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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  December 8, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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give it a pop. from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". >> and serious backlash for republican presidential candidate donald trump after he calls for a ban of muslims, not radicals but muslims entering the united states after the recent terror attacks. >> the father of the san fernandina shooter, the terror watch list, the new york post reporting he had been monitored because of his son's terrorist status. juliet: among other things. there were rumors of this happening the other night but was less made. an emotional concert in paris last night.
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you 2 on stage to honor the terror victims. ben: i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i'm juliet huddy, it is december 8th and it is 4:30. michael, good morning. i think it is good. weather the baby. etna ases of brown. heather: the brown and discount color. >> meteorologist: i am trying to work with what i have got. just tried to work -- i was afraid of that. juliet: are very silent. >> good morning, everyone. it is time to get you up and out the door. any wet weather? but the sky guardian out to the
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there, low pressure to the south kicking up showers mainly in the atlantic waters, the hamptons and north fork seeing light to moderate rain in that area. most of it will take shikari of offshore though we don't have to bother with it but we do to the east, 42 degrees with light rain gear manta, 42 in islip, cloudier skies there's an 42 in central park, a 30 degrees in monticello, 38 in poughkeepsie, most of us are seeing a dry sky, but a few folks out east of getting wet weather. winds from the north northeast at 5 to 13 miles per hour so crowded the day we are going to see, greta with showers to the east for a little while and that should be moving up to the northeast into new england as opposed to the rest of the tristate so for the most part partly to mostly cloudy, high temperature 48 degrees, tomorrow 51, 57 is your high thursday,
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weekend. let's bring in christina stoffo is back again in 4 in the class ready to rock and roll. are we doing? >> reporter: we had some early morning construction to talk about but others and that not looking so bad. fd are both directions to 79th street, some construction west of the bronx for parkway and eastbound, roadwork should be wrapped up soon but for right now at least one lane blocked off in all these spots thing looking good. in this area of the thruway and your traveling across westchester, the sawmill, all these are up to speed. let's take a look quickly at the george washington bridge which is looking good is you make your way into town, no problems across the span moving well, lincoln and holland looking good and ultimate side of the street parking rules are suspended today. ben: fierce backlash is building against republican presidential candidate donald trump.
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and we have always been like is this the thing that is going to maybe start his downfall? this one was kind of bed tuesday. he said he would like to stop all muslims from entering the country. >> he said it is the only way to deal with a record of the united spitz. he is blink all muslims on this one which could be as you said a big problem. robert moses joins us live from the newsroom with the story. >> reporter: dick cheney said this proposal goes against everything we stand for as americans. donald trump has set a lot controversial things during this campaign with few or no repercussions in the polls. this is perhaps the most controversial of all. condemnation came rapidly from people of all political stripes.
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>> reporter: buoyed by new poll numbers showing he remained at or near the top of the republican field donald trump barack a rally in the uss yorktown in south carolina and read from a state in his campaign released a earlier in the day. >> donald j. trump is calling for total complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> reporter: trump says the ban is necessary given the role islam extremism played in recent attacks in paris and san bernardino. >> we have no choice. our country cannot be the victim of horrendous acts by people that believe only in jihad. we can be politically correct and we can be stupid. >> reporter: the reaction was swift. the council on american islamic relations called trump's proposal reckless and an
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>> donald trump, sounds more like a leader of a lynch mob that a great nation like ours. he and others are playing into the hands of isis. >> reporter: republicans and democrats alike condemned from. his policy proposals, if this is reprehensible, prejudice and devices, donald trump, and bill deblasio was at a loss for words. >> i don't know what to say at this point. it is against our american values. >> reporter: time magazine is scheduled to announce its person of the year tomorrow. not surprisingly trump is one of the nominees. it is hard to think of anyone we and pretty much everyone else in this country have talked more extensively about this year than donald trump. we have more reaction coming up.
