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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 10, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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rosanna: hello. "good day new york." thursday, december 10. i am rosanna scotto. greg: in the 50s today. it will be in the 60s this weekend. the upper east side. using that information to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of chanel bag that saks fifth avenue. greg: the arsonist in queens. they think he's set fire to at
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greg: the couple wanted in that massacre in san bernardino, they say that they were radicalized years before they even met. they talked about g hot online. no kinds of alerts about this. greg: you have heard about test tube babies. the first batch ever of test tube puppies. the test to puppies. rosanna: i'm sure the puppies have not weighed in on this. they are cute. >> they look like regular puppies. rosanna: what is next? babies? dinosaurs? ben: that is not working for
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prime time for shopping. they are out there in big numbers. maybe it is the doorman. their life has changed over the past decade or so. everyone is ordering online. rosanna: when i come home, i cannot even see his head. that is how high the packages are up on his desk. greg: i hope she comes through around christmastime. it is crunch time out there with the shopping. rosanna: by the way, are we going to do something with the doorman in the 9:00 o'clock hour? greg: we have a little game set up. rosanna: then we can ask him about tipping. you see these things online. i feel it does not really relate
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higher here. rosanna: it is hard to kind of get used to this. mike: you know what, let's just get some little christmas gifts. i have had some pretty interesting suggestions. greg: i think you look like you work at that old blockbuster video place. rosanna: do you feel all right? mike: i do. there are a few loose screws. i can tell you that. did you see how warm it was outside? >> there you go. just a few light sprinkles. the average high is only 45 degrees.
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fifty-five central park. fifty-four at newark camp elmar. now 45 degrees in monticello. fifty in sussex. those are high temperatures from yesterday. a little bit of light rain passing on by. not a huge deal. there have been a few light sprinkles and/or showers. now it looks like wings are generally heading towards drier sky. a lot of clouds into this warmer flow. high temperatures going into the upper 50s to low 60s. today's high temperature is 59 degrees. tomorrow we will make it up to 60 for a high. sixty-three on sunday. 1 degree shy of a record 64.
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hello there, ines. >> a lot going on. let's start off with sky sox hc. let's go to jim smith. >> this happened on the ramp. a tractor-trailer overturned. for much of the morning, one lane opened. it looks like they are starting the process. tractor-trailer. here is what is happening on the northbound side of the deegan. delays they are back to about yankee stadium. they have stopped all traffic on the southbound side. delays back into yonkers. ines: thank you.
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side. well. a couple of problems in new jersey. two lanes blocked within accident. there is a crash by the turnpike. the left lane closing easter action. let's go to our cameras. no problems here headed towards the verrazano pitch. westbound looks good. lincoln tunnel. traffic approaching from the toll plaza. moving really slow. this is affecting the commute although if that to route three in the turnpike. holland tunnel, that is a 15 minute delay. trains are running on or close. greg: thank you very much. and unsteady scene. suspicious odor was in the air.
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serious catholic. rosanna: nobody were taking their chances. national grid crews on the scene. they are making repairs. the fdny says they found an elevated level of carbon monoxide. nobody was hurt. they are keeping an eye on things. greg: and orderly was stealing personal information from patients. his wife flying over a million dollars worth of stuff. rosanna: teresa priolo is outside with details. what do you know? >> reporter: good morning. wait until you hear about how this whole thing would down. two hours after a patient had died.
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orderly named title was allegedly hunting the personal security information. names of more than 80 patients. these are people that are very sick am a dying or had just died. he then gave that information to his wife crystal. she made off with $300,000 worth of purchases at saks and other luxury retailers. she purchased nearly 50 chanel handbags totaling more than six grand at a pop. the majority of the purchases were made online and on the home. she contacted bank of america and american express. she circumvented the security questions.
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a bill. she also claimed that she was out shopping with her grandkids. apparently, she would call him: call and call until she got the right customer service representative that would do what she wanted to do. hand over the account and lift all the restrictions. if convicted, they face a a lot of time behind bars. that is the latest from the >> we have this on the upper west side. the guy was rough with a lot of stuff. rosanna: a man was rough with $2000 a pair of black shoes by two men armed with a handgun.
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in the morning. stock aleve built. a black north face jacket and tan boots. greg: a string of robberies. a string of robberies around the part. if you have any information, please call crime stoppers. rosanna: new surveillance video. it shows who police believe is the arsonist. accused of torching homes in the forest hills section of queens. >> he does seem to be checking his leg therefore something. seven homes have been set on fire since october. a $62000 reward.
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revealing new and disturbing details about the husband and wife killers in the san bernardino attacks. >> the man has been itching to pull off an attack for years. they thought about attacking something several years ago. >> he is keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning to you. pledging allegiance to isis in a facebook post. what we did not know if that full she and her husband discussed this before rising to prominence. couple. a somber profession of funerals for the san bernardino shooting victims. belasco was a san bernardino environmental health specialist. she was supposed to get her
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regional center. she and 13 others were murdered. authorities continue to investigate what led to the shootings. the shooters tashfeen malik and syed rizwan farook were radicalized long before the attack. >> radicalized before they started courting or dating each other online. as early as the end of 2013 they were talking about she hot. >> investigators want to know what else the couple is planning. working very hard to understand whether there was anybody else involved with assisting them. supporting them. equipping them. providing the couple with two of the lessons they used. he and syed rizwan farook plan didn't attack in 2012.
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carry it out. whether tashfeen malik should have been denied entry. >> both the department of state in the department of homeland security. taking a close look at the streaming measures. determining what kind of reform needs to be instituted. >> it does not appear that either was part of any cell here in the u.s. providing some of the weapons not having been charged. rosanna: thank you, robert. the man accused in the planned parenthood shooting, he has the cleric himself as a war gear for babies. listen to this.
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does. >> some of it was gibberish. he seems to be admitting to what he did. here is the main suspect. admitting his guilt in that black friday shooting. listen to this. >> a lot of things that they do not want to be known. they are in could boots to shut me up. they do not want the truth out. >> 139 counts of first-degree murder. other crimes that could lead to the death penalty, by the way. >> rosanna, i know who will be there. >> the grinch. we are putting on the red silly suits.
