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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 17, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. rosanna: "good day new york." thursday, december 17. i am rosanna scotto. greg: i am greg kelly. rosanna: the ring could get heavy at times. mike has all the details for you coming up. a terrifying attacking queens. a young girl was slashed across
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a surgical mask as she was walking to school. greg: metro-north. hit an suv. fatalities. a woman was somehow confused. we have new information from the ntsb. the woman that drove onto the tracks, no alcohol or drugs in her system. they cannot figure out why she stopped on those tracks. rosanna: a bizarre fight out of a club in chelsea. greg: okay. star wars. officially opens tomorrow. all around the city you can go today. started around six or 7:00 o'clock. the reviews are very positive. the new york times says this is a good movie.
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party tonight? rosanna: i am paid. greg: these things are kind of awkward right up until they are awesome. >> we always have an awesome time. how far can i go? how far can i take the conga line. greg: you talk to the vice president of affairs. rosanna: that is why we need to indulge a little bit before we get there. greg: pregame. rosanna: at your house or mine? mike: the weather is good to be a little bit of a deterrent. raining pretty good at that time.
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all right. show you what we have up there. we have some light showers last night did a heavy drizzle coming through parts of the tri-state. most of it has focused out in long island. not too long from now. 52 degrees and islip. fifty-five out at central park. keeps pulling up that warmer air. sunshine. it is a cloudy day. the heavier stuff is down two hours southwest. there is a area of low pressure. lifting up this way. showers and so on.
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and into the evening commute. write to the afternoon into the evening rush. the colder air is dumping down across from canada. upstate new york. that colder air will be here along with windier conditions tomorrow, too. today, cloudy skies. as we go to the next seven days, a high affinity for you tomorrow. a little windy for you over the weekend. especially saturday. let's take you to ines rosales. ines: a lot of problems this morning. southbound traffic jammed.
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traffic backed up to the spring broke. late running construction in staten island. has the right lane blocked. traffic moving fine. you do have some delays. let's get to long island. at least one lane closed westbound. we have a mild delay their. met joe -- it is a gridlock alert days. ben: thank you. a young girl walking to school slashed. rosanna: was it random or did this person know this young girl? she was attacked by a man
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fox5 robert moses is in the whitestone section of queens where it happened yesterday. what do you know? >> reporter: it appears that that attack was completely random. it took place nearly 24 hours ago. the attacker was captured on that surveillance camera. this is a beautiful neighborhood. a very quiet neighborhood right near it the cross island the 16-year-old female exchange student was walking to whitestone academy. when a hooded man in a surgical mask and gloves attached her from behind and slashed her twice in the face. she suffered injuries not only to her left cheek, but her throat as well.
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the scariest part of this is, though, the attacker came out of nowhere. police say that he never uttered a word. >> he slashed her face twice. once from the ear to her throat. another part of the face as well. it is very disturbing. >> reporter: it seemed to come out of nowhere. the suspect was last seen wearing that hooded sweatshirt. after the attack, he took off westbound. he has not been seen since. also, keep in mind that. clue. that could be a pivotal part in solving this. police again our looking for this. if you have any information, call crime stoppers. there has been a language. between the victim and pulleys.
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her brother and sister. they are hoping to speak with her. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> we wish her a speedy recovery. critically acclaimed. she got into some trouble last night. >> apparently she is accused of punching a security guard and biting her on the brest. >> okay. >> 24 years old. a private party. she was kicked out. just so you know, she is from harlem. charged with assault. disorderly conduct. there are rumors that she is working on some kind of music with rihanna. greg: a big deal.
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these things? greg: it is in the newspaper. what else is going on? rosanna: william porter. one of six officers facing charges for gray's death so far this year. things remained very calm last night. just a handful of protesters. leaving the judge to declare a mistrial. >> i do not buy the nonsense that this is somehow a victory for either side. it is not. it is just a bump on the road to justice. >> we have to remain calm. patient. we have confidence that there will be another trial with another jury.
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arrested for having an illegal switchblade. he suffered a spinal cord injury while in police custody. he later died. rosanna: the couple behind that deadly attack, they were buried yesterday. a few hours away from san bernardino. >> friends and family attended. tashfeen malik and syed rizwan farook funeral. they were killed in a shootout with police earlier this month. greg: to remember after 9/11, they came out with the color-coded alert. >> on alert since 9/11.
