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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 11, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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rosanna: "good day new york." friday. greg: it is so warm outside. saturday and sunday could be in the 60s. we have heard he committed to our winter clothing. following a story that has been developing overnight. nine people have minor injuries. eighty-nine people are now out
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greg: governor cuomo wants to overhaul common core curriculum. a big deal. juliet: mayor deblasio undergoing surgery today for maybe back in action with work on sunday. greg: i think he ought to take next week off. maybe the next week, two. rosanna: franck sonata. born in hoboken. celebrating franck sonata's birth. we will talk more about it here. the bricks are still falling down.
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year. a big traffic jam. it is a real pain in the neck. >> i think that they have to be very careful. they have people on scaffolding for months and months. i do not know how long this is going to take. >> it seems that they have been laying brick for a long time. >> they really have to go and be pointing. greg: be careful. no injuries. we had a minor cameo appearance
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you know these guys. good stuff. their premier was last night. rosanna scotto came up. one of these guys really wants your phone number. >> i know they had to have a few good laughs at our expense. greg: mentioning rosanna. >> really? interesting. usually it is after you two guys. rosanna: it has numbers on it. mike: i kind of like it did.
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beach volleyball accident. mike: they went into go find the tendon. it is reattached. >> that part of you is futile. [laughter] greg: look at that. mike: baby -- maybe later on in talent. look at your high temperatures. this is from yesterday. you are advertised this time of year is only about 44-45 did to get above 60 is above normal. that is nothing compared to what
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next several days to come. montauk, 47 degrees this morning. clouds in the area. a lot of fog, especially in long island. you have a dense fog advisory. until eight or 9:00 o'clock. it should come down after that. the aware of that. anyhow, we do have some clouds in the area. dry air is working its way in. we should see plenty of sunshine. your highs will be well above normal. high temperatures this afternoon is 62 tomorrow. sixty-five on sunday. all right. time to get you over to ines rosales. the sun is just about up.
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let's start off with the bronx right now. this is by the sheridan. all cleared away. no problems on the staten island expressway. brooklyn, there is an accident westbound. your new jersey commute, a couple of incidents. exit 55, an accident has a landlocked. the left lane has enclosed so morning because of an accident investigation going on. let's go to our cameras. northern state parkway. traffic moving fine. this is all by sunnyside boulevard. the l.i.e. in queens, the visibility is better. normal delays. slowdowns on the bqe northbound. everything running on or close
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fire in the bronx. >> just before bed night. crews are still there this morning. looking at the situation for hotspots. what is going on? >> the big news here is not really that injuries, but the number of people that have been displaced. seventy-four adults and 15 children. you can see those two latter. they have been pouring water on this fire. you can still see the smoke building. it began around 1140. 2086 ballantyne avenue. they left from one home to the next to the next.
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each other. a fire in one building can easily spread to the next. nine buildings were damaged by the fire. nine people suffered minor injuries. the deputy assistant fire chief told us that this is a really difficult fight. including some as far away as queens. i got a chance to speak to the two-man whose home was gutted. >> i heard it racket. i thought it was arguing maybe. i heard breaking glass. then i heard the helicopters and sirens. i walked down to the hallway.
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they're looking for you. they've moved on down. >> the red cross is here at the scene. assisting those that have lost their homes. one thing that these investigators are looking at. keep in mind, three of the nine buildings affected were vacant. potentially, someone may have been in those buildings and playing a role. we still do not know. if there is any new information, we will pass it along. >> targeting a lot of people in central park. four men were arrested yesterday.
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in the park last night. they punched a 19-year-old man in the face. they do believe they could be connect it to the other robberies we have seen in the park lately. isis in new jersey. admit they try to help the terrorist organization. rosanna: 20 years old. he pled guilty yesterday. he also admitted they talked about using homemade explosives to attack times square and other iconic places in the city. he and five other men were arrested in august by the fbi. divers are searching a small lake in san bernardino park looking for possible clues into the deadly terrorist attack. greg: the attackers were in this area just before last week
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only 3 miles away from the crime scene. >> there are a couple that led us to this part. it is a large body of water. dive teams. >> opening fire on their fellow healthcare workers during a holiday party last week. bricks falling down on the eastside. still tying up traffic this morning. all kinds of businesses have had to close. rosanna: people in that area displaced last night. forced to leave their homes for safety reasons. this is a terrible time of the
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the upper east side. an accident happened monday night. people who live and work here on the upper east side. sixty-fourth street and first avenue. you can see first avenue is still closed to cars. cars can go across 67th street. traffic is already building this morning. the sidewalks are closed to pedestrians. this whole area has really become a traffic nightmare. in the entire building was evacuated yesterday. they had to pack up and leave. the initial construction at the 48 east 64th street. that building is a high-rise.
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monday night. thankfully, there were no injuries in accident. live right around the corner of 63rd and first. it has been very difficult to go anywhere. especially my building, every time i stick my head out, a police officer or someone from the fire department is warning me to make sure i do not walk out because there could be falling debris from my building. >> a big financial burden. the site where the perks came
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the sidewalks can reopen. they are hoping they can be open in time for the weekend. already so many businesses have been affected by this. >> you can still walk around. thanks a lot. surgery. >> elected a long time ago. you know, he has to take it easy. i have heard of him. i fortunately have never suffered from one. rosanna: i remember my brother john having one when he was younger. rosanna: maybe he will have more
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york" from the hospital room. that will help him heal quickly. greg: i like to presses buttons a little bit. rosanna: leave him alone. he is not feeling well today. one hundred years old tomorrow. frank sinatra. greg: happy birthday, frank. greg: one cool dude. he was born in hoboken. interestingly enough, he was supposed to be named martin. he decided he wanted to become a singer after watching being
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greg: there is a little star outside. following throughout that city. >> he won an oscar. rosanna: you know how much he makes? greg: he was a sidekick for the movie. he was also fantastic. rosanna: very good. quite convincingly. greg: the original. frank's movie was better. rosanna: in the 9:00 o'clock hour, we will pay tribute to him. and then the singer steve tyrell is currently at the carlyle hotel singing. he will be here performing as well.
