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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  December 3, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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right now, on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. >> it something that although we train for, it is something that you are not for actually prepared for. >> steve: first responder speaking out tonight describing chilling scene when vic please came upon the victims. he was the first officer on the scene which he does griped as unspeakable carnage and panic on the face as survivors. >> dari: what still is not known is why they went on that deadly ramp area to. >> good evening, were leaning about the married couple who killed 14 and wounded 21 others. a u.s. intelligence official
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contact in social media. they are looking at the computers for clues that might tell us what motivated the massacre. >> when we entered, there is fresh gunpowder, the smell of gunpowder in the airspeed they described his bravery in detail. >> it was unspeakable, the carnage that we're seeing, the number of people who are injured, and unfortunately already dead. it was her panic on the face of those individuals that were still in need and needing to be safe. >> he was one of first san bernardino california police officers to respond to reports of a mass shooting inside the county building. moving right into danger knowing any second he might face one or more armed gunmen who had already killed many people.
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building, that was a difficult choice to have to make as well. passing people that we knew were injured and needed assistance. our goal at goal at that time had to be to try to locate the shooters the. >> a siad farouk, u.s. born citizen of and his wife, cashing maleic burst into holiday party on wednesday firing at everyone and their pap. police just released these pictures the weapon used to commit mass murder. the. the pair was also armed with several bombs. >> there's three pipelines attached to get us. somehow attach a remote control car and it was designed at the remote control device would somehow trigger or set that device off. >> authority save farouk recently traveled to high risk countries including saudi arabia pakistan. authorities confiscated computers and other items from the home in an effort to figure out what drove this madness.
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terrorist related. but we do not know. it is also possible this was workplace related. >> both died in a shootout with the police. you can hear the gunshots as cops surrounded their suv. investigators say they were armed with enough ammo and weapons to have killed many more people. >> reporter: another u.s. official speaking to the press anonymously said the husband and wife killers were not under fbi scrutiny before this deadly screening rampage tonight. there never win in what if any ties they had to terry's organization. >> dari: thank you. we we now know the names of all of the 14 killed in yesterday's mass shooting. sam bernadino corner said they range in age from 26 - 60 years old, among, among those was a
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a 37-year-old michael was sell, 58-year-old damien, he raised two daughters with his high school sweetheart, dressed up as santa for school pictures. of the 21 people pictures. of the 21 people wounded in the shooting, to are still in critical condition. >> steve: matt tweeted out to one of his cousins, he was one killed. he was at the nearby cold high school and he said the true terror is that this keeps on happening. >> dari: muslim leaders gathered and what they call of rising muslim a phobia. even though officials have not link the san bernadino mass shooting to any specific cause or movement, there still reports that the suspect may have been radicalized. that is now of great concern and renewed fears among the muslim
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[inaudible] we know the most community be to the islamic relations issued a report on the backlash of targeting the muslim community since the paris attack. >> steve: while the nypd has a plans to deal with active shooters, others are stepping up their plans. we are training officers to deal with potential terror attack. >> with a breathtaking frigates we have the mass shootings have taught us anything, is that carnage can happen anywhere. a. a big city, government office building, school, tonight in nassau county a new push to prepare with the purchase of several high-powered rifles. >> it is a training simulation
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unparalleled accuracy often used to buy law-enforcement military operations. >> this arms are police officers with the tools they need to protect both themselves and to protect our citizens. >> nassau county purchase an arsenal of the weapons with plans to give them specialized response unit but nearly 100 patrol officers as well. the police commissioner says training every day street cops to use and carry these weapons will help critical response time. >> the longer we wait, the more people that will die. it is as simple as that. we are going to go in there, take action, and neutralize the shooter. if you look at that active shooter situation they're very different. they are not there to take hostages and not there to take hostages and negotiate. they are there to murder citizens. so let's respond and terminating those active shooters as quickly as possible clearly will save lives.
