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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  December 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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our community and committed this heinous crime and thought that was okay. >> reporter: the many local residents and community leaders who came out to support him made a strong statement that this type of violence will not be tolerated. >> when this happened, people heard the commotion who ran in to help and held the assailant down until the police arrived. that's the neighborhood we are. >> reporter: that man who allegedly beat him was charged with misdemeanor assault and was issued a desk appearance ticket and released. he didn't go through the prison or jail system. he will have to come back in court. my law enforcement sources tell me this is being investigated as a bias attack. ernie: you were telling me that donald trump's name came up today at this rally? >> many leaders were saying that the comments that donald trump has made have created a climate where some people may think it's okay to commit acts of violence or to make slurs against muslims. they referred to it repeatedly.
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saved by a good samaritan and incredible support from the community. >> reporter: tremendous support from the community. if you -- you saw the cards. we showed you? of the cards. the number of people. the diversity was tremendous and across religious lines. take a listen to what he told me after. ernie: okay. sure. >> he said to me, can i hug you? i come outside and he hug me. he said, look, we are together. we are -- it doesn't matter you're muslim, i'm jewish. he tell me like that. ernie: we need this show of kindness and respectful understanding at this time. >> reporter: definitely. i think a lot of people welcome that. i think a lot of people were uplifted by the fact that so many people from the community,
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together to support this man. they're even holding as we speak -- ernie: great spirit. >> reporter: peace and meditation -- ernie: it's so timely. we need that kind of respect for one another and to show that we can make this happen for the better. >> reporter: absolutely. i think that's the message they want to get out is that, listen, this is not cool. we're not going to tolerate it. don't come here with this kind of violence. we really are all in this together, especially in new york city. ernie: this is so good to hear. thanks for sharing the story with us. other developments to tell you about this evening. connecticut governor dan malloy is taking aim at gun violence and plans to sign an executive order to ban people on federal terrorism watch lists from buying firearms in connecticut. he is working directly with the white house to get access to those lists. >> if you cannot fly due to being on a government watch list, you should not be able to purchase a firearm while on that watch list as well.
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the american people get it. ernie: people who are denied would have the option to appeal. the move comes four days before the three-year anniversary of the sandy hook school massacre. >> a state task force is calling for major reforms to the common core education plan. they include not using test scores to evaluate teachers and the development of new standards and tests. governor cuomo says he wants to end the confusion and all the anxiety that's involved. and that's what's happening in the news right now. joining us is nick. questions. everybody smiling, talking about this great weather. it's beautiful. it really is. you were telling me it's supposed to continue through is that right? nick: what we're seeing now, this extreme warmth, probably not. but milder than average temperatures. milder than average. ernie: i'll take that. nick: we'll have our dip-downs,
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ernie: it will be spring before you know it. being optimistic. nick: nice to be thinking about our wintertime weather. by the time we get to the middle of january, there'll be a more significant change to the weather pattern. weekend. until then, there is no real cold air in sight coming our way. today certainly no cold air. 59 was the high. average. the low was higher than the 51. 70 and 3 in the record books. still a mild evening at 57 in new york city. humidity 55 percent. wind out of the south. it will stay that way tonight and tomorrow so the temperatures will stay on the mild side. we have some clouds that have moved in over the city. the pressure 29.95. that continues to rise. it did hit 60 today on long island. islip to montauk. it was low 60s belmar to newark and 64 across parts of south-southeast jersey. as you moved northward from
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mild now. we haven't gotten back to the 40s. sussex and poughkeepsie have dropped off quickly. that's typical of this time of year when you get away from the city. there's a big temperature drop-off once the sun sets and we'll see that again over the next few nights. 57 in new york. 52 at belmar. low 50s across long island. the southwest wind sticks around tomorrow, so it warms us up. let's look at fox 5 sky guardian. nothing to worry about with rain. that's the bad thing. there we go again. time to show you my shoes. let's talk about -- look at our fox 5 sky guardian with no real shower activity. we'll find some cloud cover in place and areas of fog that may come in later tonight. keep that in mind. could be areas of dense fog that may pop up as we head in towards the area. let me stay here.
