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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  November 29, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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antwan: bargain hunter are going to their computer for cyber monday, but has the on-line shopping frenzy arrived? hello i am antwan lewis. christina: i am christina park. if you skipped madness of malls friday, tomorrow is cyber monday, the biggest on-line shop day of the year. antwan: many retailers are not waiting until tomorrow to offer the big savings. >> reporter: stores like macy's, walmart and target launch their cyber monday campaign sales on sunday. the shopping lines are blushing -- blurring, it is turning into a five-day bargain bowman za.
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but they are spreading across the 5 days no now. >> reporter: shoppers tell us they do instore and on-line. take the best from both. >> i do both. it depends on the sale. but, if it's a nice day like today, i come outside. >> electronics is on-line, shoes in the store. about, for my kids i do on-line shopping, that is easy. >> reporter: on-line shoppers are accustomed to looking for discount codes, they should also look for cash back offers, like his site. >> click on cash back link for the retailer they get 5, 8 or 10%, our average is 7% catch back. and in most cases, the consumers can double ep on savings.
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you are spending 50%, stick to your gift list and budget now matter how irrestissible that bargain team seems, "fox 5 news." antwan: big changes at rutgers of in universities. christina: the school has fired head football coach and athletic director, a lot going on. ryan: they are called wholesale changes. 2 1/2 year run for herman has come to an end with 10 eush tenure of flood who dealt with his share of scandals this season, rutger president announced that the university fired herman who took overra ad is 2013. she oversaw athletic program
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the helm during football scandals. in a move that signals rutgers was cleaning house they fired kyle flood, the coach just completing his fourth season with the time, he took over in 2012. took the team to bowl games in i've of these first three seasons, in a staimple, statement they announce patrick hobbs will takeover as a new athletic director, we'll have more on the story coming in "sports extra," and wrap up the day in football, a big announcement from kobe bryant in nba, that, knicks, nets, jets and giants. antwan: busy. ryan: a lot going on. christina: tonight nypd is asking for your help in identifying suspect wanted for
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on fire outside of a home in queens, police released this surveillances video. police say he lit the flags on fire, then took off. anyone with information please call crime stoppers, 1-800-577-tips. antwan: good news for residences in hoboken, water service has been fully restores after a pipe broke last week. hoboken of getting water while repairs were made, the water has been tested it safe but it may be discolored for a short period of time. the roads are also reopen to traffic. christina: president obama? paris for the opening days of a international conference combatting climate change, the president paid a visit to the tribute of the paris attack victims.
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president obama was joined by france a president and the mayor of paris, i've placed a single flower at the memorial. antwan: despite a protest in france, activists demonstrate today at the plaza ahead of two week system it, the square -- system it, the square has been a gathering place since attacks have occurred. their goal is to cut emissions out of gases that trap heat. >> back here, dozens of climate change activists held a rally and march outside city hall, they are calling on mayor de blasio to announce his support for bold climate policies. one of speakers was bill nye the science guy who talked about electrifying all grounds transportation, subways and cars, the power would come from wind energy offshore.
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considering bans sale of microbeads found in personal care products, the plastic pollutes waters and hurts marine life, beauty industry said that this too broad that would include items such as nail polish and lipsticks. >> new federal rules have vast craft beer industry people waiting for a change. >> reporter: thousands make their way to the brooklyn brewery. >> barrel is 31 gallons. >> reporter: you get a lesson like this, an opportunity it feel part of the process, and a cold beverage. all, ceo. >> we do tours every half hour, there are 50 person tours, they are always packed. there is a line down the block
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saturdays. >> reporter: with thriving craft beer business is in a battle with the government, by next december, they mandate that restaurant chains offer full nutritional info for beers on tap. that could limit your craft beer selection. >> the first is about providing nutrition alarcon al content to restaurant, that is calories. >> reporter: equipment costs about $120. >> shipped and labeled and cleaned and filled. then tapped. >> reporter: bigger issue is that if fda requires nutritional panel, most craft brewers are not so the up with that equipment. with new equipment like this at cost $100 thousand or more.
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brooklyn, and one in upstate new york. >> not that it a secret or difficult to get either, it comes down to the labels? >> it is the label. we're lucky, we made an investment a long time ago. a good part of your business is export related, we're also one of the larger craft brewers. >> reporter: reports for fox 5 news. christina: common core to holiday celebration, there is a lot going on this week. antwan: tomorrow is deadline for networkers po complete on-line public opinion survey regarding the common corps core standards. christina: thursday a federal judge is expected to hearing argument on boston marathon bomber tsarnaev's request for a new trial issue his lawyers say he deserves a new trial in a different location, where jurors
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will be impartial, this year tsarnaev was convinced and sentenced too death for his role in the deadly attacks in 2013. antwan: wednesday, thousands rock to midtown for the rockefeller christmas tree lighting ceremony. paul ryan will light the capital christmas tree in tc. christina: a local pa of the or is use his -- >> post ar. >> including some a list next. >> hello audrey. audrey: it looks like we'll need leather jackets tomorrow, highs
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dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. antwan: a 36-year-old pastor locally is turning his new york city church into a destination, drawing clouds by the thousands. christina: they include nba celebrities. like justin bieber, diana with pastor carl. >> reporter: he is not your typical pastor, from his use of social media, and rock 'n roll, names that touch your soul, he
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>> walk with juice es, it jesus, it is not sit on a shore catch a tan type watch. >> reporter: he is changing the way some people look at religion, lead ast pastor at hill song church. >> it is 2015,. >> reporter: if you ask a millennial, if ask are you religious, they say, i am spiritual. >> i think people are interested in something deeper, number one google question, why am i here? of all things that people ask, we just, try to use our message to get people to think not change you or try to get you to believe what we believe but think about what do you mean by spiritual that a cool term. what do you believe in?
