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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 14, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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rosanna: this is crazy. four days over 60-degree weather. greg: it is still dark, though. hi, everybody. welcome to our program. it is going to be lovely out. a couple days ago, a woman attempted an abduction. it was caught right on tape. this woman trying to steal the child of another woman. rosanna: governor cuomo wants to keep people on terrorist watch lists from buying guns. common sense.
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government for access to those lists now. greg: deviating the primary start next month in iowa. we are getting closer and closer. rosanna: amazon says they are dropping the sales of hoverboards. greg: i don't know. i already got mine. welcome to the warmth. we will go inside and a second. it is still a little chilling. rosanna: it is lovely. we we're just a few days away from christmas.
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saturday. greg: we did make some new friends. we did have a lot of fun. highlight our adventure in williamsburg. it was really cool. we will show you the highlights in a couple of minutes. rosanna: mike mike woods, you should be out here enjoying this weather. mike: i was in short sleeves and a tank top yesterday at times. these are your highs from yesterday. 61 degrees in bridgeport. also it's a records were falling yesterday here at today, that may not be the case. the other thing we're keeping an eye on is the fault.
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most of new jersey. it is not in effect for you and long island. ines is noticing more the fog coming into the city as well. give yourself a little extra time. the fall gets around town until about nine, 10:00 o'clock this morning. fifty-three right now in central park. you can see mostly cloudy sky here. we may have some fault. you may even have some drizzle. the real rainfall will not be here until the warm front, though cold front, the area of low pressure swings through the tri-state region. it is going to be pretty drive through most of the day time.
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heavier rain. later tonight into tomorrow morning. then we will see it drier sky taking back over for us. andre. your temperatures make it up to 63. not as warm as yesterday. a high of 60 for you tomorrow. that is one we have another shot at rain coming through the tri-state. let's bring in ines rosales. let's start off with new jersey right now. the pulaski skyway. one lame plot with an accident because of the fog. is it to 5 miles per hour.
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watch out for an accident blocking a lane. let's go to our cameras. show you that i eat. is bowen, westbound traffic moving okay. did he train is running on the f line between jackson heights and washington square. they will run on off-line. as far as the rest of the trains, all running on or close to schedule. rosanna: a somber day in newtown, connecticut. three years since the sandy hook massacre. greg: the first year the
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school day. it will be a full day of class. meanwhile, the gun control debate continues. rosanna: governor cuomo is pushing to ban the sale of guns to people on the terror watch list. it seems like common sense. greg: maybe it is an issue. it would not have affected san bernardino. rosanna: they were doing a lot of traveling about terrorism on social media. >> reporter: definitely a somber anniversary. today marks three years since
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they will be talking about ways to prevent future gun violence. >> when it comes to terrorism, we are facing a new threat. the mandate legislation. part of her background check. option one. new york state will. let the state use the information. >> reporter: suspects on its
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it will give the justice department authority to stop them from buying guns. lastly that measure failed in the senate. >> they should. the federal government should facilitate that in whatever way possible. >> reporter: he would issue an executive order to ban the sale of guns. calling it common sense. the nra and chondrites advocates have argued and it is simply flawed. it would be unconstitutional. preventing future gun violence.
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back to you. rosanna: a mom on long island goes into the bathroom with her baby and the next thing she knows she is confronted some crazy woman. greg: another woman came up and try to grab the baby. repeatedly said give me the baby. rosanna: police have released this image of the woman. they say she took off in a black cab. rosanna: the left lane is closed to traffic. if force closure of part of first avenue. they are hoping to open up part of that street today.
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are we ready for politics? these things have been more interesting in years past. rosanna: this time governor christie will be back. he has seen a spike in the polls recently. very important newspaper. greg: teresa priolo has more. this is the fifth update of the primary season. this bodes well for chris christie who has secured a spot at the main event. we are basically neck in neck around the country.
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stage in las vegas. new jersey's governor chris christie and rand paul are last-minute additions. they had a recent resurgence to the polls. meeting three criteria. and average rating of three and a half% nationally. leaving him 31-21 in their latest poll. the news profiting from to attack cruise. >> you look at the way he has dealt with the senate. never going to get tings down that way. for responding and death.
