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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 7, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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greg: hi, everybody. welcome. it is monday, december 7. rosanna: hi. it is mostly sunny. highs in the upper 50s. mike is here. he is wounded, but he is here. he put his jacket on. we are all good right now. greg: the big speech last night. speaking about terrorism and what happened last week in california. >> we will overcome it. we will destroy any organization
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rosanna: they are concerned. isis. save terrorism. it took a few days. greg: police are looking for a man that keeps setting fires to pick houses under construction in queens. rosanna: a bizarre story. being abducted and held hostage. >> those two guys, they were kidnapped. also in paris, what happened? rosanna: the victims of the terrorist attacks they are.
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how was your weekend. greg: i had one person that said not to happy pep talk. rosanna: that is funny. lots of interesting things to hear from the republican candidates. mike woods is back. >> thank you. rosanna: how do we feel? mike: much better than last week.
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they had to reattach the tendon. burritos. one hand. i like the fact that they are redone. [laughter] there you go. a little bit tighter. that is the other thing. i cannot put on a tie. nice. [laughter] mike: thank you very much. think you for all the well wishes.
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we have partly cloudy skies. fifty-three wooster high temperature. some high clouds. yes, they are in the area. twenty-four essential part. twenty-three, pfc. right now, it is not that much of a problem. every once in a while, you will have some follow up and around it looks like they are continuing to move to the east. we will see more sun than anything here today. the troughs being off to the north. a couple areas of low pressure to our south.
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high temperature going up to 54 degrees. partly cloudy skies. again. we will fit all the way up into the upper 50s by the end of the weekend. let's bring in nine as rosales. giving you a look at where the major backups are. ines: good morning. such a mess this morning. that tractor-trailer involved. two lanes blocked. two ladies go back to the prep their interchange. major deegan northbound, two lanes are blocked within accident there.
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should be a little bit better. seeing the grid lights go back. let's go to our other camera. it is the northern state parkway. there it is. this is i you willis. an accident on the west side. greg: thank you very much. president obama's big speech last night. mixed reviews. >> it was meant to reassure all of us that our safety is the key priority. >> the tone was rather somber. a lot of debate about the president's performance. >> reporter: we should also talk
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first in 2010. leaking oil in the gulf of mexico. offering a speech last night. many critics came away saying the content was not. president obama delivered a 13 minute address. >> the threat from terrorism is real. we will overcome it. we will destroy isil and any conversation that tries to harm us. >> reporter: tashfeen malik, the shooting in san bernardino with her husband, pledged allegiance
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before her death. >> in extremist ideology. laws. prohibiting those on the no-fly list from buying guns. he does not favor a ground war in iraq and syria. >> i have ordered them to review the program. republicans presidential candidates. is that all there is, donald trump tweeted. we need a new president fast. marco rubio thought the speech did not accomplish anything. peter king was more blunt.
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presented the attacks. a new cnn poll found that 60% of americans do not approve of the way the president is handling terrorism. this seems to be of cross party lines. the military response has not been aggressive enough. rosanna: the new york times said today that the speech in the oval office was partly due to circumstance. maybe it was part of the reason in the oval office. >> he has only given speeches
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greg: okay. rosanna: meanwhile,. greg: the folks i worked about building in san bernardino, the survivors are going back to work today. rosanna: the attack led to the county shutting down those offices except for central services. looking into whether tashfeen malik radicalized her american-born husband and if she was the driving force behind the san bernardino massacre. there appears to be nothing in her husband's history that would implicate him as the driver of the attack. there are reports that she was the first one that shot inside the holiday party. greg: back here in new york. in suv plowed into a group of
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>> went right onto the sidewalk. it happened near south portland avenue. rushed to the hospital. later died. she was 30 years old. they are expected to be okay. the driver has been charged for not having a license or insurance. greg: a people, including two firefighters have been injured while fighting a fire in queens. okay. it started around 4:30 p.m. in the home. greg: we also have this. mike arsonist on the loose.
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construction sites quite a few times. >> some say that they are too big for the tiny plots that they are being built on. >> reporter: good morning. you can smell the smoke still in the air. 12:30 a.m. sunday morning. they feel as if they are on age. they are just waiting for the next fire to break out. take a good look at the surveillance video. police and fire officials say he's the same guy torching in the neighborhood. large homes under construction
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why remains unclear. >> a very involved investigation. i do not want to talk about the specifics of it. we are confident that we will find the person behind it and we will find them soon. >> the second time someone has attempted to turn this construction site to ash. this time they succeeded. the situation is so tense. police officers now guard the site as others watch the neighborhood. we're we are very concerned with thick, as you may suspect. >> reporter: residents are hoping that is the case.
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four for this latest fire occurred on the morning of the first night of hanukkah. adding to an already upsetting that is the latest from forest hills this morning. back to you. rosanna: there is a black bear hunt beginning today in new jersey. >> rejecting a last-minute change. it will happen. this is actually a humane way to control for fair population. they have this annual event. rosanna, there are black bears in every single county of new jersey. every county has a couple. at least.
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situation under control. happy hanukkah. today is the first full day of hanukkah. full of singing and dancing. hanukkah commemorates the rededication of the holy temple more than 2000 years ago. >> wave before christmas. they space them out. >> yes. all right. it lasts for eight days. greg: i want you to pace yourself. we will go to santa con.
