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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 8, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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rosanna: tuesday. december 8. greg: it is kind of cold out there. layoffs that guy. he has a broken arm. two would-be robbers picked the wrong guy. a cop. they try to rip off a cough.
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rosanna: joining the stage with rock legend u2. greg: donald trump. listen to this. >> a total and complete shut down. our country's representative. figuring out what the hell is going on. greg: you hear the applause in the room. there is outrage. rosanna: perks are coming down. sixty-fourth street. thank goodness nobody got hurt. a little damage to a taxi.
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at least figure out what is going on. rosanna: not even dick cheney agrees with him. greg: he has said some pretty wild wings before. his whole numbers would love. is it good politics? we will see. in the meantime, welcome to our christmas paradise. rosanna: we are in poinsettia heaven. look at how pretty that is. the careful. if you eat one, they are poisonous.
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how are you feeling like? mike: it is still very swollen. taking the cast off today. they may see what is next. greg: in the meantime, you look at that guy from miami vice. let's show you what is going on. springlike weather. a little bit cooler out there today. let's take a look at what is going on up there. good tuesday what is. you made up to 58 degrees. today will not be as warm. we will not see as much sunshine. cloudy skies in central park. thirty-eight in poughkeepsie.
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twenty-eight in monticello. a little cooler outside. that is a cooler direction and a good indicator there is a area of low pressure. pinging is workload cover sure. really only affecting the southport. every once in a while, a little bit to the north fork as well. showers happening right now. continuing to head up to the north and east. not coming across the majority of the tri-state. high temperature wise, we are looking at a high temperature of 48 degrees. that is cooler than what we had yesterday. still warmer than the average high.
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stand. there's your 60 coming up on sunday. monday. christina stoffo. ines is out this morning. looks like you have plenty to talk about. christina: taking out at least one lane of traffic. and then we have another issue on the l.i.e. e-stamp westbound. we have accidents in both directions. we are jammed into that area. glenn clove wrote. it is so heavy. the westbound l.i.e. definitely not looking good did let's go outside. i will bring you to the next live shop. that is the gowanus.
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heavier than usual. we are jammed getting into that spot. the freeway surrounding and approaching the tappan zee bridge is definitely going to be much heavier than normal right now. signal problems that 96 street. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended today. rosanna: fierce backlash against republican presidential he says he wants to stop all muslims from entering this country until the government essentially. greg: donald trump has been doing well in the polls despite statements that some people find offensive.
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you said and what it means. >> reporter: even dick cheney comments. it goes against everything we as americans believe in. the point is he embroiled in another controversy. he is driving the discussion. forcing his opponents to say something. >> wow. thank you. thank you so much. >> reporter: remaining at or near top the republican field. he read from a statement his day. >> a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> reporter: the piano business
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islamic extremism has played in >> our country cannot be the victim of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in she out. we should be politically correct and we can be stupid. >> calling trump's proposal reckless and un-american. >> a great nation like ours. he and others are playing into the hands of isis. >> reporter: republicans and democrats alike condemned throughout. serious. hillary clinton tweeted this is reprehensible, prejudice and divisive bid, trump, you do not
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this makes us unsafe. >> i do not even know what to say at this point being that there is the moral angle and the security angle. jay johnson says that trumps idea may be dangerous. it will drive bustles into the shadows. greg: let's stay on this for a second. probably not legal. rosanna, is a good politics? he said. aggressive. being outrageous works for him. if he became president, he would tone it down. rosanna: talking about throwing political correctness out the window. donald trump starts to lose a little ground in the polls, he says something outrageous to get everyone talking again.
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greg: we will see what happens. the san bernardino situation, the father of syed rizwan farook has been placed on the terror watch list. should. rosanna: monitored because of his sons status and his own trips to pakistan. he came to the united states in 1972. became a u.s. citizen in 1999. also investigating whether his mother knew about the plot before he and his wife killed 14 people in san bernardino last wednesday. greg: they have been radicalized for months, maybe years. they were target practicing several times in the run-up before the shooting. rosanna: days before they killed
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>> how did that happen? how did that happen and by whom did that happen? we do not know those answers at this point. rosanna: a large monetary deposit was made to syed rizwan farook's pink -- think account. at least half was transferred to investigators are looking into whether the transaction was a loan and considered evidence of the meditation before the greg: we will have with us in just a little bit rate kelly the former police commissioner. potential mayor candidate 2017. rosanna: who try we will try to get that code for this morning.