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trump and maniacs everywhere. the back-and-forth lead up to the republican national convention next summer. a broker convention of sorts. >> i think that the parties should not be doing anything. >> if it is that way, they will have problems. one of them in 1952. the last time it happened was with, dooley. packs of both of you.
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how about that. let's talk. we went to williamsburg brooklyn. we went for it. >> this is what i was warning you about. i made no sense. >> we hung around for a while. we met these crazy reindeer. nothing got out of hand. rosanna: they made five arrests.
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nightclub. [laughter] greg: hey, how are you doing. i handed him something. we went inside and half the time of our lives. >> this was great. who knew that santa could get down like that. rosanna: they all watch "good day new york." greg: this guy was too much. rosanna: besides our reputation, they didn't not have one sip of alcohol. greg: i got the message at this
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>> the santa con map. they were closed. >> i think that they got their act together later. greg: more highlights later. it was a nice day, two. did you get this picture, rosanna? ice cream truck. it is merely a winter day out there. big indicator of how warm it was. now, well, it looks like we're still looking at above normal
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we drafted down to 53. another mild day coming at us. we have also had some fog out there, too. a quarter of a mile for you and islip. some places reporting fog. a dense fog advisory for most of new jersey. same thing for you in newark. 54 degrees in montauk. it is going to be another mild day. we are going to see this area of low pressure work through the tri-state ethics of shattered showers.
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downpour from time to time. we will see try skies back again. for high temperature goes up to 63. a couple days off and then more rain coming through the area on thursday. let's bring in ines rosales. showing you where the backups are. rosanna: the harlem river drive southbound, there is a crash there. expect delays northbound. let's go to our cameras. the expressway moving slow. heading towards the verrazano bridge. as for the lincoln tunnel, into the city, 45 minutes inbound. if you are taking the george
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upper and lower level. signal problems affecting the e train. running on the f line. that mike trains on the f line. you have no service in either direction. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> thanks a lot. >> do not encourage that kind of behavior. >> the sun is supposed to be coming out shortly. >> six minutes into monday. star wars comes out on friday.
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rosanna: to do take advantage of the weather? just take advantage of it. greg: i enjoy not getting frosted. rosanna: you need to focus on the holidays and get your
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for some other reason, it is making me want to relax. >> next friday is christmas. it is coming. the hover board. amazon. the biggest retailer in the universe has suspended sales of hoverboards. rosanna: over safety concerns. the lithium beyond rechargeable batteries. some cases, they are catching on fire. the ceo, one of the more popular brands say that these incidents are a result of knocking off the brand. >> doing knockoff boortz, their batteries in their insides look like this. you have a very cheaply
7:22 am
tears easily. they used glue to try to secure. greg: that is a cheap knockoff brand. >> i am sure that they have an article on this. >> make sure the batteries were tested by national tested lab. >> i mastered the thing on the show. it is a lot of fun. when you are moving, it is so much fun. rosanna: my son has one of those sports.
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it, thank god. i will make sure that he does not charge it overnight. >> you can get distracted. star wars comes out on friday. what could be the problem with the star wars t-shirts. rosanna: the shirt shows a storm trooper. apparently, that violates the schools dress code. though boy was asked to zip off his jacket to cover up. >> it is a guy pointing a rifle at you at the same time. >> i know. there are rules in school. greg: david wearing t-shirts --
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that is not enough. they will extend the by four days. it will continue into 30 minutes after saturday. the bears population management program received criticism from animal activists. >> they say that it helps control the population. we all wait for the pair to fall out of the tree. >> that special blessing. it took place yesterday. it was the seventh annual blessing of the animal.
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they brought a goldfish. >> beautiful. the and why pd product tears there as well. it was a putrid full-day. anyway. a politician convicted on corruption charges. >> convicted on friday. what does it mean for him? what does it mean for politics? fox analyst. pholiday season's just
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pholiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my stop & shop. >> look at this. shorts and t-shirt. december 14. five straight days of over 60-degree weather. >> they are out there early.