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are at war with terrorism. domestic terrorism and international terrorism. >> the former fbi special agent praised the decision by nassau county and thinks local department's across the the country are justified in taking similar steps in light of recent massacre. >> we need to equip and train our local law-enforcement, whether it is small term usa, to to big cities like new york, boston, l.a., to be able to combat that proactively. >> this past weekend on long island several police departments held anti- terror drills at a number of locations. therefore departments big and small in every corner of this country. and they know all too well their community could be the next san bernadino or sandy hook. >> dari: thank you. the the shooting in california has reignited the gun control debate. today, senate republicans block several efforts by democrats to add gun control provisions to a budget measure. the legislation
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background checks, a measure the white house had been pushing for. >> we are going to have to search ourselves as a society to make sure we can take basic steps that would make it harder, not impossible but harder for individuals to get access to rifles. >> all the violence in chicago is sitting in a city with the strictest gun control laws. this isn't the answer. >> dari: ball officials say the four guns owned by the suspects were all legally purchased, and registered. >> steve: a tragedy marking the 350,555th shooting involved in four or more victims this year. that is making some people of never thinking of buying a gun reconsidering. we went to his store in long island where sales have been booming. >> ivan business to be do business. i think it is very sad that
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>> andrew, owner of coliseum gun traders says more first-time gun users are buying weapons now more than ever before. >> it is probably one in eight or ten our new. >> he says the recent mass shootings in california and colorado springs, along with terrorist attacks in paris, people want to be prepared. >> these are just simple shotguns, their simple tour, they have safeties on, everything you need, and quite effective for home defense. >> reporter: the numbers prove that more americans are buying guns. according to the fbi more people had their backgrounds checked on black friday than any other day on record. the national criminal background check system process more than 185,000 requests on november 27. a 5% increase from last year. the dr. and a professor of communication at ohio state university says, study show guns can have an adverse effect.
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1960s actually. when researchers found that nearly seen a weapon can make people aggressive. >> reporter: still, there's no doubt new yorkers and americans are taking steps to arm themselves. >> now it's more towards self-defense. >> reporter: from uniondale long island, back to use. >> dari: to follow the latest on the san bernadino shooting you can follow it on our website. look for any overnight developments at good day, day, starts at 4:30 a.m. >> steve: students as young as ten years old say they brought a device into a school and were planning on using it at a high school. teachers and administrators contacted please as they found a note about how this attack would go down. >> it's scared that kids that
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like that. >> when kids think of hurting other kids making bombs, it's very exciting. >> please make sure that it was nonexplosive device. all my students students released to their parents. >> dari: there's been two more charged in the terror attack in paris. that brings the the total to a terror related suspect now behind bars. isis is taking credit for those attacks in paris that left 130 people dead and hundreds the more wounded. >> steve: the cannibal cop will not be going back to prison, they have help held the acquittal of the charges that he was going to kidnap, kill and eat women. he was released last year after judge overturn his conviction. he conviction. he said the conversations never went beyond role-playing. they're being called new york city's worst.
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generous to deliver. >> steve: what comes after the millennial's? >> dari: the big apple both some of the most instagram places in the united states. were so many people cannot resist. pholiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... season is won. everything in one place.
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pholiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place.
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>> steve: okay there's a new study detailing the tipping five boroughs. >> dari: not great everywhere. they say some of the city's biggest cheapskates are. >> whether it is freezing cold, rain, sleet, or snow, delivery people are out there new york city rushing to get your order to your home as quickly as possible. their reward, hopefully a good to. >> i live by the rule, like 20%. >> generally i do not go below $5. >> reporter: but not everybody tips the delivery guy. according to report published,
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lower the tip. >> the tip info provided by seamless and online food delivery. >> it's like christmas time, where do the worst tippers reside in manhattan? turns out the well-to-do upper kornegay hill area, the average tip there's 12.3 percent. where do the best tippers live? outside the city in brooklyn and queens. the average tip queens. have%. >> they work in the service >> reporter: she is the founder of the etiquette school in new reason upper east side is came up so stingy, ignorance. people are older and have lived there for many years. i think they may not think about
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in cash, and the next time you think about being tightfisted only makes about $5.65 per hour. >> if it takes while it might not be their fault or it might be because you they did not give enough last time. >> steve: making may not be all that after all. a new study at medicine said that you cigarettes produce molecules associated with cell damage and cancer researchers study the tiny liquid particles that appear in the air after e-cigarette users take a pop. they have potentially dangerous molecules are produced when the heating coil heats up the nicotine solution to very high temperature. >> dari: there testing a new way to help you find their ride. it's called spot. it's only available seattle. uber drivers are using illuminating strips that attached to their windows and customers word pick a color when they order their ride. so when they get close to you the strip lights out in the color you chose.
