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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  November 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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his first appearance in court. dear is accused of opening fire at the colorado springs friday killing a police officer, two civilians and injuring nine. he made the comment no more baby parts to investigators after the shooting. he'll be charged with first-degree murder next week. dari: the tragedy has renewed calls for tougher gun control measures. steve: zachary joins us with more on the changes gun control advocates would like to see. >> reporter: is there a connection between what happens outside of planned parenthood in colorado and cases in new york city? some local politicians say absolutely. it's guns. >> this is not a big city problem. it's not a small city problem. it's an american problem. >> from the mayor of syracuse to a local activist today in harlem, the truth when lives are lost to guns. >> i've got to live the rest of
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my life without my son. 17 and 19-year-old were the people who shot my son. how is that? why are we not doing more? >> reporter: the call to address the issue of gun violence here on the streets of new york city and colorado came with acknowledgment from some of the harshest critics of police conduct, that the battle being waged is two pronged. >> at the same time we deal with police accountability, we have to work with them in dealing with gun violence. and we've got to be able to thread that needle and we've got to be able to do it with focus. >> the truth is the truth. we can deal with the police 6789 we can deal with ourselves. >> reporter: spike lee joined the group of mostly politicians to announce his film a satire will not have a party but a march. >> we're not having a celebration after a premier in new york city.
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it's going to be a march. >> reporter: and a resolution to congress for national gun violence awareness month. >> historic resolution. hasn't been done before to make sure we can fight this issue on a national level. >> a month for us to focus on the suicidal trip that this nation has taken and leading the world in killing itself. >> what do colorado springs and new york city have in common? when lives are lost to guns, nobody wins. cheyenne's young son lloyd morgan, jr., was shot and killed. he was just four years old. >> why are we not doing more? our children are being murdered. >> reporter: gun violence, a battle being fought on many fronts. back over to you. dari: thank you. jury selection began today in the trial of the first baltimore police officer that is charged in the death of freddie gray. william porter went to court
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he is one of six officers that's facing charges. 25-year-old gray died of a severe spinal cord injury, which he suffered while in police custody. this happened last april. porter is accused of failing to seek medical attention for gray during a 45-minute ride in a police transport van. gray was found unresponsive and died a week later. his death sparked widespread protests and rioting steve: in paris, streets reopened. the bataclan the scene of many shootings. there were separate attacks across the city. france is still in a state of emergency following the attacks. dari: this activist is headed home to new york after two decades of being found of aiding leftist rebels trying to seize control of congress in peru. the 46-year-old has been living in lima with her six-year-old
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she was barred from leaving peru until her 20-year sentence was up, which was yesterday. and she says she plans to live in new york city with her parents until she gets herself established. steve: christmas tree dealers are everywhere all out of nowhere and the family is starting to feel like winter. dari: absolutely. tomorrow is the first day of december. but i think a little bit of rain is going to be coming our way. nick: that's correct. it will be moving up from the south and west and the temperatures will start moving up. a slow increase in temperatures tonight into tomorrow and particularly as we get into wednesday. there's nothing nearby on the radarscope. a few light showers south of allentown. we have sky guardian 3-d. it is showing we have the area of rain off to the south. this will be advancing slowly northward as time goes along. you can see the clouds have been increasing this afternoon. we'll have a wind coming out of the east. that will hold temperatures back
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as we look at our futurecast. we'll be finding the rain moves in overnight. it will be a wet commute. periods of rain through the day. temperatures struggling to get through the upper 40s to 50. more showery-type rain as we head into wednesday as well with a cold front off to the west. wednesday we should pop into the middle 50s. after that, things will dry out for the rest of the week. it looks like a wet day and a half to two days in the forecast which will be coming up soon. 42 the city. 33 in the burbs. steve: all right. thank you. firefighters battle a five-alarm fire at an apartment building in the bronx. it was reported around noon on montgomery avenue and morris heights. the fire started on the top floor of the building. it was brought under control a couple of hours later. the fdny said five firefighters were treated for minor injuries. unclear exactly what started the first in the first place. dari: inmates, corrections officers at rikers island, will
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be facing extra security measures. the city is purchasing 10 scanning devices that can pick up cell phones and small weapons which could not be discovered by traditional detectors. they're mobile and can be carried around by corrections officers. they cost about $10,000 apiece. steve: the clock ticking in new jersey. transit waiting rooms. ticketed passengers have a two hour time limit. dari: critics say it's aimed at cracking down on the homeless. lisa evers has the story from hoboken. >> reporter: it's a pilot program to make waiting for your train more comfortable. are homeless people paying the price? at newark penn station, the sign says seating for ticketed customers only. two hour time limit. but how can you tell? it's just one station that's part of a multistation trial to deal with overcrowding and storm surge loitering. a spokesperson tells us the intent of the seating policy is to insure that our ticketed customers have access to seating
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while waiting for the travel. it's also in effect at the hoboken terminal. >> i think homeless people should be taken care of and there should be shelters for them and the state should take good care of them. there should be places for commuters to sit and clean space. that's what new jersey transit is trying to accomplish. >> i don't see anything really wrong with it. if i bought a ticket, i should be able to sit and wait. >> reporter: the terminal wasn't very busy in the middle of the afternoon. there were plenty of empty seats. some people who told us they're homeless weren't taking any chances and were standing up. what brings you in here today? >> it's pretty chilly outside. i just stopped in. i usually be over here. >> reporter: are you homeless right now? >> yes. >> reporter: everyone we spoke with says hoboken feels safer and more rider friendly, but not everyone is on board with the new seating policy. some are worried with the cold weather here homeless people will have one less place to warm up.