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responsibly. not all one of their trains, by the way. if you are in costume drinking on the long island railroad or metro-north. not on the trains nor the stations. friday night at about 11:00 o'clock. lasting until noon on sunday. ben: i know they had a far car for a while. they sell beer and wine right there on the platform. >> metro-north. they're starting their opinion on alcohol at 5:00 a.m. mta cops will be on duty. greg: i do not want you to worry about it. we can still pre-game. rosanna: are you sure? greg: sweep pregame.
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the way. all right. good morning. look at the temperature trend here. getting all the way up to 63 for a high on sunday. here is the normal on average. temperatures way above that. coming up in the next week. fifty-one in central park. fifty-four montauk. we have seen a few passing light showers. a trough half past five. things look a little bit dryer for the most of us. we do have a lot of clouds around for the time being. it is about that warmer southwest winds. that southwest wind will get your highs into the upper 50s today.
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that is all we're going to see. another mixed sky coming to you. you will probably seem worse on than anything. again, we're talking about highs in the upper 50s, lower 60s. 59 degrees. sixty is your high tomorrow. shower chances coming back to you on monday. 1 degree shy of the record five. a little bit of the cooldown by the middle of next week. we have some birthday shout outs out there. happy birthday to charlotte. she is turning one years old. also, happy birthday to alissa. turning seven years old. hope you have a great day, two. let's bring in the eye doesn't see what we have going on with our computer.
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forty-six eastbound. approaching the card and safer ground. southbound by manhattan avenue. in the bronx, a couple of issues. southbound major deegan. an accident has one lane blog. let's go to our cameras. this is the l.i.e. normal delays eastbound and westbound. normal delays approaching the brooklyn bridge. forty minutes on the upper. thirty on the lower. an hour delay on the lincoln tunnel. holland tunnel, 15 minutes. jim smith with skyfoxhd. what is the latest on that one. >> the tractor-trailer. still here. doing the process. tried to look it up.
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open. at some point, it will need to be completely shut down. using out a bit since they opened the one lane again. you can see bumper to bumper delays. 233rd street. great and rosanna, back to you. let's see the truck on the side one more time. talk about rubbernecking. rosanna: one of the people crossing the path. you do not have to look. >> going to fast. you see the guys standing on the cab there. hopefully that is the driver. >> yikes.
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you know what i mean? greg: she had a good heart. actually, we started thinking about genies we saw this picture in florida. rosanna: cans of coffee. happening along the coast of florida. thousands of cans. it just washed up. greg: the red and yellow packaging. >> rough seas may have caused as many as 25 containers to fall overboard this weekend. the remaining containers transferred to another. greg: who is going to clean up that stuff? greg: good question. who is going to clean it up?
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tube puppies. greg: see these dogs. they are all tattooed the fees. the first-ever. the first batch of test tube puppies. a mix of labrador and cocker spaniel. >> the watchful eyes. they say the process will strengthen for years to come. >> it is also important for the health of our pets. it opens the possibility that we could identify certain genes and fix those. replace them before the dogs are even born. we have been trying to help prevent it from happening in the first place. greg: that doctor seems like such a nice guy. well perceived outside the
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could not be fertile. i am not sure exactly what the benefit is here. >> it is preventing disease. able to identify it. six of those seven puppies have been adopted already. greg: look at that one. john f. kennedy airport. they do this every year. santa comes in on a special plane. welcomes kids on board. rosanna: kennedy airport on a delta jet. all for the annual operation. >> about 4000 children got into the holiday spirit. >> these chill it untreated children have challenges beyond words. this is time for them to make
7:25 am
>> every child has its own story. every child has someone they can always rely on. greg: coming from the north pole and chartering that plane. began in 1875. focusing on children with disabilities since 1957. everyone had a good time. let's go outside. fiftysomething degrees today. rosanna: a little traffic. going over the gw prichard. rubbernecking going on. you cannot go by 70 mile-per-hour. you might as well take a look.
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greg: it is not right nearby. rosanna: it looks pretty out there this morning, by the way. it is really on the other side of the island. greg: that is the tower you thought it was.
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woods out there and you are. rosanna: anyway. 7:30 a.m. in the morning. the sun is peeking out a little bit. it feels like maybe march or april. you have to think about what month it is. happy birthday to kurt -- rosanna: 99 years old this week. god bless them. greg: his son michael douglas, the act are. rosanna: someone who is not 99, bobby flay. from the food network. greg: he is 51. rosanna: i will actually see bobby later. >> happy birthday, bobby.
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it feels more like spring outside. we will take it. more than 10 inches behind. it is just not lining up. enjoy the warm stuff that you do have out there. a few quick passing morning sprinkles. we will see a partly sunny sky later this afternoon. tomorrow, you are going to see a nice dry one. sun and clouds for you over the weekend. it looks like we could be very close. especially on sunday. you will see that in a pit. you have 43 in monticello. forty-nine in bridgeport. temperatures warmer than it was yesterday by a good amount.
7:31 am
that will keep coming through.
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accident by the turnpike blocking a lane, you have an accident just cleared away on route 7 eastbound s and if you're traveling southbound, all lanes closed because of an accident by manhattan avenue. on the lie here in queens over by 166th street, no problems eastbound, westbound. lincoln tunnel, there's an accident inside the center tube, an hour delay into the city. if you're taking the exclusive bus lanes, 15 minutes reported inbound. holland tunnel, ten from each approach. and then the cross bronx, actually, cross bronx, major deegan, that combo a mess this morning. jim smith, what's the latest on this overturned tractor-trailer? >> still here, ines, on the ramp cross bronx. we've seen one lane has been opened and right now all lanes are closed yet again. what this is doing to the
7:33 am
deegan we see delays backing to the area of yankee stadium. it is the southbound side we are seeing major delays back into yonkers. saw mill parkway looking great as an alternate. >> hey, jim, if you go over to the cross bronx expressway, you pavement? now look off into the sun, this is a tough time to drive right into the sun, you see that? >> oh, yeah. >> yeah, and the visor sometimes doesn't do the trick. thanks a lot. trump. everybody's been talking about him, the city could council's been talking about him. he is still the clear leader in all the republican polls. >> just about. just about. far though? we'll see. we'll see. there's a lot going on in trump world. let's go to juliet huddy, she has a complete summary. >> trumpville. just when a lot of people think, okay, now these muslim comments,
7:34 am
to hurt him, his popularity among gop voters surges farther ahead. we've been waiting for the new poll numbers since those controversial remarks were made, and here they are. fox news be poll, trump is far ahead among people who think national security and the economy are among the most critical issues our country is nation. this poll was conducted saturday through tuesday. he made those remarks on monday night. and specifically, this poll shows support in south carolina is very, very strong and growing, up eight points after his remarks monday night, leading his contenders 35%. ben carter follows at 15, ted cruz, marco rubio follow at 14. there's another bloomberg poll out that shows two-thirds of likely gop primary voters back his muslim plan, two-thirds. the fireworks between support and fury over the muslim issue seems to have buoyed his feistiness as well. he told "the washington post," or there's no way i'm dropping
7:35 am
and speaking of fury, opponents gathered at city hall yesterday. trump doubles down on name calling all the time, and apparently he's not alone. here's one of the council speakers. >> there's nothing left to say about donald trump except that he is a disgusting, racist demagogue who has no business running for president, period. >> right, right. >> to which trump responded perhaps she should focus on taking care of the filthy conditions of new york city, the ever-expanding homeless population and lowering taxes along with mayor de blasio, widely considered the worse mayor in the united states. >> just like he said, when you hit donald trump, he hits back harder. >> he defended and expanded on "the o'reilly factor" last night. >> we're not insulting. this is about security, it's not about religion. this is about security. we cannot allow people to come into this country that have horrible things on their minds.
