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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  December 10, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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to that. >> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". heather: the shenanigans have begun. it has just gotten ugly over it center. ben: everyone is out for themselves. hunger games. ben: and lord of the flies. >> we may see showers but the decent. mike has the forecast. ben: four apartment buildings evacuated after reports of a possible gas leak.
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stealing personal information from patients at lenox hill hospital, this couple, talk about low down and dirty, having the book thrown at them. hundreds of thousands of dollars in high end merchandise taking from vulnerable people. we will do you what the story is all about. ben: a bald eagle named uncle sam on donald trump, the presidential candidate almost got nipped by the bird during a photo shoot for time magazine. juliet: i'm juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau, there's a morning, not friday, december 10th. it is 5:00, thank you for being with us. they got a pretty good in the weather center whose idea was it? they put a face mask and a box of cereal. juliet: someone else you want to
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did you see it? kind of checked out. it would be so great if we get him. let's check what is going on. we are completely nuts. sprinkle swinging on through the tristate region, it is going on through new jersey toward the city, a brief hit of rain and then will be mostly cloudy and mild, morning temperature 52 degrees at central park, but looks like we will have a not bad day in terms of temperatures, morning low temperature which is where we are right now may be dropped little more, going to be much warmer than the average high which is 44 degrees so we are at 53 central park, just dropped down, 51 newark, 53 in bridgeport, 54 in montauk, mild temperatures around the tristate
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monticello, warmer than it was 24 hours ago by a big amount here, 22 degrees warmer than it was 24 hours ago in poughkeepsie, 15 degrees warmer in sussex and monticello, same thing in bridgeport, 22 degree jump in islip so definitely a noticeable change, winds coming from the west southwest at 3 to 8 miles per hour and that is also the warm direction pulling in warmer air. says the trend not only today but for four to five days to come we are looking a warmer temperatures, we are bringing in quick showers, there's not a lot of rain with it but we expect a quick little shower or sprinkle to swing through and that should be about it, partly to mostly cloudy sky toward the afternoon and very warm temperatures again, just not a lot going on with this crop of passing by but that warmer flow will continue for a while which is why your temperatures will be very impressive, high temperatures this afternoon 59 degrees, more
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quick morning shower for you, then a high of 60 for you, tamara, 60 again saturday, 63 sunday, very close to the record high for sunday which is 64 degrees, real close on that one and more showers on monday. let's bring in ines and see if we have back and starting early on thursday morning. >> the commute is doing pretty good this morning as far as traffic on long island, suffolk county, northern states and and state parkway moving fine, no issues and staten island expressway, let's take all look at the george washington bridge if you are taking of the upper and lower level all construction cleared away, lincoln 495 no problems, same for the holland, if you're taking trains everything on or close to schedule. ben: four apartment buildings in brooklyn had to be evacuated because of a possible gas leak.
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juliet: this was the scene and 64th street, national crews and andy and why were making repairs. the fd and why found elevated levels of carbon monoxide which obviously we know is very dangerous, no one was hurt, no word on when these people will be allowed back into their homes. ben: and armed robbery on the west side, a man was robbed, $2,000 cash and a pair of black shoes but two men armed with handguns, this was in central park west, 66th street at 3:15, described as being darkly built with one wearing a black jacket and tan boots, last seen heading south on central park west, there were two other robberies in central park in the past week but police have not linked the most recent detective those. if you have information call crime stoppers at 800-577-tips. juliet: not a good idea to be walking around with $2,000 in the middle of the night, not blaming the victim, just saying,
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begin in the federal corruption trial of new york state senate leader jean scelos and his son. the jury heard closing arguments from the defense yesterday. prosecutors say scelos use his office to strongarm three businesses into giving his son $300,000 in fees and benefits for no show jobs. attorney says scelos never provided favors to get jobs for his son. >> committing a. crime prosecutors say they took personal information from patients rushed into the lenox hill hospital emergency room. ben: they are accused of using that information to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of high end merchandize and their strategy was unbelievable. teresa priolo is outside hospital with the story. >> reporter: wait till you hear the details about this one. the most callous case actually occurred according to
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patient had died at this very hospital, lenox hill hospital. the specifics, according to prosecutors at lenox hill hospital orderly named kyle steed allegedly lifted the personal security information, date of birth, name, social security number, of more than 80 er patients, some were very sick, others were actually dying, some had just passed away and he allegedly gave that information to his wife crystal to try to make $1 million worth of luxury purchases, she got away with $300,000 worth of purchases at saks and other luxury retailers live she purchased according to the indictment nearly 50 handbags' valued at 6 and did thousand dollars each, she also bought other major luxury high end very expensive goods. the majority of these purchases were made on line as well as on
