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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  December 8, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> from fox 5 news is "good day wake-up". juliet: it was chilly this morning. it will warm up. that is the funny thing. highs will be in the upper 40s highs will be in the upper 40s today, then it gets warmer and warmer and warmer. mike is going to tell us about that coming up. ben: of fatal shooting in queens involved in an off-duty police officer. one suspect is dead, police
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juliet: donald trump making controversial comments. these may push him over the edge a little bit or will they? we are going to tell you what he said about muslims turning to the u.s.. if the eagles death metal band onstage to honor the terrorists. that terrible attack in paris -- juliet: eagles and-metal are not a death metal band at all. ben: i heard you say that before and i did not know. juliet: it was a joke that the lead singer was making when he was listening to some guy at play karaoke, watching another performer and the lead singer, what sort of music is that?
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metal. could save a light-metal. they thought that was funny and they named the band that. that is great in wikipedia. ben: hopefully we can judge for our selves. good morning. that is michael. all right, michael. the arm is hanging, the hand. >> meteorologist: is a little puffy but i can see a knuckle. a bit of a knuckle, it went down a little bit. the whole cast comes off today.
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anyhow. we will figure it out. let's show you what is going on, showing up on radar, sky guardian says you got some rain to the north, a light stuff, in east hampton, as you make your way along further to the west it might be cloudy skies but there is an opportunity for showers to the east of long island showing up on local radar here. temperatures, cool this morning but not ridiculously cold, in islip and bridgeport, 41 degrees and apart, 40 degrees in monticello, winds from the north northeast at 3 to 13 miles per hour so is breezy outside this morning, not crazy windy and a yesterday. if you head into the central and southern sections of new jersey you have a clear sky but as you head into the city the rest of the tristate especially to the east is where you have cloudy
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by the end of long island, especially toward montauk. that area of low pressure which is driving it all will move to through it. the clouds around for the majority of the day a partially the northeast wind, tomorrow we have partly cloudy sky, no precip in the area and there will be a cloudier sky too but at that point showers approach the tristate, some showers show up on future cast along the jersey shore but looks like for most part we should keep it fairly dry. we will see a mix of clouds and sun, the majority of the sun in the afternoon.
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3:00 in the afternoon, 51, highs on the warmer side. we will warm up as we get toward sunday, high temperatures 60. let's bring in christina stoffo who is in again this morning, good to see you this morning. christina: all little bit about miami vice thing going on. are you wearing socks? >> meteorologist: kind of weird, can't tie my shoes. russ: christina: i am so sorry that happened to you. ben: calm down. juliet: he ripped the ligaments of of his arm. ben: on the beach playing volleyball. juliet: he is not on the beach right now. christina: thing is not looking
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beacon bridge which is terrible, we do have a and little bit of volume, eastbound. 84, up here, things moving well, in new jersey, the parkway, route 317, rich 4, everything up to speed. let's bring you to the staten island expressway which will be by the area of brandy and when things were moving well, not expressway, much better since the long term construction project was wrapped up and the george washington bridge, we go to that next shot which is nice. not bad across the span, lincoln and holland moving well and alternate side is suspended today. ben: some fierce backlash for donald trump building against the republican presidential candidate. stop and all muslims from entering the country.
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blanket sort of way applying to all muslims. robert moses joins us with more on this. not making a lot of people happy understandably. >> reporter: one of those people is dick cheney who said in a radio interview trump's proposal, goes against everything we stand for and believe in. trump's ibm may not unseasonable read the legal but that is beside the point. the issue is trump is driving the conversation and forcing his competitors to react. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: new poll numbers show him at the top of the republican field, donald trump arrived at rally at the u.s. as yorktown and read from a statement his campaign released earlier in the day. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete
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united states until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on. >> reporter: trump says the ban is necessary given the role islamic extremism played in recent attacks -- our country cannot be the victim of horrendous attacks by people who believe only in jihad. we can be stupid. >> reporter: the reaction was swift. the council on american islamic relations called trump's proposal reckless and an american. >> donald trump sounds more like the leader of a lynch mob and a great nation. he and others are playing into the hands of isis. >> reporter: republicans and democrats alike condemned trump. donald trump is unhinged, jeb bush tweeted. his policy proposals are not
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hillary clinton tweeted dennis, this is reprehensible, prejudice and divisive. donald trump, you don't get it. this makes us less safe. bill deblasio seemed at a loss for words. >> it is against our american values. i don't know what to say at this point. >> reporter: there were other republicans who came out condemning trump as well. chris christie said the proposed ban is evidence from has no experience and doesn't know what he is talking about. ted cruz was more muted in his criticism. he said that is not my policy. back to you. juliet: thank you very much. talk to you in a little bit. the father of san bernardino shooter syed farouk has in place on the fbi terror watch list. the new york post is reporting his father, is being monitored because of his son's terrorists status and his own trips to pakistan.