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up? >> temperatures. it is nice and warm outside. what is down is visibility. the dense fog advisory expanded into nassau county. basically through long island. dense fog advisory open till eight-9:00 o'clock this morning. give yourself extra time if you have to commute to those areas. mainly long island. along the coast of connecticut. basically, our coastal locations looking at a lot of fog out there. temperature wise, it is very mild. 48 degrees in newark.
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tri-state region. it does not look like we have any kind of rainfall out there. we're seeing clearing in the skies. give it a little time. we will see more sunshine. generally mild whether there. we are going to see more sunshine than anything throughout the day. on the futurecast, it does not really progressed much. a mixed skies. tomorrow is mostly sunny. we still have that warm southerly flow. that will keep your temperatures well above normal. today we're going to a high of 62 degrees.
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that could be a record for you. a camera shop. the fog and long island is not good. >> let's start off with queens. watch out for an accident by the metropolitan. you have the bronx commute. southbound past the gwb. walking a lame. traffic moving fine. the traffic with the visibility. heading towards the lincoln tunnel. about a 10-15 minute delay. greg: rosanna is already wearing red for santa: tomorrow. rosanna: i thought that we had a
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greg: we will check it out. >> i urge you to read them. we are not out to get arrested. rosanna: it is a gorgeous day. we pholiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place.
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greg: we met frank sinatra junior once on this show. interesting guy. rosanna: yes. greg: talented. rosanna: you know, a great conductor in his own. greg: they have all done pretty well. rosanna: steve tyrell is doing something with the kids this weekend. he will talk about it coming up in the 9:00 o'clock hour. dan malloy is taking a step with stricter gun control. greg: the governor says he will
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in connecticut. requesting they hand over the identity of every person on the watchlist. rosanna: the sandy hook shooting a new telekinetic it follow along with new cases are prompting this move by the governor. >> people on the watchlist have been permitted. something i find very concerning. the congress is unable to act. >> different bombs that they are actively building. >> congress is trying to ban people on a no-fly list from
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living on long island called with a gun. also crystal meth. rosanna: yes. they found two guns on him during a traffic stop. sorry about that. according to court documents, he told officers he used it to keep them awake during his job as an air controller. >> he no longer directs planes. he was not handling air traffic control that day. involved with several operational errors while in washington, d.c. they transferred him. >> hoverboards.
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>> they totally want them for christmas. >> they are starting fires. united, virgin, they have banned hoverboards. >> this is because of the lithium batteries that power the hoverboards. they are hazardous material. internal shortcuts can occur which can lead to it overheating. we have seen it happening in arizona. recently in our area here. really, you should check the plug to make sure that they are endorsed. >> it is just terrible. >> they rolled up back again. i did not touch you. >> you gave me a little bit of a nudge.
7:26 am
is it is a lot of fun. you have some that are really low quality. >> right. my son has one. coming up at 9:00 o'clock, we have a senator that wants to make it legal again for your kids to ride a hoverboards here in the city. >> they said no more hoverboards. rosanna: we have a real big icicle problem in our city. how do you not do without first? >> rosanna. she always thought about running for office. rosanna: good day is coming right back.
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no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. >> hey, kesha, remember kesha? >> we love kesha you really loved kesha. >> she's pretty good. [laughter] funky. whatever happen odd to her? >> i say you know a lot of time these people take a little time getting out their next album. >> show us something else. you see the sidewalk.
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>> i like those count down clock. >> letter of the law stop walking when the numbers come down. that's what -- seconds. how about you? >> depends. i like it tells you how much time you have to get across. guy? bad shape right now. real quick i want to tease this once again santacon crazy pub crawl through manhattan tomorrow. all kinds will be out there wearing those silly -- and we're going to drink responsibly and won't break rules. >> goings a santa claus or naughty elf? >> you have relative anonymity things you might not do otherwise. intrigued by this and going undercover make sugar sure everything is cool but not going to be jerks --
7:31 am
is? >> confiscating -- >> laid back. >> mike woods feeling better today? >> achy today to be honest with you but okay. >> pain medication. >> show everybody your arm again. >> you like this thing. people are asking me if they can borrow it like "star wars." >> when darth vader loses his arm. >> another one for my leg it is a good sympathy get -- >> you don't get enough sympathy and attention. >> that's true. [laughter] >> whatever. >> that's why i get this -- who i'm working with. show you what's up out there. first of all we have fog around the tristate region that's going to slow you down in places like long island. jersey shore and 8:00, k-89 at least. here's what we have central park reporting clear sky there. 50 degrees a this the point so a
7:32 am
but many locations are looking at some fog so just keep that in mind. check the other area temperatures. bedford you've got 37 degrees there. right this is a place that has fog. seam in new rochelle and throgs neck in connecticut throughout long island, and along the jersey shore. check out your visibility number down to .06 a 16th of a mime in islip, and quarter of a mile for you in belmar. quarter of a mile also in bridgeport so a lot of places are reporting fog especially coastal areas but hopefully it burns off by about 9:00 or so for everyone. but sometime it is attacks a little bit longer. anyhow cloud cover it was thickener overnight hours. thinning out for us now and breaks in those clouds back over western section of new jersey. we should see some sunshine a lot of it for us later on. high pressure building in. warm temp over the southeastern states that's going to shift up up this direction just a little bit more and more every day here. that give us us our generally warming trend that we have going on.
7:33 am
today heading up to 62 that's just two shy of the record high for today. as we take a look at the weekend 65 on sunday. that would be a record high temperature for that day. record high of right now for sunday is 64 degrees we're getting close in next couple of days. two, three day. high of 63 monday. showers coming through at that time and dry out and cool down a little bit but all looking at above normal temps all the way through. lepts bring in ines rosales she's busy today, and that's nothing to do with what will be gridlock -- it is a gridlock alert day but later. >> later part of the day with all of that gridlock but now accidents out there. putnam county you're fine no problem 84 and 684. exit 41 an accident. knock bay extension before the bridge has one lane blocked. and then you have port delays if you're heading towards bayonne expect delays. garden state parkway two separate accidentings.