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we can, if it is twitter, i tell people, twitter is not who you are, it is what you want people to think you are. we can use that to prove there needs to be something deeper. >> we have new technology, that taking our attention, he makes it relevant to what is important to us. >> what if we live like christians that are so move by what he already did. >> i think one thing that pastor carl is so anointed with is the a bill -- ability to take anybody, from the faceless to famous he makes everyone feel relevant. >> reporter: bieber credits pastor carl for helping him find his spiritual path. >> if you take the credit, you have to take the blame, justin is his own man, high best
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friend, is his -- my best friend is his fast or in seattle, we've been working with justin for a long time, i'm doing my job to be a christian man, if anything, we support him through some serious valleys, and some mountain top experiences as well. but just to hit it on the head he is trying to get his life to match the gospel that saved his life. >> reporter: one of the ways that through use of music. >> it is rock 'n roll, loud, and up if, it brings the culture of what we hear to the radio. at the center is a deeper message. >> i feel like dancing, i i love dancing. >> reporter: pastor lance likes to compare his church to a restaurant with his own unique flavor.
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happening in there and how remarkable it is to be in a vibe to strong, that is truly changing the way that people see religion. >> life and death stuff, about sin we talk about redemption, and salvation but it is really an exciting place to be, your faith to reflect that. >> reporter: he is progressive, another cool fact about pastor carl that church services are rarely held in a church, it is usually in a nightclub, you can find a list of services at the web site. >> like the real deal. antwan: nightclub. christina: for younger generation. >> reporter: a whole community, with holiday season, if you are lonely in new york it might be something to look into. christina: thank you diana. antwan: thank you. >> check in with audrey, and the forecast. audrey: hello. you know a cold one across the
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tri-state area but we were just where we should be for this time of year, freight this afternoon -- 48 degrees this afternoon. we'll see numbers cooler as we go to tomorrow could be bundled up out the door, right now we dropped to 39 in park, 39 in islip, 41 in montauk. e8s elsewhere, cold from buffalo, pittsburgh, and williamsport. 46 in the nation's capital, cold front to the south that is helping to bring in colder air, and keeping a cloud deck across extreme southern portions of new jersey, and points sut southward, clearer skies to the north, i think that everyone will go clear overnight. that is how we start daytime tomorrow, then we'll watch this area of low pressure, that is brings wet weather across tennessee valley, this will slowly makes it way to northeast, as we go to tomorrow,
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after midnight, with increase chance of rain, and tuesday wet, wettest day of the week we'll have the lingering showers on wednesday. but before that we're in store for a cold night. cold temperatures sticking around north east, and to great lakes and northern blaines, highs in 30s, in billings and denver, milder in the southwest, cool for texas, with dallas at 52. and southeastern states with nice weather, across georgia, florida miami will be about 80. for our area, tonight, we're expecting mainly clear skies, that will be brief, because the clouds rotating back in through the daytime hours, wake unclear, cold across the area, some spots may reach as low as teens, well north and west of the city, and as we go to afternoon, i think we'll see more clouds rolling in from the south, areas to north of i80, more in the a of
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sunshine, tomorrow night, everyone clouds over, rain approaches from swift, and -- swift, southwest. and after midnight, everyone should get light rain. rain will be intermitt intermittent on tuesday, and then here for evening as well,. we have another chance of rain clouds wednesday, before we try out, toy network -- tonight, is clue, clear, cold. tomorrow we'll start with is up shine, clouds on increase, and cold tomorrow with temperatures hoffing in low to mid 40s. as we go to tuesday, warming up to 50s but you need your umbrella handy, it will be a wet day. on thursday, friday we dry it out, temperatures near 50.
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we'll have sunshine to next week, or next weekend, we're starting off december, nicely. considering our temperature readings, tomorrow i think will be the coldest day of the week, bundle up in the morning. christina: good to know. antwan: a major milestone for
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antwan: the final hunger games film was weekend's top movie again. earning more than dollars 51 million in the second weekend in theaters. christina: in second was "the good dinosaur." and rounding out top 5, creed, "spectre," and the peanuts movie. antwan: prin princess charlotte is 6 months ago, they released these photographs, she can seen with a pink dress with a cardigan. and smiling. christina: beautiful, mom has photo taking skills. antwan: a cute baby. christina: we'll be right back. antwan: but first on what you need to know about tomorrow's commute.
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