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feel unworthy to even be commenting. >> oh, great. starting tomorrow. and then it lasts about one day. you know what i have not seen yet is freed. rosanna: i have heard that it is very good. >> do not get me started. >> i know. greg: have fun, everybody. did you have a nice weekend? >> we partied like rock stars. take a look at this. i think that we have the clip. they tried to get into their cab.
7:30 am
costuming. >> i do. i do. i lose my mind. >> fear of missing out. >> santa con got really cool later. >> very nice people. you could tell that it was not going to end well for them. rosanna: we got out of there unscathed. you should have told me. >> what are you doing? >> more highlights from santa con. >> we saw a lot of that.
7:31 am
looks like you did all right. >> we didn't have one little nothing. seriously. i am very proud of us. we have a reputation. rosanna: good morning, everyone. the temperatures were well above normal. it looks like things are starting to turn the corner on this here. still another mild day. the fog is really popping back up again. we have some foggier conditions. the dense fog advisory, at this point, is up for new jersey. we have seen the visibility numbers come down for quite a few locations. down to zero if belmar.
7:32 am
more fog filling into that area. there is the storm that will roll through here. the warm front, with a cold front, it is all going to sleep through here. during the day, for the most part, you are pretty good. it is out here by tomorrow. freezer and cooler for you. let's get to over two ines. >> call ahead. westchester found, combination of fog. a stall earlier. first the major deegan, a crash
7:33 am
southbound 5125 street, one lame plot with it accident. expect delays over by the tunnel on the pulaski skyway. this is terry wrote. as for the trains, they have been resolved. greg and rosanna. >> report that one of the san bernardino killers was posting things on facebook. her wish to commit violent jihad. >> the new york times is also reporting that tashfeen malik passed three background checks before moving to the united states to pakistan on a finance
7:34 am
she supported jihad. she wanted to be a part of it. schools and places of employment look at social media. it is crazy. >> it seems like the smart thing to do. killing 14 people in a terror attack earlier. former state senator. he was convict it along with his son. rosanna: that is right. we will talk about it a little bit. sheldon silver was convicted on bribery.
7:35 am
nice to have you here. >> the attorney came in and said we are going to change the way that albany works. he went after two of the three biggest players. it was sheldon silver and andrew cuomo. you are saying i will only give you a brand if you give my law firm money. i will only help your business in albany if you give my son a job. that is off the table. everybody will go to jail unless
7:36 am
greg: his defense attorney did. >> an appeal. what could they appeal? >> what evidence was allowed to come in. it is much more black and white and the shelly silver trial. the jury spoke to this last trial. we went into the jury room and we were so impressed. we want you to find a way to find him not guilty. >> almost 30 years. so much evidence about how many people he helped. he did not benefited all. he did everything for his child.
7:37 am
overwhelming, they had no choice. rosanna: he always maintained he was just a father helping his son. >> the son is the one that really came off looking like a horses behind. he is the one that really brought this. >> had owned, apparently, a bit of a challenge for the family for a long time. >> i think that you are. very polite. he did not want -- let me get you a job. he went in there and took that job. my dad is a big shot in the senate.
7:38 am
>> there is a lot of conversation about the governor. he formed this commission. he disbanded the commission. there is nothing illegal about that. everybody wants to know. i know the u.s. attorney. is he running for mayor. is he running for governor. >> rudy giuliani said the same thing. [laughter] >> much different interest. >> 1986. life was good. >> were you on the football team?
7:39 am
greg: i would have picchu up. >> i was actually in the life. reading the newspaper. you were the had the lawyer in brooklyn. >> actually assigned the people that do that. greg: for to have to do to get disbarred? >> you use your client money. >> it is horrible. you need to have those ethics. you cannot take $1 of your clients fund. >> a little bit of a different situation. >> thank you.
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. greg: they had a big to the concert. rosanna: carols for the annual christmas. >> quite frankly, must have missed all the other ones. >> all right. there are variations. i want to see the one that you can wear. here we go. that is what i love. you can wear it. >> i love that. i have to feuded with the act.