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it will be based in brooklyn. >> are you going to be a naughty santa? there has been some controversy in years past. sometimes it gets a little bit out of hand. we will monitor the situation. greg: we may wear that hat. rosanna: i wear it well. greg: it sounds like a plan. rosanna: can i just go within health? greg: .biz today. rosanna always does a great job.
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let's show you what is going on out there. high temperature for the day. forty-six is the normal high temperature. seventy-five is the record high temperature. temperatures are about 10 degrees warmer than normal. we have 44 out at central park right now. some high clouds rolling through the area. that is it. nowhere in makers here for the time being. high pressure is in control. when over the southern applet punching atlantic hours. it does not bring us in the rain. no problems there. we will keep it nice and dry.
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today is one about the sunshine. as he goes in the next seven days, we have a high of 48 tomorrow. highs get up to about 57 by saturday. well above normal temperatures. ines: on a monday, this is not good. blocking a lane. traffic backed up to jewel avenue. fifty-ninth street bridge, lower-level, there is a salt truck blocking a lane. during new jersey commute, not a bad ride. let's take a look at your commute this morning.
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you still have the lace. as for the george washington bridge, still staying at a 90 minute. lincoln tunnel with some delays. fifteen-20. greg: let's take a peek outside. what do we have here? greg: those blocks are in the east river. rosanna: be careful if you are out there posting. movie.
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every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants. greg: just for trains.
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rosanna: everything in that area. that little street there. rosanna: today is an important day in our history. pearl harbor killing more than 2000 people and drawing the u.s. into world war ii. greg: the navy in the national park service. the arizona war memorial. the ship went down with a pod of warriors on board. you remember where you were on this day in 1941. they will always remember where they were on september 11, 2001. rosanna: veterans in hoboken will gather and dedicate a reef to be tossed into the hudson. greg: a terrorist attack. the man yelled this is for syria
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threatening others. searching the man's home. looking for evidence. how about this. the university of rochester. after event held hostage. rosanna: they were rescued last night around 9:00 o'clock. one of them was shot in the leg before being rescued. expected to be okay. police issued a campus alert. swat teams were able to track down their location and they were rescued safely. >> after observing it vividly, a determination was made that we authorize the swat teams. they did enter that location.
7:24 am
into custody. they are not saying why the students were targeted, by the way. >> eight used to happen a lot in the 70s and 80s. the case continues to unfold. rosanna: we have some good news this morning. >> he is 91 years old. he made the announcement at the church in georgia yesterday. not revealing any signs of the original tumor. greg: that is good. serving from 1977-1981. rosanna scotto was there when he was renominated. the democratic national
7:25 am
>> i was. my sister got to meet him when he was making the rounds. greg: your father told me that story just the other day. rosanna: seven years old. jimmy carter running for president. no one had ever heard of him. he had to bring his daughter. rosanna: i got to meet bobby kennedy. no picture, though. good for something these days. we have to find this island. it is called brothers ireland. have you heard about it?
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broadway last night. the opening last night. it was something else. greg: school of rock. some of us remember the jack locke movie. let's face it, kind of a down and out musician. imagine if this happened in real life. jack black takes a phone call and just shows up. >> they tried to arrest him. i have to say, the kids in this show are unbelievably talented. one of the things that andrew lloyd webber does the four-day show, everybody keeps asking me if the kids really played the
7:29 am
greg: you have real vip access. rosanna: i do. i have to say, it was like the british invasion last night on broadway. >> we copy the movie. it tends to be feel-good stuff. i actually solid magnificent film called victoria. oh, my goodness, it was so wild. it is a foreign movie. one continuous scene. rosanna: like ferdinand? >> i think we have a little bit of footage. this girl goes to a club. they start drinking or whatever. somehow she helps them brought a faith. victoria.
7:30 am
what else? rosanna: nothing. mike woods is back. mike: i try to adjust. it did not look right. i cannot type. >> i know what it is like when you only have one hand to work with. mike: a little inconvenient. rosanna: did anyone help you get dressed this morning? we do have some high clouds in the area. things really do not look bad. a look at what is going on with the rainfall here. look at how much behind we are. we are only .37 inches behind. since january 1, more than
7:31 am
we will end up well below normal. we do have a moderate drought here in the tri-state. we will take whatever we can get. forty-four is your temperature. poughkeepsie, you are at 27. high clouds in the area. nothing that is producing wayne. where is it? nowhere close five. one over the southeast atlantic waters. they will be working together later tonight. forty-six can see your temperature by 9:00 a.m. more clouds fit into the area of later tonight. tomorrow you will see a partly cloudy sky with a high of 48 then. fifty-four on thursday. going into the upper 50s as we
7:32 am
a little pushback to spring. let's get to ines into what is happening with our commute. ines: let's start off with the 59th street bridge. an accident involving a tractor-trailer. no problems with the whitestone bridge. a little delay here. let's take a look at the staten island expressway. traffic moving slow westbound. expect delays heading towards the verrazano. as for the trains, long island railroad, metro-north in the path trains are running on or close to schedule. >> people's reaction to the speech. somewhat mixed. calling the speech from president obama prophetic.
7:33 am
streets? we got a sample of opinions. >> president obama was very calm. trying to let americans feel safe again. >> i thought that it was a pretty good beach. it is about us attacking the muslim community. >> i appreciate the president coming on. i did feel that it was a little more than i expected. i wish that there was more from congress. >> we heard that a lot. almost nothing, if anything new.
