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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  December 14, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up". >> juliet: it is still not feeling like winter outside. i i did not write that actually. our writers wrote that. >> ben: it is 5:00 a.m. on monday morning and already you are started. >> juliet: unseasonably warm, i just just did not finish that part. michael telus how long these warm temps will last. >> ben: gun violence has come front center. today marks three years from that awful day of the sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut shooting. governor cuomo and others called for change from the federal government. >> juliet: and the race for the white house at least one poll put ted cruz ahead of donald trump and iowa. the latest latest gop debate is tomorrow night. >> ben: alive look this morning
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east side has -- take a look, the road is back open. there is one lane partially closed but most of the road is open and that is good news for this monday morning. trying to get things back to normal. >> juliet: i kind of wonder, a lot of the street was closed. a large portion of the street was closed. >> ben: several blocks. >> juliet: ricks don't bounce that far, so what was the story. >> ben: i think it had to do about rerouting traffic. they closed 60th and 64th i think it just depended on where they felt traffic -- they did not want to feed traffic and
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could not handle it. you have crosstown traffic. >> juliet: okay, we got it. thanks for watching our morning show program. it is december 14. >> ben: we are midway through december already, we have just about ten days. >> juliet: only two weeks until -- you're going to lose your bet. >> juliet: well even if i lose. >> juliet: you're still winner to me. >> mike: i think you're my good luck charm. this could be like some sort of civil war situation. we have a change coming at us
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anyhow, what happened yesterday put a smile on a lot of people's faces. it was very warm, a lot of record set up. it was 67 degrees in central park which was a record, 68 newark, same thing in islip. definitely felt like it was more like sometime in spring as opposed to approaching winter. that is what we had yesterday, today today is another mild start to the day. we also have some fog. dense fog fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. this morning. that's most of new jersey. some of the visibility numbers are down a little bit. one for the mile in belmar, everyone else does not look so bad. one and one and three quarters of a mile in islip. another mild one, 53 at central park, in newark and islip. we have the warm front, cold front, area of area of low pressure right here it there. they will work their through and bring some showers and storms.
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it will bring the whole thing in tomorrow morning. that that that is it, we are down for a while. high temp today goes to 63 degrees. most of that rain holds off this evening and tonight. by tomorrow morning it is out of here. more. more rain coming on thursday. let's bring in ines. >> ines: good morning. earlier problems on the belt parkway is cleared away. an accident involving an overturned is all cleared, everything else good and clean. nope problems in putnam county, let's go to long island and take a look at the l ie. you are fine westbound and eastbound. the new jersey turnpike in front of newark airport, no problems to report. street restrictions on the turnpike because of fall conditions. between interchanges 78 and 12, 55 miles per hour. south of
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45 miles per hour. the holland and george washington bridge are looking good, trains are running on are close to schedule. >> juliet: gun violence has been in the news lately and how to prevent it has been spoken about. this comes from the three-year anniversary of the sandy hook shooting. >> ben: will be a meeting later on today, kerry what will they talk about. >> reporter: good morning. three years to the day after the newtown tragedy. lawmakers will be gathering this morning right behind me to talk about gun violence prevention. governor cuomo's calling on the federal government to do more to keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists. >> when it comes to terrorism we are facing a growing threat. that is a reality. >> reporter: governor cuomo's calling for change from the federal government. the governor is joining with chuck schumer demanding
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loophole and block those on the suspected terrorism watch list from buying guns. >> the federal government needs
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background check, option one. crews worked through the weekend to remove any loose bricks. >> there's a recent search may use this recent search to knock the current front runner from his perch once and for all. >> the billionaire businessman, still the the national front runner for the gop nomination. he'll be joined on the main stage in las vegas for the cnn sponsored debate. new jersey over chris christie and senator rand paul are last-minute additions because they have had a recent resurgence the poll. the candidates had to meet three
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half% nationally, or at least 4% in new hampshire or 4% and i will. speaking of the buckeye state, the des moines register shows crews past trump in the latest poll. and third, ben carson the new truck prompting trump to attack crews. >> you see how he dealt with the senate where he has gone in like a maniac, you're never never going to get things done that way. >> reporter: cruz who has responded. >> in honor of my friend donald trump, and goodhearted maniacs everywhere. >> back and forth to the republican national convention next summer where there is of a four fight to prevent donald trump from one of the gop. a broker convention of sorts.
