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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  December 8, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> johnny says aye, nice warm weather. warmer than usual right johnny? yep. but that's not going to be the case really today, however, just look at this temperature for the rest of the week. who cares about today? it is inconsequential tuesday. grb a jacket mike has the details and stoffo is here with traffic. >> controversial comments made by donald trump. i know we've said that before. but perhaps this team is different. the presidential hopeful calling for a complete ban on muslims
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>> a craigslist scam leads to a fatal shooting in queens cop. one suspect is dead. other one. >> the world is remembering john lennon today marks 35 years since the singer was gunned down in front of upper west side apartment. 22nd street of central park west outside the dakota. well. ben: good morning everybody i'm ben ben. juliet: i'm juliet huddy thanks again for joining us december 8th. 6:01. michael is here with this beautiful. warm. mike: like it, it is warming. juliet: not the way you would want if you want snow. mike: check the date -- the 8th we have a long ways to go. ben: 23 days. forecast, seven-day forecast i believe it looks warm. really warm that leads us into
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so. mike: and then it does the other thing on the flipside. yeah, inside scoop. from yesterday. here's what had he had up to 54 that was nice and warm yesterday warmer than what we have for you today coming up. 58 your highs at newark. up to 56 in allentown. warm around the tristate everyone into the 50s and what's going to happen today? cooler outside and we do have more cloud cover to. as well as newark 43 in islip. 47 in montauk. some 30s out there. spots freezing look sussex and monticello 32 and 30 respectively. anyhow winds coming in from the northeast around 7 to 12 miles per hour. with cloudier sky here this morning, and some showers toxed on east end of long island
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fork. clouds for everybody else. but rain is not a big challenge unless you're out to the easts. there's the area of low pressure kicking up. by high pressure will win out altogether and you'll see drier skies over majorities of the tristate region. high temp u up to hl degrees with more sun in the afternoon than the rest of the day. through next 7 days we have a high of 48 today. 57 on thursday. up close to 60 on saturday, but you're there on sunday. all right now let's bring in christina stoffo it is time for backups to start happening around town. feverishly over there. what's gong on christina? >> mapping the something that happened on the roadway right now. good morning everyone. you know, things are definitely starting to peck up on the road like we have something in the l.i.e. right now. we have sthng on deegan right now. not good on the maps.
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out at least one lane. westbound side at that road work backing thingings up into the area so you want to watch out for that. cross bronx river parkway running along with construction as well belonging two lanes that's been there for a little while telling us until forth notice that you want to watch out for that. unfortunately things will be congested. a live look outside at the deegan. this is actually going to be belt parkway at pennsylvania avenue looking good. deegan is next shot because we have a stalled truck southbound by cross bronx if we can go to next live shot that would be great. deegan southbound side. stalled truck you you can see congestioned south at the cross bronx another place that you know unfortunately things are bagged up. flashing lights hopefully that gets towed away shortly. until further notice things are really heavy for you moving into the area. trains are concerned and moving
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lirr, path trains right now, they are running on or close to schedule for you. alternate side of the street parking rules suspended but you have to feed the meters. juliet and ben back to you. juliet: fierce backlash against donald trump after he said he wants to stop all muslims from entering the country. >> yes. he's being hit from all sides here. democrat and a republicans targeting him over comments. billionaire businessman says it's only way to deal with what he describes as their hatred of the united states. robert moses has what the donald had to say and the reaction. reporter: gorping to you in trump's words in a rally, quote, we have no choice. he says we have to go this route. but critics say no. not only cothey see this idea as
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see it as unamerican. poll numbers show near the top of the republican field donald trump arrived at a rally in south carolina and read from a statement his campaign released earlier in the day. >> donald j. trump is calling if a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. until our country's representatives can can figure out the what the hell is going on. trumple says ban is necessary given role that islamic extremism played in recent attacks in paris and san bernardino. we have choice our country cannot be victim of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in jihad we can be politically correct and stupid. reaction was swift. the reaction called trump's proposal reckless and unamerican.
