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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 9, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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fifty-five hike, everybody. it is wednesday. december 9. rosanna: highs could hit 50 degrees. it will be even warmer this weekend. mike woods is here. he has a t-shirt on. he is really getting to the warm weather. greg: he cannot really dress himself. he is out of commission. two new york city police officers in big trouble.
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rosanna: new surveillance video into the man that has fins cutting new homes in construction on fire. these mansions are being built in his neighborhood. greg: donald trump. far from clear. his latest comments about muslims hurting him or possibly helping him. rosanna: ladies, if you wear high heels walking around new york city, we have you covered. supposedly friendlier to your high heels. greg: that almost looks like a piece of sidewalk.
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i am not sure it is going to work. greg: the mta. rosanna: how are you feeling? greg: we have to get serious. a big opera oversight role. i went to the manhattan school of music. it is not just the song we have to learn. the people from that era, they had a week to do everything. she is the artistic director of their. i am telling you, they are taking this a lot more seriously than we are. [laughter]
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greg: wait a second. terrific. we are borrowing there. rosanna: i did not know that we were getting dressed up, to. greg: this is a big deal. trustees. thank you very much. more on that later. >> .has me really, really nervous seeing him all dressed up like that. greg: this thing has gotten bigger they are both about us. rosanna: i have stuff to do.
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mike: i am okay. i've got my bionic arm going. rosanna: do you have to wear that when you sleep, too? >> i do. my ted did was probably ready to go anyways. that probably just push it over the edge. do not look at me like that. you know my pain. anyhow. it looks like we do have some nice days. it looks like we will have warmer than normal temperatures for several days to come. here is what it looks like right now.
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it is 30 in monticello as well we will have a pretty good-looking day. when does not doing much. it is kind of on the light and variable side. probably more clouds than sun in the morning. we are starting off with cloud cover in the area. coming to showers. nothing happening right now. probably not much when it comes to rain. kind of stays a little murky as we go into thursday and friday. high temperature going into 52 degrees. fifty-eight on friday.
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let's get to back over to ines rosales. what is happening out there, ines? >> long island expressway. you have traffic. the cross island parkway. belt parkway, there was a stall. eastbound. that has been cleared. you have one accident eastbound before you go on to the extension. an lot of delays he's found if you're heading towards the jersey city a own area. there was an earlier accident they are. it has been cleared. nothing too worried about. grand central parkway. southbound. trains are running on a close. street cleaning rules grbac in effect.
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charged with taking bribes. greg: accepted the legal payout in exchange for tipping off the clubs about police raids. >> the two men were assigned to the precinct. fifteen years in prison. their attorney has not commented on the case. this could get bigger and perhaps other arrests are to follow. >> people that live in the area are trying to catch a serial arsonist on the run. police have just released new surveillance video. >> it is hard to make out what
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>> seven since october, greg. that new surveillance video came from a neighboring home. the latest one that happened behind me. you see police riding around the neighborhood. neighbors are also using their surveillance cameras to help catch these guys once and for all. >> i have been living in a neighborhood for 53 years. police continue to plea for the public's help. >> they are all concerned about what is going on this holiday season. getting the information out. solving this issue. >> seven fire since october. currently under construction.
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the fire that was said here last sunday. caught on a neighboring surveillance camera. a man walking away and looking back to admire his work. police believe he may be living among the homes that he is torching because he knows the area well. >> we believe it to be one person. we believe that we will find them soon. >> reporter: spending a joyous holiday season on edge. police have yet to label this a hate crime. looking into a way to help the police. for information leading to his arrest. bringing the total world war ii
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to justice. combating this arsonist. they are installing security cameras. the second time that someone has there are so many homes under construction in this neighborhood. they cannot physically be on top of the tune everyone. helping the police and be the eyes and ears in this case. yesterday, the sawmill parkway was closed for a time. there was a wild police chase. killed.
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the driver took off and drove into yonkers. one person was arrested on the scene. another person ran into the woods. all right. donald trump. infuriating a lot of people. no side at this point that the comments have hurt him in the polls. he came out in said muslim people should not be allowed into america for a while. rosanna: band from america until the government gets their act together. greg: robert moses at city hall. >> good morning to you. city council members will be
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city hall to announce what donald trump said. he has an increasing number of critics worldwide. he simply went too far. donald trump with the severed head of the statue of liberty occupies the cover. outrage heard around the world after his comments. >> muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: barbara walters asked trump if he regretted saying that. >> absolutely not. i have great respect and love.
