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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  December 10, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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from fox 5 news is "good day early call". juliet: activity going on in brooklyn, presidents are forced to evacuate four apartment leak. indeed the first funeral is scheduled for today for a victim of the san bernardino shooting, it comes as we learn more information about the shooters. donald trump ruffling some feathers, the photo shoot that had him, you can decide if he was fighting or not. the video is very funny. i am juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau, it is
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are working towards the weekend. juliet: tomorrow is friday and i have a surprise. i have a big surprise. a big surprise. you are welcome to guess what it is. ben: is it for us or for you? is a thing or news? juliet: it is an event announcement. ben: there will be food and your holiday party? juliet: you are not even going. >> meteorologist: i will be there in spirit. >> meteorologist: we have grown fox 5. let's show you what is going on. fox 5 sky guardian, we will
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live one picking out showers to the west of us mainly west of new jersey toward the poconos toward the catskills as well, heavy stuff in the offshore waters the we don't expect much to happen in terms of rain fall but there will be a little bit here and there at least orson sprinkles, temperatureswise it is mild, 54 at central park, 52 in newark, 47 in sussex, 45 in monticello, 54 in montauk said definitely on the mild side, again with former temperatures making a come back, south southwest wind kicking in and that is happening at 3 to 8 miles per hour and we will have a warmer southwest wind ushering through a quick shower. a lot of this one come through very early this morning on a lot of folks will miss out on it and want to goes by done nothing will seem too month following it up, we have a weak trough coming kicking off the showers we do have so look out for that potential, wet roadways,
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to make for slick conditions in the commute can accident that start popping up, high temperature 59 later this afternoon, tomorrow 60 with more sunshine and highs in the low 60s over the weekend, more rain chances monday. let's bring it to ines and get an early look at what is happening as you head al gore. ines:you are fine westchester bound. your commute in new jersey looking pretty good. route 3 and the parkway, looking at the long island expressway, george washington bridge, construction on the upper level slowing things down and that is wrapping up, 10 minute delay on the upper level, no delays on the lower level, lincoln and holland tunnels looking good, trains running on or close. ben: developing overnight in brooklyn four apartment buildings had to evacuate
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juliet: an active scene between 11 and twelfth avenue, national greek crews making repairs, the of the ny found elevated levels of carbon monoxide. no one was hurt, no word when people will be allowed back in their homes. ben: deliberations are expected today in the federal corruption trial of dean scelos ed his son adam. the jury heard closing arguments yesterday, prosecutors said scelos used his office to strong arm three businesses and giving his son $300,000 in fees and benefits for no show jobs. his attorney says scelos never provided any opponents to get jobs. juliet: a ghoulish crime, prosecutors say they took a personal information from patients who were in hospital emergency room. ben: accused of using that information to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of high end merchandize. juliet: how do they think and
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ben: teresa priolo, have they been caught? >> reporter: they have been caught but wait until you hear the specifics of this. i thought i heard everything and that i heard this story. the most callous case allegedly occurred two hours after a patient died at this very hospital. what are we talking about? lenox hill ordered the name kyle steeped allegedly lifted the personal security information, social security number, date of birth, names of more than any er patients, sultan barista, others were dying and some had just passed away, he give that information to his 30-year-old white crystal who used it to make almost $300,000 worth of purchases. according to prosecutors she tried to make $1 million worth of purchases but got away with
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at saks and at a luxury retailer's purchasing 50 bags, 5 funded thousand dollars a pop and some other very expensive high end good. the majority of these purchases made on line and over the phone. you may be asking how in the world could somebody do something like this? according to the indictment she did it through banc of america and american express circumventing all their security layers and security questions by claiming at some times to be at a doctor's office and needing immediate access to these credit cards in order to pay bills. in other instances she claimed to be the patient out shopping with her grandkids and said that they needed to lift the from warning, fraud alert, fraud hold on her credit cards in order to complete her holiday shopping with them. according to prosecutors she would call customer service over and over and over again until she basically got the right
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her to take over in these accounts. she did this between january of 2014, and february of 2015. both of the speeds iron casing 193 counts of fraud and identity effect, each. file fraud has been fired from his job here at lenox hill hospital, both were in court yesterday and they are due back in court in january. i guess you filed this one under what were these people thinking, how cruel and callous can you be, but prosecutors say this is true. back to both of you. dick: what do you say about this? throw the book at them. ben: the head of the fbi disturbing new information about the husband and wife killers of and the san bernardino affect. juliet: robert moses joins us
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>> reporter: even though they may have drawn inspiration from isis, fbi director says the couple was radicalized before isis came to real prominence. he also says one question yet to be answered is whether or not but marriage was arranged so that she could enter the u.s. and to get there they could strike. today begins the somber procession of funerals for the 14 victims of the san bernardino shootings. family and friends will gather this afternoon remember the that. the last was environmental and health specialist who was supposed to get her health inspector badge last week at the inland regional center. instead she and 13 others were murdered. as their loved ones grieve authorities investigate what led to the shootings.