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january of 2014 to february of 2015. how did she go about doing this? this is a huge amount of money. according to the indictment she was able to deceive bank of america and american express circumventing their security questions by claiming at one point to be at a doctor's office needing immediate access to these credit cards in order to pay off a bill. in other instances she claimed she was out shopping with her grandkids, she demanded that they lift the fraud alert on her credit cards of the she could continue her holiday shopping with her alleged suppose the grand kids. she would call customer service over and over and over again until she got to the right person who would do what she wanted which was allowed her to take over these accounts. both thieves are facing 193 counts of identity theft and fraud. they're facing a lot of time baja and bars. if they are found to be
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steed was let go from lenox hospital once these crimes were made public and the hospital was told about them. we will see what happens to these people, they are due back in court in january at the hospital says they are actively working to alert all of the patients and their families and they were a victim of fraud. that is the latest from the upper east side, back to you in the studio. >> the head of the fbi revealing disturbing details about the husband and wife team behind the san bernardino killings. ben: this is funerals are about to begin. robert moses has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. eight days have passed since the shootings. fbi director says the shooters laid the foundation for their attack, at least two years ago during online discussions of jihad. today begins the somber procession of funerals for the
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shootings. families and friends will gather this afternoon to remember her. she was a san bernardino environmental health specialist, she was supposed to get her official health inspector badge last week at the inland regional center. instead she and 13 others were murdered. as their loved ones grieve authorities continue to investigate what led to the shootings. the fbi director told the senate judiciary committee that the shooters, syed farouk and tashfeen malik were radicalized before the attack. >> deradicalize before they started courting or dating each other online. and online as early as the end of 2013 they were talking to reach other about jihad and martyrdom. >> reporter: investigators want to know what else the couple was planning. >> we're working hard to understand with is there was anybody else involved with assisting them, supporting them, a cooking them.
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marquez was related by marriage provided a couple with two of the weapons they used, he has reportedly told investigators that he and syed farouk planned an attack in 2012. it is unclear why they didn't carry it out. another angle of this investigation is whether air bnb obtained a visa should have been denied entry. >> the department of state and department of homeland and 40 take a close look at screening measures put in place there in place and determine what reforms need to be instituted. >> reporter: authorities looking at the digital footprint the killers left behind. fox news has learned that authorities are examining a hard drive and cellphones which apparently show syed farouk pledged his allegiance to hamas, and she pledged to isis on
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ben: thank you very much. loud protest against donald trump on the steps of new york city hall. hundreds gathered to denounce trump's controversial call to deny muslims entry into the united states. is any dozens of speakers at his values and not reflect those of the city and the nation built by immigrants, they called on conservatives to speak out against him. >> there is nothing left to say about donald trump except that he is a disgusting, racist demagogue who has no business running for president, period. >> it affects the people so is scary being muslim, sometimes you go around, whatever happened, the things that happened, related to muslim and develop a sense of hatred
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trump's comments got worldwide attention, benjamin netanyahu president -- rejects those comments, two is scheduled to meet later this month. ben: this whole name-calling thing from both sides of the political aisle is really just appalling. come on. elevate yourself. speaking of being annoyed with donald trump a bald eagle named uncle sam tried to enact the republican presidential candidate. this was for the august issue of time. we had seen some pictures, the bird was perched on from bad karma and flapped his wings, scuttling the billionaire. he didn't look frightened, just curious, freaked out a little bit. and at one point you can hear from matter because this is a very important part of his person, how does my hair looked? the 27-year-old bird was beautiful but dangerous. we have a lot more coming up including an alcohol ban when it
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claus. ben: will be interesting. mike woods is keeping track of the forecast, the prankster over there. ben: we have a little fun over here but here's what we have as you step out the door, no tricks, just a tree, warm temperature 53 at central park, morning sprinkle possible, partly sunny in the afternoon and warmer temperatures altogether coming up so i think a lot of folks will love it. the weather apps has a and hourly forecasts, the apple itunes store and the
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. ben: you have a surprise that won't tell us what it is. the announcement/event. juliet: some may -- it would give you opportunity to make fun of me which i know you like to do. ben: against something already but it was incorrect. >> meteorologist: here's what i'd suggest, whatever it is just bring some cookies. you know? we will be very appreciative of that.