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you two. two concerts in paris in the wake of what happened there. a special guest appearance from
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that the couple opened fire. >> is all unfolded. let me take you back to 10:30 p.m. last night. at 10:30 p.m. last night, this off-duty police officer answered this craigslist ad for a wife. do -- for a white bmw. gun. it looked very, very real. it was an air gun. the officer thought it was a
7:14 am
the top chamber really makes it look identical to a real weapon. the cop pulled out his real gun and shot one of those two men dead. the second man jumped into the white team are in flood the scene. they do not really have that much information to go on. they know they are looking for a white bmw. they were not able to give us much information. an active investigation. detectives are not only on scene working on this, talking to neighbors and seeing if they heard anything. it was around 10:30 p.m. last night. that officer, taken to jamaican hospital where she was evaluated. he was not injured in the exchange.
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rosanna: witness paltrow. now she has a pop-up store in columbus circle. it was robbed. they entered the store on saturday. they jimmied open a display case. $200,000 worth of luxury goods. greg: was she hurt during the robbery? rosanna: no, she was not there. it was about five items. apparently, a shopper was the only one to notice the robbery. the store will remain open until christmas eve. i believe it is in the columbus circle market. greg: there she is. i never gave her much consideration until i heard her on the howard stern show.
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she seemed so cool and smart. they made fun of her for that conscious uncoupling thing. rosanna: everything is big, luxury items. greg: they are mean to her because she is pretty. mike woods. how are you? mike: i am doing alright. rosanna: if you came across the burgess morning, everyone is wondering what is going on. it is because of this. building. it started last night. the berks were kind of flying everywhere.
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closed off, still. rosanna: i do not think anyone was hurt. that is good news. greg: lifted to mike. mike: i'm always worried about those air conditioners hanging out the windows like that. greg: it rains on a sunny day. mike: let show you what is going on for the month of december. your average temperature is 6.5 degrees above normal. remember, november was the warmest we have had on record. 57 degrees. warmer than normal days. warmer than that coming up this weekend did we're about a half-inch pine for this month. we need some rain. not much out there.
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48 degrees in danbury. six-12 miles per hour. that is a cool direction. just a few showers focused on the east end of the southport. out to the hamptons. high temperature makes it up to 48 degrees today. fifty-one tomorrow. fifty-seven is your high on thursday. let's bring in christina right now. looks like she has steam coming out of her ears. christina: a lot going on. let's get right to it. the l.i.e. he still was found, one they bought both directions. two separate accidents. much in the same spot. you can see all the red surrounding this area. the l.i.e. definitely not looking good right now.
7:19 am
bridge to go into staten island, things not looking good. want to get onto the bridge and onto the eastbound expressway, the gowanus in the bqe not looking good. let's take a live look. traffic moving away from you. that is bumper to bumper. you have to expect some congestion did let's go to the tappan zee bridge. we still have an accident. one lane is blocked off. we are definitely seeing some heavy traffic rockland county bound. looking little congested for us at this time. thirty minutes to get into the toll plaza. same 4495. at least 30 minutes. alternate site is suspended. you so much about money in the meters.
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a boat. and not occult fixation. rosanna: something very calming about seeing a boat in the water. there?
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greg: you are looking at that entrance to the world famous dakota apartment building. rosanna: it looks different because of all the scaffolding around it. greg: john lennon on this day in 1980 was shot and killed. he was returning home to his wife. rosanna: just coming from the studio. shot four times by mark david chapman. dakota. celebrating john's life. madison square garden. a tribute to him. greg: that is exactly where he was shot. right there. rosanna: to her father was a police officer on duty that night.
7:24 am
it is in his new book. rosanna: he is going to be here in a few minutes. i think a lot of us will always remember where we were when we heard john legend was killed. greg: the new york giants that shot himself in the nightclub. he has tax troubles. when guilty to tax evasion charges in new jersey. rosanna: reporting he did not pay taxes on his income. he has to pay about $56000 restitution. they put guilty to a gun charge / year after accidentally shooting himself in the leg.
7:25 am
different guy on a hunting trip. rosanna: this was in a new york city nightclub. greg: probably not going to jail for this one. rosanna: i know you're very excited and you're going to take me this weekend. greg: we will see just how rowdy it is. we have been juries about this for quite some time. rosanna: are we going to be naughty or nice? greg: i do not know. it depends on when we start. rosanna: tightening the reins. greg: before they knew rosanna and i were going. rosanna: they will add extra inspectors. they could lose their liquors
7:26 am
>> we think it needs to grow up. it has been around for a few years. bringing in 25000 people. >> you cannot prohibit people from abiding and following the rules and regulations. hopefully that is what will happen this saturday. rosanna: abide by the rules. greg: none of this. i do not think that there is going to be snow this weekend. santa con is done in secrecy. we do not exactly know where they will line up. thinking it is some type of group from new york to manhattan.
