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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  November 30, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> right now on "fox 5 news" atten: steve: guilty on all counts. one time, the power broker convicted. >> a crush of reporters followed sheldon silver as they left federal court today. steve: the former assembly speaker faces the possibility of spending the rest of his life behind bars. sharon crowley here. sharon. reporter: steve, the lower east lawmaker rose to the highest levels of power end new york and his fall just as great. a jury found him guilty of taking bribes. while the defense team insisted he did not, the jury convig him. sheldon silver once one of the most powerful lawmakers new york has been convicted on self ren counts of federal corruption including bribery and money laundering a. federal jury found the 71-year-old democrat
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for millions and then lying about it. >> a good point. reporter: the prosecutor argued he used in flew tones trade political flavors to amass personal fortune. unsomeone scheme, a prominent local cancer doctor testify he steered patients to the law firm white and luxenberg. silver collected lucrative referral fees. his defense team plans to appeal. during the rile, silver's lawyer argued the p. was trying to criminalize long-time routine politics in albany. i'm have to file papers january 10 9:00. reporter: the federal prosecutor released a statement saying today, sheldon silver got just is, at long last, so did the people of new york. the u.s. torn's office is trying the state senator dean skelos, a republican from long island. skelos stepped down as majority leader after the arrest enema on federal corruption charges. one of the reasons why
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is that sheldon silver had so much power. heed so much power because of the way he ran the assembly. the assembly ruled and enforced because he was one of only three people making almost all of the important decisions about what legislation got pass, what contracts got abort, so much business and state government flowed through few hands. >> well, hell done sill remember did not testify in his own defense. his seven-count conviction carries with it a hefty prison teller of 136 year. jury deliberations, though, had their own side of drama. one juror told the judge who was being assaulted by other jurors then today, another juror told the judge, he may have a conflict in rest. in billion's case. the judge told the jurors to get back to work. dari. dari: thank. the new call to end gun violence today. the ref rab al sharpton was join by spike le and others calling for tougher gun control measures.
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from a mom who lost the four-year-old son to gun violence. >> i got to live the rest of my life without my son. 17 and 19-year-old were the people who shot my son. how is that? >> they are calling calling on conhe is to des knit a national gun violence awareness month. >> the first of six police officers has gone on trial in the freddy gry case. jury selection resooms tomorrow in the manslaughter trial. gray died after suffering spinal in ver are after being transport also april. >> the two gunman in last week's dadly planned par arehood shooting in a colorado courtroom. the judge ordered robert lewis dear held without bond. dear is accused of opening fire at colorado springs clinic on friday killing three people. a university of colorado police officer, two civilian, nine others
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steve: activists finally headed home to new york after being found gl of acing leftist rebels trying to seize control of congress. the 46-year-old has been living in lima with her 6 he olson since the 20 parole. she was barred from leaving peru million the 20-year sentence. she plans to live in new york city million she gets affairs in order. dari: new jersey transit wants to ease overcrowding. it is setting up a time almost mit. would some say it is an efficient to coop the out. lisa evers reports from hoboken. reporter: it is a pilot program. the homeless people paying the price. at newark penn station, the sign says seating for ticketed customers only. two-hour time limits but how can you tell, is rust one station that is part of a million ty station trial to deal with evercrowding and digs coveraged loitering. n.j. transit spokesperson tells us, the intent of the policy
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ticketed customers have access to seating while waiting for the travel in effect that's hoboken terminal. >> i think homeless people should be taken care of. there should be homeless shelters for them. take good care of homeless people. there should be place for hem to serve in clean pace. that is what new jersey transit is trying to aam coaccomplish. >> i don't see and thing really wrong with it. i should be able to sit and wait. i don't see anything wrong with it at all. >> the hoboken terminal was nots about sy in the middle of the afternoon. this were mentive empty seats but some people who told us they were homeless were not taking any chances were standing up. >> what bring you in here today? >> he is pretty chilly outside. >> so are you homeless right now? >> yeah. reporter: refer within we spoke with says hock in feels safer, more riderren fromly. not everyone is onboard with the new seating polling sy.