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jump into your car and they get into the wrong car. >> steve: the future of the subway system could include interconnected train cars, the nca will test out these ten open gang weight cars has prototypes instead of doors between the cars. each car will connect from the front all the way to the back. giving writers between eight and 10% more spot space. they will evaluate how they work >> dari: looks very international. the color experts have chosen the color of the year for 2016. the winner is, two colors blended together, here's why. it is it is a mix of two soft pastel, rose quartz and serenity. the blended color was chosen by pantone's to represent society's acceptance of gender fluidity. pantone is known as using this in today's color matching system
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will be popular in art, design and fashion. spee2 first baby now a new term to describe the current crop of young people storm. >> we all know baby boomers, generation x and the millennial's, now get ready to meet the founders. they were according to new survey conducted by mtv, they prefer to be called the founders. >> you want to break boundaries and really make a change. >> and 13-year-old agrees. >> you can't be a follower coming up to be a leader. i like people who like go with the next person does. >> ultimately it comes back to one big force, social media. >> my generation is more
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because we care more about like, zero my god did you see that social media, that is so we are, that is so cool. how many. how many likes did you get. >> it's a problem, there's no hiding anything anymore. >> this things that matter to them, i don't know if they were ultimately be the things that will matter to them at the end of the day. >> reporter: according to experts this newly named generation requires a new strategy. >> the pace of change itself is accelerating. therefore therefore the difference between more different. i think the most important thing in marketing his values. 911-year-old daughters what what is most important to the founders? >> global warming, saving water. >> reporter: and justice are starting to feel all just remember each generation will reap what the former generation will so.
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plan the court that is not the socks off. >> steve: let's look at the choreography. that's getting everyone's attention on mine. >> dari: and new jersey boy overcoming the odds and getting back on the court after having major surgery just press clean and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot better together . p (vo) with thousands of qualityr pre-owned vehicles... rand exceptional customervservice, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... pflip your thinking about buying
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>> steve: mike and the mad dogs
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time. they're reuniting for one night for a very special cause. they will work together on march 30 to benefit the garden of dreams foundation. tickets will go on sale in the coming weeks. they have a lot of energy. >> dari: coldplay will take center stage during halftime of the super bowl. it is the first time a grammy award-winning group has award at the big game. bruno mars is also slated to return and perform again. there's little rumor that beyonce may make an appearance. so market down. that is february 7. >> steve: the man's pocket basketball team is generating a lot of attention for some of the bench players i have. >> dari: as dan shows us their
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making baskets, take a look. >> went big plays call for bigger celebration, the monmouth basketball team has all the right moves. they called call this one the trophy dish. if it's going really well, these benchwarmers benchwarmers for the west long branch new jersey attack. >> heart attack is when louis and greg hold than up and i resuscitate them on the three. >> what return to do is create energy that will transfer throughout the team. >> reporter: what greg and cousin have created is nothing short of a national sensation. >> we were not ready for this. >> reporter: there courting graft sideline support went viral after some televised games over the thanksgiving weekend. >> were inspired by china. just funny guy. >> our energy comes up as goofy but it does ignite the team. >> reporter: there's plenty to
10:24 pm
the bow and arrows inspired by the team, so many celebrations greg has to keep a separate play sheet in the sector in the game. >> it's a little something that we don't loose track of what >> reporter: the viral success of the benchwarmers had almost over overwhelmed the other teams our guys love it and when they nor guys are of there doing team. so for the coach that's an easy decision for me. >> reporter: the hedge head coaches embracing with only few rules. >> don't talk to anyone, don't don't come up with crazy stunts and embarrass our school. >> reporter: there propelling the team to early-season success, the sideline sideline guys are providing a definite lift. >> a great group of guys. they feed off each other. >> the key is winning.
10:25 pm
were just trying to bring energy. we have more coming on friday. >> reporter: keep winning, and keep celebrating. >> steve: the guys on the bench are having fun. you want to have a bench that is engaged. a new a new jersey boy who could barely walk your go is doing a lot more than that now. >> dari: we'll introduce you to the 12-year-old who is a back on the basketball court in just a moment. >> steve: and the famous star were actor going undercover is a genius. as a storm trooper fooling fans
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no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. >> dari: great story about overcoming adversity in new jersey. a boy with a passion for basketball return to the court after a double lung transplant. >> dari: just months after receiving surgery the 12-year-old was king of the court and fun. >> steve: we have is very inspiring story. >> reporter: you know josh nanda's, you know this wasn't just any introduction.
