in. >> reporter: so just one of the many performances that will be happening today, we spoke spoke to the director of the macy's day parade a while ago and this is what she had to say about how this is pulled off. >> the parade has a tradition of bringing joy to people.
7:35 am
the holiday season. we want to entertain and bring joy and to bring santos safely down to macy's herald square. it's a a big job but i think we are ready for it. >> reporter: here you are listening to the marching band, they will help kick things off. it is an exciting time here. it is a little bit loud, there is also added security all along the city. back to you. >> ben: very nice. >> theresa: i like that, thanks list. it has become the presidential tradition, the yearly part for
7:36 am
the turkey. >> ben: president obama for his seventh year spared the beard yesterday at the rose guard. he had his daughters next to him. one of the one of the things i love about this video is you really have seen the daughters grow up. when it started seven years ago, they are always at this event because their home and hanging out with him. when they started seven years ago they are little girls another basically adults. he could not help throwing out a dad joke. >> it is hard to believe this is my seventh year pardoning a turkey. time flies, even if turkeys don't. [laughter] >> theresa: that was good. oh man, two teenage daughters. >> ben: you know they laughed a little bit. he likes to pardon the turkey because it gives him the opportunity to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. >> theresa: do think if they to be dragged to going to that. >> ben: not originally probably
7:37 am
men at the nasa space station are going to enjoy a thanksgiving meal. >> theresa: potatoes are growing, pre-everything precooked and pretreated probably not as tasty as what mom makes back on earth. the crew has the day off today from working on research projects so they are enjoying this piece. later on they will watch football. i love this. i think this is so cool that they are able to join in the tradition while being all those miles up. >> ben: yeah, very nice. and they can just float around. >> theresa: do you think the food is good? >> ben: know it's probably terrible. people who bought their christmas tree before their turkey. >> theresa: we will explain it,
7:38 am
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>> theresa: i love these floats. i think it is so awesome. i went to grammar school with a family who makes these floats. i find the process fascinating. the planning that goes into it. >> theresa: i think there is some type of baseball owed. >> theresa: they did a great job what he think that is? i think that's a santos lay in the front. >> theresa: are those wires, to think they're gonna slide down that wire?
7:41 am
really running wild. >> ben: i do see a few drum sets there. this is above the natural history museum central park west, about 80th street. you can see their lined up for the parade. they will will step off in about one hour. >> theresa: the neverland, one of the kids got the neverland pirate? >> ben: it's like a legoland. it's 42 degrees out there little chilly but it will be nice. >> theresa: michael tell us more about the forecast. >> mike: if you get a check out the parade there's a gorgeous looking day. pikachu, micah chu,. >> theresa: that's frightening. >> mike: what you mean, everything is cute. take a look at that want to make sure is not deflated. why not?
7:42 am
>> theresa: that pink both suits him so well. >> mike: i would go to check out it is a cool start to the day is mentioned. it is dry at the same time. that windy. i've been out there when there's been some rough weather conditions. 39 degrees at belmar, 42 in montauk and 43 in montauk. wins coming winds coming from the east and northeast, that's not a big deal remember some wins years that that was up around 15 degrees. we have a mainly clear sky right now and it will be a there's a one front, cold front working its way toward the
7:43 am
tri-state. it takes while to get here. we don't have to worry about it today or tomorrow. a mainly sunny sky coming toward you. few sky coming toward you. be more clouds coming at you today and tomorrow. tomorrow there'll be enough cloud cover that you'll get some drizzle. temps stay warm with highs in the mid sixties. as we had late friday to saturday into saturday there's a culprit sliding in. trying to kickoff showers by saturday morning. only a little rainfall at that time. high temp today today goes up to 60 degrees, more sun and clouds. tomorrow is the same deal and then some showers this weekend. more showers come through on tuesday and wednesday. the fox 5 ny weather app has more you can download it for free today. let's bring in ines and see what we have with whatever we have here. traveling right now heading out the door you don't have too about traffic. everything is moving fine, new
7:44 am
the parkway. let's go to the cameras, the parade group is really got busy. street closures are set up. this is six avenue, you do see an opening at 57th street. they will close that near 9:00 o'clock. your radio people out there saving their spots and because of the parade let's go to the subway, the f train is bypassing 57th street because of overcrowding. another problem is with the j trains, no service and that's both direction all because of some maintenance problems. tresa and ben, i put my tree. ornaments come later. i was going to do it a week sooner but i got busy. it is up already. a tree before the turkey. it lights up the room and look so nice. >> theresa: i would agree with you it looks beautiful.
