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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 11, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. >> what's up with the brick falls down? rosanna: i don't know, they are concerned. reopen. people are out of their homes. >> greg: we figured out how the lay the bricks way back. rosanna: the area is nice and clear there. greg: pedestrians can move. in cars. first after in the 60s. hello car. rosanna: by the way, in the 60s today, however, we are getting ready for the holidays.
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we are going for it. it is a pub crawl throughout the city. some people love it, well others not so much. rosanna and i are going to party. rosanna: we are going to follow the rules, there are certain rules. greg: well, not uptiekt. rosanna: do we have to dress up, i just want to wear a hat. greg: by the way, there is a comfort in yearing a uniform. it is kind of, i don't know. rosanna: where, the staff, what are the costumes looking like, i get this one today. i don't know. >> what'd you want, it is a red shirt. rosanna: it looks like it is washed a thousand times. it has nubs. where'd she get this from?
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rosanna: i'm wearing a naughty santa claus out fit. year. greg: black stockings? rosanna: no. do you have anything in the closet? greg: well, you are my date. thank you, rosanna. bobby flay, the celebrity chef. rosanna: yes, i spent time with bobby flay. he's got a show on the food network. i was one of the judges. we filmed it yesterday. it is going to air next year. it is fun. greg: talk cash. rosanna: i don't know if i'm getting paid. i had to taste bobby's food and
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greg: did you yell? >> no. you have to give the criticism. >> he's abusive. >> i don't want to abusive. >> happy birthday by the way. >> yes, he worked hard. thank you for including me. o rosanna, it is wild, we had a cameo on off broadway last night. rosanna: wow. greg: there is oh, hello on off broadway at the cherry lane theatre fe churing these guys. these guys are incredible. they are two very upper west side roommates. and they have lots of thoughts on lots of issues. gill is an actor. one of the top in new york, top according to him. a retired forever from yonkers
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and putting on a magnificent performance. the soo much tu ma bit from the show, listen to this. >> oh hello. >> how are you? >> i'm gill. what am i supposed to say? >> this is our show. too much tuna. >> every week -- >> they bring it to the stage at the cherry lane. >> rosanna: was it fun? >> so new york, rosanna. if you are a new yorker, you are going enjoy this. it is only on the stage until december 20th. it is a premise of roommates in a rent controlled and the represent goes up and they have to find a way to make money and
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show and becomes a hit. rosanna: was nts your father part of the show last night? >> yes, ray kelly. they had him on. they were respectful, at the same time trying to humiliate him. rosanna: your father has a good sense of humor. >> he was the straight man. by the way, rosanna, you and i came up during the production. it was cool. they talked about "good day new york" and gill says i really want that rosanna scotto's phone number and implied he wanted to marry you. rosanna: did he hear about my santa claus outfit? >> great friends, great
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so just a fag nif sent performance. a lot of fun. >> what time did you stay out? >> mid nightish. i had to go to after party, rosanna. i can't run home and go to my room. rosanna: yes, only one once. looks like fun. thanks for mentioning us. did he mention mike woods? greg: i'm sorry mike. mike: what are they again? first of all to the fog in the region, it is starting to improve the conditions around the tristate. that is good news. jersey shore, you are in the clear now of the fog or the dense fog advisory, it is lifting for you. you have another 54 minutes on long island. same thing for you coastal sections of connecticut and just inland as well. it is up until 10:00 this morning.
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and trying to get rid of the fog. it is a pill for many of the folks especially connecticut and long island. visibility gown to a quarter of a mile in bridgeport. so the bottom line slow it down conditions. with the temps this morning, 49 islip. 53 central park. 41 monticello. as far as the clouds go, a mix of clouds and sun throughout the tristate. the winds are starting to pick up more so from the south and southwest 3-7 miles per hour. that helps to pull in more of the warm air in the tristate region. that we are going to have for a little while for the next 3-4 days. looking well above normal temperatures. keep in mind the average high is 44. we started at 50. it is going to be a warm one.