10:29 pm
>> josh is 12 years old and this is his first time playing a real basketball game. not because he doesn't like best ball, he loves it. he has eyes wanted to play but a chronic chronic lung condition has held him back. >> the coaches been so good to him because he will let him play. but he will let him play three or four minutes. >> he's always part of the team, he's come to games of his uniform on, he came to practices. he carried things in a knapsack and boys would help them. >> reporter: josh needed new lungs and i may the family got the call. 101st responders were ready at a moments notice, he he went to philly for a transplant that saved his life. as young as he has josh has gone through a lot. he spent his whole life putting on the sidelines not doing the things
10:30 pm
tonight is different. surrounded by his teammates, to surround surround by his friends and family, even the ones who took him to the hospital that day. josh play basketball, this time he did it on his own. >> you're out there doing a great job. a proud of yourself right? >> yeah. >> when he came back, we hoped to be the way he we used to be a little. >> it ended up you so much stronger and so much more actively part of the team. >> for me as a mom, this is happy and him doing what he likes, it's priceless. >> reporter: this is just the first step for josh, the fundraising page has been set up to help him with his recovery. it's called breathing new life for josh. by the way, his team won tonight 41. >> -
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from new jersey, jennifer, "fox 5 news". >> steve: lots of excitement there. there is a check for 25,000 $5000, the science teacher was awarded the educated award at northstar college preparatory high school. >> dari: i remember saying that. >> steve: students and staff recognized. she is more than 2600 teachers that are being foundation. >> dari: a new indictment by the justice department has led to the rest of a number of high-ranking presidents and former feet the officials. they are accused of taking more than $200 million in bribes and kickbacks.
10:32 pm
investigation is ongoing and more indictments and arrests are expected. >> steve: pistorius was convicted of murder by south african court rule. he fired the shot that killed his girl friend with both criminal intent. the ruling overturned a conviction for which he only spent one year behind bars. this time, he could he could get a minimum of 15 years-served. >> dari: for the first time in military history women have been granted the right to do all of the same jobs as men, that includes serving on the front line. defense secretary has ordered the armed forces to open all combat jobs to women within 30 days. the decision will allow women to fill about 220,000 jobs that are currently held by men including infantry, armor, and also special op unit. >> steve: republican reunion of sorts on capitol hill. former vice president dick cheney was honored with former
10:33 pm
lynn did the unveilingthey are on display on the set-aside of the capital. >> dari: luke skywalker, otherwise known went undercover as a storm trooper to promote i cause. he greeted fans along the hollywood walk of fame. never revealing who he actually was. he offered them a chance to meet the cast and the premier by making a charity donation. many of the fan said said the actor that they most wanted to meet was mark hamill, little did they know that he was the one talking to them. >> on bran offbrand, daily look. on bran's labeling pam anderson will be the cover girl for their
10:34 pm
the january, february addition, since her debut in october 19 a nine. opera, the mayor and governor reportedly breaking bread earlier this week. they wanted see if they could find common ground, they are both joined by an eight at the table, presumably to avoid any awkward silence. on bran, and animal for the muppets and a cameo as a drummer in their 2011 movie. i'm not sure if that was before he hurt his leg and not but he hasn't been behind a drum kit for a while. >> dari: those sku. i love the muppets. >> dari: the locations where people can't resist snapping a picture just to make. >> steve: you are so routed by morse instagram places in the world right here in the city. we'll break down the exact spot that people cannot get enough of. >> dari: if you can't get enough of we'll see show you a website with that you can hook up with
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all things mickey. >> steve: check out the weather app, the features live interactive radar and you can get weather headlines and storm alerts, download the free app today at the itunes store or
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>> steve: your people are underwater. real estate thing run 30% of homeowners own more and their mortgage than their home is worth. that may sound like a lot but it's down from leicester this time. mortgage rates are down again, the average for 30 year mortgage dropping for the third straight week. we are now just over 3.93.9%. stocks rocked on thursday, there's an 50 points on wall street over -- looking for the hottest jobs for the new year? look inside the hospital according to new survey, registered nurse is currently the most in demand position among jobs that require a college degree. think about getting a compaq for
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a new survey says around half music lovers prefer owning digital copies of their favorite tunes instead of physical forms. that's business. i'm neil. >> steve: disney fans from all of the have a place to find their prince charming. >> dari: mouse mingled out, is for disney lovers looking for love. the website was greeted by a former disney line railroad engineer who had a hard time meeting someone who loved us as much as he does. the. the site determines a perfect match, asking members questions about their favorite characters in disney songs. contact will require a 12-dollar membership fee. i know so many people who are wild about disney. >> steve: will probably like hundred $25 a month of disney gets in on it. >> dari: the most instagram locations are out, you don't have to leave the big apple.
10:39 pm
city landmarks popped up on this list of most grand places. >> dari: adele, hello like you have never heard it before. and the mashup it is creating just a buzz. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? r jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. you make me feel so young... it's what you do. you make me feel
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>> dari: instagram revealed its top 100 pictured locations of 2015. disney world was number one. >> steve: new york city was well represented. we'll see some landmarks. >> reporter: the camera phone littered our world with hundreds of new digital pictures. we cannot track track where phone but tigers first captured those images but we can see which photograph locations uploaded most frequently. three of the top ten most instagram places in 2015 were new york city.
