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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  December 16, 2015 4:30am-4:32am EST

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lottery. more ways to make life wonderful. from fox 5 news this is "good day". >> always great at the 1-liners but he is a across candidate and he would be a chaos president. juliet: donald trump doesn't have to say anything, you just have to watch him. it is a war of words as we expected it to be at the republican face of. you will hear more of what was said coming up. ben: the commissioner calling it questionable.
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juliet: police need your help capturing of robbers. ben: very clear video. wednesday morning. i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy, december 16th, it is wednesday. yesterday. we have of next week. no offense. ben: we love spending mornings with you but it will be nice not to have to get up at 5:00 for a week. that is making this week -- etna glacial pace. juliet: knowing we have next week off. >> meteorologist: i am with you. ben: you are up next week. you think it should be friday. >> meteorologist: yes, it is a busy week. lots of things going on. feeling of a little bit more like christmas, got a little drop in temperatures.
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normal but getting there, 50 degrees at central park, we have 30s once again. 39 degrees your temperature in poughkeepsie, same in monticello, 45 in sussex, 45 in bridgeport, temperatures came down from 10 to 15 degrees in most locations, most locations 20 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago. in poughkeepsie, 14 degree dog and islip, 13 degrees cooler, in newark. we don't have much happening with cloud cover, it mainly clear sky in the tristate region as we expand the view out, and have to go back to the mississippi river valley area for the next cold front which will bring us much threat of some showers but still another day away or so. these things start moving quickly this time of year as we approach winter. we will see a lot of sun out
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there, less wind, i temperature 52 degrees and tomorrow 56 but we have showers coming through, a little bit left over friday but we are done for the weekend. let's bring in ines, see if there's anything going on other than construction. ines: right now covered roads both directions with construction going on with jersey avenue. in new jersey doing fine. in rockland county no problems either side. let's go to cameras and look at the yard drive by 71st street. outbound we're 61st street. near the triborough bridge, looks good.
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from 40 2 to seventy-second street. and a gridlock alert day. >> in las vegas, fight night, republican presidential candidates. ben: they did not hold back on their verbal punches taking on several topics including terror and immigration. robert moses joins us live from the newsroom with what was said. they had to leave an impression because it is the last chance they get before we start the holiday news cycle. >> reporter: it will come as no surprise that this center on donald trump. ted cruz refused to attack, jeb bush attacked him early, often and hard. a lot has happened in paris since the candidates last got together and you could tell. with the specter of terrorism looming. >> federal prosecutor a lot of terrorists and won.
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is one we must win. >> reporter: the nine leading republican candidates gathered for their final debate of the year and immediately donald trump had to defend his proposal to ban on american muslims from entering the united states. >> we are not talking about isolation. we are talking security. we are not talking about religion. we are talking about security. >> reporter: jeb bush dismissed trump's proposal. >> we can disassociate ourselves from peace-loving muslims. donald is great at the 1-liners but he is a chaos candidate. he would be chaos president. >> jeb bush doesn't believe i am unhinge the. he has failed in this campaign, it is a total disaster. nobody cares. >> reporter: despite trump's words and bush's flagging poll numbers bush refused to back down. >> you not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. >> reporter: from versus bush
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stage last night, marco rubio and ted cruz crashed over which immigration. many republicans feared trump will mount an independent run if he doesn't get the republican nomination handing hillary clinton the white house in the process. trump seemed to rule out the independent bid. >> i am committed to the republican party. >> reporter: what are the take aways? most of the candidates on stage were read for one thing, trump delivered few specifics, marco rubio and ted cruz were strong and likely keep battling each other down the stretch and for the first time jeb bush really showed a command and confidence on stage and was not intimidated
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that is the latest from the news room. back to you. juliet: the facial expressions of jeb bush sort of contradict what you just said. i could be wrong. i didn't watch enough of it. did you watch any of it? ben: i did not. it starts kind of wait for us. a big shake-up in the city's department of homeland services, gilbert taylor stepping down after two years in the job. there are 58,000 people living in homeless shelters, another 3,000 people live on the streets of the city, bill deblasio forecast the number will increase by 200 next year. homelessness, and sharply criticized for. >> we have schools that work, it
