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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  November 30, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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greg: a. wow. rosanna: welcome home. greg: thank you. it is monday. november 30. i am rosanna scotto. greg: i am great killing. rosanna: high in the mid- 40s. goodtime charlie is taking one more day. audrey puente is holding down the fort this morning. greg: it is cyber monday. now i use my neighbors wi-fi. anyway, lots of people order online today.
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rosanna: hoboken just getting back to normal after that water main break. now there is another one. greg: big problems. they just fire the coach and the athletic director. other problems off the field. rosanna: and unusual rescue in the east river. a hawk in trouble in the water. greg: well done by the cops. rosanna: that is fantastic. so what did you do? greg: i had an issue. rosanna: i overindulged. >> are you in the christmas. we are doing it again.
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it was a disaster last year. people were crying here last year. children crying under a christmas tree. greg: i cannot help it. we are doing it this year. rosanna: we are starting already? thank you, santa. rosanna: you are not supposed to look. greg: we will make sure that everyone is on it.
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greg: no bad gift. no silly putty. checking you off the list. audrey: i know except we what to get her. it is very cold. definitely feeling like november, december weather. i would have been happy with any choice. it is very cold. [laughter] northern lights of the city.
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40 degrees out towards montauk point. it will stay cold tuesday afternoon. temperatures will remain low. this will be the coldest day of the week. wind is relatively light in some spots. windchill factor is an issue this morning. radar showing dry over the northeast. the system will be affect and thus tomorrow. we are expecting rain across the region. we do need rain across the region. no rain. just increasing clouds.
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the afternoon. we get her eyes for the end of the week. temperatures hover around 50 degrees. let's see how it looks on the roads this morning. ines: here is what is going on with the commute right now. normal delays. problems on the l.i.e., was. here you have to laze on the southern state. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the commute. traffic moving better than before. residual delays (an earlier accident. upper-level doing fine.
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if you are heading into queens, you only have the inter- road as an option and street cleaning rules are in effect. rosanna: this morning, if you see me on my ipod and not on my computer, you know i am doing something i do not want the company to know. greg: cyber monday. i think this started back in the 90s. kind of going through the phone line. rosanna: oh, i remember this. greg: when you had to pay monthly. rosanna: at home, you may have better internet service a new duet work. greg: they still call it cyber monday. >> reporter: good morning.
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i remember how they might aol account. i imagine that that was the way things still work, a lot of people would not be shopping today. this counselor of the busiest shopping weekend of the year. 121 million people are expected to log on and buy everything from shoes to strollers. >> it is a great time to shop. this data shows no thanks to the craziness of great thursday and black friday. cyber monday. stores like macy's, walmart, target and amazon. launching their campaigns
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yesterday. if it is a nice day like today, i just have fun and come outside. >> it is very easy. for my little kids, i also do online shopping. that is easy. the first step is to make your list and seek out the items you actually want to buy. they compile deals from a variety of sources. scouting out extra savings. another approach, access to your favorite online retailers. here is a ceo and founder.
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>> 7% cash back. doubling up on savings. prefer you could really have some amazing savings. $700 back in the last year alone. if you do not know where to start, google a place like cyber monday. reasonably priced at two grand. offering it at about 1400. if you're someone that loves j. crew, initially priced at 350. you can get it today for 245. kath is offering everything at 40% off. greg, i thought that you would like this.
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the hover board. initially 570, offering at 279.99. a lot of deals to be had out there. greg: thank you. >> thank you so much, teresa. people in hoboken cannot seem to catch a break this morning. another water main break. >> this break occurred on monroe street. and 8-inch. not quite the extent of flooding that we saw either. a major break.
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repairs. we believe the amount of fact it is not nearly as widespread as it was last week. major problems in hoboken. this one occurred a few blocks away. rosanna: the nypd needs your help finding the arsonist. greg: we only have grainy surveillance video of the person entering the victims front yard. more than 40 flags they are. this godless them up. this is probably a hate crime. please call crime stoppers at
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rosanna: table -- a multi car crash. greg: this happened saturday night. his family said he graduated from rutgers this year. >> the head football coach in the athletic director are out of a job this morning. >> let's go to robert moses. >> reporter: good morning to you. clearly he was on a recording trip and he got the news. the off the field problems too many.