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let's talk about that area of high pressure off the east coast giving us the south-southwest wind. clouds from the west, but the warm front -- the cold front trying to come in will be staying off to the north. our temperatures warm things up tomorrow. 62 in the afternoon. that's not a record, but we may get a record down the road in this seven-day forecast. there's the look from tomorrow's futurecast as that area of -- the cold front stays off to the north. we'll talk about more warm weather on saturday. lower 60s. when could the record be? we'll likely see the record come up towards sunday. the record high is 64. i think we hit 65. lots of clouds, areas of fog, mild tonight. 62 tomorrow. fog gives way to lots of sun. a nice afternoon. 62 saturday. and 65 sunday with sun and clouds. some rain later monday afternoon. i'd say mid monday afternoon to monday night at 62. breezy and windy on tuesday and drying out, 57.
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it's not that cold. ernie: not all that cold. you're wearing the right shoes for the weather. thank you, nick. still ahead for you, new york was struggling with a lot of serious problems back in the '80s. but the crime and grime inspired a creative explosion in the city and shaped where we live today. we'll show you how it all happened. we have a live guest joining us in the studio as well. we'll be right back after the break.
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ernie: welcome back, everyone. it's time to continue our journey through new york's incredible history. tonight we step into the '80s, a time when dangers in new york inspired a creative boom. here's more from arthur chi'en >> reporter: the 1980s in new york, music tells the story. it speaks of a very complex time and they weren't always the good old days. [music] >> the song called the meme by grand master flash released in
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rats in the front room. [music] >> reporter: the city was on edge. crime, drugs, poverty. this artist photographer moved to soho, far from chic at the time. her rent was $300 a month. we caught up with her in her old neighborhood. >> it was rough. it was rough. it was dangerous. it was abandoned. it wasn't safe. i had a couple of the waiters walk with me. >> reporter: even for steve lewis, known for his grit, the streets were to be wary of. we caught up with him outside limelight. >> it was a lawless town. this was the wild, wild west. you couldn't walk down the streets in new york and feel safe. practically anywhere. >> reporter: while steve and ellen remember how dangerous downtown was, they both speak of how it led to something incredibly special, a creative
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>> the art grew out of the danger. we had the growth of the street art, the graffiti, the music, the beastie boys, run dmc, the birth really -- not the birth, but the development of hip-hop and that entire culture came out of the streets. >> there was that feeling of being a pioneer, being like free-wheeling, experimental. >> reporter: we can see the grimy manhattan canvas that the art scene exploded from launching musicians, photographers and painters, not just artists, but general res created. new yorkers used to actually mix in this melting pot. they fed off each other and inspired each other. in the '80s, every place was diverse. diversity was embraced. you wanted to see a drag queen on the bar. you don't anymore. unless it's a straight up gay party. >> along with the true grit and the sink or swim of survival,
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that bolstered all that. >> reporter: many in the '80s felt 14th street divided the culture uptown and downtown. downtown was undesirable because it was unsafe. donald is a curator of architecture and design. he says contradictions can fuel artistic process. >> there are different periods when the culture and counter-culture are in a dance with each other. the '80s is that era. >> reporter: while they're a definitive building block in the culture, what fostered a creative boom then some believe is gone. >> who is the andy warhol of the time? back then you knew. now the average person doesn't know. ask someone who their favorite 2015 artist in new york city and you'll get a blank stare. >> reporter: a time that has passed, a time in our city's history to appreciate which generation will next fill the shows and when. with a look at our city in the
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thank you for that. joining me, a very special guest today. this is bill helmrick, a professor at cuni. the author of the new york nobody knows. this is amazing. people don't realize you walked nearly 120,000 blocks in new york city, all five boroughs. you've got quite a perspective of the city. >> well, you do it one block at a time. i barely remember when i started doing it. if i had thought about it, i wouldn't have done it. it would have been too daunting of a task. ernie: what do you remember most about the '80s, your perspective? >> what i remember is it was the beginning of a very, very important turnaround from the city. the city was recovering from the '70s when it was broke or almost broke. when koch took over, he was friendly to the real estate developers and economic interests. through all sorts of tax abatements and incentives, he
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building in the city, to start looking at the city in a positive way. and in that way, he was a rainmaker. ernie: he went through the dark days and the brighter days. the city had a surplus budget of like a half billion dollars. and there was a lot going on. the skyline was changing. people were taking a chance, >> that's what happened. people said let's take a chance on the future. building, they were. when you go through the streets of new york today, you can see in every borough by the construction how much was done in the '80s, how much of the seed was being laid for what happened in the future. when you walk around the city today and it looks really safe, that didn't happen overnight. people moved into park slope then. fancy. you could have one for $83,000 thousand in -- in the '80s.