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them being here and thought it was a nice thing new jersey transit did in the wintertime. i guess it affects them and they should probably change it back. >> reporter: the spokesperson tells us that they're trying to strike a balance between convenience for their customers and compassion for those who are facing tough circumstances. at the hoboken terminal, i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. dari: well, no shave november is almost over. lots of guys will be losing their excuse not to shave. steve: the new york start-up that wants to make shaving easier and cheaper for them and for everybody else. dari: plus the new service dog that lets dog -- the new service that lets dog owners park their pooch while they're out and about. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see,
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vehicles than anyone... p change your thinking about buying your next one. steve: many razor companies get customers to pay for more expensive blades. dari: one start-up thought there had a be a better way. alison morris is here to talk about harry's. >> that's the trick. the razors are cheap. the blades cost a fortune. steve: a blade every year. more and more expensive. >> reporter: costs a fortune.
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you have to do but don't enjoy. shaving and buying shave products a biggie for most guys. but the process, they thought, could be easier, cheaper and more awesome without leaving home. they came up with a direct consumer grooming company called harry's. >> every brand needs a home. and we are sitting in our home. >> reporter: this is harry's corner shop in new york city. the neighborhood barber shop plays home to harry's, a start-up meant to make shaving a better experience. >> it was born out of experience i had going to a drugstore. it's frustrating. the razors were locked in a case. i spent $25 for four blades and shaving cream and was upset about that. >> reporter: the next morning he called his friend jeff and said they had to come up with something better. jeff had just the idea.
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and deliver people a better experience. >> reporter: they got to work trying every razor blade out there and stumbled on a winner. >> we found a razor blade factory in germany that makes some of the highest quality blades in the world. >> reporter: in march of 2013, they partnered with that factory, fine technique, and launched harry's online, selling starter sets for $15 and replacement blades for $2 or less that can be sent to you based on how often you shave. >> we have fought 10,000 razor handles and were sold out in a couple of days. >> reporter: 10 months later, they spent 100 million and bought the factory, that's enabled them to control product from start to finish. today harry's has over a million customers, has raised over $286 million and is valued at $750 million, closing in on billion dollar unicorn status and it's expanded its product line,
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>> we have shaving, which is the razor, razor blade, gel, cream, an after shave and a couple of months ago we launched a face wash which you can use daily. you can use it before you shave. >> they're come up with their harry's holiday to celebrate the end of movember. >> december 1st is national shave day. it's a great time to say goodbye to your mustache. >> reporter: what's next? >> we're still new. we're still young. there's a lot of people that have never heard about us. it's continuing to figure out ways to tell the world about who we are, what we're up to. >> reporter: how good are the razors? the designs were included in the cooper hewlett museum's beautiful users exhibit. as for the concept of selling razors online, it is catching on. gillette will start selling products online. the harry's guys say that's the biggest compliment ever. steve: i never thought of that that they don't sell online. >> they do now.