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unaided states in 1972 and became a u.s. citizen in 1999. authorities are reportedly investigating whether his mother knew about her son's plot before he and his wife tashfeen malik killed 14 people in san bernardino last tuesday. ben: bank records show a large monetary deposit made into syed farouk's bank account. the deposit came from a deposit, it is transferred to its mother. they're supposedly looking into whether the transaction was a loan he took out and they considered as evidence of premeditation. juliet: heart warming news. and emotional concert in paris, you 2 took the stage, had some surprise guests, very special
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juliet: eagles of the death metal were on stage during the last month. the two bands performed people have the power and they had originally canceled the concert after the attacks which left 130 people dead including 89 at the concert hall. they moved on with their new music. ben: very nice and emotional to be there. the fatal shooting in queens last night after an off-duty police officer got caught in the craigslist scandal. juliet: got to watch this kind of stuff. the police officer and director two suspects tried to rob him, this happened in springfield gardens where teresa priolo is reporting. >> reporter: good morning. now there is the manhunt on at this point to find one of the people involved. the off-duty officer answered the craigslist ad for a white bmw ended brought him here to
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you can see there are still police officers on scene, the area is cordoned off. back to 10:30 last night things quickly deteriorated according to police the officer encountered two men and they began talking money and haggling over the price of this white bmw as you would do if you were trying to buy a car but suddenly one of the sellers pulled out a gun. it looked real, very real but it was in fact an air gun. we have a picture of a similar one to show you. it was even equipped with a pistol fly, the top chambers that looks eerily similar to a real weapon. the off-duty officer actually pull out his service weapon and shot the man dead. the second man fled in the white beamer and now there is an active man hunt for him. when we talk to police, they did not have that much to go on, no
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contact with police and hope to get that information throughout the morning and give it to you to check this guy down and bring him to justice. that cop was taken to jamaica hospital protocol because he did fire his service weapon, but he was fine and not injured in this incident. that is the latest from springfield gardens. back to both of you. juliet: we have much would come. ben: bricks rain down from a building on the upper east side forcing road closures. we will tell you what happened next. juliet: mike keeping track of the forecast. >> meteorologist: it will be of little warm out there. not as warm as yesterday. 41 degrees your temperatures central park, we will see but the sunny skies today with temperatures in the oil cooler. closer to normal. the average high is only 45 degrees but if you want some forecast information that the weather apps with
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ben: to be taken video during
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michael is here. juliet: not looking so good after this. >> meteorologist: really. all right, good morning, time to get out and out the door with anything going on? yes we do. location. temperatures, 41 degrees at central park, 30 in monticello, 47 in montauk, that is the spot where the rain is coming through, south forks, north fork has a little rain in that area but not much. is 41 degrees with cloudy skies and newark, same in bridgeport. there are regional temperatures, albany 21 degrees, no precip, clouds in the area, boston and 39, they will see all light rain at least close by. and area of low pressure swinging to the south of us but far enough south that only going to clip the south fork and the
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these showers only around for a short time, a lot of folks don't see it because the whiz leaf through it but most of us have mostly cloudy sky here and we will keep it this way for the beginning of the day but by later in the afternoon, some sunshine will breed breaking out for a few of us. little bit of everything today, showers easterly this morning, then it gets out of town and more sunshine for most folks as we head into this afternoon, tomorrow starts sunny and more clouds make a come back as we head in toward thursday. on thursday there will be a small shower chance out there as another area of low pressure and disturbance comes through the tristate region, shows up with a little rain along the jersey shore come thursday morning but again if anything showers to the east, in the city more clouds early and more sun in the afternoon, high temperature 48 in the metro area.
