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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  December 9, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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juliet: if he wasn't like this i juliet: good morning everybody. it is wednesday. a pretty nice day ahead. highs are expected to be near 50 degrees or thrrkt, there are about. >> asking for the public help to find a serial arsonist this is new surveillance video that she's person walking away from one of the seven fires. >> backlash against donald trump, and his comments about muslims, however, new polls are u out, and they may surprise
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ben: and juliet many are assuming chance of a white christmas are slim. but weather experts say not so fast . juliet: first of all i've looked -- we'll talk about it when the story comes up. i think somebody planted this in the newscast specifically to upset me, and it is not working. i think it was you. i'm fairly certain it was you as a matter of fact. >> never pleasant a story that references arrival weather forecasting agency. all right good morning everybody i'm ben simmoneau. juliet: now you're busting person who decided to put that story in. ben: maybe. this is juliet huddy. 6:01, it is we understand. december 9th we've got a couple of weeks still. we've got, in fact, we've got three weeks from today until end of the month. juliet: the seven-day forecast says it is going to be warm. 64 on cmristmas that's what it said.
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snap, remember -- ben: how awful last winter was 55 last christmas if you recall. mike: all you need is one. juliet: won't we everybody. wait and see. >> good morning. leading up to it. happy hump day. everybody will enjoy the weather outside. we do need rain and cold or weather. but yeah it is not happening any time soon. you can get out there and enjoy. other than that a rain dance. 2 degrees with sunny skies later on today with more clouds and end up with a lot of sunshine and a quiet seven-day forecast here. we start you off at 52. end up at 57 tomorrow with partly cloudy sky. 58 is your high on friday. and then saturday we've got a high of 60, 62 on sunday. and then we have more rain chances as weds get into mondays.
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not going to make known much. sprinkles tomorrow as that front pass by. high 52 on wednesday. see what we have as we hit the roads or rails, whatever you've got to do . >> this morning starting off this wednesday morning with very little problems l.i.e. okay. nassau county, new jersey your commute essex county fine on park away. 78 and 280. camera at staten island expressway by bradley avenue no problems eastbound to the verrazano bridge fine westbound. 495 heading towards lincoln tunnel, starting to see more traffic there about a ten minute delay inbonged. holland george washington bridge minor delays. street cleaning rules back in effect. >> police and neighbors coming together to catch a serial arsonist on the loose in forest hills queens. >> led seven fires since october an they have new surveillance video. let's go to fox 5 teresa priolo
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good morning. thrb >> good morning ben and juliet, good morning everyone, and that surveillance video actually caught aftermath of the fire that was set at the home behind me here on 69th road this is key according to police. they are not only installing their own security cameras, but they're also asking neighbors in the area to do exactly what was done earlier this week train your camera on your prosecute and properties around you so they can catch this arsonist once and for all. >> living in a neighborhood for 53 years. this. public's help. >> folks who live here. people of faith who live there. they're all concerned about what is going on this holiday season. getting information out. opening up lean of communication is key to solving this issue. >> 7 fires sense october mainly targeting the opt lent home.
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the latest video released by nypd connected to the fire that was set here last sunday. hours before hanukkah started. caught on a neighboring surveillance camera, a man walking away from the fire on 69th road and looking back to admire his work. police believe he may be living amongst home he's torching because he knows area with. seemingly disappearing shortly after a fires begin without being noticed. >> we believe it to be one person. we believe we'll find them soon. >> neighbors here hope so spending what is a you ois holiday season on edge. >> all of a sudden everything is changing and things are not as well as it used to be. police have yet to label this a hate crime but task force is looking into that possibility as a way to help plus, community offered a $50,000 reward. for information leading to his arrest.