7:45 am
i started my black friday shopping yesterday. that's just today we spend a lot of money is not a holiday. >> ben: have fun decorating the >> theresa: out see her christmas eve when i put mine up. >> theresa: were talking about the tree before the turkey are the turkey before the tree. some stores are decked out for christmas, but what about your house? social media is packed with people's decorations. we look at the tree before turkey movement. >> getting a tree today. i want to put up tonight, the lights are ready on, foods on the table tomorrow. the turkey is not even it in the oven and the animals are putting up the christmas tree. >> if that christmas part one, it's thanksgiving. it doesn't feel right. >> because it's illegal. >> for six christmases they have
7:46 am
new jersey. >> last year we were already unloading the truck. >> premature tree buyers walk the town on daunting they sold 20 thanksgiving trees last weekend. >> i know neighbors who get it earlier. >> for some sleeping friends and family on label to see thanksgiving through the tree. it's just like politics. >> we failed to find the trump comparison. but but you know >> there are holiday revelers that seem to love the tree at their thanksgiving table. so this year we give thanks to the freedom to choose when we put up our tree. which many use with sawdust on the ground for turkeys are on the table.
7:47 am
>> if i go home i wait to the last day. >> theresa: i love him. who is he? if you know her, we tell us who >> ben: some people don't like trump, i'm not an animal. >> theresa: that's really funny. tree debate. >> theresa: sports. a lot of local. >> ben: the second quarter to go and boom, at 428 of the night it cut the lead to six. the magic had all the moves in this one, there up by seven, victor drives he would would knock down this triple right here. magic beat the next 100-91. the thunder were up by two, kevin durant would find russell buzzer.
7:48 am
twenty-seven on the night of westbrook. this time westbrook to durrant for a three pointer right there. durant with the green high, he had 26 and it was 110-99 the final. >> theresa: the rangers on the ice now. not a good one for the blue shirts. there are five goals, one of the first, one in the second, three in the third. rangers lose it, only their fourth loss of the season. montre al overtakes for first place in the eastern conference. islanders at home against billy. they were tied at one. they would go on to win it three-one for the final. >> ben: the new york devils hosting the blue jackets, the
7:49 am
average coaches going to tell you go to the center of the net. blue jackets are two-one, they would hold on for the win. >> theresa: coming up a good day, there are are new movies to see this holiday weekend. one of them getting a ton of buzz. my husband wants to see this and i was i got a really know. >> ben: do you recognize the music? part of the rocky franchise and they said is the best rocky movie since the first one.
7:50 am
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>> ben: anna gilligan is here, and a prize movie getting a lot of buzz. i read the times review yesterday. could not have been more glowing >> anna: glowing reviews all at brown for this new movie, creed. creed. you can see this holiday weekend. it is that much talked about spinoff from the rocky series. a lot of people say this is the original. it stars michael b jordan, rockies old nemesis turned apollo creed. the actor says he ate only chicken, broccoli, brown rice this movie. he is very realistic as a boxer.
7:53 am
there's a lot of buzz about their performances in the movie. incredible. >> theresa: i want to see it now. >> anna: also if you're looking for something scary, victor's frankenstein is a new twist on the legendary story. it shows how frankenstein came to be how we know him today. for the kids, there is the good dinosaur, pixar's latest animated feature. it follows a future dinosaur who gets lost and tries to find his way home with the help of a spot, the k boy. i think his a little tearjerker we spoke to a number of celebrities to find out what they're thankful for that the thanksgiving and how they plan to celebrate the holiday. >> thanksgiving is my favorite time year i'm looking forward time with family. >> we generally go away and we run hard all year as a family. so when the holiday come we'll
7:54 am
someplace quiet and spend some time and eat a lot and tried to get a little fat. >> we're going to cook and make a lot of food and watch football. >> i'm thankful for my children and my friends. >> theresa: very nice. >> anna: todd english is giving back this holiday. he he went to harlem to help distribute a good thanksgiving meal for the hungry. >> theresa: very cool. >> ben: there he is. nice. >> anna: i like how will sit smith said get a little fat. he's a movie star, he can't get to that. there are so many great movies coming out. you have to to start binge watching now for the season. before all the academy awards. like now until february. give or take. >> ben: thanks anna. >> theresa: it is jaclyn will
7:55 am
>> ben: you can go to dove wants you to unleash the beauty of your curls. that's why we created dove quench absolute. this system deeply nourishes curls... to quench dryness... for 4 times more defined, natural curls.
7:56 am
(dog) mmm. this beneful is so good and healthy. hey, you know what? we should just go ahead and have this for breakfast tomorrow.
7:57 am
would that be crazy? (vo) beneful originals is a healthy blend your dog will love. with whole grains, real beef, and accents of vegetables. >> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> it's a good day, new york. you were caught. she's eating her breakfast. it's thursday, november 26th, i'm cover for you. i'm ben simmoneau, this is
7:58 am
teresa priolo. [laughter] >> it is a lovely day to eat, whether now or later. of course, we're talking about thanksgiving, and the weather's going to be beautiful too. the mike has the full forecast coming up. >> millions of spectators are expected to watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade. along the route, a record number of police officers will patrol. >> and black friday is tomorrow. haven't you heard? for many retailers, though, they're starting today. several national chains are are opening this evening. some are already welcoming shoppers, believe it or not t. >> if you are feeling overwhelmed by the thoughts of cooking today, the executive chef of tavern on the green is here to give us tips for preparing a fantastic thanksgiving feast. they have food for a lot of people, about a thousand people at that restaurant today. >> ten years in the business x that is actually the first time i have been caught eating -- >> yes, tricky.