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people as silly. they have a new system. let's go to teresa priolo. >> reporter: we had a system that had two basic levels. they had information that may possibly happen. this new system is all about general information. talking about possible trends. loan wolves or isis inspired individuals. it is a way to keep the public in the loop. you are one of the most effective tools in fighting it. >> please do not let these the savages accomplish what they want to accomplish. they actually believe they can freak out america in a way that damages us. reminding new yorkers to remain
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now more than ever, law enforcement needs your help in exposing these men and women that want to do us harm. >> who will hear about the radicalization besides those close to them. it is far more likely to be a suffolk on celtic on the cob. community. >> it is becoming harder and harder to track terrorists. twitter and facebook private messaging system. that is the way the san bernardino killers planned their attack. >> probable cause and a court order. pour forth the tough talking terrorism occurring the same day the homeland security revamped its alert system. the new system helps alert the
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jay johnson issued no time oh four taste. >> homegrown violent extremists may be encouraged or inspired to target public events or places. >> reporter: whatever the threat, the nypd says it's special units are prepared for any scenario. >> we need to be aware. we can act on it very quickly. >> reporter: these advisories will go out simultaneously. they will give the information to us. >> you are following.
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>> reporter: you get that sound. rosanna: new images from that february. the safety board release these dramatic photos. they say the wreckage. >> hundreds of documents. we know this. she was not on her cell phone. she had no drugs or alcohol in her system. she was 49 years old. she got about nine hours of sleep the night before the crash. not facing any unusual threats. >> dozens more were injured.
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campaign trail. >> i would like to see the republican party come together. >> we have to come together and get this thing done. >> divisive. he admits it. >> asking him if there are too many candidates. the celebrity apprentice.
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you see that on twitter. doing some funky things. >> all right. happy birthday. hope you have a great one. steve 7 degrees. not doing the record thing anymore. it looks like we're going to see a general trend of cooler temperatures. wind coming in from the east, southeast. there is not a whole lot happening with the rain. there have been some pretty good patches of drizzle. we had it in the city. the bigger rain event is below
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most of us are getting some rainfall here. moderate drought. we have seemed .93 inches of rain. since january 1, for the year, we are about 11 inches behind. a long ways behind. all right. as far as your rain chances go, lunchtime up to the middle of the afternoon. that will be pretty soggy out there. a high of 50 for you tomorrow. sunny, but windy and quite cool. all right. let's bring in nine as rosales. >> right now, problems on long island.
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as far as your commute, you want to avoid that this morning. an accident investigation southbound. traffic backup to the springbrook. the new england freeway as an alternate route. there is late running construction. there is the toll plaza. exiting delays for interchange 13. the hov lanes are suspended. forty minutes. normal for this time. and our inbound. greg and rosanna.
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>> what is the plan? >> well, get there early, show your face and leave? >> this is my strategy. i want the bosses to get a little loose. greg: let them warm up. and hopefully let them embarrass themselves. rosanna: exactly. i will have my camera ready.
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rosanna: you do hear about this? hiking interest rates. only by a quarter point. the first hike. helping stimulate the economy. basically helping create. auto loans. credit cards will begin to rise. well-received on wall street. we're so happy. the dow closed up 224 points. greg: if you want to go to cuba, they are all loosening their requirements. do you want to go to cuba,
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rosanna: i would love to go to cuba. do you think we can do this as an excursion? would you pay for your own? they are all expecting interest. greg: listen to this. >> are ready and exploding. 50% uptick in the amount of americans going there just to share. whether or not they have the infrastructure to support it. already shortages of hotel rooms there. rosanna: the cards are very cool good this is supposed to be a done deal in the next few days. who knows. a teenager. the french prime minister.
7:24 am
a campaigns you that yesterday. he threw a punch at the politician. the prime minister tweeted that he is fine. appear to have a red mark on his face at a campaign stop. >> i think that he would be going to america for many, many years. rosanna: great, you love this panda story. the panda cub made its grand debut. rosanna: born back in august. greg: grew fast. rosanna: developmentally on track. still nursing from his mom.
7:25 am
greg: here is our congresswoman. here she is in china. they let her sit right next to a panda. rosanna: don't they bite and scratch at you? greg: take a look. where a clean panda su. rosanna: good day is coming
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remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. >> facebook this morning? >> fine, i heard on the radio that michael jackson has made a billion since his death. >> family is doing well. a billion. >> he's estranged from his family in the end not really are taking care of his mother been but not like trickling down to brothers and sisters. >> i've heard different things. who knows who you're outside a family what is going on inside that family.