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you need to have some, tried it out. everybody needs fiber. anyway. don't look at me like that. here is what we have today, at we are looking ahead, we are going to see rising temperatures, is already happening, partly sunny skies, we have showers out of their early this morning swinging through quickly, we will show you really are in a second. tomorrow we see a nice dry day, lots of sunshine, temperatures near 60, sun and clouds with near-record temperatures coming at us on sunday. looking pretty impressive with that, on their radar there is scattering of showers through new jersey and some as you fought for the catskills car rainfall, in bergen and passaic counties, it will head toward rockland and westchester to the northeast, fairfield county and connecticut, wet weather action early this morning, 53 at
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in bridgeport, very mild temperatures, warm with cloudy sky, radar and satellite does a great job showing you what is happening, showers rolling through new jersey, some will come to the city, looks like staten island and manhattan will beat seeing showers over the next hour but they don't stick around long and there's not lot behind it, the froth that is coming through doesn't have a lot to work with in terms of moisture, not squeezing a lot of rain fall but we get warm temperatures, claudia skies with a few showers passing by, a little more sun in the afternoon, high-temperature 59, normal high, only around 45, 44 degrees, 60 is your high tomorrow, 60 saturday, 6370, 62 monday with showers in the arianna and that is a one dade deal, cooler temperatures follow after that but that is warmer than normal, let's bring you back to ines and see what she
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may be something going on. ines: nassau, suffolk county things moving fine, no problems in new jersey, the bridge reopened, new jersey turnpike doing okay, construction southbound, not really causing any significant delays, dreams, things moving on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules are in effect. juliet: the mta will crack down the of this weekend's and data con, won't let costumed revelers or any other passenger drink alcohol on a long island rail road or metro-north. they ruined it for everybody. can't drink alcohol in the station. amazing you can still do this these days. juliet: it is sort of. you can't walk around on streets with it.
5:21 am
cars you can go to town. and the lirr and begins at 11 and lasts until 5:00 a.m. saturday. friday night rush will be okay and ends and and in the indian police will be on duty at penn station, grand central and other stations and on trains to enforce that restriction. ben: so much more coming up for you. free snacks if you fly united. we will tell you when that will happen and what you will get. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium
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ben: obamacare could cut $2 million worth of hours according to the congressional budget office. the debate is whether that is a good thing or a bad thing. critics of the affordable care act say it encourages people not to work or work fewer hours because subsidies go down the more money you earn. however supporters say it is positive because it shows workers have more flexibility since they are no longer tied to jobs just to keep insurance. the report says the numbers are still based on uncertain evidence at this point. juliet: walmart is launching a multiple payment system, walmart using the retailer's mobile apps
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you'll have to link a credit card or other payment method to account and download at apps. at checkout you scan the code with your phone and you are done. the apps has 22 million users. it doesn't currently accept any other form of mobile payment. ben: is going to eat you not bring back free snacks on domestic flights starting in february. flights leaving before 10:00 a.m. economy customers will get a free waffle, dutch waffle. name would get a packet with a mix of crackers and chips. that is not as exciting. juliet: is probably fattening. that is voting. alienated at ceo says it is a focus on customer service. united plans to beef up menu
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don't count calories. juliet: they don't count. that is you have some beverages and have fun. juliet: what happened to you? ben: big honor for periscope. apple named it iphone apps of the year. juliet: periscope was purchased by twitter for $86 million. why can't we come up with these ideas? people have been using it, you goes live feeds for smart phones, periscope has been downloaded 10 million times, it is so cool and really changing the game. ben: speaking of which. juliet: we will take a break,
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>> from fox 5 news this is the day wake up. ben: possible showers, they will be very scattered, mike woods doesn't seem that enthusiastic about the need for an umbrella. we look live on a mild thursday morning, mike has the forecasts. juliet: police releasing new video, the sky is plaguing forest hills, queens. the arsonists may be armed. ben: ray rahm emanuel is blamed for cases of alleged abuse. juliet: ticket resale sites, this comes after the new york
5:30 am