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leader of a mob than a great nation look ours. he9 the hands of isis. >> republican and democrats alike condemned trump. donald trump is unhinged jeb bush tweeted his policy proposals are not serious. hillary clinton tweeted this, this is reprehensible prejudice and devicive donald trump you don't get it, this make us less safe. mayor de blasio at a loss for words. >> i don't know what to say at this point. >> the former vice president dick cheney said it goes against everything we stand for and believe in. chane in my opinion says religious freedom has been an important part of our history. juliet back to you. juliet: all right robert thank you very much. the father of san bernardino
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the watch list they're reporting his father is monitored because of his son's terrorist status and his own trims to pakistan. 66-year-old came to the u.s. in 1972 and a citizen in 1979 and authorities are reportedly investigating whether frock's mom knew something about her son's plot before he and his wife tashfeen malik killed 14 people in san bernardino last wednesday. >> meantime two weeks bever that shooting bank records reportedly show a large monetary deposit made to farook's bank account. fox news saying 28,500 deposit came from a website called web at least half was then transferred to his mother. investigators are are supposedly looking into whether transaction was a loan taken out by farook and consider it as evidence of premeditation for that massacre. more news become here at home a fatal shooting in queens last night after an off-duty police
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scam. >> it makes you realize you have to mac sure that you do -- transactions in the daytime. in public places. police say the officer opened pure after two suspects tried to rob him. teresa priolo is following the story in springfield guards with the latest. teresa, good morning. >> good morning juliet, good morning everyone. this happened behind me on 145th avenue and springfield garden queens. you can see flashing lights from the nypd car and a command unit on scene and, of course, tape is still up because this is still a very active investigation. let me tack you back to 10:30 last night this is video of the immediate aftermath. that off-duty police officer encountered two men, he was answering a craigslist ad for a white bmw. they began talking money haggling over the price as you would if you are trying to buy a car from somebody. when suddenly one of the sellers pulled out a gun, a gun that looked very, very real and, in
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picture of a very is similar one to show you. you can decide if you would have thought this was a real gun. equipped with a pistol slide that's the chamber on top of the weapon. again, looking very, very similar to an actual firearm. well, that off-duty cop pulled out the real gun. service weapon, and pee he fired shooting that seconds man dead. he fled in that white beamer and now a man hunt for him. they can't give us any information or identifiers that would help you track this guy down. all they say is at this point they're loring if a white bmw, and they say that the detectives that are here on scene are actively trying to gain some sort of information that we can pass along to you. that cop was uninjured in this incident, however, taken to the hospital because per protocol he
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weapon and therefore he needed to be evaluated. latest from springfield gardens this morning. ben and juliet back to both of you. >> thank you very much teresa. a scare on upper east side last night after brick of debris raining down on the sidewalk. apparently part of a facade in first avenue broke off last night. witnesses say bricks were all over the place but amazingly no one was hurt. that is the understatement of the year. fire officials say facade was under construction and 100 square foot section fell 10 floors again no one was injured. most of the debris luckily hit an upper landing area and that kept people safe. >> we have a lot more coming up on this tuesday morning. j mike is watching the warm weather for us again -- today. mike: today is cooler but warmer temps for the weekend i think everybody is happy about. anyhow we have a partly sunny sky. mix of clouds and more sun in
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startoff temp at central park 41 degrees request showers out east but only once seeing it along the south fork o. but average high for today just so you know is 45 degrees. but there is weather information on the fox 5 weather app with daily an hourly forecast information, download the apple app it is free, we'll be right back. catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue cookie-flavored coffees. enjoy any medium latte
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several long island organizations bringing cheer to members of armed forces some 500 locally grown christmas trees. look at them all stacked up shipped to men and women serving in iraq and afghanistan. these nurse are florist in queens lights and deck ration and for hanukkah along with is nice to get a nice evergreen tree. >> such a cool place. uh-huh. they have everything you could possibly want. i don't work for them but -- ben: what about that ins endorsement thing you're talk?
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again -- >> ac acquiesce a little bit, it's not snow weather. >> next ten days. mike and i, three inches of snow by ends of the year. >> one cold snap. building up to bitter end. >> carly our old producer. >> she jumped ship. teresa priolo she was onboard. >> she knows what team is the right team to be on. >> goodness sax are are we done already? good morning everyone. well certainly no snow out there right now. so far for this december, 47.8 drags your average temperature. but it's only up to 8 but 6.5 above normal temps precip above by half an inch but ten for the year.