7:36 am
breaking news. trump was supposed to be going over to israel to meet with israeli leaders including benjamin netanyahu. he's canceled that visit because of outcry from leaders who are upset with his muslim plan. trump says he will visit, quote, after he's elected president. so the king of doubling down shows no signs of stopping. >> he did say that he would toke it down if -- tone it down if he becomes president. he said it on this show. >> also the city council leaders are upset. they to a lot of business trump in the city. he runs the carousel, the golf course, several concession stands. they're looking to see if there's any way they can break these contracts, and apparently lawyers are saying if the city council even tries, they're breaking constitutional laws. so -- >> he owns the carousel, the merry go round? >> well, he runs it. he operates it. while city council members may be frustrated, they can't do anything about donald trump
7:37 am
>> boy, oh, boy, he's diversified. he's got these big buildings, and he runs the merry go round in central park. >> and a few concession stands. >> this is a photo shoot from a couple months ago from "time" magazine. i know what this is like. we had a chicken here the other day that freaked out. >> i started screaming when the chicken freaked out. >> anything else happen here? >> he tried to take a nip owl of out of -- nip out of donald trump. >> i saw no evidence that he was spooked. he may have flinched a little bit. >> donald trump says you can hear him on the video say, "how's my hair look?" these birds are beautiful and dangerous. i don't blame him. >> beautiful but dangerous. they steal fish, the symbol of america. great bird. all right, let's take a look outside. what have we got going? >> mild temperatures and partly sunny skies. looking good for a day of
7:38 am
hey, by way, we're going to talk about christmas trees coming up. stu leonard, you know him? >> he's got that massive place up in yonkers. you can get everything in there
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>> yeah. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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>> welcome back, everyone. let's show you what's happening with the temps this morning. very mild. 51 central park and islip, everyone's nice and warm because of that southwest wind, and that will continue. the sprinkles that we had earlier in this morning, they're moving up into new england, so we don't have much going on with the rainfall. but we do expect the warm temps. we're going to go back up to a high of 59 and even some more sunshine later on this afternoon as we go through the next five days. 63 on sunday, that's flirting with a record high, and shower chances monday. by the way, the forbes -- fox 5ny weather app, you can download it today on the apple itunes and google play show, it is free, and it comes out happy. this guy is james, he met us out at the game, rosanna and greg,
7:41 am
he got a picture with everybody, didn't he? he's turning 12. greg kelly, you had your -- >> who was that professional baseball player with james? [laughter] >> you are looking good. >> i don't know, he kind of reminded me of -- >> nolan ryan? >> absolutely. [laughter] he got the full rounds. he had to go see the ladies too, rosanna as well. he's a huge fan of good day new york. >> thank you, james. have the greatest birthday. ines, come on, that was a fun day. >> great game. >> i got a home run. [laughter] >> a lot of good people. >> mike, you got hurt at that game too. >> i know. >> what is it with you getting -- >> yeah, i took that guy pete, pete rosenberg -- >> oh, from the radio station. >> are we done talking about james? it's been four minutes. >> happy birthday, james. >> all right, bring in ines. [laughter] >> here's what's going on with the commute. checking in on westchester,
7:42 am
bridge, normal slowdown there, delays. bronx parkway, saw mill, no delays. there is a stall on the lie near ronkonkoma avenue. you do get some delays as you approach the very verrazano bridge, but not that bad. as for the trains, running on or close. greg and rosanna. >> duke castiglione's here. >> what's happening? >> it's not good. basketball, the knicks were tossing bricks last night out in salt lake city. all right. first quarter where we pick it up, carmelo anthony set the tone, missing the easy jumper, and a couple minutes later with the open look, bounces off the rim and a little later on, beyond the three, he's just 2 for 8 shooting. like just 13 minutes in the third with the jazz up by 31,
7:43 am
and utah down the court, gordon hey word, easy -- hayward, easy dunk. new york has now lost seven of nine. what do you say we lace up our skates and talk a little hockey? rangers in vancouver. canucks with the 1-0 lead. after the faceoff, a little pile-up in front of the net. and vancouver gets called for covering the puck right there in the crease. penalty shot. boyle drifts in, nice bank. we're tied at 1. here's the game winner though, daniel she dean, can't leave him open at the back side of the net. that's what they do, all alone, and canucks win, 2-1, final score. more trades in baseball. the mets pulled a double play, love these moves. they shined a shortstop -- signed a shortstop, the 30-year-old switch hitter -- >> $18.5 million for two years?
