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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  December 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> the problem with the sheldon silver situation was not that we didn't have a law. we had a law. otherwise he wouldn't have been convicted. it's that he thought he would get away with it. >> reporter: this political analyst says the conviction send a clear message to lawmakers in albany. >> one of the reasons why this is such a big deal is silver had so much power. he had so much power because of the way he ran the assembly and the assembly rules he enforced and because he was one of three people making almost all of the important decisions about what legislation got passed, what contracts got aborted, so much business of state government flowed through few hands. >> reporter: his lawyers are planning to appeal, which carries a hefty prison term of 130 years. sharon crowley, fox 5 news. ernie: sharon, thank you very much. this is a big story. joining us is arthur aidala, a fox news contributor.
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>> it's an honor to be on this beautiful set. i love your office. i feel like it's a lawyer's office. i don't like being on this side of the table. i like that chair better. ernie: we'll ask you a few questions. you know your business. you've been following this story. you understand the political situation. what is your take on all of this? in terms of the forthcoming appeal, what do you expect? >> if you were treating this like you were in atlantic city, just playing the odds, the odds are the government is going to prevail at the appeal. the government wins the appeals overwhelmingly, 80, 90 percent. ernie: there's a but. >> the but is there were some issues with the jury. there was a juror who initially said they're ganging up on me, asked for a private meeting with the judge. that was denied. those are the things that the three appellate judges will look at closely. they'll look at what evidence
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what they weren't allowed to hear, and whether those were proper rulings. itself. this isn't like did he rob someone at gunpoint or money laudering laundering. it's abuse of the public trust. changed. it's not cut and dry as -- ernie: let me ask you this: whatever happens, the political climate is very interesting to say the least. what are the implications of this conviction? what will change, if anything? >> if i'm an elected official at this point, i am going to want to have -- i'm going to go to my leadership and say we need an attorney on staff, someone who is a former prosecutor, maybe currently a criminal defense attorney, who when i'm making certain decisions, when i'm making certain deals, let's face
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violating the law in any way, shape or form? these aren't so cut and dry. basically this doctor says i want money to research curing cancer. he doesn't say i want to open a laundry mat or invent a widget. i want to cure cancer. the assemblyman says my law firm does this. anyone who comes in, could you send them my business? the prosecutor and the defense attorneys agreed to those facts. it was whether is that a crime or is that something that may be unethical as a lawyer or assembly person. i want as much clarity on what's right and what's wrong. ernie: governor cuomo said justice was served. we heard that. do you expect more scandals, more prosecutions? and the government is on the hot seat. >> you brought up the governor. in political circles, the heart of new york city here, there's a lot of talk about the u.s. attorney having an investigation currently into the governor.
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was an obstruction of justice. because he put this commission together to look at silver, to look at skelos and then it seemed like -- again, this is opinion. this isn't fact -- as it started to unravel, he pulled the commission back and the u.s. attorney's office jumped in. there's an issue did the governor know a crime was being committed and did he stop, did he thwart justice? ernie: we've got to leave it there. thank you for coming. good to see you. >> i want to be on that side. as a lawyer. ernie: thank you, arthur. other news to tell you about tonight. these stories. residents in paterson, new jersey, are welcoming syrian refugees to the community. the family of seven is being resettled there by church world service service. today is world aids day. it has been over 30 years since hiv/aids was discovered. despite making great stride, doctors are still searching for a cure. almost 37 million people have
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many do not have access to proper treatment. >> today is also giving tuesday, a chance to make up for the excesses of thanksgiving, black friday and cyber monday. it's a tradition of donating to help the less fortunate that was started four years ago by the 92nd street y and it's a global day dedicated to giving back. >> this lady to go to the bank to give back. >> i'm going to always say thankful and be respectful. ernie: facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg is in a giving mood. to celebrate the birth of his first child, he will commit 99 percent of his facebook stock or about $45 billion to causes that will help fight disease around the world. and that's a nice gift. that's what's happening right now. nick is joining us now. we don't have much of a gift today with the weather. nick: it's a gift to our rainfall deficit. ernie: we have to look at it that way. nick: we are behind in rainfall for the year. we'll take it. ernie: it's not that bad.
