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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  November 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> gus: the celebration continues at stanford, as the cardinals defeat notre dame in spectacular fashion 38-36. gus johnson, joe klatt, what a game. >> joel: how about that. i'm still trying to take in what we just saw. there was a team, i would be remiss if i didn't start with notre dame. their season, you think about the injuries that they have had, what they had to deal with, and to be in this position with a red shirt
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freshman quarterback with stanford on the road 4 of the last 5 games. you think they might run out of gas. all of the credit in the world to the fighting irish. they had a wonderful season. unfortunately, it ended two points short. they're not going to be in this college football playoff. and then six lead changes? and the senior, kevin hogan, this guy has had such a unique career following andrew luck. he comes, in loses his father last year, guy plays with the weight of the world on his shoulders. and he played his best games of his career in his 34th win tonight, in his last home game here at stanford stadium. he was really terrific. i thoment he was calm in the pocket. he picked up some first downs with his feet. then when it was on his right shoulder or nothing, to get the ball down the field in order to give ukropina a chance at the field goal, he made the play. he made the play. kevin hogan, was tremendous
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>> gus: all right, so kevin hogan, age to really scratch out his nickname "gritty" a gritty performance, as stanford wins the football game. our molly mcgrath had a chance to catch up with kevin hogan after the game. >> molly: kevin, your final game at stanford stadium, and it's rivalry game, over a team that you grew up cheering for and your father's alma mater. where does this win rank in terms of career moments? >> number one all-time, number one of all-time. to come out here on senior day against an amazing notre dame team. and fight to the end. they went out with a score, 30 seconds left, but that's the way the game went. we figured whoever had the ball last was going to come out on top. made a great catch and ukropina ice in his veins. >> molly: this game always ends in dramatic fashion. you beatly good notre dame team. what does this say about what you can accomplish moving forward, head noogs the pac 12
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championship game and beyond? >> just means we have to keep stacking them. we got two in a row, we have good team next week at leave eye stadium. but just -- levi stadium. we'll keep it going. feels good to get this trophy. >> congratulations, kevin. >> thank you. >> gus: stanford wins the legends trophy as they defeat notre dame. up next for the cardinal pac 12 championship game against usr. -- usc. 38-36 the final, an instant classic as stanford comes back to beat the fighting irish. next we will be in indy for the big 10 championship game, number 4 iowa takes on number 5 michigan state for a conference title and a possible playoff berth. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern on fox. that wraps it up from here in stanford. for joel and molly, i'm gus
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right now on fox 5 news at 10 -- >> tonight a look into the eyes of the man police believe is a cold-blooded killer. new details about what may have caused the shooting rampage at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado. hello and good evening, everyone, i'm antwan lewis. >> and i'm christina park. we're getting our first look at the man. >> 57-year-old robert louis deere is from north carolina, and we're learning more about the motive behind the alleged killing spree. >> good evening. the motive behind the madness is now becoming clearer, a law enforcement official told the associated press that the suspect said, quote: no more baby parts after his arrest. you may remember over the summer videos surfaced alleging planned parenthood sold baby body parts for profit. police say 57-year-old robert deere shot three people to death and injured nine others during a six-hour standoff at a planned
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among the dead, police officer garrett swayze, a veteran cop, devoted husband, father of two and evangelical pastor to. >> there was a lot of heroism. this police officer from uccs, this was not his jurisdiction. he was responding to the radio call about it, gave up his life. >> a church service honoring the victims was held today. one of the speakers, the ceo of planned parenthood. >> we do this every day despite the threats and despite the things like what happened violence. >> five other police officers were also among those shot. none of those injured worked at planned parenthood. police say all of the victims were taken to local hospitals and are in good condition. >> he was aiming at me, and i just hit the gas, and he started shooting.
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>> just before the shooting rampage began, os si was in the parking lot near the planned parenthood located in a strip mall. he says deere was wearing hunting clothes as he crawled towards the clinic's entrance just before noon. >> started bleeding. as i was looking at him, i saw blood. i didn't know if it was coming from my neck or my lip. >> eventually, police were able to convince the shooter to surrender. neighbors say they never heard deere talk about abortion. he most recently lived in north carolina, reportedly he's been arrested on charges such as peeping tom, domestic violence and animal cruelty. the planned parenthood where it happened remains closed, security has been stepped up at all planned parenthoods throughout the country. as for deere, his first court appearance is scheduled for monday. >> all right, lydia, thank you. >> in response to the shootings this colorado, governor cuomo is beefing up security at planned parenthood clinics across new york.