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the cold weather here, homeless people will have one less hiss to warm up. i never had a problem with them peg here and thought it was nice thing that they did in the be with game to. i guess it affects them. they should trade it back. reporter: they are trying to strick a balance between convenience for the customers and compassion for those who are facing tough circumstances. at the hoboken terminal, lisa evers where can "fox 5 news." >> all right. well, the cold came, now something else is coming. >> right. they get cold and talk about rain, nick. meteorologist: yeah shall it is on the radar. there is some rain in allentown, philly, south jersey. creeping in as time guess along. a little both of light rain as drizzle develops. we put that in messing on fox 5 sky guardian 3d. the first wave coming up. look down here as the area starts to expand northeastward. we will be dealing with this tow and deal with it again on wednesday the whole system slides along. look for period of rain
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that mean the morning commute is wet. you want allow a little extra time for that. and it may for a brief period, be a b of rain on up to the colder valleys in the lower hudson valley. that is going to quickly go over to are inner and dealing with period of rain. temperatures move top the 40's probably stopping in the upper 40's. the rain continues. as we move forward to wednesday. another band of shower and some areas of rain moving through on wednesday. once, though, temperature jam are jumps up far little bit before drier air comes in. chilly tonight and rain develops. 42 in the city. close to freezing though in some places. a few pocket "of freezing rain will stay mostly in the 40's tomorrow. periods of rain or drizzle when it is not doing anything steady. about 50 if we get there. stop around 48 or 46 now look i said, more are in for wednesday then dries out. dari, steve. steve: thank you, nick. chris christie got a
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endorsement. the state's biggest newspaper union leader wrote the new jersey governor is "the one candidate who has the range in type of experience the nation desperately needs." dari: gop frontrunner, donald trump room, responding to governor crist t's endorsement on twitter. trump tweeting, "how is chris christie running the state of north carolina which is deeply trouble when he is spending all the time in new hampshire, new jersey and not happy?" steve: all right, saouber monday. the biggest year yet. ji a record $3 million expected to be spent today alone. that is linda schmidt reports the digital deals are not just about one day alone. >> i love cyber monday because of all the great sales. reporter: well, it turns thuse more shoppers are shopping on-line instead of in stores. you a in sit a hem and get the best prices. >> experts say mer than 103 million people have
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thanksgiving compared to 102 million who went into store. cyber monday ex peed to wrap up $3 billion in steals. that is on top of a robust black friday. just in norwood, he is jim ibm watson trend which analyzes digital data. >> on-line sales were up by 21-point% this year on black friday. was largely driven by a trend where people were purchasing significantly more on the smartphones. reporter: experts say on-line shopping is also taking a toll on brick and mortar stores. last year's sales on black friday were $11.00 billion in store. this year, sales were down to 10.4 billion. coles the personal finance editor with international businesstimes. >> obviously, is conventient. you can avoid the crowds which any new yorker will understanded. there is also a lot of price transparency so if you want to compare a cost web site it is easier to do and you
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store to store and free shipping. >> cyber monday is. the only day that you can get a receipt deal on-line. retallers are competing for your dollars offering deals before, during and after. >> seib he monday is the largest online shopping day, but pit has not be about growing as quickly as it has in the past year and a big reason for that, so many people are shopping online over the thank giving weekend and also will in to shop online for the rest of december. reporter: okay, are we do get to christmas. experts say people will be shopping more in stores instead of online. that is because they may not bible to get the good hip to them in time for christmas. dari, back upstair us to. dari: thanks, linda. everload of cyber monday shoppers caused target's web site to crash for awhile this morning. i couldn't even get on. the retailer then set up a virtual lynn to give customers access to the site gradually and target was not the only store with glitches during the busiest shopping period of the year. neiman marcus had to ex
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sales after the company's web site crashed on black friday. steve: all right, massive data breach feating a popular line of kids' toys. dari: how hacker got on the hands of personal in foe of millions of parent and children and that they will do in. steve: yeah. scary. a new warning label coming tomorrow. what it means and which foods are expected to be impacted by the warning. dari: sit is not rust saying the company cash. why office holiday parties may be going
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dari: guys are used to paying a small fortune for disposable razor blades. that is right. a new start-up. >> every brand needs a home. we're sitting in our
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reporter: this is harry's corner shop in new york city. the neighborhood barbershop plays home to harry's. harry's was born out of experience that i had going to a drugstore. i with as upset about that he called his olden from and said they had to come up with something better. later, a founder had just the idea. we felt lake we could be on-line. the pair got to work trying every razor blade out there and finally stumbled on a western. we found razor blade factory in german nay made the highest quality blades in the world. in march of 2013 they partnered with the century old factory find tech neck and launched harry's on-line direct to consumer selling starter sets with the
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replacement blades for $2 or lesses that could be sent to you. they were sold out in a couple of days. reporter: just ten months late, he they spent $100 million and bought that factory in germany. a bld move that has enabled them to kroll the product from start to finish. today, harry's haze over one million customers and raised over $286 million and valued at $750 million closing in on billion dollar unicorn status and expanded the product line launching kits this month. we have shaving which is the razor blade shev gel, shave cream, aftershave which is a great product then a couple of mon ago, we larched a face wash which you can use as dally face wash and use it before you shave. reporter: how good are they they were include in the beautiful user's exhibit as for the concept of hing riors online. it is catching on.