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we've had .2 of an inch so far. temperatures could be worse this time of year. we could be talking snow. it is that time of year to start talking about it, but it's not coming in the next seven days. 51, 44 today. that's just a touch above average like i pointed out, a little bit of rainfall and more rain and drizzle tonight. 48, 37 is the average. 70 and 9 are the records. your sunrise 7:01. down at 4:29. tomorrow you won't see much sun because we'll have more rain. we'll use the observation from laguardia because the central park observation is missing. it's cloudy and the same in mid midtown midtown. highs today lower 50s around the city across long island. down to 54 at belmar. middle and upper 50s in south jersey. only upper 30s to the middle 40s from monticello over towards poughkeepsie. right now temperatures are back into the upper 40s. 49 on the east end. 52 belmar.
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temperatures. upper 40s around town and lower 40s to the north and west. they're up 4 to 10 degrees from 24 hours ago. the east wind continues at 5, 10 miles an hour. a little breezier at times. we'll see that easterly wind in play as we head into tomorrow. let's look at fox 5 sky guardian. here's a bit of light rain from west of the city as you go towards areas of around the boonton area northward towards bergen county up into the hudson valley, some light rain. up into connecticut as well. there's drizzle and as we look at fox 5 sky guardian 3-d, you can see the first batch of rain kind of sliding off into southern new england. more starting to get more widespread, western pennsylvania and particularly as you get towards virginia and tennessee and north carolina. this rain will be sliding up in our neighborhood for tomorrow. a couple of storms we're watching. first the one producing lots of snow out west from parts of minnesota.
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taking the steadier band across southern parts of new england and another one that will form along a cold front. that will bring some of the rain here tomorrow. there will be periods of rain in the forecast tomorrow. more showery type rain. about 50 through 9:00 a.m. 54 lunchtime. 56 in the afternoon. right in here, that 2 to 6:00 timeframe could be our steadiest and heaviest downpours. you'll see that here on the futurecast as that rolls towards us. we'll see that last into the first part of the evening. the storms moves along. it will produce snow in northern new england. for us it will bring in a gusty breeze thursday. sun and clouds. cooling back into the lower 50s. here comes high pressure. that will take over for several days. that's going to take us through the upcoming weekend with nice weather in the forecast. tonight, light rain and drizzle and patchy fog. temperatures holding where they're at now. upper 40s around town. low 40s in the suburbs.
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afternoon and evening. gusty breeze thursday. upper 40s friday, saturday. back to the lower 50s sunday, monday. more sunshine. clouds gather tuesday as we watch a storm developing to our south. ernie: we need a little rain. nick: we have to accentuate the positive. you know that better than i do. ernie: we have much more just ahead for you including traveling in time for the holidays. airlines are competing for your business and the competition is intense. but we have some tips to help you save time and money coming up. >> and join us tomorrow for a look at designer dogs. mixing breeds can eliminate shedding and certain bad behaviors, but this new trend can bring risks as well. a top vet will join me to talk about it tomorrow at 6:00. and we're coming right back
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away for the holidays, looks like you can actually get some deals. the period between thanksgiving and new year's is notorious for sky high air fares, but this year experts say you won't get gouged. >> it's maybe about three to 5% down for those peak travel times this year versus last year. you get a little savings. >> reporter: patrick is at hopper, a consumer app. the company analyzes flight data to find the best deals and times to fly. he explains why most air fares are a little cheaper this year. >> the oil price and competition from the low cost carriers. so oil has dropped about 50 percent over the last year or so. that represents about a third of the typical airlines' fuel cost or price they need to charge you as a consumer so they have a lot of flexibility to lower the prices a little bit. we're seeing increased entry of the low cost carriers, the
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like that who are able to often offer significant discount over the legacy carriers. >> airlines for america is a trade group that represents the leading u.s. airlines. it says average ticket prices are down 4.3 percent for the first nine months of the year. that's compared to the same time period last year. >> we're seeing more people traveling domestically since the recession. >> reporter: for christmas, some of the more traveled routes are seeing the biggest bargains. chicago new york round trip fares are down 26%. if you're looking for sun, well, some of those prices are higher. new york-miami tickets are up 10%. but surrey says new york-orlando is cheaper. >> the routes that are competitive, the city pairs like new york and orlando, that's a great market. lots of people will fly that. you'll have more competitive pricing. >> to make your trip easier, experts recommend downloading your airline's app.