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it began with a bang. holding a position for four seasons. continuing struggle. several off the field issues. several football players were arrested early this season. he contacted a players teacher about a great. he sounded confident. even after saturday's loss to maryland. i have been here for four years now. three bowl games in four years. i fully expect to be the head
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he found the athletic program in turmoil. the new jersey governor's office. the athletics program through a period of transition. by any measure, this past football season was subpar. finish with a four and a record. after his firing, he took to twitter. that is the latest. live from new brunswick this morning. back to you. greg: i hear that they called
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what else is going on. rosanna: obama paid tribute to the victims of the paris attacks. greg: there is rioting in the streets. some people are upset about global warming. that is actually happening in the city. an environmental activist. rosanna: calling on mayor deblasio to announce his support. let's listen to build my the science guy. >> improve technology, amp roof policy in the next two decades. i strongly think that we can work together.
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greg: i like bill nye. he is kind of weird on purpose. rosanna: some of the easy things that we can help. carpooling is an easy one. greg: the cops helped out a hog. a bird caught in the east river. rosanna: they saw it flapping its wings in the river yesterday. the first could not take flight. one of the officers put on protect if gloves. greg: i will be looking for him. you may have seen this footage
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and the verrazano. you have these big guys with guns. 7:16 a.m. i am getting text messages from people on the set that do not want to be part of the chris gringo. rosanna: there is a scrooge in every company. don't you feel badly about doing that? [laughter] eventually. it will be contagious.
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name and did not get a gift. last year there were a lot of people. greg: a lot of people that were very happy. greg: let's talk about the weather. today's high temperatures will only be in the low to mid 40s. we are nowhere near our record. 70 degrees for this state. we are at dirty for in islip. montauk, a nice 40 degrees at the moment. more cloudy to the south. we have a system to the mid-atlantic that will be affecting us. today, we are expecting some cloud cover.
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low pressure. we will have increasing clouds today. tomorrow, we will start to see the rain moving in. you will need your umbrella handy for two days. things start to dry out. temperatures only in the low to mid 40s. we will be drier and sunnier for thursday and friday. temperatures hovering near 50 degrees. ines: traffic this morning. in the bronx. you have to laze fair. those are normal delays. if you are traveling at connecticut, also normal delays.
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show you the commute. this is over by exit third team. george washington bridge, rising into the city, a busy morning. an hour at the lincoln tunnel. holland tunnel 20-30 from each approach. rosanna, you are overseeing this [laughter] are you sure about that? rosanna: i know.
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now, you're free to start enjoying the breakfast you love any time you wish. no way. introducing mcdonald's new all day breakfast menu. once, you changed how you ate breakfast. it's time to start changing when. greg: to you that start? the house burned down a long time ago. franck sonata. one hundred in december. rosanna: i hope people will still bring a bottle of jack daniels over there.
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father command. rosanna: let's talk about donald trump. an apparent miscommunication. greg: there is donald trump. willing to meet with donald trump. that does not mean that they are outsourcing him. greg: kyle walker has expressed concern. greg: he is still at the top of the pole. rosanna: chris christie. greg: they have a big newspaper out there. that is a big deal in the
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political world. rosanna: they better get it right. the speaker of the assembly. you know what, things actually may be looking pretty good. apparently, there is one holdout juror. it looks like this person wants to break silvers leg. you cannot really tell for sure. rosanna: if convicted, he faces up to 130 years in jail. greg: rosanna: unveiled its latest
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caring packages up to 5 pounds. 400 feet used. sense and technology. the faa gave amazon of peru. it's drone research. the company says the service has regulatory support needed. rosanna: why? is he going to be lining anybody's pockets? greg: you cannot argue with that. greg: you can get a cell phone. rosanna: i will show you pictures.
