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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  December 17, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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give it a pop. >> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: happy friday, friday light. i wonder what the roads will look like. take an umbrella with you because you will need it. ti-hua: a student was cut as she went to school in queens, police are looking for the man wearing gloves and a surgical mask. we have a live report. ben: a hung jury meets a mistrial in the case of a baltimore police officer charged in the death of for the gray. police are on alert after
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the latest on the situation. >> donald trump on late-night television says what should be television says what should be done about the crowded field of republican presidential candidates. juliet: highlights from that interview. it is really funny. shockingly. i am juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau. it is thursday morning december 17th, thank you for being with us. ben: a week until christmas eve. juliet: and it is going to be warm looks like. ben: mike woods is here. you change your shares or is it the same shirt? >> meteorologist: different church, got to try and not with iron running out apollo options. ben: you can repeat, people will forgive you. any way, let's show you what is going on this morning, we have temperatures and the 40s and 50s, 41 in monticello, 46 in
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51 in montauk, milder temperaturess this morning, winds from the east southeast at 5 to 12 miles per hour coming off of the atlantic waters and look at what is happening dummied can see the cloud cover on satellite moving basically west to east but showers seem to be coming off of the atlantic waters, low-level moisture being proven, some heavy fog and/or drizzle coming mainly parts of long island into connecticut. it does make for some wet roadways out there so lookout for that potential out there and there will be some puddles here and there but it is the rainfall we expect today, most of that coming later with a cold front coming fresen this is moisture coming off of atlantic waters. there is the moisture that will come larue, it is coming right in the middle of the day. light showers and drizzle the comes through in the morning
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there but rain chances pick up as we head towards lunch time and the afternoon and the biggest chance at rain is around 3:00, then chances drop as we head towards let evening. high-temperature 50, 57 for high and cloudy skies with showers possible through the day and we should see drier weather tomorrow that will last through the weekend into next week. let's bring in ines and take a peek at his wooden what is going on with a commute situation. ines: a gridlock alert day. conn no problems 95, for merritt parkway, new jersey commute 80, 287 in good shape. let's see how things are moving on the lie, this is by the cross island parkway things are fine was found in these down. as for the george washington bridge on the upper and lower levels. failing this morning
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trains on or close to schedule. juliet: students walking to school in the queens area probably are going to be nervous, checking -- ben: yesterday and man wearing a surgical mask and gloves ran behind a teenage girl and cut her across the throat. robert moses live in whitestone, queens where the attack occurred. >> reporter: good morning. a nice residential area, quiet spot just off the cross island parkway so that makes this attack all the more disturbing. led attacker was captured on a surveillance camera which is mounted on that house at that intersection of fifteenth avenue and 147th street. the 16-year-old exchange student from china was walking to school in whitestone academy yesterday morning at 8:20 when of hooded man wearing a surgical mask and gloves came up to her from
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face with a box cutter. cops say he never said a word. this whole thing happened without any warning at all. the victim suffered wounds to her cheek as well as her throat, she was taken to long island jewish medical center. expected to be fine. this attack made all the more disturbing by the idea that there was no warning. >> she was cut in her face twice, once from ear to the middle of her throat and another part of the face as well. very disturbing. >> reporter: police said the suspect was wearing a hooded sweat shirt with black stripes on sleeves after the attack he took off west bound on 13 avenue. you can't make out his face from surveillance images but hops are hoping just the sight of him, the exterior of him will dog some memories in this neighborhood and may be lead to an arrest.