7:34 am
people on the no-fly list cannot get guns. turning this into a gun-control debate rather than a terrorist deep faith. >> california has some of the strongest laws on the books in the country. >> sunday night at 3:00 a.m., the tools were enough. >> a reminder. boy, oh boy. it is like highway robbery. the last of five increases now in effect. despite the price hike, officials are concerned. numerous large projects. including a new bus terminal in the city.
7:35 am
it improves my life dramatically. rosanna: to get in and out of quicker. greg: let's go to carry through. >> and morning. drivers definitely feeling the toll increase. let me step out of the way. a little tough to read. new cash pools. $15. trucks, $21 per axle. where is all of this money going? commuters are now pay more to cross bridges and tunnels. the last took effect on sunday. cash tolls are up $1. e-zpass motorists are seeing an
7:36 am
$12.50 during peak times. where is all of the extra money going? about two thirds of the port authority budget for infrastructure improvement hoping projects in new jersey. they help the full ascii skyway. all of which are not under the port authorities control. some experts say those dollars should be going elsewhere. reducing traffic and improve another live look here at the cars approaching the tunnel. eight dollars to $15. as for the rest of the revenue,
7:37 am
trade center site. as for the full ascii skyway project, that will cost upwards of a billion dollars. federal investigators are looking into whether the port authority have legal grounds to bus that. for now, that is the latest. back to you. greg: thanks a lot. helping people with serious health problems after 9/11. first responders that help save new york. it expired in the pressure is on to have it renewed. rosanna: i cannot believe that congress has not done this yet. as well as relatives to first responders that died from ground zero related illnesses. it expired last month.
7:38 am
another year. in the month of november alone, seven more first responders died from their diseases that could be traced to 9/11. >> there is nothing random about this. this is a group of men and women who are dying now because they chose to be our heroes on 9/11. they chose to do the right pain. >> i was phone this morning on the phone with this senator and this congressman. we do not trade the lives of our first responders for anything. we protect them. greg: they were all there. site. there is hope that this can be renewed before congress goes out
7:39 am
>> if you call mcconnell's office, perhaps we will sway him. greg: they have come around before on this thing. let's hope that they do it again. >> quite a season. a new sponsor for the outfield. pepsi is gone. coca-cola is in. >> signing a new contract with coca-cola. coproducts will officially replace pepsi at citi field. the coca-cola polar pair will run the opening bell at the stock exchange. that big 37 by 89 pepsi sign at the stadium, it is coming down.
7:40 am
greg: on the east river in queens. a great big pepsi-cola sign. i do know that colin powell once worked at the factory when he was up. period. >> good info. did you watch the jets giants game last night? it went into overtime and then it got a little dicey. >> targeted this morning for a decision that he made. he is one of the giants owners. we will talk with him. duke has steve weatherford coming up. pson, the holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...cheese plates, turkey, appetizers. and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday
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rosanna: the spaghetti box. i heard they have a lot of departments already. >> you can see it from massachusetts. $23 million for the penthouse. does that sound like a good deal to you? it used to be like a little house built on the roof. you can call it the penthouse. rosanna: ages december. we are being spoiled by some unusually gorgeous weather. greg: mike woods, what is up? above normal temperatures here. most of the country looking at warmer temperatures. anyhow, here is what we have on the weather headlines. more sunshine with mild
7:45 am
as we head into the end of the week, it looks like the sunshine will be back for everyone. let's check the temperatures. danbury, connecticut. 38 degrees in brentwood. same thing in stony brook. high clouds in the area. you have some clouds in the area. other than that, pretty quiet weather scenario altogether. in area of low pressure developing. they will keep that offshore in the mid-atlantic region. that is about it. it does not look likely given the rain out of it. high temperature goes up to about 54 degrees later on this afternoon. partly cloudy skies. fifty is your high on wednesday.
7:46 am
all above normal temperatures. keeping a look at what is going on with the forecast. the fox5 and live weather app has daily forecast for you. you are all set to go. let's bring in ines. ines: that gwb is still a mess. normal delays on the freeway. find him across westchester. your new jersey commute, no problems. let's go to our cameras. this is pass the oyster bay expressway. you can see the flashing lights there. accident blocking two lanes. george washington bridge, an earlier accident. involving a tractor-trailer. left a 90 minute delay.
7:47 am
you can see traffic moving slow there. that is a 45-50 minute delay. trains are running on or close. greg: what do you call it when the jets play the giants? >> i have one giant fan, one jet fan. greg: the giant sand is, lou. >> it is actually the opposite. greg: why my wondering about your family dynamic? do kristen -- duke is here. duke: a great crowd. a lot of electricity. a great day for football. jets, great win with playoff
7:48 am
o'dell beckham junior. 72-yard touchdown. this is the turning point of the game. i thought that they should have kicked it. giants were upset. i thought that it was a bad call. eli takes off. 9-yard touchdown pass. twenty-seven seconds left. we go to overtime. the giants. all season. this is a 48-yard attempt. an amazing comeback win. twenty-three-20. >> certainly giving after a long
7:49 am
>> we have buffalo. we did not get it done. a meaningful game. we obviously learned some things. >> a great belief in the huddle. a grape leaf on the sidelines. >> to -- $0.00 ryan for -- ryan fitzpatrick. giants, you have to take that field goal. you have to say, ryan fitzpatrick, you have to lead the team down the field. i thought it was a fast call. spectacular night at the berkeley center. looking to add to the start.