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nothing producing the rain here, that is all to the north of us closer to the low pressure. we don't have enough going on here to kick up the showers and we are continue with the mix of the clouds and sun around. 48.2 degrees is the average temperature. precip, under a half inch of rain and we are well behind for the year. we are closing in on 1 # 1 inches behind for the year. high temp up to 62 today. we top the record high on sunday as we head up to 65 for the high. showers on monday. a shot of lighter rainfall on thursday. no impressive rain or cool downs coming up for us. >> thank you, mike. to the hoverboard the hottest gift of the season, hot in a couple of ways. yes, it is in demand and it is
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the hoverboard is also controversial because well a couple of weeks we heard overnight it is illegal in new york city. >> yes, under the new york state law it is illegal. the nypd is cracking down on the tickets and it is like a $500 ticket. greg: some are thinking it is too aggressive. >> one is the new york senator and wanting to change that and introduce a new bill. >> and tim from hood riders, he's a hoverboard enthusistics and noted expert on the topic. welcome. >> thank you. >> what is the law about, it seems overnight, you know, fining young kids $500. >> yes, exactly, the city is fining the kids up to $500 and even the police department is confused. the captain going back and forth on twitter, oh, we are using a
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the captain, no, this is not what you should use, the captain admitted then we are using the state law. >> what can you do, you are against this? >> yes, i introduced legislation to exclude these hoverboards from being considered a motor vehicle. they are not. they are not cars, they are not motor scooters. >> i love the hoverboard, however, tim, the thing is dangerous, i mean i tumbled. we have a reel of the people taking horrible falls. they are going viral on the internet. safety first, be careful. wear a helmet, wear the pads. get familiar with it. >> state senator, mostly young kids with their parents using the hoverboard, i don't understand how the police can enforce this.
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it is not making sense. this is more like a cash grab. we want to avoid that type of thing. it is one of the hottest items for the holiday season and if you can sell it in new york, you can ride it in new york. >> well, what is this? >> electric wheel, this is a cycle. we have a bunch of riders in the community and no one getting a ticket yet. is that what you are hearing? >> yes, we want to include this in on the legislation as well. >> things are a little dysfunctional up in albany, how quickly can you get this legislation passed? >> by the end of the next session, so next june. >> next june? >> yes, the governor has to sign it into law. >> take your time, sometimes you
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here is my hoverboard, as much as i like riding it, it is dangerous. i will show you a mishap in the building. i road it inside and going for the top speed down the hallway, watch what happened. hear the beeping. that is code blue. i god to tell you, i scared myself on this thing. you can get comfortable and complacent complacent. >> yes. have you tried it? >> i have, it is a balancing act. >> i want to see him on the hoverboard. >> he brought friends with him. how about a little hoverboard music. board. >> it gives you an amazing way to get around the city. it is great. environmentally friendly, it's
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practical. >> i guess instead of taking a bus or a subway, it is a mode of transportation, right? subway. >> we have a hoverboard for you. >> one is over there. >> greg, i want you to help. >> i need to balance myself first. >> state senator, make sure it is on. >> i have to balance myself first. >> help him. i don't want him hurt. >> don't get hurt, that makes you look foolish. >> i have to balance. it has been a while. >> hold on. >> here we go. jose. be careful. the worst part is stopping. right? >> yes. >> one of our lawmakers.
9:14 am
do you have kids? >> yes. do they want it? >> yes. >> is this a personal matter for you? >> no. >> constituents are saying they want it. >> can i ask you something, i was in a neighborhood where we have a lot of bicyclists and i feel like, some of the people are delivery people and they have a hard job, but they could kill people they are going every which way. and if you are walking on the streets you can get hurt. >> yes, exactly. but here's the thing, with the boards, max speed is 8 miles per hour. you will only hurt yourself. this is about making sure we legalize it. >> hood riders, race to the
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>> no, no. >> see the green wall. >> if you don't feel comfortable, don't do it. >> how can we get over the cables. >> you can jump the cables with this thing. we'll watch you, greg. >> oh, come on. >> i'm in it. >> touch the green wall and come back. >> go. i'm coming in last. >> go slowly. oh, senator, are you okay? >> are you okay? >> i'm coming in. he's coming in last place. >> easy, easy. oh, oh. >> i'm good. [laughter] >> over here. yeah. come on slow poke. >> you did all right. it's all good. it's all good.