7:59 am
plan when you have food in your mouth. first time. >> welcome to the club. [laughter] >> happens to you a lot. >> pretty much daily. [laughter] >> for you, it's usually right after you eat. >> and then something goes in the wrong pipe. >> do you know simone yesterday was saying, mike, you always eat >> it's true. >> have a cupcake because you never cheat on your diet. >> come on. guy? [laughter] >> i like your m.o.. you work out a lot -- >> i don't go crazy, but i do eat my fair share or just to balance it all out. it may not be 100% -- >> you looked at her like, yeah, you're right. >> why do you have to tell [laughter] >> you know who's the biggest clean eating fraud around here? >> duke. >> duke castiglione. >> oh, forget about it.
8:00 am
he's 1406ing -- shoving golden grahams -- >> he goes to mike's stash. >> he starts crying if i don't have the cereal for him or candy or something like that. >> we can rat him out because i think he's in california. >> right. he's not here to defend himself. >> wow. i'm not a back stabber, i'm a front stabber. [laughter] >> also give him some golden grahams. >> there you go, then everyone's happy. happy thanksgiving, everyone. a lot of folks are getting up -- yeah, this would be sleeping n. looks like a gorgeous day, one of the best of the week. sunny and dry and cool for you in the morning just a little chilly. by lunchtime, partly sunny be skieses, a few more clouds making a comeback at that time, and the same thing will be the case this afternoon will mild temperatures getting up to a high of about 60 later on. 43, central park, as of 8:00. the winds coming in from the
8:01 am
east/east at 8 miles per hour. 37 in westfield, and we've got 28 degrees in berkeley heights. so 20s and 30s outside of the metro areas, but it is warmer in the metro areas. anyway, we've got a mainly clear sky right now. not much happening with the weather that's going to affect us immediately, but eventually we're going to see this warm front and cold front work through. the warm front's to the north of us. we're going to see more of a sowellerly -- southerly flow eventually and, yes, it is going to be fantastic outside. today your temps get up to about 60 for a high in the city. no problems with rain out there, but the clouds do build in tonight, patchy fog possible and lows dropping between 37-51. z we go -- as we go through the next seven days, 60 today, 64 tomorrow and 53 on saturday. that's when we have shower tristate. drier and cooler sunday and monday, then more rain tuesday
8:02 am
and wednesday. all right, now let's see what's going on. ines has got lots of details about getting around things in town. >> exactly, mike. if you want to come into the city or come in for something not the parade, i have some tips for you. westchester, an accident on the springbook northbound blocking a lane. b line buses are suspended today. sixth avenue by 67th street, everyone's lined up, closures are all set up. let's go to our maps. actually, because of the people, the f trains are bypassing 57th street, sixth avenue, central park west, avoid it between 86th perimeter. as far as the j trains, no service between -- [inaudible] boulevard and parsons. metro north, lirr, new jersey transit on a holiday schedule with extra service to and from
8:03 am
the parade. street cleaning rules and meters are suspended. teresa and ben. >> all right, ines, thank you very much. 8:056789 this -- 8:056789 it is one of the big thanksgiving traditions, floats, balloons, bands, well, it's ready to go. >> you name it, they have it. and the festivities are are returning this year with some new additions. liz dahlem is at the start of the parade route. more friends behind you? >> yes, yes, yes. we've got the football tossing around with the turkey tech gobblers -- [cheers and applause] they are a professional cheering squad throwing con t fetety, getting everybody wild and excited. and i want to show you guys the floats that have actually been released now, the balloons, the netting is gone, people are are in place keeping them tame at the moment. and the parade is going to kick off in about an hour.
8:04 am
going from the directors here. everyone's going to march down central park west, hang a left on 59th street, go down sixth avenue and end at macy's in harold's square. and we have so much to look forward today, and the nypd is working really hard to keep us safe as well. we know that there's going to be, you know, potential terror threats and alerts that have been going on around the city and really around the world lately, but the police department doing its best to keep us safe. and so are these guys. they're getting everybody excited and ready to go today. we're expecting 3.5 million people to line the route, record crowds because of this gorgeous day. finish you know, so we're all really excited to be a part of it, and we've got to thank these guys for giving up their morning holiday to keep us pushed up at the parade route. thank you guys so much. [cheers and applause] teresa and ben, back inside to you. >> probably can't get me the answer right now, but i know last hour or last half hour we
8:05 am
had somebody from texas, the band from texas, are they trying to get a group from each state to represent all the states? do you know if that's the way this all works? how do they get chosen to do this? >> you know, i'll have to find out, but they have people from all over the place. there's a group of pilgrims that are going to be's -- beescorting the lead turkey pom, they call him. -- tom, they call him. people from across the country take part many this parade, it's not just new yorkers, it's really everyone across the country. it kind of makes the day even more special. new york city's a melting pot, and we're bringing everybody here to celebrate the holiday together. >> very cool. the weather looks speck tack already -- spectacular. >> and andy grammar's over there, and we're going to get him next. you know his song, "honey i'm good," right? >> oh, yeah, i love that song. >> maybe we'll get a little singing later.