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it is short term. >> reporter: the proposal plays right into the hands of isis. >> the worst thing that has ever happened to isis. pour forth the people say that banning muslims is neither feasible nor morally defensible. >> it is not about the blowhards out there. that is not a program. that is not a plan. ted cruz was more muted in his criticism. >> i disagree with that proposal. i like donald trump. i am not interested in doing so. >> reporter: not running as an independent. trump said he may break that promise.
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70% of his voters would vote for him if he ran as an independent. >> reporter: joe biden had some interesting comments on this whole thing. he also denounced what trump had to say. if he does get the nomination, hillary walks to a win. greg and rosanna, back to you. rosanna: we will see what happens. basically, if we have another you know homegrown attack here in new york, this could basically fuel donald trump. greg: no way he could get the nomination.
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get the whole thing. greg: tightening control on travel to the united states. the president is expected to approve this. greg: we are staying on terror, by the way. the fbi, they have serious concerns about the family of the gunmen. greg: he and another person, not saying who it is, conspired to carry out an attack in 2012. backed out after a series of terror related arrests in california years also, fox news has learned the possibility that tashfeen malik was an operative. there are certain she was
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the u.s. greg: still publishing. spacex remember lasher who the person of the year was? greg: i remember what a big deal that was. the leader of isis. black lies matter. he's the guy that started uber. rosanna: finally, presidential candidate donald trump. greg: it will be a person this year. not a theme.
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time magazine. good idea. we have a little bit of the warm-up coming up for us here. guess what, it will get warmer and warmer. definitely a good amount of cloud cover from the tri-state. wind is calm at this time. let's check out some of the regional temperatures. you have 38 degrees. same thing for you in new rochelle. same thing for you in the bronx. kind of a variation of temperatures. we have some cloud cover to year. nothing that is producing rainfall. it should rake up later on in
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high pressure is in control. we will see more of a southerly flow. coming in here bringing us more cloud cover tonight into tomorrow. even some small shower chances. not much to it. not enough moisture. the average temperatures. 6.3 degrees above normal. warmest days we have seen so we are still well behind in terms of rainfall for the year. more than 10 inches behind for the year. half an inch for the month. 52 degrees. there are low 60s coming at you this weekend. look at that cute little guy. that is carter. turning one year old. he is cute as can be. let's bring in ines rosales. ines: here is what is going on
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staten island expressway. traffic backed up. new york day extension. you have to laze. westchester coming in, not a bad ride on the tappan zee bridge. some stop and go. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the fdr drive. headed towards the 59th street you are fine. crossing the hudson, the george washington bridge upper-level, normal. 495 headed towards the lincoln tunnel, about a 30-40 minute delay headed into the city. if you are traveling, about a five-10 minute delay. jim smith is in skyfoxhd. good morning, jim. >> good morning, ines.
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off the bridge. a closure on first avenue. monday night we had that incident. the bricks fell off the building. we are seeing some extra exiting volume. phuket dropped onto 62nd street. you have to make your way over to new york avenue. i do want to mention, though, only about two-three blocks away. again, it is closed at 60th. try to avoid the area, if you can. greg: thank you very much. we recommend that every new yorker take the tram at least one time in their life. especially if you have a to arrest friend in town. it feels like you are getting on
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he saves the come seek the royal caribbean. medicare and medicaid patients to rate the 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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greg: united nations. they have a great cafeteria did. rosanna: what do they do exactly?
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that world stuff. the guy is pointing out. a great place to get sick. he knew everything about them. that is where they do all of that world stuff. rosanna: let's talk about the cofounder of north face. he was killed while kayaking in chile. greg: half the city has something from north face. rosanna: he was voting with friends. he died from hypothermia. there were big, strong waves. three kayaks went over. they did send out rescue teams. i guess he was one of the last people to be found. north face tweeted they are
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deeply saddened by the news. he will be missed. he was 72 years old. huge chunks of land so that they would never be developed. greg: he developed one heck of a clothing line. stick around. see how many people have that logo. rosanna: today may not be a good day to look for north face. it is going to be 50 degrees. rest in peace. more troubling news for chapultepec. you went there yesterday. greg: they have a big problem. now they are saying the world virus. the number of students suffering after eating at a cheerful day last week and has climbed to 80
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a neural virus and not related to e. coli outbreaks. fifty-two people got sick and nine states. initial testing on some of the six people. >> the hover board. it is a hot ticket this year. rosanna: lots of people want them from santa. greg: photos from the fire department show what can happen when you buy a defect if hover board. a malfunction caused the hover board to start fire. it was reportedly purchased from the online website. you are safer buying from recognizable dealers.