7:34 am
southbound. now there's a flipped over car so those are two accidents there causing delays on southbound side. northbound you're fine. go to our camera see how things are moving in long island here. l.i.e. mike is talking about that dense fog. there by terp rei road westbound traffic moving fine. just really hard the visibility. tappan zee bridge a look from westchester on occasion it is fine. but speed restrictions up because of the fog. as far as e and a f train local, southbound, maintenance going on so 71st avenue to roosevelt avenue that service is affected. rest of the trains are running on or close. greg an rosanna. >> talk about governor cuomo calling about changes to common core curriculum if your kid in public school you want to know about this new information. >> this common core very controversial. a task force recommended major overhaul to this system. let's go to teresa priolo outside ps116 in murray hill. what's up?
7:35 am
this 15 member task force surveyed 2100 parents, teachers, other educators and what they found was that the common sentiment, common core failing system is absolutely true. so u now they have asked for a complete reworking of it. most parents i know are against the common core and what pleads to teaching for the test. >> if common core could get a report card it would be failing miserably finding from a task force implemented by andrew cuomo. now that panel is recommending a total reboot and a four-year moratorium. >> any movement away from that most would be for that. >> common core seventy major education standards were developed in 2009 as a uniform set of skills that students should master in each grade to be college ready. but around the country many doing that. instead pushing educators to
7:36 am
creating stress on students and calling into question how we with evaluate our teachers. here in new york common core makes up at least 20% of how teachers are evaluated. but that might soon change. the task force suggested overis hauling how students learn, how they're tested, and how our teachers are assessed. recommendations 21 in all include a hold on linking tests to teacher performance, reducing the amount of test days and their length and getting student and community feedback on the quality of those tests. governor andrew cuomo now doing an about face embracing the change saying, quote, the common core was supposed to enabout sure all of our children had the education they needed to be college and career ready. but it actually caused confusion and anxiety. that ends now. the complete 180 coming in wake of more than 20% of new york students sitting out the test in april.
7:37 am
>> recommendation unveiled hour after barack obama signed a u new bill producting the federal government from mandating states adopt standards like the common core. now this needs to be approved by not only governor but also board of regions both are expected to happen pretty soon. one thing we want to mention to you somebody reached out to me on twitter and asked u how did this actually affect examines that are coming up in six weeks? the region exams in january we've reemped out to governor and united federation of teachers calling all morning haven't heard back yet but we'll stay on top of that. latest from murray hill this morning. back to you in the studio. >> we have to take them in in june. end of the year. not a midterm thing. thank you. if you're taking the subway this morning there's a pretty, pretty, pretty good chance that it will be more crowded than it was a few months ago. >> this is larry david he continues to shat per ridership
7:38 am
let's see 6.2 million road more -- most riders since mta started tracking ridership. >> they have record ridership on that day. average was shy of 6 million highest in four decades. so i guess if you ride the subway you know how crowded it is. >> 8 million people. 75% of us riding the subway. people from long island and jersey. >> by the way, today it is kind of a strange marking this history five years ago today officials discovered that a serial killer had been dumping bodies on gilgo beach. >> fbi is joining the hunt for killer here. again, a serial killer. december 11th, 2010, suffolk county police officer, and a canine, dog discovered the body beach. >> 10 other bodies were
7:39 am
officials say they haven't given up looking for this killer 37. >> law enforcement techniques particularly with homicide investigations are ever changing and we want to ensure that we're doing everything we can to solve these murders. >> police also found remains of another missing woman from new jersey. but police say her case is not related to the gilgo beach murders. >> so citadel students there from in trouble. >> suspended over photos that were posted on social media. students are seen wearing white outfit and white pill low cases, quote, ghost of christmas past as part of a skit. but some people say they look like members of the racist group the ku klux klan. school officials calling them offensive and disturbing once
7:40 am
they will be us suspended. j going to be again 50 something degrees. 60 this weekend. crazy. >> not going to stop us from putting on santa claus outfits o', no we're in the spirit of the season. >> keeping the hooliganism to the weekend maybe a little bit. play with it.
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it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. okay by the way want to is a big night jingle ball going on later. jill johannes on the show. >> joe. elvis duran what does he do again a dj. what station? >> 100 -- >> you love to tweak him. >> yeah, anyway elvis will be here, jay johannes a lot of fun. but in the meantime let's talk about the weather mike woods. >> the weather from that shot right there really doesn't look that bad over the city. but there has been some fog, a
7:43 am
tristate so keep that in mind if you're in long island in particular along the jersey shore. good part of the connecticut also in the coastal areas you've got dense fog advisory now extended until about 10:00 this morning but visibility numbers come down to quarter of a mile or less. we've got 47 out in islip. 50 degrees warm out at central park. a decent amount of the cloud cover for early morning but that is breaking up and moving on and high pressure will take over and see a lot of sun and warm temp this is afternoon. ski report here's your condition at white face you have to travel to get any ski in. but you've got 10% of the trails open there. bags 12 inches but half a foot to foot of snow. so it's still running thin in the northeast. but at least you can get out there and federal a bit . 62 later on this afternoon, and then tomorrow we get up to 63 for a high. forecast record high that is still beginning to be warm but a little bit wet for you on monday so keep that in mind too.