10:43 pm
>> one can't look in any direction in times square picture. or 200. >> i wanted my friend to take my picture. >> central park placed fourth in the list and madison square garden ranked ninth. >> we just got engaged at rockefeller center. after she said yes they traipsed about the city taking pictures that many of the locations. >> robert was already imagining how many likes you might receive ones that first time square engagement photo hit the graham. >> le 600 or 700 likes. >> in times square, i am backing, "fox 5 news". >> steve: among the polls instagram into.
10:44 pm
>> steve: and steve lacey. >> i'm dari alexander. >> steve: and we'll see who gets the most likes. >> nick: is getting cooler but is still not that bad. we want the sun to stay. to my right through the weekend and it's not going to be overly cold. were not looking at any real cold snap. that may change in about two weeks time. i suspect there'll be a pattern change at that point. until then, no. it will stay whizbang, 55, 46 today. another day above average, 69 is the the record high, nine is the record low. the sun sets at 4:29 p.m. 55% wind out of the west, we have we have some clouds out there. we have a look at the sky which is nothing going on tonight.
10:45 pm
sprinkles earlier in the poconos but that's about it. let's take a look at highs for the day. mid- 50s for the city. fifty-two belmar, 55 islip, upper 40s from monticello, 58 at the same. i knuckling it down, temperatures are in the 40s, middle 40s around town. forty-three poughkeepsie, 43 ridge port. forty-one in belmar and 47 in monticello. it's was near 60 degrees yesterday and were down from that. westerly wind wind will continue,. >> steve: fifteen to 20 miles per hour and will diminish as we head into tomorrow. here's the temperature in the
10:46 pm
at 37, washington d.c. up 43. the satellite you can see a clearing trend will continue. we have clouds to the north and west. as the night goes along will have more improvements for a clearing sky. a northwest wind is in play, a big area of high pressure is coming in and that will have great weather. forty chicago, 50s and and 60s in texas. forty-nine in the northeast. that's about average this time of year. clear weather, sunshine, 46 by lunchtime tomorrow, the skies clearing out and it looks like we'll have nice weather last into the weekend. forecasts. a few clouds, bruising cold, laura 30s in the suburbs. sunny cool about 50. we step 52 on saturday, 55 on sunday, beautiful weekend. if you do anything outdoor clouds on monday, the nor'easter is going to get close to us. tuesday afternoon or tuesday
10:47 pm
wednesday. >> dari: that's a little sooner than what we thought. >> steve: sports is next. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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>> nick: how you doing. a couple of things going on with the world of sports. >> russ: we been reminded once again that if you play long enough, for the time always wins. no ifs, ands or buts a bout it. father time always wins. no doubt that tiger woods who is going to be 40 today on december 30 is one of the greatest golfers of all time. for a great while it certainly looked as though he for sure would be called the greatest golfer of all time. but then, as he as he did get older, injuries
10:51 pm
recent interview, take your has stated that he has reconciled with the fact that he may never get his game back. like i said, father time always wins. earlier this week laker great kobe bryant told us this, his 20th season in the mba will be his final season. again, one of the all-time greats to play his game of basketball. he is 37 years years of age told us bluntly, my body knows it is time to say goodbye. again, surgeries the past few seasons have taken it's toll. again father time wins. here we have a ball peyton manning, it's a very interesting story. after missing after missing all of the 2011 season with the indianapolis colts due to next season he went to denver where at the age of 37 he threw for almost 5500 yards, 55 touchdown passes and he was named the league mvp while
10:52 pm
bowl. two seasons later, the current age of 39, payton sidelined with a foot injury. whether or not he gets healthy enough to get a starting job back remains to be seen. that certainly puts his future in serous doubts. like i said, if, if you play the game long enough, father time always wins. very rarely do you see appellees retire when they are still the very best in the respective sports. three exceptions though, jim brown at the age of 29, barry 29, barry sanders at the age of 30, and baseball it was sandy colfax at age of 30. they all left at the very best at what they did. avalanche be the rangers. >> steve: tiger was interesting in that article. it's worth finding online. >> russ: that will take a toll to. >> steve: that was a mess.
10:53 pm
adele, once you hear for a second. >> dari: the song is so popular features some of your favorite classics. >> steve: all of these classic movies. [inaudible] >> steve: you did, right? absolutely. okay there you go, that was
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>> dari: i like that mashup. >> steve: definitely well done, that's it, we are out of time. >> dari: tomorrow is friday!
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