7:43 am
our 25th anniversary. the show has been around 25 years. you and i have been together for about 807. mike: 13. greg: basically a dead end job for mike. [laughter] mike: good morning, everyone did the fog has been with us for a while. there have been plenty of reports of fog over the city. over long island as well. you can see what is happening with his ability. numbers are down to a quarter of a mile. there are some reports of delays at that airport. check ahead if you will be flying out this morning. we have 53 in central park.
7:44 am
a lot of cloudy skies here in the tri-state region. high temperature goes up to 63 today. more showers coming through on thursday. highs will only be in the 40s then. a live interactive radar. free at the apple itunes store. by the way, happy birthday to one of my pals. hope you had a great birthday. everybody loves you. let's bring in nine as. ines: causing problems, for sure. putnam county, you are fine. no issues on the taconic.
7:45 am
that is in accident on the cross island. take a look at the lie. the long island expressway sheerest chance. lincoln tunnel, 45 minutes inbound. forty-five at the lincoln. the holland tunnel has a 15-20 minutes delay. greg and rosanna. greg: yesterday's game. give the jets credit. no letdown whatsoever. the jets were down the field, very first drive. jets up seven-zero.
7:46 am
15-yard touchdown pass. quarter. lights out football. the jets caught the titan sleeping in the third. brandon marshall. marshall does the rest. i do not know. day. easily 30-eight. >> a lot of room for improvement. that is what is exciting about it. i think we have done a good job. coming up big-time situations and playing off each other. >> i believe that the jets are three oh.
7:47 am
the muslim tonight in miami. all eyes on odo peckham junior. >> it should be a lot of fun. a great team. >> i think that everybody knows you have to go out there and do it. we know our situation. we know what we need to do. >> some sad news to pass along. eighty years old. phil pepe died. he also wrote close to 50 books in addition to his work as a writer, he also did more exports. he also influence and mentor and so many of today's writers. now to hockey.
7:48 am
islanders. he scores the first two goals. later in the third. he camps out. he scores. the devils, they lose to the islanders. jumping ahead of the rangers. back to football. coming out next week. the long-term effects of football. a way to make the game safer. rosanna: the movie is really incredible. >> i am curious. who is in it?
7:49 am
well, his no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. rosanna: anna gilligan. how was your weekend? anna: very nice. greg: daddy's home.
7:50 am
greg: i heard about this movie. anna: it is really funny. will ferrell plays a stepdad that is completely threatened. his real-life role as a father helps him in the movie. >> i think it is obvious. i am that much more comfortable related to kids. we have to speak to them. i kind of, you know, i really identify with brad. constantly wanting to do the right thing. i love doing library duty at
7:51 am
>> it hits theaters christmas day. eva longoria god engaged. he is a president of a media company. they have been together since 2013. they were in dubai when this happens. she has a ruby engagement ring. >> somewhat awkward. anna: what is your analysis of this case? greg: it looks a little generic. anna: i like a beard. there may be some serious droid
7:52 am
wars. the actress that played r2-d2 generally dislikes each other in real life. apparently, the two act theirs. anthony daniels, who i interviewed for "good day new york," other thing he says little digs like r2-d2 does not even speak to -- greg: there is a guy. what does he have to say? >> keeping said daniel thinks he is better than anyone else. they refuse to do events together. greg: it kind of sounds like rosanna's relationship with me. [laughter]
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>> it is so strangely warm. misty and foggy.
7:55 am
my courts. anyway. welcome to the good day program. the 8:00 o'clock hour. everyone is talking about the weather. a fifth day of over 60-degree temperatures. greg: some folks were seen at the beach over the weekend. that is kind of unusual. the gun-control b-day continues. this is a three year anniversary of that horrible massacre at sandy hook elementary. rosanna: allegations that a priest and vessel more than $2000 from a church. greg: allegations at this point. politics.
7:56 am
and caucus season. apparently none of the other senators like him very much. he is doing well. could be a threat to donald trump. it is amazing. a game changer for how parents perceive football. will they allow their kids to play football. it seems to be a pick cover up in the movie. rosanna: to has an in-depth look at concussions in general and in the movie. >> it is strangely mild.
