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tv   Chasing News  FOX  December 9, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EST

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now on chasing news. >> donald trump called for a total and complete shutdown of immigrants of muslims entering the u.s. >> it will be interesting to see if he will follow down this road of islamic phobia. >> islamic phobia is not real terms. >> it is i just use it. >> check out this video i took in philadelphia have a possible hate crime. a pickup truck being driven past a mosque and a severed pig's head flying out the window. >> this action of throwing a pig's head they want their members to see that though west's anti-muslim. >> your eyes are not deceiving you yet.
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get your dogs exercise that need. >> diana you are in paterson, new jersey chasing a story about donald trump who says, in light of all that is happening with terrorism and inaction from the government. we should put a pause on any muslim coming into the country. what you got. >> jeb bush is calling and bernie sanders is saying dangerous. >> it's very shocking to hear what a presidential candidate said. >> the comments are all response in from donald trump's total and complete shutdown of immigrants from entering the u.s. we went to new jersey to find out what kind of impact this rhetoric is having on this largely islamic community.
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reported nationwide of bigotry against muslim. we have have not seen it in patterson, new jersey yet but with this kind of tone it could increase. >> you mention the word before. i saw the polls, i think there's a disconnect between mr. trump and the republican party right now. paul ryan came out earlier today and said this is not conservativism. he blasted mr. trott. he said what was proposed yesterday by trump was not with this party stands for. paul ryan is a staunch conservative, this could be the breaking point between donald trump of the republican party. it will be interesting to see who follows behind this road. that straight up bigotry. >> wait a minute. islamic phobia is a false term here's the real terms. >> people are afraid of being beheaded if their christian overseas, they're afraid of being shot at a holiday party party there here.
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that is based in very real -- no i don't. >> i tell you. >> there's a real enemy and the only common thread with his enemy that we have right now is islam. >> obama said isis does not speak for islam. >> how does obama know that. >> i'm saying what he said. the point that i'm trying to make it if i might, is that president obama has said isis did not speak for islam, for the 1.3 billion people who are muslims. i had. >> i agree with that point. you have to separate radicals from non-radicals. the radicals. the problem is you don't know who they are. >> regarding muslims and immigrants and refugees. as diana pointed out, donald trump history in the pots and he would like to close off the united states for all muslims,
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23% of the worlds population. check out this video that i acquired in northern philadelphia of a possible hate crime. it is surveillance video from outside a mosque at the islamic academy. early monday morning you can see a truck slowly driving past the mosque and an object being thrown out the window toward the front door. that object, a severed pig's head. in. in the quran, it is strictly prohibited to consume the flesh of swine as it is deemed an animal that is considered ungodly. this is a mosque and the school. their children learning inside. as i was waiting for spokes person i ran into a resident of the neighborhood. >> behavior like this cannot be tolerated now within our community, not within our country. >> he is not affiliated with the islamic center nor is he muslim. is there because the community is outrage. >> this is not represent america, not the communities that america is built on. we are going to stage a protest. >> he is a spokesman for the
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he told us how the community is feeling. >> i don't think they're scared, or part of the community, part of the neighborhood but i think people are upset. what it shows is that words matter. >> please are treating this case as harassment but it believe it has something to do with the harassing phone call a day after the paris attacks. i also asked about the muslim community. >> these are killers, their death death call, they are despicable human beings. the problem is though, this kind of reaction, during of the pigs head and the attempt to desecrate muslim sites is exactly what they want. they want their members to see that the west is anti-muslim, anti-arab. then they can recruit more members. >> i hope recruit more members. >> i hope for the people of this islamic center understand that they threw the pigheaded their doored do not represent the thoughts and police of america. >> that was a wonderful part of meeting derek. he does not believe belong to
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himself to come in here and organize as a community and stand behind you. this is philadelphia, the city of brotherly love,. >> if it's a cooked pig's head, someone had a pig rose couldn't you trace it? not everybody had a pig roast in the area. >> everyone needs to chill out. were only talking about a pig's head. what has happened in the world's christian beheading by muslim extremists. that's a serious manner. serious manner. when it comes to pigs head, i love pork. >> new york city santa con, 2016 is 16 is coming up on saturday the 12th or you get excited. you know is not so excited the state senator. he wrote an open letter including a list of demands they share in advance of their location. santa con responded with their lawyers say they have been in contact with the police and the public for a month now. they also highlighted the fact that lester there's no citations
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>> i'm shocked. >> hipsters are busted, you can separate tended you're listening to bands be for the make it big because now we all know what you are really listening to. justin bieber. but if i release the most popular artists streamed in new york neighborhoods, it turns out williamsburg residence are bunch residents are bunch of believers, as for the other believers, stevie wonder. also shout out to my boy drake. >> so i'm sure you've heard flooding in the arctic. but, in new york city your eyes are not deceiving you. yes, that is a dog machine in the park. new york mushing. >> is a machine or mushing.
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>> so much. >> know, your eyes are not deceiving you it is dog machine in the park. new york city dog machine is an company designed to give your friend the exercise they badly wants. >> they need exercise, they are intelligent dogs, they are working dogs. if they don't have a job to do, if you don't give them a task they forget who they are, they lose a sense of themselves. he is hook. he is the founder of new york dog machine area it all started when i was a child, had an american eskimo. i taught my dog alex how to pull me on my skateboard. that's where the love began. >> the second this event started you could hear the docs asking to get her to stop. >> what are you trying to say quest mark what you trying to say how.