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factors in china right now. >> these things have been expensive. almost $2000. rosanna: my son has a hover board for modell's. you have to make sure that it has the right wiring. greg: do you see that. took a terrible tumble. they are a lot of fun, but you things. rosanna: approval it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet
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energy lives here. no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. greg: the staten island ferry. rosanna: writes. you can get nauseous on them. rosanna: -- relatives. yes, you take the ferry over there. it does bob. you are definitely on a boat.
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to work, by the way. greg: especially in february. [laughter] it is a dream. rosanna: 7:30 a.m. in the morning. nice to have you here on "good day new york." are you feeling good? greg: the earth is not. didn't al gore say that? whatever happened to al gore? rosanna: the weather goes in cycles. it is not the end of the world as we know it. mike, there are some meteorologists. yes. some changes. goes through cycles. part of it is man-made, part of it not.
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private jet. [laughter] greg: ryan seacrest. rosanna: leaving carbon footprints all over the place. greg: i do not have a private jet. i do not even have a bike. rosanna: he doesn't even have a car. rosanna: it was told last week. went missing for a few hours. [laughter] and then you lost the keys for the car. and then he went to his sketchy apartment to think he could retrieve it. greg: you are not helping me right now. duke: rosanna: such a great new york story. mike: we can periscope about it did. greg: i thought i lost my key in the cab.
7:32 am
rosanna: he went to the apartment of somebody you don't know? greg: i can handle myself. rosanna: we will talk about it later. greg: thanks. what is up there, mike? mike: the weather looks just fine for us. it is not just today and tomorrow. all the way through this weekend. let's take a look at what is going on right now. starting to look like spring. giving you an idea for what has happened on this day in central park, 2005, 5.8 inches of snow. yeah, it was quite a bit. anyhow. 2.19 inches of rain happened in 1976.
7:33 am
it will be warmer than normal. we are now at 43 with a partly to mostly cloudy sky in central park. there is a partly mostly cloudy sky that we are speaking of. nothing going on with the rain nor snow. here is what could be stirring the pot force here as we head into tomorrow. the trend will be on the upside. more sun in the afternoon. tomorrow we'll make it up to 57 for a high. sixty-two on sunday. another rain chance on monday did let's bring in nine as. check out what is happening as we have those roads. >> we have some problems here and there. there is a stall blocking a lane. jackie robinson parkway also has
7:34 am
the l.i.e., you have to laze pretty much from little neck parkway. a combination of normal delays as well as an earlier accident. 287 looking good from morris county. let's go to our cameras. take a look at your commute. some stop and go delays southbound. bqe heading towards the brooklyn bridge, normal delays there. normal slowdown heading northbound. packed up to the felt merge. trains, you have to laze. ted-15 minute delay because of a stall trade. rosanna: a teenager from long island facing felony charges. a terroristic threat that his high school. greg: writing a threat on the surface of a desk in a
7:35 am
police describing the threat to the district learned of new comments indicating that the today. the teenager was arrested. threatening. he is in a lot of trouble. there is a lot of concern now. rosanna: in court today. city officials hoping to keep this year's holiday pub crawl under control. greg: we will be there. rosanna: that is why they want to keep it under control. we will be there. greg: public drunkenness. rowdiness in general. it gets out of hand from time to time. rosanna: it will start in greenpoint brooklyn.
7:36 am
along the route? greg: if you're going to have an attitude about this, come on. you have to wear the silly suit and peered and everything. concerned. as you mentioned, there was vandalism. greg: we want people to have a good time. rosanna: this is a female dilemma. if you were still a nose like i do every day and you are walking on the streets, you know that you have to tiptoe. otherwise you will either lose the heel or you could even come
7:37 am
greg: i have a great solution. >> the mta thinks that they came up with a solution. greg: new subway grating. they're really debuting this. let's go to kerry drew. >> reporter: good morning. happening to so many of us. all of a sudden your heels have been caught. they are trying to change that. take a look at what they have done here. they say it's new sidewalk subway grates are more heel friendly for women. now just a half-inch. they new design has a flip resisted surface. we have been talking to some women this morning. they say heels will still get caught. >> absolutely. your steel will get stuck in
7:38 am
>> we know what they heels look like. pretty narrow. this is not any better. >> reporter: they should have narrowed it. >> i do not think that this is [laughter] i think the issue with a lot of women who have very skinny stiletto heels, they can easily slide through. also, these grates that are you seeing right here, they'll also be seen on 63rd street and 96th street as well. that is the latest right now. back to you in the studio. greg: what do you think? >> reporter: i am wearing a thicker heel.