7:50 am
having the lead. getting the hook shot. young, 25 points on the night. hitting the three. the warriors up 87-80. scoring 16 of the 28 in the quarter. beating the nets 114-98.
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breakfast menu. speed five performing in paris. rosanna: a special tribute last night. anna: the victims of the deadly terrorist attacks. performing together on stage. the first of two concerts that were delayed. u2 front man spoke to the audience before performing. >> we cannot save you, but our prayer tonight is to be useful to you. an honor and privilege to serve you this evening.
7:54 am
played on the night of the attack. originally reported that they would join u2 for a final song. that did not happen. tonight. hbo at 9:00 o'clock. school of rock just opened on broadway. the characters you saw. jack black in the movie. the legendary andrew lloyd webber. the winter garden theatre. greg: rosanna saw it last night. rosanna: i do not think that that is his real name. rosanna: one of the celebrities that was there for opening night the kids are fantastic.
7:55 am
greg: i totally lose it sometimes. rosanna: it is so high-energy. it is really like they are jumping up and down. >> they have the energy.
7:56 am
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>> are you ready for monday? hope you had a good weekend good day knock, it is december 7th i'm rosanna scotto. >> welcome to the december 7th. hi everybody. it's greg greg e here. weather wise what do we have? warmish out there. it's -- more unusual weather for december. >> unseasonal. >> freakish sounds derogatory. >> mike woods is back and he has the forecast. meanwhile nypd believes that a sorel arsonist is out there and believed to be part of string of fires. the target are these mcmansions owned by jew rish family under construction. most recent waves set early yesterday morning and forest hills. >> also president obama big
7:59 am
subject terrorism. his performance depends upon who you ask. "the new york post" blistering editorial today said his speech last had night was political and small. their adjective pathetic mean wool "new york times" said it was reassuring and appropriate given circumstances. more on that in a moment. cost more to cross from new jersey into new york city. toll heights for bridge and tunnels went into effect at 3 a.m. >> okay, also let's see here. ourselves. so much talk santacon over years. rowdiness, drunk l bhair. how do we get involved? responsibly. >> do we know where it's beginning to be -- we can dress up? >> you keapght go in your self i can afire.
8:00 am
>> miss claus needs a good waxing. [laughter] brooklyn somewhere. and not boozed up but we'll go for the heck of it. >> dongt don't say no, never. >> so remember mike woods was absent last week because he injured his arm seriously. they performed surgery. now here he is. >> a chef's hat on. >> look he's four years old. been uie this is wires and stuff. other than goofiness you see this is a very serious procedure, mike. >> it was, my friend who was a surgeon when he heard this was what was going on this weekend he said you know that's a major surgery, right? that's not a joke. talk to your doctor they're leak
8:01 am
>> and you can get up but you're not at them. like the next day. >> you're in florida playing volleyball. what happened? >> a giant beach ball that was heavier than i thought it was, so without stretching out and warming up i hit it really hard and then boom try accept muscle so strong pulled a tendon out of the elbow. had to reattach it. >> gave you a bottle to suckle on at the hospital. look at you. that's just water at that point. trust me i have plenty of other stuff at that point. >> vulnerable. >> exactly. did ines visit you in the hospital? >> it was brenda but she came to visit me over the weekend? >> ines did not. s interesting. >> had no idea it was serious. >> i didn't either. in fact i worked on tuesday theg everything ftion fine. pull muscle they're like fully ripped your elbow is turning interesting colors, and you've got a problem. we have to do it.
8:02 am
>> i'm okay, this arm is in a full cast but that -- ridiculous compared to regular hand it is. i have a full cast on as i understand. the cast is kind of forcing this thing to swell. like that at the same time. >> that's gross. >> cast comes off tomorrow but put into a brace eventually gets into the physical therapy so i can knock beach balls around like it's my job. might give that up for a while. text, tweets calls, greg, rose nag, ines everybody included thanks for the love, outpouring there. let's attack you to maps show you the weather here. here's the overall weather trend. today forecast temp 54 degrees. tomorrow well we only make it up to 48 an area of low pressure to the south to pull in more cold air.
8:03 am
so that's why temps come down a bit. check it out at the coolest upon the which is tomorrow. it is above your normal high temperature of 45 degrees. and see what goes on with the temp, the week, general is trend for it to warm up after tomorrow. today not bad. 43 central park with mainly clear sky. we've got 37 in philly. few high clouds too. albany more cloud cover but no precip there either. 26 right now, but the clouds that we do have over northeast generally speaking should clear out as this day goes on. but more clouds making a comeback with areas of low pressure from the ohio river valley. this one here will combine and become another area of low pressure right here in the mid-atlantic coastal area to sphwoorm. and then that doesn't look like too much more other than that. more clouds on increase later tonight again your high temp for the day today 54 degrees. partly cloudy sky. 48 then. 50 wednesday.
8:04 am
over the weekend too. highs in upper 50s. okay. now let's get over to ines rosales indeed she came over. like nurse all morning long. had to rewrap the cast. >> wait until you get that. the commute and new jersey transit tell you more in a second. first long island first l.i.e. sea ford oyster bay. traffic you can see backed up there for a couple of miles frond swamp road. service road that is closed by route 110. southern state parkway expect delays as you approach meadow brook accident blocking a lane. also an accident on staten island expressway blocking a lane here eastbound by clove road. off to shoulder but you have traffic backed up. you can see from pretty much 440 towards verrazano bridge. cameras show you l.i. te. that accident by south oyster bay road. cleared away so all lanes reopened but you have traffic slow as for the washington bridge.
