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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  December 8, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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steve: with the country on alert following terrorist attackses in paris and san bernardino, new york taking new steps to protect our trains, buses and ferries. dari: governor cuomo, giving neighbors states certain law enforcement powers in new york in case of an emergency. >> linda schmidt to explain it. reporter: this governor cuomo's executive order it permits governor of the new jersey and connecticut to loan police officers to new york during the 30 day period, it also begins tonight at midnight. >> i think we're just all feeling unsafe right now. >> i think it is a smart idea for as many people that come in and out of the city, better safe than sorry.
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would be happy in i saw, that it would not bother me at all, it would help me feel safer. reporter: commuters at grand central are onboard with governor cuomo intensifying security during the next 30 dies, governor issue an executive order granding granding police officers in new jersey and connecticut the power to patrol trains, buses and ferries in and out of new york, we're taking every precaution necessary to mitigate potential terrorist threats and keep people safe, although there is not a known confirmed threat to new york, the governor has made a wise decision. >> because of ours that transit system, we have so many people back and forth this allows police officers to carry weapons and be deputized to work in there are state, this is better for all of us.
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reiterating, as of right now there is no known confirmed threat against new york, and the governor's executive order, as i said, it begins tonight at midnight and it runs through january 2, this is the fifth year that governor cuomo has done this. dari: authorities are looking for unusual bank activity just weeks before the deadly shooting rampage in san bernardino, fox news in reports that a $28,000 deposit went from web bank to syed farook's bank around around november 18, the money could have been a loan, on or about november 20, farook withdrew $10,000 in crash. and investigators are checking to see if that money went to enrique marquez who purchased two assault rifes that were used in the killings, they believe that 15,000 dollars of
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belonging to farook's mom. steve: tight controls on travel to u.s. in wake in pair it attacks -- paris attacks. it could be attached to year end spending bill. dari: donald trump doubling down on his proposal to ban muslims from entering the u.s. >> he is standing by his comments, staying atoll' atop of the polls. reporter: republicans and democrats finding common ground, criticizing donald trump. but new polls find he is widening his lead in new hampshire. not backing down. >> it is getting worse, you will
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centers, and more bigger than world trade center if we don't toughen up, smart en up and use our heads. reporter: creation remains critical -- reaction retaining critical. abc's barbara walters questioning whether the plan plays into the hands of isis. >> i'm the worst them that has ever happened to isis, the people in my party understand that. reporter: some in the republican party disagree. >> that is not what this party stands for. >> he is not going to win the nomination, he is dividing the country. >> i disagree with the proposal, i like donald trump. reporter: adding more drama trump tweeted a new poll with 2/3 of his supporters, if he departed g.o.p. and ran as an independent. >> 80% of his speech i support, 20% that he says we need to spot
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reporter: a sentiment shared by executive director of arab-american association of new york. >> we would never allow this rhetoric against any other faith group in this country, this sends a message. reporter: polls show that trump is locked in a tight race in iowa with ted cruz, they show voters believe that mr. trump is best g.o.p. candidate to to take the on islamic state. steve: in queens, two nypd cops are charged with taking bribes from at least two karaoke bars. they allegedly accept the illegal payoff, in exchange for tips the clubs off about police raids. each faces up to 15 years in prison. >> and a stretch of first avenue remains closed falling a brick facade collapse, they fell 30 stories to the street below, no one of the hurt.