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assemblyman who says there has been a spate of attackss targeting asians in this area. we don't know if this man is connected to those other attacks that clearly cops want him off the street as soon as possible did you have any information call crime stoppers aid hundred-577-tips. that is the latest from white stone. back to you. juliet: cameras all over the place are really helpful in busting these guys. let's hope that happens. the family of free gray is speaking out after the mistrial of officers charged in his jet. william porter is one of six earlier this year. reaction in baltimore so far has been minimal. things remain calm last night, there were a handful of protesters outside. the jurors were unable to reach a decision after three days deliberations so the judge declared the mistrial. >> i don't buy the nonsense that
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side. is not. it is a bump on the road to justice and the road to justice have lots of bombs. >> decided to remain calm, patient because we are confident there will be another trial with a different jury. we are calm, you should be calm too. juliet: grant was arrested for allegedly having an illegal switchblade and suffered spinal cord injury in police custody, later died. retrial is being decided later today. juliet: department of homeland security has a new terror... and taking affected day. the old system wasn't working. a lot of people were mocking it especially with new threats, teresa priolo will tell us about the changes and allen affect what is happening in new york area. >> reporter: prior to yesterday their two levels, it hadn't been activated because the set of rules were so stringent they never put into effect but apparently the fbi and homeland security realized they could get information to the public and
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added a new level to the system. they say the new level focuses on general, broad information about trends or events, possible threats. this is a way to route yellow and wolf, a seasons iron individuals, and also a way to keep you in the loop and according to the fbi when it comes to fighting terrorism they believe you are one of their most effective tools. >> do not let these savages accomplish what they want to accomplish. they believe they can freak out america into a wave it damages as. >> reporter: strong message from the head of the fbi reminding yorkers to remain vigilant in the face of terrorism but and afraid. james comey says law-enforcement need your help in exposing these men and women who want to do less harm. >> who is going to hear about radicalization besides those closest to them. it is unlikely to be an fbi agent. it is more likely to be a
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community. >> reporter: it is becoming harder to track terrorists because they communicate through encrypted social media but twitter or face book's private messageing system, that is the way he says san bernardino killers planned their attacks. >> the government is only into thinking that with probable cause and a court order into vuitton know anything about the person we have no vacation to be doing that. >> reporter: tough talk on terrorism occurring the same day security revamps its dollars system adding an additional level called but bulletin, the new system helps alert the public in a quicker easier fashion. em jeh johnson wasted no time issuing the first bulletin. >> reporter: dhs is especially concerned terrorist inspired individuals and homegrown violent extremists may be encouraged or inspired to target public events or places. >> reporter: whatever it a threat the nypd says it
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strategic response group is prepared for any scenario. >> we need to be aware so people will give us information to work with so we can act on it very quickly. we have that. >> reporter: a big question that our producers at this morning how are they going to let us know when these bulletins are announced? according to the homeland security website these advisories will go out simultaneously on social media like twitter and facebook and their web site. they are going to be giving information at the same time to the media so we will disseminate the information, you will see it on social media. if you go to the web site you will see it. it will hit you from a number of angles, make sure you read these bulletins and hopefully, to be the good guys will defeat the bad guys. juliet: special reports and things like that? >> reporter: i was wondering if they will do at the same week and amber alert, wilson and appear in your own ticket doesn't seem at this point there's any coordination at play. juliet: deep and how big the
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ben: city council speaker is not willing out a bid to become pr's next governor, the puerto rican speaker cannot run for reelection on the council because of term limits, the island territory's governor announced that he is not going to seek a second term. during a press conference, she is asked if she had any interest in the job and said with a smile her political future is not up for discussion right now. the territory is facing a $72 billion debt crisis. juliet: learning things up a bit, after the latest gop debate donald trump makes another late-night tv appearance, just around. he was on jimmy kimmel last night and talk about immigration and the republican party. take a listen. >> other too many candidates? should they eliminate someone every week? wouldn't that be nice? >> you have guys like george pataki as zero, lindsay graham
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i don't think it is good, don't know what they're doing. juliet: trump wants to see the republican party come together adding he has been divisive in the sense of hitting people hard. you think? losers, idiots, other name calling. the list is lengthy. ben: a lot more still to come, the u.s. and cuba close to a deal to resume commercial flights to cuba. details coming up next. juliet: planning a vacation, i would like to go there. any interest in going to cuba, not with me. >> meteorologist: i would go there with you. anyhow, with whether like this a lot of folks want to get out of town. it is not bad temperatureswise, cloudy sky, rain showers are expected. if you don't have it and there's drizzle, heavy stuff, there will be heavier rainfall coming later
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of it check out the weather apps at the itunes store, apple google store, and has live interactive radar set introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they' re twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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>> it is there is a with a
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region and some places reporting drizzle especially live and making for wet roadways, seen in connecticut and did it come over the city so roads are windier, 54 degrees at central park, winds from the southeast at 3 miles per hour and that is pulling in more moisture of of atlantic waters and that is helping to fire up the drizzle we do have out there be some places reporting fog too. temperatures throughout the region quite mild, 48 in philly, 49 williamsport, 50 in buffalo. the main event when it comes to rainfall still to the southwest, through the tristate region. and looks like a good shot of rain coming in the middle of the afternoon and into the evening ended should start to shed down. here is what we have out there. rain chances more or less through the day, more of a
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our chances pick but as the day goes on, 54 degrees by noon and a high of 57 degrees, he is going to stay wet outside so be ready for that. tomorrow we will see the dry weather back again, gradual clearing for the day, high temperature 50 for tomorrow, 41 saturday, look at this, we could be freezing over the weekend but it is dry at the same time and a war of all the way to 60 by christmas eve with showers coming at us at that time. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. it is fought the outside but could be worse. juliet: we are not dealing with flooding, saw mill south bound across westchester watch for an accident blocking a lane new jersey things are flying in bridgeswater 78, 287. queens, elected the van week by 100 1st avenue, traffic jams northbound because of an accident i mean street, south bound you are fine.