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today, 51 tomorrow, 57 thursday, a 58 friday, shower chances cream minimal on that day, thursday in particular, not worried about that. there's a better chance of showers monday of next week and the next two events as far as grain is concerned is rain, not snow. let's bring in christina and we have warm temperatures, a lot of folks happy with that. christina: terry noe wade is going to snow. mid december we will be -- is not digging into the 30s. >> meteorologist: you would be surprised, mother nature is christina: construction lingering to the bronx river parkway, one lane is blocked off, and is the some volume here, definitely going to slow things down but elsewhere not
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80 up to speed, 287, 24, 23, route 80, and garden state parkway everything moving well, quiet morning, some construction spots, we will keep you up-to-date on all of that. i will bring you to the fdr, next shot in the area of 70 third street north and south bound not looking bad, the new jersey turnpike right by 13 a, the next shot the new jersey turnpike by 13 a in the airport, things not looking bad as you make your way northbound, moving at a steady pace, things moving well. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended. today through the rest of the day. back to you. ben: a wrong way crashed in queens proves fatal. police and mta officials say a car was going west on union turnpike in fresh meadows when it veered into eastbound traffic heading the queue 46 bus at the intersection of 174th street,
5:21 am
car died, the bus driver and a passenger had to be treated for minor injuries, no word what caused that car to veer into wrong way traffic. juliet: s karen the upper east side as bricks and debris came raining down on the sidewalks, part of office odd on the building at first avenue broke off last night. witnesses said bricks were flying all over the place but amazingly no one was hurt. fire officials say this was under construction and a 100 square foot section fell ten floors, can you believe no one was hurt? most of the debris at an upper landing. we have a lot more coming up, major mobile carrier is being accused of false advertising. we will tell you what the problem is. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time
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shop online. masterpass from mastercard and your bank. it's the shortcut to priceless. no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. ben: t mobile being accused of false advertising everett's contract free plan. consumer groups filed complaints with the new york attorney general's office. the groups claim the company's and the misleading because customers are locked in a two year loan for new phone so it is essentially a contract and they cost customers more than breaking a traditional contract because they have to pay off their phone low in lump-sum or
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t mobile has not responded to the paper's request. ben: juliet: the public the traded company announced j. b. holmes in company, $92 a share, $14 billion. the company has been struggling with the rollout of next generation cold drink machines, customers have been complaining it is too bulky, expensive and slow. ben: apple music is getting you up load more of your libraries previously setting a limit of 25,000 songs to be matched from your cd, taped or vinyl collection, now among the one hundred thousand songs. users will download the montel libraries on their apple devices. juliet: somebody is getting richer. ben: a lifetime endorsement deal by lebron james with 90. juliet: financial terms of the
5:26 am
he signed a 7 year, $90 million contract with nike shortly before he enters the draft in 2003 skipping college to be a perot. james had his own line of nike shoes for years and expanding his own brand. the port of half a billion dollars. must be nice. we are of a mobile. juliet: depends on how much it is. we are going to take a break. ben: top stories when we come
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: surely tuesday's morning. it is chilly out there and it is not going to get too much warmer. that is what the script says. mike woods will have the full forecast. he is not expert.
5:29 am
address the we let that slide. juliet: donald trump a comments that might have finally gone over the edge. will play? he still seems to have a lot very strong support group. we will talk about this in a moment. robert moses is on it. >> a judge grants oscar pistorius's bail. after his original manslaughter conviction was overturned he was out on bail. juliet: a wild game between washington and dallas keep the giants in the game in the nfc east, duke has that in sports. thanks for joining us, we were talking about game of thrones.
5:30 am
ideas about john snow. homeland? ben: we were talking about endorsements, the news director is watching, he texted me to keep it up and we will soon be reading the news in a nascar granded -- across the front. a lovely day. >> $90 million? >> no offense. >> you know the money won't go to us. >> i will just take one of them. for a year. juliet: very high price. >> meteorologist: let's get you some information on december. 48 the average temperature, 6.5 degrees above normal.