7:39 am
if you have a stiletto heel on, we have not seen any of them this morning, i think that they would slide right through there. we will have to test them out. we will try to get that info for you through our own investigation. greg: rosanna shoe on the desk. let's take a look. rosanna: that is rude to put a shoe on the desk. greg: here is another solution, rosanna. rosanna: i am going to wear those? greg: what was that guys name? he was so angry at the un and he started going like that. rosanna: president bush getting a shoe thrown at him. i love some of that, scary cop from the women. who designed this?
7:40 am
allow me. [laughter] rosanna: thank you. thank you. [laughter] greg: what else? let's go outside, if we can. that was a first for us. rosanna: all right. a very good day up there. greg: harlem river. rosanna: they just redid it. greg: the up down. the one by the high line. rosanna: this is called a hy pson, the holiday season's just like football season...
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. greg: check it out. no hands on the steering wheel. there we go. i can write the pike with no
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the first time the other day. rosanna: houses you like it? greg: i didn't pop wheelies with it. you cannot do anything with it. rosanna: you rode a bicycle? greg: and went to an independent movie theater to a wine store. rosanna: this is not today. greg: this is from years past. free for the rest of the month. rosanna: some forecasters are predicting private normal temperatures for most of the temperatures are expected to soar past 60 degrees on sunday. it could break in 92-year-old record. do not give up hope.
7:45 am says snow right around the holidays. mike: it does look like a warmer than normal to summer so far. rosanna: yes or no. mike: [laughter] no snow at all. greg: leave it alone. greg: a human version of mister met. mike: i got a lot of response. the yankees fans -- rosanna: you love it? greg: mike: feeling good. getting better. 6.3 degrees warmer than normal. the warmest day that we have
7:46 am
just under a half-inch of rain. that looks like the general trend, for at least the next week or so. we have some clouds here right now. they will keep breaking up this high pressure takes over. high temperature goes to 52 today. low 60s over the weekend. a shot of rain on monday. do not forget the fox5 weather up at the apple itunes store in google play store. it is free. ines: we have some problems out there. watch out for an accident involving an overturned car. you have to laze fair. the expressway, normal delays. some problems in new jersey. accident on the turnpike. write when you pass the
7:47 am
before you can on the turnpike there is a crash. traffic moving slow. hov lanes are fine. george washington bridge into the city. 495, about 45 minutes headed towards the lincoln tunnel. greg and rosanna. greg: thanks a lot. rosanna: . to do this morning. duke: all of these teams. all around baseball. revenue-sharing. fast and furious. yankees getting younger and more athletic. chicago cubs.
7:48 am
2655 season. free-agent at the last minute. chicago cubs. 284. seven home runs. the royals beat the mets. it will be interesting. speaking of the mets. shortstop broke his left angle. playing winter ball in venezuela he will be wearing a walking boot for the next few weeks. training. him basketball. the mets in utah.
7:49 am
they swept the season series for the first time in 14 years. drawing a foul. losing seven-two. joe johnson driving to the basket. hockey. rangers. back in action tonight. last time the islanders were in philly. first the two goals of the night. this one went to a shootout. his first. doubling off in toronto. the devils grabbed the early leave of a power-play. this one also went to a shootout. maple leaves when it. that is a look at sports.
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coming up on "good day new york." >> what do we have there, jim? hoboken. what is his name? sinatra. he would have been 100 this week. rosanna: a fashion show. all right.
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total greg: june, what do we have here? a densely populated neighborhood . >> reporter: we are over hoboken. greg: within 100 years ago. his house burned down. rosanna: anyway. greg: you have never been there? rosanna: i don't think so. what is it? hoboken. we are looking at it right now.
7:54 am
field trip to the clam house we went to -- and sheepshead bay. [laughter] greg: you liked what you liked. rosanna: right. what did i miss then hoboken? greg: that's right. it is not exactly exotic. anna: antonio banderas and melanie griffith are now officially divorce. griffith will get $65000 a month in spousal support from banderas. he will pay for their 19 euros daughter's expenses for the next several years. they are dividing their earnings between 2004 and 2014. basically, they get to keep a
7:55 am
it is how they met. on the set of too much. it was about them getting married. then they got married for real. rosanna: i think that she gets the layer. if you have empire withdrawal, have no fear, tonight, reuniting on-screen for their one talk holiday special. there will be special guest stars. john legend, mary j j and fox. rosanna: modeled after masterpiece. greg: i heard that. anyway. he will be here at 9:00 o'clock.
