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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  December 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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on muslims entering the united states. >> we will not give into the fear. we will not turn our backs on our values. and we will not let trump's rhetoric go unchecked and unchallenged. >> long live donald trump. he's a peaceful man. he's a very peaceful man. i love muslims, too. >> one trump supporter attended the rally but was escorted out. the candidate was in new york this morning, appearing on live with kelly and michael and stood by his controversial comments. >> it's not about religion. this is about safety. this has nothing to do with it's about safety. a lot of problems are having. >> reporter: but for this muslim father, trump's comments have serious consequences. >> it affects the people. so it's scary being muslim now. sometimes when you go everywhere around the people, whatever happened, the things that
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muslim and they develop a sense of hatred against muslim. sometimes it makes you not safe. ernie: a lot of comments. a lot going on, liz. we know despite all of this, rise. >> he's in first place. and with a drastic lead, 18 points, over the rest of the field. it will be interesting to see what the backlash will be, if any at all after these comments. ernie: let's find out more about this. joining me is a political science professor. you just heard this. the poll, the new hampshire poll, taken before all of this broke, with the muslim comments. >> before all this broke. but i believe that once the later polls come out, donald trump will either maintain his lead or probably increase his margin. i don't think people should be surprised. his supporters are rallying behind him after the comments. not running from him at all. ernie: what do you think about the rally in new york today
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president? >> it's important for people to say these were un-american racist comments. the ralliers do not have the option of saying who should and shouldn't run. that's up to the voters. it's important they get out there and separate themselves from the comments and say they're deplorable, which i think most thinking americans know they are. and they're not going to help us in our fight with isis and they're not constitutional. he couldn't implement these. i think it's important to say that. the nomination belongs to the voters. that's what we have to focus on are the people who are supporting him and republicans disenchanted with the establishment and their party and the media. ernie: if he runs as an independent, what's the scenario? >> they're handing the presidency over to the democrats. so that would fracture the party to such an extent he would hand the race over to hillary
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but it may allow republicans to but it may allow republicans to keep the senate and the house. that's really what they're focused on. interestingly, if he runs as an independent, you may get more republicans out to the ballots voting. that would help the congressional candidates. ernie: today's rally was a show of force against trump, but also where he does business here in new york. will it hurt his business? >> in the short term, i don't think so. long term, i think it can. he's consistently doubling down. this is a guy who knows how to get things done. he's a showman and businessman. i don't think we have to worry about his business. he should watch what he says. the comments were deplorable. ernie: thank you for joining us and your insight. also in the news, san bernardino shooters were radicalized two years ago, even before they began their online relationship. that's according to the f.b.i. so far there's no evidence the couple were directly linked to an extremist group in the u.s.
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>> beware of the boss or at least tickets to his concert. seats for bruce springsteen's tour next month are listed for as much as $5,000 even though tickets don't go on sale until friday. new york attorney general eric schneiderman sent letters to three broker sites, stub hub, ticket network and vivid seats, to remove the speculative tickets. >> some of the sellers of the tickets may be offering tickets they don't have. too often unscrupulous speculators leave music fans holding the bag with bad tickets or no tickets. ernie: ticket network says it has voluntarily chosen to take down any inventory listed on the site for springsteen concerts in new york until the public sale goes this friday. that's what's happening now. bruce, the boss, you can't beat him. i love his concerts. nick: fantastic. ernie: i'm sure he's happy about the weather.
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ernie: the energy he has is amazing. local guy. new jersey. nick: jersey shore. ernie: speaking of tickets, you're giving away free tickets to nice weather these days? nick: step outside. amazing. we had a bit of cloud cover. that didn't stop the temperature from getting to 52. that's seven degrees above average. if you like that, wait until you see what's coming as we'll be approaching 60 and pass it as we get towards the weekend. 45, 34 is where we should average. we won't be down along those numbers anytime soon. the 45 may end up being our low temperature. 66 the record high. 7 the record low. that was back in the late 1800's. right now in new york, we're holding in that very mild upper 40s to lower 50s range. we look at that. 52. wind out of the south. humidity, 66 percent. pressure is 30.03 and falling. we have clouds around. we'll be talking about some
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as a weak system comes from the west. it may kick off a couple of showers, but no real big deal. 54 in belmar. middle to upper 50s central and south jersey. low 50s for the city east to montauk. 52 poughkeepsie. sussex in the upper 40s. monticello, 45. right now, low 50s around town. down to the jersey shore. hanging on to 50 at islip and bridgeport. 48 poughkeepsie. it's cooled down quite a bit at montauk. down to 39. that's the only one that's colder than 24 hours ago. everybody else is milder by a wide margin, 7 to 12 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. let's look at wind. wind out of the south 5, 10 miles an hour. that will continue tonight. a south-southwest wind tomorrow. that will help bring the temperature right up close to 60 in the area. fox 5 sky guardian not showing any showers. as we look at the satellite movie loop, you'll see off to the west there are a couple of showers located across western pennsylvania. we see some of the clouds.