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state police officers will visit more than 60 locations to discuss security and emergency planning measures with staff members. >> here in new york city, pro-choice activists held a rally in response to the shootings, dozens on hand at union square for the demonstration today. rallies were also held in several other cities. >> enough is enough, that's the message from the president. the president says the shooting shows the urgent need to, quote, do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war. he added more americans and their families had fear forced upon them, and we can't let it become normal. >> meantime, republican presidential candidate donald trump says he still supports the right to bear arms even after yesterday's shooting. the with their didn't bring up that -- billionaire didn't bring up that specific incident, instead he cited the recent deadly terror attacks in paris saying if they would have had the guns, they wouldn't have had the carnage they had. >> the faa and the nypd are investigating a laser near kennedy airport last night.
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a virgin american flight was coming anything from san francisco when the crew reported a green laser beam shining into the cockpit. the faa says the plane did land safely and no one was injured. pointing a laser at an aircraft is a federal crime. >> a scare in the air on another plane bound for kennedy airport, an american airlines flight that took off for italy this morning had to make an emergency landing after its windshield shattered. a crew member tweeted this photo he took of the damage. the airline is saying a maintenance issue caused the diversion. luckily, none of the 183 passengers or 12 crew members were hurt. >> autopsies performed on the two men who died after their pontoon boat capsized. the coast guard pulled them and five others out of the water off new jersey yesterday. a second wave flipped the boat over. a two victims are from philadelphia. the others, we understand, are okay.
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>> a new yorker who rode solo across the atlantic ocean for aids awareness is back home. victor mooney arrived last night. he will finish his journey monday. he set off from the canary islands back in february of 2014. it took him 21 months to row to brooklyn. mooney's brother died of aids the in 1983, and he says his goal is to encourage people to get tested for hiv. shoppers all over the country made it a point to shop locally today -- >> that's because it was small business saturday in park slope, the epicenter here in the city. >> five, four, three, two, one! [cheers and applause] >> hundreds turned out for the tree lighting tonight at the holiday festival in brooklyn, more than 500 local shops line a stretch of fifth avenue between dean and 18th streets. small businesses are the life
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blood of the city and are hoping shoppers will embrace them. >> you don't have to buy everything, but they usually have something unique and different that you can't find in the big stores. so come on down and check them out. >> shoppers were also encouraged to donate their gently-used coats for the new york care cans winter coat drive. >> in sunset park more support for small business saturday. the aisles were packed in industry city, over a hundred mom and pop shops have set up their wares for the holidays. >> and it looks like more black friday shoppers chose to buy online this year instead of standing in long lines at the stores. the research firm shopper track reports black friday sales this year totaled $10.4 billion compared to $1 is.6 billion last year. and data shows online sales jumped more than 14% compared to last year. >> thanksgiving in the book, the countdown to christmas has officially begun. >> that means many people are
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spending the weekend looking for that perfect tree or decking their halls with decorations. dan bowans searched around and has more. >> it's just a warm feeling inside. i mean, everything is just beautiful and magical. >> this is just family and brings everyone together, and it's just a tradition. >> everybody gets into the holding day spirit around time of year. >> it is the time of year when some can't wait to fill their homes with the pine sweet aroma of a christmas tree. >> it takes you back to a time when you were younger and all the positive memories that you have and family. >> we came down here to the christmas stand. they've been here at eighth avenue and james street since 1988. let's go take a look. >> i like to say if the tree's not touching your ceiling, one wall and at least one piece of furniture, then it's way too small. >> henry's family has been selling trees on corner since
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the family stand now in its 28th season. is so how about this nice 8-footer? feeling. >> i'm choosing to go traditional, even though this year an upside down tree -- that's right, a tree upside down -- is trending. way reports an uptick in sales. >> there's a lot of energy. >> no matter what direction you place it, you're going to need a few perfect ornaments, so it's off to the christmas cottage, the year-round store on seventh avenue. the owner says turtle doves are the hot item this year. >> we have people coming in, and they're trying to find something very special for a specific person whether it be a 2-year-old or a 90-year-old. we try to cater to everybody. >> as for me, i'm now one of the 35 million americans who will celebrate with a real tree. this is my first family tree. >> wow. i'm so happy for you. i'm sure your kids are going to love it. >> dan bowans, foxing 5 news. >> a california newborn lucky to be alive tonight.
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>> how a pair of police officers came to the rescue of this newborn left buried and alive. >> facebook giving its employees something to be thankful for this holiday season. >> and a blast from the past, how the mta is taking subway riders back in time. >> looks like we're going back to winter. temperatures today above average yet again, but we are expecting colder weather to arrive in the
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>> you're watching foxing 5 news at 10. >> hey, disturbing story from california. police are looking for the person who buried a newborn baby alive.