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rosanna: thank you, anna. we have a facebook fan of the hour that we need to say hi to. (dog) mmm, beneful healthy weight is so good... and low-calorie. keeps me looking good. hey, i get some looks, i hear the whistles. (vo) beneful healthy weight, a delicious, low-calorie meal your dog will love. with wholesome rice, real chicken, and accents of vegetables and
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no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. rosanna: all right. "good day new york."
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greg: weatherwise. again with the warm weather. it will be affect being your weekend. that is kind of insane. rosanna, it is kind of delightful at the same time. rosanna: i know. it has people worried. greg: a little bit. rosanna: wanting to suspect a serial arsonist. new surveillance video out right now shows somebody walking away from one of the seven fires. the latest comments have outraged a lot of people. guess what, there are no signs yet. he is still number one or number two. this is it.
7:59 am
rosanna: the german chancellor. greg: wait a second, are you serious? i heard we heard some juicy stuff. i know that merkel is the person of the year. what was the big moment that she had this year? rosanna: four taking a selfie. i think that was it. apple is launching its own iphone battery case just in time for the holidays. in additional 25 hours. immediately everyone is rubbing it apart. they are saying that is really big. about. checking my head. did you hear about this bullying
8:00 am
greg: not really. roseanne and i will have a big opera concert and a couple of weeks. what is it called? the manhattan school of music. you have to learn how to walk. how to even sit down. how to hold your cane. looking forward to you arriving. again teach you have to be a spot like i am. rosanna: you look good. i am going to call you dimango. you look husky.
8:01 am
rosanna: no, i am not. rosanna: shall we? meanwhile, did you practice your song? greg: moving me to the next level. rosanna: i have not practiced in a while. greg: mike woods, how are you? mike: i am good. greg: tell everybody what you are in casual clothing. mike: five weeks. have the praise song for the detachment of the tendon. it is so hard to move this thing. greg: -- mike: exactly what you need to start working on your mobility. you cannot pull it too far. rosanna: you cannot do that.
8:02 am
it all over again. rosanna: do have to sleep with that? mike: i do. the only thing i can do a shower. i have to put it right back on. rosanna: do not need to know. greg: by about of things. pay for the umbrella. rosanna: what is happening outside? >> would show you what is happening around the tri-state region. it is pretty mild out there. i was just out there right now. forty-four and central park. they should be breaking up a least a little bit later on this afternoon.
8:03 am
forty in boston. a lot of clouds. there are some drier skies. they will eventually swing up this way. milder air. they will be directed towards us here as we head towards the next day. even though we have that cold front. it will not knock your temperatures down. here is what we have for you today. fifty-seven for you tomorrow. fifty-eight on friday. low 60s for the weekend. all right. let's bring in ines rosales. >> a little stinky in the weather center. >> there is a stall there blocking a lane.
8:04 am
delays northbound. on the taconic, this is by the reservoir. you have an accident on the west side. the long island expressway, there is an accident there. this is by queens boulevard. one lane blocked with an accident. ten-15 minute delay. everything else running on to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. greg: new surveillance video on that arsonist in queens. the new surveillance video which you are looking at right now. teresa priolo is in with the very latest this morning. he lives around here.
8:05 am
go without being caught. it came from a neighbor's private surveillance camera. they are key for solving these crimes. i am living in the neighborhood for 53 years. we have not heard anything like this ever. >> people are safe. they are concerned about what is going on this holiday season. getting the information out. >> seven fires since october. targeting the homes. currently under construction. released by the nypd. connected to the fire that was
8:06 am
a man walking away from a fire. he may be living among the homes he was torching. >> leave it to be one person. >> spending what is supposed to be a joyous holiday season on edge. >> all of a sudden everything is changing. things are not doing as well as they should be. the hate crimes tax force is looking into that possibility. a $50000 reward. information leading to his arrest. crimestoppers has kicked in an additional 500.
8:07 am
to justice. they cannot physically be guarding every single house. there are still a police command center there. back to both of you in the studio. so upset. in corona last night. the victim has been identified. the nypd collision investigation squad is now searching for the
8:08 am
you right now. he turned himself in just a little while ago. he is accused of beating a man in smithtown three years ago. he then covered it up. the former police chief will be arraigned in court later today. other officers were also involved in this. none of them have been charged. >> now he is in suffolk county police custody. beating up a guy and trying to cover it up. all right. donald trump. what is happening now. you heard about what he said about muslims. however, no sign at all. >> they are all coming.