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issued a violation. ordering changes at the construct site, first avenue between 69 and -- 59 and expwor 64 remains blocked off. dari: a argument in a high school in jersey city, spilled out on the street, students were arguing in william dec dickinson high, they left about a block away one student was shot in the leg. steve: fire officials in westchester advising parents to thing twice before buying hover boards efficient efficient their kids -- for their kids. reporter: these photos shows what happened when you buy a detective hover board, firefighter say that an electric malfunction caused the over board to catch fire, and do
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owner's help, they join a list of fire department officials who are warning consumers about hazard the the over boards, they have sized 90% of them coming into the country. in. >> a bunch of factories in china that are making them quickly as peak, if you are not using highest quality lithium ion batteries they can overheat. >> what can you do to make sure yours is safe? it is really all about shopping the right way, number one. make sure it is from a reputable store, and a big brand. >> these thins have been extentsive, almost $2,000, and have seen them as cheap as $50. >> some expert call for tighter regulation for hover board manufactures, expert say that
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the industry overseas. >> there is very little information on the devices, when stuff comes to u.s. they have to look to see if they can check they have been built to spec. >> "fox 5 news" in midtown. dari: investigation continues in to a wild chase that ended with one shop is on shot and killed by police in yonkers, according to authorities it started in the bronx where officers tried to pull over a car. it took off, one point the driver went the wrong way, it collided with other cars, before crashing near mclean avenue, one suspect was raved at scene, a second jumped out of the vehicle, took off into the woods. >> nypd officers pursued, a confrontation ensued. one shot of the discharged from one of the new york city police officers weapon killing the second suspect in the wooded area. dari: police say that the brook park will remain closed throughout the night. steve: traffic has been a mess
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are now. skyfoxhd over the sawmill. >> they may reopen the sawmill about midnight but they got to done early, this was scene where sawmill parkway was closed all afternoon. all lanes are now reopen sawmill. it is all good here back to you. dari: thank you, joe. >> a bold predict from one state law maker who believes that new yorkers will soon be able to participate again in daily fantasy sports games. an assembly ban on the committee said that he is expecting that state illegalize and regulate daily fantasy sports. attorney general rally has filed
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draftkings for what he occurs illegal gambling. steve: energy bars are popular for people "on the go." dari: how the snack company kind is fighting to keep its bars healthy image 92 . >> what chipotle blames for a new outbreak that sickened dozens and dozens of kids in boston. dari: we have grown up hearing that cursing is bad but, that is not what science is say, how
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steve: energy bars are huge business. dari: they are, alison morris sat down with the found
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kind, said that eating healthy was not always an easy sell. >> i was born in mexico city, confused mexican-jewish kid, i came to the united states when i was 16. >> 16. reporter: after moving to states and becoming a lawyer he could not find healthy snacks to eat on on the go so he created them himself in new york. >> it was hard convincing people to eat them in the beginning, about 10, 11 years ago people thought that looks too heaty, they healthy -- they cannot be safety. >> kind is about doing the kind thing not just for your body, taste but for your world and each other. reporter: the name and philosophy inspired by his father.
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kind, is the day my dad pass away, he was a holocaust survivor, high talked about the horrors but he also talked about ho how he survived because of the kindness of others. reporter: they have been accused of having too much sugar, he does not shy away from. some of original bars have 2 to three times as much. >> we decide that we'll not only put unsweetened fruit where every possible, apricots and apples, in case of pomegranates or cranberries you have to put some sugar otherwise they do not taste good. reporter: last spring, fdi called out kind for mislabeling. >> we fixed them. we started looking at the regulations we are there something wrong.
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petitioned the fda to -- >> salmon, avocados and almonds are not considered healthy, that does not make sense. >> the regulation were created over two decades ago before we knew about benefits of eating healthy fats in moderation, alison morris, "fox 5 news." dari: 80 students at boston college got sick after eating at chipotle near campus over the weekend, that restaurant has been closed temporarily. fast-food chain now said it believes that this is an isolated case of norovirus, and unrelated to the e.coli outbreak at its restaurant in 9 states. boston health officials confirm that initial testing results to some of those who beill showed the present of norovirus. >> going to the nurses.
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there was a line out the door. dari: health officials say some nonstudents also reported these symptoms. steve: junior year off-campus. >> all right, lebron james signing a deal of a lifetime, nike inching him on a life is time sponsorship, contract largest single athlete guarantee, nike is not saying how much, one report said that a half billion would not be a stretch, russ with more later in sports, there continues to be a lot of money in sneakers. >> incredible. >> there are some -- they are some of the most entertaining players ever to grace the basketball court. steve: right, people there, absent for va rook. >> he did a great job. >> globe-trotters have been delighting fans for 90 years, they found a recruit.
