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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  December 3, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: it is 5:00 on friday, the green should be on its way out, audrey has great news for the weekend, it will be cool today. today. denies the next few days. ben: tree to suspects in mass shooting in san bernardino california shot and killed during a shootout with police yesterday, officials are trying to figure out their motive that led the suspects to kill 14 people and injured 17 others. juliet: slightly disturbing, five elementary school kids detained by police in clifton, new jersey, teachers and covered
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school by the kids. officials say the plans were not of frank. ben: secret dinner between governor cuomo and bill deblasio, bitter rivals sitting down to break bread, we will tell you what we know. juliet: bill deblasio use a fork on his bread. for which i have a problem, i eat pizza with a fork when it is really hot. once it cools down i'd pick it up. i have to eat it right away. ben: i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy. audrey is in for mike. who eats pizza with her hands, not a solid 4. you are patient person who likes to wait. >> meteorologist: sometimes you can't wait. you know what we have been waiting war, the rain to leave across the tristate area and east.
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much of a region, happening in central park, on the east end of long island, we have a little bit of rain across the extreme end of long island. we have clouds still in place, temperatures feeling pretty good along the coastline with readings in the 50s. bridge for checking in at 50 degrees, 48 in belmar, 30s in monticello. the winds shifting from the west, northwest later and picking up speed. it is a bit of a chilly breeze, high pressure dominating our weather, but we are in store for a nice stretch once we clear the clouds from this morning with high temperatures mostly in the low 50s, end saturday and sunday
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high sunday. report. ines: construction wrapped up not causing delays, brewster 684, but a county doing fine, new jersey, your commute in the wood bridge area on the turnpike 287, let's go to our cameras and the fdr drive, a construction going on, it some cones setup, left lane by 71st street, and trains on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules are in affect. juliet: we begin with a developing story of san bernardino up, a lot of questions, mass shooting yesterday at a holiday party for employees in a facility for people with developmental disabilities. ben: 14 people have been killed, 17 injured, two suspects have been killed in a shootout with
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they apparently were married. is the deadliest mass shooting in the united states since the sandy hook elementary shooting in newtown conn. robert moses following the story, he is here with the latest. >> reporter: co-workers say the alleged mail shooter, syed farouk, had just got back from a trip to saudi arabia and when he returned he's brought back a wife he met online, they had a young child together. no one could have foreseen this. indiscriminate gun fire exploded through the inland regional center in san bernardino which provides social services to thousands of people with disabilities. police a 20-year-old syed farouk who worked at the county health department for five years and 27-year-old tashfeen malik who is believed to be his wife are responsible for the carnage. police say syed farouk attended a holiday party at the facility yesterday and then left abruptly.
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circumstances that were described as a angry or something of that nature. >> reporter: when syed farouk returned with tashfeen malik the pain they inflicted was unimaginable. those on the outside agonize as they waited to hear from loved ones on the inside. >> my sister, i mean, you lose it, first thing is you freak out, you see things like this on the news but you never think it is going to happen to you in your family. >> reporter: police pursued syed farouk and tashfeen malik in an suv, 2 dozen officers were involved in a gunbattle with the suspects, both were killed. last night police converged on a neighborhood in redland and searched the home where the suspects lived. police have not ruled out terrorism as a motive. syed farouk's brother-in-law expressed his condolences for the violence allegedly wrought by his relatives.
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i wish to speed recovery to then. again, i am in shock that something like this could happen. >> reporter: this investigation is in its infancy, in an interview with cbs news opportunity to once again call for more stringent gun laws. >> we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that the world. there are steps we could take not to eliminate every one of these mass shootings, but to improve the odds that they don't happen as frequently. >> reporter: the l.a. times is reporting a spokeswoman for the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms says two of the weapons used in this shooting were purchased legally. a third person was also detained here but authorities now say it looks as though there were only these two shooters who we now know are dead.