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additional 12,500 with total reward to 62,000. anything to bring this arsonist to justice. >> now, according to community leaders, there are about 30 homes that are under construction in this area. they can't monitor each and every home 24/7 but police say they are checking out each and every site. so ben and juliet, that's why it has so important that the community ban together with police and sort of put, you know, put minds together to outsmart this guy and catch hims one and for all. police cannot be everywhere at once. back to both of you in the studio . >> teresa priolo thank you very much. check back with you in a bit. saw mill parkway back open this morning after a wild police chase that ended with a suspect shot and killed. police say incident started in brongs where nypd officers tried to pull over a car and wrong way on the parkway colliding with
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one suspect was arrested at the scene. a second tried to run into the woods. >> killing seconds suspect in the area. >> police shutdown parkway in both directions their investigation and that caused a huge mess during the evening rush. >>french officials identified third terrorist who was in bataclan. in late 2013 he traveled from france to syria at the time about a dozen young men from the french city left for the war zone. some returned of their own free will including his brother who told investigators they were disgusted by what they saw. charged with terror related offenses. so for paris attackers have been
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entirely home grown. >> donald trump doubling down only his comments to prevent muse almosts from intrght country. >> his comments triggered outrage from republican and democratic leaders also leaders from elsewhere around the world. many of whom are blasting the idea for being unamerican. fox five's robert moses live for us at city hall with a l are ally a little bit later on this morning. good morning, robert. scheduled less than four hours to denounce what donald trump had to say. there really has been an a international outcry, and these local, political, and religious leaders say they have to raise their voices too. a sword wielding caricature with severed head of the statue of liberty covers with "the daily news." another reminder of outrage heard round the world after his comments.
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of muslimings entering the united states. abc barbara walters asked trump if he regreeted saying that. >> not at all we have to do the right thing and say what's right. i have great respect and love. i have people that i have tremendous relationships with. they're muslim, barbara they agree with me 100%. it is short-term. >> short-term or not critics say trump proposal plays into the hands of isis. not so trump says. people in any party understand that. >> including those running against hmm for president say that banning muslims is neither feasible nor morally defensible. >> violate the constitution. : it's nots about the blow heart disease out there just saying stuff that's not a program, not a plan. >> what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for. and more importantly not what
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>> ted cruz or more muted in his criticism. >> disagree with that proposal. i like donald trump. a lot of our friends have encouraged me to criticize and attack donald trump i'm not interested in doing so. despite a pledge promising not to run as independent if he doesn't get the republican nomination trump hinted on twitter that he may break that promise. he cited a poll showing that nearly 70% of his supporters would vote for him if he ran as an independent. and there's a new cnn wmur poll that's out showing that trump's lead in new hampshire has increased. now, an important caveat is that poll was conducted before his comments on banning muslims comes into this country remains to be seen what had efnght if any those words will have on his standing in polls. white house press secretary josh
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comments disqualify trump from being president. but the people who really matter, of course, are the voters. that is the latest live from city hall this morning. ben and juliet back to you. >> that is true, and two months from voting getting underway. robert moses, thank you very much. >> we have a lot more coming up for you. >> we do the 31 million dollar man -- [laughter] checking the forecast for us. juliet: i'll up it more. 50 million man. mike: generous of you. just saying. sounds good to e me. here's what we have this morning more clouds in the morning. more sun in the arch. starting off with 40. sunrise for another hour. somewhere in that range. sun and clouds coming at you today. not as chilly as yesterday and yesterday temperatures topping out upper 40s were above normal. so here's what we have just incase you're looking for some weather information there's daily and hourly forecast
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that's at the apple itunes and google play store that is free and comes in handy. download it for free today. we'll be back in a bit. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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[barks] are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep! this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep! >> all right it is 6:14 temperatures certainly have been december. not that a lot of people are
6:14 am
the side of the snow -- if you will -- well they are higher than normal this month. some are wondering if we can see rare occurrence in this area that is a snow-free december. some forecasts -- >> impossible. >> for most of the month, however, weather experts like our mike woods -- are attributing this relatively balmy december to be el-nio phenomenon and it could change on a dime. >> could but won't. >> looks around the 30th or o 31st the temperature michael drops dramatically. >> funny that on december 25th, the accuweather five-day forecast says it is in the 60s. mid-60s -- >> remind yourself. a week to go after the 25th not much will happen in the week i'm pretty sure is about that.