7:29 am
looking around fifth avenue, and right east. what else? >> starting to feel liberty more like the holidays right, didn't it foal look in the 50s yesterday. so cold out. [laughter] >> right. >> my body can't take this. this is so cold. >> should be 32, 20 warm with or. what is up with with that? >> that is so true. jet stream is doing a good job blocking us out. i'm concerned with the t-shirt. >> that's a polo shirt. >> i look the ones that are very big. >> plopny. i'll wear that one next. thank you for reminding me getting a lot cooler.
7:30 am
then back down as cold fronts goes by. so 55 degrees average high is around 43, 55 is your current temperature and we will warm it up a little bit more so winds coming in from the east, southeast at 9 miles per hour and we've got a cloudy sky at central park but we did see showerses in overnooght hours. light rain ore drizzle and we're looking at mild temperatures. only spot that's freezing is bangor maine. warm flow ahead of the cold front and light drizzle into parts of the tristate especially in long island and krpt but main showers so on to the west of using that cold front will work their way with through and bring us more significant rainfall. from lunchtime through the evening rush and then it should start to slow down for you. skies will clear out for you
7:31 am
even more so on saturday but that's when really cold or starts to work into the tristate relatively cold to what we have any u how. high up to 57 later on this afternoon. tomorrow up to 50. and then 41 only for a high on saturday that's what i'm talking, the cold stuff here. let's burden of proving in ines at this point see if we have problem on roads or ill rays. probably both. traffic jammed accident involving an investigation blocking two lanes southbound bronx river parkway by bronx river road so this is affecting your commute on saw million as well as the cross county sprain brook saw mill and hutch both are alternates around that. and then travel aring towards staten island from new jersey expressway, you have your normal delay approaching verrazano bridge. turnpike here with red. goethals bridge with late
7:32 am
staten island bound closing right lane because of this causing delays on turn pook exiting delays on 13 as well as main line and hov lanes have been suspended this morning. long island you're not is a right now. go to our camera traffic jammed in suffolk county l.i.e. westbound. with headlights from westbound accident blocking two lanes by motor parkway exit 56. as far as trains new jersey transit have issues this morning. 30 minutes westbound between metro park and amtrak signal problems. greg and rosanna. >> "star wars" we can see it. big hollywood premier on monday now open for everybody starting tonight. >> by the way some people are already getting ready. they're binging all of the "star wars" movies leading up to the premier want to. anna gilligan is at the amc theater in times square, so other people really at this marathon about with anna? >> i saw a bunch when they have
7:33 am
at 5:50 at that point they had seen two movies. they started at 1 a.m. right now screening the third movie. they're going in order from episode one to 7, even is star wars force awakens brpped new one but starting with the prequel more recent ones. a lot of people have been snoozing, many fans told me these movies are less worried about catching completely but older movies that lead to force awakens that they're excited for. now i realize not everyone wants to do a marathon so i put together a little cheat sheet for you. take a look. the "empire" is gone brought down by e-walk, the movie take place 30 years later. >> stories about what happened --
7:34 am
force is awakening but you need to know what force is besides being something that's with you. >> all to you -- force is different in every one determined by how many you have in your blood. sounds scientific but all you need to know is if you're on the light side you're a jedi and if you're dark you're a bad guy and they have a red light say about lightsaber. western darth vader died but a new villain may have a fascination with hmm so certainly don't count out the darkside.
7:35 am
skywalker is biggest nemesis darth before he found out he's also his dad. now the big rumor is luke skywalker may be the father of ray. who is a new character -- also they have had a long tortured love love story. most people in the theater will be rooting for them to be a couple so you want to get onboard for that. you should understand the force awakens so you can really sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. now if you have the already bought a ticket for force awakens tonight then you need the force be with you to get one or want to be a big spender and jump in on the marathon on 42nd street you can buy a marathon ticket for $59.99 and up to spode on all of the star wars
7:36 am
>> on 42nd street. >> so am look at the logo behind. the lightbulb is out in the amc so rosanna -- i have to -- >> i was there on friday night that very theater there was approximately a 30 minute wait for popcorn o. it was just luke you know about when you're standing around waiting for your being at the airport and nothing is happen hadding. i think it needs a little bit of a shakeup. so tickets for tonight? >> my brother is responsible and i believe he's got it all in order. >> talk about traveling some may be doing that in the next few days. what do you think of our airpghts? i think we're so used to it. vice president biden you know famously compared laguardia to a third world country he was telling the truth but at the same time offended.