7:44 am
two-time all-star, switch hitter. i like the signing. to me, it's low risk. 30 -- >> and if he stinks, they've only wasted $18 million. i wonder why those tickets are so expensive. tickets are so expensive. >> you know, you take risks when you do deals. mets also acquired second baseman neil walker from the pittsburgh pirates. i like this deal as well, batted .269 last season, 32 doubles, 16 home runs, 71 runs batted in. 989 fielding percentage, clearly an upgrade over daniel murphy defensively, so i think the mets got a whole lot better within the last 24 hours. there's so much money in baseball right now, i think the mets did well yesterday. >> wow. there is a lot of money. >> hey, greg, we're talking $3
7:45 am
sometimes it's a bit of a turnoff. >> yeah, i understand. but it's live programming in sports, i mean, people are paying for it. >> well, if it's good for fox, it's good for everybody. >> exactly, what are you talking [laughter] >> duke, thanks a lot. it's time to go to the fedex sorting facility up in the bronx. >> it's the holiday season and, gilligan over there. >> exactly. every fedex worker is, essentially, a fedex elf. they are making sure you get your holiday presents on time and for your loved ones. if you ever wonder how on earth when you track your package it arrives at three a.m. in new york city, then you see the it's at a fedex facility, and within hours it's on a truck and at your door, this is how it all happens. there's this hourly rush. check out these hard workers. they're sorting the packages. nanette here, she oversees all the operations.
7:46 am
million packages between cyber monday and christmas eve on time to people? >> well, it starts with all our fabulous mows, as you just noted -- employees, as you just noted yourself. for this facility we have all the freight that comes in this morning, it gets sorted, it knows on each one of the -- goes on each one of the trucks. >> what can hold up your package? i know you guys basically get can everything op time, but for people watching, how do you make sure your box it right and it's going to get there on time? >> put the full address on the package, make sure you have the right zip code so it can get to the right destination -- >> what is that? there's lots of unusual things. >> that's our styrofoam. it could have a cold pack in it to keep it cold. >> someone told me there's possible donor organs coming through here. >> we ship all kinds of things. >> incredible. okay. well, we're going to be here all morning. very busy. see just the nuts and bolts of
7:47 am
this package is anna-proof. they want to make sure your package gets to you on time, so i'm holding one that's not actually going anywhere. maybe i'll bring back you guys something from here in the bronx at the fedex facility. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> back to the studio. >> great catch on that thing, i think it was somebody's liver on its way. grab something live off the conveyor belt -- >> i'm not allowed to touch anything. can i grab anything? >> no! >> right there. >> amazon, okay. rosanna's saying to be good here. the air. >> what's the big deal? >> oh, look, thank you. we're not going to read the address. you see that sticker? this sticker, that's the code that's telling all the workers -- it's really with military precision. trucks. no one's even talking, they're straight, they're focused, and everything amazingly gets out of here just in hours.
7:48 am
and thanks, fred smith, the guy who invented the company. a former marine, by way. >> it's a well-oiled machine. 7:50, good day's coming back. >> i wanted them to read from
7:49 am
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>> dr. raj, medical doctor. >> she is. and she's got some promising news for people undergoing chemo. >> that's right. one of the most heartbreaking side effects of chemotherapy is the hair loss, especially for women who undergo this type of therapy for breast cancer, other types. well, now there may be an option. the fda has approved for the first time a device that women can wear on their heads and, actually, it kills the scalp so that decreases blood flow to that area which thereby decreases the hair loss associated with chemotherapy and the toxic drugs infused into the person. it has been shown in studies to reduce hair loss significantly with chemo, and this is one option. this is the first time the fda has approved a device.
7:52 am
will be available here in the u.s. you can see video of people trying it on. it really chills the scalp, but it's not uncomfortable. >> would it work for men? >> men too. >> yeah. we're talking about a lot of women who lose their hair from breast cancer -- >> i've heard about it before. >> never been fda approved. this one was studied and showed good results. so it's promising. >> fda, they take their time figuring this stuff out. >> they do. >> too much time. >> some people think so, but it's good to have things vetted. >> oh, we're ready for this? >> time magazine. >> yesterday we learned angela merkel was time magazine's person of the year. we both shrugged our shoulders -- >> okay, why? >> i'm sorry. we didn't think it was the best choice they could have come up with. >> by the way, you know, they also revealed the list of most influential fictional
7:53 am
>> did you know they had this character? >> i didn't know that. cookie lyons was on that, taraji p. henson's character. so, by the way, she was the only black character on the list. the other characters include alexander hamilton from the broadway musical. >> no kidding? large and in charge until he took the nj barge. who was waiting? vp aaron burr was waiting. sorry. keep going. >> christian grey from 50 shades of grey. they really should have 50 shades of greg as part of it. >> that's cuter. let's go to the brooklyn museum, shall we? great institution. they are exploring activism protests over the last century or so. >> all right. it's called -- >> agi-pop. >> it's a three-part exhibition that opens tomorrow, there are paintings, posters, songs and film, and the goal is to give context to modern protests. for example, there is a photo of a flag hanging outside of the
7:54 am
a man was lynched yesterday. >> wow. powerful stuff. i need to get to more museums. you know, we take it for granted sometimes. >> i know. >> we have so many. but as new yorkers, we don't go as much as we should. >> we need to do that. >> all right. >> all right. it is 7:57. do we have our facebook fan of the hour? >> daniela. >> i think it's her birthday. she's celebrating her 7th birthday. her aunt shirley sent us this picture. >> she's a little min non, did you see that? if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through? introducing otezla,
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>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> hi, everybody, how's it going? it's thursday. christmas time, december 10th, i'm greg kelly. >> i'm rosanna scotto, and hanukkah time too. the sun's going to come out later as temperatures head into the upper 50s. >> 50s this weekend. this is why wild. in queens. a store owner attacked, and he could having attacked possibly just because he's muslim or was perceived to be muslim. >> well, a couple accused of stealing personal information from lennox hill hospital, officials say they went to saks fifth avenue and went on a shopping spree there. >> you've heard about the arson
7:57 am
the guy they think is responsible. seems to be walking with something of a limp. and as he rounds the corner here, might have a weapon. >> a new study could to make some grumpy people happy, actually, and some happy people maybe a little gummier. >> the thrust of this in today's new york times, it was generally believed that happy people live longer lives. this new study says no correlation between the two, although, you know what? you might as well be happy no matter how long you live, right? if you can. >> right, exactly. remember that song if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands? it was never if you're grumpy and you know it, clap your hands. >> how about that bobby mcer if run -- >> be happy. >> don't worry -- >> be happy. >> okay. it's a long time ago. >> no, but it's still, you know, doesn't it put you in a good mood? if you have the option of being happy or grumpy, why wouldn't you choose happy?