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juliet: a lot of people are questioning what this is all about, who was in this meeting or this holiday party, the center the meeting was held in, different buildings in it but the center provides housing and work programs, therapy and social services, lots of conflicting information but it obviously, workers in the county. family members getting messages from their loved ones, here is what they are saying. >> he was going to turn off the lights, i don't think they wanted to talk, they wanted to
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and hung up. >> people shot. pray for us. i am in the office. >> reporter: another parent says her daughter thought it was just a drill because apparently they had started training once, and for a specific event like this. not fire drills the events like this. we are going to be watching this story all morning long, you can head to our web site as well, for the up to the minute developments. ben: another story out of clifton, new jersey. teachers uncovered a bizarre plot, five elementary school students accused of plotting to blow up the high school. juliet: those students were detained by police, teresa
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brings us up-to-date with this story. >> reporter: good morning, this is a story that hits close to home for a lot of people. those who grew up in clifton, clifton. from what we understand from talking to police and published reports these kids were 10, and 11 years old. five elementary school kids attended this elementary school in the lake view section of clifton. from what we understand all know the plot was uncovered here at the school. involved clifton high school setting off an explosive during an assembly that was planned at clifton high school and that was scheduled to go off yesterday afternoon. school officials uncovered this plot yesterday morning. they called police. police were able to detain the children, that assembly was canceled and those children were question. we also understand not only did
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this plot, but some devices that would suggest what they were attempting to do. cinnamon and vinegar is what we understand was involved here. according to police they did not have the right materials to pull this off but they had to plan. this was not in any way they frank. they were questioned by police and turned over to their parents, it is unclear at this time, what charges they might place, they are 10 or 11 years old, is not clear if they were influenced by anybody else. when we come out here live, they were attempting to set off an explosive in blow school. if you know anything about clifton high school, 13, 14 kids, they definitely did not have the wherewithal to blow up the school but they certainly were trying to cause some panic inside.
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back to you in the studio. ben: 5:10, the bronx man accused of kidnapping his 3-year-old data will be in a new jersey courtroom today. let's show you the dramatic dashcam video of state troopers dragging the father out of the minivan. rebecca valenzuela was inside, she is okay, her father is a former new jersey police officer who is expected to be extradited to new york to face multiple charges including stabbing the girl's mother who was in critical but stable condition. a lot more to come on this busy morning, troubling news for those who take the subway, a number of assaults are. >> meteorologist: the rain has pushed out of the area, clearing skies, we start at a comfortable 50 degrees, temperature will not go far for the afternoon high.
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paying bills on technology designed for you. the way you bank. ben: it seemed gray and rainy for six days. juliet: it is nasty. hopefully the weather will be nice this weekend.
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the end of the week. >> meteorologist: good morning to both of you. temperatures pretty good across the tristate mary at this early hour, 50 degrees in stony brook, same number for glen cove, 50s and rockaway and bridgeport at 46 as well as carryaccount. we have clouds out there but those will clear out gradually, cold front sweeping through the area and behind it cold temperatures to the west, 43 in williamsport, 30s in pittsburgh, buffalo and detroit, tomorrow we will feel the difference, highs in the 40s across much of the area, rain pushed to the east, we should see plenty of sunshine as we go through the rest of the afternoon, high pressure will work into the eastern seaboard keeping as nice and dry for the next several days and that shows up on future cast, clouds this morning, the sun breaks through and plenty of sunshine to start
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will stay with us, throughout the entire weekend, nice weather ahead of us, breezy and cooler, temperatures will stay where they are, winds will pick up, you will feel that by afternoon from the west, 25 miles per hour at times, 49 for the high with plenty of sunshine, a 52 saturday, sunday looks great, sunshine monday and tuesday, a few clouds rolling and so does the chance, tuesday, wednesday in the upper 40s. let's see it on the roads. good morning, situations out there involving stalls and accidents, no problems on the cross bronx or the deegan.
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drive. and the sky way, and minor delays. and the process of being clear, not causing any problems. and before 5:00, upper and lower level, no problems with the lincoln or holland tunnel. >> they finish the construction on time? >> meteorologist: they have been doing that this year. ben: let's call them subway riders, beware, crime is up on subways. juliet: a lot of angry riders. kerry drew has the new stats, they are not great stats. kerry: the nypd released new figures on subway riders and issues felonious assaults are
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as of last sunday, 234 assaults this year, 98 of those results in manhattan, spike of 30%. police blame the writers, packed trains causing tempers to flare. it got so bad on one train in the bronx man punched a therapy dog and its handler. commissioner bratton says police could use some help. >> we could be helped quite a lot of people paid more attention to not falling asleep on the subway, protecting their property more than they do. this is a shared responsibility. >> reporter: police say at tax, transit workers, conductors, bus drivers and subway stations, the man who punched the therapy dog was arrested and charged with assault. back to you.