7:44 am
hourly forecast broken down for you. download it today in good shape. apple itunes and google play store all ready to rock 'n' roll for you. speaking of which i have to say good morning to my pal out there. yep, help me out with some new sneaks because that's what i need when i'm in this busted up condition. 4:00, but you know what, a good guy watches us all of the time big fan. ines rosales see the commute if you have roads and rails. how are we there? >> hot spots out there long island though not too bad nassau county fine on l.i.e. approaching jericho turnpike and approach glen cove road. new jersey commute 80, 287 good. no problem with 284 or 80. see thingings moving on staten island. by bradley avenue no problem eastbound to the verrazano. , though, you have traffic slowing down a bit. george washington bridge upper level, 40 minutes into the city lower level it is about a 30 minute delay.
7:45 am
you want to take holland tunnel from one and nine a ten minute delay. from the turnpike an accident on newark bay extension. stalled truck i got an update on that so you have traffic 20 minutes from turnpike as you approach holland tunnel. greg and rosanna back to you. rosanna: holiday fight some residents are very upset after town leaders were moved to minute. >> town they removed after one resident threatened to sue if they didn't also put up a nativity scene. but now a jewish resident is threatening to sue if the minox ra is not put back right away. >> one thing they should be standing up for us and they don't care about the people of the town. >> by the way this has been displayed alongside christmas tree for years. the town says that christmas tree is not a religious symbol. >> ten years ago these things became controversial.
7:46 am
>> all get along? come on now. >> operation santa that is a nice note to santa make sure it gets toson that operation is in full swing rosanna. >> that's good. a time honored new york city triecious in the 103rd year allows charitable organization and members of the public respond to children's letters. i've actually done it and a it is an a amazing thing you feel so god and make such a difference in somebody's life. those vrmts call operation santa a gift. knowing you're helping a family in need unfortunately at this time don't have things they need and what they want. so just giving back, paying it forward legending a helping hand to somebody and a family. >> again you can help santa. you become like an elf if yowpght to participate, you need
7:47 am
santa runs through 23rd, and then grb a letter or two and make a difference in somebody's life. >> so knicks on the road they were in sacramento against sings, and we went to the game that was so u awesome. kings held on to beat knicks 99-97 in brooklyn nets they did pretty well against the 76ers although everybody is. whew. worst start ever something like that. >> brooklyn wins for 6th too many in the last seven home games, 100-91. speaking of the nets monday they have star wars nighted a barclays center. first of 10,000 fans in attendance will receive this brook lopez do you think they'll look this "star wars" inspired bobblehead. >> somebody stole a life saber for you.
7:48 am
you have a brother, you're gong to be fighting like con or sister -- it is nice. >> this is a plastic white tube. [laughter] >> it is good fun. you're sharp at that thing. be careful. >> grew up with a brother and sister. coming up monday at barres class in the meantime on "good day new york" we celebrate jingle ball. [laughter]
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if the last 3 letters were p22, that' s me. [ dog barks ] [ bark ] there it is! [ gasps ] oh no! look, the sky's awake! that. was.
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>> it looks very, very hazy out there but a beautiful day. sunny. i don't know if it's our camera needs to be cleaned off. but it is lovely. >> the statue of liberty in new jersey. remember new jersey is claiming that statue of liberty they like it to be part of the state of new jersey. but technically still part of new york. so -- >> by the way where were you? >> hit that dead miewk let me introduce you to some guys. let's take a look. put that picture up.
7:52 am
noted new york actor, george let's see retired professor together put on a play last night at the cherry lane theater called oh hello. they have a great bit about about too much tuna. these guys are kind of stereotypical yet excentric roommates they have a lot to say about a lot of things, and it is absolutely hilarious last night was a premier i think we have a picture of these guys on stage. basically premise is, they are getting tossed out of their rent controlled apartment so theft to mac had it big. and they pretty much make it big a show on new york one about and it's just brilliant. by the way, one of their guests they actually interviewed was ray keel reformer police commissioner. and really blew my mind at one point rosanna, other o picture, we came up in conversation. "good day new york" they mentioned it.
7:53 am
has a crush on rosanna scotto he wants your phone number. >> i was look wait -- they say my name is? "good day new york"? >> blank in the head. >> it was yeah try to get rosanna scotto's number she was pretty hot. ever seen it, i recommend that, also this unfortunately there for a u few days until december 20th. >> ticket still available? >>good luck with that. oh hello with cherry lane see what they look luke normally. we've got -- nick and john, great comedian from chicago. this is a very, very new york play. lots of references, a koch they have a conversation dead koch, they go to his grave. giuliani de blasio comes up with a lot of fun. oh, helloed a cherry lane theater. >> what else?
7:54 am
know he has been advocating for renewal of the zadroga act with health care to 9/11 first responders. >> sneaking up on them? >> a donald trump makeover so people would pay attention to what he's saying. listen to this. >> mind the trump. these 9/11 -- these 9/11 first responders first across the new york. don't let congress put politics with this necessary bill. if i'm elected and i will be elected. >> not bad. you do a better donald trump. >> he sounds like rocky balboa but message is important and jon stewart done a great job promoting this. >> gone to d.c., accosted some of state senators in hlway and stuff.
7:55 am
very important. we're urging you to use hashtag worst responders to get congress's attention. without the zadroga act it will expire next year ab people who came it our aid will be in bad shape. please keep the pressure on. >> sound good. now for ow facebook fan of the hour. >> dean clark.