8:05 am
on cross bronx by jerome avenue leaving 60men delay upper level inbound. lower level 40 minutes. 495 foggy there but backed up there 45 minute delay. holland tunnel 15, and new jersey transit i just saw this. idea to write it down in and out of penn station am electrical problem. hoboken train there they have a 15 minute delay because of speed restriction. new york waterway cross honoring hoboken stop. back to you. >> thank you very much. arsonist guy setting fires all over queens on the loose and he's been very busy. rtle reportedly he hits construction sites and he's done it at least 7 times. surveillance video has been released of a man in this area during one of the fires i believe he was on a mock in one of the videos. fox 5's teresa priolo joins us from forest hills with more this morning. teresa, what are you hear hadding?
8:06 am
this man has struck seven times since october. the charred rubble of what was supposed to be a house that would have six children in it. it was unoccupied when fire occurred but you can see there's an nypd vehicle here guarding this property, and neighbors say they're on edge because of all that is going on. attack good look at this surveillance video watch as this man appears to be casing this construction site in the cord mire section of forest hills. police and fire purnls say he's torching homes owned by jews in the neighborhood. seven times suns october 20th, large opulent homes up in flames. why it is unclear. >> in both departments -- i don't to talk about the specifics of it. but we're confident that we will find the person behind it and ponds them soon.
8:07 am
sunday morning on the second time someone has attempted to turn this construction site to ash and this time they succeeded took 150 firefighters to choke flames. schtion so tense police officer now guard the fire site as others watch over the neighborhood. fire marshals working on that issue and concerned with it as you might expect. >> comfortable to get the person responsible. >> residents are homing -- hoping that's the case. >> pray to god that nothing happens. >> aen we just kept with the communication guard of the nypd they tell us they're no longer looking to speak with that man seen in that photo that police department released riding that smoke, it is unclear why they no longer want to speak with him but no longer involved in this.
8:08 am
be responsible call crime stop terse that number 1-800-577-tips. latest from forest hims this morning. greg and rosanna back to you. >> we don't know for sure the art scientist motivation here but ongoing debate in that community about about the size of certain homes. these plots are kind of small, kind of narrow, and some of these houses are ginormous. j i think they call a mcmansion. >> and -- depends on your taste but perhaps beautiful and they contrast a little bit too sharp isly. >> let's talk about what happened last night. the president went to the oval office and he give a speech and this depending how you look at it some are praising him. some criticizing for what he said or did not say in this prime time address. >> that was a subject about terrorism new york post called it pathetic speech. "new york times" said a tough talk.
8:09 am
>> president has done a 180 he referred to isis as the jv too many now he's taking the group far more seriously but not sergesly enough if you listen to his critics. >> good evening. in a rare appearance from oval office, president obama delivered a 13-minute address on growing threat of isis also known as isil. real. but we will overcome it. we will destroy any organization that tries to harm us. took responsibility and tash malik carried out mass shooting in san bernardino with her husband pledged allegiance to isis in a facebook before her death. president said muslim communities had must be enlisted not alienated in the fight against terrorism. >> that does not denying the fact that extremist ideology has
8:10 am
there's a real problem. but muslims must confront without excuse. prom called for tougher gun laws includes ones harder to buy assault weapons and prohibit those from buying guns and does not favor a ground war in iraq or syria and wants to make it hard for those who wish to do harm from the u.s. >> homeland security to review the visa waiver program under which female terrorist in san this country. >> president speech left republican presidential candidates wanting. is that all there is, donald trump tweeted? we need a new president fast. and marco rubio thought the speech didn't accomplish anything. >> nothing that happened in the speech tonight is going to have fears. peter king more blunt not one proposal prevented california attacks knock increased
8:11 am
thousand as you can see from that tweet from congressman king getting gun control measures passed will be a very tough slog and republican controlled congress, we have heard this back an forth between democrats and republicans before on gun control, and we will assuredly hear more of it during the president's final year in office. to you. greg: thanks a lot. let's bring in a terror expert professor at nyu and the nypd. gorping, sir. >> good morning. your reaction to the speech? >> my reaction to the speech says they're going to be with isis that raises more questions than answers. >> why? because the strategy has been in some damage perhaps to the organization in syria and iraq but it is clearly not damaging brand overseas. >> he said it wasn't directed by any overseas organization. well, not necessarily, it was certainly inspired by an
8:12 am
that's the danger here. this stuff somebody on a computer they're not -- isis isn't sending somebody e-mail saying do this. but part of their message. are. is that correct? >> if you have gun, bombs we provide message an you attack it from there. >> double the address was focused on gun control than it was about defeating isis? >> it was a political intervention it was a message about gun control also a message directed at the republican candidate about how they're talking about islam and the president's desire to share that narrative somewhat. >> you probably can't go there but it is a blistering attack. small, political meanwhile "new york times" called it a tough and calming talk. both agree there was nothing new there. nothing new in the wake of paris in the wake of san bernardino people want something new. rng and what could we do
8:13 am
troops in syria. isis in syria about, iraq is 40,000 guys on land cruisers with world war ii vintage machine guns to face a land army they would be defeated but not political appetite to do that. >> the president said he won't do that. >> 40 special operation o troops won't turn the war to our favor. >> one thing we worried is islamist don't use this to hate your muslim neighbor and friends. i see no sign of that happening in this country. i don't. george w. bush went to a mosque less than a week after september 11th but the president believes there's this hate campaign against muse lums personally i haven't seen it. have you? >> i think that some of the rhetoric out of the republican nominees is choirsome. you're right to point to example of president george w. bush was exceedingly -- >> what is worrisome.