7:37 am
what we already know. who do you think you are, the vice president? we have a new survey that says yes some of new york airports are the worst. but there are airport what is choices do we have? >> kerry drew what's up? >> good morning to both of you not exactly what we want to hear as many of us fly over holidays but our area airports ranked among worst in the country when it comes to overall customer faction this is all according to jd power j.d. power & associates that put together a list of over 30 airpghts across the country an newark airport ranked absolute worst, the lowest of over 30 airports of all large airport when is it comes to security, bagging a handling and food and retail operations options. laguardia second to last in crowding and in flights. bottom ten of airports across the country. we remember when joe biden famously came out and said
7:38 am
third world country. >> if i blindfolded someone and a took them 2:00 in the morning to the airport in hong kong, and said where do you think you are? they say this must be america. a modern airport. if i it can you and blipped folded you to laguardia airport in new york you think i must be in some third world country. >> not surprised to be honest. every time -- i fly a lot, and in jfk it's the worgs. laguardia i like better than jfk and avoid newark altogether but if i were to rank all three newark is probably best. laguardia set to undergo a 30 billion renovation we have renderings of what it may look luke. laguardia airport will go up in ratings. by the way incase you were wondering what had best of all large airportses in the country
7:39 am
international airpght. greg and rosanna live at laguardia back to you. >> the renderings has to be the traffic. the red lights going by. >> do you think in our life tile we'll see this? >> on the record should make that happen. nope. mike you wait. getting a break. [laughter] yeah. >> that lightbulb at the movie theater. >> i doubt it. >> i didn't mean to be mean. >> this is the big day in theater history that that theater should be up to -- up to perfect standards this morning. mean white qiets on fifth avenue this morning. what will happen? you wake up wherever you want. >> i guess you're right.
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dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. >> welcome back everyone let's get yougoing on this thursday morning out the door. right now it actually doesn't look so bad with the rain there's patchy drizzle out in long island and connecticut but
7:43 am
but you can see heavier stuff, out to the west down to the south of us that's where the rain will be coming in from, an it will be pretty solid right in the middle of the day getting real inconvenient out there. by anyhow our temps are mild. 55 central park. 52 degrees in bridgeport, and 49 degreeses in poughkeepsie with an east southeast wind coming through 5 to 10 miles per hour that's pulling up even more of the moisture. so don't wore about the sun today. cloudy sky coming to you and bigger showers pennsylvania, and down near the mid-atlantic region. and that area of low pressure with that cold front, warm front they're all going to kind of swing u through the tristate during the day here today more of the heavier showers that we see will come will you in middle of the afternoon. snow do we have any of that? no but you have to travel to get ski in right here. six and 80 trails open. you have wet snow there and six
7:44 am
coming through especially in middle of the day and close down in the evening. high up to 57 and clearing skies with with a high of 50. high of 14 on saturday with sunshine out there. another chance of rain not snow went of next week so looking mild except for upcoming weekend. fox 5 weather app at apple and google play store has that live interactive radar to find out when it is going to affect you. download for free today. let's bring in ines to give you information on that backup and whatnot. >> another busy morning long island, nassau county l.i.e. at glen cove road at least one lane blocked. westbound your new jersey commute 80, 287 not bad of a ride. lest go to cameras l.i.e. cleared away an px by motor parkway exit 56 so delays there.
7:45 am
so you have accidents slower than thunderstorm. george washington bridge into the city from new jersey 40 minutes upper. 30 lower, an hour delay in lincoln tunnel and delays new jersey bound with a stall on helix blocking lane. as for holland 20 minutes from both approaches. >> one hour, sitting in traffic with one hour. gridlock alert day. >> that would not be good. >> radio that would help. ferlg also that podcast. a new cereal -- >> not the one -- bowe bergdahl. >> maybe we shouldn't talk current events just knicks. >> good game played host to minnesota. great matchup karl anthony number one pick overall in the 2015 draft. first a number pack, number four peck overall. first quarter watch this. off the miss anthony town, the rebound --
7:46 am
had seven blocks on the night. sucks in the first half. and then second quarter new jersey native with a nice baby hook right there finish request 25 points for the third nicks up 18. finds for the dunk picks up 20 first quarter. carmelo anthony will take to the hoop and a big night 20 points. nine assists, knicks hang on win by five, 107, 102 final score. brooklyn we go for the heat and nets. fourth quarter we go down 4. andre right there. tough shot it falls gets the foul nets down two. fourth quarter dwyane wade fancy steps back. keep their playoff hopes alive as they take on cowboys saturday night in the house in dallas. what an amazing place that stadium is.