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>> continued the policy of the advocates, a housing issue, homelessness is not a housing issue, street homelessness, st. vagrancy is a mental health issue. juliet: bill deblasio ordered an idd review of homeless agencies and programs, changes instructor begin almost immediately. pilots on a new work bound jet got clashed with a green laser last night at 7:30, united airlines flight 15 vicki from raleigh, n.c. approach for landing. >> 1550, 3,000. got it about half a mile ago, 10:00 low. juliet: a retreat thousand feet, the plane landed safely. there have been 27,000 laser incidents which can completely obscure pilot's vision. and that is federal crime, the
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ben: surveillance video will help capture a do a suspected in the robbery of t mobile store, you can see of suspect orting two employees and a customer into a back room. police say they stole 40 dzokar tsarnaev 0 and samsung phones were a $1,500. this happened last sunday. t mobile store on first avenue in the middle of the afternoon. if you got information call crime stoppers 800-5776. juliet: it is a little chilly. it is still warm. juliet: we need to drop 15 degrees. juliet: you will live to regret it. to let on "good day early call" we will talk about the temperature. ben: if your in a hurry, one of and goes by our studio. we will mmm... nothing like johnsonville breakfast sausage. delicious and packaged with nothing to hide. no secrets.
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue cookie-flavored coffees. enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. >> meteorologist: welcome back. let's look at what temperature they're doing, it is cooler than we had yesterday, these are above normal temperatures. we got used these warm temperatures, what is going on? we are getting closer to normal, not even quite there yet, 50 at
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rockaway, 46 in brentwood, 45 in bridgeport, 38 in danbury, most of us seeing more clear sky in the tristate region, winds of visa, it was win the through the day with gusty winds out there too but now we have winds generally from the north at 6 miles an hour. and bringing down more of the cool air. this is a one day deal, this is in the direction. and approaching front, let's call it a mixed sky. it would feature a lot of sunshine in the majority of the day, high pressure in control, we have a next area of low pressure with a warm front, cold front, occluded front making their way to the tristate region quickly. it is not here during the day today but the clouds increase tomorrow during the morning but i don't think you'll get much in terms of rainfall in the late
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the peak of it coming through at 7:00 in the evening with a lot of light to moderate rainfall and it swings clear of the area with drier skies trying to make a come back as we head into friday. it average temperature 52 degrees which is 12.1 degrees above normal, way above normal here and the -- coming in round midnight, 60 degrees your record high temperatures so far for the year, 1.16 inches below normal for the month of december but 11 inches behind for the year for central park, high temperature going up to 52 degrees this afternoon, a lot of sun out there, showers come through tomorrow, cooler temperatures over the weekend, more rain chances come tuesday next week, the weather apps has daily and hourly forecasts and will break down for you, download at the apple play store
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roll. let's bring in ines, a construction delays, what is going on? ines: a lot of construction wrapping up, northern or southern state parkway, new jersey commute in middleat sacks counted, you are seeing red, all that is is construction, one lane closed as we approach -- and staten island expressway, bradley avenue, you are fine towards the verrazano bridge, and the george washington bridge construction on the upper level, lebron larue level moving fine, same for the lincoln and holland tunnel. ben: strapped carriers campaign and transportation alternatives announced their awards yesterday for the slowest and least
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this year the polky goes to the m-606 in manhattan. juliet: that is right on our street. juliet: delete reliable was the combined and 102-103 route. ben: uptown on fifth avenue. curtis sliwa is here. anything to say about the buses before we talk about a republican debate? >> man and in buses. in brooklyn in the bronx the buses -- because of the drive-by shootings that have taken place of the bus driver says we are missing the next few stops, put the pedal to the middle. juliet: how about the shoot out
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car truck? like the wild west. >> is the safest it has ever been. that is your mayor, comrade bill deblasio. he is not my mayor, he is one term. ben: you go from have to have. >> i'm a homeless person. juliet: we have not been able to determine -- >> you keep asking if you can sleep at my house. i don't think so. there would be so many bars on my doors. juliet: curtis sliwa and your couch. come on, try it one time.