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>> be careful. thank you so much. we appreciate it. thank you for coming in. stay safe. we appreciate it. we have a big youtube star. when we come back. if you could see your cough, it's just a cough. you'd see how often you cough all day and so would everyone else. new robitussin 12 hour
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9:20 am
the latest project is a documentary. take a look. >> tyler oakly. >> hello, everyone. today is a special day, i'm so excited. my life is going to be crazy. i want you to be part of this. i'm not making skits or films. it is a personalty. it is your personalty. a lot of people don't get what i do. >> tyler is here. are you nervous? >> i am, this is live. anything could happen. i was afraid of the hoverboards. greg: welcome and congratulations on the success. you are a huge star and huge followers. roz ross like 8 million. >> huge followers and at times tyler who.
9:21 am
for a certain demographic they are getting it and for others they are not. rosanna: so the documentary, a day in the life of tyler? >> the cameras followed me for a year. i went international. australia, uk, canada, u.s., 30 stops. it was theatres everywhere. everyone coming in pajamas. it was more than that. the documentary follows everything that happens for a youtubeers. if you have no clue on who i am, you may have heard of youtubeers and want to know more about that, it is showing what that is about. >> greg: how'd you start? >> the first video in 2007, keeping in touch with friends
9:22 am
starting at michigan state. i was giving a dorm tour and welcome week. rosanna: so mundane. >> well, all of it just a diary for me. for 8 years now it has been a scrapbook of everything i have been doing. >> what is the turning point and all of a sudden people are getting hit after hit? >> i don't know. never one video that went viral. the first video got a hundred views. never a moment. it was a slow gradual growth. every day i pinched myself. yesterday was the release of the movie. this is the biggest thing ever. >> the videos are great. doing this, with yourself, it is different than entertaining ten thousand people. >> sure. >> what are you doing in the show?
9:23 am
>> well, it is a variety show. it is like pee wee's play house pajamas. watch the movie, you will get it. >> were you a drama major? college? >> yes, the drama club president in high school and after that i stopped. and when i went to college i focussed on the studies and not going into performance at all, and youtube was a hobby for me. then a couple of years into it i graduated, i hated my job, i was like you know what? >> what type of job? >> social media for organizations and companies. it felt like they didn't get it. i would come home and do it for myself. >> are you making money? >> yes. >> are you? >> yes.
9:24 am
>> you are making money, money, money. >> money is subjective? >> i don't know. i can pay the bills and i'm happy. >> good for you. >> we'll see a clip of this. no more income questions. >> for 7 years, he was the ra back in college, so our first video, was the first video called? >> the very first one? >> yes,>> i'm never uploading a video. >> he wants to be me. >> my face. this is the best ever. >> i'm not putting this up. i hope not. >> i uploaded the video. okay, when does something happen? people like you.
9:25 am
>> yeah, a lot of the documentary is showing i guess ie deptty issues and figuring out who you are and it doesn't matter if you have one follower or a million followers, one of the most important things i can do is just be themselves. >> which is? >> for me, i'm gay. >> i'm happy today. o god bless. watching the youtube videos and people connect and see themselves in it and are better because of that. >> that is cool. when you do the youtube videos now, do you post every day? >> about once a week. >> do you think about the crafting of them or spontaneous? >> it varies. sometimes it is a video with a celebrity or day in the life, sometimes i will bring the camera along if i am travelling,
9:26 am
story, no edit. i like to keep it new and different every time. >> you spent a lot of time in the midwest? >> yes, michigan. >> who was the young man tortured because he was gay. >> yes. >> i want to hear from you, are we now in a place where, is there still bullying going on and abuse out there, or about left it behind? >> plenty is happening around the country. i think we are pretty fortunate to be in bubbles of accepting communities in the big cities, new york, los angeles, whatever, but right now, in the country, people are being bully ied because of who they are, trans, or gay, whatever it might be, and just because gay marriage has been legalized doesn't mean we are far from done.