7:47 am
versus titans i saw jets play their all around best game without question. offense, defense quarterback ryan fitzgerald pat trek three touchdown passes, and just named afc offensive player of the week. meantime giants quarterback eli manning named nfc offenseive player. player of the game. >> no of the week in the conference. so afc conference it was fitzpatrick it was eli manning for four touchdown passes and monday night win 21-37 in that game now giants have momentum into sunday game against undefeated carolina panthers. they're undefeated. >> i think that was important. you know suddenly you know having it and not doing it enough. meant affiliate close games,
7:48 am
and have a great fourth quarter and come back to get the lead an hold on to it. so that was good but a brand new week. a new situation to go out there and play great football. >> all right some soccer news, finally held at metlife stadium this coming june 26th the special six-team tournament is 100th anniversary of the copa america and glass installed for the fennel at metlife stadium. abby wambach played final game for usa retiring at age of 35 before the match against cheen. acknowledged her in an emotional pregame ceremony. leading all time international goal scorer received standing ovation. mings she was in the world cup. she was on our show. >> one of them.
7:49 am
and symbolic gesture as she handed arm band to carli lloyd. carly was. lost 1-0. kolpa america will be coming -- >> i like it. [inaudible] related to the copa -- >> so grass will be installed. a big deal. >> rosanna you came close to offending poem but i don't think you did. good job. we're done before we offend o somebody. i don't think you did. olivia -- her graduation today, she's getting a diploma from stony brook master arts and sciences. thanks olivia. >> stony brook one of the beautiful statues that you walk by oblivious to.
7:50 am
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you can open a ny 529 account with just $25. and you may get tax benefits if you pay income tax in new york state. someday you' ll look back and be glad you got started. ny' s 529 college savings program. the right time is right now. no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. >> 107th infanty memorial established in on tenth anniversary of the quinton canal during world war i. 7th an 5th. >> thank you for that educational note.
7:53 am
says high school students particularly 12th graders preferred marijuana over cigarettes because they don't think it's bad for you i'm not surprised about that. are you? >> the message if you are away states are legalize it. >> dr. raj getting a mixed message. >> legalization, medical marijuana affect with 1th graders sponsor by drug abuse part of the nih found that for the first time in 40 years when they started this they surpassed in high schoolers in high school seniors, 12th graders found 6% of them said they smock marijuana had daily as opposed to 5.5.who smoke cigarettes daily. so this is an alarming trend that many of these high school students think that smoking cigarettes or marijuana is safe and partially because announcing many states legalize it and
7:54 am
niewnd 32% of high school students thought that marijuana use was harmful and that is down from 36% higher than last year and they're using more often. we still do know there are long-term and short-term affects on the brain particularly for young brains people, you know, teenagers and high schoolers that can have effects. so not a good thing. >> isn't there a school of thought that basically it'ses a gate way drugs you start that and then opens -- >> there are theories there. conflicting research on whether that's true or not but marijuana itself can be harmful effects on the broken and motivation. >> got to be a benefit or two if everybody like it is. specific medical cases people with chemotherapy and gnash sha. other than that high you foal there's no health benefit that's for sure. okay i'll be back.
7:55 am
rock 'n' roll hall of fame selected their class of 2016, and we have the inductees right here. >> at the top of the charts letting in chip trick. dream police -- remember that one? >> entering hall of fame 25 year s after chicago finally will be inducted to. they're going to be part of the april 8th ceremony at barclays center. oh, wait there's a good song. listen to this for a sec. you're here with me nwa don'ts say what had it stands for they'll be in the rock 'n' roll hall of fame they don't that had often for hip-hop groups. for those who made the cut janet jackson with facebook support out there and the band chic.
7:56 am
here from the head of the rock 'n' roll hall had of fame. >> a very political system. i don't understand who fits in and doesn't? >> with the ceo and president of the foundation at 9:00. >> going to find out if we're going to blow the lid on the process? we're gong to have a bone to peck about rogers. it is all about you. thanks for saying nice things on our ny facebook page. we'll be right back. who coined the term "side bread?" because there's nothing "side" about this bread. it may look like the moon. but it's the star of the show. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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>> hello and welcome it's greg kelly. >> i'm rose roses nice to have you with us it is going to rain today. you know rain has to physical in everybody's lives. yeah. anyway it is going to get today. mike woods has all of the dedays about the forecast. >> statue of liberty from the back. meanwhile a 16-year-old girl on her way to school in white stone queens slashed viciously. wearing a surgical mask and cuts her brutally. newark has that wonderful distinction right now truly is the worst of the worst that's according to passengers. >> i have to tell you i've always had a pleasant experience in newark.