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of sports and tame, now harlem globe-trotters welcome a new member for the day, me. >> what is happening. reporter: an joining my teammates, cheese, moose and hawk to warm up with lay ups. >> there you go, oh. >> woo! free throws. >> >> a game winner right there. >> watch out nba. reporter: three-pointers. >> oh. attempted half court shot it was time for the slamdunk. >> go, 1, 2, 3. woo! reporter: i think i'm efficient officially a member of the globe-trotters. >> under the leg, under the leg.
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>> around the back. under the leg. turn it around. >> okay. >> around the back. >> looking good, under the leg, oh,. >> too this go behind the back, under the leg, catch it cheese. reporter: what are we doing? as they embark on a tour. >> we're so close with our fans they give us so much energy, we feed off that. >> the fact that he allowed to us spin the ball on his finger was a blessing and an honor. >> do i get that same title?
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>> globe-trotters, 3, 1, 2, 3, globe-trotters! >> they have plenty of shows this month and next at prudential center and the tri-state area, click link on, they are incredible. a perfect combination of at lettism and personalty -- at athleticism and personalty. >> i don't know how you do that. >> live that head band. >> i got it, done. >> very essential that was a real work out. >> i can see that. >> i yeah. dari: we have one. reporter: a mascot, fine, not a player. dari: adorable. we love you. reporter: love you too. steve: all decked out from head to toe. dari: to santa con.
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dari: city businesses they are worried about it, we'll talk about ways to hopefully keep it calm this year. 60 saturday, yes, they are as they do every single year, they kickoff in greenpoint. this year they do this in brooklyn saturday morning, hundreds of santa and elfs and grinches to annual themed bar crawl. this year's route will be revealed tomorrow instead of night before that way city businesses, and residents can get ready for that one. steve: on the way. dari: big, ambush. steve: all right, we're getting decked out from head to toe. dari: a big fashion even for military teens in the area. steve: george lucas weighing in on what he knows about the new star wars movie, and how he
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fans, getting ready to see the force awakens.
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dari: their is fantastic. a fashion show, what a fabulous thing, if you are a teen looking for a special dress to wear.
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jen. >> former miss usa model, and cast of the fox's hit show going to goingto going to --gothom . >> always new girl in school, new girl, and sometimes, a prom, which is huge evens. can be out of her financial reach. >> now this right of passage is possible, thanks to operation that's my dress, fox 5 parent company 21st century fox was a sponsor of tonight's events, giving girls from military families a chance to pick hundreds of girls. >> we were given an opportunity by the uso to give a little bit back to the families, to show our appreciation. >> in 3 years that event began, sherri hill has given away
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but not just prom they are warn for all kinds of occasions, even wedding. >> pageant beauties like miss tennessee. were -- hand to turn the tables this time be the glam squad. >> a lot of girls have never seen gowns like this and try them on, to be a part in that is rewarding. reporter: from lower manhattan, jennifer lamb lahmers "fox 5 news." dari: a music conductor with help from yale "glee" club, take a look. that is metro north conduct or bob, leading the yale "glee" club in sings of christmas cheryl
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it has been shared more than 15 thousand times. >> beautiful. steve: spotify giving in to taylor swift's demand, considering making some music available only to its paying customers that would be a big change for spotify that offers the library to premium and nonpaying subscribers. you don't get to bring it on the road with you if you don't pay. the whole thing there, you know, artists don't love, spotify issued a statement it is committed to its current model. this year taylor swift yanked her music off spotify because she was unhappy about how much money she was making on the sight. >> a cool day in central park, shot off my town, remembering john lennon who was shot and
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people singing song, steps away where high was killed on december 8, 1980. dari: a queens neighborhood on edge. steve: new clues in search for a syria will arsonist -- syria
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no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. dari: a rash of arson fires unnerving people. homes. dari: the surveillance video shows somebody on the other side of the fence. at scene of latest fire, that happened on sunday, lisa evers with the update. >> i'm living in a neighborhood for 53 years. so we never heard anything like this ever. reporter: the sight of flames into the sky, has become too common in forest hills, police