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judiciary committee that the shooters syed farouk and mohammed emwazi radicalize before the attack. >> they were radicalized before they started cord or dating each other online and online as early as the end of 2013 they were talking to each other about jihad and martyrdom. >> reporter: investigators want to know what else the couple was planning. >> also working hard to want to stand weather there was anybody else involved with assisting them, supporting them, equipping them. >> reporter: this man who is related by marriage provided a couple with two of the weapons they used, he has reportedly told investigators that he and investment in plant and attack in 2012. it is not clear why they didn't carry it out. the question is whether tashfeen malik should have been denied entry. >> the president has asked the department of state and the department of homeland security to take a close look at the screening measures put in place
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what sort of reforms need to be instituted. >> reporter: in october the fbi director said there are 900 investigations related to isis sympathizers and other extremists here in the u.s.. one terror expert with the to yesterday said he thinks those individuals may be just the tip of the iceberg. that is the latest from the newsroom. back to you. juliet: we will check back with you in a little bit. a loud protest against donald trump on the steps of city hall. >> reporter: hundreds of people gathered to denounce trump's controversial call to deny muslims entry into the u.s.. yesterday dozens of speakers that his value is to not reflect those of the city and the nation built by immigrants. they call on conservatives to speak out against him. >> there is nothing left to say
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he is a disgusting, racist demagogue who has no business running for president, period. >> it is scary being muslim, sometimes when you go everywhere around, people -- whatever happens, the things that happen, the sense of hatred against muslims and this is something you don't see. >> reporter: trump's comments received worldwide attention. benjamin netanyahu said he rejects trump's comments about muslims, the two are scheduled to meet later this month. >> reporter: speaking of being annoyed with trump a bald eagle named uncle sam tried to knit the republican presidential candidate. that happen during a photo shoot for the august issue of time. at one point the bird was perched on trump's arm and flapped his wings startling the billionaire.
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like he was kind of funny about it. >> the 27-year-old byrd was seriously beautiful but dangerous. >> we'll need to check our hair from time to time. juliet: a very visual business. when you have hair and it is very distracting to the viewer. the gigantic mirrors that we have. ben: still at on "good day early call". should i hold this for you? dick: of cloud is that they, temperatures reaching the upper 50s. mike has your complete forecast. ben: new puppies, getting our first look at puppies bor who coined the term
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it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. >> meteorologist: time to look at what is going on with your high temperature trends on the war in the normal side. here is the normal high, 44 degrees, keeping the same general range over the next 7 days but it is coming down and we have 59 as your forecast i out there today, already 54 degrees on the mild side. tomorrow we make up to 60, we have three four days with 60 degree temperatures before it starts to come back down by the middle of next week but above
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normal for a while here. we have 54 central park, 52 newark, same in belmar, 48 in allentown, there we have seen light showers that have passed by along with a trough that is working its way through and there will be some quick showers for the morning commute. a lot of folks will miss out on them if they're about before 6:00 or 7:00. hours are working their way through new jersey toward the city, we would get some light rain for a short time and that is it, it should swing for when we should see some clouds hanging around but it is more about the cloudier skies and mild temperatures the we will more or less enjoy out there today even though it will be a little inconvenient with the wet weather swinging by but it is not going to be a big deal in terms of wet weather and we tried to break up the cloud cover later in the day. tomorrow should be mainly sunny and over the weekend decent amount of sunshine too. as long as we get that southerly flow temperatures will be warmer than normal. i temperature today 59 degrees, don't forget those quick morning
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four days in a row before it starts to come back down. the weather apps at the apple itunes store, google play store, free, down with a baby and our report guess. is bring in ines and see what she has got, hopefully typical stuff, construction, things like that. ines: merritt parkway no problems in new jersey, 80 and 287. let's take a look outside at the bqe moving fine, nothing on grand central parkway this morning, street cleaning rules in effect city-wide. ben: i am googleing craziest things juliet huddy has done because she said it is something she has done before. i will report back in the second. apparently she likes to shootable vitamins. if you are traveling through the upper east side, a long stretch of first avenue is close, crews working on that building where a facade collapsed on monday. look at that traffic, bricks and other debris fell on first
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i walked over that area couple blocks from the station. the building is incredibly tall. i cannot believe nobody was injured. first avenue from 57st to 652 was shut down. no word when it will reopen so avoid the area if you can. ben: i always walk around with a weird sense of foreboding so always thinking something is going to happen. ben: use the bureau? >> maybe. celebrating frank sinatra's birthday in style, even take a free ride in one of uber's vintage vehicless, and joy the promo code frank's lee, passengers will be transported in classic style and serenade by old blue eyes. the promotion is this saturday from noon to 8:00 p.m. in manhattan below 59th street. ben: who knew there was a need for this but you are about to meet the first test-tube puppy.