9:27 am
need to be for acceptance and passing laws with helping people with job security and anything that comes along with identity issues. >> well, tyler, you are helping us. >> where can we see this? >> on intunes right now. it is available, i hope you like it. >> how long is it? >> an hour and a half. >> compacted. >> thank you so much. we wish you continued success. >> you are a good guy. >> frank sinatra would be a hundred tomorrow. we are celebrating his boyfriend a day early. >> mark simone new frank quite well.
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9:30 am
generation too. >> he would have been a hundred years old tomorrow. frank sinatra was a friend of mark simone. mark you wept back from frank. >> you know, this is my favorite show. i watch this show every day. you catch me up. i learn everything, i watch mike woods and say i have to go to gym. rosanna: we say the same thing, mark. >> make him put a jacket on. >> well, you hang with frank. >> yes, in the hay days. if he invited you to dinner, bring your sunglasses, it is noon until you get home. and you didn't know what city you were going to.
9:31 am
to dinner with him? >> i can't believe it. i didn't have the heart to tell him, incidenter is 45 people. engineerly lewis once had dinner with him and he got up and left for a while, a telegram came and saying frank pass the salt, jerry. [laughter] >> that's funny. did you go to any of his shows, i went to one. >> only one? >> my parents had dinner with them a number of times. >> yes, to your restaurant. he had rules about a show, never did an encore. if you get people to a fever pitch and screaming, that's the goal, leave. ash tieses come back and do the encore and the screaming and come back, by the third one,
9:32 am
have to go. >> that makes sense. a master showman. was he a nice guy? >> people write about the jekyll and hyde personalty. you know, he'll pay medical bills at one moment and beat up a waiter the next moment. he drank a lot. that explains everything. he said he came up a cure for a hang over, never stop drinking. >> he was funny. he was generous, he used to give out tips anybody in the eye sight. >> unbelievable. he said to the valet brought the car, what is the biggest tip you ever had, he said a hundred dollars and i gave him two hundred. who gave you the hundred, you did two months ago. >> he was a great actor and on
9:33 am
>> yes, from leer to e earnty. the second oscar probably the next year. brando was so hot and thought him in. he hated brando. >> talk about his love life. we have only have an hour. >> talk about his life. >> he loved ava guardner, what happened? >> it was like two frank's together. big super stars and big personalities. they stayed together until the end of his life. >> does his wife know that? >> if i know it, his wife knew it. nancy is still the real wife.
9:34 am
>> he would tell you that. all the over marriages were something temporary. >> because he had children with nancy? >> she knew him before becoming famous. every sunday he went over to the family. she's alive 98 and sharp as could be. >> he slept on the couch because the only place to be alone. >> he said it is unbelievable a thousand people tugging on you every second and brilliant song writer said he wants to wake up from the dream for a second. himself. >> what about the rat pack years with sammy davis and dean martin and crawford.
9:35 am
he knew the god father and the president of the united states, marlin monroe, can you imagine if that was going on today, the biggest movie star, the ganster and the president of the united states all together. >> mia farrow was married to him at one point. the show girls wouldn't leave him alone. room. >> two shows a night, three a night on friday add saturday in las vegas, the biggest stars in the world. tell bruce springsteen to do two shows in a night. >> interesting. 10-noon. mayor did he believe deblasio is under going
9:36 am
he's missing the morning at the gym. he's doing wonderful job. we are lucky he's available. >> mark check out the radio show. you will love it. listen to it in pod cast form. >> right. >> coming up, steve thairell. >> he's great. he's in contact with the family and the children and doing something with them on sirius. >> yes. >> same kind of timing as sinatra. >> yes. >> mark, he listened to you when he was alive. nice to have you here. thank you for sharing your
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greg: i could have rolled with sinatra. rosanna: i bet that was a lot of fun. very, very exciting. stories. she really loved him.
9:40 am
>> what is the big rumor, ronan farrow could have been the son of frank. >> it was a teasing remark and took on a life of its own. >> he looks like frank. >> and mia as well. >> yeah. >> you know. who knows. >> now we are going from classic to what is happening in the world, z 100 has the jingle ball going on tonight. everyone wants a ticket to this. >> elvis duran is king of the world. anna? >> yes, king of the world is his official title. >> i stole it from you, greg. >> kind enough to have us here at z a 100 and ahead of the jingle ball.
