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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  December 1, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> from fox 5 news is "good day wake-up". in the tuesday morning, take an umbrella, you will need one for the next two-he's. is raining in many areas across the tristate, mike woods tells us how much rain to expect. ben: sheldon silver convicted on all counts in his corruption trial. all counts in his corruption trial. now he is looking at prison time. ben: lawyers for the boston marathon bargaining that to court asking for a new trial. we will tell you why. theresa: a change to many players in major restaurant chains, the salt shaker warning that is supposed to be good for your health.
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people, some of these items as a lot of sodium. dari: more thing to the guilt did the debt about this i am ben simmoneau. theresa: i am teresa priolo, 5:00 on the dot on the first day of december. at the december. i wish it was september. ben: december has its high points like the holiday season. mike woods. it feels like december out there. chilly, rainy, it will warm up a little bit. >> meteorologist: not a lot. we're stock on a ross cited you will with wet weather coming through. let's let the sky guardian 3d, showers making their way through new jersey into the lower hudson valley into the mid hudson valley as well and notice there are pink shaded out here indicating you could have wintery mix but looks like it would be freezing rain over a highest elevations up to the
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advisor in part of the tristate other than that just kind of a cold rain we are dealing with for the majority of the tristate and the will be around for a while, 45 degrees at central park, now we have 43 in newark, 41 in bridgeport, 40 degrees in montauk and monticello at 34, close to the freezing point, a shallow pool of cold air, get a rain falling for you could have some peace enos' out there but decided to be on the minimal side, winds from the east northeast at 3 to 14 miles per hour and a good bit of wind but nothing too tremendous at this time but does make for a rod-out there. that is what we can expect and this is just around 1, the low pressure right--or friend to the south of us but then we have a cold front, the area of low pressure driving it all, the winter storm for many parts of the country but here, looks like it will be bringing us primarily been. here is what we have for the
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know the average temperature was 52 degrees, 5 degrees warmer than normal, warmer and the 6, 74 degrees, the coolest was 32 degrees on the 20 fourth and we were two.01 inches behind in terms of rainfall. had to badger 49 in the city today, tomorrow 56, a little warmer, rain coming by, then it is out of here by thursday and we are good for the weekend. let's bring in ines and see what is going on, going to be a soggy one. ines: route the eject attracted trailer, earlier west bound as he approached 58 madison avenue, tractor-trailer has been cleared and some clean up on a roadway, construction going on southbound all lanes closed between county road and manhattan avenue until 6:00 a.m.. your commute in queen looking good, no issues on the lie, white stone or frogs neck
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allied by 106-one 07 cammed cameras very dreary, some rain. traffic doing fine eastbound and westbound. as for the trains everything on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules are in effect. ben: sheldon silver was once one albany. felon. ben: the former assembly speaker convicted yesterday on corruption charges. robert moses joins us with a look at what went wrong for sheldon silver. >> reporter: sheldon silver is 71 years old. c-span the majority of his life in the state assembly. is in his he was convicted he had to surrender his seat. his name played out side of his office at the capitol was removed, so was any mention of him from the assembly website. silver now faces decades in prison. a chastened and humbled sheldon silver exited the courthouse in
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his peers sealed his fate. eight women and four men found him guilty of seven counts including services fraud, extortion and money laundering. with the convictions silver must surrender the assembly seat to which he was first elected in 1976. in brief remarks the former speaker said he is disappointed appeal. >> legal challenges. >> reporter: in a statement u.s. attorney said simply today sheldon silver got justice and at long last so did the people of new york. at trial prosecutors outline schemes by which silver pot a $4 million bleaching one of those schemes he speared state grant to a doctor who was also a cancer researcher. in exchange the doctor sent ms. fet elevations with possible claims to the office of whites and luxembourg which a referral fees to silver with the authorities say silver also got hit backs from two real-estate
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trial is now over albany's crooked culture of corruption remains in the cross hairs. the senate majority leader and his invasive corruption charges in another trial. many viewed the evidence against them as more solvent than the evidence against silver. david bird sells says the two trials all highlight the fact that all but in this between the. >> there will be a drum beat of our rage and calls for meaningful anti-corruption legislation so expect that to intensify over the course of the next few weeks. >> reporter: governor andrew cuomo released a statement calling on the legislature to take the need for reform seriously and speaking of governor cuomo he is expected at some point to call for a special election to fills silver's now vacant assembly seat. no word on when that special