8:06 am
>> i love her enthusiasm. it's infectious. liz, thank you so much. while some people are at the parade, other people are perhaps thinking about what they're going to buy for the holidays called gray thursday. >> i don't like that. >> i don't either. >> just thanksgiving to me. several stores are going to open this evening. fox 5's stacey delikat is outside the walmart in new jersey which is already open, i would imagine, stacy, so far it's people getting those last minute things they may have dinner. >> exactly, ben, that's right. and good morning to both of you. this is a 24-hour walmart, so it's always open. so what we've seen this morning is people coming in, running in getting some last trimmings for the turkey. it's been a few years since this gray thursday trend has taken effect, and it certainly continues. the big deals at wal-mart check out at 6:00 tonight. they have row es and rows of barricades set up in anticipation for the
8:07 am
we know the in the past we've seen stampedes, big rushes going into stores typically on black friday to get those deals, electronics and so forth, but we're seeing less and less of those because more stores are opening on thanksgiving. it's not just walmart, target, best buy, macy's, lord and taylor, there are many, many stores that choose to open today. but on the other hand, there's been a little bit of backlash, take a look, this is a commercial that was put out by tj maxx be, marshall's and home goods to tell their customers they will not be opening. they say they are doing it so their employees have a chance to spend time with family and so their customers do as well. they basically say they would rather wait until friday, and a lot of other retailers are following in their footsteps. this morning at wal-mart we've been getting the pulse, what do they think about stores opening on thursday? here's what they have to say.
8:08 am
>> i don't think it's good because everybody's got to be with their family. it's good to open tonight at 11:00, 12:00, you know, til tomorrow. >> can it wait until tomorrow, or should it start today? >> it should start today. some people just want a big screen tv, they may want anything more their home, they may not want to eat. so i think it should definitely happen on thanksgiving. >> well, there you go. different strokes for different folks. certainly, some people want to take advantage of the deals. as for tomorrow, most stores are going to be open. rei made some news earlier this month when they said they're not going to open even on black friday, they said that's a day people should spend outdoors enjoying. think pretty much every other retailer will be open tomorrow and, of course, every store is open online, and a lot of the deals you can find online right now and throughout the weekend. is so plenty of opportunities to get that holiday shopping done. ben be teresa?
8:09 am
>> i heard you say this earlier, black friday, it's a thing of the past. >> it's a little passe anymore. >> we do everything on our phone and computer. >> the deals have been out there since the start of november. moving on, a murder suspect in new jersey who narrowly avoided oncoming traffic on a big highway. >> you will be amazed no one was seriously injured here, posted on knot jersey i don't mean -- north jersey tom. the pursuit started on the new york thruway. at one point, look at this, weaving in and out of traffic. at one point on the palisades the suspect goes onto the grass. officers kept up with him going through fort lee and onto the new jersey turnpike hitting speeds of 110 miles an hour. so like everybody else, he got caught in traffic. this is right before the toll plaza, cops were able to subdue him there. the suspect is a 45-year-old
8:10 am
wanted for the murder of a upstate. he now faces a slew of charges, and he awaits extradition back to new york. all right, a brazen bedroom burglary caught on camera. >> take a look at this. police say the burglar got into a home on union street in yesterday morning. scary stuff. he walked into a bedroom where a man was sleeping and took a cell phone from the dresser. there it is. then ran off when the man woke up. wow. he's in the bedroom with the man sleeping. he was last seen running down 33rd avenue. he was wearing all black and had a cap with the word "diamond" in red and white -- >> and that is a knife in his mouth. >> any information call crimestoppers, 800-577-tips. >> that is terrifying and incredibly creepy. >> all right. that mother who left her
8:11 am
queens has been found and will not be charged. >> this is a surveillance video of holding the baby near the church. the queens da's office says the mother followed the spirit of the safe haven law and even returned to the church the next be morning to make sure her child had been found. a custodian discovered the baby boy with his umbilical cord or still attached on monday. this baby is now in the care of authorities. 8:13 now, black lives matter protesters marched throughout the city last night. >> protesters gathered in times well. police tell us this morning there were no arrests. and in chicago protesters upset over the police shooting of a black teenager destroying a public christmas tree in millenium park. >> protesters tore the lights off. police quickly moved n made several arrests. protesters calling on more
8:12 am
people to join them tomorrow in an effort to shut down black friday shop anything the michigan avenue district. well, it might not be the happiest of thanksgiving in hoboken, because they've had this water main break. >> good news on this holiday morning, four days after a water main break flooded the streets there, crews completed the installation yesterday of a new valve. a boiled water advisory has been lifted but residents are being asked to conserve water for the next couple of days so adequate pressure can be maintained throughout the system for everybody. but the water should be back on this morning for most folks in hoboken and jersey city. >> you already have enough stress with the holiday getting everything prepared x then you've got to add this on top of it. >> but now it's back, just in time to cook hopefully. mike is here. a pretty nice thanksgiving