7:58 am
think about the things you don't have that you want. it's a bad habit. let's go outside. here's a reason to be happy, a lot of people probably somewhere out there have purchased you a gift, or and it's on its way to you thanks to fedex. >> thank you so much to all the workers over there. you know, i'm sure they're working 24/7 to get everything out. >> this is a big sorting facility up in the bronx, and they have had -- they have this great -- >> ooh, there's the one with the organ. >> yes, oh -- >> there's the organ! in that styrofoam container. >> well, it's either that or beer. but it's got that red tape on it. and the woman from fedex told us, yes, some people send organs, kidneys and that kind of thing through the mail! >> usually, the doctors go pick them up, by the way. i mean, if they really need a part, an organ pretty badly, they get on a plane, and they take it themselves. >> okay. the doctor's got to go all the way across, you know, bring it back, and fedex will do it for you. >> maybe it's something not
7:59 am
>> the fedex spokesperson said they sometimes have organs go through the facility. that's kind of wild. >> all right. [laughter] anybody? >> mostly cold around here. >> come on. we've got big hearts here. except for ines. [laughter] dallas spirit. and she should have it. she just brought a brand new car. >> she did. >> by the way, does that inspire you? >> i'm not going to get rid of my car until it breaks down on the cross bronx. >> that's what hers did. [laughter] exactly. >> and then we'll rubber neck and curse you out as we pass you by. >> my. [laughter] >> you do that every day anyway. whether my car's broken or not. all right. what's up, buddy? >> all right. we actually just stepped outside to see what's going on because the radar satellite make it look as if it's on the cloudy sky, it's actually pretty sunny. no worries at all. let's call it sunny skies at central park, 51 degrees.
8:00 am
high. the average high for today is only 45 degrees, so this is another warm day that we have coming to us here. other temps in the region, 49 in philadelphia, 43 in williamsport, 46 in buffalo. almost everyone enjoying the warm temps. now, there's a trough that has worked its way through the tristate, heading into new england, it did have a few light showers early this morning, but that has moved into new england, and we're seeing some breaks in the cloud cover. this is what we expected. more sun to break out as the day goes on, and that's exactly what will be happening. we're pushing up this warm air over the southeastern states, and our high temps are going to respond nicely getting up into the upper 50s today. things are looking nice and warm for a while. warmer temps today, high temp in the city up to about 59 degrees. 60 is your high tomorrow, same thing on saturday. 63 on sunday. not quite to the high temp. 62 on monday, a little shower
8:01 am
then we cool down a little bit more but still above normal temps through the next seven days. let's bring in ines row sal eless, i know you're all ready. i saw you putting together christmas cards -- >> i did them yesterday. >> there you go, see? >> yes. let's talk about the commute. it's not a delight. the lie, nassau county, normal delays here between jericho turnpike heading towards glen cove road. the cross bronx a mess. checking in quick on new jersey parkway, it's been slow lately, that construction has been causing a lot of delays northbound between 78 as you head towards route 3. take a look at the commute on the cameras, fdr drive by 79th street southbound, a little slowdown, but not too bad. northbound side, you're fine. the cross bronx, it's actually the major deegan that is jammed. so the ramp here, tractor-trailer flipped on its side. if you're traveling on the deegan with southbound, you have a huge traffic jam from the thruway to the cross bronx.
8:02 am
they're trying to upright this. this is the ramp towards the cross bronx westbound, early morning accident still out there, and it's affecting the commute bigtime. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> thank you so much, ines. an investigation underway into the attack on a store in queens that is owned by muslims. it is being investigated as a possible hate crime. now, the person who owns the store claims his attacker said i hate muslims. morning. ben simmoneau is outside that store in astore ya this morning. what are you hearing, ben? >> good morning. this is the store, we're at the street. this apparently occurred about 1:00 saturday afternoon. the owner of the store says he was attacked. a gentleman came into the store, he picked up a copy of "the new york post," essentially not a gentleman here, actually, because he then went on to attack the store owner.
8:03 am
post that he picked up had a picture of the killers from san bernardino on the cover. he then turns to the owner and starts asking him if everything in the store is free. the owner says, no, of course not. he comes out from behind the counter when the man picks up a pot of coffee, and that's when the suspect punches him in the face, allegedly proclaiming something along the lines of i want to kill muslims. the owner said it went on for about seven or eight minutes. when the suspect tried to run off, the owner was able to grab his jacket, and luckily, a regular customer then came in and helped restrain the suspect until police arrived. now, the suspect is identified as 55-year-old pero colvani, he's been charged with misdemeanor assault. the nypd is investigating this as a hate crime. they could potentially down the road add some bias charges, but none so far, just that misdemeanor assault charge a.
8:04 am
hold a rally here outside this store about 11:30 during the lunch rush today saying this is not acceptable in this community. that's the story for now in astore ya, back to you. >> how is that fellow? be is he hurt? the store's closed right now. >> yeah. the store's clearly closed behind me. the owner, we understand, was hurt, he went to the hospital. he was there for a couple of hours, but he was then released later that day, so injured, i don't think seriously injured though. >> it's 8:00 in the morning. does that store open at this time of the morning? >> there's no hours poted here -- posted here, guys. >> it's the kind of store that's normally open in the morning, you can tell. this is prime time. but they have an event there later. ben, thank you very much. also in queens in forest hills, you heard about that string of arson attacks? more surveillance video of the guy they think is responsible. >> yeah. this was taken on sunday, november 8th. you can see him limping and
8:05 am
at one point he turns a corner and appears to take a gun from his ankle. and then he puts it in his pocket. police say he set at least seven fires in this jewish community since october. if you have any information, please call crimestoppers. there is a $62,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of this man. >> lennox hill hospital, that's where beyonce gave birth. >> and a lot of people who live in the upper east side community go, by the way. >> a hospital orderly is accused of stealing personal information from emergency room patients, giving it to his wife, and together they bought, like, a million dollars worth of stuff. >> yeah. teresa priolo is outside lennox hill this morning. obviously, teresa, it doesn't make people who go to that hospital or the people who work the hear this. >> and, in fact, i talked to people from both sectors,
8:06 am
hear from them coming up, how shocked they are that something like this happened in the place where they're receiving treatment or that they come every day to work. the most callous case occurred two hours after a patient had died in the emergency room. we're talking about a lennox hill hospital orderly named kyle steed, accused of lifting the personal information -- date of birth, social security information and names -- of more than 80 e.r. patients. some are very sick, some had just died. he gave that information to his wife, crystal, who used it to attempt to buy $1 million worth of luxury merchandise. she actually got away with $300,000 worth of purchases at saks and other luxury retailers purchasing 50 chanel bags. $6,000 a pop. she also bought sneakers. these purchases were mainly made over the phone ask and online, and you might be asking, how because that happen? well, they got the information allegedly from the paper records