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greg: that is a poem treat for the palm restaurant. rosanna: which one is it? greg: the one on west street. way, way down down. greg: that is the day we went spending and they would work drinking. extensively. rosanna: they did not throw us out. they just were not open. greg: they told us to be it. if you go to my twitter, which i
7:31 am
kelly fox5. submittal of happy hour. we looked very happy. rosanna: that is one of my favorite things to do. mike: i've learned about. greg: why is that? rosanna: it is bad. i have learned otherwise. mike: same thing with that evening they. rosanna: 80% of what you eat -- mike: yes. facing a good downfall. let's talk weather. actually, even without
7:32 am
warmer than what we usually see. here is so we have the two temperatures right now. thirtys-40s. 48 degrees of monticello. forty-one and central park. here you have seen some light showers passing through. here's what we feel the radar and satellite. and area of low pressure to the it is headed out into the atlantic waters. just a few showers out in the east end of long island. that should go on for another couple of hours. pressure. up until about lunchtime or so. other than that, more clouds than what we had yesterday.
7:33 am
the same thing. the rain should get out of here after the warning. we will see a lot of sunshine tomorrow. thursday, futurecast wants to bring back a lot more clouds. virtue that room thursday the loop out 20%. afternoon. high temperature goes up to 48 degrees. sixtys by sunday. let's bring in christina stoffo right now. she will give you an idea of what is having out there. christina: we have this issue on the l.i.e. the accident is still out there. really damaging the suffering of.
7:34 am
bumper-to-bumper traffic. we also have an issue on the fdr northbound at 96th street. that is an accident. let's go outside. i will bring you to the southern state parkway. you see this activity off to the side of the road. people are testing on tapping on the brakes as they pass the area. it will get a little bit congested. the outside of the tappan zee bridge. one lane blocked off. one lane remains blocked. we are definitely seeing a ton of traffic on the tappan zee. freeways affected on your approach. that is still looking good. not looking good here. so looking good on the turnpike. also bumper-to-bumper traffic
7:35 am
alternate side, of the street parking rules, suspended today. rosanna: thank you, christina. in the wake of the massacre, donald trump has a new policy for immigration in america. >> calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. until our country's representatives can figure out what the held back is going on. >> reporter: donald trump so that ray kelly may be a good member of a race. my life serving america. rosanna: boring muslims from coming into this country.
7:36 am
the heck it is doing. you have tried to do some surveillance in the city. the mayor has taken the back little bit. what can you possibly do under the perimeters of the wall. is donald trump -- >> it may or may not be good politics. constitutional rights go beyond just new citizens. rosanna: is the government doing a good enough job keeping an eye on things? >> we went from september 11, a major event, until december 2015. what you will see now is a focus throughout the country. there has been this path of
7:37 am
at big cities. >> san bernardino. city of about 200,000 people. people will be concerned. reach out on part of the of the. peel missed joint terrorism task force. people in rural communities being concerned about themselves being targeted. greg: this is a game changer. >> a couple involved, you know, you see -- in reality, an awful lot of people. and lot of information out there. greg: how does the game change for law enforcement? >> you should see them.
7:38 am
more connect to the. not plugged in the to the joint terrorism task force. the network. greg: should somebody at the shooting range have set the thing? what is the rationale. >> i'm not sure what outfit she was wearing. hindsight is 2020. have to go forward. i think we all have to be alert. rosanna: it seems like the government let things slide. a huge arsenal of weapons it type bombs. not only that, depositing money into his account days before. huge amounts of money.
7:39 am
>> he cut those rifles. he purchased a handgun to himself. rosanna: $20000. let's say we put in a suspicious act riveting report. there are millions that such a fire to their report. literally in his work for a long time. greg: you think that new york is ready? >> better prepared than any other city. we did that after 9/11. well over 1000.
7:40 am
>> a lot of misinformation. we want them to know. still very valid today. that unit was eliminated. the police commissioner decided to do it. rosanna: putting us at a disadvantage? >> i think that we have the damage with that infiltration. the work is very primal. we wanted to know the. the boston bombers said they were coming to new york. they came to new york. we knew where the convinces were. why? the work of the demographic shooting.
7:41 am
protect this city. >> 35 years ago from tonight. rosanna: right word john and was shot and killed his. >> i was the first to service. posts on 72nd street. half the dakota. i was on the different save.