6:15 am
>> won't be here that last week. >> this is going to be god. duking it out. and you know, we have to wait and see on that one. >> i'm not beyond trying to find that weather observation in the park and making something happen. >> so you're trying to drum up -- >> i have a 2-0 record. >> so far this has been a december to remember. [laughter] yeah. baby -- >> no one is complaining. >> exactly. because our temps they've been nice and warm, mild, beautiful sunsetses all over the place. not as chilly for you today, tomorrow milder. even though we have more cloud cover in the front passing through the area. yeah, looks like we have warmer temps over the weekend yeah high temps up to 60 on fridays. low u 60s maybe even approaching some record high temperatures over the weekend too. yeah, it is warm outside, and dry too. we can use rainfall. but it's just not happening for
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42 central park right now with mostly cloudy skies. winds are light from the east, southeast 3 miles per hour. and we're going to see more of a southerly wind. temps in the area 32 right now in bedford. we've got 37 in new rochelle and same in the bronx and 35 degrees in yonkers with motionly cloudy sky here, again sunrise is just after 7:00 here for us this morning. clouds 4 in the afternoon and more sunshine breaking out control. more of a southerly flow, that will bring in warmer temperatures and clouds that we have of no significance. they should be moving on. next area of low pressure with warm and a cold front to swing through the tristate region tomorrow. more clouds at that time along with warmer temps but rain chances are minimal today a high temp of 52. no rain today. tomorrow more clouds in the area southerly flow.
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maybe a sprinkle tomorrow. high of 58 on friday. 60 on saturday. 62 on sunday getting close to record high of 64. and then rain comes through here on monday but still pretty mild in your temps starting to trend downward, and right so let's bring you on over to ines rosales and she's going to give us latest information. rails? good. off to a good start. cross bronx green as well as parkway on our maps. putnam county you're fine. as well as tay con egg in york town heightses. l.i.e. there's an a accident you want to watch the for travel aring westbound. no delay there is just a minor slowdown. eastbound side you're fine. lincoln tunnel no problem. normal delays 15 inbound. george washington bridge a 10 minute wait.
6:18 am
>> two takes bribes from two karaoke bars in queens. >> they accepted illegal payout exchange for tipping clubs off about police raid and protecting customers from drug arrest. both were assigned to 109th precinct. pleaded not guilty to those charges. and both are held on bail. they've also been suspended by npgd an face up to 15 gleers prison if they're convicted. their attorney has nots commented. >> this is happening over holiday governor cuomo signed an executive order that is now in effect giving law enforcement from new jersey and connecticut power to patrol on new york buses, train, ferries, and a transit station is. security expert robert says although there's no known confirm terror threat to new york, governor has made a wise decision. >> because of our mass transit
6:19 am
people back an forth, this allows the police officers to carry weapons to be deputized to work in another state. so it is really just better for all of us. >> executive order will expire in 30 days. all right -- turning it a different arena. the beer google arena turns the having drinks with friends could make you appear or more attractive. >> obvious? >> researchers asked 600 students to rate a person's attractiveness shown pictures along with their drinking habits. results found that social drinkers rated most attractive beating out those who don't drink at all. recovering alcohol eggs rated higher than nondrinkers but heavy least attractive. study published in the journal of addictive behaviors. so social drinking apparently saying makes you attractive.
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>> it is. thought i would say that. we have a development actually on the big bet, new new year's bet i will cop to it at the bottom of the hour. >> a look at what makes men cry.