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party if it will engage in backroom deals in secret strategy session. >> i think the party should not be doing anything that is under cover. remac as for the democrats, hillary clinton continues to dominate an iowa, she is beating bernie sanders by 14 points. by 14 points. the democrats will debate next saturday in new hampshire. that's a pretty good tweets that you think? spee1 there making it entertaining. >> ben: 511. more to calm on how to regulate drones. >> juliet: i don't like them flying around our skies. >> mike: we have great skies including some fog out there today. that that ship are not by 10:00 a.m. your start of temp this morning is 53 degrees.
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>> all right, 515. >> juliet: yes and i had coffee really early this morning, i am
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i like this. >> mike: most folks a favorite on a monday morning. it is time to get up and out the door show you what happens on the state typically average highest 44 degrees it is 20 degrees warmer than your average. fifty-three is where we stand right now, it may come down another degree or so but for the most part it will be a mild one. the record high. >> it looks like we'll, just shy, we'll see more clouds outside which will help limit and we will look at some showers but opera little while. fog out there, dense fog there, dense fog advisory in the gray shaded counties. that's until 10:00 a.m. this morning. visibility visibility comes down from time to time.
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that's the only location reporting those type of conditions. it's 53 degrees in central park, 51 in ridge port, with mostly cloudy sky. the cold front, warm front will work the way through and right now it looks like some showers coming to you. by 6:00 p.m. the first of the showers coming from the west to the east, showers and and possibly thunderstorms into tomorrow morning. it will be out of here by daybreak and clearing skies for most of tuesday and wednesday. it should be okay weatherwise temps generally coming back down to where they should be this time of year. it takes about a week for that to happen. today cloudy with showers to
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city. as the storm gets out of town it's sunny cooler on wednesday, thursday more showers in the area and the next week highs and lows where they should be, highs in the 40s, lows in the 30s. let's bring in ines. >> ines: good morning. not much going on with the commute. long island and nassau county is okay. new jersey checking in on morris county is moving fine. the fdr drive at 9696 street on the southbound is fine, no problems north's. >> juliet: please say a woman tried to kidnap a baby from the long island storm thursday. they're asking for your help in finding this woman.
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out woman who tried to take a 1-year-old. at a kohl's store in the green acres mall. the child's mother said they were in the bathroom when the suspect tried to grab the baby. the mother and baby were able to get away, thank goodness. the suspect took off in a black liberty cat. if you have information call the police. >> ben: new jersey is extending the bear hunt this week. it will extend the hunt by four days started 30 minutes before sunrise on wednesday. and will continue 30 minutes until after sunset on saturday night. the original junta fell fell short of the wildlife management goal. hunters who have already killed the bear the season are not eligible. they say the activist say it is inhumane.
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planes almost collided in midair. even more alarming, 90 of 90 of these close encounters involved a commercial airline. that's according to one study. had to maneuver to get out of the way. depending on the size of the drone, a collision could result in catastrophic engine failure. >> it could actually penetrate the cockpit which is another area which is somewhat worried. if a drone were to go through the cockpit it could seriously injure a pilot, and that is not a great situation. >> juliet: the new york, new jersey area led the way with 86 incidents. most sightings occurred within 5 miles within an airport. all of which violate current faa regulations for drugs. that is so disturbing. this whole amazon thing
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i don't like the idea. we have more coming up for you including the star wars t-shirt that forced a middle school student to cover up.
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will help improve travel. >> juliet: it's reminding them about a social network site asked tsa. it fields questions from lost items to policies and procedures. ask tsa has responded to 3000 request since last september. if you have any questions just go to ask tsa. >> ben: interesting the amazon have it removed the length of the segway hover board and other boards because of issues of the boards catching on fire. it led several airlines to ban those devices and luggage. >> sometimes with the vibration you get some kind of damage to the battery itself, the internal mechanism of the battery in the
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it catches fire. >> ben: the problems are being blamed on knockoff brands. if you have a hover board board do not charge it overnight. make sure the batteries were tested by national testing lab. >> juliet: a seventh graders in hot water over a t-shirt. it sure is a trooper carrying a rubble blaster and apparently that violates the school's dress code code which bans symbols oriented toward violence. the boy was asked to zip up the jacket to cover the weapon. the boys dad says it's political correctness run amok. we want want to know what you think. tweet us. next weekend you can watch taylor swift concert film from her world zero or. >> ben: have a look.