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three weeks and a half. rosanna: do not get me nervous. greg: he likes that. get excited. christmas is awesome. we are going to have a big party around here. rosanna: a lot of people cried. greg: one person had to wait an extra 15 minutes. then they got their gift. greg: some very nice top-of-the-line shoelaces. rosanna: not personal, but it was nice.
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greg: midtown manhattan. jimmy. what else is happening? rosanna: 7:30 a.m. it is my mother's birthday. she is working. she loves working. greg: audrey, what is going on? rosanna: you have the same date as my brother. rosanna: there has been a little bit of a problem. [laughter] audrey: let's talk numbers. temperatures are in the 20s. it will be chilly. actually, it will be really cold
7:31 am
and dry today. we'll actually get a little milder as we go on. we have a nice stretch ahead with more sunshine am more seasonable temperatures. right now we're sitting in the 30s. thirty-three amperage for this money. twenty-nine in danbury. the hudson valley. more in the way of sunshine. also streaming and across long island. the clouds are coming in ahead of the system. currently bringing wet weather across the mid-atlantic. we will have a round of rain tomorrow. more precipitation in the forecast by then. high pressure is a dominant
7:32 am
that will not happen until late tonight. expect a dry start to the week. tomorrow we will talk it out park. you will need your umbrella handy over the next couple days. ines: traffic slow here. that has been cleared away. that was westbound. new jersey commute. it is between 280 and route three.
7:33 am
there is a stall. there it is. off to the side there. the cross bronx, doing okay. you do have to laze on the deacon. that is due to that long term construction. the trains are running on or close. greg: it happened again. another mass shooting. colorado springs, colorado. rosanna: three people were killed. two people who happen to be there waiting. liz joins us with the very latest. >> expected to take a whole week.
7:34 am
they will not release information on the motive or the weapon used quite yet. had described him as a loner. the three victims have been identified. 29-year-old iraq war veteran. he is believed to have two young daughters in texas. the other was a police officer. before he became a police officer, he was a competitive ice skater. >> we trained together. boston. >> reporter: the two are very close. new york police.
7:35 am
parenthood clinics around the state. the suspect is scheduled to make his first appearance. i am sure that there will be people from both sides. greg: thanks a lot. happening tomorrow. i did not realize it at that much sodium in it. greg: trained restaurants will have to put that. more than a teaspoon of sodium. rosanna: the rule is the first
7:36 am
of its kind. by the way, they will not start collecting until march 1. rosanna: all right. 7:36 a.m. greg: chris gringo. secret santa. we are doing it is sheer. rosanna: i am trying to keep the family together. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. rosanna: did you think it through yet? greg: we got a tree for $70. rosanna: how tall is it?
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the stand. not big enough for two people to carry. rosanna: i feel like you bought it a little early. it goes off after thanksgiving. that is hocus-pocus. you have heard all kinds of crazy things. rosanna: this weekend was so gorgeous. people were surfing this weekend. it's got cold. it was pretty warm.
7:40 am
the end of november. we officially start to subvert tomorrow. factor in the win damage feels like 25. the windchill north and west. monticello 13. maybe get bundled up if you have not headed out the door just yet. mainly clear conditions. clouds rolling in from the city. an association of this system. across the mid-atlantic. the second area. going into wednesday. some snow and sleet associated with it. we'll actually be pretty mild on wednesday.
7:41 am
tonight will be mostly cloudy. it looks like we will have a wet commute for some in the morning. the rain will kind of draco power. we will see that second area of low pressure make its approach. in the meantime, it looks like we will be dry drive when we start off the week. tomorrow we will be at 50. you can track the weather along with us. find it free at our google placed order. with it, you will get a live interactive radar. >> let's check in first with westchester county.
7:42 am
expect delays. just a slow ride there. to laze on 78. let's go to our cameras. bradley avenue. the george washington bridge on the upper level, 40 minute delay. an hour delay. greg: time for sports. where is duke? >> duke is on vacation. over the thanksgiving day weekend, it went down.