8:14 am
talking about shutting down mosques. >> they are in france. the relationship between church and in france there's no resemblance to the constitutional values that we have in this country. so talk about intervening in religious lives of muslim or anyone in this country is worrisome. that chips away at our first amendment right. >> professor at n nyu thank you for coming in top counterterrorism official. >> 8:16 in the morning. mike woods is dragging his hand along. it feels look it's a different part of the body? >> right. cast is weighing my arm down. cutting off srklation. circulation. need help? >> see the difference? >> okay, look this was mike as old way. wow. so this thing is heavy. good luck trying to get on a plane. >> right. i don't know -- difference in size it looks like
8:15 am
>> i've never had a cast that people can sign. maybe we can do that and put it for auction. not for good. what's going on out there? monday morning and time toe get and out the door. 45 in glen cove. 43 central park. we've got a lot of high clouds in the area but rainmakers they're not a problem for us now. 36 in stony brook. same in brink port and now 27 in danbury with a mainly clear sky there. here's the radar and satellite at this point and time we have high clouds in the area but also shifting to east heading out to sea. we are going to have basically a sun thy day out there with high clouds in the area no real disturbances coming through at this point and time. we have an area of low pressure see it right there into the ohio river valley and off the coastline in the mid-atlantic region. there it is by tonight, future cast it is pushing out cloud now that's the only change. coffer today --
8:16 am
rainfall. rainfall stays out to sea so therefore we're going to keep it dry, and knock temps bit. 54 for a high temperature later on this afternoon. through next seven days we have a high of 48 tomorrow. 50 on wednesday, and all the way up close to 60 by sunday of next weekend. fox 5 weather app at the apple itunes and google play store with daily and hourly forecast set to go let's bring in ines right now oh, boy i keep seeing things lined up on your board not good. >> problem with new jersey transit because of amtrak and problems so there's a 30 minute delay in and out of penn station midtown direct train they're dwertsed to hoboken. they're experiencing 15 minute delay. as other options you can path train cross honoring 33rd, newark, hoboken and cross honoring let's go to our maps.
8:17 am
taking 59th stroot bridge lower level expect delays there's an accident involving tractor trailer. cross island parkway northbound by hempstead turnpike accident has traffic backed up to southern state parkway. as far as your new jersey commute, normal delay on parkway from you travel 141 area, northbound towards rule route 3 and a 280 slow spots before an after the parkway. let's go to our camera at the fdr drive spaces between cars. triborough bridge also stop and go delays. >> thank you. >> you know who will be here coming up at mean? shaggy do you have a paifert song that he sang? friend? >> wasn't me? >> i leaked shaggy. rng you're so cool and in the know. i know this about shaggy in the united states marine corps.
8:18 am
hip-hop career. >> we're going to talk to talk to him had coming up. dunkin's new sweet black pepper with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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8:22 am
>> when i was walking lulu ail fewer plane crashes than when we were growing up. they went down couple of months you hear had about a big plane crash. nasa, >> special scrubbed lawferlgs it made a successful rocket launch. >> about time nobody is onboard. mission. where to go. >> international space station. they need supplies up there. astronauts there are for quite some time. including scott kelly from new jersey. would have been up there for within year. >> by the way this fourth attempt to add a launch after three days of high winds. 7500 pounds of cargo along with christmas presents. >> in orbit for christmas. but you know what, scott will have to buy for his femme and friends with internet up there. he can order on amazon. >> so cool. lepts get down to business with
8:23 am
>> adam shapiro what's up? >> might need to be a rocket scientist some are catching fire you've seen one birned down a house and destroyed family residence. one said and issued an a advisor hover boards he said these residents are more common than you would think. now in the united kingdom fire marshal office there ceased 15,000 tested them and found in 80%, the plug you use to charge this thing can overheat, it can possibly lead to accident plosion or lead to a fire so an advisory to be careful if you're buying one for christmas. and say according to mr. browning here in the states look for the laboratory seal look for to make sure it is tested. cheaper hover boards is one with the problem with the plug. >> got you look for the ul approval. >> thank you. now actually i've found that
8:24 am
falling off. especially when rosanna is mag fun of you on "good day new york" back in august. as i go cruising by she gave me a nudge. boom. gave me a little bit of a nudge. >> i don't recall that. >> instant recall shall swee? >> yeah. all right? >> no i'm not. there you gave me a slight nudge. >> that was you on your own by the way. i don't see me touching you at all. by the way, you have the funky duck. >> a high end one quite frankly. >> my son has one from model less expensive than your funky duck, an a no problem with it. to have the ul approval. >> hasn't caught fire is what you're saying. but has he fallen off? be careful lj. steve tisch will be here co-owner of the new york giants. he's also a movie producer. a billionaire.
8:25 am
also though a new documentary
8:26 am
talk to him about that every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds.
