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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  December 4, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: good morning, we are learning more about the shooters in the california massacre and the massive amounts of weapons they had in storage. it was easily and parcel. could they have been planning another attack? ben: music world is morning the former front man for the scott temple pilots, scott wyman was young, 48 i believe. juliet: such trouble through the years. enjoying your ride to work today, it will cost you more when you drive-in on monday. i am so sick of this. ben: we love the port authority. it is costing a fortune. take more money, i don't have enough, i would like you to have
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you keep those bridges in such great shape. have fun with this. i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy, it is friday december 4th, we have broken a mirror here, this is one we tried to pick ourselves up in. is now broken and all the anchors are writing messages to one another because no one will come to this, broken mirror. ben: i just wrote jerks on it. i am guessing it was greg. stephen roach we don't know who broke it either. someone wrote keep your laws of my mirror.
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us for our benefit and your benefit. were you here. rosanna did not deny it when we confronted her. juliet: i have only seen it broken. ben: it was about two weeks. may be longer. >> meteorologist: we want to talk about temperatures across the tristate. 44 degrees in central park, 30s across walleye and, islip, montauk checking in at 45, mid 30s to 40s across the region and the north in new jersey, a chill with pine brook temperatures at 30 degrees, a 39 in berkeley heights, 44 in hoboken, 41 degrees at this early hour, temperatures stay pretty chilly
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front sweeping through the area, temperatures seem to get colder through the afternoon. because of winds out of the northwest continuing to be blustery in parts of the area, we have been clouds out there but we see a lot of sunshine coming in across the tristate, temperatures will be chilly, high readings mostly in the upper 40s to low 50s but the good news is we should see plenty of sunshine. let's talk about what you can expect on the roads and we will head over to ines rosales. ines: construction out there not causing huge delays, attack and the bridge moving fine, southern state and northern state, trains running on or close to schedule,
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juliet: we are learning more about the victims and shootings in the san bernardino massacre. ben: the question is the motive behind these attacks and was this terrorism and keep you a lot of folks respect of lading and the difference, basically all mass shooting their terrorism. kerry drew join us from the newsroom with more. kerry: good morning, we are learning new details about the married couple that killed 14 people and wounded 21 others. federal investigators told fox news and there's a possibility syed farouk may have been radicalized by his wife. a investigators continue their search for clues we are hearing from one of the brave first responders. >> it was unspeakable the carnage we were seeing, the number of people who were injured and unfortunately
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and still in need and needing to be safe. >> reporter: one of the first police officers on the scene of wednesday's mass shooting in the county building in san bernadine know, calif. syed farouk, a u.s.-born citizen and his wife tashfeen malik fired everyone in their path, the sheriff's department release these pictures of the weapons they used in the massacre. the standard of gino police chief said they had thousands of rounds of ammunition and there were pipe bombs. >> three height bombs were attached to get it, somehow attach to this remote control car and designed, the remote-control device would trigger to set the device of. >> reporter: both died four hours later in a shootout with police two miles from the county buildings and cops around their suv.