8:13 am
holiday, maybe get out and throw the football around this afternoon or something like that. >> is that what you can? >> sometimes. >> a hitting judgey that one. is that what you do? >> i didn't say it like that, is that what you do? >> but it's 60 degrees. >> you should get out there and enjoy. >> take the dog for a walk, do something. >> it'll be gray and cold for weeks on end before long. >> i know. get out there and soak it in. get out there and enjoy it. happy thanksgiving, everyone. do whatever you like to do, just with your friends and family. not too much expected unless your cooking's no good. anyhow, 43 at central park. 36 in islip, 43 in montauk, 30 in monticello. we do have a mainly clear sky. temps are, generally speaking, warmer in all locations except for montauk. anyhow, we are looking at a general warming trend. now, our sky is kind of mixed. we've got some places with sun,
8:14 am
regardless we are expecting more sun than clouds especially early on and then more clouds should start to build in later on. high pressure's starting to slip offshore, so winds more from the east and southeast, and that'll direct up only warmer air. therefore, the clouds should be making a comeback and some fog be as well later on tonight into tomorrow. even in this afternoon a few more clouds, but rain is not a problem for a while here. looks like our high temp goes up to 60 degrees this afternoon. tonight the clouds thicken, and tomorrow a mostly to cloudy sky. high temp up to 64 could be a little bit of drizzle in the area. 53 on saturday, 50 on sunday and more showers coming later tuesday into wednesday. don't forget the fox 5ny weather app has daily and hourly forecasts, down load it for me, and also we've got a special birthday, this is so cute. this is, happy birthday to jax
8:15 am
look like a doggy. he is, right? >> he looks like stuffed little doggy. >> gremlin. >> he doesn't look like -- >> stacy's dog. >> working with us today. all right, let's bring in ines -- >> he doesn't look hike a gremlin. >> i like gremlin, they're cute. >> not really. did you see the movie? here's what's going on -- that's before they turned into something ugly. the commute be, it's not a bad ride. take a look, a lot of groan. it's the trailed -- a lot of green. it's the parade that's causing problems. this is columbus circle actually so all the street closures are in place. let's tell you what you want to avoid if you just need to come to the city for something. everything's set up south of 86th street, the closure remains in place until about 12, 1:00, it's all a matter of when people leave the area.
8:16 am
columbus circle, go east on 59th street and then sixth avenue. other street closures will be around sixth avenue, central streets. i would avoid it up to 8th street, central park west. madison avenue should be okay, but because of the parade 57th treat, subways, the f trains are bypassing that station because of overcrowded conditions. >> ines, someone tweeted me saying they're shopping right now while the potatoes are cooking, he's heading to long island, he hopes to make it back in time for christmas. >> well, be he's leaving now -- >> figure fingers crossed. >> thanks, ines. still to come on good day new york. --
8:17 am
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fortified. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday?
8:19 am
>> a bright and beautiful -- and hopefully very blessed -- thanksgiving morning here in new york city. absolutely gorgeous out there. get out and enjoy it. maybe get the family outside the house, all the kids. >> it's a little chilly now, but it's going to be nice this afternoon, so definitely embrace it. it's been since 2007 that we've hit 60 degrees on thanksgiving afternoon. >> this one is definitely a keeper. in today's health watch, the fda has has approved a flu vaccine designed to protect the most vulnerable to the virus. >> flu ad, the first vaccine containing agivant, up to 90% of flu-related deaths are in seniors, the vaccine is
8:20 am
expected here sometime next year. all right, it's an extremely rare form of breast cancer, and it's even more unusual because the girl who's battling it is just 8 years old. >> chrissy turner of utah recently diagnosed with breast carcinoma after finding a lump on her chest. the good news is doctors think she can successfully be treated. she's going to have lymph nodes removed next month. she's also agreed to take part in a study that will help others fighting these rare forms of cancer. >> she volunteered to be part of a study which my husband and i also elected to do with her to see if we can help others who mierkts you know, come into this horror someday. chrissy has always put others first. she's just a giver. >> chrissy's diagnosis even more difficult for her family because her father is also battling cancer. an online fundraiser for her
8:21 am
than half of its $100,000 goal. we wish her health and happiness, hopefully, everything works out. a dialogue is, quote, essential to protect against barbaric islamic extremist attack. >> speaking in kenya this year, there was that terrible mall attack there, the pope said religious leaders must be, quote, prophets of peace in a world sown by hatred. the pope said religion can never be used to justify violence. all right, it's become a presidential tradition, and i think it's a pretty dumb one, but we do it every year, it's the yearly pardon of the turkey. >> why not? it's just a little bit of fun. >> yeah, no, i get it. >> my favorite is watching the obama girls in what seems to be their distaste for this. president obama spared the bird yesterday at the rose garden. his daughters, of course, were standing next to him. he couldn't help throwing out the dad joke out this. take a listen.