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exclusive deal and will be available next sunday. it includes some asked stage scenes. apple has worked together in the past, apple music is the only streaming outlet to offered 1989, her album nine, her album. >> juliet: i watched the u2 concert film from paris. i watched it over the weekend. bawling like a baby. it was so good. spee1. >> ben: the music is so good to. >> juliet: there is no band better after a tragedy then you to to comment. bono was so motivated. they motivated. they had the most incredible concert. they really do care about the world. >> ben: it is almost 530 a.m., a.m., top stories, weather and traffic. >> ben: plus the debate over gun
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from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up". >> ben: it it has a warm weekend. there could be some rain moving inches mike woods tells us what we are looking at. and when the cold weather will return. >> juliet: no snow in the horizon anytime soon. and guns and how to prevent them of getting into the hands of the wrong people. a debate that does not have an end. it's definitely on the mind of legislators. a meeting a meeting later today in the city will address the issue. >> ben: hopefully an easier commute today part of first avenue was reopened following the fac ade collapse. good morning. monday morning. spee1. >> juliet: thanks for being here with us. did you have a nice weekend? >> ben: we braved the crowds,
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the windows, light show. it was crowded. >> juliet: yes. i think about him off next week i will do that. the boyfriend and i will head into the city and a very strange hour when no one is out. >> ben: i'm glad i went for her. i put her on my shoulders, our neighbor went with his four-year-old daughter, 4-year-old daughter, he said a police officer told her you are not allowed to have the kid on your shoulder. but it was so crowded. >> juliet: are there any police officers out there can you tweet us and let us know? are we doing something illegal? >> ben: we need snow michael. we need to get in the holiday spirit. >> mike: it was warm over the weekend. i wanted to go to the union
5:27 am
be there. hopefully you had a chance to get out and enjoy the fine, warm weather over the weekend. it was freakishly warm. that will change on us. we have dense fog this morning with the gray shaded counties until 10:00 a.m. this morning. visibly one fourth of a mile in belmar. that means one of the locations you want to slow it down on the road. 54 degrees at belmar, before it knew art, a a lot of clouds in the area. warm front is letting by to the north and west of us. the warm and cold front will work their way through later this evening and into tonight. through the day you'll see a dry day, high temp of 63 today.
5:28 am
showers and storms coming this evening and then it is out of here by tomorrow. let's bring in ines and check out the road conditions. the rail situation we have for your monday morning. >> ines: monday morning is a good start, no problems. northbound is toward bridge part no problems. union and essex county is moving fine. let's go to the cameras and look at the staten island expressway, a good ride going to the verrazano bridge. the long island expressway in queens is starting to see things get busy. moving at the speed limit. as for the trains, running on are close to schedule. street leaning rules are in effect. >> ben: thank you.
5:29 am
it comes front and center. it is the three year anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school shooting. >> juliet: let's go to carry drew who is live where officials will gather later today. >> reporter: good morning. today marks exactly three years since the chatterjee in newtown connecticut. later this morning lawmakers will gather behind me in lower manhattan to renew calls to prevent gun violence. governor governor cuomo is to manage change from the federal government. the governor is joining with legislation to close loopholes from those on the terrace watchlist from preventing purchasing guns. here's what the governor had to say at a news conference. >> the federal government needs to figure out how to use that terrorist database as part of their background check, option one. or, establish a protocol that allows the states to do it.