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the '80s, what would you say? how would you cover it all? it's hard to do. >> i would summarize it as the beginning of a new era, the beginning of the light at the end of the tunnel. it was not only that in terms of economy, it was that in terms of art, in terms of entertainment, in terms of dress. they were wild days. people dressed colorfully and funky. funky was the word for it. as a result, everything started to feel up around the city. you knew it was a matter of time. ultimately in the '90s, we started taking things for granted. those things were not taken for granted. ernie: been through a lot. you've seen a lot of history. >> we've been through a lot. we turned the corner and made it. ernie: thank you for joining us. keep walking. >> thank you. i will. ernie: all right. we've got one more day to look at new york through the years for you. tomorrow it's all about the new new york and how the groundwork was laid for the city we live in today. but first i've got a question
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check this out. holiday decorations all over the city wherever you go. do you have a favorite location? what's your favorite? great answers just ahead. and next russ has more moves by the mets. 5.
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ernie: all right. russ is here. yesterday we talked about a deal
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last night they pulled off another one. russ: yesterday we were talking about the walker trade. and then last night, late last night, they go ahead and this wasn't a trade, they agreed to terms with free agent short stop cabrera. the report is two years, 8-1/2 million, with the mets having a third year club option. quite frankly, i happen to -- ernie: i think you like this? russ: i think the mets have done well. these are not what you would call blockbusters. as we were talking, clearly one of the main objectives going into the off season was to upgrade themselves offensively. they've done that at second base and i think they've done that at shortstop as well. let's be fair. these guys aren't liabilities offensively. so i think the mets have done well. ernie: you talked about the walker deal. you like that and the cabrera signing? russ: i think, again, they've
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they're a better team today than two days ago. it's a good move. ernie: they're making all kinds of moves, helping their pitching staff, which is important. what does that mean for flores? russ: flores was the shortstop last year. let's remember one thing. you've got to upgrade yourself. flores became a fan favorite last year. he was going to be traded, then he went, then he wins in the game in the 12th inning. that said, less than two weeks ago, he suffered a fractured ankle playing in the caribbean. now he's in a walking boot. you have to remember the mets other shortstop, tejada broke his leg in the off season. what terry collins has is two guys on bum wheels, tejada and flores.
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i think one might go in a deal that allows terry collins to do some maneuvering, makes them stronger -- ernie: they're building the bench and competition is good. russ: you also said something. their pitching staff, the future of the mets, is based upon a young great pitching staff, one of the best in baseball. when you have a great pitching staff, the no. 1 objective is to back that up with good defense. ernie: that's what they're doing. looking good. thanks a lot. new york is all done up for the holidays. where's your favorite location to admire the decorations? your answers are coming up next
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ernie: thanks for watching the news at 6:00. now you can connect with me on facebook. go to anastos. check it out. you can answer my daily positive questions. go to anastos. ernie: all right. 'tis the season. there are holiday decorations everywhere in the city. do you have a favorite location? >> i like around central park and the plaza. ernie: central park. nice. >> i like bergdorf's. ernie: look at their windows and displays? >> and macy's is classic. ernie: yeah. those are classic. you're right. radio city music hall. >> i took my family to see the show a couple of weeks ago. it was a really good one. ernie: right. a lot of nice decorations. >> in that area, yeah. a lot of decorations.
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lights, all the trees, and all the buildings that cover it. ernie: so much to see. any particular location you like? >> rockefeller center is the best. ernie: can't go wrong. have you seen the tree? >> it's gorgeous. it's beautiful. ernie: do you see it every year? >> every year. >> some of the office building lobbies getting so decked out. they're over the top and are beautiful. 345 park. look at that one. ernie: okay. do you have a favorite? >> my favorite is all of greenwich village. that's the -- if you want -- this is creepy, but if you want to peep into people's apartments and see how decorated -- ernie: i understand. very nice. very nice. enjoy it all. thank you, guys. take care. bye-bye. bye-bye. >> let me know your favorite place. join me on facebook. that's it for now. thank you very much for joining us tonight. i'm ernie anastos. for all of us in studio 5, our control room, john k., give us a wave, thanks for being part of
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