7:57 am
a little thin on friday. rosanna: you and i were dressed up as santa. greg: we had a very good time. we went in depth. we went clubbing in the middle of the afternoon. lots of fun. we will break it all down in a little bit. what do you think about the weather? >> this is the first time i've worn a winter jacket all year. >> thank you for dropping by. by the way, you are on live
7:58 am
rosanna: it is not just our imagination. >> everyone is talking about it. >> it was fun. >> all right. a lot of folks out there enjoying it. here is what we have out there this morning. we have gray skies here in the tri-state. a lot of flogging the tri-state and there have been quite a few reports of fog throughout long island. a quarter of a mile in bridgeport. down to zero and omar. that will slow you down on the
7:59 am
flying this morning. fifty-two out at newark. once you get above the low clouds and fog, you do have a decent amount of clouds over out there. nothing that is producing rainfall just have. as that warm front and cold front and everything gets it back together, we will see some shower chances coming to us. you have showers coming through. looks like pockets of light to moderate rainfall. later tonight, there could be a few thunderstorms. we should be wrapping up with rainfall. breezy conditions kicking in for most of your tuesday. it clears out for you later tuesday into wednesday. tonight, mostly cloudy.
8:00 am
coming at you late in the day. sunny for you on wednesday. all of these temperatures in the next five days are above normal. warm rain chances back on thursday as well. >> it is foggy. good morning. let's start off with some problem spots. no delays on the cross bronx. your new jersey commute, route 80, reports of an accident.
8:01 am
that a lot you shot an accident. turnpike speed restrictions. make sure you pay attention to those signs. greg and rosanna. >> thank you so much, ines. two years ago today, a terrible shooting happened at sandy hook elementary school. the first time the anniversary has fallen on a school day. >> trying to make it as normal as they can. an awful moment for sandy hook. the gun debate continues in this country in the wake of sandy hook and so many other incidents. >> officials will be gathering for a meeting later today. pour forth. >> reporter: the third anniversary of the tragic
8:02 am
lawmakers will be gathering right here behind me. talking about new ways to prevent gun violence in our area. kopitar cuomo calling on the environment to get guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists. >> we're facing a growing threat. that is the new reality. >> the governor is joining with senator chuck schumer. blocking those on the suspected terrorist list from buying guns. >> part of their background check. establish a protocol that allows the state to do it in new york state will. at least let the state use
8:03 am
themselves. >> senator schumer recently cosponsored legislation that would give the justice department authority. last week, that measure failed in the senate. >> they should facilitate that in whatever way possible. >> days after daniel malloy made an announcement that he would issue an executive order. calling it common sense. >> that an ra has argued that the no-fly list would have tens of thousands of names on it. unconstitutional. taking place here in lower manhattan did set to begin at 11:00 a.m. back to you.
8:04 am
it has been a huge story. pretty active and interesting. >> the daily news is reporting that he resigned. even a facebook page calling for his permanent removal. fueling his lifestyle of drugs and sex. he was with some guy who is and s&m master. so far, the claims have been unsubstantiated. we have learned that cardinal dolan, he called the woman of the girlfriend. greg: the one that was making
8:05 am
>> they are investigating. greg: let's go to politics. donald trump has not done anything too outrageous the last couple of days. >> test cruises ahead of donald trump and i was. the stage is set for the debate tomorrow night. >> tomorrow could be a big day, two. let's go to to resell priolo. >> chris christie actually trailed trump in new hampshire higher. that is why he will be on the main stage tomorrow. it is the first in the early state polls.
8:06 am
still a national front runner, he will be joined on the main stage. ted cruz, doctor ben carson, marco rubio, ted gross -- last-minute additions. the candidates had to meet one of three criteria in the polls to qualify. 4% in new hampshire higher or 4% in iowa. the des moines register shows cruz cruising past trump. distant third, ben carson. prompting trump to attack cruise. >> you look at the way she dealt with the senate.
8:07 am
that way. >> tweeting. in honor of my friend, donald trump, and in honor of maniac everywhere. >> reporter: talk of a fight to prevent donald trump from winning the nomination. a broker convention of sorts. he will leave the party if it is going to engage in secret strategy sessions. >> donald trump responded to the idea by saying they will have some problems. there has not been a convention and more than 60 years. >> thanks a lot.