7:56 am
a lot, pal. people are shocked, that this process is so easy. every person that i helped, i wanted to help 10 more people after that. it just made me feel good. come into work everyday, and just knowing that i was
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>> hi everybody welcome good day new york a week until "star wars". >> that's how you do your life? >> t minus seven days. >> i'm rosanna scotto thinking about christmas ten days away from the official start of winter. the temperatures are gorgeous. this is luke -- california weather so beautiful. i know some people are freaking out they don't think it's normal. >> strange you know rosanna e committed to our winter clothes wearing this heavy had stuff. wearing it anyway. if you don't you're wearing sweaters it is uncomfortable. >> but you know what this weekend will be gorgeous enjoy it while you can. bricks talling off a building on pupper west side still all kinds
7:59 am
some had to evacuate again last night. >> following a developing story this morning there was a fire last night injuring six firefighters in the bronx. it went to 7 alarms before fire was put under control early this morning. we're going to have a report for you. >> okay four people arrested in connection with a robbery in central park you've heard about a string of robberies in recent days. police e believe they may have found all of the people responsible. some of the biggest airlinesserses banning hover boards you cannot either check it or carry it on to the plane. by the way, carrying it on that thing is 20 something pound not liewght. >> substantial. here's one on loan for four months now. >> calling for it yet. you have scuffed this baby up. did you take spills on it? >> more than a few actually. you have to be careful it is controversially because newark
8:00 am
and sidewalks we have lawmaker who is want to have that reversed. lots of fun. be care of the. >> wing many of hover boards later. does it work? you've really -- people have hurt themselves on these things but they're addictive. first day i rode one. iing to be a fall like it been minutes in. >> peed his pants. >> you were beautifully amused. hover boards in the news again. >> tacks a little to amuse me too. >> you enjoyed laughing at me -- >> with you. >> how much is it? >> 24 pounds. solid substantial. but when you're the ground you feel like an angel until you break your head.
8:01 am
out of commission with one arm. >> i probably need to not have that anyway. board. >> and then two of these. this is a problem. for sure, for sure. by the way i was just checking out almanac for the day to show you temperatures -- average high that we're going to have is 62 degrees that isen april 20th. >> interesting. spring-like weather that we have in the tristate and it is staying this ware if a while. so not like a one-day fluke thing. here's what we have with our fog. visibility number down to 16th of a mile for you in i.c.e. leep islip. low beam extra stopping distance out there. extra time, you'll be okay but take it slow quarter of a mile belmar but reports of that dense fog in many of the coastal areas throughout the tristate region.
8:02 am
through areas or to areas give yourself that time. 51 central park right now. 33 in sussex. 36 in allentown. still clouds in the area but the showers that's not a problem for us here today. a warm front passing by to the north of us but that's not a real bother, in fact, we're already try aring to break up the clouds here. the fog should break up between about 9:00 to 10:00 this morning and it should be decent later on this amp in terms of temperatures. very warm with that southwesterly wind. we're going to make it up to a high of 62 today and four more days total before it starts to come back down. also a chance of showers on monday next week. okay here comes iengdz talking about it all of the reports of accident and a lot of fog out there too. good morning. >> i see that on my camera mike let's start off with your commute. garden parkway so southbound cloying the left lane by exit 98
8:03 am
county towards west chester expect delays to tappan zee bridge an texas by 1. things are moving fine. go to our camera are with long island expressway, this is by round swamp road b side fine. but that is how bad visibility is out there. cross bronx we have another issue there that's an a accident by bronx river parkway eastbound by webster avenue to exact. right lane another vehicle right to the stall now he's move so right lane moving slow there on westbound side things are poon. trains on or close to schedule. gridlock alert day. greg and rosanna. >> still a mess on upper east side. monday a facade collapsed forced parts of furs avenue to be closed down. buildings evacuated. bricks on to the street stl still problems made me later for work. later --
8:04 am
we've got a bit of a problem there and east 60 let's go to -- kerry drew, she's in the neighborhood, what's up kerry? >> good morning to both of you. it's been a couple of days since that initial construction accident on monday night. but this incident is still affecting so many apartments and businesses in this area at the intersection of 64 t street and first avenue. if i step out of the way you can see what first avenue looked like. it is completely closed off to cars from 60th street to 64th street so cars can go across at the 62nd street. sidewalk is closed to pedestrians from 62nd to 64th street this has really become a headache for so many people. an entire building evacuated yesterday for fears that more bricks could come down. family at a 16 unit building had hours to pack up and leave their apartment. initial construction accident happened across street from that at 340 that building is a
8:05 am
hail of bricks and debris plummeting down monday night thankfully no injuries in that incident but for people who live and work in this area is a major inconvenience. >> walk around a little bit. snap back for me but people driving it is pretty bad. i wasn't even sure what happened. i think it was just bricks that fell. i don't know why it's still closed off. >> quite unfortunate. i feel very bad for stores, shopkeepers and strawns. this is a time you go -- i know if you want to get to bed and birth date for christmas presents you have to walk five different blocks to get, an we have an elderly population in this neighborhood so difficult to quack an avenue, and with the bike lane and bicycles even is just getting run over. so it's a problem. >> that woman mentioned or store and businesses and restaurants
8:06 am
been had been a big financial burden for many businesses that have been forced to close since monday. i just spoke with an official from office of emergency management this morning, offcamera hex more work has been done overnooght to shore up the site bricks came down and meeting held this morning to determine if these sidewalks here between 62nd street and 64th street on first avenue can reopen. you can see police are sell blocking entrance to those sidewalks. if that whats, if sidewalks will reopen today that means these businesses can reopen. we're hoping that happenses, of course, because a lot of them have been losing money for the last couple day. that's latest up frommer east side this morning. back to you. >> one more time why did did bricks come down? bad cement. fault unitedy what happened? >> step out of the way one more time and show you where work is being done. spoke with the office emergency management they said they're making sure that everything is shored up properly if that happens then they can reopen the
8:07 am
>> thanks a lot. >> it can happen and a lot of buildings do regular maintenance to make sure that everything is okay. i think it is called pointing, with and my buildings in the middle of it for months a real pain in the neck. >> i haven't heard of this happening. i can't remember. anyway a fire overnight tearing through several houses in bronx injuring nine people including six firefighters. >> this was a sixth alarm fire official the say nine affected it was brought under control. we have robert moses. what's going on? >> greg and rosanna good morning to you. smell of smoke is hanging over o this neighborhood, and we're just off the grand concourse here on valentine avenue and firefighters on top of those tower ladders have been pouring water on that original fire building, smoke is still emanating from the top of that building. about nine hours after this fire first began. it started last night around
