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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  December 1, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". ben: a couple months ago he was one of the most colorful lawmakers in new york, now he is a convicted felon convicted on several corruption charges, sheldon silver is headed for prison. juliet: un and hunters on for a gunman after a woman shot while sitting in her car in the bronx, we will have the latest on that. ben: you may notice something new in the menu this morning, a salt shaker, a warning you need to know about. theresa: i am teresa priolo in for juliet this morning. ben: i am ben simmoneau. it is tuesday december 1st, thanks very much. theresa: i think the equipment has frozen. ben: it is rain outside which i
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later this morning. theresa: it woke me up last night. i was hearing the rain against the above windowpane. rain. >> meteorologist: we need rain. we had a pretty awesome weekend. >> meteorologist: it was a little chilly on sunday but it was pretty sunny. >> meteorologist: we could appreciate all that. we need the rain, wean needs no. theresa: we actually don't. all those in favor of snow say aye. >> meteorologist: just a splash and then a little rain cannot get away but that is not happening. you can see on fox 5 sky guardian some of this is trying to transition to a frozen precip to the north around ulster county, looks like some of that rain is mixing in with frozen stuff, highest elevations but for the most part this is light
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the tristate region. there's more to the southwest, soggy start your tuesday. let's see what temperatures said doing, it is back to normal here, temperatures get 44 degrees at central park, 43 in newark, a 37 in allentown, 34 in monticello, 47 in montauk, a cooler temperatures here, winds from the ease northeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour making for a rod day out there. there is low pressure to the south of us, moisture coming through, light to moderate rainfall hanging out for a while but make sure you have wet weather gear because look what we have to the southwest which will work its way through, this looks like a two day event in terms of rainfall in the tristate but it will be primarily rain, just a bill bit of it transitions of ridges snow but only for the extreme northern counties here, snow or freezing rain.
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theresa: she put snow on their. go back. the back. >> meteorologist: what happened? >> i thought you were with me until the end. >> meteorologist: it wasn't my mistake, i don't know what is going on. better relax a little bit. what is that? freezing rain advisory. ben: i am more concerned that it is in the 40s thursday and friday. ines: starting the commute with some problems, route 80 an jackknifed tractor-trailer has included the cleanup continues, when lane closed westbound approaching exit 58 madison avenue. closed for construction southbound between county road and manhattan avenue. your commute through westchester doing good and it is raining, speed restrictions on the tappan zee bridge 45 miles per hour,
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lie by a deer park avenue. dark and dreary because of the rain but not a bad ride west bound '80s bound. if you are taking a long island expressway in queens let's get that camera shot, traffic moving find both directions eastbound and westbound no problems for the rest of your commute, gwb very dark, a little slow, construction going on, five to 10 minutes approaching the toll plaza, lincoln and holland no problems, trains on or close to schedule, back to you. ben: thank you very much, big news this morning, former assembly speaker sheldon silver was once one of the most powerful men in new york politics. >> this morning he is looking at jail time after being convicted of all counts, robert moses tells us more about this conviction on corruption charges. >> reporter: sheldon silver was once one of albany at so-called three men in a room. he was powerful and dictated exactly what legislation got
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exploited that influence for personal gain and now he awaits his sentence. a chastened and humbled sheldon silver exited the courthouse in lower manhattan after a jury of his peers sealed his fate. we will man four men found him guilty of seven counts including service fraud, extortion and money laundering. with a conviction silver must surrender the assembly seat to which he was first elected in 1976. in brief remarks the former speaker said he is disappointed with the verdict and will appeal. result. >> reporter: u.s. attorney said today sheldon silver got justice and at long last so did the people of new york. at trial prosecutors outline schemes by which silver pocketed $4 million. in one of those teams he steered state grant to a doctor who was also a cancer researcher. in exchange the doctor sent me
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possible claims the law firm of white and the luxembourg which the referral fees to silver. authorities say silver got kicked backs from two real-estate developers. even those over at trial is over albany's crooked culture of corruption remains in the cross hairs. been ske;l os and his son. the corruption trial, many consider the mentor solid than that against silver. david birdsells says the two trials highlight the fact albany must be cleaned up. >> there will be a drumbeat about rage and calls for some meaningful end of corruption legislation so expected to intensify over the course of the next few weeks. >> reporter: governor cuomo released a statement calling on the legislature to take the need for reform seriously. my sense is we will hear many of those calls in the coming days
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surely silver vases decades in prison when he is sentenced to. that is the latest from the news room. back to you. ben: we have not heard the last from boston marathon bomber dazo dazokar tsarnaev. his lawyers argue he deserves a new trial in a different location because jurors in the boston area could not be impartial due to the immense publicity. theresa: the accused gunman in the planned parenthood shooting made his first court appearance. robert louis deer appeared via video hookup. the judge ordered him held without bond. deer is accused of opening fire at a colorado springs clinic friday killing three people and injuring 29 others. the more protests in chicago
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teenager allegedly at the hands of a white police officer, jason van dyke posted a one$.5 million bond and he has been released from jail after being charged with first-degree murder. he is accused of shooting 17-year-old abdelhamid abaaoud 16 times, the shooting was captured on dashcam video which was released last week. vandyke has been on administrative duty since the shooting. he is expecting court on december 18th. theresa: a 27-year-old woman sitting in a van was shot. she survived, police need your help cracking down the gunman. this is surveillance video of the suspect putting on a masked ball for the attack. police say he and a group of men is rounded the van parked at westchester avenue yesterday. the -- iron into the van, one thing that women. they driver was also injured, both are in stable condition. if you have any information please call our stock is at a hundred-577-tips.