8:08 am
okay. rosanna: prep there is in dc right now. i'm sure he knows about maniacs. all of the government people work there. >> becoming part of the 2016 dialogue. >> you think anyone will be watching the debate tomorrow night. >> a lot of people have started to pay attention. i think that this race is unique. donald trump has generated a lot of attention. there are actually two polls. essentially tied. the des moines register poll has cruise 10 points up. >> do they have santa con in
8:09 am
>> i think that they do. i don't think i have seen it first-hand. >> we will watch it on our fox news channel. >> it migrated over to the east village in manhattan. rosanna: williamsburg. greg: i am so glad that we finally did this. >> a lot of people were very nice. for the most part, they handed out -- 106 of them. made five arrests. greg: this is a major pub crawl. you have to do it once in your life.
8:10 am
scene was such a big part of santa con. they were a little snooty there. rosanna: they did not like our style, i guess. greg: this guy. too much. do you remember why we got thrown out? >> you did not have any money? >> they were just playing around with us. arguably, we had two good of a time. this was on our way home. you can just tell. a little woozy. greg: it is all in good fun. >> physical exhaustion.
8:11 am
all right. i saw a lot of happy people out there. let's show you what is going on. forty-four is your normal high temperature. fifty-three for a low. 20 degrees warmer than the average low. advertisement 44. the about 20 degrees warmer on that one as well. the forecast in a fit of a problem. it does not include the city. there have been a few reports of fog. a quarter of a mile only. same thing for you out at newark. you should slow down on the roadways.
8:12 am
checking out some temperatures. 52 degrees in yonkers. we have a mostly cloudy sky here. the rain is not a problem just yet. we are going to see some showers coming. not until later this afternoon and evening. futurecast brings them in right around six-8:00 o'clock this evening. you will see some showers coming in here and it is out of here by tomorrow morning. a clear sky tomorrow. breezy, two. high temperature in the city goes up to about 63. tomorrow we will see a clearing sky. more showers coming through on thursday.
8:13 am
highs in the low to mid 40s. the fox5 weather app has a live interactive radar. it will come in handy on a day like this. all right. it is monday. we have fog out there. >> have to call ahead. the fog. they are on a modified schedule. you are commuting in queens. just clearing away an accident. normal delays. let's go to our cameras. a better shot than i was trying to show you.
8:14 am
lincoln tunnel, driving into the city, a 45 minute delay inbound. george washington bridge. the holland tunnel. fifteen minutes from both approaches. what is a salute you are talking about? rosanna: read between the lines. they had a little but too much to drink. we did not have anything. greg: we did not jump at the chance. >> meanwhile. >> not nice to steve mother.
8:15 am
>> talking about a new play that she is direct in. >> ines warns. big pileups on the highway. >> it is very misty out there. catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50
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8:19 am
it is an amazing story. he had a piece of metal, sheet metal. serious injuries. fox means business. >> a couple of things to pay attention to today. it is the third-largest shopping day online. discount online. last-minute shopping to do. walmart. the 16 gigabyte memory version. saving $80 on that. a 50-inch, 1080 p, saving $170. laptop. 30% off the original price. full hd intel corporation. best buy.
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$100 off about. ipad, any model. >> great sales. rosanna: how many times a week. >> you can find out. now what do i do? then it gets a little tricky. >> have a beautiful day. we will check you out on the fox business network. greg: lisa loeb. singer with the glasses. go back outside if we can.
8:21 am
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i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches of oats, that' s all." i say "don' t eat me now." no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. greg: santacon in the club at
8:23 am
that is rosanna, and yes, me. rosanna: we were high on life. stone cold sober. i think that is an only way to handle santacon. the others around us, well, you know. greg: there was a tequila shot. rosanna: that was an eye opener. greg: it is not just about walking around and crawling on the sidewalks. you can go inside of the clubs and dance. rosanna: did you bring a can to food? greg: there is a charity angle to it. i didn't see too much of that. rosanna: i think you ate the food on the way. greg: now outside to a mild december 14th december 14th. rosanna: even mike has on a
8:24 am
greg: it has a collar on it. thank you. pump up the volume. remix. rosanna: you are so cool. mike: don't you like the daytime party thing? good times, right? greg: when inside you forget about the day. mike: yes, you forget it is day. rosanna: well, we are here to tell you the story. we lived. we were so good. totally. mike: i don't know. to what's going on out there. it was very mild this weekend. man the record high temperatures. both saturday at sunday.