8:22 am
this is my seventh year of pardoning a turkey. time flies, even if turkeys don't. [laughter] >> that was good, that was good. >> i thought it was pretty good. >> well, he got the stamp of approval. they said, dad, that's good. the president said it's sill lu, but it gives him an opportunity to wish americans a happy thanksgiving. so this turkey -- i think they go to disney world. >> no, they go to mount vernon. >> no, but i think they're paraded around disney world as well -- >> oh really? first? >> and then they go to their home away from home. >> apparently, every year the national turkey federation sends two birds, and back in the '40s, harry truman and dwight eisenhower, they just ate them. [laughter] "the washington post" has a long this debit. it was ronald reagan in the late '80s who said i'm going to officially spare one of these >> what happens to the other
8:23 am
one? >> it gets eaten. >> really? it does? >> i don't know. all right, still ahead on good day new york, speaking of turkeys, maybe they'll end up on that turkey over there. >> maybe. we're cooking holiday dishes with the executive chef of
8:24 am
we're going to be introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, re twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
8:25 am
>> look at that. nice shot of lower manhattan, statue of liberty off in the distance there, ellis island as well. beautiful blue sky. >> looks like a postcard. >> nice morning. it almost looks like it could be july. >> yeah. >> it's not though. >> yeah, or maybe even september as you sort of transition from summer into the fall where it's a little bit crisp in the morning, but it warms up nicely throughout the rest of the day. >> not a bad fall, certainly not. 43 degrees in the park. bundle up if you head out to the parade this morning. we're going to go live to the macy's thanksgiving day parade in just a little bit. greg and rosanna enjoying this holiday off -- >> i was treating with ro, she is up and at home.
8:26 am
i said, are you cooking? i think she's going to the in-laws, she cooks so much. >> she shad to pick up -- had to pick up the pies on the upper east side which i feel is the bakery equivalent of the soup nazi. >> well, they're very kind though. they don't -- >> very regimented. >> they don't shoo you away if you don't have your order right. >> well, you better have it prepared when you get to the counter though. >> is that the way it is? >> have you ever had it? >> little red hen? >> i thought we bought it for -- >> you did. >> okay. >> i think it's probably the best red velvet cake. that. >> i don't know what they do, it's whatever kind of magic they put in the icing -- >> did they beat you up when you picked it up? >> i did have a few bruises to my wallet -- [laughter] yeah, a little expensive. but it's okay, it's good. >> anyhow, we're not doing the cooking today.
8:27 am
>> what's your pie of choice >> apple. >> i've got, i've got -- well, i had a sweet potato pie, but i ate it last night. [laughter] it was one, call themselves happy baker. he actually owns the place where e used to get hi haircut. >> so he's barber turned baker? >> yeah, he does it on the side. >> so you like sweet potato? >> to be quite ohioan, i can't tell the difference between that and pumpkin. anyway, a lot of great weather today. a lot of folks will be heading out to the parade gathering up, yeah, kicks off in just about a half an hour. happy thanksgiving, everyone. as you can see from that last shot there, some high clouds. a few more build as we head afternoon. no rain out there, just a few
8:28 am
more clouds with mild per temps. highs up close to 60 later on this afternoon, more than 10 degrees warmer than normal. we've got 43 at central park right now, 28 in poughkeepsie and 37 in bridgeport, 43 in montauk. quite a little variation in temperatures, but it's always good stuff because this is actually a little bit warmer than normal. we are going to see a lot of sunshine today, high temp up to about 60 degrees later on this afternoon. that is it. showers coming through here next saturday morning. let's bring in ines, see what's going on out there. >> not a lot going on. you can see green in our area, westchester, new jersey, queens, no issues w. the subways, though, because of the parade, the f trains are bypassenning 57th street. back to you. >> all right, ines. >> we have a potential guest -- >> well, we did. >> is he there maybe? >> is she out there? >> guys, we just missed it. andy grammar, he was right here
8:29 am
on the shoulder ready to go, and he had to run off to another interview. i was getting hugs from andy. >> you take a picture? >> you stalk him? >> he's over there. i'm going to do my best. let's stay positive, all right? we have got a lot of stuff going on here at the thanksgiving day parade. the floats are ready to go. they've all been released from their nets, and they are high in the sky with the people standing underneath them ready to sort of take things down central park west. and this is going to be an epic parade. the two-and-a-half mile route is a long one. hook at the mayor right here, actually, he's getting debriefed. security, of course, a big deal, you know, right now this time of year, especially after a recent terror threats against, you the world. so that, of course, a big concern. wishing the mayor a happy thanksgiving here, he's stopping to take pictures with some other participants within the parade. and, you know, this is really a big day for all new yorkers. around three and a half million
8:30 am
people are going to be hitting the streets to sort of observe the holiday today and make sure that they're a part of the festivities. mr. mayor, happy thanksgiving. thank you again for coming on fox 5 yesterday. >> you're very welcome. >> so it's a big day for new yorkers, across the country because we've got a lot of people from all over the place taking part. we had some clowns earlier, a band from texas, so it's really cool to see everybody coming together to sort of be a part of this. and a star-is studded lineup. i mentioned andy grammar who's part of the performances at harold square as well as train, sean mendes, mariah carey, and we're all really, really looking forward to it. things kick off at 9:00. teresa and ben, back to you. >> all right, liz, nice try. upper west side, thank you. >> if anybody can do it, she
8:31 am
>> this year marks the 136th the bowery mission will be feeding the he cannily. >> it's a spectacular place that does a lot of good. good morning, juliet. >> good morning. i never realized how beautiful the bow orally -- bowery mission is inside. it's electric, people are very excited. this is the biggest day of the year, this is david jones, he's the ceo. why is it so busy today, of all days? >> well, today's a day that we give thanksgiving, we give it by giving back. we have literally 800 people coming -- 1800 people coming through this site today, and we're feeding 5,000 meals across the five boroughs of new york. >> essentially, what's happening today is like you just said, there are 1800 people who will come here and have the full meal, turkey and all the trimmings, but a lot of peoples get panned out to other out. >> yep.