8:09 am
>> he has said crazy things before. questioning a war hero. rosanna: this is the foundation of our country. you let them people that are escaping from this across the world. >> good morning. along with religious leaders gathering here on the steps of city hall to denounce the remarks. there has been a global uproar. it extends here to new york
8:10 am
morning's daily news. barbara walters asked trump. >> somebody in this country have to say what is right. i have tremendous relationships with them. it is short term. >> short term or not, the proposal plays right into the hands of isis. >> the people in the party fully understand that. neither feasible nor morally defensible. >> violating the constitution. >> that is not a program. that is not a plan. >> it is not what this party
8:11 am
this country stands for. >> i disagree with that proposal. i like donald trump. encouraging me to criticize and attack donald trump. i am not interested in doing so. trump hinted on twitter that he made rate that promise. the supporters would vote for him if he ran as an independent. >> we mentioned the impact on the polls earlier. there is a new poll that shows trump's lead getting bigger and new hampshire higher. one caveat there is that that poll was conducted before these comments. that is the latest live from city hall this morning. back to you. rosanna: thank you very much. america's magazine.
8:12 am
the first one was charles lindbergh. what about adolf hitler in 1988. >> remember that? rosanna: how about an 82? the year of the computer. >> america's mayor. greg: a push to osama bin laden. this i did not like. greg: they put a little cheap meter on the cover. last year was that you bowl of crisis. this year we have angela merkel. germany's chancellor. let's bring in assisting editor of the magazine. this is who he went with. congratulations.
8:13 am
picked all of our most controversial. rosanna: she is not so controversial. >> we are a global magazine. we think about what is going on. >> this is a year where leadership is in lots of different ways in lots of different places. nobody faces as many challenges as merkel. seizing out putin and the response to the ukraine crisis. keeping the euro zone together. now, with the migrant crisis,
8:14 am
leadership. >> we have the black lives matter. >> you had. we talk about the year they had. i remind you, the category is the person who for good or ill most impacted the world. >> it has been interpreted that way for a long time. >> this is not an award. rosanna: was that the person that you wanted? who was your personal number one favorite? >> i do not know how much we are supposed to reveal. rosanna: we will tell nobody. >> i think it is a right choice.
8:15 am
she was a woman, but it is important. greg: how close did donald trump come? conversation around new york. i cannot remember the last time it ever happened. donald trump. they're talking about him. rosanna: all around the world. >> no presidential candidate has ever won. greg: if he becomes president, i would say there is a significant chance that we may consider him. greg: available on newsstands everywhere. rosanna: nice to meet you. greg: congratulations to angela merkel. sorry for listening to you on your phone calls. the nsa was listening to her.
8:16 am
rosanna: mike, take it away. mike: we have some changes out there. 44 degrees. that is your temperature in central park. 34 degrees and 50. thirty-nine a bridge for. variations as far as the scatter camera is concerned. more clouds than anything. you will see more sunshine making a comeback here. rain is not a challenge for us. we do not expect much either. trying to sweep out a few showers. take a look at what is going on here overall. high temperature goes up to 52 degrees. tomorrow we make it up to 57 for a high.
8:17 am
saturday and sunday. the foxny weather app and google placed or have the hourly forecasts are broken down for you. let's bring in nine as. pretty typical. good morning. there. not that that of a ride. here. no issues on the southern state parkway. you have traffic flow between exit 19 and 13. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the taconic. just cleared away an accident. blocking the left lane there. crossing the hudson, the george washington bridge, about a 40 minute new life. the holland tunnel, 10-15 minute delay from each approach.
8:18 am
greg: we will surprise time magazine. we will give them a chance. rosanna: i wonder if they ever did anything on master p. and empire. entrepreneur. rafter. basketball star. he has his own show. you sleep based on master p. greg: so behind on dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. what dear? oh!
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8:20 am
that guy that started you were. >> fox means business. >> this is a iphone5. this is the ugliest thing they have ever seen coming out of apple in a long time. forcing people to buy a $99 case which they are calling, one reviewer called it ugly. the six as has a lot of complaints. not any good battery life. seven, eight hours.
8:21 am
this thing. it comes in black or white. a really spectacular design. >> worst accessory ever. >> everyone is a critic now. i am shaking my head. rosanna: has this new -- greg: very nice person.
8:22 am
sometimes, we all need a little help. today, you helped her plant a garden, and you want to be there
8:23 am
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8:24 am
scaffolding there. that is 55th between park and madison madison. now there is a grating that women can walk over without being caught. >> no kidding. they are maying them high heel friendly and the spaces smaller. rosanna: the people going over the grating is men. >> we haven't given it a chance. all right. rosanna: keep on open mind? greg: they are saying, they have designed the new grate with their eyes to the women and their high heels. rosanna: we are going to investigate this, we are going up close and personal on this. greg: as we listen to vintage mo
8:25 am
she was danceing with a cross. rosanna: she still does that. she was brought up catholic. she studies kabala. greg: do you have a kabala name? rosanna: no, i don't. it is a practicing, not a religion, by the way. by the way, lots of things that work together, you know, talk about the light in both kabala and catholicism. to the light outside with the sun. mike. greg: and your shirt is bright. mike: yes, but i like it. this? mike: yes.