5:30 am
at least let the states use the information to defend themselves >> reporter: just a few days ago after the shooting in san bernardino, california the connecticut governor issued an executive order to ban the sale of guns on federal no-fly list. they have argued the no-fly list has tens of thousands of names on it is flawed and unreliable. a ban would be unconstitutional. meanwhile the conference later this morning will happen at 11:00 a.m. >> juliet: a somber day in newtown, connecticut. it marks the third year anniversary of the sandy hook massacre. >> ben: is the first time the anniversary has followed on the school day. administrators are doing what they can to keep it as normal as possible. the town does not do
5:31 am
that's on purpose. they don't want to draw a lot of attention to the day. they they don't want a lot of media present. the superintendent says it will be a full day of class. the principals at both the high school and middle school will note to the day of significance on the loudspeaker. they say the expectation that it becomes easier with time is not realistic. moving on. the section of first avenue that has been closed has reopened but the left lane is still close to traffic. >> juliet: let's take alive look at the scene. that section of bricks fell from a high rise which forced a partial closure of first avenue. the cruiser out there from the moment it happened all through the weekend. trying to remove the loose bricks from the building. they said it was caused by deteriorating brick ties. these buildings are old and this
5:32 am
you hope you get to it before it actually happens. cleaning things up over there. >> ben: there is a new head-to-head matchup in the race to the white house. donald trump versus ted cruz. cruz passed trump in an iowa poll put out this weekend. >> juliet: and that will rile donald trump up. that's that's happening in front of the latest gop debate which will happen tomorrow. >> reporter: good morning. i feel as though one it is all set and done they will be buddies again. tomorrow's debate, the fifth the primary season. it's the first using early state polls as a qualifier for the main event. donald trump will take the center position but a pass per
5:33 am
other candidates like ted cruz may use this next go around as a chance to knock him from his perch, once and for all's. the billionaire businessman is still the front runner, he will be joined on the main stage in las vegas for the cn and sponsored debate by cruz, carson, rubio, bush, k-6 and fee arena. chris christie will be there as well because of recent resurgence. an average rating of three and half% nationally or 4% in new hampshire or 4% and i what would qualify for the pole. the des moines register shows cruz leading the trump 31 - 21 in their in their latest poll. ben carson is in third.
5:34 am
goes in there like a maniac. he will never get things done that way. >> reporter: cruz who has refrain from criticizing trump responded tweeting. >> and out of my front donald trump and goodhearted maniacs everywhere. >> the back-and-forth lead up to the republican national convention will there is talk of a four fight to prevent donald trump from winning. a broker's convention of sorts. carson says he would leave the party if it would engage in backroom deals and secret strategy sessions. >> i think the party should not be doing anything that is under the covers. >> reporter: as far as
5:35 am
she is beating sanders by 14 points. democrats debate and saturday in new hampshire. we will see what happens tomorrow night. >> juliet: kind of like the wwe. >> reporter: wind it be fun if they had boxing. >> juliet: how long will the weather continue. >> mike: it is warm. not as warm as yesterday but we are doing all right. if you're heading to the bus stop you have patchy, dense fog in new jersey. a mild start out there with your temperature around 53 degrees. it will be warm later today. dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. in the gray shaded counties. visibility has gone down to one
5:36 am
53 in central park and isolate. we will see mostly cloudy day, the warm front and cold front will work their way through and bring us some showers and storms but not until later this evening. today is on the dry and mild side. high of 63 degrees. showers and storms later this evening and tonight. tomorrow high of 60, 53 on tuesday, 57 on wednesday. highs in the low to mid 40s next weekend. that's feeling more like winter. download the app and put that live interactive radar to work. let's bring in ines and look at the commute. >> ines: good morning. not much going on. both sides of the bridge are doing fine, eastbound, westbound
5:37 am
let's look at the garden state parkway by mile marker 148 you are fine. are fine. the lincoln tunnel is just minor delays. you'll find on the holland and george washington bridge. >> ben: now juliet will hijack the show to talk about her personal life. >> juliet: i ran into these lovely ladies and they watch the show. it is charisse and kristin. they are very cool. they know everything about the dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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discover unexpected treasures, pfor the people who least expect it. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday
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>> b1 checking out your headlines. it's the third anniversary of the sandy hook massacre. lawmakers are pushing for stricter gun control. they urged the government to pass the law prohibiting anyone on the no-fly list from purchasing the guns. >> ben: of the civil rights group are calling for an independent investigation. >> juliet: of our college study found drones and planes nearly
5:40 am
from december 2013 until september of this year. new york, new jersey area led the way with 86 incidents. >> ben: duke is here with sports. it was an interesting football weekend. >> duke: will start with the jets. decker and brandon marshall look great. someone called yesterday's game against the titans -- there is a big win over the giants, they dominated the game start to finish. the afc wild-card races so type. the jets went down the field on their first drive. fitzpatrick connected with decker on a 16-yard touchdown
5:41 am
here he takes a short pass and he breaks tackles, 16-yard touchdown pass. jets are up 20-zero in the first quarter. then one of three sacks of the day, titan slipped in the third, patrick is good heads up football. marshall is all alone and he goes on the sidelines. a 59-yard touchdown pass. the jets win easily 30-eight. >> there's a lot of room for improvement, the last few weeks we've had to have it. i think we've done a good job the last three weeks as a team coming up in big situations and playing off each other. >> duke: there's a must win tonight for big blue. all eyes are on odell beckham junior who goes head-to-head with his old college teammate.