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selling rod and the harrygies take this as the biggest compliment. allison, "fox 5 news." dari: high-flying future. amazon reveal the latest unmanned prototype drone there. air delivery service. am zon say the new 5-pound drones can rar ry pack anns up to five pound and will deliver items in under 36 minutes up the faa must provide regulatory support which could happen as soon as the be going of the new year. okay. for in a giving mood. tomorrow is the day. it was started four years ago. the united nations foundation, the hope is to palance the commercial am of black friday and cyber monday with the day of giving back. >> can help somebody who needs help doing something. for going by somebody who is asking for money. i mean, salvation army
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can do that. >> giving tuesday now has 46,000 partners. 6 million for charity. >> it seems holiday office sell brses coon be a thing the past. jen lahmers explains why the party may be over. reporter: the office holiday party. you never know what can happen. for the most part, people look forward to the chance to loosen up the ties and share in the holiday cheer. i think at this time is fun. reporter:eas the office holiday party on the tee klein? >> a survey by the society of human resource management showed 65% of people say they will behaving the holiday office party at the end of the year. that is down from 72% in 2012 and still not as le as 2009 when we had the recession. however, most employers
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reason. they said the tree human resources with time inc. and once the economy started rebounding. a lot of companies never bothered bringing back the holiday party. they were discontinued. >> i don't know who thought it was great idea when you mix alcohol and food and music with the coworkers sometimes lots of bad things can happen. the changing work force and the younger generation. people who want to lng out with their coworkers and they do that anyway million they don't need the holiday party to be able to hangout. this doesn't man the office party is dying, it is different. if you to decide to attend yores this year, know the unspoken rules and whenever possible
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>> from midtown, jennifer lahmers, "fox 5 news." >> all right. >> mike woods always tears up the office christmas party. >> a lot of people get out there it is fun. a doover in 2015 >> all right. was let the only one. the other celebrities making big comebacks this year. get ready to see a lot more of amy schumer. the revealing image getting big praise on twitter. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium
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steve: all right. well 2015 was the year to come back for famous names. justin bieber, et cetera. he went from bad boy to top of the charts. as baruch shemtov shows us he is hot the only one on the rebound. >> some major brands rebounded this year. but before we explore how they did it, what does it take to regain your trust? what does it take for a celebrity to regain your trust after they are in crisis? >> to win games,. >> how about bebber? how do the songs help him regan the trust inwell because he, they >> presidential clinton. she is consist ten and day after day and does good things and that is
10:24 pm
>> i think rebounds of 2016 have been impressive given howedly they could have gone. the author who manages crisis for publicking if gores breaks down this area's successful rebounds starting with target following the security breach. >> they best way is to not have any more. that is whatp ended and people were predidding doom and gloom but the price is back to where it was at the time. reporter: nextup hillary clinton toll ring the e-mail candle. she outlibs has the tragedy. reporter: of course tom prid and deflate-gate. >> was not a smoking gun so he just fold his arms, held his breath, and he shrugged through it. they he did when the season came around. the best thing. he started winning. when you start to win, it is amazing how fast the other stuff recede. reporter: finally justin bieber who has been surround by controversy >> he came back with a
10:25 pm
think when you come back with a hit, just liken sport the other things go away. >> they have change the landscape, the comeback show us hu to hold your ground. do you your own show and buy your own advertising. you tweet your own message. so the idea you can go to others to be the future, is no long this he way to think about it. so here's the comebacks of 2016 and those yelt to come in the new year. bay ruk shemtov, "fox 5 news." >> baruch shemtov, fox 5 moose. amy schumer, the come median posed in her underwear for the pic taken by famed photographer annie leibowitz for the 2016 call listen ger. serene ma william also posed. in a promotion alleviated yes, schumer feels more beautiful than she has ever felt in her life. steve: that is right. lots of reaction. a huge year.