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to pay his legal fees with campaign funds. the new york post is reporting he spent one$.5 million out of a campaign account on lawyers in january and february alone. what are they charging for? $1.7 million left as of july. the whole thing is legal, campaign reform advocates call it ridiculous saying campaign contributions, should be used only for campaigns. juliet: thinking i'm giving money to his campaign, i am not giving money -- an attempt to get off from his charges. ben: you could consider yourself ripped off. juliet: bill deblasio and andrew cuomo mending fences yesterday, they held a peace summit essentially. they got together in a private
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homeless problem. bill deblasio has blamed andrew cuomo for failing to get his progressive agenda through the state legislature. they both had some pretty rough things to say about each other. no word whether they did buried the hatchet. ben: the most famous christmas tree is shining bright. juliet: shining bright. ben: i try to utilize this to my best efforts here. juliet: you do a nice job. ben: thousands of people gathered in rockefeller center.
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glimpse say is well worth it. >> really excited for it to happen. first time in new york. the christmas tree. >> the tree is nice. ben: you too can see it all aglow through jan. fifth. do you like my pregnant pauses are they too lengthy? juliet: we have a lot more coming up. an option star wars fans the dream of, how you can get in on the action. ben: "good day" coming right
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no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. juliet: we are following the developing story out of san bernardino, calif. that story still developing, a mass shooting yesterday morning at 11:00 los angeles time. during an employee holiday party at a facility that treats people with disabilities. 14 people have been killed, 17 injured. hours later two suspects were
5:23 am
middle of broad daylight on the streets of san bernardino. they are identified as 28-year-old syed farouk en twenty-seventh-year-old tashfeen malik. she is his wife. the tories are trying to determine a motive for the that is the big question and it could potentially include workplace violence or terrorism. it is the deadliest mass shooting in the u.s. since the sandy hook elementary school shooting in 2012. ben: business watch target will pay a bank $39.4 million to settle claims stemming from the mass data breach a couple years ago. several banks, credit unions sued saying target should be responsible for the cost of reimbursing customerss and reissuing new credit and debit cards after the 2013, target has set 40 million credit cards were compromised and as many as 110 million people had some form of personal information stolen. juliet: new jersey transit
5:24 am
trains free in exchange for a new rules as security. they will act as extra eyes and ears watching for any suspicious behavior. some management employees receive security training from the new jersey transit police. officials say that everything was going on since before the in nonunion transit employee or nonunion transit employees had lost the free ride perk back in january of 2013. ben: a russian billionaire will be the sole owner of the barkley center according to bloomberg knows. he reached an agreement with the forest city enterprises. right now the yen's 80% of the nets and 45% of barkley center. blumberg says the nba is reviewing the deal, the team and the arena combined, worth about $2 billion. juliet: his yacht, i forget what
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i saw it on the hudson a couple years ago, i thought it was a small cruise ship, i thought it was a decent sized cruise ship. it is his yacht. it was out of control. in the massive auction of star wars memorabilia has begun. juliet: 600 items are offered grabs. they could fetch as much as $370,000, some of the items include a 1978. scott walker action figure with a, quote, double telescopeing light saber going for $12,000. that is on the low end. we could all probably join together. there is a:that could fetch $25,000 or more. these came from the private collection of japanese fashion designer, the auction runs through friday of next week.
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discover unexpected treasures, pfor the people who least expect it. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. >> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: the rain moving out.
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audrey is in for the recovering mike woods has the look live at the tappan zee bridge. juliet: 14 people were killed, 11 injured during a mass shooting in san bernard dino in the inland empire east of los angeles. officials say two suspects have been killed during a shootout with police after the mass shooting. ben: a plot to blow up the high school, the discovery led to five elementary school kids being detained by police. juliet: one of our producers really sick right now, so is mariah carey, recovering after being hospitalized battling severe flu. ben: nastiest drin circulating out there. if you haven't got a flu shot maybe you should go get it. juliet: i will be going. ben: today? juliet: this weekend. ben: maybe today.