9:41 am
the concert i listened to on the radio and hoping to win the tickets. who is performing tonight? >> i forgot. >> well, we have the weekends. >> five seconds of summer. get into the garden early. be in the seats by 7:30. >> i promise. >> i don't have tickets. >> you are coming, greg. >> sean mendez. fetety whop. nick jonas. >> calvin harris rumored about a boyfriend of taylor swift and is she coming? >> she may show up. this is a cool thing about the jingle ball, the star power bag stage is big as the star power on stage. a lot of people are coming to
9:42 am
business and watch them perform. bruce springsteen comes. wendy williams. >> joe jonas was here and he's performing with his group. his brother is performing. what do you think of them? >> dnce they represent the new music from this year. we have the classics. gomez is now a classic. artists like that around for a while and now you have the new bands like dnce. is santa claus here. we have a surprise for you. we have presents for you. >> oh, santa. >> happy holidays everybody. >> rosanna has been nice and greg has been naughty.
9:43 am
>> you never know what you are going to get here. wild man santa. rosanna: i am happy he's keeping the pants on. he's wearing shorts. >> santa has a leg tattoo. >> rosanna, dig the shoes. >> looking good. >> like i said before, rosanna, greg, bums in the seats by 7:30. >> the lineup is incredible. what happens if you don't have the tickets. can we win some? >> stay home and watch fox 5. tickets on sale through the a seat. >> yes. tweet us. >> it is such a good show. i want to hear a full recap from you greg and rosanna on monday. >> how come mike woods is not
9:44 am
he's looking like a bum. >> he broke his arm. this is great for the viewers. >> santa has gone rogue here. >> by, love you elvis. thank you, anna. >> he looks magnificent. >> he's lost a hundred pounds. he wore the checked shirts and now he's walked out of a magazine. okay. >> what magazine? don't get carried away here. >> dog fancy. >> thank you, elvis. >> have a good one. > any way, coming up, steve tyrell. classic frank sinatra.
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which is why our products are too. angel soft. greg: forget sinatra, that is steve tyrell. >> right now until january 2nd. an at the carlisle. it is iconic. >> they have great music. >> it is the most famous night club in the world. it is elegant, swank and awesome. steve, welcome back to "good day". >> thank you for having me. >> steve, we love this. we are celebrating frank sinatra sinatra. you are a connection with the family? >> i do.
9:48 am
i sang for them many times. like the way you look tonight, i sang that. >> they, the family, who is left? >> tina, nancy, franky and nancy senior, who is 97 years old. >> i am trying to get her on tomorrow. >> so the family is calling? >> i will open with tina. a lot of people, i called all my buddies. from england and lots. billy crystal. >> what time tomorrow? >> noon to 3:00. >> on sirius. >> yes, and you don't sing with a texas accent. >> why are the songs having such a long gefty. ? song book. these songs that we call frank
9:49 am
25 years before he sang them, when he sang them they become the standards. >> we are ready for you. >> this is a song written for frank. o come fly with me? >> yes. let's fly, let's fly, let's fly
9:50 am
you may hear angels cheer 'cause we're together weather-wise it's such a lovely day you just say the words and we'll beat the birds down to ac apulco bay it's perfect for a flying honeymoon, they say come fly with me, let's fly,
9:51 am
[instrumental] come fly with me. yeah. once i get you up there where i will will holding you so near. you may hear angels cheer 'cause we're together oh. weather-wise it's such a lovely day you just say the words and we'll beat the birds down to ac apulco bay it's perfect for a flying honeymoon, they say
9:52 am
come fly with me. pack up, let's fly away!! don't you tell your momma where we're going. >> all right. that is beautiful.
9:53 am
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>> thank you so much for saying nice things about us. >> we are going to santacon tomorrow. >> we are. >> long live the hoverboard. >> have a good day, new york. pain from your day can haunt you at night, don't let it. advil pm gives you the healing sleep you need, helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios.
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