8:27 am
>> don't you wish you had aing do now to attack them? >> every day. especially in the winter like ralph. if you think i'm going to walk up up and down the block at miement. you're crazy although mutts are the best dog. fantastic animal. fng i take lulu and good for a minute and back by my side she's an only dog. what do you think. most dogs are onlying dogs. >> someone offered me another dog. do not unless you plan on walking it. >> if you have one dog, one extra dog isn't really much of
8:28 am
double the dog pooted. walk another at the same time. and vet bills whatever. and then when you decide to go away for a weekend. who can tack not one dog but two? >> you're riewght it be that. dollar and cents things. veterinarians they are advance. we wish to bring spike in always the same -- assessment worms. chicken and rise that was it. my dog is so sensitive she cannot have chicken, no turkey, and then other day put you know that tick form -- >> allergic to that a few hundred to fix that. >> spike never got that kind of care. president obama speech and they watched for i guess 13 minutes long.
8:29 am
dldzedly mixed take a look from "the new york times" mr. obama's tough calming talk and then you go to new york post, whew. blasting for no new initiative and making it in their view political. >> by the way, i wases telling you, watching republican candidates over the weekend drumple at one rally he's luke this, this -- sh won't happen when i'm president of the united states. i was like wow -- but we are so angry now and having a calming speech now i guess we need to calm it down. but i think americans are angry, and that maybe that's why donald trump is doing well in the polls. because he's saying what had we wish he would sate. you know. >> does we he have to say it quite like that? when he was on the show i was like tone it down if you were president? he did say --
8:30 am
down quite a bit greg but right now if i don't you can call me in the oval office and tell me tone it down. >> all right mike what's going on? >> with us we have a quiet day and week really things look very quiet fors. high pressure in control for most of the weekend. not much will happen had this week. pearl harbor day, anyhow on this day give you stats on it since there's not much with weather. 1886 we saw two inches of snow that's the record snow for today. 1.98 is record rainfall that's a lot of quart. and record high for today is 75 degrees. we're going to be warmer than normal but the nowhere near the record. we've got 24 degrees in sussex. 34 newark, and winds are coming from the west, southwest and generally speaking that is a warmer direction. but there's not a lot of it coming through at 3 to 7 miles per hour. any u how if you have high clouds in the area moving away,
8:31 am
to a high of 54 degrees with main sun mu sky later on in day. 48 your high tomorrow so it does get cooler but right back up to near 60 next sunday. let's bring in ines see what she's got with our commute situation. which has problems coming, going but mostly coming. >> i have a lot of problems. start off with the transit screen metro side of things, show you that. three -- there we go a lot of problems this morning 30 minutes in and out of amtrak related issues. master's degree town direct trains to hoboken a 15 minute delay because of congestion. cross honoring 33rd, hoboken to waterway and hoboken cross honoring. maps now in queens on 59th street bridge level in a roadway expect delays. accident cross island parkway accident back to hempstead. back to fdr drive. staten island expressway if
8:32 am
eastbound. well you have traffic moving slow to verrazano bridge there just normal delay. there was an earlier accident cleared. metro source control room. pictures we were up spinning yesterday -- fifth annual spin for hunger and pantry. >> they have a lot of ham, turkey this year and -- >> by the way, they raised 70,000 yesterday, and for thanksgiving they gave out thousands of turkeys -- >> at least 5,000 and they're hoping now through christmas, hol, of course, in january, february that money raised yesterday is going to help feed a lot of people during the very cold months. [applause] thank you so much. we applaud that.
8:33 am
>> better people than i. fundamentally better people. >> he does volunteer work at the mission. okay. but i don't know if you would find st. francis pantry a conflict of interest. competition between the do gooder groups? >> they're always doing great and taig ire calf a serious problem in our area. >> well done both of you. mission we appreciate them too. and st. francis pantry thank you. >> there's some comp tolls up for new jersey crossings. it was going to happen sunday morning, early what does it all mean? >> we don't know xepght that we're paying more for tainls bridges that seem fine to us. but it is going to a new terminal. hello kerry. >> good morning to you greg and rosanna on the jersey side of the holland tunnel this morning. for many drivers this is first
8:34 am
more. behind me a big sign difficult to read in sunlight but it does warn drivers of the toll increase as they approach tunnel that says new cash toll. car $15, trucks 21, per axel. a question drivers mean ask ising where is all of this money going? >> commute reverse now paying more to cross bridges and tunnels between new york and new jersey. the last of five annual toll increases took effect on sunday. cash tolls are up a dollar now drivers are paying $15. ease pass see an increase of 75 cents to $12.50 during peek team. so where's all of the extra money actually going? 591 million dollars in port authority toll revenue which is about two two-thirds of the port budget for infrastructure improvements will help projects in new jersey. those include pulaski skyway routes one and nine and the penn bridge that connects jersey city
8:35 am
under port authority control. some transportation experts say those or dollars should be going elsewhere. towards project the like freight rail tunnel to reduce traffic and improve quality of life for drivers. drivers are having a tough time with this adjustment. >>ing in on the roads change too much. it's pretty much the same as it was last year. three years before that. for it to keep going up, i've seen much offing in. saying keep increasing to do anything. i haven't seen anything. 15 million, too much. >> cost me 400 a month to get across the bridge to go to work. you know, there's no way of recouping that. so it's not a lot each day, but it really adds up. >> another live look at the cars
8:36 am
typical monday morning traffic. now, in addition the raise the roadway project at the bayonne bridge and replacing suspension cables at the gwb. as for that palace ski skyway project i mentioned earlier upwaferredz of $1 billion for federal investigators actually looking into whether the port authority had the legal grouped to fund that project. that is latest live from here on the jersey side of the holland tunnel morning. rosanna and greg, back to you. greg: thanks a lot. can i attack a look at the toll plaza if you don't mind. take a look at that if we can. you know rosanna after a i left york. was in marl in the country in nine years i paid $30 in tolls altogether. these are highway robbery tolls. that's a car payment. >> let's fob santacon some
8:37 am
by the way, location this weekend is kept a secret. >> a great big pub crawl. you know somewhat they bring in canned goods. this is a lot of fun for the participants but folks, neighbors, new yorkers some don't like it with public drunkenness sometimes it can get out of hand. >> messy too because thousands of people show up. they bounce from bar to bar. organizers begin in bush we can after rallied against it last year. this year we're hearing we don't know or for sure it is in manhattan. >> brooklyn is epicenter, and then it is going to migrate probably to east village. rosanna and i get on the internght and we're going to go and fiend via twitter whatever. we want to check it out firsthand. drink responsibly. there will be minimal rowdiness. and what else do we have? what else could happen?