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steve: they cost so much. dari: i love the name, harry's. classic. steve: thank you. dari: rain coming in. steve: wish it was cooler out today. we're making the transition. nick: exactly. today was a november, end of november, early december day. a chill in the air, a little sun and clouds. the clouds will win out tonight. tomorrow morning, you'll be looking at rain and a little pocket of freezing rain well north of town as it gets started. it won't last that long. don't be concerned about that. 49, 34 today. average, 70 the record high. that was in 1991. we were as cold as 7 in 1875. it is that time of year. sunrise 7:00. down 4:29. right now in new york city, let's see if our clicker will cooperate. it's 43. one of these days. 43 with temperatures that have been into the lower 40s across a lot of the area during the day. poughkeepsie, 42. sussex, 40. mid 40s in the city to the
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islip 47 for their high. pretty much finding the readings a little below the average. right now at 38 as you get towards poughkeepsie. only 30 in monticello. you see what i mean. the precipitation comes in and the colder spots north of town, little brief shot of freezing rain until the temperatures rises above that. 46 down at the jersey shore. and montauk is coming in at 43. our temperature change, about one to two degrees in either direction from 24 hours ago. wind has been out of the northeast. it will continue out of the northeast and become more easterly. that will last into tomorrow at speeds of 10 miles an hour on average. as we look at where the rain is, there's nothing nearby as we check out our look at fox 5 sky guardian. a couple of light sprinkles trying to develop in southeastern pennsylvania. a lot of that is not necessarily reaching the ground. we'll take a look at our slight and radar composite. this will start shifting northward sliding up from the
5:17 pm
south. high pressure is exiting via the east. look at the swirl. snows continues to fly in the plains state and minnesota. ahead of that is showery rains. that's what we'll deal with tomorrow. patchy fog as the temperature struggles to hold it in the mid and upper 40s, topping off at 50 in the afternoon. until that front passes, we'll have to deal with more wet weather tomorrow night. there's the futurecast. you can see the rain continues. the showery weather will last towards wednesday. wednesday, the warm front lifts north of us. we pop into the 50s on wednesday after the front passes. a trend towards drier and cooler weather towards the end of the week. not cold, but cooler. rain will be coming in past the midnight hour. it's a wet morning commute. 42 in the city. then you saw near the freezing mark the spots to the north and west. tomorrow, about 50. it will take a lot of the day to get there as periods of rain continue and some patchy fog. showers on wednesday, 56. we'll dry out thursday around 50.
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upper 40s friday and saturday. 30s at night. that's where we should be. notice sunday and monday we're back into the lower 50s. still this up and down pattern for a little longer. steve: a gradual descent. nick: up and down for the next -- steve: we're due for that. dari: cold rain. another rain. thank you, nick. a lot of people with dogs have this problem. when you go into a store, you can't take your dog inside, so you want to leave it outside, but -- steve: you get grief for that. a new business is checking out curbside kennel. stacey delikat shows us how it works. >> reporter: chelsea does not like to leave winston tied up when she has to run inside a store. >> i'd have to double back and go home or skip the errand. i thought what if there's a self alternative to tying your dog up. >> she created an alternative called the dog parker. >> you sign up for a membership.
5:19 pm
you get a membership card in the mail. this is what unlocks the doghouse. when you use this, only your card will then unlock it. >> reporter: members are charged 20 cents a minute to park their pups in the doghouses and will be able to reserve them in advance through an app. >> this is our medium size dog parker. >> they're cleaned every other day and if a house becomes uninhabitable. >> we have a 24-7 customer service line. people can call. we can take the house off line. >> they're in test mode outside of two fort green businesseses including forget about it. >> a lot of our customers will yell out can you bring me out a sandwich? a menu? i don't want to leave my dog. and we'll accommodate them. this gives them an opportunity to take care of their dog while they come in and take care of themselves. >> the parker piqued the interest of harry park. >> looks like they're secure. for people who want more
5:20 pm
security, we want security, too. >> he might not go for it. >> he doesn't like crates. >> reporter: he admits it's not for every dog, but there are quite a few dog owners willing to give it a try. the goal is to have 100 across brooklyn by next spring but ultimately chelsea wants to expand not just throughout new york city, but to cities across the country. in fort green, brooklyn, i'm stacey delikat, fox 5 news. steve: all right. justin bieber has gone from bad boy back to the top of the charts. can't get away from that song. dari: having a good year. we'll take a look at some of the other famous faces who made a big comeback. steve: and a new look at the drones that amazon says will change the delivery game as we know it. who doesn't like a good surprise? you'd be surprised how easy it is to get a good low-cost health plan! at ny state of health you'll find many quality plans to choose from, help paying for your plan, a new essential plan at less than $1 a day for new yorkers with lower incomes. be surprised! visit