8:07 am
they called up bank and america and american express, and they circumvented the security questions by pretending to be at a doctor's office, at an emergency, in need of that credit carding so, therefore, they could pay a bill. in other instances they claimed to be out shopping with grandkids and wanting to complete their holiday shopping list, so they kept going to one person after the next until the customer service rep did what they wanted. i talked to people outside the hospital, those employed and those receiving treatment, and they are upset. take a listen. >> i think it's crazy. it's scary because you think you're protected in the hospital. and i think they'll do the right thing. this hospital's very good. >> i mean, we're specifically trained about hipaa violations, so they were just behaving unethically. >> now, these couples -- this couple, both people facing 193 counts of fraud and identity theft apiece. if convicted, they are facing a very long time behind bars. by the way, the hospital has let go of kyle steed, also they say
8:08 am
to the victims who are still alive to let them know their identity had been compromised. they're reaching out to the families of those who have passed away to let them know what they need to do in order to remedy the situation. that's the latest this morning, greg and rosanna, back to you. >> thank you, teresa. >> so the mayor of chicago, rahm emanuel, says he is not stepping down, but he has apologized for the fatal shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer. >> people are really upset. that video was held over a year by the administration, and some believe it was held on purpose because rahm emanuel was facing re-election. it was a tough fight for him. he did win re-election -- >> and speaking of a fight, last night protesters and police clashed once again. they're trying to bring anticipation to the cases. officer jason van dyke is accused of shooting laquan mcdonald 16 times. laquan was 17 years old. mayor emanuel says he's taking full responsibility for what
8:09 am
fix the problems in the city. >> again, there are calls for his resignation, and just last week i think gary mccarthy, the directer of the police department in chicago, was forced to resign. meanwhile, we're getting new details of the former suffolk county police chief, accused of beating a thief two years ago, and now we're hearing what this thief may have taken from the former police chief and, well, now we kind of understand why he might have been upset. >> two-plus years ago. there's james burke in handcuffs. the former chief of the department now in department custody. according to the daily news, burke allegedly attacked christopher loeb because he stole a bag full of pornography and cigars and -- >> sex toys. >> all right. loeb also reportedly swiped some, well, again, everything that was in the box -- >> yeah. ammunition is -- and stuff. but there were -- >> burke then threatened to kill loeb, and then loeb went public.
8:10 am
used to run the department, now under arrest, out on bail, by the way. >> well, the mta is cracking town on drinking ahead of the santa-con this weekend. and by the way, if you're in costume or, by the way, if you're not be even in costume, you will not be able to drink along the long island railroad or metro north. not on the trains, nor in the stations. the event begins friday night at 11 -- >> we are totally going. we're going to pregame, but we're not going to -- >> do it on the rails. >> your house or my house? >> i was about to say, where are we going? >> i can't feel a santa suit in public if i'm not feeling encouragement, if you know what i mean. >> yeah. the police will be enforcing the restriction and to make sure greg behaves. [laughter] >> all right. remember that guy, jimmy mcmillan, he would show up --
8:11 am
he wore these crazy gloves. there he is. he's run for, like, 16 offices over the past 20 or so years. he's officially, according to him, retiring from politics. >> say it ain't so. "the new york times" is saying it's because of a lack of public support for his agenda. he supposedly said that the rent is too damn high party was for sale, trademark and all. he has run for both mayor of new york city and governor. >> here he is dancing around, but he actually -- >> and he's been on good day new york, greg. >> yep. and he showed up in the gubernatorial debate back in 2010. didn't have much chance of winning, but it played a role in the debate. if there are a lot of candidates, that sometimes helps other candidates. >> by the way, i think he hit some kind of chord because everybody was, like, yeah, the rent is too damn high. but when we found out what his rent was -- >> zero. >> -- yeah. twerp like, wait a second -- >> apparently, he had some sort
8:12 am
some chores around the building, i won't charge you something. something like a superintendent deal -- >> by the way, this was when he was on good day new york. he was singing. >> pump up the sol unit. oh, my god, we can do it. >> he had a doll of himself. >> yeah. >> that's a lot of self-love right there. all right, good luck, jimmy, whatever you do. i'm sure it'll be interesting. >> that was in december of 2010. where were you? >> i was here. >> okay. just checking. because you don't recall it. >> i must have been sick or something like that. i never met that man. [laughter] >> no -- >> i definitely wasn't here. >> it's so funny, because greg has the best memory. i'll be like, did we have somebody on the show? he'll be like, yeah, september of 2009. >> not bad. >> like your friends from cache restaurant, i'm like, weren't they just here? >> you were like, two years ago. >> and we found out it was april.
8:13 am
>> it really is. all right, let's talk to mike woods. >> all right. and, yeah, see what's going on. our temps are pretty hot for this time of year. here's the averages on the almanac, 45 is the average high, 34 is the average low, and we only dropped down to 51 degrees this morning, and we are on our way back up. 70 is the record high for today. we're not going there, but it will be well above normal. 50 at newark, 42 in sussex, 43 in monticello. the clouds that we had earlier with the showers, they've moved on up to the north and the east of the tristate region, so the clouds starting to break up for us here. we are going to see the sun trying to break out as the day goes on, so expect more and more of that sunshine, your temps making it up to 59 for a high later on this afternoon. and as we go through the next five days, got a high of 60 tomorrow, 60 again on saturday. partly cloudy sky then. sunday, monday you've got high temps in the lower 60s. if we hit 63, that's just one
8:14 am
for you and, again, some showers on monday. don't forget to fox 5ny weather app with daily and hourly forecasts. they're available at any point many time, just search fox 5ny go. all right, that's your forecast. let's get you on over to ines rosales, and she's going to let you know where these backups are, and there are problems. >> oh, yeah. a lot going on, mike. the holiday season. southern state parkway westbound, some delays there. westchester or coming from loughlin, not -- rock lin, not bad of a ride. just a lot of people using that roadway this morning. take a look at the cameras, on the bqe by metropolitan avenue, fine eastbound and westbound. as far as the lincoln country inbound, an hour delay this morning. nice and sunny there, we can see traffic moving slow off of route 3 and the turnpike, there was an
8:15 am
tube. -- accident inside the center tube. george washington bridge, 40 on the upper level, 30 on the lower. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> all right. chris isaac is going to be here. remember this song? it was hauntingly beautiful. >> oh, yes. push up the sol unit -- pump up the volume. i never dreamed that i knew somebody like you. >> well, he's going to sing for us in the 9:00 hour. >> he sings so sad, but he's frolicking with that supermodel on the beach. >> helena christensen. >> look at this, why is he so melancholy? >> i don't know why you're questioning this video. everybody loved it. >> no, me too. but if you think about it, he does sound kind of morose in the song, but he's got it made here. all right, no more commentary. >> all right. good day's coming right back. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich,
8:16 am
it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there.