8:08 am
89 people have been displaced including 74 adults and 15 kids. fire started valentine avenue. flames then spread very rapidly from one home to the next, to the next. if you're familiar with this area of the bronx these homes are right up against each other so fire and one can endanger others. all told nine buildings suffered damage. nine people suffered minor injuries. accident is firefighter and three civilians this was really a hard fight that involved a lot of manpower. 200 firefighters fought this thing at the a height including firefighters from as far away as queens. earlier this morning we spoke to some people who were aroused from their late night slumber. >> fire department was banging on the door for us to evacuate the house. >> devastating out hoar. nine houses on the block that has been taken over with fire to
8:09 am
across the street but it's not -- on fire but they evacuated the building for precaution. >> black smoke, an fire from the back of my building. and when i came out there was a bunch of smoke in the courtyard. red cross is now helping 89 people displaced so clearly this fire although it didn't do a lot of damage in terms of injuries it did a whole lot of damage in terms of structural problems. the cause still under investigation. one thing that the investigators are looking at is the fact that three of these buildings were vacant so the combination of the fact of really heavy fire conditions, and three vacant buildings they want to make sure it is not suspicion. live from the fordham height section of the bronx this
8:10 am
>> that it tough on those folks okay thank you. police may have caught a gang of violent robbers targeting people just walking in central park. >> heard of a string of robbery it is there recently. in fact, last night somebody was robbed of an iphone east 73rd street and pushed him around. four people have been taken into custody. youngest 14, the oldest 20. >> gang in the park near 73rd street and east drive they punched that man 19 years old. punched him right in the face stole the iphone. officials believe these kids could be connected to two other robberies in the park. they're looking at that right now. >> so there was a big rally in front of donald trump's hogs in columbus circle muslim women chanting dump trump. >> refugees welcome. they say donald trump recent call to ban muslims from entering u.s. have many
8:11 am
garb to avoid avoid being a target. >> because you actually don't know there are people who want to do harm because there could be extremist. ferghts across country instances of muslim women singled out in broke linn where a postal worker yelled anti-muslim slur and spitting on a woman who was dressed in her religious garb. frank sinatra would have been 100 years old i believe tomorrow. legendary singer, group in hoboken. hit it. ?oapts he was born in hoboken, funny enough supposed to be named martin. marty not the same swag as frank.
8:12 am
took it as an omen and named him frank. >> teenager and became a global superstar by the time he was 21. >> by the way where he lived it no longer stand i believe there was a fire there. but there's this brick arch and bronze star on the sidewalk monroe street. rming go on a nice walking tour of hoboken to look at attractions, features of his youth in that city. celebrate his acting he was a great actor. elvis great singer -- not actor. frank good actor. made out with a major wife on the beach. >>in the 9:00 hour we're celebrating frank sinatra. mark simone knows a lot about frank. he knew frank quite well.
8:13 am
original not the denzel washington version not that one. the one yes -- where he plays major marco a fascinating film about the cold war. brainwashing things like that. he's about to meet the woman from psycho look she's -- drawn to his clumsiness you're about to see eyed by this woman. check this out. there we go. [laughter] rosanna: something is from psycho. by the way -- by the way -- >> she dumps the fiance as soon as she gets to new york. >> frank sinatra music lives on o. his movies are legendary but music lives on. performance from steve tyrell he's powerfulling there. going to a little franky. >> so nervous he can not light a grt. frank was not a nervous guy. >> i know you have this heavy burden in life. because you know, if you're a handsome made, it comes with a lot of weight.
8:14 am
did you know this? thank you for calling me handsome. >> researchers say handsome men are seen as more confident but when it comes to competitive office environment, managers see a jiz led u jaw lean and perfect hair as intimidating to other workers. >> trying to undermine steve lacey for forel years or so. they believe there's a bias there. >> that's right, i hate that guy. only kidding he's the best. >> by the way, you carry this burden. mike would celebrate remembering he was in "people" magazine as one of the hottest anchors. rng oh, that part. how he dresses every day to come to work. >> it's friday.
8:15 am
women catty and jealous but hindering your career. >> what do you think, greg? >> doing that? >> mike is doing just far -- >> what about your aspirations? >> put them out there. >> what had do you think rosanna? >> we're going to tack our national. >> i'm going to blow all of you locals. taking this network -- >> you think for the 9:00 hour nationally, why not? >> we've got enough in notarity and whatnot keep making shows where they make fun of us. >> yeah. hit me with that obviously that was a bad idea to talk about it right now. [laughter] >> i like it. what about this polo shirt thing this week. i don't have much of a who was to be honest with you. >> worked if you work at a country club. >> but a club. >> i feel look the bouncer right
8:16 am
nobody is afraid of the because that bad arm. let's show you what's going on. another warm day around tristate rooj our temps look at this crazy, still keepses gone on. 62 that's your forecast high for the day today. 44 is normal high temp. but look at the record high we're not too far off. two degrees off. for today so it is going to be warm again. but we are going to see sunshine out there, in fact, burning off. fog is burn uing off so at 51 sunny at central park. south winds at 5 miles per hour that brings in warm temps to us but everyone throughout the northeast. no one is freezing this morning. we've got 39 in williams port. we've got 45 in albany. 48 in boston, and 43 in philly. the clear skies that are trying to make a comeback not to say we're going to see sunny skies throughout rest of the day. clouds come and but general trend to a clear sky here in the tristate as high pressure starts
8:17 am
air to the south into the tristate region so that trend will continue probably for about another three to four days. so get used to warm weather it's here for a little while. high temp up to 62 degrees. two shy of the record high for today. and tomorrow we make it u up to 63 for high. 65 on sunday a u new record high for that date. 63 your high on monday showers thursday. we need more rainfall. we're again more than ten inches behind but not too much coming at u here. keep that in mind. we have the fox 5 weather app a to help with daily and hourly forecast at the apple aye fewness iphone store. anthony turning 14 years old he's a big fan also to little mike this guy that is mike and mom little mike happy birthday to you a big time good day fan. all right let's bring in ines and see what's going on. how cute he is --
8:18 am
>> happy birthday mikey. rng right now commute this morning is not too bad. gridlock alert day. l.i.e. slow approaching grand central parkway. jackie robinson parkway has residual delays left by little grand central and 188. as far as new jersey commute 78 slow approaching exit 41 earlier accident there eastbound. westbound rubber necking delays leftover. still dealing with some of those foggy conditions. looks good. as for george washington bridge, if you're driving into the city, no delays right now. upper, lower level dong fine. as far as lincoln tunnel goes 30 minutes into the city. the holland tunnel a 15 to 20 greg and rosanna. >> joe johannes, brothers no longer -- a new band with a great song up. that's look all over the charts ocean.