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favorite things will come with a warning label. who doesn't want salt? now city restaurants have to tell you basically there is too much salt in their food. theresa: this little salt shaker symbol will let you know the high level of sodium in certain foods. liz dahlem joins us from times square where there are a lot chain restaurants, what this might apply to energy has the details. >> reporter: good morning from times square. in new york city has always been somewhat of a pioneer when it comes to food regulation and making fittings some would call all little healthier. chain restaurants like red lobster and across the street at ruby tuesday will be having changes coming to their menus and this is not the first time we have seen new york make these adjustments, remember the sugary drink than the tried to go through a couple years ago and
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now the battle is over salt and you will see some changes soon. this is the new nutritional warning diners will see at chain restaurants in new york city. the tiny salt shaker emblem will be next food items that have more than the recommended daily limit of study which is 2300 milligrams or about a teaspoon. new york city health commissioner dr. mary bassett says it will help new yorkers fight the risks of high blood pressure and heart problems. >> when you see this warning label you know that item has more than the total amount of sodium you should consume in a single day. >> reporter: restaurant chains with 50 or more locations nationwide will be required to post icons. appleby is was the first restaurant to make the change, adjustment should not affect sales at his appleby is in the area. >> it is a matter of educating
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telling them this is what it is, so if we can be transparent and make our guests feel they are doing something they wouldn't be doing otherwise why not? >> reporter: the warning label is not coming with some pushback. the national restaurant association saying it is the latest assault the goes too far too fast for new york after a strong community. new york restaurants and small producers are turning to take legal action but customers seem to be embracing it. >> for the betterment of our health. >> people have high blood pressure and don't need extra salt. >> reporter: the changes and coming syntactically restaurants are supposed have those labels implemented on menus by today. there will be a 90 day grace period so if restaurants don't make the change by march 1st they could see a $200 fine from the city. live in times square this
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theresa: rainy tuesday morning. >> 27 years of commemorating world aids day with the services and the events route the country. the white house, a huge red ribbons on display, it gives everyone around the globe the opportunity to unite in the fight against hiv even though the disease has gone from a death sentence to a manageable and chronic illness, 34 million people remain infected worldwide end many do not have access to treatment. theresa: still ahead on "good day early call". theresa: temperatures rising is to remove skin and new jersey trains reveals its plan to get ticketed passengers a seat in the window room or waiting room. i don't think they have windows, while dealing with the homeless every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds.
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with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. >> meteorologist: a little alert here we have the possibility of freezing rain, doesn't look like much, probably only a trace but anywhere in the pink shaded counties we have freezing rain advisories in effect so it is part of dutchess county, also county, there could be light freezing rain from now until noon especially in higher elevations where we have colder air and rain falling through freezing on contact, doesn't look like anything major in the
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this way, a reminder of the winter is just around the corner and fed technically three days away from today. here's what we have with the radar here, sky guardian 3d, lighter showers primarily light to moderate rain coming through new jersey into the lower hudson valley, you see this changing of joy that wintery mix or freezing rain. looks like most of us will get a cold rain as the day goes on, showers make their way through the tristate region and again temperatures are on a raw side, 44 at central park, 43 in newark, 42 in bridgeport, 47 in montauk, will take a little while longer for the rain to reach to the northeast but is going to make progress as time goes on so be ready for the wet weather to hang out for a little while, warranted the south with an area of low pressure pretty much heading out to sea but still going to bring light to moderate rainfall today as the actual wool from swings through later tomorrow we're still dealing with some rain falls a we have a decent west ridge,
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pressure pulling by to the south and then we will see more scattered showers in the ariane as the next rent drags through tomorrow and into thursday and then it should be out of here fairly early on first day and therefore we would get our sunshine back, cloudy with rain, rainy conditions, a little chilly out side, winds not bad from the east did tend to 15 miles an hour, not so great the next couple days in terms of rain fall but we do need the rain fall, years guys thursday through monday, highs in the 40s to low 50s which is normal for this time of year. weather apps has live interactive radar showing where the rain is, get it for free today and you are all set to go. ines rosales has a weather question. ines: winters three days away? >> three weeks.