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investigators believe there is a possibility that tashfeen malik radicalized has an. authorities confiscated computers and other things from their home in efforts to figure out what motivated them to commit mass murder. >> it is possible this was terrorist related. but we don't know. it is also possible this was work place related. >> reporter: new jersey governor a gop presidential candidate chris christie says he believes it was terrorism. >> you don't go home and gravel white and but on tactical year and semi-automatic weapons to settle a dispute at work. that was a terrorist attack, another intelligence failure. >> reporter: the 14 victims have been identified, ranging in age from 26 to 60 years old and 12 worked for the county, they were all enjoy work holiday party when they were killed. as for the couple responsible for the attack a u.s. official told fox news they met and got engaged after syed farouk went to saudi radio, investigators
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arabia, one or both of them may have had contact with suspected al qaeda terrorists. we don't know details about the contact at the time. the pair had a baby this past may and they live their baby with the syed farouk's mother saying they had a doctor's appointment, we will tell you what doctors found inert appointment later. juliet: horrible, thanks very much. a new push to prepare for a mass shooting in nassau county with the purchase of high-powered rifles. what they are doing is enhancing rifle training to help police tackle active shooter and terror situations. the county recently purchased new swat rifles, they will be
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visions in the field. >> clearly the response to active shooter and best practices evolve with each faces. year in nassau county we want to be as prepared as possible. >> reporter: threw out the ice and police were holding anti-terrorist drills that they will continue to do so. ben: the deadly brooklyn building explosion in october was intentional, attendant poured gasoline possibly in the stairwell triggering the explosion. it happened october 3rd in a three story building. at first officials thought was caused by natural gas and reports say he has been evicted after a long battle with the landlord and set fire as revenge. she was killed in the blast. another tenant was also killed. juliet: it is not a surprise
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with abuse for a long time, substance abuse. former stone temple pilots front man scott wind died at the age of 48. he was so good, so talented, struggled for years and years. he had reportedly been sexually abused as a child and had some any problems with alcohol and drugs. he was found on his tour bus late last night in minnesota prior to going -- doing a show. his current band, scott widened was about to be inert concert, no word yet on the cause of his death, officials cause. when a broken 2003 he went on -- they reunited in 2008 before breaking up in 2013 but there are lots of rumors they were
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ben: get ready to pay more to head to work. juliet: bridge and tunnel tolls going up sunday. teresa priolo tells us how much more we have to pay. >> reporter: as if we aren't already shelling out enough this time of year jersey commuters being told to dig deeper if we want to find ourselves in a new york state of mind. beginning sunday all cash polls on all port authority crossings will increase by $1 while easy pass rates go up $0.75. that include the george washington bridge, the gospels bridge, the outer bridge crossing, the lincoln and holland tunnels. here is how it breaks down, easy pass riders pay $9.75, up sunday, those rates will increase to $10.50, up there are additional increases for those who car pool, use motorcycles and those taking advantage of the staten island bridge
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if you are a trucker whose vehicle has six axles or more breeze yourself for impact. your cash polarize from $114 to $126 a trip, plus $21 per axle making your regular commute one country. the hike, the fifth and final proposed by the port authority, it predicted hard earned cash will account for 36% of what authority's annual revenue in 2016. for the cost jersey commuters will get improvements to the port authority bus terminal, a new gobbles bridge and some much-needed renovation to the george washington bridge and the path system. teresa priolo, "good day new york". ben: those renovations she is talking to about 9 will leave those when i see them. juliet: everything is expensive
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charged an arm and a leg. ben: that is why it costs a much at a grocery store. juliet: looking at a cool day, temperatures in the 50s, not as windy, andrea's your forecast. ben: of a fight for equality reaches the combat zone as the material but is all jobs to this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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juliet: good morning, everyone, complimenting my read. we will hear about that in a minute, we are cold across the criteria, readings in the 30s, low 30s in poughkeepsie, 40 one in sussex, 44 in central park, 39 down the shore in belmar, feels chillier than it did yesterday at this time because a cold front came through and the shared in some very cold air from the northwest. that is where a wind flow is coming from. they were bluster yesterday, we are seeing wind speeds lower a bit so we should be relatively more comfortable than it was yesterday late in the day, plenty of sunshine across the tristate area, thin clouds out there right now but that is all we will get today, mostly sunny across the region and that will be the case for the northeast,
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set us up for a nice stretch of dry weather as we go in to logan. a lot of future cast shows mainly clear conditions as we start friday and as we going to the afternoon it stays that way as the cloud deck remains to the northwest. more of the same into saturday, we expect plenty of sunshine, temperatures will slowly rise, readings and a low to mid 50s, upper 50s by sunday and temperatures will stay chile today and i am having trouble with my clicker. temperatures will be chilly, upper 40s to low 50s with plenty of sunshine and tonight will be really cold across parts of the tristate area. if i can only get a quicker to work, we will fix the system and get back to it later. there we go. press the space bar. plenty of sunshine into the weekend, temperatures in the 50s, upper 40s by sunday at the
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day tuesday, huge contract bellwether, weather and you get it free at the google play store and itunes store. hopefully it works better and my computer does. let's see if the traffic computer is working. ines: the weekend for your weather computer, a couple structure projects, upper level verrazano bridge, a construction going on, some delays, new jersey commute, union and the essex county doing fine, 78, 280, let's look at fdr drive by 71st street, construction set up as you get closer to 61st street exit, the left lane open, a little slow down but not bad, traffic moving on, george washington bridge wraping up construction on the upper mumble, delays ten minute approaching the toll plaza, no problems at a lower level, fdr drive doing fine, lincoln and holland tunnel delay free ride.