7:42 am
rosanna: working for kate to. is that a security firm? a cutting-edge firm. investigations. anti-money laundering. monitoring. another icon. it is really a helpful organization. very happy to be with them. rosanna: vigilance. available pretty much everywhere. rosanna: thank you for the mention on page 160. good day is coming right back. music: "another sunny day"
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forty-two bridgeport. only 47 monticello. on the cooler side. for the most part, it is tried. wind is coming in from the northeast around six-12 miles per hour. that goes in a cool direction. you have heavier cloud cover out to the east. the south fork of long island. probably up until lunchtime. under the gun with wider principle out there. everyone else's about the cloud cover and cooler temperatures. later on in the day, you should break out into more sunshine. a sunnier day tomorrow. temperatures continue to fly into the upper 50s. the next few days, oh, jack. still above normal. to not forget about the weather
7:47 am
also to go. your daily and hourly forecast. let's bring in christina stoffo. she's in for arnaz rosales. christina: all right. good morning. dealing with an issue on the garden state parkway. this is a north on fire is rumored an accident one lane. watching out for two lanes moving into that spot. that is balking at lisa leonard trabert. a lot of slow-moving traffic volume, so much right in the area of the parkway. it does not matter which way you
7:48 am
it is slow-moving. let's go to the tappan zee county bridge. we still have some emergency area. a lot of volume. the turnpike moving toward the 14th. we have an incident on the north bay alternate side of the street virtual worlds are suspended. you still have to put money in the meters. ben: putting him on the spot about the coach speed hoping that the giants were in first place. the redskins. the dallas fun.
7:49 am
i was a effect game. he fumbled in the 15th. dallas for covers. they make him pay. he will not be denied. cowboys up. it is not over. cowboys. taking more time off the clock. under a minute left. a beautiful pass. ties the game. a great kickoff return. fourteen seconds left. cowboys dramatic win over washington. nineteen-16. the redskins. the giants. a three-way top. the doubt. remember, the winner will get the whole playoff game.
7:50 am
to basketball. for showdown with the man he is most compared to. the mavericks. really playing great defense last night. a nice drive to the basket. a little later on: he shows share it with the turnaround jumper. dallas wins.
7:51 am
spooner a very her birthday no way. you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. total will go. rosanna: we have been talking about this subject a lot for the last few months. many of them young people. greg: a drug out there that can be used in an emergent situation where someone is suffering from event overdose. >> .is right. it was a prescription drug. now, it will be available
7:52 am
you compile your .cvs, for example. however, it is not something that lasts forever. essentially, the effects of the drug look again. great to be used during an emergency situation. 2014, almost eight tests. 797 is the exact. this is certainly a rising problem here in new york city. one step is to make this drug were available. educating 14th parents. heroine is included. prescription painkillers as well. >> i do not think everyone should have it in their house. if there is suspicion that there is drug use going on, but if you want to get help, but you have this as well. rosanna: how are you people
7:53 am
who will win over the age 49. sentiment there is not one demographic. both sexes. rosanna: all right. greg: in the gilligan. anna: something fun. john stamos getting very kinky. a run for their money. his version of showing his backside for paper tv. finally the new moon of john stamos. kim kardashian in. we will see a new more celebrities. lots of new yorkers by their
7:54 am
have you ever wondered about the people selling here first? >> it is playing on the upper east side. we will have them a man who followed. greg: these trees. there he is. tree? spill at 55 to over $300. i cut down my own tree yesterday. [laughter] greg: good for you.
7:55 am
the camera guys had to hold it. greg: a kiddie pool. rosanna: one of those mickey mouse -- [laughter] greg: i missed that story. come again. greg: thank you, anna. i have pretty much done, well, except for you (man) what's that, remy? (remy) it-it's a speck of cork, sir. (vo) a new york gentleman spends $28,000 a week on wine to sit in. (man) i'm so sorry you had to see this. (vo) you'd make a way better rich person. (man) i'll be in the pool. (vo) lotto. making more new yorkers rich
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greg: the good day show. tuesday, december 8. i am great telling. rosanna: i am rosanna scotto. nice to have you with us this morning. it could be the coldest day of the entire week. mike woods tests are complete forecast coming up. greg: a couple of guys posted a bogus ad on craigslist. who showed up to buy that car, and off duty cop. they try to rob him and he shot one of them. rosanna: controversial comments so far from donald trump. in all-out ban form of forms
7:59 am
greg: that is on the upper west side. the note down the menorah. vandalism. is their motivation they are? rosanna: a no tipping policy if you go to one of danny meyer's restaurants. it may happen that all of them very soon. will the restaurant industry follow suit? people look at him as a world pioneer. greg: no tipping up the modern that seems very european. rosanna: danny myers will be here this morning. we will talk to him about how it has been going at the modern. how the wait staff is handling it. how the customers are handling it.
8:00 am
make sure they take care of you nice. greg: it is interesting. he is the type that runs shake shack. the lines are always too long. >> it moves pretty quickly. mike: they are good. that is the one that is out of control. now it has moved. it is very quick. mike: hell of a fallout. rosanna: i don't think that they asked for food there. mike: cloudy skies. not much going on in terms of rainfall.