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may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit [music] dari: you know this guy, si. he's trying to recreate that insane success of the monster hit gangnam style. he introduced his latest album and gave fans a sneak peek today. he collaborated with
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he was catapulted to fame in 2012. steve: infamy. dari: it spawned a dance craze and the video has been viewed more than 2.4 billion times. steve: the most watched youtube video of all time. no one has seen more videos than that one. the new one is catchy. like annoying, catchy thing. dari: every kid will be singing. justin bieber started 2015 on probation. now he has one of the biggest albums in the country. steve: baruch shemtov shows who else has bounced back. >> reporter: major brands and celebrities rebounded from crisis this year. before we explore how they did it, what does it take to regain your trust? >> a lot. >> reporter: what does it take for a celebrity to regain your trust after they're in crisis? >> go tom brady. >> reporter: how about justin bieber? how did his new song help regain your trust? >> because they're good. >> reporter: and presidential
5:25 pm
candidate hillary clinton. she's very consistent day off day. she does good things. that's part of the trust factor. >> i think the rebounds of 2015 have been pretty impressive given how bad think they could have gone. >> reporter: the author of glass jaw who manages crisises starts with target. >> don't have anymore breaches. people were predicting doom and gloom. >> next up, hillary clinton following her e-mail scandal. >> she outlives her crises. >> there wasn't a smoking gun. he folded his arms, and slugged through it. then he did the best thing. he started winning and when you start to win, it's amazing how
5:26 pm
>> reporter: and justin bieber, who's been surrounded by controversy throughout the year. >> he came back with a hit. i think when you come back with a hit, just like in sports, the other things go away. >> reporter: while social media changed the landscape of a crisis, the comebacks show you how to hold your ground. >> you do your own show, buy your own advertising, tweet your own messages. so the idea that you can go to others to be the arbiter of your future is no longer the way to think about it. >> reporter: here's to the comebacks of 2015 and those yet to come in the new year. baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. dari: it has been some year. steve: it's amazing. world leaders say it is time to work together to stop climate change. dari: why critics say the u.s. shouldn't be too hasty to sign an international treaty. steve: and amazon showing off its drone prototypes. why experts don't think they'll be buzzing around new york anytime soon. when a moment spontaneously
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gathering in paris hoping to forge an agreement on how to tackle greenhouse gas emissions. here at home, there's a sharp divide on what that should mean for the u.s. >> what's needed in a paris agreement, including moving toward a low carbon global economy this century. >> reporter: while the majority of americans support the u.s. joining an international treaty to mitigate the effects of global warming, the concern is cost. it will lead the world's wealthy's countries holding the plans. >> they are not going along with a plan to send billions to other countries. >> reporter: it's referred to as climate finance and is expected to dominate the paris talk. developing countries are calling for more than $100 billion in and the funds from the treaty or they will walk. >> it's unlikely that the
5:31 pm
president will even seek approval from the senate, because he knows he won't get it. my guess is there's a broad bipartisan consensus that spending this kind of money is a bad idea. >> reporter: a poll shows 75 percent of americans think global warming has or will have a serious impact on the environment. eric goldstein with the national resources defense council says the time for action is now. >> we burn everything on the planet in terms of fossil fuels. there are going to be significant problems for the next generation. >> reporter: president obama also spoke with china's president ahead of the summit on ways the two countries can work together. the goal of the summit is to come up with an agreement by december 11th. steve, back to you. steve: all right. thank you very much. water service has been restored in hoboken following the second water main break in less than two weeks. this time it was an eight-inch many on monroe street.
5:32 pm
people were without water while repairs were being made. this just hours after water service was fully restored following last week's break, which cut off the water supply and flooded parts of downtown. dari: dozens of cadets in the bronx were forced out into the cold after a fire broke out inside of a dorm room. it started around 7:30 in the morning on the second floor at the c and d dorm at the campus. fire officials said two dorm rooms had extensive damage. there were no reports of any injuries and the fdny is investigating the cause. >> today is cyber monday. it is still expected to be the biggest online sales day ever. sales are expected to top $3 billion. target's web site went down this morning because it could not keep up with the traffic. many no longer wait for the monday after thanksgiving to roll out cyber monday deals. amazon started on sunday.