7:59 am
>> better than you know -- kennedy and louisiana green laguardia but dead last. surveyed some people and they go around mad all of the time. for the first time average cost in math is more than one million dollars. prices have surged by 50% in the last decade. i think if you try to find department in new york city you know, by the way, brooklyn is no better just so you know. let's take a look -- "star wars" force awakens starts playing today. regular people, they have the big hollywood premier the other night, monday. but today starting tonight you can start and i think you should even if you don't o leak "star wars" whole country will be talking about this movie like the first when it came on way back when. >> too much pressure to go see it.
8:00 am
let's tack a look live at the amc theater no one is there right now. >> that is not amc but mc you've got your initials wrong. i told you look at the logo for daylight today. >> don't they have lightbulb changes is my husband in charge over there. why the a is not lit. >> that theater on friday i told you i waited half an hour for the popcorn if you want to see the movie you have so many options. can you make this out? >> not really. >> better now. now look at this today starting about 7. now look at tomorrow, friday you can see the movie at 4 a.m. it starts you can see -- >> hard to see as many trains are leaving penn station to long island.
8:01 am
>> ticketses are sold out i'm curious let's talk about the weather and see if you can actually buy tickets at a -- reasonable time not 4 a.m. >> that is reasonable. >> 5:45 a.m. is reasonable? >> from the club. >> not that early but i don't know if i want it see a movie at 4. >> how are you fooling? >> all right. >> going to be a chilly day. >> you can feel it in your arm today? >> maybe that's what it is -- it is achy extra hardware in here. ever seasons a pan. >> starts firing up. >> you have a problem here if you have rosanna figuring out your medical issues. >> the question is what's beginning to go on over there? >> call me crazy? >> no. we're going to leave greg alone
8:02 am
special day. the look on his face that's what i'm talking. cloudy skies, we have got the rain to the west of us coming through look look solid at times. heavy stuff and localizing flooding with that heavier rain that comes through friments. anyhow here's today. cloudy and mild early but rain will be kind of popping up. drizzle out there but real showers until later in the day. today peeked out in mid-afternoon and evening wind back undo so coming to a close later to believe tonight and weekend feel look december finally our temps back where they should be this time of the year. well above normal for quite a while. here's the live radar fox five sky guardian that says you're in pretty good shape. drizzle but to the west and south there's a lot more out there and see it coming through
8:03 am
56 central park. coming through tristate region to stay that way too with that warm southerly flow and bulk of the rain comes through from about lunchtime till about mid-afternoon and then back down to evening and overnight hours but rain is coming to you. if you vice president seen it yet it's coming. high temp 57 degrees. tomorrow cooler with a high of 50 as skies clear out breezy too. windy on saturday, and yeah looks like we've got a cool weekend but dry lots of sun shone out there as well, and yeah. looks like it is going to be just fine. let's bring in ines rosales see what's going on with the chute this morning.
8:04 am
affect aing sprain brook and cross county parkway so if you're traveling southbound use sprain brook as an alternate pass and saw mill although you have delays moving better. longnassau county l.i.e. eastbound another investigation that is eastbound two lanes blocked by glen cove road. cameras late running construction left this mess for you off the new jersey turnpike just cleared away that construction. this is coming off interchange 13 the toll plaza there traffic jammed only the exiting delay and jar city turnpike main line both of late running construction easing out because of this hov lanes are suspended. trains they have problems this morning. new jersey transit a delay and metro are park an trenton and then you have a police investigators with metro-north a ten to 15g minute delay on the new haven had line. greg and rosanna.