8:32 am
across the city, so literally we take them out in trucks -- >> all five boroughs. >> all five boroughs, touching people in every community. >> come in here, tonya. tonya's from north carolina. >> yes, north carolina. i'm from the hickory area. >> i have no idea where that is, but i'm sure it's wonderful. you probably have good food. >> we're in the western part of north carolina. >> tell us about why you decided to come up here and how you heard about it. >> we heard about it five years ago from another person that had volunteered, and we wanted to get our youth group involved in missions. we have local soup kitchens, but we wanted to get our kids out of their comfort zone, and what better place could that be up here than new york? >> how many people are you with? >> we actually have 25 people from north carolina this year. >> 25 people. and you all flew up here? we did. we've been here since friday night. >> what's your experience? how is it feeling? >> well, it's exciting. it's the first time for a lot of
8:33 am
people here, and they're going what do i do? and i'm like, just follow the people in front of you, they'll lead you, you're not going to fail. everybody's here to succeed and bless the people. >> what do you think of new yorkers? >> we have no problem with new yorkers. [laughter] >> you're saying that like everybody -- >> oh, no, you see on tv everybody says new york's are so mean. everybody has been so nice. th doney know we talk to everybody -- >> i know that about north carolina. >> okay. and so once we start talking, they're like, okay, you're talking to me, so we'll talk back. >> if you seton ya and -- see tonya and her group on the street, be nice to them. very quickly, dave, we're talking about a lot of food here. 650 turkeys -- >> 8,000 pounds of potatoes. do you know how big 8,000 pounds -- >> i've got it in my closet at homeight row. >> there you go. the best mashed poe potatoes in the world right here.
8:34 am
westerlily, we've got -- we have literally, 600 pies. >> how many pounds -- or how many gallons of gravy do you think you have? >> how many gallons of gravy? [laughter] >> i stumped the ceo. >> it'd be be 250. i did my research. >> there we go. >> 1100 cans of can berry. -- cranberry. how can people help out? >> we have literally 500 volunteers a day, so they can help out with giving of their time, their talents and, of resources. >> that is wonderful. next hour we're going to be talking with the chef who's got her hands full today. >> busy day. >> thanks very much. we'll see you back here about ten after the 9:00 hour and give a little more info including the cooking and what goes behind all this craziness down here. 650 turkeys. back to you guys in the studio. that's good.
8:35 am
one of them if we happen to burn our own? >> i'm guessing probably not. i can look into that. >> we appreciate it. >> i can always cook a turkey for you, if you like. >> yeah, i know, you're a very cook. >> be quiet -- >> thank you. [laughter] see you in about 40 minutes. still to come on good day new york, american author -- >> yeah, you probably are familiar with their hit single, they're going to perform their new single for us this morning. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now.
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>> all right. this is what may be on kitchen counters all across the tristate region likely at this hour still, the raw turkey. this morning we're cooking holiday dishes with a culinary master. >> john stephenson is his name, executive chef of the iconic t.a.r.p. on the green x he is going to desperately attempt to teach us to cook.