spec and much of tickets sales. you don't mess with ticket sales with eric schneider is a man. ben: i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy, thanks for joining us today. juliet: ben: i figured out your announcement, you feel so bad about hassling us that you're going to capitulate and include as all in lunch anyway. ben: you are smoking something. juliet: that is not happening. tomorrow the announcement revealing it will all happen. so exciting. juliet: we are just hoping for food. i suggested sugar cookie, now have another craving. juliet: you can have some of my see real and we are on the
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juliet: no. ben: that was a long pause. ben: we will wait until friday. makes the the more interesting. it is very mild, temperatures 10 to 20 degrees warmer than yesterday, big positive year, 45 degrees your temperature at sussex, central park 53, warmer in islip and montauk, checked in at 54 degrees for both of view. your warm-up temperature numbers, and 11 degrees warmer than it was 24 hours ago, 22 degrees in poughkeepsie, 15 degrees warmer in allentown. we have a cloudier sky, mild temperatures and showers for the five burrows toward the northeastern sections of new jersey and westchester, putnam county, in fairfield county, a
5:32 am
deal and it will not mess up too many folks, commute an inconvenience and you should get more sunshine later in the day, high temperature impressive, 59 for a high today, same thing saturday, sunday 63, close to a record high, 64 for central park. let's see what is going on, that is not good. >> a couple problems across bronx, east bound, webster avenue, an accident blocking a lane. as far as putnam county goes, 84, 684, your moving great. let's show you the other problem on the cross bronx, this is the ramp from major deegan for what west bound, this tractor-trailer flipped on its side, blocked on
5:33 am
going from the deegan to the cross bronx. and those trains on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules are in effect. ben: the arsonist targeting for skills, queens could be far more dangerous than first suspected. juliet: surveillance video was taken on sunday, november 8th. you see the suspect limping, holding his left leg. at one point he turned the corner and appears to take a gun from his left ankle and put it in his pocket. police say the suspects started seven fires in the jewish community, $62,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. ben: four apartment buildings in brooklyn had to be evacuated because of a possible gas leak. national grid crews and fd and why were unseen making repairs,
5:34 am
carbon monoxide in the area. nobody was hurt and no word yet on when people will be allowed back into their homes. bronx couple is accused of committing a bullish crime, prosecutors say they hung around the emergency room at lenox hill hospital and to the information from patients being rushed into the e r. juliet: car not -- they are accused of using that information to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars in high end merchandize. it is amazing this was able to be executed. teresa priolo has the whole disgusting story for us. >> so many levels, what this woman had to go if true, and by the way for one year allegedly according to prosecutors. let me give you the specifics,
5:35 am
two hours after a patient died at lenox hill. coyotes feed according to prosecutors allegedly lifted the personal security information, talking social security information, date of birth, emergency room patients, some of them are very sick, others buying and some had just passed away. prosecutors gave his wife, crystal, the information who used it to spend one million dollars, actually used to $300,000 making purchases at saks and other luxury retailers live according to prosecutors and the indictment she purchased nearly 50 handbags at $6,000 a pop. and other high end luxury good. some of this, but some on the
5:36 am
might ask how they pull this off. according to prosecutors they lifted the information from the paper at the hospital, they were able to contact bank of america and american express circumventing security questions by claiming at one point, to credit cards in order to pay a bill in other instances. and continued to make those purchases, they would purchase 193 counts of fraud and identity theft, they face a long time behind bars if convicted of these crimes. kyle was let go from the hospital as crimes were made public. back to both of you in the studio. juliet: rahm emanuel is not stepping down. she has apologized for the fatal shooting of a black teen by white police officer. protestors and police clashed
5:37 am
tried to bring attention to cases of alleged abuse by police officers. officer jason van dyke is accused of shooting 17-year-old laquan mcdonald 16 times. rahm emanuel plans to fix the problems in the city but protesters are still calling for his resignation. ben: new and disturbing details about the husband and wife killer's mind the san bernardino attacks. juliet: funerals are held for these victims, some are beginning now, robert moses joins us with more on the story. >> reporter: the first funeral set to take place this afternoon, family and friends expected to gather to remember yvette velasco who was supposed to receive her official credentials to be, health inspector eight days ago at the inland regional center. we all know what happened instead.