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to bring in significant rain or snow. 41 degrees with partly cloudy sky out at central park. other temps we've got 38 in bedford. same in hudson. upper 30s low 40s around tristate region. now, there are clouds and some showers out in east end of long island around east hamp had ton over toward montauk point you have showers out there. of course quieter this time of the year but cloudier skies with light terrain rolling through. area of low pressure driving it all. most of that precip is offshore waters but some of it is makings i way along south fork. but mostly cloudy sky for marmingt of the day. high temp up to about 48 degrees. tomorrow a high of 51 with more sunshine then. 57 on thursday, all the way up to 60 by sunday next week, and by monday you've got shower chances back again. a little more significant rain trying to work its way through.
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weather to 74746 and come to you and cost you a text in your texting plan. message an data rates apply. don't want anybody to forgets about that. it is still gong on. bring in christina stoffo right now. she's got the inside scoop. >> what's gong on everybody? so we're dealing with an issue on the l.i.e. eastbound side into little neck parkway one lane is blocked off the area now. into an area dealing with construction blocking two lanes at casino boulevard traffic at least flowing at an average speed of 10 to 12 miles per hour. westbound definitely not looking good for you. also seeing construction westbound cross bronx at the parkway two blocked off there so you're gong to see some delays that we have a stall on deegan. i'll talk about that in a second. fdr drive by 73rd street things are moving okay in both
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track is there but up to speed. now next shot that's the major deegan expressway. so southbound side moving into area of the cross bronx. stalled truck you can see traffic is slow into that area. we have maybe a tow truck and keep you up to date with what's going on with this situation because deegan is not looking good here. alternate street parking rules suspended but you have to put money in meters. >> today the world remembers john lennon. 35 years ago today he was gunned down in front of his apartment and just returned from a recording studio with his wife and shot four times by mark david chapman. live look there. >> what had a beautiful building it is. in strawberry feilds in central park down the street from his apartment people will be gathering to celebrate lennon's
6:18 am
year. just last friday at madison square garden there was a tribute he would have been 75 years old. his killer still remains behind bars. let's listen. oh, man another emotional music story to bring you, a concert last night in paris supergroup u2 getting on stage for concerts that they have canceled now once again doing them and joining them on stage there were resumes about this didn't happen first night. but it was eagles showing up on stage and, of course, playing at the bataclan with with all of that terrible afnght went down. so to get on stage with u2 played apparently very cool. >> kelly wright that has a story for
6:19 am
>> u2 one of the most popular bands in the world and canceled a concert in aftermath of 9/11 attacks. now after the worst attack since world war ii they're proving indeed the show must go on. >> this wow -- [inaudible] >> if you love liberty, then paris is your hometown. >> on night of their final concert amidst tight security u2 brought out eying eagles of death metal. >> leak -- leak to offer eagles. they were band performing at the bataclan concert hall when it was attacked by islamic terrorists. everybody having a good time? i said is everybody having a
6:20 am
>> two bappedz bands performed together. concert goers surprised and touched by appearance of the band that had witnessed so much tragedy. >> very emotional moment for me. >> during both of u2 performances in paris band paid tribute are to those who died in terror attack by displaying victim names on a large screen in blue, white, and red. kelly wright, fox news. ben: all right. let's attack another look at that live scene. juliet: lepts do it.
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no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. >> all right 6:25 and tuesday morning "health watch" cuddling with your cat or dog can help you sleep. researchers in scottsdale, arizona found those who sleep with their pet feel more safe and secure. they also found 56% of the participants shared their bed or bedroom with cat or dog. but only 20% reported being own up by their pets and 41% said having them in bed helped them sleep better. all right. now to the story that we've been talking about all morning when
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around you know following directions. >> i forget what navigation is ben. men are better than women. psmght so says study from norway. >> assaulting those in the audience this morning. >> to the norwegians i'm sorry. but they found that men are more adept because they use a different part of their brain. use normal part of their brain. >> more parts of our brain. >> no you're using -- useless parts of your brain because i guess you're too busy -- picking a movie close in the next one. better at cardinal directions. >> they are, an women more subjective and creative. >> go to the blue house and
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>>s we think things through a little more than you. >> i've seen you get off the elevator and go the wrong way despite working in this building how many years now? >> not while driving. i'm a great driver. >> pulled over how many times? [inaudible] >> women that were given a drop of testosterone under their tongue buzz czar should is try that here improves their ability to orient themselves using cardinal directions.