8:01 am
temperatures are back again. let's take a look at the maps and show you what is going on. this is what we will be doing for the next seven days here. forecast from 48 to greece. we will ramp up by 65 sunday at. the average is only 45. so far those temperatures are above normal. forty-three out at stony brook. forty-two england goals. a lot of clubs around the tri-state region. there is an area of low pressure to the south of us. the wind coming in from the east and northeast around six-15 miles per hour. the fairly persistent went to the area around us. there are a few showers along the south fork.
8:02 am
that. the showers, mostly in the atlantic waters in both to use the bus. not a big problem. high temperature goes up to 48 degrees. more son later. tomorrow, mostly sunny. we will give the software to 65 sunday. let's bring in christina right now. check it out. you can see the red l.i.e. not looking good for you through queens. let's talk about some issues that we have. the garden state parkway. the fdr is still winning along with this crashed northbound.
8:03 am
prepared hitting the brakes. who will bring you outside. i will bring you to the gowanus. let's switch over to the alexander hamilton bridge. the delays are mostly going to the elk died. we do have delays coming into town moving towards the deegan. you want to ally itself a long strip time. you can see it is really congested here. full of very slow-moving. naturally if you are in that way. alternate side of the street parking world suspended. you saw the put money in the meters. >> hq. rosanna: people are talking
8:04 am
talking about which you want to stop all muslims from entering the country until i've government gets its act together. greg: it only seems to help them in the polls. let's go to robert moses. 4.2 warring. in interview about one hour ago. trump stood by his comments and said that there would be many more world trade center's if his proposal was not enacted. it is a proposal with the error to normal criticism. though paul numbers say shumate at or near the top of the republican field. reading from a statement his campaign movies from earlier
8:05 am
a complete shutdown of muslims after the united states until our country's representative can figure out what fell like is going on. >> i have no choice. our country cannot be the victim of her apprentice attacks. people that believe only in she got we can be polluted the correct. >> the reaction was swift. trump's also reckless and un-american. >> ours is a great nation. playing into the hands of isis. >> republicans and democrats
8:06 am
his policy proposals are nonserious. i wanted read this. donald trump, you do not give it. the blog seo seemed at a loss for words. >> i don't even know what to say at this point. >> reporter: american citizens who are muslims would be able to enter the country. we are now at war. we have a president that does not want to say that. rosanna: fox5 ny facebook page. we will breathe some you quote pictures coming up later on he said being aggressive,
8:07 am
sometimes them with donald trump starts to dip in one or more of the polls. he says something provocative to get his name back out there. greg: a dip in the latest poll. number two no after iowa. anyway. more on that later, perhaps. let's go to san bernardino. the father of one of the killers is now on the terror watch list. syed rizwan farook. they were spotted shooting guns out of range in los angeles several times. just if you days. officials believe both have been
8:08 am
time. >> how did that happen? happen. i will tell you right now, we do not know those answers at this rosanna: just two weeks before the shooting, a large deposit was moved into the bank account. $28500 came from a website called web at least half of that was transferred to his mother. looking into whether the transaction was a loan taken out by syed rizwan farook it considers it evidence. his father was also named for -- is also being looked up. greg: back here in the city. a new york city police officer,
8:09 am
scam for a car. they tried to scam him. rosanna: teresa priolo. what is going on? >> reporter: good morning. this all unfolded behind me. here in springfield gardens queens. let's take you back to 10:30 p.m. +. this off-duty police officer answered a craigslist out for a way p.m. w. it brought him here. when they encountered two men, they began talking about money. suddenly, one of the sellers pulled out a gun. this gun looked real. it was dumb. it was an air gun.
8:10 am
a real gun. the cop pulled out his service weapon which he was carrying. he fired off a few rounds. killing him here in the street. now there is a manhunt underway. jumping in that white bmw in fleeing the scene. they tell us they've really to not have that much to go on byways of specific. they do know that they're looking for a white p.m. w. talking to neighbors. some people here said they heard the gunshot. other pupils right now through it. at this point is still close. officer taken to the hospital for protocol. he had to be checked out because
8:11 am
greg: thank you. and that was shopping in the me purging district. greg: the driver of a gray minivan shot the driver of a pow. pack into the car a few times and then drove off. his excursion to be okay. rosanna: community theaters will cover today to start well for both arson fires. greg: the police have deployed units hoping to catch the arsonists. police and fire officials believe the same guy is doing this to partially done homes. >> we are talking to them no.