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ben: thank you. speaking of convicted, former bridgeport, conn. maher getting his old job back, spent seven years in federal prison for public corruption, is scheduled to take the oath of office later today. teammate is stunning political come back when he defeated incumbent mayor bill finch in the september 16th primary and easily won the general election in november. he was convicted of steering contracts in exchange for wine, clothes, cash and home improvements but voters in bridgeport decided to give him a second chance. >> reporter: we haven't heard the last from boston marathon bomber dzokar tsarnaev, his attorneys will be back in court today to try to get a new trial, he was sentenced to death for his role in the april of 2013 attacks that killed three and injured 26 the others off. his lawyers argue he deserves a new trial in a different location because jurors in the boston area could not be
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the case. ben: the accused gunman in -- robert louis gear appeared via video hookup, the judge ordered him held without bond, he is accused of opening fire on the colorado springs clinic friday, killing three people injuring 9 others. >> all protests following the shooting death of a black teen with a white officer, jason van dyke posted $1.5 million bond and has been released from jail, charged with first-degree murder. he is accused of shooting 17-year-old 16 times last year. and i can is the ninth administrative duties since -- he is expected back on court december 18th. ben: and new item next, a new warning label. theresa: us all sake assemble 20
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sodium in your meals. liz dahlem joins us from times square where chain restaurants will be affected by a this. liz: joy and restaurants like the one you see behind me, red lobster, new york city has always been a pioneer when it comes to food regulation and making things some would call a little healthier. remember the attempted ban on sugary drink. now we have calory counts posted against food items on menus and now all the latest battle or a change is over salt. this is the new nutritional warning diners will see at t restaurants in new york city. the tiny salt shaker emblem will be next to food items that have more than the recommended daily limit of sodium which is 2300 milligrams or that he's been. new york city health commissioner dr. mary bass said says it will help new yorkers fight the risks of blood pressure and heart problems.
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label you know that ibm has more than the total amount of sodium you should consume in a single day in that one item. >> reporter: restaurant chains with 15 or more locations nationwide will be required to pose icons. appleby is was the first restaurant to make the change. the ceo of apple metro says the adjustment shouldn't affect sales at his appleby is in the area. >> is a matter of educating people, not telling them this is what is it is. if we can be transparent and make our guests feel they are doing something they wouldn't be doing otherwise why not? >> reporter: the warning label is not coming with some pushback. the national restaurant association saying it is the latest assault which goes too far too test for the restaurant community, restaurant groups and salt producers running to take legal action but customers seem to be embracing it. >> for the betterment of our health.
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pressure they don't need extra salt. >> reporter: restaurants like ruby tuesday are expected to have that little salt shaker on their menu starting today but there will be at three month prius period. you have 90 days to make that adjustment. ben: 27 years of commemorating world thursday with a lot of observances in the events across the country. at the white house accused mid ribbon is on display. world aids day gives everybody around the globe the opportunity to unite in the fight against hiv even though the disease has gone from a debt sentence 20 years ago to a manageable and chronic illness, 34 million people remain infected worldwide and many still do not have access to treatment. it is very expensive. much more still to come on this rainy tuesday morning, donald
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millions to appear at the next debate. that money. of the forecast. i know what i would do with millions of dollars. ben: i can think of a few things. i can. >> meteorologist: cloudy skies, it is a chilly day of rain here, the rain happening right now, 45 degrees, looks like periods of rain will be with us more or less throughout the day so be ready for that and you will be breezy at times. if you want to keep track of the rain, see where it is, there's a live interactive radar on the weather apps, apple itunes store and google play store, search weather and download for free, all set to go just like mad.
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>> meteorologist: the twin cities of minneapolis and st. paul, minn. digging out of the first big storm. theresa: it is minnesota. ben: about the same latitude of new york. cause 250 crashes and spin outs,
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and we have 31 days. 31 days. theresa: it will be awarded than normal month. though whether producer. she has data. these people don't know what they are talking about. >> meteorologist: i see the -- theresa: can't possibly win three times. these pink stuff around here, the wintery precip making an come back. the pink shaded counties, parts of dutchess county. and in on that advisory.