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medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. p ask your doctor about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. >> i love these warm, warm decembers makes me to happy. all snug inside. not too much warmer. i'm making plans to lay out on my balcony. >> get out of here 58 degrees.
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out on balcony. mike will tell us about this unseasonally weather. >> drumple in the news yet again. he certainly says a lot of things he said a lot of things in this campaign. this most recent thing he said yesterday well, it's a doozie calling for ban of muslims in attack. >> meantime a judge grants bail. i'm guessing that everybody knows who he is. where does he go? far are a olympic gold medallest after the manslaughter conviction overturned and found guilty of murder. >> in washington and dallas monday night football keeps giants in first place in the nfc east. highlights for you coming up although a tie for first place, and it's -- not with the best record. ening three teams are first
6:28 am
>> never want to see giants post season. >> if giants can win this at 6-10 hot at the right time. >> they've done that before. won at 9-7 years ago went to the super bowl. >> right. mike woods is here. >> true. >> gotten more adept at doing one handed but button. >> i didn't realize i click with my left hand that one is fine. s i thinking the right. but this arm is still stiff so that -- >> you're in -- months of physical therapy. >> casting comes off today but into a brace and i think that might be worse. anyhow find out in a few hours. same in newark, and belmar 43s bridgeport and 38 in poughkeepsie so our temps are cooler but that's baskly taking
6:29 am
this time of the year. winds are fairly persistent from north and northeast 6 to 12 american. that is a cool direction for us here. we've got a lot more cloud cover in the area. thanks to this area of low pressure passing to the south of us bringing in showers light stuff to the east end of the south pork near hampton showers pass through there. a little bit up into the north fork but not too much. area of pressure into the atlantic waters that will continue to do so and not expecting much out of it in terms of showers across tristate a few isolated spots with rain the east. other than that we've got a partly sunny sky today. high temp up up to 48 degrees. tomorrow up to 51 and then 57 on thursdays. 58 friday, and 59 on saturday a little warming trend. all right let's bring in christina stoffo in for ines this morning things have pecked up right on cue. good morning. >> we have a couple of thingings
6:30 am
we saw stalled vehicle. one lane is blocked off here. we have a lot of westbound delays into the area. of construction we had at casino boulevard cleared but roadway hasn't recovered and heavy into that spot. we're also seeing an issue right now if you're traveling on deegan south of the cross bronx a stalled truck. we had road work bronx river park qai so we have lingering delays as a result of that. now, we, of course, 208d you street. live footage of the area. it will be closed where bricks fell off of the facade fell ten stores. no one got hurt but they're not beginning to open this roadway until they know for sure it is safe and what's going on there. if you drive into work 64th street closed until further notice. keep in mind, now i want to bring you to tappan zee bridge we have a texas on span of the tap and rock lands county bound
6:31 am
two trucks got into the accident. injuries involved and waiting for tow trucks you're jammed rockland on the throughway approaching tappan zee bridge and rubber necking delays on the brj. something to keementd keep in mind for sure but keep money in the meters. juliet, ben back to you. ben: thank you very much. fierce backlash against presidential candidate donald trump although that's happened before. and it really hasn't affected his campaign. yesterday, though, he said he wantses to stop all muslims from entering this country. >> until we figure things out. billionaire businessman says it is only way to deal with what he describes as their hatred of the united states. robert robert join us with more. he's doubled down on controversial comments before. we haven't hearding in yet, have we on these comments and backlash? >> well statement was released
6:32 am
thought perhaps at this rally remight soften or say well i didn't mean fully all muslims but he said as much last night. donald trump has said a lot of controversial things in this campaign that started right when he announced his saint can i but things are as controversial as this. husband company released that statement we mentioned calling for a, quote, total and shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's represent it uvs can figure out what is going on. trump came up with this idea following the recent attacks in paris, as well as in california. at a rally last night he reiterated a been and sounded as defiant as ever. >> our country cannot be the victim of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in gee is has had.