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the commute, staten island expressway doing good, construction wraping up both directions, should open up soon, new injured is 78 the 287 looks good. let's take a look at the parkway, see how that is moving, over by pennsylvania avenue dealing with wet roadways with traffic moving fine eastbound and westbound. as for the cross bronx was go to the camera shot on the alexander hamilton regional issues, major deegan doing find, fdr drive at 96th street of to a good start construction going on in the 70s, a minor delay is not a big deal. ben: thank you. theresa: new jersey transit wants to ease overcrowding at its stations so is setting a time limit for its waiting areas. ben: some say it is an effort to keep the homeless out. lisa evers has this story from hoboken. >> reporter: it is a pilot program to make waiting for your train more comfortable but are homeless people paying the price? henrik stenson station the sign says seating for ticketed
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limits, but how can you really tell? is just one station that is all multi station trial to deal with overcrowding and discourage loitering. nj transit spokesperson tells us the intent of the seating policy is to ensure are ticketed customers have access to seeding while waiting for their travel. it is also affected a hoboken terminal. >> homeless people should be taken care of that there should be homeless shelters for the man the state should take good care of homeless people but there should be places for commuters to sit and clean space and i think that is what new jersey transit is trying to accomplish. >> i don't see anything wrong with it. it have a ticket i should be able to sit and wait. >> reporter: the hoboken terminal was not very busy in the middle of the afternoon. there were plenty of empty seats but some people who told us they are homeless were not taking chances and were standing up.
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>> it is chilly outside the last option. >> reporter: are you homeless right now? >> yes. >> reporter: everyone with the with that hoboken feels safer and more writer friendly but not everyone is on board with a new seating policy with some are worried with cold weather here homeless people will have one last place to warm up. >> reporter: i never had a problem with being here and what was amazing new jersey granted it especially in the wintertime. i guess that affect the man they it back. >> reporter: the trances spokesperson tells us they are trying to strike a balance between convenience for their customers and compassion for those facing tough circumstances. at the hoboken terminal i am lisa evers, fox 5 news. >> the lead from winning to losing in four seconds. next, a strange ending to monday night football. ben: "good day early call" will
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still going to take a little time to complete the cover the end of long island, a few passing lighter showers, more will be coming to you in connecticut and there will be some freezing rain in the extreme northern tier of the tristate around the catskills and berkshires, typical higher elevation places but lot of moisture, low pressure riding by to the south giving us a rod day-to-day, light to moderate rainfall but doesn't take just one but two days for this rain to get through here so temperatures will make up to 494 i.t. today and tomorrow 56 for a high, that is the last of your showers. ben: by early thursday islam labor and there quickly and that will make way for a pretty good looking weekend, lots of sunshine with seasonable high temperatures for the end of the week. theresa: time for sports. >> a couple hockey games last
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their three game skid at the garden and taking on the hurricanes. rangers already up, it was a battle in the corner, chris comes up with the puck, shoot and scores an almost impossible angle, rangers up by two, a 13 minutes later in the second, kevin hayes comes out of the penalty box, finds derek in for the goal, rangers win it 4-3 over carolina. the islanders' home against the avalanche in the second period, islanders on the move, gets the puck and scores a backhander, n.y. up by one. in the third period game tied, islanders win the face off here. cow gets the chip in for the score and islanders bill on to win 5-3 over colorado and tomorrow the islanders as the rangers for the rivalry's first-ever match up in brooklyn. basketball nets are home against the phoenix suns. a scare last night for the golden state warriors' fourth
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tied, stefan kerri drained the three put the warriors up but utah fights back, ten seconds left on:00, rodney would take the three for the win and misses, golden state holds on for the record-setting nineteenth win, 1067103 of the the jazz and the warriors go from 20 state tomorrow in charlotte. monday night football the ground against the ravens, cleveland almost won through the third game of the seasons though this is it, final play of the game three second on the clock, travis koontz make the one yard field goal, browns win, snap was good but it was blocked and the ravens's will help pick up the loose ball, gets a great block and rumbles down the left sideline for the touchdown. baltimore stands cleveland 33-27. that is a kick fix. some members of big blue last night meanwhile tried to ask the
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loss, they went to a giants night of comedy at the gotham, a glove on 20 third street. reuben randal, at domenic rogers met fans enjoyed the show. some of the comedians on hand were john melendez you saw earlier and john amos. all there for good cause, proceeds benefit running back jennings foundation promoting childhood literacy. bad loss but they found a way to smile and make people happy. of the deal and a dog? >> i have two cats. theresa: i have a goldendo named duke. ben: the most popular name for your dog, the list is out. theresa: release the study of the dog names, auto and rover did not make the list. are the names from mail box, max, charlie, buddy, cooper and
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ben: be right back.
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