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here about 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 in that. then they'll be out of here before your commute. could be a bit of fog in some places. as the sun goes to work tomorrow morning, it will burn the fog off and have a nice day. a line of showers on the satellite photograph. high pressure is offshore. wind keeps us mild. ways. that's days from getting here. clouds and fog tomorrow. 50 by 9:00 a.m. 54 at lunchtime. 59 will be the high tomorrow afternoon. the futurecast showing the morning cloud cover going away and a good amount of sun heading into the afternoon. friday, the front stays north of us. we could hit 60 in new york city on friday with sunshine and clouds at times. and with that front staying to the north, we'll be in the warm air this weekend with lower 60s saturday and sunday. by the way, the record high for sunday is 64. we have a good chance of getting there. we'll see how that goes.
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the shower risk is there past the midnight hour. 48 in the city. generally 40 in the cooler suburbs north and west. tomorrow, clouds and fog to start. sun and milder, 59. the seven day shows temperatures taking off. 61 friday and saturday. a good amount of sunshine. 63 sunday. we could hit that record with sun and clouds. showers by later monday, monday night, with a cold front at 61. it doesn't get cold after that. just cools down. ernie: we're both superstitious. we don't want to jinx this. nick: no. you know we will have a reality check coming. ernie: it's coming. all right. nick: it will be here. ernie: can't wait. thanks. up next here, the latest stop on our trip through new york city's history. tonight, the 1960s in new york, including the civil rights area and the pivotal moment that turned a southern issue into a nationwide movement that involved our city. we're coming right back with a
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ernie: welcome back to our feature story. after the golden age of the '50s, came a transformative time in new york city. the civil rights era of the '60s. let's start with arthur chi'en. he shows us how new york was
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>> reporter: much of the focus over the civil rights centered on the south where it was at times gruesome. new york in that time was a battleground as well. laws prohibited minorities from buying or renting apartments. segregation divided new yorkers heating our melting point to the part of boiling over. >> it started with wartime jobs, places like the navy yard in brooklyn. >> reporter: sarah is the curator of the exhibition at the city museum including a fire representing a pivotal moment in the civil rights movement when three activists were murdered in mississippi. >> two of the three people killed during freedom summer in 1964 were new yorkers. >> reporter: their deaths sparked outrage. with the murder of new yorkers, it was no longer considered a southern matter. new york had drawn the largest african-american urban population in america and the
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civil rights campaigns to washington and further south. >> new york city was a big site of the national civil rights movement in part because it's the center of money and influence and also culture. >> reporter: fundraising flyers show african-americans had diverse support. new york became the crucial financial backer to the movement. >> the new york campaign was very integrated, although african-americans were at the forefront. >> the fight in new york back then in many ways parallels our lives here today. lack of school integration, jobs, affordable housing, anger over treatment by police. sound familiar? in 1964 at the height of the campaign, 400,000 new york city school children boycotted class to demand this. it transformed our city in meaningful ways. it brought progress and paved the way for other equality movements to come.
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feeling feeling that life really changed. by the end of the decade, you have a lot going on in new york in terms of civil rights. also gay rights with stonewall in 1969. >> we asked what she sees in new york that was born of this crucial time in our city. >> one thing we can take comfort in is with every generation of inequality and challenges, there's new generations of activists who are fighting against those conditions. >> a look at our city during the civil rights era, arthur chi'en, fox 5 news. ernie: thank you very much for that. joining me right now, rick burns. happy to have you here. now a documentary filmmaker. new york among many other documentaries. what an amazing time in the '60s. you know all about this. when you think about the civil rights era, what stands out most in your mind about the city? >> it was a revolutionary time. the best of times, the worse of times. it was that.