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>> all right wednesday morning "health watch" now more troubling news for chipotle those with symptoms after eating a chipotle clailed to 80 that is 50 more than school reported on monday. chip thinks it is norovirus not linked to e. coli outbreak sickened 52 people in nine states most of those were west. health prls say testing on some of the sick boston students have shown presence of norovirus. this is not good news i have a lot of friends who are smoking these things. some of the chemicals used e-cigarettes may be linked to
6:24 am
researchers found chemical in 39 brand of e-cigs in liquid to a rare octave lung disease nicknaming popcorn lung after workerses who inhaled chemical at a microwave popcorn plant fell ill. most concerns have focused on nicotine but apparently it's this gross -- flavoring. oh. >> it is no secret, i can agree with this. most men -- most men don't cry as often as women. let me it will you something, that is not true at all. all of the you men you shed tears. you just hide it better. when men do shed tears, however, what sets them off? different from women? >> hundreds of men revealed whack make them weepy some said it is other people cry especially someone who is
6:25 am
others said sad movies. >> what made you cry? >> i cannot watch the end of the forrest gump without crying when jenny dies. i give that away -- >> so terrible. so sad. >> i cry at the end of field of dreams and shashank redemption but men said it is when they're cut onion or get kicked in the -- [laughter] nether regions. >> nether region, what would that be? we don't have to elaborate on that. >> i think it is awesome when men, you know in a relationship,
6:26 am
cute. >> i willed admit i cried when both of my children were born. my wife this time around was like he's crying again. >> i love lenny. >> topping storyies when we come
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to help protect your family... lysol that. >> good morning everyone i've now made two mistake tad we're looking at a winter warmup. in the 60s a beautiful beach weekend. mike has all of the details in his forecast. >> all right despite heated it backlash over his proposal to ban muslims from entering the united states presidential candidate donald trump poll numbers continue to rise. we're going to have a live report coming up in just a moment. >> in an unusual move today we'll learn the planned route for the year santacon normally not revealed until day before
6:30 am
i guess a lot of heads up. >> to find out which artist and song go best with different foods. >> wednesday morning, half way there good morning everybody. i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm juliet huddy thanks for joining us. talk about about later is a destroyer of battle ship. >> did you not learn anything from playing battleship. different class of ship. submarine, cruiser, battle ship. aircraft carrier. >> i saw it in one news article referred to as a battle ship. it is a battle ship. >> quite different. >> i cannot tell what it looks look. in a couple of minutes coolest, largest destroyer. >> what is other mistake you made about the weather? >> i was looking at the 45-day
6:31 am
i told you 25 -- i was gloating because i said it was going to be in the 0 u6 60s on december 25th. you saw like -- 32. new year's eve it it could snow, however, i screwed up. looking ats at 2014. now let's see hum, that would be on the 25th, 55 degrees. and then sunny. what is this on the 31st? 50 and sunny. how about that. >> only forecast that matters is mike woods. >> that's right what are they talking about the snowstorm in december if it is not right there in their own forecast. thals what i want to know. anyhow. carry on. anyhow from right now we're definitely looking at warm weather. 42 degrees central park. 30 in monticello as well as
6:32 am
only a few spots are freezing. winds calm this team if something is on the lighter veacial side but general trend will be for clouds and break up and scoots out of here and more sun in the afternoon. a pretty nice day coming up for you. warmer than yesterday. high temp up to about 52 degrees later on this afternoon, as we go through next -- five days got a high of 57 tomorrow. 58 on friday. low 60s for you as we head into and through the weekend. all right time to bring back ines, and see what we've got -- is it going to be a busy wednesday or not? >> good morning mike i hope not. not a lot with the commute. bronx fiend on cross bronx. delay by bronx river parkway no issue there or deegan. your new jersey commute 80 and 287 good. camera, l.i.e. by willis avenue reports of an accident but not causing delays eastbound or westbound. as for trains on or close to
6:33 am
street cleaning rules are in effect. ben and juliet. >> 6:33 donald trump is standing by his proposal to ban muslims from entering this country. >> , however, leaders from both partyings are joining countless others in denouncing trump plan calling unamerican, however, what are americans saying about this including his support centers rocket robert moses is there in city hall because -- reporter: ben and juliet, at 10:00 this morning city council members and religious lead percent gathering on steps of city hall behind me. they'll gatter to denounce those comments from trump. now trump had a busy day yesterday on the television circuit with many tax opportunities to soften or qualify his commence a bit. but each time he declined in an interview with abc trump said he
6:34 am
all. somebody in this country has to say what's right. i have great respect, love, people that i have tremendous relationships with, they're muslim and barbara they agree with me 100% it is short-term and worst thing that's ever happened to isis. people in my party fully understand that. while trumple has undeniably strong support his words drew condemnation and running for president along with political leaders in washington. they all said while trump is proposing morally wrong and illegal. executive director of the arab american association of new york also say it is that trump's idea is indefense defensible. never allow this rhetoric against a faith group in this country and a accepted against muslims sends a message they're not part of this country.
6:35 am
support. there's a new poll out showing he's widen his lead in new hampshire but that was had conducted before he made latest comments so we'll have to see what effect the comments have on his stapgding. but so far in the past, when he has said controversial they thinks, it really hasn't damaged him much at all ppg that is latest live from city hall this morning. ben and juliet become to you. accused of starting seven fires since october targeting the opulent homes built for jews. a man walking away from a fire on 69th road set last sunday hours before hanukkah began. the hate crime task force is also investigating a reward of more than 62,000 is now being offered to bring this arsonist to justice.