8:12 am
i am looking for a lot more. putting this out there today will give more community involvement. >> any information, please call crimestoppers. rosanna: who vandalizes a menorah. rosanna: it happened sunday night. the incident happened just hours after it was late to mark the first night of hanukkah. the menorah was repaired in time for the late ceremony. into goodness. into values. penetrating one of her darkness may come our way. rosanna: the same person is
8:13 am
police believe. greg: 35 years ago today, actually, tonight, john legend was shot and killed in front of his apartment building on the west side. >> he was gunned down. wife. the stillness through from the coil. rosanna: there was a tribute to him. he would have been 75 years old. his killers still behind bars. rosanna: she was by his side when it happens. how horrible it was for her to leave the hospital. basically the only thing she had worked was content in a little
8:14 am
virtually the hospital. greg: the dakota on west 763. that is right where it happens. all right. rosanna: 8:16 a.m. mike woods, what is happening outside? mike: a little different out there today. chilly temperatures. our highs today make it up in the 40s only because of the additional cloud cover. tomorrow, we have sunshine back. for some new clothes. starting to warm up tomorrow. the weekend with high temperatures getting near 60 for you. some pretty warm stuff just around the corner. a cloudy sky in central park.
8:15 am
36 degrees there. thirty-nine. forty-one in paramus, new jersey. mainly cloudy skies for most of us. it is mainly northern new jersey. even that is breaking up of the. general trend. clearing skies. southeast, you have cloudy skies and showers coming in. maybe a few showers. it does not look a lot afraid from this area of low pressure. continuing to head out into the atlantic waters and bring in some showers again. only the east end of long island. trying to generally clear out. tomorrow he will see more sunshine than cloud cover. heading towards thursday, another coming this way. more cloud cover. a small chance of showers.
8:16 am
today, partly sunny in the afternoon. high temperature gets up to 48 to freeze. fifty-seven is too high on thursday. shower chances are pretty small for you. if better chance of rain comes for you on monday of next week. do not forget the fox5 weather out. it is all set up for you. weekly forecast. download it for free. you are already to go. let's bring in christina stoffo. she is in today for ines rosales. christina: that is all right. that is why i am here. to give you all the information. we have this accident. one lane is blocked off at this time. we also have an issue on the westbound side of 80. that is a crash. blocking at least one lane of traffic. going inbound towards the queens
8:17 am
definitely something to keep in mind. traffic is very congested. headed northbound, car and truck lanes very slow. on the north extension, we have an earlier issue. you are still very slow going. it will cost you 30-40 minutes at the lincoln, holiday inn gwb. street cleaning rules are suspended today. you have to put money in the meter. rosanna: it is not greg. [laughter] greg: a pig. right after the break, we're going to take you up. let you run free. rosanna: cindy adams. the new york post. what is going on here?
8:18 am
a dog, actually. rosanna: it does not smell like a dog. it smells like a pig. she will talk about her annual tradition. the blessing of the animals. rosanna: what is the name? a distinct odor to her. [laughter] on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte
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8:21 am
greg: all right. wow. i had never heard a pig squirrel outside of a movie. john travolta. rosanna: princess coco chanel. that is her name.
8:22 am
this is the period. this pic was squealing like crazy. i thought it was in agony. >> they do not like being picked on. they do not like when there feeds with the ground. rosanna: you guys go way back. >> yes. about eight months. rosanna: talking about the animal. greg: you hear that, we will get you into heaven. pig heaven. [laughter] rosanna: we will see you in a little bit. fox means business. good morning. have you been following the fight over -- the current seat has been choosing humanity.
8:23 am
demanded sex every day. he should be pushed aside as just a chairman. the family controlled the voting shares in viacom as well as cbs. this is raising a lot of questions. yesterday, look, still incapable the salacious details should not be making headlines. greg: how old is the girlfriend? >> i know that she used to run the household until october. no shoes no longer prettied to that.
8:24 am
rosanna: we appreciate it. rosanna: minden women really are not into -- a lot of people want to look good. there should only be one high maintenance person in the house. that should be me. apparently my husband has some grooming tips as well. greg: are used i used to get the cheapest shaving cream, you know. $0.99. that stuff is so not cool anymore.