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>> this is the little girl. the compton sheriff's office yesterday from someone saying they heard a baby crying. two deputies investigated and found her just off a bike path. officials believe she's only three or four days old, and she was cold to the touch. she was taken to hospital and is now in stable condition. >> pope francis continuing his six-day tour of africa with a morning mass in uganda. the pontiff marked the 50th anniversary of catholic martyrs who were burned to death for not renouncing their faith. he spoke to hundreds of thousands of worshipers including those who camped out overnight in the rain. he will make his final stop in the central african republican tomorrow morning. >> a navy veteran returned to his home on long island to only to find it had been demolished. he left for florida in december, and when the 69-year-old returned to west hempstead in august, his house was gone. so were all of his belongings as well. officials say the home was
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tried reaching williams and even held a public hearing before tearing it down. williams has filed a notice of claim against hempstead, the first step in a lawsuit. >> a band of fierce storms made for a treacherous commute in parts of texas, ice half an inch thick causing dozens of roads and collisions. trees and power lines also knocked down. these quick-moving storms have killed at least eight people in texas since thursday and six others in kansas. >> thankfully, we have not had to deal with that kind of nasty weather. >> today's rain didn't stop many from lacing up their skates and enjoying the warmer than normal temperatures. >> i was there too, and this was a scene this eunice square at 2 annual holiday market. >> audrey joins us with a look at our forecast. >> looks like it's going to be cooler temperatures headed our way into the next couple of days, so i hope you did enjoy the milder weather across the area recently because things will be taking a change. 63 in central park today, we hit
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that number right around, before noontime, and this morning we started out in the 50s. but now our current reading of 43 is our recorded low so far for the day. high numbers were nice across much of the area. everyone was above average for this time of year. bridgeport topped out in the 60s as well as places across long island and down shore in belmar, and we were in the upper 50s towards poughkeepsie. we have a cold front, so our readings have dropped into the 30s around monticello, poughkeepsie and sussex. 43 in the city and just under 50 out toward the montauk point. these numbers are running 5-20 degrees colder than they were at this time last night, so you're definitely going to need an extra blanket. we're expecting a cold night across much of the area. we can see the drop in numbers just towards our northwest, first take a look at the radar and see we did have a couple of showers rotate earlier. to the northwest, we can see a lot of readings through albany,
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williamsport and buffalo. this is where we can see that there's a cold front moving through, and we're going to see our numbers take a drop tomorrow with highs struggling to reach around 50 in many locations. lots of clouds in place. the front did bring in a couple of showers across the area out. this area of low pressure will slowly make its way towards the eastern seaboard, but it's not going to be affecting us until we get into tuesday, that's when we're seeing a chance of more substantial rain to reach the tristate area. high pressure is going to nose in by tomorrow afternoon, and we should see more in the way of sunshine towards the latter part of the day. milder temperatures suppressed to the southeastern states, colder air behind the system across the northern plains. and that significantly colder air mass will work its way eastward, and then we'll see high temperatures in our area struggling into the 40s as we go into monday. a look at our future cast shows
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lots of clouds in place tonight. tomorrow we'll start out with a cloud deck across the area, and there will be isolated showers across extreme southern new jersey. we'll see plenty more sunshine by the middle part of the day and high pressure keeps things nice and dry into tomorrow night. monday we'll start out with sunshine, but then clouds start to rotate back into the region, a couple of showers across extreme southern portions of new jersey, but everyone else should stay dry until tuesday, and that's when i expect that area of low pressure to give us a good amount of rainfall. tonight cloudy skies, maybe an isolated shower to the south, but most of us should stay dry. our lows will be dropping down into the 20s, and tomorrow start out with some clouds, plenty of sunshine by the middle part of the day. temperatures cooler than they were today with our highs about average mostly in the middle 40s to low 50s. we'll struggle into the 40s or be only in the mid 40s for monday with a mix of sun and clouds. tuesday wet weather returns,
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temperatures slowly rise up into the 50s, but it'll be wet tuesday and wednesday, and we'll dry things out for the second half of the week. thursday, friday and saturday look nice and sunny and temperatures about normal for this time of year. no big cold snaps ahead of us, although monday's a little chilly. close to average, and that hay seem quite cold to -- may seem quite cold because we've been spoiled recently. >> spoiled, indeed. thanks so much. >> the mta and new york transit museum want bus and subway riders to be taken back in time. the nostalgia fleet includes subway cars dating back to the 1930s and buses from the late 1940s to the 1980. >> the vintage fleet is offering a shoppers special that will run on the sixth avenue line every sunday in december, and all you need is your metro card. a popular candy is creating a sweet controversy. >> why many customers aren't too happy about the holiday peanut butter cups. here we go. tom the turkey is right.
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