8:26 am
take turns dressing you in the morning. mike: look, a smile on his face. greg: i will delegate those dressing responsibilities. rosanna: we'll put something on facebook. greg: mike, you have to put a tie on. you look like burt and ernie. mike: sure, try to tie a tie with this thing on. rosanna: you need a dresser. that. in the meantime, you get the polo. cool for starters and gray at the same time. we don't have rain in the area right now, that is good news. we absolutely need it though, we are ten inches behind, but it is not happening. well, get out and enjoy the warmer temperatures that we have out there. most of the folkses are happy, that's what i am hearing any way. 34 is the average low.
8:27 am
above normal. for the high, we are blowing away the average high as well. another mild one. we have 43 in newark. 39 in bridgeport and belmar. the winds are not doing much. in fact, most of the locations reporting the winds calm as this hour. we have a lot of clouds. the rain, we need it, but it is not lining up for us. low pressure is over the great lakes. see how there is a lack in moisture here. the warm front is coming through and scooting by to the north. what is coming with the cold front is minimal and maybe a sprinkle tomorrow, that is it. 52 toorm. 57 tomorrow. more sunshine on friday and warm over the weekend. then wet weather is squeezing through on monday. all the temps are warmer than normal by quite a bit. now to ines and what we have as we hit the roads.
8:28 am
there. queens and manhattan, the harlem river drive southbound an accident blocking a lane. avenue. the l.i.e. is slow, two accidents in the area. both cleared away but the traffic is slow on the cross ieland parkway. delays. now to the cameras. staten island, bradley avenue, no problems eastbound. george washington bridge, headed to the city, upper level delays cleared. delays on the lower. lincoln tunnel 45 into the city. the holland tunnel 5-10. metro-north, new haven line a stall by greenwich. street cleaning rules in effect. >> okay, thank you.
8:29 am
shoes shoes. rosanna: can't live without them. greg: all right, but not compatible for the new york city walking. who is come tolling the rescue and improving the situation? >> rosanna: well, the mta, they are trying. greg: this is a new grate. they have made the holes, the gaps smaller, tighter so the heel won't fall through. rosanna: kerry drew is on the scene between park and madison. no stone or grate unturned with kerry there. kerry: exactly. we hit the ground running on this one. we are getting to the investigation in a little bit. this is a problem that the women face, walking down the street and all of a sudden your heel is caught in the subway grate, now
8:30 am
and making the grates more heel friendly. this is on 55th street between park and madison. the grate openings are a half inch and the new design has a slip resistence surface. this is part of the ventilation system for the east side access. we have video to show you. we spoke with this woman that wears the flats to work and carrying the heels in the bag and she took out the heels and we did a test, and not even the skinniest heel and it slid in. the women are saying it is a good idea in theory, but heels will still get caught. >> very skinny ones are going to go through. i have a pair right here in my bag, so i don't usually wear them out. i wear them inside because of the problems with the it grates. >> i avoid them.