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going on. i am ben simmoneau. >> meteorologist: mariah carey has a string of holidays shows, they're coming up. juliet: these flus a usually wiped out pretty fast. >> meteorologist: speedy recovery. we are looking at temperaturess in the 50s, a coastal sections like islip and montauk, bridgeport, new york city, 40s in belmar, 44 sussex, 46 in poughkeepsie, cooler in monticello, 37 degrees, winds out of the west will stand that way and colder air working in from canada will keep our temperatures steady from where they are now all, rising a few degrees, satellite radar showing rain from yesterday pushed to the east, clouds breaking apart so we should see more in the way of sunshine as the day goes on and high-pressure dominating the weather as it comes in from the west and will stay with us through the weekend so expect mostly sunny skies turning breezy this afternoon, windy
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from 15 to 25 miles per hour and tonight it will turn cooler, high readings only in the 40s, nice and dry for the next several days. let's see how nice it is on the roads. how is the traffic looking? in the joy of we have problems spots. ines: westchester, there is a stall blocking a lane, 9 w closed both directions from henry hudson drive, expect a lot of delays. new jersey commute doing fine, south bound broadway back to the greenway, let's take a look at the lie by new hyde park eastbound and westbound, trains everything on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in affect. ben: 5:33, big story of san bernardino, calif. mass shooting
5:31 am
out west that a holiday party for employees. apparently they were county employees, the county was renting this space from a campus where a nonprofit agency serves people with developmental disabilities. juliet: a lot of information is unclear. 14 people have been killed, 17 injured, two suspects killed in a shootout with police after the deadly rampage and this is the deadliest mass shooting in the u.s. since the 2012 sandy hook elementary school shooting. and brings us up-to-date. >> reporter: motive is unclear but terrorism was not ruled out, both the police chief and fbi, still on the table in this case. the police chief of san bernardino which is 60 miles
5:32 am
this attack was very well planned. tactical gear and armed, two of the weapons used were purchased legally according to the l.a. times but why they went on this rampage still unclear this morning. indiscriminate gun fire exploded through the inland regional center in san bernardino which provides social services to thousands of people with disabilities. 28-year-old syed farouk who worked at the county health department for five years and tashfeen malik who is believed to be his wife are responsible for the carnage. syed farouk attended a holiday party yesterday and the facility and left abruptly. >> did leave the party early under circumstances that were described as angry or something of that nature. heather: when syed farouk returned with tashfeen malik the pain inflicted was unimaginable. they agonized as they waited to
5:33 am
inside. >> my sister, you lose it. you see everything like islam the news but you never think it will happen to you in your family. >> reporter: after the shootout police pursued syed farouk and tashfeen malik in an suv. 2 dozen officers were involved in a gunbattle with suspects, both were killed. police converged on a neighborhood in redof land where the suspects lived. 4 route's brother-in-law expressed condolences for the violence allegedly wrought by his relatives. >> i am very sad people lost their lives. i wish speedy recovery to them. i am in shock something like this could happen. >> reporter: he declined to get into any more specific about his brother in law or why he might
5:34 am
mention the england regional center. it is a state run facility that provides housing and work services to 30,000 people with disabilities, 500 employees were there and ironically one of them says they recently had training for an active shooter situation just like this one. juliet: thank you. ben: much more throughout the morning. muslim leaders from southern california gathered to condemn that violence saying there is nothing that could justify what happened. >> we stand in solidarity with fellow americans as we offer our condolences, heartfelt prayers and condolences to the injured, to the families of those who have been killed. >> i want to condemn this action of violence. it is horrible violence. we condemn all violence
5:35 am
precious and we respect and honor human life. ben: we will stay on top of this developing story all morning commute and head to our web site for up-to-the-minute developments. juliet: we are following a bizarre story of clifton, new jersey about a bomb plot, five elementary school students are accused of plotting to detonate a bomb inside the city high school. ben: students were detained by police, let's go to teresa priolo. you are from clifton. what do we know this morning? >> reporter: this is a story that has a lot of people talking. when i am logged onto facebook a lot of people grew up with and family members were wondering what is going on, what happened with these children, the information we know at this time is these are 5 elementary school kids, 10, 11 years old who attend this school in the lake view section of clifton. according to police and school
5:36 am
here at the school and was uncovered here at the school but involved the city's high school and this was expected to take place during a planned assembly yesterday afternoon, the plan uncovered yesterday morning. police were able to not only obtain some written plans from these kids but also some type of materials that would give some indication what they were intending to do. vinegar and cinnamon were involved. that is what we understand at this point. it is important to mention that these kids were questioned by school officials, questioned by police and turned back over to their parents. police say they certainly had that intend to do harm and scare people but they really did not have the resources to pull this off. so this is certainly more, this is certainly more than just some kids playing a round. if it goes so far as terrorism at this point we don't yet know.