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level doing good this morning, no problems to report. juliet: when it comes to air travel our airports, how did they rank? juliet: horrible. ben: the worst in the country according to rankings by j. d. power and associates, a passenger named newark airport the worst. the hits of all the larger ports. it is pretty awful especially in the united terminal where there are food options, i was internal a for flight this summer. when i went to cleveland, i got to tell you there is nothing. it is pretty bad. they give low marks for security, baggage handling and food and retail options. that covers everything. la guardia came in second to last on the list of 32, la guardia is terrible. and it looks better but is further away. thanks to overcrowding, if you
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airport, it is the best of the three but also in the bottom ten. juliet: a lot of folks are excited about being able to travel to cuba so the u.s. and cuba have been trying to reach an understanding that could restore commercial flights between the former foes. ben: kerry drew has more on what we know. kerry: they are talking about it now and hopefully soon. last time there were regularly scheduled commercial flights between the u.s. and cuban television was in black-and-white and fidel castro was a young man. president obama has relaxed travel restrictions for the past year. and u.s. and cuban officials restoring regularly scheduled trips.
5:19 am
it is on a charter flight. >> going just this year. there are already shortages of hotel rooms there. the u.s. airlines including united are expressing interest in creating regularly scheduled once again this is an understanding at this point between the u.s. and cuba but it is expected to become a done deal in the next couple days selling is pretty exciting. i for one would want to go. juliet: looks like something out of the 50s. ben: we are deciding which are or you would not want to fly out which is your least favorite.
5:20 am
not as familiar with. it is the best. >> reporter: i would say jfk. ben: not so far. thank you. you need to go to hugo -- we got to run. juliet: are you looking to buy an apartment in manhattan? you better be filthy rich.
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ben: in the federal reserve decided height interest rates by only a quarter point. since the central bank's last rate to zero during the 2008 financial crisis to stimulate the economy and boost the collapse housing market, the fed decision likely means the cost of mortgages, auto loans and credit cards will begin to rise gradually. the rate hike was well-received back in the announcement, the dow close 225 points. ti-hua: juliet: unless you are a millionaire you will never own a home in manhattan. merry christmas bj report by city realty says the median price for an apartment is now $1.1 million, that is insane.
5:23 am
and 60% over the last decade. ben: a million gets you 5 funded square feet. juliet: i bought my police in union city 12 years ago. why did i not buy in manhattan? that is not deterring high rollers from investing, that is one of the big problems, 190 apartments throughout the city sold for $10 million. i can't believe it is just 190. i feel like that number is way unless. ben: cocktails and shopping coming together for good cause, dozens gather at the red flower beauty salon to enjoy the evening of food, drinks and discount on salon items, a percentage of proceeds from sales go toward the non-profit organization rock steady boxing which uses boxing to help those suffering from parkinson's disease. that is a nice call.
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no way. you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. >> from fox 5 news is is "good day" wake-up. ben: temperatures rising but with a caveat.