8:38 am
[laughter] we're going to give it a go. happy thanksgiving. >> so we're talking about prepping the turkey. ideally, maybe some of this stuff you've done the day before, but if you're waking up this morning, you can still make that turkey better. >> we're going to make somewhat of a stronger brine so you can still improve the turkey. >> what happens? >> what do we do? >> a brine is is a solution that many chefs and a lot of home cooks will will do to chicken, pork, it really tenderizes the meat, keeps it moist. we do a solution of, we've dot with about two -- got about two gallons of water, kosher salt, oranges, rose marry and pepper corns. >> what i find fascinating is it's not be too late. >>. no i mean, anything is going to be better than nothing at this point. [laughter] >> very true. >> it's very simple. this is warm water. >> about what, two gallons? >> warm to the touch in. >> it's not hot, just warm
8:39 am
enough to dissolve the salt and sugar. it is so easy. just add the salt, get that in there, sugar -- >> why the salt and the sugar? that may be a illly question, but why put the sugar in there? >> sugar, it's t another tenderizer very similar to salt. it really get into the meat, opens up the pores of the meat x that's what lets the water get in there and keeps it juicy and flavorful. >> so you're not stuffing the bird with anything. >> all we're trying to do is flavor some water. >> flavor water, i can do that. >> yes. this all looks right up your alley. [laughter] >> we're already done. >> okay. >> just stir it around a little bit. >> does it matter if you use blast bic or if you use a steel pot -- >> that is always going to be the biggest struggle, do you have a container big enough to put a turkey into. the best thing would be to do if you could prepare in advance to
8:40 am
an 18-quart container, but a dutch oven works -- >> crock pot. >> yeah. anything that can just get the bird as much underwater. >> that's the key. it doesn't necessarily have to be entirely underwater -- >> it's going to be very hard for a home cook to find a con talk container being enough to sub merge. >> we're just going to take this bird and just slowly submerge it right in. >> with the wings sticking out. or him. >> there we go. >> how long do you let this sit? >> you know, at least 4-6 hours would be ideal. so if we're doing this right now, you know, by the time -- >> start cooking around noon. >> yeah, noon, 2:00 throw anytime the oven. >> do you have to make sure you're constantly spooning the water over the top of the bird? >> it is good. cover it and put it back into
8:41 am
the refrigerator. you know, the liquid's getting into the cavity in all the little nooks and crannies of the turkey, and that flavor's getting into it. >> and that's the key. refrigerate this. >> no, throw it back in your reafrican-american rater. >> and you could do it overnight. you could do it last night and have it sit in the fridge -- >> the longest you'd want to brine this is about 12 hours. >> so you can overdo it. >> if you leave the turkey in the brine too long, it'll get rubbery. >> do you put anything in the cavity? any lemons or rose marry or -- >> i would tend to do more of the same thing. >> salt and pepper. >> we don't go too crazy this terms of putting stuffing. just think of it like a chicken. you cook a turkey just like >> okay. >> what else do we have here? stock ingredients, right? >> the second most important thing of cooking turkey and the whole thanksgiving experience, just make sure you're going to
8:42 am
what you're going to use in your stuffing with your brus el sprouts -- buzz el sprouts to baste your -- >> what is this? >> that is a turkey neck. [laughter] >> all sorts of turkey parts here. oh, awesome. [laughter] >> but this is what would typically go into a very traditional, simple stock. carrot, celery and on nonbe, some chicken backs and necks and, obviously, every turkey comes with a neck. >> yeah. and i get to pick it up. awesome. >> very cool. >> we're going to see you later on. we're going to talk about sides and getting the table ready, carving. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you so much. [laughter] >> by the way, for that brine recipe, it's on our fox 5ny page, you can just click on the good day tab. >> we'll be right back, stay
8:43 am
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8:45 am
you some of the plot. if you haven't seen it yet, step away from the tv for about 20 seconds. last night serious developments with two of the guest stars on last night's episode, alicia keyes appeared playing skye summers, she's collaborating on a song with jamal who we know is gay, yet their chemistry is undidn't, and here's what's end -- un2k-7b8, and here's what ends up happening. they make an amazing song together. that's a bit of a cliffhanger for next week. bucks. >> just a million, huh? i must be slipping. >> no, you're keeping it firm, honey. i remember you making us all do laps. you in the yard keeping 'em all skinny. >> that, of course, rosie o'donnell guest starred last night. she's reuniting with cookie.
8:46 am
one of her old jailhouse friends. she's helping cook economy and her sister candace played by vivica a. fox track down their other secret. candace says she did something while cookie is in jail, we don't know what yet. and cookie finally finds out about another betrayal. here she is, lucius reveals to her that her boyfriend is part of the gang that kidnapped hakim, the bull on his back is proof that he's part of them. we don't know how it's going to end up, but we get some signs he has some loyalty to her when they're trying to black maim mail her, export more money from her. empire is back next wednesday for the big fall finale here on fox 5. and here's something you might want to try if you're a walking dead pant they are recreating the zombie apocalypse at the meadowlands.
8:47 am
if you're familiar wit, there are walkers as they call them, zombies, and there are survivors. you can choose to be either one and walk through a recreation of a small town that gets hit by the plague, turning it into zombieland. the walking dead experience will run december 4th-6th during stalker con which is a zombie and horror convex. >> sounds lovely. >> yeah. imagine the makeup and the costumes there? >> be prepared to be afraid. and will smith told a hollywood reporter that he might be getting political. in a podcast series, the actor said, quote, as i look at the political landscape, i think there might be a future out there for me. he went on to say this is the first year that he's been incensed to a level that he can't sleep. so maybe we'll see a will smith campaign in the near future. some people are saying will smith for president. i don't know if that's the first office he would shoot for. he, of course, is also promoting his new movie, concussion.
8:48 am
>> interesting. thank you, anna. >> all right. coming up on good day new york. jennifer hudson takes us to broadway as she talks about her broadway debut in the color purple. >> be right back. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains
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>> harry, thank you so much for tuning in and being our facebook fan of the day. very happy thanksgiving to you and your family. go to our good day page. >> here is what is coming up, of course, the macy's thanksgiving day parade, the 89th year, is just about to get under way. >> and american authors is going to perform their hit single this morning as well, so please stay with us.
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