7:43 am
this is the second left on the clock. cj anderson. the backup quarterback. the first loss of the season. a big day for the jets yesterday. ryan fitzpatrick and his trimmed. had a huge day against the dolphins. the jets grab a seven-zero lead. four touchdown passes on the day. the jets down. thirty-eight-20. >> let's just go out there and
7:44 am
happened. >> the jets play the giants. trying to avenge their loss as redskins. the giants offense was a mess. eli had three picks. the giants were full to cut the lead to seven. watch this. a one hand grab. it was not enough. washington hangs onto pizza giants. >> we did not function very well early on. i commend our guys for hanging
7:45 am
greg: a rough night for the knicks he lost the alley you. finishes with 20 points. a 14-point lead. they blow it. he hits the three. 101. they go to overtime. rockets rockets when it 115-111. over at the berkeley center. finishing. eighty-seven-83 when.
7:46 am
kobe bryant. one of the greatest to ever play in the nba. five nba titles. my heart can't take the pounding. greg: did you say 20 years with the lakers? >> it is hard to handle. it is time to say goodbye. >> redpolls. still failed to advance to the finals. the eastern conference finals.
7:47 am
the red bulls beat the crew. >> they won that game. thank you, tina. >> i will be here. >> i like that. who could it be? take a peek outside. rosanna: it is going to be
7:48 am
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greg: private jets. rosanna: where do you think it is going? greg: nowhere cool. rosanna: how do you know? maybe all the need. greg: like i said, nowhere cool. greg: you have the chance to win a bike ride. he says he is going to have fun. he will visit. part of a once in a lifetime experience. you can win all kinds of prices after donating. other expenses include game of thrones.
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kids the talk. have a photo shoot in costumes with shaq for your christmas card. you can go to a university of texas and austin. game. >> very cool. >> you just have to donate on the website. >> the more money you donate, the more chances you have to up your odds from winning. the numbers are in. the dell sold more albums in one week than anyone thought she
7:53 am
this is from her outlook 25. shattered the expectations. the previous record holder was instinct. she broke that record in just four days. pretty incredible. >> what you're watching is pretty spears. apparently, a big fan of hers. we said she could dance to the song a million times. greg: it looks slow motion. >> it is slow-motion. rosanna: she is a dancer.
7:54 am
greg: anything else going on? >> getting ready for a light show that starts on wednesday. you go in and you can touch a wish station. for every wished wish that is made, $1 will be donated. >> this is my neighborhood. it looks really cool. around the tri-state. around the world. >> it runs through january 10. you want to check it out starting wednesday.
7:55 am
>> keeping good records. >> it is a secret santa generator. rosanna: thank you so much for
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rosanna: just about 8:00 o'clock in the morning. hope you had a beautiful holiday weekend. it is back to work for us. it is monday, november 30. i am rosanna scotto. greg: mike woods. did you work thanksgiving day? rosanna: he took 100 days off after that. [laughter] rosanna: millions of people are getting paid to shop today. it is cyber monday. many people spend at least some of their workday searching for deals online. greg: the police need help finding the guy in this video. he lived more than 40 flags on
7:59 am
fire. he is an arsonist. probably a racist. they want to find this guy. rosanna: and major endorsement in new hampshire. greg: chris christie. this would help him a lot up there. also, a guy from brooklyn wrote his boat all the way across the atlantic ocean. >> to do imagine? >> it seems, somehow, impossible. how did he do it? rosanna: being all alone in the middle of a rowboat in the ocean? greg: this was his third attempt. he got to brooklyn over the
8:00 am
weekend. we will figure it out. raising aids awareness. he lost his brother. rosanna: you are already in the holiday spirit. rosanna: the maximum is $25. greg: thanksgiving was fantastic. we should do that more often. >> you put that propaganda of. we also have you in a pilgrim's outfit. greg: meanwhile, you were
8:01 am
rosanna: let's talk to mike woods. audrey: mike woods is in miami. his friends birthday. we are not in warm weather. cold weather here in the tri-state area. big change today. we have ratings in the 20s and 30s in the tri-state area. the wind is kind of a little breezy. coming out of the north, northeast.