8:17 am
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8:19 am
have you heard about this? you know, we periscope every day right after good day new york. >> periscope is the app of the year. according to apple, it's been number one for a long time. the app of the year. periscope, well, you start this thing, and you know how you can take video with your camera, with your phone? >> right. >> you can broadcast it, actually, to all your followers. so it's like a little mini tv station. i think it's going to get us all killed, but it's very, very popular. >> by the way, it just launched back in march, was purchased by twitter for $86 million and, apparently, millions of people all over the world with using -- world are using it. we do at about 10:00, we're on the fox 5 periscope. >> you've got people walking around, and they don't tell you, hey, this is being seen by ten million people. you might want to watch what you say. >> let's get down to business, because fox means it -- >> and guess what? donald trump. do you know where his brand is probably one of the most popular places? >>?
8:20 am
>> the trump name in the middle east has been association 3 with the high d associated with the high life. trump is at the top of it, he sells all kinds of products throughout the middle east and, guess what in the brand has taken a bit of a hit. >> adam shapiro is here. adam, what are you hearing? >> taking a hit but down and not out. there's this report in "the new york times" that a dubai-based landmark group which is one of the business partners of trump in the middle east has pulled all of the trump-branded products from clothing to housing goods from different malls that they represent. one of those malls actually cleared out the collection, but some of the malls that the landmark group have still have trump items on sale. trump has also entered into business arrangements with developers not only in turkey, but in the arab peninsula to build golf courses. and mr. trump has said he's
8:21 am
that some of these business deals may be in general key because of -- jeopardy because of his comments. but he has millions of dollars at stake. you saw what happened here in the united states, nbc pulled his tv show. you know, the trump name is known worldwide, and it is taking a bit of a hit but down, not out. >> and rosanna toll me this morning e -- told me this morning he runs the her roy go round in central park. >> he has a lot of deals with the city, concession stands -- >> oh, he owns the name central park. he trademarked it. >> it's one of the reasons people love donald trump. back when the government could do nothing right, he fixed the carousel, right? >> right. and i covered that in the '80s, the rink. the city spent millions of dollars, would not get it opened. donald trump gets it up and running and profitable. >> it's totally awesome, totally i'm great. he is something else. anyway, we actually want him to be safe out there because he's
8:22 am
from all over the place and, you know, bad things sometimes happen on the campaign trail. >> we hope not. >> thanks, adam. >> coming up on good day new york, you know him, jer may dupree is going -- jermaine dupree is going to be here. by the way, if your kid raps, he's got a new show starting.
8:23 am
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a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. greg: so what else is going on? rosanna: it is about 8:30 in the morning. are you shopping, exercising? dining? >> greg: taking it easy. we have santacon on saturday. rest, drink plenty of water. we are going to party. rosanna: i have been resting, i know i have to give it my all on
8:26 am
greg: we are stopping short of houligan business. rosanna: i have to spin in the morning. greg: we are not drinking in the morning. rosanna: all right. i thought we were going to long island and taking train. greg: take a peek outside, it is almost muggy. it is 50 something degrees. this weekend is 60. 60 degrees. rosanna: it is crazy. nothing to do about it, but do what we can on our part to conserve. >> conserve what? rosanna: don't run your water all of the time and recycle your stuff. don't use so much hair spray. greg: why not more than ever? rosanna: because of the global warming thing. though.
8:27 am
rosanna: we had rain last week. mike: not enough. greg: there is a lot of bottled water in the store. mike: to the west they are getting the rain. here is what we have on this thursday morning, it is mild and there are reports of fog around parts of the tristate. particularly over into new jersey. downs. the temperatures are warm. 50 degrees right now in brentwood. 49 bridgeport. 48 degrees in terrytown. showers have moved on. per hour. not a lot of wind but bringing in the warmer temperatures and we had the clouds overnight and around.
8:28 am
we are going to see the sunshine sunshine. the main weather player is the southwest winds and bringing up in warmer temperatures and here 5-7 days for us here. maybe ditch the jacket at times. 59 this afternoon. more sun in the afternoon. high of 60 tomorrow. 60 on saturday. 63 on sunday. a chance of rain on monday. a drop in temps after that. all of these temperatures are above normal. now to ines and things are problematic in the bronx and elsewhere too? >> yes, 280 new jersey, exit 11, an accident blocking a lane. if you are travelling in putnam
8:29 am
bqe an accident by congress street approaching atlantic avenue. the travel is a little slow there. now the cross bronx. early morning accident afblth fecting the commute. over here, a tractor trailer on its side. this happened around 5:30 in the morning. all lanes are closed in the southbound direction of the major deegan. trains are running or close to schedule. >> armed robbery on the upper west side and robbed of $2,000 and his shoes that he was wearing. two guys approached him with a
8:30 am
>> 3:15 in this morning. they were last scene running away on central park south. there are other incidents around the park in the past couple of weeks. if you have any information, call 1-800-577-tips. >> all right, there was a small drone and it prompted a brief evacuation of a federal building. >> the people cleared out and bringing in the bomb squad. it was a small toy. no big deal, everything was let back inside. >> time for the online shopping, a lot of us are doing it, it is so easy. companies like fed ex are going at it 24/7. records of people ordering
8:31 am
greg: it is not all christmas gifts. we saw a human organ. >> yes, someone mentioned it could be steaks. you never know. >> what else? we are going to anna gilligan, what's going on? >> hi, good morning, you are right, you are seeing anything up shed through fed ex. nanette oversees the operations and she saw an actual pizza box. really fun to look at the conveyer belt here. you are seeing all kinds of things going out. this is the morning sorting ritual. it is incredible when you track the package arriving in the wee hours of the morning and within an hour it is loaded to the
8:32 am
times. you have been with fed ex for 28 years and your husband and sons work here, do you get free shipping? >> no, not free shipping. but it is a wonderful company to work for. >> you have been here so long, online shop something a relatively newer phenomenon and how has that changed the business for you? >> e commerce is taking off and it changed the shipping patterns and more and more people are shopping online. all the employees here are actually shopping online here as well. now we don't have a one particular day that maybe is the heaviest day it is the entire peak season. this year, actually we have one additional day and increasing more and giving the e commerce shoppers more time.