10:31 pm
responsible for burning homes under construct or renovation, october. >> the people who live here, they are all concerned about is going on, getting information out, opening up lines of communication is key to solving this issue. reporter: nypd posted wanted flyers in the neighborhood and spoke with residents. investigator say it was pure luck that there were no strong wins blowing flames to the neighbors homes and no injuries, most of the property properties are owned by growing jewish community. >> i pleased that the community and officials are all interested in solving the problem. reporter: mayor de blasio said we'll not allow one dangerous individual to shatter this
10:32 pm
fire commissioner daniel said that everything possible is being done. >> we believe it to be one person. we believe we'll find them soon. reporter: long time residents hope this is not a sign of bigger problem. >> all of a sudden it is changing. unfortunately, thing are not doing as well as it used to be. reporter: we learned that detectives are working with an interesting clue, there was no accelerant like gasoline found at any of the scenes, there is a reward leading to the arrest, if you want anything call 1-800-577-tips, you don't have to give your name. steve: members of an eper upper east side church praying for a miracle, they would like the after
10:33 pm
reopening the church. the vatican has extended a decision on their appeal until february. dari: ladies, you know sidewalks north friendly to your high heels, but the mta is unveiling high -- high heel friendly greats, they are -- grates, part of the east side project. no word if the they will be up stalled everywhere. steve: good idea. >> star wars, "the force awakens" does not hit theaters for a couple of weeks, but getting positive feedback from the jedi mast master, george lucas
10:34 pm
2012 he sold the film to disney. >> time for on brand off brand, daily look. on brand jon stewart returning to daily show to shame lawmakers for refusing to renew the act, coming after a unsuccessful lobbies trip to washington, d.c. >> on brand, jeb bush cannot escape shadow of donald trump, now some web shin an begans -- shenanigans redirect anyone that go to jeb bush, end up at donald trump. on brand, everyone that took to twitter to slam apple it was design of new first ever iphone' battery case.
10:35 pm
ripping on humpback shape of the case, but, it does extend how long you can use your phone between charge it costs $99. the first time that apple itself made a battery case. you can't please anybody. dari: if you go there you want that. steve: it costs as much as the phone. dari: it does, a life style truck, so, what do you curse, and how often. steve: there could be a biologgal reason that we swear, researchers say it really does make you feel better. dari: the new irk eye catching e-- emoji on twitter.
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>> if you are looking for a job you might have to look harder, the number of job opening falling more than 2.5% in october. but still a roar high from summer, more worker are
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to say good-bye too their job if they feel more confident they can get a new one. and you laids out there -- ladies out there next time you hear someone say, men can get better deal oscars, -- deals on cars, a new report shows guys on average pay 17% more when leasing a sedan. but women shell out 7% more for luxury vehicles, i think we win. >> anyway, with the season of giving upon us, utah getting named most chair charitable state in america, study focusing on things like percentage of folks volunteers and donation to charity. >> it looks to be a very merry christmas, 82% of pet owners plan on buying presents for their pets this holiday, also said that more than half plan on dressing them in holiday costumes. which is weird, but whatever you know.
10:40 pm
cavuto. steve: the coats on, feet thing, why not what is a costume. >> a new emojia that serves a useful, emoji, the eye, they encourage teens to use it when they see anyone being bullied. dari: look at this. facebook founder, mark zuckerberg, first time father, this is a picture of him and his newborn daughter today. full of joy with little mack. she gets a normal name, it looks like he is enjoying his paternity leave. two months very nice. >> you only get one percent of my money but that is 450 million.
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reporter: perhaps never before in that order toward the heavens. >> happening to you. reporter: before those with more delicate vocab lears, a pro
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>> process of giving birth to our daughter that my wife went through involved swearing. reporter: a psychology professor in u.k. could conducting a series of experiment to see how swearinga affected pain, most people became more pain tolerant when they swore, the ideas that human use vol vul gerty to achieve a result. >> anger mostly. >> when imirritated. >> having fun. >> never. >> never in. >> a follow-up study found that less one swore the more pain reliever they received from a curse. >> relieved, powerful. >> it is diverse array of benefits. >> swearing can make you more persuasive. >> most of us likely needed no science.