8:02 am
more and sunshine this morning. coming in ahead of the system that is bringing rain across the mid-atlantic. this area of low pressure will move into the region tonight. this area of low pressure, this will be affecting us on wednesday. out ahead of it, there will be a very warm surge of air coming in. we are below normal for this time of year. we need to add to that deficit. increasing clouds. tomorrow, we will be at 58.
8:03 am
the roads this morning. l.i.e. traffic slow. also watch out for an accident on the jackie robinson parkway. heading towards the verizon operates. normal delays. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the lie. normal delays westbound. a stall there off to the side. trains, everything running on or close to schedule this morning. street cleaning rules are in effect. greg: the first monday after thanksgiving. >> expected to be shopping.
8:04 am
teresa priolo. we gave her the okay to do this on company time. frankly, it is making me a little jealous. >> i am being paid to log onto all these websites. i did find something for you guys. $1500 off one tv. a lot of sites offering 70% off their cyber monday deals. today is the day that caps off a weeklong day of shopping. 121 million people expected to log on and get some shopping done today. >> you have these deals.
8:05 am
let me go here. samsung. i thought you would like it on amazon. something you control from your iphone. $149. maybe you want to buy them the classic radio flyer. some other things, this is big for a lot of people. travel deals. something that speaks to my heart. they are offering some pretty
8:06 am
45% off your stay. beverly hills and santa monica as well. 55% off san francisco. also, abu dhabi. a lot of deals out there. if you go through cash websites, you get some cash back as well. savings after savings after savings. that is the latest from here. rosanna: the nypd need to or help finding the arsonist. greg: take a look at this. you can see the flame there. one of them. the victim's front yard. eighty-ninth avenue. this was thanksgiving morning.
8:07 am
if you have any information about this, please call crime stoppers. 18577 tips. rosanna: if you live in hoboken, you know things are not getting off to a great start today. greg: frank sinatra. a spokesperson said, water will be disrupted. >> this comes hours after the city reported. after the water main break around thanksgiving. it has been tested. obviously, problems again in that area this morning. greg: rutgers university.
8:08 am
athletic coach. >> after a rough season on and off the field. robert moses is that the representative errs campus. robert, what are you hearing? >> reporter: greg and rosanna, good morning to you. the pressure to win is great. certainly did a lot of winning. he did not win enough. the off the field problems. the rutgers athletic program began with a bang. a disappointing four-eight record this year. head coach was fired. university president made the announcement in a letter to the community. convincing me that we need new
8:09 am
leadership of our football program. several football players were arrested this season. he sounded confident of his future even after saturday's loss to maryland. >> i have been here for four years now. i fully expect to be the head coach here for a long time. captured on video. patrick hobbs takes over as athletic or actor. he also led the athletics
8:10 am
transition. kyle flood was busy trying to fill this program back up for next year. he learned that he had been fired. that is the latest this morning. back to you. greg: chris christie. it has not been looking so good. they would not let him into the primetime debate. he has some really good news. rosanna: a key endorsement. what do you think, brett? >> the union leader. it is significant.
8:11 am
it could be a game changer. he has kind of found his mojo in new hampshire higher. look for kristi to start to capitalize on that. we are in a crazy season. a lot can change in a short time. greg: he has prosecuted terror. they say he is a fast talking senator. rosanna: donald trump is still leading the polls. >> significantly. a big draw for donald trump. on the issue of foreign-policy. donald trump so far has held his numbers.
8:12 am
these huge events. it shows his power. two months. he is still on top. it could happen. greg: huge. rosanna: he is getting into character. greg: that is everybody else. we celebrate donald trump. rosanna: i will see you at 6:00 o'clock today. all right. on long island. police use surveillance video to catch a teenager that stole a playstation four.