8:25 am
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now. always. our lunch and dinner hours: our value menu is prettttttttttttty simple, too. denny's. welcome to america's diner. greg: i can't name this tune. who is that? >> beesty boys getting popular about at the same time. rosanna: in just a few hours a lot of people going to
8:28 am
>> john lennon 35 years ago today. >> and the pig. >> and this is a chicken. oh, wait a rooster. we have two chickens in there. >> two hens. >> can you take him out again? >> sure i can. >> a lot of people bless the chickens. >> evidently. >> wow. it is just like a chicken. and? do they run around? >> yes. are they fast? >> very fast. friendly? >> very friendly. >> do they make a lot of sound? >> note really. how far away from dinner? >> they'll never be dinner. they are layers. this is a coachen and this is a
8:29 am
>> are they in love? >> they are two girls. >> well, you never know. >> have you seen the movie carol? >> no. >> don't talk about food in front of the chickens. we are going to bless them later. >> yes, we are. >> where do they live? >> on the farm. >> i know, where? >> in duchess county. >> all right, thank you. >> they are feathers. >> they have a nicer smell than the pig. >> yes. these feathers are back wards. >> on the black one, the red that is blood? >> no. >> what is that, part of the skin? >> yes, waddles and the crest. >> why? well, all right. >> it is attractive to the male. we'll the chickenology coming up, greg.
8:30 am
>> everything you want to know ask. now to mike woods. greg: mike? >> mike: hello. rosanna: and tipping and what is happening in the restaurant world. >> bringing us food? >> i think coming empty handed. mike: weather wise, we have a fairly quiet day and clouds and time. if you are out to the east and south fork of long island you have showers. but it is not around for too long, just a few hours and out of there too. here is the temps. 47 in montauk. cloudsy skies and showers in the area. dryer in islip, 42 there. 39 newark. rutherford 38 degrees with cloudy skies. no rain.
8:31 am
sunshine coming in as time goes on. anyhow, the winds are coming in from the east and the northeast 6-13 miles per hour. that is a cool direction for you and the area of the low pressure just to the south of us and bringing in a few showers for the south fork and maybe further to the north fork too. most of the rainfall is off shore. we'll just keep an eye on things. as the area of the low pressure is pulling away from us, the clouds and showers are going with it and dryer skies coming to us in the afternoon. so far for the month of december, the average temperature 47.8 degrees that is warmer than normal and setting up for a warm december. november was the warmest november ever for central park. this is looking on the dryer side too. .47 inches of rain. we are more than ten inches
8:32 am
today mix of clouds and sun. high up to 48. throughout the next 7 days a high of 48 today. 51 tomorrow. 57 on thursday. 60 by sunday and hours by monday. we have a birthday shout out for anna. have a fantastic one. aruba not a bad place to be this time of the year. christina now. >> christina: don't be on the roads now. we have a couple of lingering things and a couple of new things. l.i.e. new accident. center lane is blocked off and heavy here. westbound is heavy. now, if you are travelling on 280 east at exit 10 a stalled vehicle.
8:33 am
accident that is blocked at least one lane of traffic. the queens borough bridge, in bound, upper level very, very crowded. very slow moving here. no the george washington bridge, which is also slow moving coming sfwoo the toll plaza and at least 30 minutes. really heavy aa cross the span. things are just really slow for you. it is costing you 30-40 at the lincoln tunnel. transit is running fine. but metro-north is experiencing delays because of the mechanical issues. parking rule rules are suspended. >> this is danny, one of the
8:34 am
we have shake shacks. we are fall -- familiar with the lines. union scare cafe. >> which is moving by the way, the rent is too steep at union scare. that is a shame. danny went to the area when there was nothing there and established that neighborhood and now he got priced out. he's moving some where else. we have good news on that. >> there is another story, danny, one of the top restauranters. a fancy restaurant in midtown, no longer charging, no longer have to tip, the grew gratuity is in cli e included in the bill. this went into effect 3 weeks ago. how is it going, sir? >> so far it is going absolutely beautiful.
8:35 am
>> hi, danny. in europe they have this no tipping policy, but in america we are used to leaving something for the wait staff. >> that is because the restauranters didn't pay the service staff except for the low, low minimum wage. so the wait staff relied on the tipping. tipping is not going away. if you are someone that needs to tip, you are always going to find a place. >> but a lot of restaurants are looking to see how well it is going to go at your place. now in your menu prices you have included hospitality. it is 20% higher? >> well, more or less. we are told at the modern, the
8:36 am
and no line for gratuity it is feeling like a good deal and getting your coat back, they are happy with that as well. >> wait, we'll get to that. it is going very well. the customers like it. what about the wait staff and everybody working for you. >> go there and ask them yourselves. can i do it with a camera and mic? >> well, starting with the easy one, the cooks love it, they are getting $2 more an hour and the applicants have gone up dramatically. >> $2 more an hour? >> yes, think about what that means, if you are barely scrapping by, the restaurants do not pay the cooks well enough to deal with the high cost ov living in new york city. this is a real motivator for doing this. the cooks are not allowed by law
8:37 am
when you leave a tip for a waiter in a fine dining restaurant it is shared with everyone except the people in the kitchen. rosanna: are people awkward about this. people are slipping the staff 20 bucks. >> that was overreported. on day one a couple that dined at the bar at the modern and they thought the wine was reasonably priced and after the bartender recommended it they gave the bartender $200. the bartender said it is my pleasure to suggest that wine. that was the oenl tip for the night. the coat checkers are proud they are getting the tips. we are paying them ourselves.