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back to you. juliet: thank you very much. the father of san bernardino shooter syed farouk is on the fbi terror watch list. the new york post is reporting syed farouk's father is being monitored because of his son's terrorist status and his own trips to pakistan. the 66-year-old came to the united states in 1972 and became a u.s. citizen in 1999. the fbi is investigating whether his mom knew about her son's plot before he and his wife killed 14 people in san bernardino. ben: a large monetary deposit was made to syed farouk's bank account as the $28,005 deposit came from a website called webat was transferred to his mother. investigators are looking into whether that transaction was a
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it could be considered evidence of premeditation for the massacre. juliet: an emotional concert in paris, you2 performed and in the concert hall, it was turned into a killing field during last month's terror attack. ben: eagles of death metal showing the world the power of music. >> you and 2 is one of the most popular bands in the world. a canceled concert in paris that were supposed to happen in the immediate aftermath of the friday the thirteenth attack. now just weeks after the worst attack in paris since world war ii, they are proving that indeed the show must go on. >> [speaking french] >> if you love liberty, then paris is your home town. >> reporter: on the night of
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security they brought out eagles of death metal. >> they were robbed of the stage three weeks ago and we would like to offer them hours to night. would you welcome the eagles of death metal. >> reporter: they with the band performing at the concert hall when it was attacked by islamic terrorists. >> everyone here having a good time? everyone having a good time? >> reporter: the two bands performed together. >> reporter: concertgoers were surprised and touched by the appearance of the band that had witnessed so much tragedy. >> a very emotional moment. >> reporter: during both of their performances in paris the band the tribute to those who died in the terror attacks by displaying the victim's names on a large screen in blue, white and red.
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>> reporter: i will never again going to the staples center after 9/11 and they were playing and and all the victims's names on screen behind them. moving on a fatal shooting in queens last night after an off-duty cop, caught in the craigslist scam. the officer responded to an ad in craigslist for a car and matt two men at springfield garden. selling him the car police tried to rob the caught at gun.. the officer shot one of the suspects who later died. i-man and is under way for the other suspect who escaped. >> is there on the upper east side after bricks and debris fell raining on the sidewalk. part of the facade at 64th street and avenue broke off last night. witnesses said bricks were flying all over the place, nobody was hurt. fire officials say the passat was under construction and a 100
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fell ten floors, most of the debris landed at landing. >> reporter: the lead on "good day early call" we have clouds, they are warming up. this next story is the study -- ben: who has a better sense of direction, men or women? science backs of the answer. we are saying men are not so smart. we get to this new study and tell you which side is correct all the time when we come back. introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they' re twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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>> meteorologist: welcome back on time. caught most of the ceo dry sky, and it is not going to be around for long. and they are looking at more cloud cover out there, that is one thing that is pretty nice yesterday. in white plains mostly cloudy skies, 38 in bedford, 40 in dobbs, 41 in yonkers, pretty
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is normal for this time of year. an area of low pressure to the south is fairly close to as in the tristate and some of that rain is trying to overspread the eastern end of long island, the twin forks. we have seen some light rain in places like montauk for east hampton as well but doesn't look like a lot of rain will hang with us, we will see a mostly cloudy skies for a while as the low pressure pools by to the south and as it heads to the east, out of the picture, we will see more sunshine making in come back. a few morning showers, it is heading out of here and the clouds will break up a bit, it will never clear up complete before the next few days, partly to mostly cloudy sky here over the next few days and looks like another small chance at showers popping through thursday but that is minimal. kind of like what we have out there today. we will see a mix of clouds and sun, more sun than anything, high temperature 48 degrees in
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take water to clear out. high of 51 tomorrow, 57 thursday, partly cloudy skies, 60 by sunday, a real shot at showers comes early in the next workweeks. daily and hourly forecast available on weather apps at the apple itunes store and google play store, check out. let's bring in christina stoffo, to check out our new situation which can't be that bad. antwan >> we have some construction and the little bit of an issue on the south of the broken water main, this has been going on since yesterday. it is ongoing, definitely up place to keep in mind, on the staten island expressway east bound at highland boulevard we are looking at some roadwork they're too, one lane is blocked off in that spot but hopefully that will be wrapped up shortly. if you're traveling out of long
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for you on the meadowbrook, the northern state, like, 7 state, sunrise highway everything seems to be running up to speed. it will be a live shot at pennsylvania avenue. if you look at the lincoln tunnel, it is looking pretty dark, it will go for the helix in down, that is looking good, holland and gw be, running up to speed as far as trains are concerned everything is on or close to schedule with alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended today, back to you. juliet: and would like you to listen to this. >> who is better that communication, men might be better. according to a new study. juliet: researchers found men are more abject at finding their
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because they use a different part of their brain, a pet is reserved especially for them because they have to have that, they can't use regular parts of their brain like we do. ben: using men use more of their brain and women? juliet: they have to have special sections court involved because they are special. it is cardinal direction, use of north, south, east and west. >> when a light turn left into blue building, and follow that. juliet: we orient ourselves in a more subjective and creative way along a route. ben: the study found that? juliet: using connell direction is more efficient. when was the last time they did some ground-breaking study. ben: this one right here. when women were given a drop of testosterone under their tongue, this sounds very bizarre. would you like a drop of testosterone?