8:13 am
he distracted a clerk at a game stop. he later turned himself in. when i was in the third grade. hello, audrey. it is cold out there. our wind chills are in the teens. we we're in the 20s and central park. belmar, checking in with a windchill of 33 degrees. it will stay cold through the afternoon hours.
8:14 am
out towards our south. very late tonight into the early hours tomorrow. this area of pressure will bring us rain into tuesday's. north of the city. we will go mostly cloudy across the region. there will be a few showers. early afternoon. that rain pushes off to the northeast. a period of able. after that, we will clear things out for the individual week. today, we will stay dry. it will be called today. tomorrow, we will hit 50. on thursday and friday, more in
8:15 am
we will stay dry, to, as a go into the weekend. let's see how it looks on the roads this morning. ines: good morning. watch out for an accident blocking a lane. putnam county. doing fine. no problems on the taconic. let's go to our cameras. west nile, eastbound doing fine. forty-five minute delay on the upper level. lincoln tunnel, one hour. greg: thank you very much. one of the biggest brains in town.
8:16 am
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. greg: 1996. rosanna: i know. greg: i never went to double low seven. rosanna: i really did not like it. you know.
8:20 am
greg: the place to be. some things are the same. people are still buying christmas trees. adam shapiro. what is up? >> just want to give you some retail numbers. 103 million americans bought something online. millions also bought things that brick-and-mortar. at brick-and-mortar stores, it was 12 billion.
8:21 am
trending my stuff online. greg: days amid all the numbers to somebody and then they add them all up? >> adobe systems. they track online purchase exchanges. the credit card or however you paid. also shop for track. in then you have the national retail federation. fewer people expected to actually shop online. greg: everybody has high-speed at home now. thank you so much. have a good one. rosanna: did you buy anything? greg: plenty of time.
8:22 am
problems getting on the east river. not moving to the brooklyn bridge. i was wondering if the officer had to jump into the water. jumping onto the glove. the port authority cop. helping out a baby bird on the top of the verrazano. these guys with the big guns. very top of the bridge. rosanna: coming up on "good day new york." a 21 month journey. i do not know how he did it, but we will break it down with him. greg: here he is on the final leg.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
greg: oh, a tug boat. where are we here? rosanna: is this elizabeth maybe? greg: red hook. a lot going on there. it is a hot spot. any high lights from the weekend? >> rosanna: no. it is drama free, how about yours? >> greg: it was very pleasant. i brought my hover board to thanksgiving. rosanna: you can arrested in
8:26 am
some of the places with that. >> greg: not yet. rosanna: i saw young kids on the hover board yesterday with their mom, they are going to give a ticket to the kids, three of them, 500, 500, 500. greg: if you want to protest, i'm with you. rosanna: we have a more of a problem with the bicyclists going the wrong direction. >> yes. i don't know how figure that out. we are happy to be back. christmas is three and a half weeks away. rosanna: everybody has picked name? greg: i have not actually. >> here we go. greg: nope. i'm running the jar. >> you can't do that. rosanna: who'd you get? greg: somebody. rosanna: i have to look it over.
8:27 am
sore last year. greg: everybody is fine. rosanna: and her initials are cs. that is not going to happen again under my supervision. audrey: we are waiting to see what is going to happen with this one. greg: this is fine, folks. audrey: we starting with the raetdings in the 20s and 30s this morning. increasing in clouds today. tomorrow have your umbrella handy. the rain is moving in across the err an and it is sticking with us through wednesday as well. at the end of the week it is looking good. we turn sunny and dryer by then. right now it is code. 27 in poughkeepsie.