5:38 am
savagely gunned down. her colleague syed farouk and his wife tashfeen malik were radicalize before the carried out shootings according to testimony from the fbi director who told the senate judiciary committee yesterday that the foundation for the attack was laid all the way back in 2013. >> they were radicalized before they started courting or dating each other online. and online as early as the end of 2013 they were talking about jihad and martyrdom. >> reporter: several questions yet to be answered. one, what else was the couple planning? also was the marriage arranged so that tashfeen malik could get a visa to get into the country so her husband and she were in position to attack? investigators of looking at what role in rebate marquez played. she provided two of the weapons they used. he has not been charged with a crime.
5:39 am
about whether this marriage was arranged, how do you explain the child? if they were going to arrange the marriage and premeditated this for years why would they have a child? is obviously a lot of questions and explanations. >> reporter: he said we don't know that yet, we don't know if at this whole thing was a ruse. that would be the ultimate ruse if you have a child -- you can't put anything past them but that would be almost beyond -- >> willing to blow themselves up, get themselves killed, their ideology is so wacked out. thank you. ben: very disturbing on so many fronts. 5:40. juliet: let's get a check of the weather. >> meteorologist: another warm day, temperatures 10 to 25 degrees warmer than it was 24 hours ago and a lot of folks like it, we need the rain fall, a little bit of that to date of 53 central park with mostly
5:40 am
southwest at 5 miles per hour, that brings in warmer temperatures not only to us but everyone in the northeast. even bang or, maine, 42 degrees, 53 central park, 45 in boston, 42 in williamsport, some showers that come on by. a trough is working its way through, and bringing in a few quick showers, if you are not out there and don't see in real quick in and out they are going to be not a big problem for too many folks, basically if you are many folks, basically if you are travelling right now especially through the lower hudson where showers will pass rather quickly but we are going to see partly sunny skies out there but warm day too, high temperature and impressive 59 degrees later on this afternoon. tonight partly cloudy sky, mild blows dropping from 35 to 50 and as we go through the next five days or so we have a high of 60 tomorrow, 60 on saturday, 63 sunday and by the time we get to monday we have more rain chances
5:41 am
we are not in the clear for a while here. the warm temperatures, hope you like it that way because that is what is going on, daily and hourly forecasts available on the weather apps at the apple itunes store and google play store ready to rock and roll. let's bring in ines and see where the backups are happening. >> reporter: things are getting busy, queens no problem crossing the bridge, lie looking good, as far as your commute in new jersey, garden state parkway moving fine from exit 90 of lane northbound ford the driscoll's bridge. let's show you one of the problems this morning, cross bronx, tractor-trailer, you can see flipped over on the side of the deegan ram moving fine, this is the ramp from the major deegan trying to get on the westbound cross bronx where it is partially blocked, the right lane blocked, expect delays on a crossroads of credit when
5:42 am
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>> checking your headlines new surveillance video released by the nypd appears to show that arsonists that has been forging
5:44 am
perhaps removing a firearm from his left ankle, $62,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. ben: and on robbery on the west side, robbed of $2,000 cash for a pair of black shoes by two men armed with a handgun. this happened once and for a park west and west 66th street. juliet: deliberations begin in the federal corruption trial of signor state senate needed dean scelos and his son. the jury heard closing arguments yesterday. ben: duke is here with a look at sports. duke: the jazz picking up in the first quarter, carmelo anthony missing the easy jumper and a couple minutes later, the open
5:45 am
from way outside, he was 2 for age shooting with 14 minutes, and off of the mist, the jazz up 31 points and they embarrass the nation, team high 12 points, new york of 7 of the last nine. the first game, rangers in vancouver last night taking on the canucks. vancouver gets called covering the puck there. you know what that means, a penalty shot. jan boyle takes his time, skate in, nice move and gets it to go tied at one but here's the game winner. can't be one of the best players of an like this in the front of the net. got to cover them, all that skill of of the deflection and they win 2-1.