8:33 am
317 million packages between black friday and christmas eve. typically they send out ten million a day. over the holidays 20 million. 325,000 workers and how many brought in for the holiday season? >> this year 55,000 seasonal workers, that is five thousand more than last year. that is incredible. i spoke to one of the kourers. take a look. do you online shop or that is more work for you? >> no, i online shop. it is more work to go to the stores and bump elbows. i online shop. >> a lot of people tip the mailmen, do they tip the fed ex person? >> i don't look for tips. i'm the same way all year round. i always a smile. i love the customers. if they decide to give us a
8:34 am
>> and in the midst of all of the hecticness they are giving back. they'll have donated free of charge delivery of 18,000 trees to military families. if anyone in the family is serving in the military, you are certainly feeling it. the founder of fed ex, form erma arena and a lot of pilots are from the military. from the bronx, back to you in the studio. greg: thanks a lot. what's the deal on signing, like sometimes they leave it, sometimes you need a signature, what is the policy, what to the sender? >> greg wants to know about the policy on signatures. does it have to be you or someone else? >> we have signature required, so an adult signature over 21 years of age.
8:35 am
if it is just signature required, then it is just making sure there is something to sign for the package. we always ask for identification. >> thank you, anna. rosanna: all right, coming up, michael flatly, lord of the dance is joining us this morning. >> greg: this dancing is impressive impressive. rosanna: he knows how to move the feet. greg: it is looking like tap dancing to me. they do the thing of 800 people in unison.
8:36 am
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pain from your day can haunt you at night, don't let it. advil pm gives you the healing sleep you need, helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. rosanna: it is very dark out there still, right, quarter to nine. partly cloudy.
8:38 am
out there. >> it is winter time. when is sunrise? rosanna: there is something going on with my phone. >> how about this one? >> no, don't use any stuff. borrow your own stuff. i am trying to stay happy today. if you are happy and you know it, you live longer. i want to be around to haunt you as long as possible. dr. raj is here. but i don't know, she's got something there is a new study out there, if you are happy it has nothing to do with how long you live. >> 7:08 is the sunrise. >> we have thought for a long time being happy and less stress helps you live longer, and now there is a study looking at over
8:39 am
throughout the years how happy they were and followed the moralty and when they teased out the health issues and look at pure happiness there was not a difference in the death rate. so at the end of the day, kwl you are happy or not doesn't affect your overall health or mentality. i don't know if i buy this. chronic stress affects your health. so it is better if you can to be less stressed. just happiness or not, not making a difference in the study. >> to be happy you have to be saturday every now and then. rosanna: you have to appreciate it. >> true, true. you asked the chilling of the head, it is improved for the women in the marketing , specifically for women in breast
8:40 am
>> it is a cap on the head and designed for women. >> yes, the f.d.a. is approving the marketing for women. >> so they don't lose their hair during chemo? >> yes. pesticides in the milk in hawaii back in the 80s may have caused increased risk of parkinson's in men. how much milk they consumed and when they did autopsies on the brains, build up of the pesticides and parkinson's. there are environmental factors involved in developing dementia. >> there are brands of milk and milk. it was milk from the 80s. >> you never see adults drinking a glass of milk any more.
8:41 am
>> hot chocolate maybe. >> yes, milk is out of favor. >> orange juice is like drying a can of soda. >> yes, a lot of sugar. >> anything in it? >> depends on the time of day. >> thank you, dr. raj. coming up, did you buy your christmas tree yet, if you haven't, we have great ideas, good tips. leonard junior is here. >> stew leonard. stew leonard back with the trees. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. fios internet, tv and phone for
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>> take a look at that again. higher. push in. it is kind of like coming downtown, looking down west broadway. it is like the old world trade center. building. you see the one behind it
8:45 am
>> it is a building under construction, greg. >> that is erie. it works with the avenue there. boy, it is looking like west village tribeca. rosanna: well, the times have changed. to the gold englobes. >> yes, that is always fun. that is when the celebrities get together and drink during the awards ceremony. rosanna: oh, what are we doing. first we are going to the monkey story. magic tricks are not just for all of us, greg. check out the reaction to this. he's got a slight hand of a magic trip. this is in spain. greg: it is easy to freak out a monkey. rosanna: the visit placed a chus ut in a cub and meated it dais
8:46 am
the ground laughing. greg: wow, he lost his mind. >> one and a half million actually viewed this and liked it. >> they are amazing. rosanna: let's talk about the golden globes. greg: motion picture comedy, comedy, the big short. rosanna: i didn't think that was a comedy. it is serious thing about the housing market. joy didn't come out yet. that is with bradley cooper and jennifer lawrence. greg: the martian. okay. rosanna: we have to get our act
8:47 am
vivian is screaming in my ear. look at the monkey again. greg: she's single. rosanna: yes. speaking of laughing, greg, it is no laughing matter when we look for a guy for vivian. yes. greg: all right. rosanna: chris iz saacs. greg: the video is just awesome. maybe this is a memory or something. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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8:50 am
one kind of love, see you again, simple sound and writings on the wall. we are going to get you the complete list of everyone nominated. >> orange is the new black. veep. >> i am concerned, i don't see adam compton on the list. megaprodoeser megaprodoeser megaprodoeser jermaine dupri is here. greg: mike is here. rosanna: mike, where were you? mike: i was done stairs and taking care of business. 52 degrees is the temp in glen cove. we have more and more of the
8:51 am
some areas are reporting the fog. make sure you take it easy with that. the sunshine is making a comeback here and more of the southwest wind. it is on the lighter side. it is pulling up the warmer air over the southeast states. so the showers that we had early the morning, they have moved up to new england and now things are dryer, high pressure is taking over. warm and dry. the highs up to 59 this afternoon. going up to the 60s for the next four days.
8:52 am
we are looking pone of the cool perks of this place cereal as you want.
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