6:33 am
and we can be stupid. it was calmed unamerican. presidential candidates roundly criticized him. >> i think donald trump comment is jot outrageous pashes an plays into hands of isil. >> donald trump plays on worst instinct and fear and saying we're not letting a muslim in the country is a dangerous overreaction. >> we heard from the director of homeland security director jeh johnson said we can't force therm into the shadow. unamerican but it also runs counter to homeland security efforts. plenty more reaction to trump's
6:34 am
it has not been very kind. fatal shoot last night after a off-duty police officer shot in a craigslist scam. officers responded to an ad for a car and met two men in springfield gardens but instead of selling him the car police say they tried to rob cop at gunpoint. officer then pulled out a revolver and shot a suspect who died. man hunt is underway for other suspect who escaped in a white bhw. >> lebron james signed lifetime deal with nike, we don't know how much it is. >> i don't know how much we've heard adam shapiro at the fox business network. are we talking billion, half a billion? got to be a pretty big figure? dollars. no one is confirming figure but michael jordan former agent says this dole that lebron james has struck with nike that is a
6:35 am
to 500 million. james first signed with nicki largest sports company, sports producer you know clothing and shoes back in 2003 when he was stl in high school. i remember i was working in cleveland used to cover him when he was playing in high school, and he signed that deal that was a 93 deal back then. brain is slow at this team in the morning. here's the deal a first ever in sports. lifetime deal for lebron james. amount of money according analysts is it can be losing on this deal because they sell lebron james sneak rs that kind of stuff but with michael jordan e revenue from air jordan is huge. it is in billions of dollars. so locking someone up for lifetime could be good for nike. >> do we know if it bars hmm from endorsement or just endorsement of sports related company? >> we toangt know terms of this
6:36 am
but he dumped mcdonalds now with blaze pizza an investor in. so he's making a lot of money of the majority of his money from endorsement not from basketball. >> one of the gossip websites is reporting that he went out to the club in south beach, and a the bill came in and split the bill. webb we know people are mocking him but he's watching his money. [laughter] money. >> didn't you see train wreck? he was terrific in that. and in that movie i think he makes other guy -- pay the bill. >> listen, that's why i'm not. thanks very much -- but thanks very much adam. >> catch a.d. document on fox business network if you're not sure where to tuned it go to fox >> channel finder mike for a check had was weather. showers the to the east out into the south fork of the hamptons
6:37 am
anyhow we have chilly weather back again with high temps up into the 40s. and a nice day coming up for you tomorrow with sun and clouds and more sun than anything. highs closer to 50 tomorrow. and then even warmer temperatures into the weekend looks like our high temps close to 60 over the weekend, and we're not looking at rain at that time either. okay let's bring in christina stoffo and check out what's happening. we have popups with nasty things on tappan zee. issue lingering on l.i.e. cleared away. eastbound right by area of little neck parkway cleared away but from little neck parkway on westbound with side all the way to junction boulevard we're looking at bumper to bumper delays so westbound l.i.e. not looking good. outside to tappan zee bridge because we have a bad accident on span. rock land county band into the span happened with two trucks. injures involved hoping they get to the scene soon to get them off the span of the bring.
6:38 am
county bound is not too good either. bumper to bumper delays. throughway surrounding bridge not good either. alternate side is suspended today but you have to put money in meters. duke. >> all right coming up in sports giants get help from dallas yet giants fans and cowboys fans as hard as it is to believe. nfc east gets crazier. entertainment news coming up. justin bieber is searching for a mystery woman. >> he wants your help in finding her.