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have forecast, grand that umbrella. juliet: we feel like heat but it is opposite in the midwest. they are in deep freeze and it is causing major problems, it won't be moving eastward. ben: the search is on for the person who cut a chinese exchange student. and a surgical mask and gloves. juliet: you can own a piece of royal history, piece of cake from a wedding of prince charles and the princess of all princesses, diana. ben: i bet it is stale. juliet: i don't care visible day. what do you do with it? juliet: you save it, bronze it or something like that. i would love that. would you put it on display?
5:27 am
case that revolves, lit with beautiful -- a security guard. juliet: it is 34 years old. just beautiful. maybe it was an ugly cake. it was the early 80s, things were pretty gaudy back then. juliet: and take a camel from the cake and be perfectly happy with it. ben: i am going to get you a candle with cake on it and tell you is from that take. what is going on? >> meteorologist: i feel a little naked over here. i was i think it and realized we were on and i can't get it back on in that much time. juliet: he wants to show the gun show is still in town. ben: you look like a superhero with that.
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don't want to see the sky. it looks like some kind of prison action. i will be careful with that. here is what we have, 54 degrees your temperature now, central park, 47 in poughkeepsie, temperature changes everyone warm ridge that was yesterday, 5 degrees warmer at central park among 5 degrees in poughkeepsie. a lot of cloud cover moving in from the west and that will continue to happen, a lot of moisture from the atlantic waters, that is why we have later sprinkles and drizzle in long island, back into connecticut but the real rainfall is to the west of us. an area of low pressure is going to help enhance that action and bring it right to was as we head for the middle of the day. we are waiting for the big action to arrive, 57 degrees with light to moderate showers coming on by.
5:29 am
for us with highs in the 40s and lows in the 30s feeling like december because it is but it starts to go back up. let's get you to ines rosales and let us know if this weather is slowing as down with the commute. ines: a couple problem spots, westchester northbound across westchester an accident blocking a lane in new jersey along the wood bridge area on the turnpike or the parkway. let's look at queens, northbound by 100 1st avenue, an accident by means read on the southbound side. the george washington bridge, driving into the city construction wrapped up on time as far as the upper level moving fine, minor delays of of 8095 expressed, so does lincoln and holland tunnel. juliet: students walking to school in queens are understandably going to be a bit on edge.
5:30 am
man in a surgical mask to slash the chinese exchange student, robert moses is live in the neighborhood where the attack occurred, whitestone. >> reporter: this is a frightening new york story. imagine walking in an area you are not too familiar with. keep in mind this young woman had only been here for eight months. without warning and man comes up to her and attack her. that is exactly what happened. the attackers captured on that surveillance camera which is mounted new the roof of this home, 13 avenue and 147st street. let's look at a video camera captured. the 16-year-old female exchange student from china was walking to whitestone academy at 8:20 when a hooded man wearing a surgical mask and surgical gloves attacked her from behind.
5:31 am
twice in her face, she suffered hurt road. she was taken to long island jewish medical center, she is expected to be fine, adding to the framing nature is the fact that the attacker never said a word. >> came out of nowhere, very disturbing. she is an exchange student from china has been in the country for eight months. >> reporter: police say there is a language barrier, they have been speaking with her brother and sister. more on the suspect, we mentioned eluded sweatshirt, that is the key clue, it has black stripes on this leaves. also remember the surgical mask and gloves. that will be an important clue in the case as well as the attacker fled west on 13 avenue. police want to catch him immediately. if you have any information on this case or if you might know
5:32 am
stoppers at 800-577-tips. we are live in white stone this morning. back to you. ben: sunday marks one year since rafael ramos and wenjian liu were gunned down in their patrol car in brooklyn. the widow of the detectives that down with lisa evers to talk about raising two sons on her own and how she is handling life without her husband. >> there are days i wake up and i am still looking for him and he is not there. i see old people walking together and you think that was supposed to be us, supposed to grow old together, 23 years with the same person, i was 17 when we met. it is not an easy thing. ben: 23 years together. she is starting the foundation to preserve her husband's legacy. the goal of the foundation is to
5:33 am
community and police. the foundation will host its first fund-raising event on january 28th. juliet: president obama will fly to hawaii soon and plans to meet on his way with families of the san bernardino attack victims, that is happening tomorrow. the muslim couple behind the deadly terror attack had been buried. syed farouk and tashfeen malik were killed after they killed 14 people december 2nd, they were buried in a muslim cemetery in the united states. the place in which they wreaked havoc. the cemetery is a few hours from san bernardino. reported the ten people or thereabout attended including members of syed farouk's family and people used to pray with a couple at moscow. ben: you are hoping for a white christmas you may have to head west, wintery weather moving across the midwest, north dakota below freezing temperatures causing big ice buildup on power lines knocking out power to hundreds and more outages are expected.