5:33 pm
>> these days every day is cyber monday. online retail has taken off. that's where the growth is for the retail industry. people love the convenience of free shipping, which is widely available. steve: online shopping has been taking a toll on retail stores. this year's black friday sales felt to 10.4 billion, down from 11.6 billion. a billion-two off in one year. dari: amazon's drone delivery taking off. steve: we've been hearing about this for years. here's how the newest prototype works. >> reporter: lance watched this prime air prototype deliver a pair of shoes in a video released sunday and saw a company with the hardware, software and motivation to make drone delivery a reality. >> they said they'll have multiple drones of different designs and shapes to work in
5:34 pm
>> reporter: it shows a drone flying above leafy canopy in all directions before landing on the lawn of a large country home. the air space in and above this city looks different. drones must fly below 400 feet which would mean flying between and below many buildings. >> my guess is it will be a long time before we see any kind of drone activity here for any number of reasons. >> i don't think the legal man would like this. >> reporter: prime air is not intended for those in tiny apartments on a cluttered island increasing in height. >> we're in a way in new york city the anomaly. the rest of the country is more spread out. >> reporter: amazon plans to launch its fleet to addresses within 15 miles of centers delivering packages in less than a half hour once the faa provides the regulatory support prime air requires, as soon as next year possibly. >> people could lose their jobs being delivery people.
5:35 pm
>> as large as a bike or a few people. >> reporter: 55 pound bicycle sized drones carrying five pound packages buzzing above us leaves some concerned for their privacy and safety, especially since amazon's pre-programmed drones to reach their destinations independently, avoiding obstacles along the way. >> nobody is flying it. it's flying itself. >> probably be quicker. >> it's fast and efficient. i don't have a problem with the security issue. >> reporter: i'm mac king, fox 5 news. steve: all right. it is the last stop for a long island railroad freebie. dari: why one town has decided to charge commuters to park the local train station. steve: and art son isans who are making old furniture beautiful again. dari: here's tonight's new york minute. steve: workers at the department of transportation were honored today. mayor de blasio there to thank them personally. >> you make people's lives better every day.
5:36 pm
and the people benefit don't get to meet you and say thank you. we're here today to say thank you because you've done something great for the city. >> pink surprised students in harlem as part of the launch of the unicef kid power program. kids can earn points that lead to donations. >> for kids to start something and be the pioneers, this kid power band, and to have saved 1,200 lives, that's huge for them. i mean, i think it's empowerment is one of the most important things about this. steve: learn more at unicef kid
5:37 pm
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vehicles than anyone... pflip your thinking about buying
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steve: today is a free parking at one long island train station, spots are numbered. dari: starting? -- starting in january, commuters will have to pay to park. many feel they're being nickelled and dime. >> all my life it's been free. >> reporter: this means added cost for long island railroad
5:40 pm
commuters like bob fisher who parks his car at the bayshore station. >> it will add a lot to a monthly commute. no way of changing that. >> in addition to a train ticket, you'll need to pay to park. the annual cost $90 for residents and more than double that for nonresidents. without a permit, it's $2 for 12 hours or $3 a day. >> that's about two tanks of gas, which will stop me from going to a lot of places i go. >> it's another way to get money for long island. diswlr >> reporter: the supervisor says the town has been working with a consultant as part of a plan to better manage parking. in the past, commuters have had trouble finding spaces because many times people who don't take the train park their cars in the lot. compared to other municipalities, she tells us the cost is actually more reasonable. >> we have 325 spaces that will have passes. 175 that will be open for some
5:41 pm
handicapped parking, some two hours, four hours, 12 hours. >> reporter: officials plan to put the money towards maintaining the facility and adding security cameras. fisher says if it's a matter of safety, he's in favor of it. >> i've not had a problem here. there were more problems 25 years ago than now. i want they want more infrastructure around the railroad station. i can't blame them for wanting that. >> reporter: there will be a meeting tonight at the library. the plan is to begin enforcing permits january 4th. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. dari: gop frontrunner donald trump met with a group of african-american pastors today at trump tower. the campaign promoted the meeting which included 100 religious leaders as an endorsement, but many of those invited said they had no intention of backing the billionaire businessman. an ohio pastor who arranged the meeting blames a miscommunication. after the meeting ended, trump called it amazing. steve: bernie sanders underwent
5:42 pm
the 74-year-old senator from vermont had the procedure done at george washington university hospital in d.c. sanders' office says he will get back to work in the senate tomorrow. dari: giving people and old furniture a second chance. steve: the program that's created a new purpose for former convicts. dari: plus, sugar-free doesn't mean healthy. why products without sugar can be just as bad for you. [hold music playing] we at time warner cable, need to apologize to you. we no longer offer extended periods of free on hold elevator music when you call us. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including reducing how long you could wait on hold. now, we'll even call you back at a time that's convenient for you. but for those of you who miss our old on hold music, please check out r our greatest hits at r (dramatic music) centrum brings us the biggest news