5:31 am
warmer than normal month, not only warmer than normal but the warmest november ever. we are on track for another warm december. the warmest day we have seen so far 57 degrees on the second and done this if we saw a 39 degree day, total precip 47 inches which is half an inch below normally and we are well behind, ten inches blind, it doesn't look like much is coming at us soon, 41 central park with partly to mostly cloudy sky at central park, here is the cloudy sky and there are showers to the east, mainly the extreme east end getting some showers out there and some of that rain will bump up against the south fork as well but doesn't look like anything too major for most of us in the tristate. a mix of clouds and sun today, the temperature of 48 this afternoon, 51 your high tomorrow, a 57 thursday, a 58 friday, 60 saturday, generally
5:32 am
let's bring in christina stoffo and see what is going on, you were talking about them of thrones. christina: i love game of thrones and walking dead and have my theories. >> meteorologist: we see that coming up. christina: all the trailer is coming out. ben: get there. christina: we have one thing going on on the 4, east sound -- east side as close, you see red after the accident because it is closed, no traffic here and people are not able to get on after exit 5, 84 in this area and not usable until further notice. we will keep an eye on that and also things are looking a little bit slower around this water main break, one lane blocked off in local lanes until further notice.
5:33 am
the staten island expressway, the road is not looking at any direction. the next wide shot will be the parkway and this is in the area of the airport, traffic moving away on the let down side and it is a little crowded but still moving along at to speed so that is good news, trains, everything on or close to schedule at this time. alternates on the street parking rules suspended but you have to put money in the meters. ben: thank you very much. a field shooting in queens after an off-duty police officer got caught in the craigslist and. juliet: the officer opened fire two suspects tried to rob him. it happened in springfield gardens where teresa priolo is right now with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, this all happened behind me on 145th avenue, also you can see flashing lights, the area is still cordoned off. this officer was responding to a craigslist ad for a white bmw
5:34 am
10:30 last night, the officer encountered two men your, they began haggling over the price of that white bmw. as you perhaps would if you are trying to buy a car from someone. suddenly, one of the sellers pulled out a gun. it looked very real but it was in fact an air gun similar to a picture of one that i will show you and it was equipped with a pistol slide, the top chamber is identical to an actual weapon. the off-duty cop pulled out his service weapon and shot that man dead. the second man fled in that white bmw and now there is an active manhunt underway for him. when we talk to police they told us they didn't have much information to go on, they are looking for the white bmw but as far as solid identifiers we could give you to help police track this man down they say they're still trying to compile all that information from detectives who are actively working this case and they will
5:35 am
the off-duty police officer, since he discharged his weapon he was taken to hospital, just to be evaluated but was uninjured in this incident. that is the latest from springfield gardens. back to both of you. juliet: thanks very much. 5:35, first backlash building against republican presidential candidate donald trump. he said he wants to stop all muslims, not radicals, not people who are affiliated with terror but all muslims from entering the country. ben: he says is the only way to deal with what he described as their heat of the united states. robert moses joins us with more on this story. we said he said a lot of things that have seen far out there during the campaign but is this the one that might cause him some trouble? >> reporter: so far he hasn't had any repercussions in the polls. he has been at or near the top
5:36 am
even though this idea has very little chance of becoming reality the point here is it is driving the conversation. donald trump as we know has said a lot of controversial things, none more controversial than this. his campaign released a statement calling for a, quote, total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on. the proposal follows recent san bernardino. at rally in south carolina, trump reiterated the need for a total ban, defiant and sure of himself as ever. >> we have no choice. our country cannot be the victim of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in jihad. we can be politically correct or we can be stupid. >> the council on american islamic relations reacted
5:37 am
reckless and an american. republican and democratic presidential candidates condemned him as well. >> donald trump's comments are some outrageous fascist demagoguery and it plays into the hands of isil. >> donald trump always plays on everyone's worst instincts and fears and saying we won't menacing the muslim into the country is a dangerous overreaction. >> the director of homeland security jeh johnson, said we must not force muslims into the shadows. but it also runs counter to our homeland security efforts. i could have put a story together, it is ten minutes long, compiled of everyone saying they are against this idea, more reaction at 6:00. >> he was talking about that infringe of his supporters it got a smattering of all laws but
5:38 am
it is controversial, lightning rod, ands. >> time will tell, robert moses, thank you very much for that with south africa, a judge has granted oscar pistorius's bail, that means he can stay under house arrest until he is sentenced for murder. he served year in jail after being convicted of manslaughter for killing his girlfriend in 2015. last week and appeals court threw that out and said he is guilty of a more serious charge of murder. now he faces 15 years behind bars lynch's lawyers say they are appealing that decision and that could take months. former giants and jets are plaxico burress pleaded guilty to tax evasion charges but will avoid prison time. he admitted not paying roughly $46,000 in state taxes on his $1 million income in 2013.