5:37 am
to their parents, and known if they will be back in school this morning. that is the latest from clifton today. back to you. juliet: a new yorker jailed in peru for the last 20 years for aiding a leftist rebel group is going home. laurie barrons and after 6-year-old sun plan to live with her parents in new york city. peruvians saw her as a terrorist, those at home saar's story as a cautionary tale for young idealist, getting involved with militants. she was power rolled a few years ago but wasn't allowed to leave the country until now. ben: backed audrey, how is like doing? >> meteorologist: he is resting, surgery went well and he is at home and should be back next week. he will be doing okay. ben: in the meantime we have you. juliet: you are very entertaining. so quiet over is there. >> meteorologist: we will see. let's talk about the weather, temperatures at 50 degrees in central park, that is where we
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this time of year but don't be fooled, temperatures will stay steady where they are right now, we are not expecting a mild spell this afternoon, dew points and humidity feeling comfortable, winds are picking up, coming at 14 miles an hour and later could be as high as 25, a little blustery late in the day, crowds are breaking up, rain is long gone, we should see plenty of sunshine through thursday, high pressure coming from the west and that is dominating our weather as we go into the weekend. expects some sun and clouds, breezy and cooler, highs mostly in the upper 40s to low 50s, check out of the wind, it will be blustery in the afternoon, 25 miles per hour, tomorrow in the 40s, plenty of sunshine through the weekend into next week and if you want to track the weather with as you can do is show on our weather apps, weather where you can get daily and hourly forecasts and interactive radar and you can download free and your google play store and the itunes store.
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roads, ines is here to help with your commute. ines: we have problems here and there. there is an accident on the van whig, south bound we pass the queue gardens interchange with expect delays, one lane blocked, bqe approaching the brooklyn bridge, a construction has the brooklyn bridge closed, staten island expressway no problems for the verrazano bridge, upper level construction wraps up there. let's take a look at long island expressway. the entire stretch from suffolk, nassau county going fine, george washington bridge driving into the city opera level, slight little delay year, minimal, two minutes, i will tell you about anything towards the toll plaza, lincoln and holland dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for.
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juliet: checking your headlines we continue to follow the developing story's and bernard you know, california where a mass shooting took place yesterday morning, at an employee holiday party, 14 people were slaughtered, 17 people were injured lit hours later two suspects were killed in a shootout with police. ben: and army apache helicopter crashed near fort campbell, both
5:43 am
say they were on a routine training mission when the chopper went down. the cause is under investigation. juliet: expect to pay more if you enjoy using parks in suffolk county, cops playing golf for hunting and going to the beach, increased by 10%. as of january 1st. the move is an effort to balance the budget. ben: duke castiglione with sports. duke: went to barkley center, it was great. this is the islanders toasting the rangers, the first time ever. picking up in the second period islanders on the board first of 5 on free, the captain getting the puck, scores the twelfth of the year. rangers tied up with one, a little later in the period, and then we go to the shoot out, the shot comes in, the back of the
5:44 am
the rangers, glides in, islanders win it 2-1 the final score. knicks playing host to the sixers last night at the garden. another impressive night, carmelo and the back on the floor. and 16 on the night, four, it gets easy two, a crowd favorite finished with 17 points, double double of the year knicks went big over philly. sixers didn't play last night. here is why, the second when to surface outside boston, nightclub last week following sixers lost to the celtics. this one appears he takes a swing and another man and another man is on the sidewalk bleeding.