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dari: starting tomorrow, high salt warning labels go into effect at chain restaurants in new york city. the health department says the dishes that have excessive sodium levels will have to post a special salt shaker symbol on items to alert customers. steve: joining us, dr. devi of the nyu school of medicine. we're talking 2300 milligrams. the thing about salt, it's in everything and we don't know it. i think we'll be surprised when we see the things with the salt shaker next to it on the menu. >> i think that's the thing. they estimate 10% of the items will have a salt shaker. i think most people trying to cut down may have a hard time picking out what has salt in it. it's in all our food. for people who have kidney disease or heart failure, this can cause a real problem for them. if you have a lot of salt, it's
5:45 pm
bad, it was that you drink a lot of water. you can get water overloaded. when that happens, your kidneys have to pump it out. for people with kidney disease, they have a hard time. for those with heart failure, your heart is having a hard time pumping the blood or fluid. if you're holding on to more, it's harder for the heart to work work. dari: thank you for that explanation of why excessive sodium isn't good for you. >> it doesn't affect everybody with high blood pressure, but some people are salt sensitive. you hold on to the fluid. your blood pressure will go up. it's like a waterfall versus a tiny stream. dari: and on a simpler level, sometimes you get headaches from too much sodium and you don't know there's so much in there. steve: bread, soup, all the things you think are healthy. >> waking people up at night. they wake up because they're parched and they need water. they have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
5:46 pm
steve: another great reason to lay off the salt. let's talk about this. we've heard about sugar and everything. now we're talking about sugar-free might not be great. it can have a lot of the same negative repercussions. sugar is not good for us. people make this leap. well, sugar-free must be great for me. that's not the deal. dari: i think it's worse actually. >> it depends. some of the sweeteners have side effects. especially when we're talking about teas, for teas, we thought sugar was bad for your teeth. part is because we have bacteria in our mouths that digest the sugar. they produce acid. that breaks down the enamel in our teeth. that's the protective coating. the sugar-free ones don't feed the bacteria, but a lot of the substances, whether it's your soda or sport drinks, they have other acids in them that just directly break down the enamel so they have the same effect.
5:47 pm
might think if you can avoid the sugary drinks, that would be good, which is the best idea, to go with water. if you are doing the sugar-free drinks, you don't want to brush your teeth afterwards. if there's acid, you're scraping it in and helping to break down the teeth. you might want to wait longer. steve: that's counter interviewtive. -- intuitive. dari: the same thing for red wine. >> it has acid in it. coffee is very acidic. that's why people can have the stained teeth appearance. it's breaking down your teeth. the other thing is sodas have phosphorus in them. it works a little differently. it pulls the calcium out of your teeth. it has a reaction with the calcium. that causes your teeth to become weaker because it's pulling out the bone. it's called demineralization. dari: i feel like i went to science class. steve: everything i love is so bad for me. especially coming off
5:48 pm
i indulged in all of it. >> the one good thing about the sugar-free product, sugar-free gum is good, not good, but not as bad. their saliva -- steve: it can fight a sweet craving. >> with that and the saliva washes away the acid. it can protect your teeth more. steve: all right. dari: i remember being a kid and my mom would talk about sugar being bad. i thought how can something that tastes so good be so bad? that was the beginning of life. [indiscernible - talking over one another] steve: doctor, thank you very much. we appreciate it. let's talk weather. nick, it was chilly out. you know we're getting into late fall, early winter. nick: it had that look today. temperatures in the 40s. combining. next few days will be wet days. we've been talking about that
5:49 pm
rainfall deficit forever. we need the rain. we'll get some of it tomorrow into wednesday. probably an inch, inch and a half of rain by the time it's all said and done. that will put a little dent in our deficit. about seven inches still. we have new york city at 45 on our map for the high. didn't get out of the 30s in new england. and 20s up in there in northern maine. 45 pittsburgh. 44 washington, d.c. temperatures slowly will be moving on the upward direction through the next couple of days. we'll be looking at readings into the upper 40s near 50 tomorrow and mid 50s on wednesday. fox 5 sky guardian, a couple of light showers trying to reach the ground in eastern pennsylvania. they're not being successful. as you look at the satellite and radar composite, the clouds have to increase more. so far the path of the rain sliding more off to the east. it will start shifting northward. that's going to happen as we head into tomorrow with periods of rain and/or drizzle in the forecast. maybe even starting about 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. your morning commute is likely to be on the damp side. 43 in the city.