5:39 am
and $56,000 in restitution in 2009, he pleaded guilty to a gun charge after shooting himself in the leg at a city nightclub dance than 20 months behind bars. >> 5:40, let's check the forecast on a chilly side. all things considered. >> meteorologist: a little warmer than normal. with highs and lows by a couple degrees cooler than we had yesterday said depends on your perspective. mainly to the east here, that is where the rainfall is going to become the end of long island. light showers are coming by, 47 at montauk, 41 central park, five in sussex, 30 in monticello, winds from the northeast at 5 to 13 m.p.h. at latest check and it doesn't look like a lot of wind but we have cloudier sky and with an northeast wind is going to keep your temperatures down a little
5:40 am
some of the warm weather we had yesterday but that area of low pressure is kicking up the showers that are mainly in the atlantic waters but a little of that is clicking the east of long island, and might get in on a little rain action but partly sunny, high temperature 48 degrees in the city, most of us not seeing rainfall all, 51 tomorrow, 57 thursday, close to 60 by saturday, not quite there just yet. give me and our antwan: tests broken down on the weather apps, apple itunes store and google play store, put it to work and let's get christina stoffo in, she is in for ines rosales, has the latest info on hitting the road or rail. christina: we have one issue to talk about, pretty bad one on 84, eastbound side, closed down by exit 4, bad accident, all lanes closed, it is right after the accident scene because there is no traffic on a roadway completely close down a you
5:41 am
5 said definitely stay away from 84 in this area. also we have this issue on 109 with a water main break, one lane blocked off and the local lane, the lie, live look of some delays here, this is traffic moving away from me, the west down side, this is a live shot by 160 third street but this is moving into construction group casino boulevard taking a two lanes, things are moving on the lie at west, definitely something to keep in mind and the gwb not looking bad. we will get the span, traffic is moving up to speed across the span, hard any delay in to the toll plaza engage in a kuwait for the helix inbound at the lincoln everything moving along pretty nicely, the holland tunnel moving along with minor delays and hornets side of the street parking rules suspended but still have to put money in the meters. juliet: a lot more coming up, giants fans are dallas fans in a way today. ben: they wanted the cowboys to
5:42 am
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that's three times longer than the leading cough liquid. all night... or all day. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. juliet: checking your headlines
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placed on the fbi terror watch list. the new york post is reporting has been monitored because of his son's terror status and his own trips to pakistan. ernie: an air france plane on repairs from san francisco has been diverted to canada following a potential threat. the airline says we need related safely and was diverted as a precaution. juliet: supergroup you 2 on stage in paris and this time it happened, the eagles of death metal, the band that was on stage during the deadly terror attack in paris, two bents performed people have the power. very cool. ben: neither of the new york teams played on monday night football but a big night for the giants. i had a feeling the cowboys went because the eagles beat the patriots on sunday. duke: you know is going to be crazy. ben: had to be.