5:34 am
a challenge and could cause the base covered power lines to swing and potentially fall over. the question as is often the case, these systems move east and affect us but is there a big chill in the forecast? juliet: no. ben: doesn't look that way. >> meteorologist: it is buddies here temporarily over the weekend. juliet: it is here in the studio apparently. >> meteorologist: that part. we are going to make this work to our advantage. juliet: it is not going to snow three inches by january 1st. >> meteorologist: i just like to go down to the wire, see your sweat. let's show you what is going on. you don't sweat, i forgot. what is called? hydrolysis. i call it weird. 54 degrees your temperatures and
5:35 am
if you are looking for rain we don't have real rain out there but heavy drizzle, that has been reported. you can see on radar and satellite, typically the radar does not pick up drizzle but there's so much coming of of a atlantic waters, some came over the city of long island into connecticut, you have seen heavy drizzle, that is making a wet roadways and polls out there but the real rain is well to the west of us along the cold front here and this area of low pressure will enhance that as well so warm front coming through right now with warmer temperatures and clouds and rain that will be with us through the majority of the day, peak at 3:00 in the afternoon when high temperature gets up to 57 degrees at that time. the rain winds down tonight, tomorrow is out of here and we see a cool dry weekend, highs in the lower 40s, lows and others and that is typical for these days. the weather apps at
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play store with live interactive radar which would come handy on a day like today so keep an eye on where the rain is. let's bring it over to ines rosales and see what is going on, pretty early. ines: kind of early, long on the no issues, nassau county things looking on the lie and northern state, let's go to our cameras keeping an eye on delays on the of vanik by 100 1st avenue traffic slowed because of an accident by mainstream northbound side you are seeing delays, traffic backed up to 117st avenue, south bound not affected if you are taking trains gridlock alert day everything running on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect. ben: thank you very much. juliet: a lot more coming up, battle of the rookies. ben: knicks taking on the minnesota timber rules. duke shows us how they did. juliet: how to share that with you like i share my golden
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judge has declared a mistrial on the case of the first of six officers charged in the death of freddie grade. jurors in baltimore deadlocked after days of deliberations. william porter one of six officers facing trial with gray's death. ben: from the metro-north train. in valhalla, the charred seats and wreckage of the suv. five feet long train died in the crash. juliet: highest court ruled medical providers must warn patients when drugs they administered may impair their ability to drive. it allows malpractice claims against doctors and hospitals but voters still injured in accidents caused by drug impaired drivers if patients were not told. ben: tom reddick at a press conference or a reporter asked
5:41 am
donald trump. >> opening the door when you do talk about it. >> just here to play football. criticized for not condemning donald trump's comments made on the campaign trail, he considers donald trump a friend and supports all his friends in everything they do. on jimmy kimmel last night from defended brady. >> he is a great guy and all winner, champion, he is fantastic. a primary in new england the place would go crazy. beaten. ben: tired of getting beaten by the team that she. juliet: i am not a fan of the jeter but i agree with tom brady. he is allowed to have the guy as a friend, doesn't have to sit there and go criticizing donald
5:42 am
it doesn't make sense they consider each other friends. ben: he can't win either way. juliet: a friend on the views that controversial things, i think she is a great girl. i got skewered but i think she is a wonderful person. ben: tom brady is a football player. duke: the knicks played host to minnesota, carl anthony, number one pick in the 2015 draft, ever since number 4 pitt, last night, this was fun to watch. both are really good, the big block coming up right here, there was one point, three blocked 0. finish tonight with 7 and a new jersey native finished with 25 points. the myths, logic cuts to the
5:43 am
the, fourth quarter, nick the ten, carmelo anthony played a lot of energy last night. 20 points, 15 rebounds, nine assists, they win the ones you're 7-102 the final. to brooklyn we go, the nets, dwyane wade in brooklyn last night taking on the net for the fourth quarter we go, now it's down 4. net down 2. tp that four, dwyane wade steps back, hits the jumper. jet ski playoff hopes alive as they take the cowboys saturday night in the house jerry built. it is traumatic. black sunday, the jets played their best overall game of the year, ryan fitzpatrick tremendous 21 of 36, 260 yards, three touchdown passes and was