5:46 am
after losing over to the -- the infield. they sign shortstop to a two year deal worth $18.5 million, the 30-year-old switch hitter has been an all-star twice, 265, 15 home runs. my mic assigning a lot, two years, a guy that is a switch hitter can play shortstop everyday and also like this, that acquired second baseman neal walker in exchange for jonathan niece, their-year-old switch hitter and another one gives versatility in the lineup. 269 last season, 32, 16 homers and runs batted in. clearly a better defensive end daniel murphy. surely out of the picture for the mets so the mets got a lot better. i like these moves.
5:47 am
trading justin wilson, two minor league, and wilson posted a three point average before joining the yankees for the pittsburgh pirates. football fresh off of the jets in practice yesterday. and great win for the jets over the giants showed a lot of heart. at metlife stadium, the records of a 3-9, big game for the jets in the wild-card race, quarterback brian fitzpatrick, a gangrene looking past. >> good enough team, going to treat everyone in the playoffs right now trying to win each week. i don't think you will see, or feel that. >> we know they have a good team and a heck of a defense, a big
5:48 am
ball with a quarterback, we are planning another opponent to take care of ourselves and if we don't we're not going to win. >> giants had miami monday night. >> interesting time of year in the nfl. >> little bits in there. >> what happened to the golden grahams? they got something over there too. let's check the forecast. juliet: the crackling of bran is so good. have you ever had that? ben: you guys should share. >> meteorologist: go ahead and have some. overall temperature trend high temperatures going on the next
5:49 am
basically through the next week, 44 degrees, 59 is your forecast high today, 60 tomorrow as well as saturday, 63 sunday, some very warm temperatures sliding down but as we take it to 54 on wednesday next week, we are not going to be temperatures back to normal which the average height is only 44. 45 degrees in sussex, bridgeport, 53, 54 in montauk, these are your actual temperatures, not the high temperatures of the day, we have a lot of clouds and wind coming from the west at 3 to 8 miles per hour and it is going to be breezy, somewhat warm day out there and here we go with light showers passing by, scattered showers coming through north east new jersey, bergen county.
5:50 am
you got to check out twitter. i wish this were april fool's. do, don't be bad. they already got me this morning. scattered showers coming on body reno he has a taste for his serial here. duke: they set me upon, they did. and i jumped ten feet. they set me up for that. >> meteorologist: got here 45 minutes ago, thanks for watching. duke: i was working.
5:51 am
we are going to get fired for sure. white face, they have got open with. conditions, snow, machine conditions, got to travel a bit if you get some skiing in. will lots of warm temperatures out there until we get to wednesday next week it comes down a little bit. let's bring in ines. ines: let's talk about the commute on what wyland no issues, nassau county, we have a couple problems in queens and in the bronx, grand central parkway accident ease down here you can see a slowdown by jewel avenue by the van whig, an accident blocking a lane. as for the cross bronx if you're traveling from the deegan trying to get to the cross bronx
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learn more at juliet: here is anna gilligan. anna: starting with a followup to a story we told you about yesterday. bruce springsteen tickets for his shows have been removed from major retail sites, new york state attorney general bob involved saying ticket shouldn't be licenced for resale before they go on sale tomorrow. ticket maker applied to do so on tuesday. they took down tickets as well. many more's divorce from her husband is being held up over money and their eight hands. of very hollywood dispute here.
5:55 am
agree on the settlement. t m z says mandy wants $37,000 a month in spousal support which she says she needs for all her expenses and she wants right and to take four of their eight at dave: she claims she makes $31,000 a month but that is not enough to cover costs which include permanent a $11,000 for clothes, more than $3,000 for a housekeeper, $2,600 -- she claims he makes 150 one thousand dollars a month and also that all their assets have hurt her earning potential because sometimes the housekeeper is sick and can't care for the pet so many has had to turn down jobs to care for the parrots. i hope these two can work it out. do you want to know how your pop culture taste compared to the obamas? president obama told people magazine about his favorite entertainments, he is a big fan of how much a dollar costs. doesn't like sci-fi in general
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big hit at the box office. as for tv he loves cinemax's drama of the knicks which i have never seen. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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