5:45 am
speeding on the ben franklin bridge. over 100 miles an hour. college hoops, 73, 257. this is the big one, matt knights stadium bragging rights for new york. 5-6, there is a lot at stake, both teams vying for playoff berth, last time they played each other for real was christmas eve 2011. jets had their first full practice, jets coming off of the big win over the dolphins, notably absent, jerome read this because of a lingering concussion, this is to cover it the game, the giants, is not clear if he will be ready after practice, the coach did not sound worried.
5:46 am
run our system. duke: he is confidence. this could be the final countdown for tom coughlin and jerry reese according to the post. steve tisch put the two on notice, the final five games or else. left guard could be back involved lineup, eli manning is looking forward to the game. >> both teams, that is how we look at it, not as big a rivalry as you think. these guys never played them and so the preseason we are just worried about the game that is important for this season and possible outcome. ben: 49 reference to the christmas eve game, victor cruz had a 99 yard touchdown that change, put the giants on the
5:47 am
in this game giants could lose this game, things are so tight. the wild card race. important day for both games. 5:50. >> meteorologist: good morning to both of you. good start as far as temperatures are concerned, no east and we will have dry weather through thursday, starting at 50 in the par, same in islip and bridgeport, montauk 54 degrees, belmar checking in at 48, 40s in poughkeepsie, 6 and newark, winds out of the west right now will usher in colder air from the great lakes region and the winds will pick up this afternoon so it will get blustery as the winds reach 50 miles an hour. satellite radar shows rain pushed to the east, clearing skies working across the area and we should see mostly sunny
5:48 am
pressure will be the dominant weather feature into the weekend and that means we are in store for a nice stretch of dry and sunny weather through monday. no rain in the forecasts. future cast clouds will be breaking up, plenty of sunshine later this afternoon and tomorrow sunny skies will stay with us until sunset tomorrow evening, saturday and sunday temperatures move into the middle 50s over the weekend, ski reports, hard to think about skiing when we have such mild weather but they are making some snow, seven trails open, eight of the trails open with a base of 12 inches. day planner shows mostly sunny conditions expected today, temperatures not far from where they are right now. tomorrow in the 40s, sunshine through the weekend and extensive rain late in the day tuesday. that is a check of your weather. let's see how it looks on the roads withines.
5:49 am
watch for an accident blocking a lane and if you're traveling in westchester things are fine, new jersey and alpine shutdown both directions from henry hudson drive and if you head close to coastal areas expect a lot of delays. as far as your commute northern state parkway let's go to that camera shot westbound traffic slowed, accident in the area has a lane closed, trains on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules are in perfect. ben: juliet has not gotten her flu shot. apparently mariah carey didn't get her's either. >> meteorologist: what is happening here? juliet: mariah carey down for flu. mike? janet?
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i just woke up. ha ha ha! fully cooked johnsonville breakfast sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. ben: anna gilligan, did you get a flu shot?
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i need to do it. ben: you are putting of the rest of us at risk. juliet: you should do it to protect kids and elderly. anna: i am going to. isn't it still early in the the season? we now mariah carey didn't get a flu shot because she has been hospitalized because he is suffering pretty badly according to t m z. they say she was admitted to get vitamins after feeling under the weather but we have been talking about her a lot because she was supposed to have gotten a report, $300,000 to appear for an hour at the pier 1 christmas popped up shop tuesday and she did go, the flu did not keep her at home. she was the ultimate professional but then started to feel bad right after, she still plans to perform as scheduled in new jersey.
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i would get out of bed. ben: i would show up for that money. anna: it is like $1,000. the west family is ready for its latest edition. kim kardashian posted a picture on instagram congratulating her husband because he won the shoe of the year award in new york. while accepting he is waiting for his son any day now and joked when he looks at his wife he sees she is rich and doesn't plan on being broke so he has got to keep working. kim kept candidates that their son is expected to arrive a few weeks early, had some complications with her first pregnancy and apparently it this time had to undergo painful manual manipulation to turn the baby, he is facing the right way and could come any day.
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