8:31 am
and fall on your face. >> they are going to go through. >> i think so. the skinny ones are going to slide in. the grates next stop on 63rd and 96th. that heel went into the grate. greg: so all right. the mta tried to do this. and they failed. this was, this was the stated intention to make this better? is that true? >> reporter: they have released a press release and talking about the east side access and mentioned the grates are more heel friendly, because of the size of the distance between the grates and slip resistance the women will have an easer time, but that is not necessarily the case. greg: it is not a mission, it is
8:32 am
heels. rosanna: we don't know the mission, we have to bring them in and put them over the grate on this one. well, thank you, kerry. you have to avoid them or walk on your toes. greg: or wear the pumps or sneakers. rosanna: a new surveillance video that the police put out and showing a man they want. they believe he may have had something to do with robbing gweneth's shop at columbus circle. >> here are the photos. these guys got away with a lot of stuff. worth together a couple hundred thousand dollars. do you know anything about this, give the police a call. gweneth, the goop thing is controversial. for some too high end and kind
8:33 am
style and i heard her. we hope they catch those guys. rosanna: the store is staying open until christmas eve at the columbus circle shops. greg: the big pub crawl throughout the city this weekend and we are so there. rosanna: we are psyched up. greg: we plan to drink responsibly. but santa con in the past seeing drunkenness and rowedy behavior. rosanna: in fact, the orbing organizers are saying how they are going to conduct it. it is saturday morning in green point and thus of santas, elves, grinches going to the east village. in the past, the business owners and public officials blasted the
8:34 am
much vandalism and littering and place. we hope it is not going to happen this. if we go, we have to be good role models. greg: but we are having fun. santacon be there. rosanna: coming up, i read about him this past weekend, do you see him on the right, he's been called pastors of the stars. he married kim and kanye. >> he's a cool dude. rosanna: he's got a congregation in miami and he's got a series
8:35 am
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greg: kim and kanye. >> i am looking at the one in the circle. >> he's the guy that joined them as man and wife. he's a pastor. he's our new friend. he's also the star along with his wife in called rich in faith. welcome to you both. >> good morning. >> how are you? nice to have you here. everyone is talking about the two of you. what is going on in miami? that is where your congregation is? >> yes, we were on the staff where your parents were pastors. kanye came to the church a few years ago and became friends and
8:39 am
and tonight the show is beginning. we are starting a church downtown miami. >> kim and kanye, did you consult them before the wedding. >> they have been good friends for a lot of years and lots of conversations and discussions and we just love them. they have been good friends to us. we love having them in our lives. rosanna: is the show about the message and preaching throughout the show? >> the show covers everything about our life. this year is the biggest at venture for us. we have been married nine years and this year stepping out and starting a new church in downtown miami. it is a journey of marriage, that is exciting. lots of ups and downs and conversations.
8:40 am
every part of our life. greg: you are cool people. we don't associate pastors with tattoos and a cool bike and working out in the gym, this makes you more accessible. >> hey, we are pulling the curtain back, we are regular people, with the same issues and faith is less about what we say and more about the way we leave. i hope people get encouraged. it is church every day of the week. we are coming around and seeing the people having tough times, cancers, marriages on the rocks, sub tans abuse and how does the body of christ come around those people. rosanna: your church is young people. the younger generation you are dragging them into the church, how are you attracting them? >> i don't know if we have a
8:41 am
this generation is about authenticity and being real. they would rather know if you are scared or doubts, opposed to covering that up and acting like you are put together. a lot of young people, polls are showing that church goers are fading, people are open for a relationship with god is increasing. >> voo church? >> yes, voo it is a meeting place. >> what about the book? >> this is my first book. it is called sand castle kings. what are you building your life and tennessee foundation of your life. people build their life on the good things, a good thing becomes a bad thing when it is a foundational thing. is it going to sustain in the
8:42 am
>> justin bieber hangs out with you too? >> yes. >> keep him out of trouble. >> throwing the eggs at the neighbor's house. how is he doing? >> he's doing good. he's on a journey. >> good luck with the show. what about the actual, your mass, is that ever viewable on tv? >> right now 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and meeting in a middle school and all volunteers. maybe one day on television. this time right now a community of young people and coming together. >> does it both err you they are call ugh you the hot pastor. >> i fell in love with him at 17. he's us a hot to me. >> we can't control the headlines. i appreciate the nice stuff. >> thank you very much.
8:43 am
no hair pulling? >> no, no. just all positive, good vibes. >> feel at home, come with us a second. we have a band from the gospel fest. >> this is amazing. >> music. >> you are wonderful. >> this is for you. >> the choir is coming up later. >> let's do it.
8:44 am
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8:46 am
>> okay, well ticket gouging is so bad for the bruce springsteen shows that the attorney general has gotten involved. tickets for the show going on sale on friday and the retail $5,000. the state attorney general wrote a letter to stub hub and ticket network and asking them to take down the tickets. it is illegal to sell something they don't known yet. ticket network complied, but viftd and stub hub are continuing to sell the tickets. >> frank sin tra saying he was born on the 12 day of the 12 month. you could visit the exhibit at the hoboken museum and a walking tour through places an important part of his life.
8:47 am
musician, singer, that could act act. he was a heck of an actor. elvis tried to act. rosanna: i loved him. anna: ladies disagree with you. greg: what else? anna: brushing up on the sinatra facts, there are a hundred of them posted oen the website, he almost died during child birth because he weighed 13 and a half pounds. he was arrested for seduction back in 1938. greg: what is that? >> anna: he made love to a woman was supposed to be single and then turned out she was married. interesting fact. and if you want to celebrate the music, there is a concert at the new jersey performing arts
8:48 am
and if you want to get in a festive spirit, you can do that, taste of home, there is a gingerbread boulevard. some of the houses are nine feet tall. you can't eat them. there is a new visual feature on the app. it is on display through december 22nd.
8:49 am
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