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we will do you why, robert gray, there are a mix of beagle, labrador and cocker spaniel the watch. >> reporter: high on the list of things almost no one can hate, a bunch of puppies playing with the squeaky toy in a park. but what makes this into a bit of cuteness different from all others is that these are test-tube puppies. >> the first litter of puppies ever borne by in vitro fertilization so we have 7 normal happy healthy puppies. >> reporter: dr. alexander travises associate professor of reproductive biology at cornell university. >> this one here is a cross between a cocker spaniel and the beagle whereas this one over here is of beagle beagle and they all came from the same litter but they have different moms and dads but all born at the same time and were raised together. >> reporter: in vitro
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humans for decades cornell says until now gestational differences between us and our canine companions has prevented a successful treatment. >> it is important for the health of our pets because it opens up the possibility the we could identify stinginess like her disease and replaced with another gene before those odds are born. so instead of trying to cure disease we can help prevent it from happening in the first place. >> reporter: it is also seen as a way to preserve endangered breed of dogs including one called the african painted dog. los angeles robert gray, fox news. ben: that is interesting. juliet: the mets signed a shortstop. a lot of dealmaking as an going on behind the scenes. ben: you going to work for major league baseball team?
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going to unveil. we will call and wake you up. >> meteorologist: i will probably be up with the baby. >> meteorologist: can i guess? basketball, and the knicks against the jags in salt lake city and carmelo anthony set the tone, an easy jumper and a couple minutes later it is -- he they're up by 31. he throws up the air ball, down the court can guess what, they embarrass them. a team high 12 points. as two for eight shooting, 13 minutes, new york lost seven of the last nine, rangers on the road in vancouver. let's pick up their period,
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the face of the pile up, vancouver gets called for covering the pocket. you know what that means? that means a penalty shot. dan boil is going to take the shot, drift in down the ice, bates scores, game tied at one. the game winner, vancouver with the deflection, cannot fold on, they win, 2-1 the final score. more free trade in baseball, the mets will double play to shore up their infield. i really like this. sometimes it is not what you don't make it is the best sign. a sign shortstop cabarrus to a two year deal worth $18.5 million. the 30 eat for-year-old switch it has been an all-star twice, last season with the rays, 265, 15 home runs, i like as a lot. low risk deal, two years, 30 years old, switch hitter playing shortstop, acquired second
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for jonathan because. you always liked pitching especially left-handed pitching but the 34-year-old switch hitter last year bad 269, 32 doubles, 16 home runs, 71, nine inning nine field percentage an upgrade over daniel murphy for sure, at least defensively. i like this deal, the mets just got a lot better than the last 24 hours, yankees made another move yesterday trading justin wilson to the tigers, new york got two minor league pitchers and a swap, you never want to get rid of a reliever but last season wilson posted a 3.10 average before joining the yankees, wilson puts three seasons for the pittsburgh pirates, to put more pressure off of their come from behind winner over the giants the jets were back at practice yesterday facing the tennessee titans this sunday at metlife stadium, titans 3-9. this and the big games for the
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when yesterday but considering how tight the wild card is quarterback brian fitzpatrick looking past tennessee. >> we are not a good enough team to overlook anybody. we have got to treat everyone like it is the playoffs, we are in the playoffs trying to win each week so i don't think we will see that out of the team at all. >> we know they have a good team, they got a good defense and the front 7, big offensive line that can run the ball with a quarterback, we're going to another opponent to take care of ourselves and if we don't we are not going to win. >> the giants hope to shake off their last game to the jets, getting ready for monday's big match against the dolphins in miami. lineman in says they're not out of a plan of front yet. he did say that.
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