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military history women are granted the right to serve in all combat roles. ash carter has ordered the armed forces to open those jobs to women within 30 days. the decision allows women to fill the final 10% of military positions not previously open to including those grueling special forces operations such as rangers, delta force, navy seal, carter says combat effectiveness is the main goal. there will be no quotas for win in any post. apparently the army and navy and air force work fine with this. the marines had reservations. let's bring curtis sliwa. juliet: i might punch him. i won't like what he is going to say. >> my testosterone is crashing through my cranium, good observation. let's start with aubrey. she get a memo?
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juliet: focus on important things. >> women have their own minds, they do what they want to do when they want to do with. and manage a united states military that included audrey, ines and led by a d the girl, fight battles with you, are you going to go we would have lost that. juliet: you bugged me when i get mad. >> not talking about women like this, women who go around with their am reborn cents walk around in heels. juliet: he did know what the word was and now he is going to use it. >> i was going to say washboards. there are some women no doubt about it, they can take the with me, they contain the with any guy, if they qualify they should get the position but if we had
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women forget about it. we would be waving the white flag. take a time out, excuse me, starbucks time, starbucks time. juliet: women went through rangers school too, lowering any standards. >> you don't get cappuccino going through the rangers test. juliet: there is no way i could handle a day in boot camp. ben: joseph dunn furred, chairman of the joint chiefs, was the marine corps commandant and the marines have said we are not sure about that, he was not present at the announcement which a lot of people are saying what is that about? >> you have seen mixed martial arts matches. put in these marines in the cage with the women and i guarantee they will knock out the guys.
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>> you don't think the rest would qualify? juliet: california shootings based on the evidence you heard about what do you think? >> the moment i heard syed farouk tyrannical islamic muslim terrorism. they can figure out is it workplace violence or radical -- that's right. president barack obama won't mention that. radical muslim islamic terrorism. can you say that two times the ricky radical muslim islamic terrorism. is it so difficult to figure out? now they want to blame the wife. egos on on mail-order online service from saudi arabia, finds a woman and they are going to blame the wife, before that he had no idea, i don't like isis or al qaeda, a an american conservative from san bernardino, calif. but it was my
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this is nonsense. with all the ammunition, look all of that. juliet: there was an arsenal, three pipe bombs that didn't go off, they malfunctioned. all sorts of things and their house. >> the family defense jihad together. ben: the senate voted to reject expanded background checks, this measure, bipartisan ovid by democrat joe mansion of west region and pat to me of pennsylvania, two done nothing states, it would have expanded background checks to exclude purchases online and at gun shows which currently there is that loophole. the senate said note, same happened after the newtown massacre in connecticut. would that have changed anything? two of these guns were bought legally, they went through the process. he was an american citizen with no criminal record. >> forget syed farouk because he was clean.
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springs who went into the planned parenthood clinic. did you see the pictures of this guy? did this guy look like that when he went into the gun should by his gun? you don't think he would have been stopped at that point at? some of these gun shows if you're not a licensed gun dealer you can selig and no paper work required. all of a sudden, you want to sell that 22 you carry around. it has to change. juliet: shocking. >> what about the note fly list? you could be on the no fly list and purchase the debt would gun nuts are out of control. ben: monday through friday 770 wabc. juliet: have a fantastic weekend. we are going to be taking a break. miracle in motown, the packers, the lions and the fans with no time remaining, we will show you
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a miracle win for the packers against detroit. juliet: should have been a last play of the game, less than ten second,:00 when green bay gets a crazy place, but collaterals across the field, a face mask penalty, but hackers get one last desperation play. are you ready for this? they are going to put up a hail mary pass right here. aaron rogers is incredible. here it comes, wait for it, here we go, all of the way to the end. and packers came up with it, touchdown packers, and maybe the lions 27-23, incredible, shows why he is worth his weight in gold, jets and giants getting ready for the big game, a lot more at stake and bragging rights. juliet: the giants that out of post-season since 2011, they haven't made it since 2010, big blue won the last five regular-season meetings, the
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