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salty food being called out on city menus. the food items being slapped with new sodium warning labels that start tomorrow. steve: all right, what do you to about w the dog when are popping in and out of store the new service that leplets people park the pooch while they go shopping. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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america runs on dunkin'. dari: warning labels are coming to city restaurant menus starting tomorrow. steve: all right. going to see a little salt shacker system boles hex to foods loaded with sodium. dari: jessica explains which menu items are affected. reporter: when you go out tot dner and open up the menu you see how many call lores you bar to eat. now there is a new warning a. little salt shake are that shows applebys has it implied for a month. new york city seems to be the first to implement ruleses about what people should or shown be eating. the city will never require them to warn cop um 150ers of food items that can tain high salt content. many are not aware of
10:30 pm
sodium and high blood pressure and hart attack. >> food services establishments that are part of a change with 16 or more locations nationwide will required to post the i cons appleby was the first to bt the icons on their menus. ceo of apple metroen says it won't hurt businessed a all. people will come out to eat. >> a matter of educating people. not a matter of tem telling them this is what it is. so if we can be transparent, we can make our guests feel that they are doing something that they won a be doing otherwise, why not. reporter: the new proposal was approve by the new york city of board of health in sent. according to health officials the recommended daily salt this take is 2300 milligrams that is about a teaspoon. when you see this warning label, you no that he item has more than the total amount of sodium in a single day and not one item.
10:31 pm
mu rule. they are imposing. i think it is for the better. >> people have high blood pressure. they don't need no extra salt. >> well, others say, won stop them from eating they crave. >> do you want it on your menu? no, not really. will eat it regardless if it is or not. >> yeah. the new rule goes into effect tomorrow. but restaurants have 90 days to but the salt icons the menu. officials will start handing out by then. in the bronx, jessica fer mose sa, "fox 5 news." >> climate change conference underway in paris. president obama joining the leader of 50 countries including chin inand india. the other biggest row dossers decide the u.s. will come up with a worldwide agreement to cut overall emises by december 11th. concert hall reopen for the first time since the paris terror attack. bataclan was the scene of the horrible shooting rampage that left 80 people dead. another 41 people were
10:32 pm
attacks as are the city over the course of the hitting. france still by the way in a state of emergency following those attacks. of pope francis back at the strata can. his trip high light bay two-day stop in the republic. he made emotional visit to the volatile neighborhoods bringing a mess age peace and reconciliation. the country has been divide by christian muslim vie and there for hopper than two years. pope francis also touched on poverty, corruption and climate change during the trip. steve: all right. quite a sight to sew and smell on listening lipe. a garbage truck caught fire and had to leave the steaming debris in the mild of the street. the fire was quickly brought upper control buy the firefighters. al the trash was picked up within an hour according to doug good teen who posted this
10:33 pm
steve: all right. on brand, mary-kate olsen whose weekend weather to half president of the french president featured lots and lots of cigarette smoking. bowls were available for the 50 guests who attend the wedding friday night in midtown. all right. off brand, san francisco police officer who earned a dedicated online following after being nicknamed hot top of the castro who is facing charges after weekend hit-and-run accident left two unjur the on-line celebrity to aided in the identify "and arrest yesterday. and on brand, ironic pop superstar threaten to take over the radio once again with his new song. >> all right. available in english, too.
10:34 pm
it says the chorus where did you get that body from. i got it from my daddy. looking suss push shoesly like an adult. we all know about gangham style and that whole thing. dari: he has to come up with a dance in there. steve: right. it is sort of following the tempo to being walkie and annoying and maybes you watch and there are jokes ap makes you watch it ten time and all the youtube views. >> 2.4 billion. >> most watched of all time. >> in edible. >> good for him. >> all right. can you believe it is des ber tomorrow? yike. how people are shave sharing their love-hate relationship with the last month of the year all over social media. >> on the data breach that has a lot of parents concerned about their kids tonight how hacker if the hand on the personal in foe of families that use a popular line of children's product. they know everything about the kids. first though. here is tonight's new york minute.