8:25 am
degrees in central park, 72 in belmar. people were going to the beaches. this morning it is different, grayer skies and we have a lot of fog out there. dense fog advisory for the gray shaded counties and that is through the majority of new jersey and reports of fog over the city. no advisory here. there are is a chance of running into the fog out there because look at the numbers. visibility quarter mile in bridgeport and islip and same thing in newark. that slows down the airport. we have had reports slow downs at la guardia. zero visability in belmar. that is the bigger weather challenge. temp wise 49 crotton.
8:26 am
cold front and area of low pressure working into the rejoan, the showers will be closing in on us, not much in the day, but later on this evening they are going to come through with the showers and storms and out of here tomorrow morning. the skwies will continue to clear out tuesday and wednesday. 63 in the city. morning fog and showers. as we go through the next 7 days, a high of 63 today. 60 tomorrow. 53 on wednesday. more rain coming in on thursday. now to ines with the commute. ines: well, if you are flying out, it is getting worse. next report we have updates on the airports. boats are running every 20 minutes. staten island expressway slight
8:27 am
slow on the bqe. new jersey commute, not bad of a ride. grand central parkway -- garden state parkway remains slow. this is terry road and delays because of on accident. street cleaning rules in effect. >> okay. thank you. >> lots of cool movies out, including this one, concussion, well, about what we have been reading about, head injuries in the nfl. rosanna: this movie is coming out next week, but people are hearing about it and so much buzz about this movie, about the long term effects of concussions and how some of these players were driven to suicide because of concussions.
8:28 am
duke: good morning, it is very, very interesting, the bargaining is calling for funding for research on the health affects of the game. the league is turning to the national institutes of health and the u.s. military and the players association is teaming up with harvard. a former giant is among those leading the way. >> when the harvard people approached me, my first thought was okay another study and then they explained the study, i had to jump on. >> duke: steve playing 12 year in the nfl and now helping to engage the players that are taking part in the study at harvard university. the co-director of a football players health study at harvard and explains what makes this unique. >> it is different because it
8:29 am
aspects of what has happened to former players. we are not just interested in concussions, we are interested in the whole player. >> the study is set to last five years. however, all the research and results will be independent of the nfl pa. it encourages all former players players, journeymen and practice squads to take part. the first part is a questionnaire. associate director of the study urged caution when asked if he thinks that the study will have a profound affect on football. >> whether the rules should be changed or not shths that is not what we are addressing, but we
8:30 am
sure that the data and information are truly sound. >> but rules in the way we look at and deal with the player health issues is and continues to change. vice president for the health and safety policy at the nfl explains. >> 39 rule changes in the last ten years, concussions have dropped and hits, the ones that we work to extract from the games dropped 37 percent. >> nfl is actively involved in the education programs. this program teaches coaches, players and parents the proper technique with tackling and blocking and poured well over a hundred million dollars into research, science and technology
8:31 am
>> one thing we are doing to continue to advance the health and safety is investing in the science and technology, and they are coming to the fields too, if we bring the future to us faster by investing in technology and science, that is something we need to do to improve the health and safety of the support. >> it is believed it is going to improve the health and safety of the support. >> there is no preordained goal in mind. we are not doing to study to to prove something. we are doing the study to find something out. it is not about the owners, coachers, or nfl. >> tomorrow we are going to look at the advances in medicine
8:32 am
to treat the nonathletes, people like you and me when we go to the doctor. rosanna: where does the nfl stand on all of this? duke: they continue to make the changes. they have a certified trainer that can call a timeout if she sees something that is injured. rosanna: so they are making changes? >> duke: yes, and they have uno fill yated consultants and that is agreed upon, it is a doctor on the sideline and he's not with any team, he's there, he's neutral and agreed upon by the nfl and the pa. >> a brain surgeon on the sidelines. >> it is interesting. greg: concussion, this is a good movie. rosanna: it is coming out a week
8:33 am
i have to say, i'm not into the football movies. this was really gripping and will smith is fantastic in it. greg: i will see it after star wars. duke: don't you think it is apparent what it is going to bring to national discussions, head trauma and how to deal with that and discussing the ages as a society. rosanna: tomorrow we'll talk more about it.