5:50 pm
44 at newark. it is in the 30s to the north and west. some of the valleys, the colder valleys tonight might see a couple of pockets of freezing rain as this starts before they warm up above the freezing mark. 48 at belmar. 43 towards montauk. there's the wind out of the northeast becoming easterly, 10 miles an hour as we head in towards tonight and again on into tomorrow. on the big picture, you'll see high pressure exiting southern canada. there's a storm producing a chunk of snow across the central plains states as it swirls around. we'll be watching for this rain to lift northward. the next few days we'll be dealing with rain. temps approach 50 tomorrow. 70s to atlanta. 80s in florida. behind that system it's 30s to 40 minneapolis towards denver. and only 21 in boise while l.a. tops off at 73. here's futurecast.
5:51 pm
the rain comes in past the 2:00, 3:00 in the morning hour. periods of rain will last into tomorrow, tomorrow night, become showery wednesday. still the rain will be here. north of us. we'll pop into the 50s on wednesday. the drier air will come in for the end of the week as temperatures cool down towards the weekend. 42 in new york city tonight. it is slower to middle 30s in the cooler spots north and west as the rain comes in. patchy fog. upper 40s to about 50. still some more rain for wednesday. it will be up at 56. then the drying comes in for thursday at 50. upper 40s friday, saturday. monday. those days look good. 30 at night. 20s in the suburbs. dari: thank you. did you see these pictures? princess charlotte is six months old.
5:52 pm
two photos taken by dutchess kate. she can be seen wearing a floral dress and pink cardigan and there's the famous dog we have to mention. that dog, everybody wants that puppy after seeing it. it's making her smile. steve: great picture. items once considered trash are being transformed into unique pieces of furniture. dari: it is a very personal project for the crafts people behind it. jessica shows us why. >> reporter: this started in april. there are five formerly incarcerated men. >> i've done four years, 10 years, i've done 18 months. on this last time i came home from doing six years. >> reporter: james is getting a second chance. he is one of the men working with his hands and creating a new life for himself. >> when i was released, it was
5:53 pm
difficult for me to find employment. and they gave me a shot, an opportunity, to prove myself. >> i build tables, whatever they ask me to do, to create. i try to put it together. >> reporter: they train inmates to refurbish discarded materials into home furnishings. >> the model we created provides a road map for how people coming out of prison can overcome the high recidivism rate and become independent business owners. >> the co-founder and director of the program trains and pays each of them out of pocket. he has put $95,000 in the organization. >> society doesn't forget when you make a mistake and they're quick to bring it up.
5:54 pm
from where i am right now and be able to look forward to what can happen. >> the founders working on finding a new location so he can allow more into the program. i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. dari: that's great. we'll see you tonight at 10:00. steve: here's kerry with what's coming up at 6:00. >> is there a reason to distinguish between black friday and cyber monday? why this could be the year that changes how retailers operate. that's coming up tonight on the
5:55 pm
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including herbal supplements. harvoni should not be taken with any medicines containing amiodarone, rifampin, or st. john's wort. it also should not be taken with any other medicine that contains sovaldi. side effects may include tiredness and headache. v i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. >> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. kerry: good evening. i'm kerry drew. ernie is off. a guilty verdict in the federal corruption trial of sheldon silver. sharon crowley is live in lower
5:57 pm
manhattan with all the details. sharon, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, kerry. well, sheldon silver just left the courthouse seconds ago. i talked with his attorney, his defense attorney. he said his client is very disappointed. let's tell you what went on today. former new york assembly speaker, once one of the most powerful lawmakers in albany, now found guilty on all seven federal corruption charges against him. he could be facing as many as 130 years behind bars. now, here's what we can tell you. the prosecutor had said during the three-week trial that silver used his office to trade favors, earning millions of dollars illegally and then lying about it. the 71-year-old democrat has more than 20 years in the new york state assembly before he was forced to resign after his arrest in january. as we said, he was found guilty on all seven counts of services fraud, extortion and money laundering.
5:58 pm
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