8:28 am
central park 36 degrees. belmar 39. now we have mainly clear skies to the north and more clouds to the south and the clouds are increasing across the area as we go to the afternoon. temperature readings are cold. the winds are breezy and they are adding to the temperatures we have a chill, coming in 5-10 miles per hour on average. again, factor that with the current temperature and windchills feeling like the teens north and west of the city right now. here is the cloud deck. they are moving back in across the area later in the afternoon and tonight mostly cloudy. the rain is holding off new mexico tomorrow morning. the area of low pressure is breezing across the area tomorrow. a second area of low pressure sitting to the west affects us
8:29 am
on wednesday. on thursday we have in the way of sunshine. today increasing in clouds. combed with the highs only in the low to mid 40s. tomorrow 50. that is closer to average. 58 on wednesday. mild. 51 for thursday. staying near 50 for the weekend. plenty of sunshine and nice and dry for the weekend. that is a look at the weather. >> good morning. audrey. we have delays out there. quiet quiet. putnam county, a lane is blocked. 684 by exit 6 an accident slowing everyone down. the l.i.e. earlier problems, delays have not cleared up. the traffic is slow. a little slower than normal.
8:30 am
bqe normal delays. this is the staten island expressway, eastbound is moving better than before. a slow ride on the 59th street bridge. if you are headed to queens the outer roadway on the lower is closed. use the inner roadway and headed to manhattan an accident on the lower roadway. crossing the hudson, lincoln tunnel an hour delay. george washington bridge 45 on the upper. 30 lower. holland tunnel 15-20. >> greg: thank you. after thanksgiving, we heard the news about a mass shooting, this one at the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs, colorado. three people were killed, including a police officer. rosanna: we are learning more about the three people, including a police officer, two people who were there and helping someone.
8:31 am
latest this morning. liz? >> good morning. police are sealing the warrants related to the case and not releasing the weapon information or the motive. the suspect 7:00-year-old robert deer was antigovernment and antiabortion and making concerning comments about president obama. the victims have been identified. the 29-year-old was iraq war veteran and father of two. the third victim was a police officer. >> as kids he was literally like
8:32 am
i saw him every day, we trained together. >> he leaves behind a wife and two childr. the new york city state police are increase ing the pa patrols at philanthropisted parenthoods. >> president obama in paris for the climate summit and the first when arriving there yesterday was to pay tribute to the victims of the terror attack. greg: today he met with the french prime minister and the leaders from around the world. paris is gripped by riots, let's sere here, 317 people detained after unauthorized protest seeking to call attention to climate change. there are been pictures that we have been looking at, pretty
8:33 am
tear gas, some are peaceful and others not at all. so a lot of turmoil in paris right now. rosanna: a judge ordering a defamation lawsuit can move street. huntington, long island. >> he was on the board of directors at stratton jordan belmont's firm and he claimed the movie. this. that is the guy that played him. here is a clip from the movie. >> this is their gift. they are built to be thrown like a lawn dart. >> stop. safety is first.
8:34 am
>> rosanna: so the character played in the film is based on mr. green and he claims that the movie makers claimed him as a criminal and devoid of morality or ethics. greg: he's far superior to the character as hill. rosanna: by the way, paramount is saying that the character is a fictional character. they didn't even name it after him. it was enjoyable movie. it is a little too long. rosanna: it was good and interesting to see. short. greg: you have seen it. the wolf of wall street, the offices in nassau county. rosanna: they started in a >> agree.
8:35 am
>> the big short is coming out with brad pitt that is about the housing bubble. the market going down. greg: you hung with brad pitt. rosanna: a lot of the women i saw this week wanted to know about brad pitt and then you. greg: the guy that road across the ocean. rosanna: he's looking good, he spent 21 months rowing. >> victor, can you hear us? hey, victor. we are going to talk to this guy of the break. he rowed across the atlantic ocean and taking almost two years. it's the holidays. full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet
8:36 am
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[music] greg: upper east side. now to brooklyn and meeting the next guest, he's been in a row boat for almost two years. yep, a row boat. he's leaving in february 2014. victor has been rowing with a couple of stops along the way. it is impossible to do it nonstop. rosanna: the boat is only 24 feet long. greg: this is him arriving to new york city. rosanna: he did in memory of his brother that died from aids and he's doing it to raise awareness of the disease. greg: welcome to "good day new york." how are you, sir? >> oh, so happy to be in brooklyn and good morning. i'm happy to be brooklyn and almost to the finish line. rosanna: where is the finish
8:39 am
line and are your arms tired? >> the finish line is the brooklyn bridge and i'm leaving here at about 10:00 and ending at the brooklyn bridge and the row comes to an end. greg: what was the longest stretch for you. you made stops along the way. what is the longest at sea? >> yes, hello. >> we have you. rosanna: what is the longest at sea? >> excuse me? >> what is the longest at sea, victor? >> the longest? >> i can't hear you. >> what are you doing when not in a boat?