5:42 am
their great team. we all know this is a must win. people know you have to actually go out and do it. we know her situation, we know what we need to do, we, we just need to go do it. >> duke: another reason why tonight's game is so important. redskins and chicago bears. in the second washington is up 14 - zero. in the third cousins hit jordan reed for 5-yard touchdown pass. the redskins get by the bears. he was not a factor but sam bradford was. bradford will hit nelson with a 53-yard touchdown pass, that will put the eagles up 14-seven. the eagles when it 23 - 20. they.
5:43 am
both redskins in philly now on top of the nfc east. in the giants play tonight. hockey, the devil's travel to to brooklyn, the barklay center to take on the islanders. former devil early in the first scored in the islands are up one-zero. good things happen when you go to the net, the isles are beating the devils. taking a former beige arrival, and syracuse.
5:44 am
on the break -- there up 22-15. they finish with 17, and this is easily their best win of the season. beating syracuse 84-72. at the garden this is a familiar sight. ice to watch those kit games all the time as a kid. >> juliet: thank you duke. >> ben: let's check the forecast there still this morning. only 44 degrees. look at where we stand for low, almost 10 degrees warmer than that. 530 low temp so far that's where we are so far.
5:45 am
look like we quite get there today 53 degrees in central park with clouds in the area. fog is out there we have a dense a dense fog advisory through most of new jersey. be prepared for that. other other than that a quiet start. fifty-one in bridgeport, lots of clouds around town and again that should be burning off after as we approach the winter months the systems generally speaking move more quickly. this one will as well. it will bring a a showers but not until later this evening, starting between six and 8:00 p.m. showers and storm come through quickly and by tomorrow morning it is pulling away. then we'll see breezy conditions tomorrow is the cooler air is being forced back in the tri-state region.
5:46 am
that burns out quality with some showers. most rain holds off until this evening. another shot of rain on thursday. a cooler weekend coming at you as well. text the word weather and we will send the weather forecast. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. >> ines: good morning. it has been okay out there. no issues on the cross bronx. let's go to the cameras on the l ie by the northern state parkway by sunnyside boulevard you are fine, if you're taking the train everything is running on are close to schedule. street cleaning rules are on on
5:47 am
i want to say hi no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. >> ben: okay time for anna gilligan. >> anna: okay everyone is talking about how will ferrell return to saturday night live as george w. bush. take a look look. >> i have made a big decision, i
5:48 am
presidency. [applause]. the field of republicans out there so messed up i figured it makes you miss me, doesn't it? that's saying a lot. >> anna: he goes on to mock all of the presidential candidates, one by one. including his brother jab and is most harsh against donald trump. he announced the new streets fan and instagram page he wrote apart, i've had such an amazing ride over the last five years i find myself c-note world through the screen and not my eyes. i'm taking the opportunity for me not to be anywhere or do anything to travel the world and see everything at this. good for him. so the third album is on the way and he said it is his best yet. he signed off by saying see you next autumn. that seems like a long break. good news for eva longoria, she
5:49 am
she posted this picture with her fiance . so this happened, hash take goodbye, so there's a ruby engagement ring, he they started dating back in 2013. >> juliet: she is like the head of the spanish language tv channel, i think? >> anna: good news for him. she was recently married to tony parker and a host scandal there. >> juliet: she is an active person politically. >> anna: on a she has a phd or something or her masters at least. >> juliet: good for her. >> anna: it was a quiet weekend at the box office ahead of the premier of star wars that opens thursday night.
5:50 am
part two matched its fourth week at the top spot. the only news wide release was ron howard's film but it capsized and brought in only 11 million. that is a strongly demand there. pixar is the good dinosaur was in third with 10.5 million. >> ben: are you going to go see star wars when it opens? >> anna: i think i have to. >> ben: are you going on thursday and going to report back on friday? >> anna: maybe, maybe that's my assignment. >> ben: are you going to go? >> juliet: oh yeah. >> ben: maybe i'll go the next week of wear off. (coffee being poured into a cup.)
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