5:44 am
the week. the key to this is the offensive cowher nadir buying into the system. >> we are all in this thing together trying to win. we all got that common goals though a few years something from me or brandon or dick or somebody else and think there is a better way to do it. sometimes he will leave it in terms of what rude do you want to hear and he will ask brandon, the fact there is going to help us out a lot. duke: nfc offensive player of the week for the second, two touchdown passes against miami, 27 for 31 in the game. now the giants have momentum going into sunday's game against
5:45 am
>> it was important to have done it sometimes, we don't do enough, lot of close games, real finish the game strong and have a great fourth quarter and get the lead and hold onto it. that was good but it is a brand new week, new situation, go out and play great football. duke: john elway and the broncos were 13-0, came to giants stadium and they were awesome. maybe history repeats itself. and the patriots were undefeated in the superbowl. wasn't that the year they were spying on the jets' 2007? juliet: thank you. ben: once the jeter always the cheater. thank you for finishing my
5:46 am
mike woods is here, go back to finishing your yogurt. >> meteorologist: let's get you up as you get up and out of bed. here is what we have some rain for you today is actually mild at the same time, cloudy and mild with periods of rain especially in the middle of the day so you are going to want the umbrellas around as you step out the door, all wet weather gear, ranged end later tonight as we head towards tomorrow morning, skies will clear out and do will turn cooler and breezy and this weekend it will feel like a december with 20 chilly conditions coming at you tomorrow but even more so saturday. 54 central park, 53 and newark, temperatures certainly miles, winds from the southeast, southerly direction with warmer temperatures, also bringing a lot of moisture especially into long island. the drizzle has been coming and going, heavy enough but picked up by the radar and is drifting into connecticut as well.
5:47 am
is to the west of us and to the west southwest area of low pressure will work its way toward the tristate region so i do think we will have kind of honesty day out there in the middle of it but one way or the other the ski conditions, nothing going on locally, got to travel a bit, you have loose granular conditions with six of 18 trails open at this point, wet snow and mountain snow and six of 85. things definitely not looking good. is not cold enough to get that snow or even make it. we have 57 for a high with most of it being rainfall, most of the rain coming 3 during the afternoon and it slows down this evening into tonight and the next few days they are quieter and cooler over the weekend but more wet weather comes to less tuesday and wednesday, let's bring in ines and see what we have as we head out the door.
5:48 am
better because we have problems to talk about, westchester if you're traveling southbound, should be northbound you have an accident blocking a lane, street cleaning rules in effect. >> much more still to come including this. >> new record for michael jackson's thriller, this thing still makes money, making history now. i would ask you to please stop spying on me and taking pictures of me. looking at my computer screen.
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ben: anna gilligan is on some kind of assignment. are you going tomorrow? juliet: i am going sunday. i got them for my boyfriend. ben: but band targeted by terrorists reschedule the european tour. juliet: they were playing at a concert hall when gunmen stormed the building and killed 90 people.
5:52 am
included a return to paris for a concert february 16th. it is not open. the group will perform at is the's olympia theatre. ben: a slice of will history heads to the auction block. ben: of 34-year-old piece of cake from princess diana. from princess diana and prince charles's wedding, it is fruitcake there will be auctioned off, doesn't matter in the original white and silver presentation box which dates to 1981, the los angeles auction house holding the online sale bidding for the cake skies will start at $1,100. i think we all need to get in on this. no idea. ben: michael jackson's thriller
5:53 am
ben: islam 30 million copies in the u.s. making jackson the introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. delicate crisps, creamy chocolate, re twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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