8:40 am
public affairs officer. that was put on hold. this has been a ten year guest for me and it has taken four boats. my first boat i built in a garage and sunk an hour after leaving. i tried again in 2009 with another boat and my water system broke down when leaving africa and the third boat taking on the water and i was in a life raft until a cargo ship picked me up. this boat took 130 days to reach land. i lost 80 pounds. a shark put a hole in the boat. i continued. i was pirated off the coast of haiti and the boat was destroyed and here i am. this is just to encourage folks to get tested for hiv. i believe a cure is on the
8:41 am
but knowing your status is critical. i hope new yorkers will get tested and not be afraid. it was a very challenging coming across the ocean but i never gave up. here i am now just to tell new yorkers never give up, and don't be afraid to get tested for hiv. rosanna: great message, victor. when in the middle of the ocean, was another boat near you and accompanying you along the way, i'm afraid, are you out there all by yourself? >> i was never alone. for the faithful in 2004, john paul give me the benediction in rome. in the atlantic ocean, no boats around me, but the father was with me.
8:42 am
and he comforted me and kept me alive so i can tell my story. on the side of the boat, hashtag when we pray. when people hear my story they think i have a one on one connection with the father, we all have that connection, all we have to do is ask and he'll hear your cry like he heard my cry. plenty of times i cried when in the ocean and he heard my cry and he'll anyone's cry. >> victor, that is beautiful. i am glad you got out of the boat building business. you were making them in the so well. that boat is looking advanced. rosanna: sturdy. greg: where did you get that boat? >> it was made in brazil and
8:43 am
soon this boat is donated to the u.n. for permanent as the symbol for the fight against aids. rosanna: thank you, victor. greg: we'll have you come on and talk more normally. rosanna: yes, i want to know about the weather on the ocean. greg: victor, glad you are home and we look forward to having you on in person. i don't understand why he was making a boat in a garage. rosanna: well, neil might be able to explain this. can you help me with this. greg: remember the show last year. rosanna: he's amazing. he's got a new one and we talk
8:44 am
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8:46 am
rosanna: let's talk about shanado conner. greg: let's take a look at her. the hair cut from the 80s. anna gilligan is here, by the way. she kept the look and a dreary song that everyone likes, except me. anna: there was a disturbing message on her facebook page and she's receiving treatment as a result. the message read in part the last two nights finished me off andive taken an overdose. >> she put that online? >> we don't know, it was on her facebook page. we assume it was her. someone could have hacked it. but the police found the singer and she's being treated and he's opened up about having suicidal
8:47 am
issues and a tough couple of months and under went a hiser ektmy and one of the children is sick. she's in a sad situation there. greg: we wish her well. anna: we have princess char lot just six months old and now seeing the photos. greg: excuse me, who is this? the name is not sweeping the nation. anna: she's the daughter of prince william and kate. greg: oh right. she's got a big brother. anna: she's fourth in line to thrown. so cute. i think she looks like her dad. rosanna: you do? anna: i do. greg: a happy child is a butteel sight.
8:48 am
order to brooklyn star 911. he wrote had to snag my girl. he put a picture of tackling. greg: that is funny stuff. we watched a couple of episodes. anna: she's funny and a funny special on netflix called one of the greats mockingly. rosanna: you know her. anna: she wrote my fiance proposed lol. >> thank you. great in shape through dancing. this is so much fun.
8:49 am
greg: at the end of the movie, there was this dance. >> there is a workout and i'm
8:50 am
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