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what was that? >> that means i want to be a part of the team, i want to get harnessed up and i want to mosh. >> threat the day over 50 huskies showed up to be apart. they harnessed up and raced around the track at mccarren park. i got a chance to drive one of these teams for myself. i for myself. i needed to learn to command. we are all good to go right. i jumped on, i said hike, hike. they took off. >> hike i don't know how you spell it. >> is a command. yes. awesome. you guys are awesome. got loose?
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excited and howling whenever they wanted to be a part of it, they were all crashed on the sidelines. when bam bam was finished take me around the track, he lay down. siberian huskies are one of the biggest breeds to go into shelters. a lot is because they are working dogs and if you get a husky and you do not know how to train it, if you don't get him destroy your house. >> and start smoking. >> s just an absolute mess. >> this is huge because if you don't give them the exercise it will end up in the shelter and it will destroy your house. >> a 9-year-old fisherman from new jersey is looking for some help. he's been invited to fish of import fishing lodge in march and is trying to race them money for some equipment, lodging, transportation. he caught a 600 great great
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records. >> i thought it would be a good idea to visit the museum of feelings and new york. >> we want people to feel something humorous the minute. >> i think this is rigged. are you kidding? >> another day in the life of being a chaser. we report the news, but we do it differently. when it comes down to it, it's
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>> what's up. >> say hi everybody there's been a lot in the news lately about how hard the hasidic committee in brooklyn. we saw the recent suicide of a girl who is not accepted by her family after she left as well as problems that girls are having getting education in the hasidic
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. >> i asked a question upon striking, if she had been raised the gender she identifies with which is female, she would not did, allowing her to know five columbia. >> definitely my community as a woman i would not have gotten
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however, i would not have gotten a way better secular education. >> now, although her friends at columbia had accepted her for who she is and who she had stein, her, her family has completely shunned her. >> the only thing i have from them is getting hate e-mails. you get hate emails questioning. that many but i am expecting expecting more. >> who use the term gender dysphoria. >> gender dysphoria is a form of mental illness. it's a mental disorder. i'm hearing this story and think into things, one, i think the whole story is just put the hasidic jewish community under the bus, as their anti- woman. i think it ignores thousands of years of history with acidic jews, steeped in traditions. i said it before we've talked about transgender issues before. there is a rush to celebrate
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completely ignoring the fact that we have a serious problem of mental disorder in this country that doesn't seem to be addressed. >> soften we seen the new stories and what we hear about the community is that it is closed off and it doesn't give the options for women to become who they are, or for people to explore other options in life other than becoming a rabbi. she would've had to do that had she stayed in the community. >> this at thing is there's too little to being done and talked about about gender dysphoria which lead to other disorders. that's the sad part that is not often discussed. >> i think if you want to follow more per she is doing a blog, you can see all of her experiences as she transitions. >> i am the most emotional person that probably works here. i thought it would be a good
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it's the movement you make with your hands the bigger the feeling is. >> the museum of feelings is a exhibit located at veal place in the financial district. it is sponsored by glade and is emotion into art. i spoke with evan who worked at the museum and said that commercials are helpful but this gives consumers >> we realize it is best done, not in a a tv commercial or protect, you want people to eel something, you immerse immerse them in it. that started the idea of this multisensory experience called the museum of experience. using social media and other types of data. >> we currently the weather, the stock market, and social network.
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>> it if there's a change in the weather, the stock market, the building is changing color every >> when i visited i visited the building was blue which means invigorated. the inside of the exhibit is in five different displays, joyful, invigorated, exhilarated and calm. my favorite was the joyful because it had fibers coming supposed a minute make up for us and the scent associated with that is pine. if you want to see what your own is a mood lens, you smile smile for the camera, take a photo, take your hand out a sensory think tells you high feel. >> how to do. >> mine was confident. >> when you do that other any negatives there? >> is only confident or super confident. >> i think there is 20 emotions you can have it broken into. it is free and open to the public until the summer fifteenth. if you don't want to spend money and want to know how you feel, head, head on over there.
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the rain. >> i think it's rigged because no one who is matter pissed off is going to walk over to the museum and get your mood as part of the art show. >> weakening i would i would love to walk into different rooms with different mood. >> from good day philadelphia and my old buddy bill anderson
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>> (and i don't know whether to feel left out or not? so check it out, it is the national news right here, at, with good day philadelphia and my old buddy bill anderson from good day philadelphia.
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what happened was about ten days ago they said if the ego somehow beat the patriots, no one thought they would do that then i'll have a barber come in and shave an eagles logo onto the back my head. >> you know anderson loves a good time. he he saw what looked like an opportunity to get in on what seem like a safe bet. >> i would say it's not really a bet. i trusted him. >> it's a sunday afternoon and the eagles put a solid 35-25 beating, beating, beating. bust out the clippers. >> it actually is a good eagles logo.
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good day. this is the lovely alex, let's just say this is absolutely no damage from this whatsoever. >> that is true, i was smart enough. my favorite tattoo? >> no, i came out clear. >> bill says it's not the back, may be strange when he goes out on the story and he is good day carved in the back of his head. as for for my, is going to walk to the football stadium and show his new eagles logo to the head coach, note this is not over. that's a long way to go for a w. >> if the eagles go to the super
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