8:19 am
>> no. will talk to joe johannes it is a double meaning. >> good to know. fool around by the beach. >> we're coming back. catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. discover unexpected treasures, pfor the people who least expect it. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday
8:20 am
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8:21 am
>> oh, hello down to business please. >> adam shapiro joining us once again. hi. >> hover board is what even is talking about. airlines are banning you know hover board aboard your flight if you go on delta, yiebted american, jetblue virgin america or alaska airways and you bought a hover board you want to bring to somebody as a gift do not bring it on an airplane or one of those airline concern over
8:22 am
thing, the consumer product investigating at least ten incidents of the hover boards catching tire. you can ship and people have been asking can't they catch fire in hold of an aircraft. saying if you buy a hover board do not charge it and gift wrap something wrong with the electrical ises that's what they're investigating. funky i've fallen on it. >> check the this with the top speed in my -- i do it in the safety of my hall way, building here's what happened. lots of velocity right about here. >> oh, my lord.
8:23 am
be careful on these things i was doing it inside because it is illegal outside. >> in the can 9:00 hour they'll undo that. he thinks it's a reduck louse law. personally i feel we have other issues including ramp and bicycle -- bicycle going every which way. all rightly i love to walk in the city. it's getting hazardous to walk. i'm not kidding ppg i know that you think i'm overexaggerating. >> if you collide with a bicycle it is more than a hover board but that's the way it is for now let's take a look at this please. >> this kid knows about hover board oakley a youtube sensation he's talking to us about his
8:24 am
rosanna: thank you. greg: watch out for the bricks in the neighborhood. rosanna: yes, first avenue. you have to dodge things in new york. >> hover boards. what else? here we are, december 11th. a week until star wars, two weeks until christmas. rosanna: friday, 8:30 and celebrating native new yorkers those that want to be native new yorkers. >> greg: more people coming from new york city than born here. rosanna: you said that quickly. >> it is a simple thought. rosanna: that is a native worker speaking quickly and getting in there. greg: i know what you mean. what else? rosanna: it is 8:30. it is going to be a beautiful
8:25 am
greg: with that big coat she's going to be warm. i dressed for the winter yesterday. rosanna: well, you need to take a page out of mike woods' book. greg: that is ridiculous, sporting the guns. mike: well, i got a lot of poz feedback. rosanna: of course, you kid. >> mike: i think you you should stick with this. rosanna: well, i don't know about sticking with it. greg: don't stick with the steroids with the muscles. no, i'm kidding. >> mike: here we go. rosanna: nice to have you here. what is happening outside? >> we are burning off the fog in the region. a lot of sunshine coming up, but dense fog advisories up for a good part, mainly long island, if you are coming through on the cars, give yourself extra time
8:26 am
dense fog advisory is up there. points to the south headed to the atlantic beach area you are going to see foggy conditions from time to timed. it is looking like some of the numbers are improving for you in belmar. zero in bridgeport. parts of connecticut in on the dense fog. a little extra time or a lot of extra time in case you run into the fog in those areas. 51 central park. it is mild again. 48 in newark. 49 bridgeport and islip and montauk. we are looking at a cloudy start to the day. cloud breaks just to the west of us. a good amount of sunshine throughout the day here. now to futurecast, bringing in clearer skies in the afternoon. tomorrow all about the sunshine. sunday the clouds coming back
8:27 am
showers not a problem on sunday. but monday we see the rainfall. today up to 62. close to record high of 64. 63 on saturday. 65 on sunday. then 65 for you on sunday. 63 on monday. at that time. now to ines and getting a look with the commute, and which is foggy in some of the places and slow downs out there too. everything. riverside highway delays. bronx commute, parkway, you are a little slow on the northbound side. southbound moving fine. new jersey commute, not too bad out there. now to the commute on the l.i.e., there is the fog. seeing a lot of that.
8:28 am
of a ride at the lincoln tunnel. it is about 30 minutes inbound. it is a grid lock alert day. delays. holland tunnel 15 minutes. rosanna: thank you. we have a possible scandal in the catholic church this time over priest and a reported friend. >> well, they have concerns about reverend peter mckelly and reported he stole a hl dollars in church funds to fund active sex life. >> he took the money to pay for sex and drugs with this man who is supposedly like an i don't know sex master or something like that. >> read about it in the new york post.
8:29 am
>> all right, moving on please to common core. rosanna: there is a task force put together by the governor and recommending an over haul. >> quite controversial. most parents i know are very against the stress on the common core and whap leads to teaching for the tests. which i don't know anyone that likes that, parents or teachers. greg: what they are talking about to the ending the test results linked to the testing. you heard the parents there. the governor praised the task force recommendations and common core was supposed to get the students college and career anxiety. >> dnce they have a hit song
8:30 am
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8:33 am
details, visit greg: who's that? who? rosanna: i think hailly seinfield. one of the people performing at jingle ball. greg: they are creating the stars at lightening speed. rosanna: anna is talking to the hottest man. hi, anna. >> yes, joe jonas and the group, and elvis. we are at 000 studios ahead of the jingle ball.