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investments to ensure you can track your plane, you can check in online, get your boarding pass, avoid all kinds of time waiting at the airport. it's a great way for the airline to get in touch with you if there's a disruption or a change of gate or any change in your travel plans. ernie: thank you, linda. happy travels. other stories making news for you today, these stories. you'll find something new at the menu at large chain restaurants. here in the city, starting today they are required to put a salt shaker symbol next to all dishes with a high salt count, specifically those that top the recommended daily limit of sodium, which is about one teaspoon. the average american consumes 3,400 milligrams of salt per day. restaurants that don't comply could face a $200 fine. >> the knicks and the make a wish foundation made edward's dream come true. the 11-year-old battling leukemia was signed by the team for one day. he posed with his knicks jersey and got to participate in the
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today. edward hopes his presence at practice will get the knicks back on the winning track. >> through the make a wish foundation, we got a chance -- they got a chance to experience this day. carmelo is his favorite basketball player. it's really a beautiful day they put together. ernie: all right. edward's parents said he truly had a great time. way to go. terrific story. >> we've got a lot more to tell you about. coming up, i'm asking you to fill in the blank. is ersomethyog wishou could always remember, maybe something you forget? >> i can't what got great answers coming up. stay tuned for that. remember to join us later this week. on thursday we'll discuss the issue of race across college campuses. on friday, we'll talk about the challenges that couples face when they start a family later in life. stay with us. russ is joining us to talk about kobe bryant's homecoming right after the break.
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an 0 and 18 team, the 76ers, with the worst record in the league, against the lakers with a 2 and 14 record, the second worst. the two worst teams in the league. who's going to care about this game? all of a sudden sunday kobe makes the announcement this is the end of his season, going to be his final season, and now the farewell tour starts. it's a well deserved farewell tour. listen, we're talking about one of the all time greats. not just 20 seasons in the nba, 20 seasons with the same team. ernie: a lot of excitement there. what does that do to the price of the tickets? russ: in places like l.a., it's sky high. in philadelphia -- let me give you an example. we're not talking about gazillions of dollars. a couple of days ago, the cheapest seat was $8. now it's going for something like $60.
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sellout in philadelphia and understandably so. he went to high school in the area. it's a big deal. ernie: this is what people love. the fans go crazy. i'm sure there'll be a lot of photographs, a lot of excitement. but kobe aside, 76ers are having their problems as we know. russ: you think? 0 and 18. they've lost 28 straight going back to last season. a few seasons ago, they lost -- there was 26 in a row. you've got to remember something. this is what shocks me about this. a year ago they were 18 and 64. two years ago, they were 19 and 63. so you're talking about a situation -- commissioner adam silver, it is the entertainment business. you know, you have to try and build a franchise. i understand a couple of years ago they were going from the
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you're getting your draft picks year after year and you're going on empty. it's not going well. ernie: no. you know what, they're playing the knicks tomorrow night? russ: that's the other thing. they're playing the knicks tomorrow night. they've lost four in a row. the knicks better not lose tomorrow night. otherwise people are going to get real angry. ernie: thank you. when we come back, we're asking you a wish. what would you like to remember? we have your answers coming up next. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. that's why it's time it has the fastest internet and 50 to 500 megs. fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now.
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now you can connect with me on facebook. go to anastos. check it out. you can also answer my daily positive questions. go to anastos. let me see if i can jar your memory. i wish i could always remember what? >> everybody's birthday. ernie: that's hard to do. >> it is. ernie: got a big family? >> very big. ernie: that's tough. how about you? >> remember everyone's phone numbers. ernie: phone numbers. >> can't remember them. everybody has a cell phone. ernie: it's all in there. >> that's right. ernie: you like to remember the day you came to america? how long ago was that? >> oh, my god, half a century. about 35 years. ernie: nice. maybe something you forget -- >> i can't remember what i want to remember. >> my parents. ernie: remember your parents. that's a good one. >> that's what i've got to
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always remembering your parents. >> i would like to always remember my grandmother. she passed away about 10 years ago. always remember her. ernie: do you try and think about that often? >> yes. especially around christmas. there's ornaments we made together as children. i never want to forget that. ernie: i wish i could remember what? >> people's names. ernie: there's a trick to that. a little association. >> word association. i know. >> my phone. i always forget about it. ernie: you leave it somewhere? >> always. ernie: always losing your phone? >> yes. ernie: put it in the same place every time. that will work. don't forget. >> yes. ernie: where's your phone? >> in my pocket. ernie: she remembered. bye! >> good question. tell me what you think. go to my facebook page. that's it for now. thank you very much for joining us. i'm ernie anastos. for all of us in studio 5 and our control room, we thank you for being a part of our forecast. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. what do you try to remember?
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