10:35 pm
today at a requisition ceremony. the mayor there to thank them personally. >> but make peoples' leaves every ta. you make people's lives safe am the people who been if it don't get to mt. you and say thank you. we are here today to say thank you because you have done something great for this ty. grammy win are in harlem today as part of the nationwide launch of the kid power program by staying active. the kids can earn points that lead to life saving donation. >> for kids to start something and be the pioneer of it. the kid power and to have saved 1200 live. that is huge for them. >> it is one of the most important things. >> you have learn more at unicef's kid pow. org.
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ing all right. still not sure what to get the special someone for holidays miswell, be this may help. they prefer to get
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physical gift. spa day, concert ticket, weekend getaways, and, joy, romantic dinners. meantime, november to remember for the 401(k). stocks finishing the month higher. the 12 day of christmas expensive in. the set of gifts spelled out the classic song with cost her than $34,000 that is up lightly from last year. the price tag on most items are around the same but bir like a partridge in a pear tre and two turtle doves flying higher. flying higher. flying higher. anyway, that is business. am neil cavuto. >> dog-loving entrepreneur may have the answer for common problem for people with pets? oomphs when you have to go in and out of store. well, chelsea brown ridge created a company called dog parker. right there. you get card in the thail unlookings the temperature-controlled doing house utsood of
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it costs 20 crees a!men to park your pup whole you if out about the business. thats the medium-size dog. we have three sizes. so the largest size will have actually a double door. >> interesting. ing now dog parkers being test you side a fews about nes. the plan is to have 100 across the bureau by next spring so you can have city bikes. j oh, yeah. competing for lem mitted space. right. the dog looked lovely in that, though. rewell. the more we learn about the child company, the worse it gets. in addition tow personal information, we are talking name, e mall addresses, home addresses of 5 million adults and now learning the hackers also stole photos and chat log has of conversations between children and the parents from the company's servers those are photo that's the hacker himself posed as the web site she he is seriously the hacker and now the person who say they are
10:40 pm
tech blog motherboard is sickened at how easily he was able to get owl of this sincetive information and he say the company took no steps to keep that in foe see core and fortunately, though at this the hacker has no intention of publicly publishing or selling in foe and seem lack they with ad to mcthe point of how easy it twos get. >> maybe we should be say thank you. >> yeah. i know. >> as long at private a.m. all right. >> yeah. none of that is secure for the one. why well, riting to rain tomorrow but the first day of december. steve: that is right. everything that comes along with it. good and bad. shopping, parties what social medias revealing about the conflict winter of state of mine. ji a super fan gets agit of a lifetime. the special reason behind the new cast videos. phil! oh no...
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>> all right. hard to believe but tomorrow is des sell ber 1st. things that we love and hate from the mad cram pell to get gifts to holiday parties. to the snow and the cold. matt king looks at how people are won didding diddinging if it will be one to remember or not. >> some of us have
10:44 pm
calendars with hashtags. >> but tens of thousands of others tagged psst on in too from and twitter and elsewhere and some combination of it is december and it is december 1st to ac knowledge or celebrate what we done know. the month ahead. there is christmas. there is kwanzaa. there is hanukkah. there's the new year. there is two kinds of the posts. >> those highlighting details associate the 12 in mos. those observing things this e deem undecember. most seem toll relate to the watt he. >> however we identified the last month of the year. >> when it is personal storm. >> christmas lights up there. >> when the cold starts to come and starts to pierce the skin no matter what 2016 challenged or gifted us. >> it went fast. i live my life to the
10:45 pm
>> no, not a good year. >> it went slow. >> i represent dynamic. >> with it will be with interesting. >> on tuesday, december going to arrive for everyone all over the world. >> breeze in the air. the summer is gone. fall is gone and now winter. >> one month away from november, cold, i had to start bringing. hear i go again. whether or not the temperature drop the lights grow bright or time to download on the change in months to social media. >> yeah. i am on channel 5 new. i not. yeah. it is called ever i. that is all right. i am showing you about to ig hate to turn up a whole new season and show this is the and reason. in midtown, matt king fox 5 new. >> which got our after
10:46 pm
>> great. yeah. >> major talent there. was cold today. meteorologist: chill was there for sure. i liked the sun compared to tomorrow. you got to fill up those reservoirs so we need rain. we will get it tomorrow and wednesday. an inch of half of rain. we will stake that and today, we take average 49 the high. 34 this morning. you may be talking pockets can of freezing rain overnight for the first testimony and the 70 and 7 in the records. setting 4:29 and won't seette tomorrow. cloudy. humidity 45. pressure falling off a little bit. take a look here. is southwest new york city. some light rain there aproing staten island
10:47 pm
allentown down to atlantic city and the first wave of several waves of rain to move our way. as we head the forecast for wednesday. now that is not correct. the high was actually 49 in new york city today. 50 bellmawr. 45 bridgeport. 45 toward montauk. think middle 40's here. there's the 30's. the middle's. they come up a little bit still when it moves in, initial drop top the freezing mark. about 50 in bellmawr. 44 as you get to montauk. there's the early wind again at 10 miles per hour that will continue. cold up mort. some mid 46 in philadelphia. that extends south. this next batch of rain sliding up from tenning ty. again we are going to be watching this storm center move toward can did and drag the cold front our way.