8:34 am
name and ins trum you play snoo>> backon the drums. ginger, guitar. >> i'm elvis and play you. >> yes you do. >> amazing hair. joe, what is it like to work with these guys, oppose to the family, your brothers? >> there are a number of similarities. it is touring with best friends and jingle tour is so much fun. tonight is going to be crazy. >> looking for your brother, nick will be playing. >> yes. >> now you have own careers and competing. >> it is like backyard sports. on the charts, we are supportive. we root for each other. >> what do you say about these guys? >> as you will see tonight at the jingle ball, they are
8:35 am
we love dnc. this is what jingle ball is about, it is about the music of the year. now you have the new sound, the new energy, it is so important. >> we have cake by the ocean. what is this about? >> who doesn't love the pastries by the water. >> beautiful women and eating cake and getting married? >> you are getting warmer. >> google it. >> i googled your hair. what is the meaning? >> i go blue. it is that simple. >> very, very good. jingle ball, what are you excited to see tonight. the weekends. >> elvis. >> exactly. freddie. >> what about you? >> weekend by second summer.
8:36 am
>> you used to work with jordon spashg sparks? >> yes. she's amazing. it is a dream come true. >> can't wait to see what you bring and i understand it is sold out, but you are giving out tickets all day long? >> yes, go online and hashtag us. we'll find you and give you the tickets online. >> thank you so much. a lot of people jealous of me today. >> i know, my niece love joe jonas by the way. what is like playing without their brothers. >> what is it like not playing with your brother? >> same thing. >> duet?
8:37 am
right now just rooting for each other. you did an awesome cover of adele's hello. it was a skit going on longer than expected. it is a sad clown. >> did you hear from her? >> we are waiting for a letter. >> there is a good chance you are going to hear from an i adele. >> thank you, anna. what happened? >> cake by the ocean song. >> this is the song. joe, he's a nice kid. >> it is very provak tif. >> well -- yeah, about what you think it is about. having something else by the ocean. >> joe jonas. >> well, he's growing up on us.
8:38 am
coming up. who knows who other surprises
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>> like it or not, new york city one of the richest and poorest towns in the world. you have the wealthy and folks struggling as well. we are going to see how the other half lives. rosanna: it is always fun, you can kind of fant size about it. what are we missing greg? be. there is a series featured on fox news at night, featuring alison, and she's got a special tonight at 10:30, welcome back to the morning. >> great to be here. i popped in earlier this week. >> it is fun to have you here. >> tell us about the show. it is awesome. we checked out the crazy things you can get with a lot of money. they are definitely not small
8:42 am
half million or a million lying around we have the great gifts for you. we have these junior cars for kids. they are unbelievable. check this out. it is one of the stories we are running tonight. >> looking for something for the little guy in your life for the holiday, the junior cars. >> this is for the little man that wants his own collection and might want to drive alongside dad. >> this has independent wish done suspension up front and in back, shock absorbers and disc brakes and a working horn. the 125cc four stroke engine cruises. >> they are limited but going 50
8:43 am
>> the pedals can be adjusted and you can ride with dad too. they have a shelby without the stripes. there's also a mint green martin. >> $19,000. it is one of those things for the kid with means. >> in huntington station long island are the toys for means for all of the ages. >> we have been lucky enough to have rare and collectible automobiles. we have a ferrari was burned in the detroit riots and that is rebuilt. it is one of the four originally made and two exist and this is one of them. the sister car sold for $8.2 million.
8:44 am
>> lotus came out with a spoked motorcycle and built a hundred of them. they were all presold. >> price tag? >> $140,000. >> the junior harrington car is hard to beat. >> oh, man. awesome. these. car. >> so we can get in the cars? >> we can make it happen. tom, we have to get the car. >> greg needs a new car. >> screw the hover board, i want one of those. >> how many? >> $19,000. that is a taste. we have $10 million of diamonds, a submarine. >> greg wants that too. >> where do you get that? >> watch tonight. what time is the show?
8:45 am
next time take my pal with you. he'll be the tester. >> i will dvr you tonight. it is friday night. >> okay. watch. it is a lot of fun. >> come up, steve tyrell. he's doing something with frank
8:46 am
pone of the cool perks of this place pis you can eat as much cereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
8:47 am
>> charlene, it is all about you. thank you for saying nice things about us. >> a last check with mike woods and the weather before the people head out to work. i hope they stay around for the 9:00 show. >> yes, we would appreciate that. so it is going to be another warm day outside. we need the rainfall. the warm temperatures are coming at us. fog is not a problem in the five boroughs. it is a problem on long island. winds not doing much of
8:48 am
we have very little of the wind and the sun, well, it is trying to come back here. it is a mixed sky that we have in the tristate region. we have a lot of fog on long island and dense fog and parts of connecticut until 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. the warm temperatures will be here, high pressure is continuing to bring up the warm air and warm december days are coming to us here. the average temperature for this point, 42.2 degrees. we have above the normals. the warmest day was yesterday at 60. today could be warmer and close to a record high today and sunday. very warm temperatures for four more days and then coming down. we are behind in the rainfall for this month and 10 inches behind for the year.
8:49 am
high of 62. throughout the next 7 days, high of 63 tomorrow. mainly sunny. 65 on sunday. more clouds in the area on monday. tuesday and wednesday sunshine. and the temperatures coming down to low to mid 50s and those are above normal. a chance of showers by thursday of next week. but the next few days highs in the 60s. now to ines rosales and see what's going on. the roads and rails have problems. ines: in queens, cross ieland parkway. let's go to the cameras and look at long island, fog out there. this is the l.i.e., not african african -- affecting the traffic.
8:50 am
bridge, center lane is blocked with an accident. it is a ten minute delay approaching the toll plaza. holland tunnel 5-10. trains running on or close. greg: making fun of rosanna. rosanna: i have a problem, ines. i need your help, ines. greg: we riding the hoverboards. rosanna: you can ride them in the house. greg: don't ride them in the house. rosanna: we have a state senator. >> tyler is dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis...
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