5:46 am
the scenes with a playoff game. crazy end to the cowboys/redskins game monday night. big nfc east showdown. final two minutes game tied, redskins sean jackson crosses back across the field, but the cowboys bring him down and he fumbles, remember when he crushed the giants' playoff hopes december 19th, 2010. i was at that game. unbelievable return. dallas comes upon the 15 yard line, levels of the middle and end will not be denied, cal boys jumped up 16-9. it is not over yet. under a minute left, beautiful, on the money passed, derek cousins right to jackson and the redskins, after a great kick return, 14 seconds left, the kicker, dan bailey drills it 54 yards, cal plays gwyn, a dramatic fashion over washington 19-16. the redskins/eagles and giants
5:47 am
nfc east, dallas, didn't we think this was over long time ago? the take is that, eli manning not taking heat for this interception, fourth and 2 at the jets' goal line, it is head coach tom coughlin who called the play and instead of kicking the field goal because of that loss, one of the big reasons, he could be out of a job next year as everybody says this season is far from over, the third time this year there was at double digit meltdown, late in the fourth quarter. yesterday's on kaufman said he is not listening to rumors about next season. >> don't pay attention, i am trying to stay focused for the benefit of my king, my coaches and everyone else. quite frankly you can all disagree but we are trying to win games the best we can do is to be honest nobody knows my team better than i know my team. when you sit in judgment of what
5:48 am
whether you like it or not or right or wrong. duke: we have gone through this in 2007-2011, won the super bowl. he was on autopsies. there is a lot of season left to be delayed. eight they could win this division and got a hot streak with a win the division they host the playoff game. duke: basketball, and the showdown with the man he is most compared to, derek of its dave: jet the garden in the third quarter, 7-3, in front, 25 points on the night and the fourth, nice drive to the basket and gets the bounce here and finished with 28, two rebounds. a little later on in this one, dirk no whiskey, nice turnaround jumper, tries to guard him and that is why he is dirk. 8 roll, 104 vegan 97, a quick
5:49 am
coach, defense accord nadir in terms of the program, this is days after the university filed the athletic director, the 41-year-old out of ohio state past two seasons where he billed the defense and looking forward to his first head coaching job in new jersey. >> everybody is going to have a role and i ask everybody be the best they can be at whatever job you have to do for us in this program to reach our goals of being one of the best football teams in the conference in the big 10. duke: give me ten push ups car rutgers with 4-a this season, signing a five year deal for its $11 million. hockey, every ear in calgary, and unbearable event. take a look. the second after a vote first goal, fans are crazy, and and
5:50 am
and they don't stop, fans are encouraged to bring toys they collected, charities in the holidays, 19,000 toys, a new record, 29,000. very nice. thank you very much. give us 20. not messing around. mike woods is here. juliet: could be so warm this week especially friday, almost 60. so crazy how warm it is going to be. enjoy it while it lasts, show you what is going on, winter just around the corner. let's show you what we have temperatures, it is chilly, high-temperatures, a nice day coming e.u. sun and clouds, start to creep back up and over the weekend we have a dry one on
5:51 am
altogether, saturday and sunday. let's get a look at temperatures, 42 in bridgeport, 41 central park, 32 in allentown, 30 degrees in monticello, montauk 37 degrees and light green in that area. here is the radar and satellite so you can see what is going on, low pressure to the south, showers coming in to the south work, light rain on the east end on line and, they are seeing a little rain but doesn't too impressive, most of it will hang off shore. the rest of us are rain free, partly sunny sky coming, high-temperature 40 degrees in the next seven days i of 51 tomorrow, 57 thursday, i pledge new 60 of the beacon, shower chances pick up as we head into the next work week. let's bring in christina stoffo right now, take a peek at what is going on, getting closer to 6:00. christina: things are going on
5:52 am
we have this issue on 84 east where we have a temporary road closure, bad accident clear away, now we have all the back up moving through on 84 but at least all lanes are now open to get through and we have the broken water main, that is taking out one lane of local lanes going on until further notice. let's go outside and i will bring you to the grand central, this is in the area of 166th street, not looking terrible in either direction, take a while for the camera to refresh but hardly any traffic here. the next wide shot will be the why, really nice shot of the lie in the area of grand central traffic toward me, the west downside. construction by casino boulevard, behind that things are backed up and the east downside will get heavy into
5:53 am
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ben: anna gilligan is here. juliet: i love talking about gwyneth paltrow. anna: i was going to do a story on her part of shots in columbus circle but it actually just got robbed. that is why it is in the news. the shop is based on the popular blog popular by some because they like it but some people
5:55 am
here is the pop-up shot. authorities say they're looking for three men who stole $173,000 of jewelry and watches, the staff was distracted and a pride open a case, t m z says the items stolen were a bracelet worth $100,000, david weiss bracelet for 40 k and rolex watches, 23 k, located in the time warner building and open through december 24th and they will stay open as planned. ben: she sells jewelry? i didn't realize it was other people's jewelry. anna: she will recommend you buy this trench coat as part of your fall accessories and that is what people would say. and kim kardashian and kanye west named their new baby boy, she tweeted the name, st. west was born in los angeles, weighing in at 8 pounds, no word
5:56 am
of course they have a 2-year-old daughter named norris, a cutest sibling rivalry. juliet: her ex-boyfriend. of honey bunches and i' see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters
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every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds.
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