8:34 am
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rosanna: this show is so hot, shark tank. greg: yes and the experts that are making it in business. rosanna: yes, they are the top in the professions. and barbara started with a thousand dollar loan. she sold it for 2 billion. today the business is valued at 5 billion what. is a few billion among friends. come on. >> greg: barbara, well to "good day new york." ditd you sell too early? >> no. i just gave birth to my son. i wanted to be around to be a good mom. >> congratulations. >> so many young people are watching shark tank. they are excited about the iz bes. that is exseating about the
8:38 am
rosanna: what do you look at that, intuitive? >> the idea is not that important, what is most important, if i like the people. well, do you like a person and throw your money at them, i'm looking for one with good rhettics and stand up and see to the finish line and relating to, this is the kind of person i put my trust in. greg: are people coming up to you on the streets and at parties, barbara, i have a great idea? >> yes, i have a good response to that. do you have a minute as my son's birthday party. i can't entertain other ideas because i have a contract with abc news.
8:39 am
>> we have a few questions for you. frank says please ask barbara there is sa lot of new construction being built, are there enough high end buyers to take care of these new buildings going up? >> as long as the international buyers are coming to city, which they are coming every group of buyer is coming to invest in the city, they believe and trust the real estate. as long as the folks continue to come in, we have plenty of buyers for the high end real estate. roz ross but it is the foreign people? >> yes, the fuelers are the international buyers and buys 5, 6, 7 homes. greg: the question is? >> will the money continue to come here and the world economy i know nothing about that stuff. rosanna: interest rates are supposed to go up.
8:40 am
brokers, what happens, it is getting the people off the fence. buy something now. >> i saw the big short over the weekend, a bunch of smart guys anticipated the housing bubble, anything like that on the horizon? >> i have no idea. it is an interesting story about the ethics and i want to get this in, it is amazing how ethical that aflac is. more importantly, consumers are nicer than you think they are, they want to do business with a company that has ethical standards. you can find the survey at
8:41 am
>> a yes, we love the duck. >> by the way, do people buy at this time what is your advice. it is the end of the year, should we buy? >> too two single best times to buy is between christmas and new year's. the other great is super bowl sunday. none of the men are out there buying anything. when you can get a trough in the visibility of the market, put in a low offer and more often than not it is going to be accepted. >> mark, tell us about him. >> he's great, he's rich. he's a billionaire.
8:42 am
that makes a big difference. he's a shrewd judge of people. he spots on people immediately just like i do and we tend to go after the same business unless it is millions and millions of dollars. >> ever been wrong about somebody? >> all of the time. a third of them are clear winners because the principles are winners and they are just great people but others don't make it. i'm wrong two out of three times. >> that is better than a-rod. >> give me a walk before i leave.
8:43 am
sex in the city and from the affair.
8:44 am
rosanna: greg, don't lose your mind, star wars is coming out soon. >> greg: i know, on friday. anna: tonight is the premier. the biggest ever. four blocks of hollywood boulevard closed off since last thursday night. this is a shot of the people waiting for a long time. they have closed four lanes in order to erect a tent. to give you a sense, for the oscars they shutdown one block. huge stars are expected to show up. the movie will be shown in three theatres. some of the fans have been camped out incidents december 5th. that is incredible. and star wars is officially
8:45 am
the theatres are starting playing it on thursday night. there aren't a lot of tickets left in some of the theatres. if you want to join the star wars community, there are a number of marathons happening and showing the first six movies starting on thursday. some participating theatres include amc 25 in times square, regal 14 and amc garden state 16. >> how long is the movie? i will look that up here. two hours and 15 minutes. just right. rosanna: thank you, anna. you know the actress from orange is the new black, she's in a new
8:46 am
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8:49 am
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