8:38 am
potential >> -- lifting it up locket. tom kawf lean is defending decision to go for a fourth down instead of a big kick. by the way punter former giants punter steve weatherford will weigh in this morning monday morning kicking -- not quarterbacking but kicking here on "good day new york." >> steve we'll put you on the spot about your ex-boss. >> i'm it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now.
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8:42 am
the wrong call here. i would say take the three points. eli manning takes off and giants come with no points. not only that gave jets momentum and made a play and marshall 27 left in the game. score tied at 20 in overtime take a lead on the field goal. 48 yard attempt that would have tied it no good just misses and a jets 23-20 first team they've beaten giants sense 1993 joined by steve weatherford a great guest for this morning because you play for the jets and giants and both teams this year. so -- for the jets it's a huge win. is this bigger win for the jets or bigser loss for giants? >> i think it's a bigger win for jets because in my opinion previous to this game i thought that jets had a better chance of getting into the playoffs.
8:43 am
of these new york teams with playoff with a better chance i think it is jets plus they haven't beat giants in regular season play in 23 years duke. so you saw the excitement from the crowd and from that coaching staff and players. happy for them. you know, i think they're tag a step in the right direction and nice thing for them they control their own destiny whereas if they would have gotten that win they had need losses to happen down the roads to be able to get into playoffs. >> i tweeted out yesterday you did too at the time tack the three points. fourth-2. giants are up 10 in that spot. my attack on that is tack take three poangts because now it takes two touchdowns to beat. and ryan fitzgerald pat trek he played extremely well but a quarterback. make him beat you request 8:30
8:44 am
your take? >> couch coach tweet, hindsight is 20/20. but for me i say take three points like i tweeted yesterday while this was all conspiring. you take three points. give yourself a 13 point cushion. so not only do they have to have a touchdown. they're going to need two them. not a touchdown and field goal so it make it is more delft on their observance o and they have not been electric this year speaking on jets so hindsight 2020 and everybody is blaming tom coughlin and should have done this and lost the game for us tom coughlin what about defense? they continue down the stretch blowing lead that the offense has given them in ten different games this year, duke. they've been leading with twomens to go, and they've lost seven of the games. so i know everybody is easy to point finger at tom kawf lean but what about that defense?
8:45 am
so -- from this was a great one and considering how tight afc wild card ration is they showed so much heart and ryan fitzgerald pat two touchdowns, no interception. >> fitzpatrick has been in 8 different teams most successful season that his team has had. he's never had more than 6 wins and several games to go. so you know, as a jets fan, you know, people sitting at home watching this right now, be optimistic because all you can ask of your team and your quarterback is to control your own destiny and week 13. all right shopping today tell us about that big day for you shopping with 50 of closest friends this is awesome in new jersey today iment teaming up with stop it, which is a tech company that has started an app
8:46 am
that's one thing that my foundation fill thropically srt stopping bullying, so i've teamed up with stop it 50 underprivileged kids from kl have calvary at checkout surprising them to shop for themselves. gives me an opportunity to let them know that somebody cares about them this holiday season to buy gifts for their family and gifts at the same time. >> at 4:30 today so -- try goied to get duke to come with me buzz he's got plans. steve weatherford we appreciate it. >> i wanted to wish a happy birthday to my good friend greg kelly up here in a few days, right, greg? >> celebrate the same day. that's right greg we have the same birthday. >> he doesn't like talking about he has birthday. next week go ahead and get me something. thanks duke.
8:47 am
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i don't know if there's any surprises anna, what do you think? >> i think these are predictable. surprising to see it got the nominations well deserved, but he led the way with 11 but here we're looking at taylor swift one of album of the year. if interesting that nomination is kind of going across genera of music, this is for her album and 70 in total. as i said kendrick lamar, this year leading way with 11. nominated among those awards for his album has been a big hit. also the weekend could hit in total received 7 nominations with taylor swift there and chris got that country sound. and last but not least, alabama shake, love them. also got a nomination for album of the year. find out who winners are with
8:51 am
february 15 t, and five of the finalist in performing arts honored by president obama as the 2015 kennedy center honorees from left to right actress sicily tyson conductor george lucas and carol king. ferlg big movie comes out necks week. "star wars." they talk about that at the white house? they should have if -- >> they play music and obama wasn't there until the second part.
8:52 am
right. when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters
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