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ben: to orient themselves along these four cardinal directions improved. drops of testosterone for everybody this morning under their tongued apparently. that was interesting. bottom line is men are better. juliet: let us know what you think about that. ben: is the season to be jolly. sticking photos of santa. send videos and pictures. >> sans's els got some explaining to do, one of the trying to tear down the tree to get away. him.
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story has become of familiar sight. it is the season for crying kids everywhere. a lot of kids would rather give up chocolate to meet santa. >> what is happening is developmentally appropriate. >> dr. krug is a clinical institute. this study in behavior may seem out of the ordinary but it is actually pretty normal. >> for a young kid, whenever they leave their parents and beat somebody new they experience worried or concerned that the person is not -- with santa claus you are seeing that tenfold. >> reporter: reasoning with them in a moment won't werke the. your best bet is to prepare them beforehand. >> how do you make them feel comfortable? >> i think the kids see a lot on tv about santa claus so they are excited to see him when they do see him. >> you got them acclimated. >> anxiety about santa, kids of
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be a memorable one. >> ever forget sitting on santa's ? >> yes, my mother keeps a picture of me yelling at santa panetta's arc of. >> reporter: some children are totally fine. >> individual differences in personality. some kids are just go getters, we need to approach anybody, they don't have any hesitancy about strangers. other kids are more reticent. >> reporter: this may not be the ideal total for your -- rest of. it is a hop, skip and jump away. lidia curanaj, fox 5 news. juliet: little mac's, that was our producer. he was not too at the. still ahead giants fans are -- dallas fans this morning if you can believe it, the cowboys kicked big blue into first place. ben: miserable 5 for first place but is first-place nevertheless.
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ben: this nfc east, the division is lousy. >> the giants led the superbowl. the nfc east is crazy. the final two minutes of the game. in 2010. and a swarm of cowboys tried to bring him down and he fumbles and dallas comes up with it. daring mcfadden, up the middle, he will not be denied, cowboys jumped out 16-9. the first half of the game -- under the minute left, beautiful play on a pass from third cousins to jackson, skins tied
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the great kickoff return, 14 seconds weft the. cowboys dramatic win over washington, 1916, three wei tai, a taught the nfc east. that being the redskins. the eagles and giants all tied. in my manning not taking heat. the goal line on sunday, tom kaufman called the play. the giants lost again, out of a job next year, for the third time this year, a double digit fourth quarter lead, yesterday coach kaufman said he is not listening to rumors about next season. >> i don't pay attention to them. i am trying to stay focused for the benefit of my king, my coaches and everybody else. quite frankly you can all disagree but we are trying to win games the best way we can. to be honest nobody knows my
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so when you sit in judgment of what goes on this has and thought out with you like it or not whether it is right or wrong. >> imagine if the giants got in the postseason and won a couple games, everybody has to take back what they said last year. ben: could somebody win the division at 6:10? >> yes, at the website -- somebody could win this division. they figured out the match. basketball, head for a showdown, at the mabs, durkin of its key in the third quarter going to knock down three, that keeps dallas covered in front, 25 points, in the fourth, a nice drive to the basket and gets a lucky about to finish with 28 and a middle later on, dirk with an easy turnaround jumper, and
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