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bill deblasio has woken up from his drug induced psychosis. he smokes on the back porch of gracie mansion. suddenly got some new buds and realized there were more homeless people, reporting there will be more homeless people next year. instead of impaling himself and saying i live in this drug induced psychosis he gets rid of his first homeless czarina and homeless czar, with just 90 days that he session, we have homeless people everywhere. juliet: what do you know about them? is it would be tough under a and a year who doesn't believe there is the problem when there clearly is. >> not only that but someone so pretentious he knows better than anybody else, doesn't even want to book time to have a sit-down with you even though he has made you chief in charge of this party to the problem which is overwhelming in the city of new york, the homeless people are
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is an economic issue. these folks like to smoke that k 2, synthetic marijuana, drug addicts, hopelessly in st. at they need mental stability, nothing to do with the fact that they don't have an apartment, they are unstable enough to be able to stay in an apartment at this point, they need assistance, he can't get it through his head so he keeps whacking the different people he appoints to be in charge of homelessness in this city of new york. ben: talking about republicans from last night donald trump vs jeb bush and marco rubio vs. ted cruz. >> they were back and forth. under islam jeb bush no one wanted to go at the donald, not even your guy chris christie. i thought he was going to go at him, giving this the idea, how dare you say this about muslims
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only jeb bush seemed to show anything. juliet: is it a strategy to do the -- more presidential. everything is jesus but donald trump said he won't attack me and pat and on the back almost like he was his dunking ilya. ted cruz was shivering in his boots to say anything negative about the donalds. he was like not boy toy on that stage. juliet: i only saw a a little bit. there was a fear you don't want to go anywhere near donald trump. >> tough to imagine. the dweeb up there. jeb bush. jeb bush was saying you are crazy and he is. donald trump is out of his ninth. you wanted the mexicans,
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50%, which group is going to attack next to go over 50%? i am always attacks usually by women. can i bring my knight back please? juliet huddy is out. juliet: you are welcome to sit for an hour or two, the rangers and their losing streak and a
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it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. ben: curtis wants to stay at juliet's house. juliet: does your wife answer e-mails? she doesn't want to go. ben: may be on vacation. wind is the party? juliet: how dare she? duke: all three local hockey teams on the ice, posting low oilers at the garden's second period tied at two, edmondson,
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in white, driving over the board to avoid the penalties, too many men on the ice, rangers, the big guy, and that gets his own rebound, he scores, rangers go on to win, 4-2 the final score. the islanders got mauled by the florida panthers, off of the turnover, going top shelf with a backhander putting florida 2-0, the second, aron kicks the past and is going to roust the house, the final there, up to buffalo, devils facing sabers and second period, he banks the rebound to the goal, puts jersey of 1-0 same score in the third, a big slapshot, devils win, the final score, interesting matchup at
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the garden explain those to minnesota, and any counts the number one pick in the draft last year. college hoops, basketball, facing georgetown, big upset in this one, first half, an empty crossover and 3-pointer and check this out, the reaction, creation of adam's celebration, sistine chapel right there, first time, they are lifting weights, the best binge in college basketball. monmouth first time they have been a big east team 83 nivens 68. he is disappointed not being allowed back in baseball but hopes one day the lifetime ban will be overturned, spoke at a news conference in las vegas outside his restaurant there after the announcement it had rejected his appeal process, sorry he made mistakes in the past and if he still likes to
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bet the occasional baseball game. >> i am recreational gambler now. if i want to watch something on tv and make a bid on it i don't bet every day, spent 26 years in the major league. 26 years out of the major league, i can tell you the last 26 years are lot worse than the 26 years suspended big-league. duke: he still bets on baseball. baseball's all-time hit leader thinks rob manboard would be a great commissioner, he was put in a rough spot for having to rule on this statement. the holiday party yesterday, the team, 135 school children to lunge, and a visit from santa. and kerry collins, neal walker,
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