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>> upper east side, mac king "fox 5 news." steve: it does feel good. dari: the thing about it, sometimes certain words are appropriate am like sometimes you need certain words you get them go, if you don't use them much and you use that word people look at you shocked. she is really mad. nick: not typical. dari: the better you feel. we didn't use any bad words today did we. steve: i was less impressed with today. nick: pretty good for this time of year, a couple degrees above average, up the scale in next couple of days. the el nino pattern that will change. i do see some potential change in a week and a half, will it last? probably not.
10:47 pm
49, 41, 45, 34. average we go up a scale tomorrow. it will be fighting clouds once again from time to time tomorrow, should be a prettier day than today, a few clouds, 43, humidity 62%, wind light out of north-north east, pressure falling for moment but high pressure building in from south, i am expecting to keep our forecast dry, this is fox 5 sky guardian, highs today, upper 40s just a little bit above average, 46 in pa sipsey. -- poughkeepsie. and we got a big spread in temperatures now it is in 20s in sussex, 33 in pack pack up -- poughkeepsie. 20s in allentown, colder in the valleys.
10:48 pm
north, shifting to west then south to the tomorrow. pretty chilly in boston, 38, freezing inial bonnie 44 in washington dc, we're going to low 50s tomorrow, clouds from time to time tonight, this storm center is exits, high building in this next sim is not to worry about that is heading to canada just fall apart. looking at forecast tomorrow, not cold tomorrow 66 in denver 62, in billings, 72 in san francisco. low 50s here. 40 outdoor in city, 47 at noon, 52 in afternoon, a nice day, combination of sun, clouds. this simple fall apart, maybe cloud cover coming in a risk of
10:49 pm
we're going to stay mild, end of week maybe record warmth for the weekend. tomorrow, nice day, sun, clouds 52. then here comes 7 day, 57 thursday, 58 friday. 61 saturday. sunshine saturday, sun, clouds, 62. high record is 64. rain monday then cool down but not cold. steve: good december stuff thank you, nick. dari: russ is next with sports, we have big lebron james news. steve: talking about his lifetime deal with nike, big bucks. >> traffic tracker brought you to by toyota. >> i am christine with your toyota traffic tracker, fdr drive has construct blocking one lane, alternate side of the
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russ: it is good to be king. if you don't believe me ask the king himself, king lebron james. who just signed a lifetime deal with nike. >> james throws it down. >> i am very humbled man, this is an unbelievable time forever myself my family, i am grateful that nike and phil knight believed in a skinny 18-year-old kid from akron, ohio, i am happy to be part of such a great company. russ: nike knew what they were doing in 2003. signing this skinny kid to a contract before he was drafted, nike would not disclose what the current deal with lebron james is worse, a source said, it surpassed the 10 year, 300 million deal, keviner
10:52 pm
er kevin durant got from nike last summer. >> they believe in me. and off the floor, you know i am grateful, and thankful. to be with such a great brand for the rest of my life. i will cherish this people. russ: certainly a great deal for lebron james. it is a two-way street, michael too well, annual sales for the shoe line estimated to go over $400 million in 2015. how about this, michael jordan left the game in 2003, jordan brand exceeded 2 billion in annual sales with a target 4.5 billion in october. not bad.
10:53 pm
have acquired, castro from the cubs. for adam warren, and a player to be named later, castro batted .265 last season with the cubbys, a shortstop for the majority of his career but has also played second base? >> ben is not going to become to mets after agreeing to a 4 year deal with the cubs. >> on the hardwood, in barclay center, nets down to rockets, 110-105. islanders beat flyers, feuer-3, 4-ly. >> it look like rumors are true, rush drummer neil may be
10:54 pm
steve: this is what i do when i hear rush he has been with the band for 40 years, he will continue continue to tour. >> you can always watch steve. steve: there you go. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from
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