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>> december 8th checking headlines for you, the father of san bernardino shooter farook placed on fbi terror watch list. new york post voterring that he's being monitored because of his son's terrorist status and his own trips to pakistan. >> an air france plane on route to scientific diverted to krnd following potential threat. airline says flight 83 landed safely diverted just as a precaution. u2 took the staimg in ferris last nigh and joining them this
6:42 am
band on stage at bataclan during attacks in paris. >> judge graduated olympic blade u runner oscar pistorius bail and double amputee served a year in jail after convicted for manslaughter for killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp in 2013. but last week appeals court threw that out and found guilty of master's degree. now he faces 15 years behind bars. his lawyers say they'll appeal that decision and that could take months. >> guilty to tax evasion charges in new jersey but will avoid prison time and admitted not paying in state taxes on the one million income back this 2013. he faces up to five years probation, and he has to pay about $56,000 in restitution
6:43 am
to a gun charge after accidentally shooting himself in the leg at a city nightclub. he's spent 20 months behind bars. >> in other o news in the sports world duke is in. >> i had a feeling he was going to win after eagles beat the patriots. the kind of the year it will be. >> no clear front runner. >> but remember -- the team that,, win it is gets to host the game. monday night football. game tied. redskins jackson killed the playoff hopes back in 2010 with that punt return with ieg les and he billion to 4 and ran back to the 1. fumbled at the 11, and cowboys
6:44 am
of course it's not on money pass to recover from dezhaun jackson, and hold on all tied up of a great kickoff return. 14 seconds on the clock. drilled a 54-yarder that takes cowboys a win over washington. 19-16. washington philly, giants tied atop nfc east, and u cowboys one game become at 4-8. so for those that want tom coughlin removed i'll say he might host a home game. i would not want to play giants eli manning in the post season. remember giants have basically beaten themselves five times this year. better than the record says they are. better than washington and philly put it that way. basketball, knicks at his first show do you with the man most compared to. mavericks -- thrd quarter going to knock down a three. that is going to keep dallas comfortably in front.
6:45 am
i watched this. it wasn't there. go. finish with 28 points but later on shows why he's a hall of famer turn around, bang. they rule over o knicks 104-96 that's a look at sports. >> thank you very much duke. >> all right this next story is interesting. >> yes, it is thank you for letting me know i'm supposed to read it. mysterious red light switch. >> produced by improv everywhere at the collect haddive for latest mission they placed a 7 foot tall switch in father demo square downtown when an unsuspecting new yorker flipped it on all flights on trees, bermings, fences and performers froze, with and lit up up. pretty cool.
6:46 am
>> i love creative things like that women who are driving, creative. >> how is your sense of direction? >> excellent actually. >> how's yours duke? >> i don't drive. my wife yells at me when i do. mike: interesting. by the way, carly our former weather producer she's on our side. so there you go. she is. juliet: she's not. mike: not much faith in it coming through. tweeted earlier? back down. carly go to bed let's show you first of all this morning we have more clouds out there. if you're out to the bus stop or train stop whatever case may be. we have more clouds this morning along with chilly temperatures. warning temperatures around 39 or 40 degrees which more or less where we are right now. so you have to bundle it a little bit more so. that's if you're in the city. up to northwest it is cooler. 32 in sussex right now.
6:47 am
43 bridgeport and islip. 47 in montauk an this place and location they've been trying to push through that area. but doesn't look like a lot is going to work through it is too far to the south and not capable of giving them a lot in materials of rainfall. so what we're going to see for most everyone is partly cloudy sky for the day today. high up to 48 degrees. clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon but a mixed sky. 57 on thursday. 58 friday and 59 on saturday ramping back up. we can send to you text to 74307 and all set to. do we have the app? we've got the -- fox 5 ny weather app download for free. remember that time that she told us she was going to get to the beach in three hours? >> yeah, how's go?
6:48 am
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>> good morning, everyone let's take a look around town first of all you see this red westbound heavy for you. a lot of residual volume from earlier construction so you want ton mindful of that. garden state parkway by exit 123 blocking one lane so going to back things up slightly. quickly to tappan zee bridge because rockland county bound a accident with two truckings now only one lane is blocked but still very heavy and both directions on the tap u throughway approaching tap is going to be very slow, alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended but you have to put money in meters. anna, ben. juliet what's going on now? >> thanks stoffo. anna is here. >> something with justin bieber? >> abusive power but he's asking for help of his fans all in love with hmm to find a girl who he
6:52 am
that is mean to followers. so here's the girl. biebs posted this picture said omg who is this in so fans seem to figure it out after thousands of comments that it is cindy kimberly she's private so 348,000 followers after this incident. she has to get lots of followers. and spotify broke out which artist is popular in which new york city neighborhood. take a will to one of them. williamsburg. greene point? no east village. they love the weekend there. now this one is breasting. justin bieber very popular in an unlikely neighborhood. upper east side going to guess that.
6:53 am
a great song. which neighborhood likes legend? >> upper east side. soho. makes sense because you probably have a lot of money in soho so older and like music. now this. : john lennon shot and killed outside an beautiful looking
6:54 am
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