10:48 pm
we get to the beards of rain for tomorrow chilly out west. 's to ball dallas. 7's here tomorrow andscally staying in the 40's i think most of the time. upper 40's with periods of rain or drizzle. that shows it at us. then milder weather on wednesday with more showers around here in the's on wednesday. dry doing ut and cooling down. rain comingp. watch out for pock kes of freezing rain. periods of rain tomorrow. 49 and jumping to 50 wednesday with more rain. then nice on thursday at 50 with lots of sun. s that seasonal, though. 30's at night. lower's sunday and monday. ed if deal. >> yeah. all right. what do you mean thing m hot the only one who has the song stuck in my head.
10:49 pm
>> until i get home. >> someone told the to stop playing with my wedding wing. >> i wonder who that could be. >> you should be sleeping, please. all right. now someone else. who knows. well russ in in hex with sports. >> right the big one. reporter: i am ines rosaless with the toyota traffic track are the pulaski skyway. construction will be going on. the left lane will be closed from 9:30 in the morning until 3:00 in he tune in into good day
10:50 pm
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ate breakfast. it's time to start changing when. >> all right. how are you doing everyone. i said to myself, wow. an ender are a. this with will be all-time great last season in the nba and making announcement on the mayor's tribune web site kobe wrote to the fans this season is all i have heft give. my heart can take the pounding my mind can handle the grin but mid dy knows time say good pi.
10:53 pm
i am ready to let go. clearly kobe, the fan and we the media as well were all robbed of seeing kobe b's brilliance the past two seasons because injuries allied him to ply of 41 of possible 164 game but overall, what a tremendous, just a tremendous 20-area can i rear it has been. all buy the way with the los angeles lakers. how about five times mba champion. 16 times an all star and don't forget that gain that yanks in second be when the 100 more than 32,000 and career average of more than 25 points per game but struck me right away from the moment he entered at the high school at the age of 18 was the relentless desire to win to be the
10:54 pm
god given tall lnt but herve took that talent for granted or worked har are. he does in seed, he deserves a fond farewell season which he will get. meanwhile many of them got together tonight after comedy club on 23rd street for a giant night of comedy show with proceeding to benefit rashad jennings foundation and members andrew ben randall and shane green and dominic rogers and some of the comedy show casts and john amos from good time. >> you a. al very good cause. >> all of the sudden, i amies nor. >> florida. >> they skate past the hurricanes 4-3 while in downtown brooklyn. a score of 5-3.
10:55 pm
take a look at this. >> hello. >> i yun standing it is your birthday. so the family asked if dow to something a little special. >> hello, jim. >> i understand that you are having a birthday. hi, jim. >> wow. >> it case is. >> a wish of a lifetime grant. he contact the cast of social media saying the father was dying of lung cancer. the cast and members of seinfeld respond back the video tribute. some were in character. so program not. those videos made it to the guy the day before he died obviously his son was thrill by the response. everybody grateful is cool. >> i am not emotional. >> all right. >> right. right. >> what do you mean? >> anyway. >> there you go. mote
10:56 pm
>> all right. i love it we are over. take care. good night.
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