8:05 am
morning police in queens are searching for a man who slashed a young girl just 16 years old as she was walking to school. >> tacked by a man wearing a surgical mask. we have voles video of this. there's the grl. guy behind her is approaching to brutally attack seriously injured girl, and this guy is on the loose somewhere. let's go to white stone queens robert. >> good morning to you, that attack took place almost exactly 24 hours ago here in this really nice naked. a quiet residential area in the white stone section of queens, and that surveillance video that you referenced was captured by camera which is mounted on this home at corner of 13th avenue and 137th street. the 16-year-old female exchanges student from china was walking to her school white stone academy yesterday morning right around 8:20 so 24 hours ago when
8:06 am
mask and surgical glofls attacked her from behind and slashed her twice in the face. she suffered wounds to left cheek and a throat and fortunately taken to long island jewishmm center so a language barrier and police having speaking to her brother and sister and hope to speak to her once she's recovered. attacker scary for the here never said a word. slashed from to here to middle of her throat other parts of the face as well. so very disturbing. >> certainly a disturbing attack a little bit more now on the suspect, he was last seen warring that hooded shirt with stripes on his sleeve and took off running westbound on 13th avenue following this attack. also remember key clue of those surgical mask --
8:07 am
police want to much ka this guy. one of the local assembly men in this area say there's been spate of attacks target asians but they surely want to get him off the streets before he takes advantage of someone else. that is the latest live from white stone this morning. greg and rosanna back to you. >> we have to go to suv to suffolk county. police on tuesday morning say someone broke into the candle shrine and damaged the displays and statues. they're offering $5,000 award for any information that leads to an arrest. if you know something please call crime stoppers 1-800-220-tips. >> there was damage there. hard to make out in this but on the left there. >> greg this morning getting new information, in fact, it is breaking information school
8:08 am
lauderdale and houston are beefing up security on campuses after receiving terror threats similar to ones received in los angeles and new york. >> you'll remember l.a. canceled school we didn't, and they are not. but they're beefing up security as we speak this morning because they got these similar threats overnight last night. >> teresa priolo with more on this. good morning. >> department of home lapd security is talking this new terror alert system that they have announced. this is basically to change had the game. they're saying they're going to start general information like the fear of a lone wolf attack to the public. they say it keeps public in the ahead of the fbi says that is paramount in this fight against terrorism. please do not let these savage accomplish what they want to accomplish. they believe they can freak out america into a way that damages us.
8:09 am
fbi reminding to be vigilant in face of terrorism but unafraid. james says now more than ever law enforcement needs your help in exposing these men and women who want to do us harm. >> who is beginning to hear about radicalization besides those close etion to them? highly unlikely to be an fbi agent far more likely to be a suffolk county cop, someone who knows the community. >> it is becoming harder and harder to track terrorists because they communicate through encrypted social media l toos like twitter or facebook private messaging system. that's how san bernardino killers planned their attack. >> with probable cause court order we have no predication -- >> occurring same day dchts home lanked security revamps its letter system adding additional bulletin.
8:10 am
a quicker easier fashion and jeh johnson waste nod time issuing that fist end task bulletin. >> especially concerned that terrorists inspired individuals and home grown violent extremists may be encouraged or o inspired to target public events ors. strategic response group is responsible for any scenario. >> we food to be aware so people will give us information to work with so that werk act on it very quickly. how will i know when bulletins are announced according to website they're going out simultaneously on social media like twitter, facebook also puts on the government website and that to the media to give it to you. >> teresa thank you very much. flghts all right meanwhile
8:11 am
to be announced later today for one of the officers charminged in death of freddie gray. >> remember that case in april he died in police custody. william porter one of accident is officers facing treel for gri's death earlier in year back in april. jurors unautomobile to ruche a decision after jury deliberation. minimal things are calm, and that is good because we saw a lot of riot there is in the aftermath of the death. >> just a few happenedful of protesters freddie gray arrested for allegedly illegal switchblade we suffered a spinal cord injury. the problem with this particular trial is they have officers lined up this one to go to trial. with this one being basically a hung jury they have to figure out are they going to retry before they do other officers or do other o officers and retry
8:12 am
there'sthere's a lot of stuff they have to investigate. >> 41 shots in the bronx back in 1999 this was a marming major case one of the officers involved has been promoted to sergeant. officer kenneth he fired five of those 41 shots back in 1999. but he staid on the police force. >> he did, in fact, he was acquitted of any particular crime. officials say hi passed sergeant test and no pending disciplinary issues he fired five of the 41 shots as you mentioned amaadialo. officers opened fire aside he reached for what had they thought was a gun but i believe it was his wallet. now sergeant boss and three other officers involvessed in shooting were included of any criminal charges and they said he passed examine and no problem since then.