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rain, ice accumulation in higher elevation, sufficiently cold, freezing rain and ice. you see pink shades showing up here and that indicates there could be a little bit of wintery mix happening, for the extreme northern counties, most of us looking at like tamara rain here and it is definitely on the holder side, 45 degrees at central park with the rain coming through, other regional temperature points 29 in albany. 42 in boston, temperatures cold enough to support wintery precip. what will happen with this? low pressure to the south near the warm front gives us the colder rain, wrought overall condition and as the cold front swings through here, we are going to have even more rainfall coming to you. here we go with cloudy skies,
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temperature 49 and as we go through the next five days 56 tomorrow, still rainy outside and then we will see drier skies thursday through monday of this week. let's bring in ines rosales and see what is going on. ines: your commute doing fine, 684 new issues, traveling 3 yorktown heights, suffolk county the lie, northern state and southern, let's take a look staten island expressway by bradley and the new. raindrops on the camera lens moving fine eastbound and westbound, no problems with the lincoln tunnel everything moving so far as he approached the toll plaza, gwb construction wrapping up. ben: the days of free parking at one train station are numbered, starting jan. fourth commuters
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island rail road will have to pay to park, 90 bucks for presidents, double that for non residents. $2 for 12 hours or $3 for the full day, in the past commuters had trouble finding spaces because a lot of people who don't take the train park their cars in the lot. >> 325 spaces that will have passes, 175 that will be open for some handicapped parking, some two hours, 12 hours -- >> we get more problems than they now. but the want more infrastructure around a railroad station. i can blame them for wanting that. ben: town officials want to maintain the facility and at security cameras. donald trump back in the headlines once again this time for admitting he had in the city yesterday with a group of african-american pastors. theresa: kerry drew joins us, saw a part of his press
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everyone seemed very happy. >> reporter: it was a busy day on the campaign trail, started in new york city and ended in atlanta. trump tower to the two hours plus meeting in trump tower as an event in which he would be endorsed by religious leaders but by the time he emerged from that meeting he was recast at a smaller meeting the downplayed the endorsement. drug has been criticized by some in the african-american community that he has been spreading racist rhetoric on the campaign trail. later in the day during a campaign stop in front of 5,000 supporters in georgia from a joke g-8 charge cnn for a hearing in the next debate, $5 million would be appropriate as he feels cnn did not treat them properly. donating that money to help veterans. from proceeded to-democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. >> she doesnpveterans. from proceeded to-democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. >> she doesn't have the strength or the stamina to be president. she just doesn't. she doesnpt.
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ever notice you will go in one of these things and she will do something and by the way the crowds are like, the crowds are like 200 people. >> reporter: the state department has released 7800 more pages of e-mails, most focus on news clippings and exchanges with her top aides and outside advisers. clinton is scheduled to be in alabamhilloday to mark the 60th anniversary of the montgomery bus boycott. certainly we saw -- donald trump says sll gthing every day that makes headlines. >> $5 million. >> because they are not nice to him or not fair to him. thank you. much more still to come. company holiday pke 2y is a thing of the past or is it making a come back? >> i hope it isclinking a come back. i have not been to a good one and a long timds ben: we have some go.
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accordin halo the additional fiise adobe which tracks these things the best-selling items included 4 k televisions, microsoft's x or ox game consoles, sony play station 4 and apple's ipad. and adobe is prediof looks like yoday idnss would rather say bah humbug than happy holidays. the number ofantifice holiday parties is falling. theresa: this is a recent trend. ben: since the recession. theresa: a recent survmet by the office of human resource management is s%anti compadlies had a pke 2y for their employees, down from 72% in 2012. only 6% of compance yc forit was due to cost, some pixar reps in the survey said employees were too busy or a party would have or een antue
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>> from fo t5 news this is "g? emen forwakartup". ce yn: temperatures rising as green moved in, he is leadling af toss hhanti the t oftate region even some freezing rain in the hudson valley. mike wo. cs tells us how much reallylleypect. theresa: from one of the most powerful lawmakers in new york to a convicted ey lon, sheldon silver heading to prison after being agand guilty on corruption ilsrges. ben: it is not a typical call as theresa: comedian benny sc. theer like you have never seen her before. this is a tywmal -- a wm yore alltting a ne ptanti buzz. going on. ce y wilskiing there. i am ben simmoneau. theresa: i am happy to be inside and i don't st thiet is enjoying her dog.