8:38 am
don't walk around with the cash. it is making life easier. here is one thing i want to say, tipping is something a lot of people of a certain generation expects to do because it helps to get a better table, getting a status, i have to tell you, a really good restaurant should treat you well no matter what. >> this is happening at all of the restaurants. >> that is our goal by the end of 2016. we started at the modern. and we are watching the see how we do there as we decide how to roll it out. there is a lot to learn. you talked about tipping and fair for the back half of the house, it is a way to circumvent the lawsuits going on in the restaurant industry because the
8:39 am
the restaurant business. it is a really bad thing for the restaurant business, there are predator law firms and looking to take advantage of the openings that the laws prevent. 80% of the time that a person spends face to face with a guest, qualifies them to earn a tip, if you spent 20% of the time facing the guest, you don't qualify for a tip. there are opportunities for restauranters that wanted to do the right thing to be in trouble with the law. when you eliminate the tipping, that goes away. >> danny, we are hitting the streets now. there has to be one guy at the restaurant that doesn't like it. rosanna: there is always the one person. greg: we want to hear from person. >> i hate tipping. there>> nose controls, it is confusing. >> people should be paid decent
8:40 am
>> it is taking away from the flexibility to use the personalities to make a little better living for themselves. >> those that travel regularly encountered european system where the service tip is included, americans are adaptable. rosanna: we are. and for the most part, everybody this. so you are moving union square. >> this is our final week at the union square cafe. the good news is there is a palins and they have a property on 19th and park avenue south just as close to the green market. come april, we are going to open
8:41 am
>> i know that union square will be just as good there. >> we promise. >> congratulations, and thank you so much. >> danny meyer. >> when this guy speaks, we listen. what are you doing about the lines at the shack shake. it is going to the dmv. >> i am grateful they exist,
8:42 am
the burgers and the shakes. fact you won't find the brand pharmacists recommend most for cold and flu relief at the shelf. advil cold & sinus is only behind the pharmacy counter. ask your pharmacist for fast, powerful advil cold & sinus. relief doesn't get
8:43 am
rosanna: we are talking movies. >> greg: my mother sees everything and her revies are spot on.
8:44 am
rosanna: and reviews from the medical world. >> let's talk health news, we are talking about the new guidelines by the american academy of pediatrics and the screenings for children and should be screened for depression and hiv and cholesterol. prior to this, only certain children were screened for cholesterol and now universal screens from 9-11. this is going along with the obesity epidemics. depression, recommended screening for ages 1 # 1 -- 11-21 annually. it is happening in 11% of the school age children. symptoms.
8:45 am
hiv screened ages 16-18. we are seeing young adults and teenagers with increased rates of hiv infection. o how do you screen for depression in a kid? >> how are they doing in school. are they sleeping properly and eating properly and sadness. these are guidelines for the pediatricians pediatricians. it is something new and interesting, hopefully they'll catch more. it is hard, when the kids are in the teenage years they are moody to begin with. how do you know if there is a problem there or not. >> the leading cause of death in adolescents is suicide. this is serious. we hope the guidelines help with addressing the issues. >> thank you, dr. raj. we need nice febreeze or something.
8:46 am
>> yes, we are blessing more animals. sandy adams is here and bringing nice dogs, but smelly pigs, i have to say.
8:47 am
with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, there's a whole lot of happy in every jar of nutella.
8:48 am
name. >> what are you talking about? >> it is low key and unassuming. >> it is grounds for the later child to object later in life. feemly named the new baby boy and calling him saint west. >> oh please. >> i know, low key. this is a little unfair to north west. >> yes. >> this is a publicity stunt. his legal name is joe or bob or something like that. >> i don't think so.
8:49 am
>> he had to live up to the name. >> yes, exactly. a star of the walking dead bitten by a super fan. it happened at the walker stalker convention in new jersey. this is a picture. she posts and writing for the picture, met the love of my life and banned, i lost my mind and i turned my head and bit him. i don't know what came over me. the woman was escorted out. he's okay. he did post this picture on his instagram writing please don't and the shirt says don't bite me. and today, eels of deaf metal visited the paris theatre. this is coming after a concert
8:50 am
stage. they were the band that was on the stage during the deadly terror apacks in paris and leaving 89 dead at the concert hall. they performed together & u2 cancelled the original concert and making them up last night and the night before. >> thank you, anna. and congrgrgr it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg 79.99 a month online for your
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8:54 am
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