6:36 am
suspect wanted in gwyneth paltrow popup shot two who removed two rolex and a three bracelet from a cabinet at the store on saturday while the store in columbus serk l was packed with holiday shoppers. the suspect and two male accomplices then fled. stolen jewelry worth more than 173,000. fox means business. you might want to consider more thans priced customer service. >> joining us now from the fox business stewed media i had a kftion with my sister flying to chicago around holidays, she booinged on frontier, and there was this 99 dollar promotional fee but tacked on extra charmings it was about the same as flying on american airlines or something look that. >> before i go into the list of the the worst for customer sfers remember that some of our friends and neighbors work at the airlines they're hardworking
6:37 am
here's the list they asked for best an they got a list of the worst. number five ben, one your sisterren frontier i did that story with the least leg room and angry staff. american eagle up there noisy engine. iowa lie allegiant and then starts with an s that rhymes with fire truck. easy jet over the united kingdom this charges for everything number two worst in customer service. if your flight gets canceled this is true they'll charge you to print out the voucher to verify the flight was canceled and then finally worst of the worst number one on the worst
6:38 am
spirit airlines. if it can charge for oxygen o they would. now, if you need a good laugh go to youtube there's this video called cheap flight by a singing group. i think three irish women. your sister should watch it not with chirng. there's language you don't want little once repeating. quickly we were talking about things that mac us cry. love actually when e he proposes to the waitress. >> been out for like a thousand years number one -- chick flick the number one movie for women. but you know what other move? color purple where neti reunited i lose it in that scene too. >> interesting.
6:39 am
>> birds fly away at the grave -- so sad. thanks for opening your inner self for us this morning. you can see adam. >> green room seat complengt for crying. hidden away. familiar with that area? >> with the free food. fox business network if you're not sure where go to fox -- balmy for now. >> it is nice outside. and going to get even nicer warmer overing overing that way. but if you want the rainfall that's not really happening for us any time soon. a little bit coming but we can use it it is not up there. all right so we've got today basically not going to be as cold. seeing more clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon and temps lower 50s. turning milder for you into tomorrow.
6:40 am
sunny skies around and highs near 60 that's not the warmest. warmer temperatures over the weekend there's your weather in a snap shot. there. good morning. >> well, not a lot gong on in queens couple of issues. l.i.e. bywood hairch boulevard. stall. tack a look at the george washington bridge, getting busy on upper level about a 20 minute delay. ten to 15 with lincoln tunnel. 30 inbound. holland 5 to 10. duke is here with sports. good morning, duke. >> coming up in sports yankees trade for a new second bassman. how signing of one free agent affected both a local baseball team. we'll tell you all about it . >> and special words for special boy.
6:41 am
>> all right wednesday morning, 6:44 checking headlines for you, the saw mill parkway is back open this morning after a wild police chase from the bronx in yonkers yesterday had a deadly ending car fleeing police drove wrong way on saw mill yesterday colliding with several cars before crashing and police shot and killed suspect who ran away
6:42 am
>> two nypd cops charminged with taking bribes two karaoke bars in queens in exchange for tipping clubs about police raids and drug busts. their attorney has not yet commented. the officers are facing 15 years in prison if they're convicted. >>law enforcement agencies teaming up to provide security on mass transit over holiday. governor cuomo gives law enforcement from both new jersey and connecticut the power to patrol on buses, trains, and fairy ares and transit stations within the state of new york. >> all right santacon organize oars are working with city officials in hope it is of keeping pub crawl under control. and revealing the route today. it is going to kick u off in greenpoint brooklyn saturday morning. tens of thousands eve santa, elves and grimplegs make their to the east veal lag in the past
6:43 am
officials blasted because of residents vandalism other thing what is gong to happen when you get too much to drink. >> landon johnson took pictures of santa at the mall and he told santa he was worried he would be on naughty list because he's autistic. but santa reassured landon he had nothing to worry about. massage his hands. >> he said it's okay to be yourself. >> christmas is about love and joy, that is what i try to bring to children that meet here, that honest -- >> oh, my gosh santa is so sweet. >> landon brother took a picture of the moment and posted it to the mall facebook page. it went viral and now has more
6:44 am
around the world. >> a great story. all right duke how are you? >> good, great story. there's a lot of money in baseball now with all of the original america deals and everything else. baseball things happening at the winter meeting. looking to get younger, more athletic leaving mets in the cold. yankees acquired castro in exchange for adam warren and player to be named later turning 26 in march. three time battler 265 last season, and 69 bat bed in, and actually ops really improved when he made move from shortstop to second bass. talk out there they're interested in marlin young starter jose fernandez and marcel from marlins should tight.