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tof b thetue
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let's get you to ines and check opoiyp inesem he ch oftmas tree lighting tomorrow. that is a bummer. we arensoaling with rai c1 cleanuprcill going proa rainctor-trailer has been cleared and construction has the bnue she at is achthb. >> frithat should be going on until 6:00 a.m.. that should be cleared on ay frnif cos, jy road toclinnhattan avenue. your commute for some county doing fine, no proexxte on 84 or 684. ot cerit go tothrruse,meras and look at your commute this morning, staten island e couresss. by bradley avtateday o problems these down or was down. as for the th rit zee sstae becauseantia:iny wend ter speed restrictions up, 45 miles per
5:33 am
caltta faf the arena. as far as trains everything on or close to schedule. benem opping the news a stunning fall from power, former assembly speaker sheldon silveruses onture tene of theremst leyerf's gmen in new york state. theresa: he is looking at present time beter being conviof now he faces decades in prioloh. wn.verlleyited the courtelyas fin lower manhattan last night after the jury rendered to s veermiof hremviin thd of sll seven cos, js that he faced. prosecutors say he used his eratunture
5:34 am
and luxembourg which then paid silver reey rral ey eom authorities saeeiiser also pocketed kickbacks from real-estate developerom y- wr wthat that whi thihe is emenisappointed in this verdict he will appeal. >> the legaldegredlinenges have a difsec sc result. >> reporter: all eyes turned to the former senate majority leation and his olohtue wr d, been scrubbed from the assembly web site, name plates have been taken down at the estteuse,beital. almost as though he never existed. theresa: i won leis.b.lbapthefour years and you would see him walking down the hall, truly the f towd would parhav peoplewn.vd na:i
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theeof thank you very much. in the bronx a 27-year-old wo e ytting in a. ranusel frhot, she survived but police are asking n aunmes de3 c1 thi on aefore thet wtack. policehis m gp6nd a group of men surrounded the van parked on westch $er byou ve, thght nuspect dlins.
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f time stopperia 800-57a:nti at. theresa: new warning labels will meyou vs. ben: it lets you know about high foodom liz dahlem joins us with a lot of chain restaurants afey cted by ts u. thbterr is definitely one of those restaurantrom the sn is going to whie some ght rids s3 c1 we know that new york city has been a pioneer when it comes to ess-td regulaloto t thereuses an attempt to ban sugary drink, we now see calorie hs, jsf t to mbouhougems and the latest debate is over salt and new york city chain restaumercleawill whie some adwhastmejoi to their menus. this is what is going to happen. this litt thiicon is couing to be next to fopol items that have more than the daily recommended amountantihis lt that onct ersct ohoulis.ntake which is one teaspoon. the city hea
5:37 am
thi on >> it is a matteranti bu wonet rd wilgcaloielowne no sc idetter of telling them this is what it is, we can be reganspar sc and m vi our 80ests feel threes got doing something they wouldn't be doing otherwisesshy , w? ghtts bteld's ways blues restaurant associations and salt produowebacroune prnifiat is tousese the cione canti, yo: i hoping this ruling will be changed. y ak citt hehislivowne reestclinjoi it e some time before they have to make this adjustment. toder w is theeenadliney rethoug is one o softeen
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there's a three month grace period. byiderch 1st that is the brosol.u thdeaed onine before the changes need to be made. bqe that thenot sed towill iteme a $200spine to resdlrant to the not comply. live in times sproa got, at.gra to you. therever thank yo with so much. today marks 27 years of commemoran ag world ai su day withideptheo, rvninhe dit events across the country. at the white house sodes huall red ribbon iswn.v theler wed on world aids day giving everyone the opportunity to unst t in the raven though
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death sentence to aidenat is it- thtanti cloudy skies, showers make their way southwest to the nortorkstyou cd - s- nndantiouthong island is getting their first rainshowers year andeaboereuouthikeeabkiehou suon vdlinreesis in on the ring, conn.