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sliding down the tubes. building, auto culture, white flight, segregating the african-americans into harlem and bed-stuy. yet at the same time, something that's recognizably part of our world today was coming up out of the ground. the juxtapositions of the '60s were amazing. ernie: what an era. while this is happening, we're talking about the charismatic new york. he had his share of riots and protests and strikes. >> on the day he arrives, there's the transit strike. then the teachers. then the sanitation workers. he has his own blizzard issue. and he became sort of thought of as like the guy who couldn't catch a break. when you look back on lindsey, history should be and will be kind to him. i think the city he inherited had more troubles in more ways than any city in the history of
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when he was elected through the early '70s. ernie: had a lot to deal with. >> he dealt with it with a kind of kennedy-esque grace, part of his signature. new yorkers really got that. when martin luther king was assassinated in 1968, there were not riots in the streets of new york as there were in other heartbroken places in america. john lindsey walked out with his coat over his shoulder and walked into the neighborhoods of harlem and said this was a terrible tragedy. we understand it. we have to address this. it meant something. new york did not go up in flames. ernie: as you pointed out, the city was really emerging. it was coming into its own after all this time and what it would become. talk about pop culture and everything else. it's -- there's so much i love to talk to you about. i want you to come back and talk more about it. congratulations all the great work you do.
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>> we're going to continue our series, new york through the years. we'll take you through the '80s boom. you'll see the city's massive transformation into the tourist destination it is today. first, what's the question? here it is. if money was no object, i would buy myself what? how would you treat yourself? we'll see what people said in just a few minutes. and russ is next with trades for the mets and yankees.
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ernie: hot stuff baseball. the yankees and the mets making deals. russ: the mets, the latest this afternoon, they wanted ben zobros. he went to the cubs. today you can basically say bye, bye, so long, farewell to daniel murphy. because in a trade with the pittsburgh pirates, the mets get neil walker in exchange for jonathan ethan. ernie: you like the deal? russ: he's 30 years old. he's a veteran. he's got one more year to go before free agency. listen, he's a serviceable guy. i think he batted .265, 71 runs batted in. he's a major league player.
6:21 pm
over murphy. ernie: you like it. russ: i think it's a good deal. in fairness to murph, we loved him. he's going to look for 15 million for four years. neither is worth it. i think the mets made a prudent decision. ernie: speaking of second basemen, the yankees cut a deal. russ: if you ask me, i think the yankees stole somebody last night from the cubs. they acquired castro in exchange for warren and a player to be named later. we believe it was ryan. castro is 25 years old. this kid can flat out play. i think it is a very -- ernie: you called it a steal? a good one? russ: a very good deal. warren is a serviceable right hander, but if you ask me, castro has the ability to be a star and he's young. i think the yankees did -- ernie: so the mets and the
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if you're asking me, i think that really from a yankees standpoint, i think that's more of a steal when they got castro last night. ernie: golden state warriors, can you believe this? incredible. russ: everybody is asking me every place i ask can they match the bulls record of 72 and 10 in a season? 23 and 0 is eye popping. but to think for them, that the season. for them to beat the bulls, they have to go 50 and 9 the rest of the way. listen, i'm not going to say no. but for crying out loud, that's kind of like -- the bubble has to burst sooner or later. the warriors are playing great basketball. coming off a championship season, there was no letdown whatsoever. that's very impressive. ernie: russ, thank you. okay. it's the season for giving. what would you give yourself if money were no object? great answers are coming up next.
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ernie: here's my question. if you didn't have to worry about money, what would you buy yourself? >> i would probably buy myself an around the world trip. ernie: around the world trip. wouldn't that be fabulous. >> take off a year to do it. ernie: and travel around the world. >> a tenor saxophone. i played rock 'n roll with lou reed when i was a kid. ernie: a penthouse. >> wouldn't that be fun? and have parties all the time and family and friends over. ernie: be beautiful. >> awesome. ernie: let's keep asking the question. what would you buy? >> dogs. ernie: a lot of dogs? >> a lot of dogs. ernie: you could do that. that would be fun. what would you buy?
6:25 pm
ernie: nice swimming pool. >> and have it for me. just for me. i'll have like six all over the city. ernie: what would you buy? >> my college tuition. ernie: that's a big one. that's a big one. how about you? >> an apartment. ernie: a beautiful apartment. >> yeah. ernie: what would you have in there? >> a dog. ernie: okay. how about you? if you didn't have to worry about money, what would you buy? >> a chartered airplane. ernie: would you fly it? >> yeah. ernie: be a pilot, too? where would you fly to? >> dominican republic. ernie: have a nice trip. thank you, bye. i want to hear what you have to say. give me your opinion. put it there on facebook. that's it for now. thank you very much for joining us. i'm ernie anastos. from all of us in studio 5 and our control room upstairs, john k., give us a big wave, thanks for being a part of the broadcast. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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