6:45 am
bassman zobrist snub mets in time for chicago cubs. his deal worth $56 million over four years with the kansas city last season let 284. as you know he helped royals beat mets in world series. years. sounded line money was same as mets he wanted to play with joe maddon and nashville home. interesting to see they resign daniel murphy we'll see. flores broke his ankle last month and a got hit by a pitch and did not need surgery. he'll be wearing a boot for next weeks and shob ready for spring training but you have two guys with broken bone and leg an taking out by that nasty slide. so those things are sometimes harder to come back than what they appear. knicks out in utah in new york
6:46 am
six of the last eight. beat rockets they swept the series for 14 years. second quarter thomas robinson, the big dunk here draws the foul. go up 7, and go on to the fourth. joe johnson high arking shot that's going to go seal the deal there and attack down roberts 110-105 out in vancouver last flyers in first. no score -- buries it. 1-0, all right this one went to a shootout tie at 3. first up he lights lamp there. and 4-3. all right new jersey devils visited toronto, and remember he's now boss up in toronto. 45 seconds in. play.
6:47 am
in regulation, game is tied, and overtime tied so we have shootout, right there skates in. and that's your game winning goal. win it 3-2. mike all right over there? >> he's got that arm issue but we'll get to that in a second. dropping thing and can't pick it up. arm won't work. cool looking ship. >> kind of? >> like a stealth ship. largest destroyer built for u.s. navy and headed it sea for first time this week. captain of the ship james kirk. >> and james kirk -- exactly not the same james kirk that commanded uss enterprise in star trek that was james t. kirk. we don't know name of this gentleman. but the u.s. made its voyage monday. ship is expected to get tweaks before sent to the navy next
6:48 am
4.4 billion dollars -- it cost. loaded with radar technology and powerful gun and missiles and scary things that can do much damage. >> all right. >> billions of dollars -- our billion dollar man. mike woods is here. [laughter] >> remember those side effects? >> can little woody do those side effects? >> no. [laughter] no. >> what does he think of your arm? >> he likes it. a big fan. [laughter] >> a hand. oh, boy five weetion of this bad boy here we go. show you what's up out there. first of all we have a mild morning. now 2 central park. 30 sussex, 37 bridgeport part think cloudy sky but sun southerly flow and mild air to us today and over next several days. tomorrow, that cold front warm
6:49 am
they're all going to work their way through the tristate region and that will bring us myrrh clouds and maybe a quick little sprinkle but that would be about it. not enough to that whole thing. so yeah temperature trend well, it will you what we're going up to about 52 for a high later on today with more sun later in the often. 57 is your high on thufers getting up into the low 60s, and five-day forecast looking pretty dry, and fox 5 weather app is at the apple itunes and a google play store with dell and hourly forecast for you. download for free today, and you're all set to g dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. >> gorntion welcome back problem on the long island expressway in queens and nassau county there's an accident here westbound by willis avenue blocking a lane and then on l.i.e. and queens accident approach woodhaven boulevard. belt parkway, eastbound side let's go to our camera, train check on that everything running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are back ben and juliet. >> thank you ines. anna gilligan is here. >> so there's a study out of oxford university that has found that some teach was music make
6:53 am
>> o.c. so taylor swift if you listen to her it seems to enhance your ratings chinese foods they call a digital effect and rate their cuisine listening to six genera of music so pop music is god for swift or ed sheeran. take a listen to this. this song by justin bieber was actually an appetite killer good news if you're trying to diet. not just bieber but dance and hip-hop in general basically no effect or negative effect fast loud music does not make eating pleasurable. but classics like leo were good
6:54 am
is a no-brainer but classical and opera enhance italian meal. and indy rock music they leak spicy food apparently. food delivery company commissioned this and start putting cds in your to go bag. >> a bunch of huwi to me. >> i like the food based on how good the food is.
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