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this morning. as for the grandf no issue is there. the commute off to a good staast, eld oing wisome inttthesway yearregeet cleaning rules in effect city-wide. ben: muchremhisto come on this tue anapplmori rand toremnday n- foof ubdlin. right back. anityc1 dunkin's new sweet black pepper with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience
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iv:t to twhiing headlines the port authority will lead them to 15
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t to river. the most popular names for yearl rhs, the 2st is citt, duk7 no sow trirh bite. raachanti thy res quyebut3 c1
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daisy, mali and willeabve. ntryy resgoi dog is ytereapple two katz, luke and leah. they , luke and least th theyeabokng thust like th st >> the rangers that there three games at ma st enters's a pass from the g aflcoun and dereking. th beat carolina, 4-3 in the finals for the islanders at home, whi. bend e rtu isommnges on the mwide,
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backhander, n.y. by on7 thsue
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hou un's e 33-27. some of the giants tried to walk away their loss, theyteont to it gohunld dligclesof comedy at gotham, declined twenty-third story. reubena:hisi,pty b doearl ic roghisi, someanti the e edians, john melendez, john amos, everything wsomefor cougoinndezuse,houg benefrys thea:shadng thesome ings foundation and promotes child and literacy. great tise.
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who we sought out and about? martha stewart. ji s born in the same town she was born in. ben: the coffee shop? >> reporter:,ieeable ed of tat esa: she is 70. >> reporter: perfect skin, hot leatat pants on. oriemai whtha ishoug is. birdy did you say hello? >> no. we gawked. tebe t to goit to t on7k thweted to ndezst once at is rihanna.
5:50 am
wetthesdyhys in the trist allentown, technically no one is freezing or how showers expected today, tomorrow high temperature 56 degrees, still some rain but it is out of here early thursday and a lot of sunshine friday and saturday. let's bring in ines rosales and see where things are slow with the commute this morning. ines: a hot spot this morning, south bound by east fishkill accident, the new breed began bridge no issues right now and
5:51 am
route 17 south bound two lanes blocked by alandale wrote with his construction schedules 6:00 a.m.. long on an expressway, in nassau county and accident, south oyster bay road, west bound traffic flowing as you approach the northern state parkway connector because of an accident, blocking the lincoln tunnel listen slowdowns, almost 6:00, five minute delay, not bad at all, holland, gwb the same thing. ben: a lot more coming the. entertainment news, you won't believe what mariah carey gets paid for making a store appearance. anna gilligan is the next. theresa: maybe will because it
5:52 am
ben: hourly rat ben: anna gilligan is here. good morning. anna: not impressed with the martha stewart sighting. i have seen her out and about. she is in new york a lot. i don't know, that is cool.
5:53 am
she reported gets $300,000 for one hour of work, using the word worked loosely. she just shows up. the new york daily news since she is getting that 6-figure sum for just being at pier one's pop up shop tonight, she wanted to be called the queen of christmas on the invite and is supposed to happen at 7:30 tonight at 5:03 broadway if you want to go and get a glimpse. ben: she has one of the most popular christmas tunes of the modern era. anna: that is mentioned on the invite. she is not going to sing. not as much as she could possibly demand. she could have gotten more. ben: i thought it would be in the seven figures. theresa: anna: she is showing up after the event starts and she has been known to be late. it will be interesting to see when she actually shows up and what happens. amy schumer is revealing even
5:54 am
she has gone practically bare. this is her posing for a 2016 calendar, she wrote beautiful, fact, pretty, oddly, sexy, thank you, the famed photographer who shot the photo, the other women featured in the calendar. a lot of positive response to this ms. serena williams was in the calendar, yoko ono, among the women who opposed. she has historically chosen supermodels and cannots for their calendar, it is a departure choosing whitman for achievement although schumer poking fun and still posing as up and up. even though that is not what she is known for. south korean viral pop superstar threading to take over the radio with his new song daddy. could 21 trying to recreate the success of his monster hit
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