8:13 am
about this and may be had coming to town tomorrow. all right so we have this. do you remember over the summer we heard about a -- pharmaceutical executive rosanna he took a $13 pill and made it a $750 pill. >> everybody crazy i said i'm gong back to original price. >> offensive to a lot of people. name is martin reportedly he's arrested on security fraud charges. >> bloomberg is reporting that martin is accused of illegally taking stock from a biotech firm in 2011 and used that to pay off unrelated business debt. he's 32 years old. where does this stand by the way on those pills because i know he slashed the price of those pills and then i think the money creeped up again. i don't know $700 a pill. >> meanwhile let's see donald trump on jimmy kimmel he did pretty well whether you like him
8:14 am
it was somewhat funny at times. >> republican party, immigration, he said he would like to see republican party come together adding he's been a little bit devicive. >> i like how they come on the elevator door opens there you are, strut in. >> need to get one of those around here. here's a little bit from last night. >> are there too many candidates? should reality style eliminate someone every week wouldn't that be nice? >> you pataki lindsey lindsay people should get out. i don't know what they're doing. >> he did joke around by the way. and jimmy kimmel showed hmm a children's book that he goes through for trump called winners aren't losers. listen to this. >> read it to you. [laughter] winners aren't losers by donged j. trump. they're winners like me.
8:15 am
will you be? [laughter] winners get rich are while sad little losers just sit there and bitch. [laughter] >> i want this book. >> so shall we have a beep on that one? >> come on. >> trump had canceled previously scheduled appearance on the show but kimmel didn't make that and wrote a nice children's book. i think that's funny. >> that was fantastic doing great stuff over there on that channel. >> all right mike woods it's time for you. did it start raining outside yet? >> not really. we've had drizzle in overnight hours that's on the soggy side but other than that okay. however towards lunchtime in the middle of the afternoon it is going to be wets. evening commute is real inconvenient bring the wet weather gear along if you get out there without umbrella buying one on the sidewalk whatever you have to do. get the ghost buster out there. 56 central park.
8:16 am
52 bridgeport and 574 montauk scattered drizzle in long island and connecticut. but yeah rain will be picking up as temps go on. that is the general trend is the southerly flow brings us warmer air and you can see showers closing in on us coming to the poconos it is all rain this is a warm one so it will be bringing all rain for us here in the tristate. go on for a good part of the day that's why i'm saying don't get caught without umbrella because it's coming to you from 11:00 this morning till about 5, 6:00 this evening you're looking at pretty solid rain coming through here and then it wraps up later on tonight. tomorrow you see a clearing sky and then some really cool air to us with highs back down into lower 40s and that is normal for this tile of the year. high temp up to 57. saturday.
8:17 am
shower chance on wednesday. fox 5 weather app we have that live interactive radar to check the the rain coming through today. let's bring in ines now and see what the latest is with the road conditions. good morning ines. >> check in on queens l.i.e. a stall by queens boulevard so expect delays there. also an accident on van wyck southbound after the q garden interchange. putnam county you have delays on taconic thought excuse on the saw mill no problem on 84 or o tay doing. camera with the long island expressway over by commack road traffic slow. hudson river crossings as for jog washington bridge a 40 minute delay upper level. an hour at the holland 20 from each approach. greg rosanna. >> wonderful actress will be here. >> she's on broadway in the
8:18 am
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(coffee being poured into a cup.) save your coffee from the artificial stuff. switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie
8:21 am
>> all right. love manhattan. have you tried to buy something here recently? >> read like a shthook. >> may be on to something unless you have majored in arrows it is difficult to buy an apartment in this town. >> 1.1 million dollars for easmg apartment. >> when you say a millions dollar apartment you think an e sate but probably a bedroom and one bathroom. a report by city realty says medium price is 1.1 up 11% from last year up over 60% last year.
8:22 am
>> not to tear rei a lot high rollers from investing in here. we love new york but style it is are really frustrating us. fox means business. what's had up pal? rng bronx, staten island too but the interest rates are going to have to pay to buy apartments is going up. yesterday, of course, federal reserve raised the interest rates. here's what you can expect starting today because gang of four jpmorgan will raise on contractor, mortgage, car loans hit harder is small businesses which are now beginning to have to pay more for short-term loans to get from one date to the next when they don't have the cash flow they need expect in the next round to pay more and especially with adjustable rate
8:23 am
percent. >> i saw that movie. i have to pay joan every month but landlord. >> a great question to ask. there's criteria one very good way to determine that is do you intend to stay in apartment for say 7 years or not that's a big issue in the mortgage. >> thanks bud. >> there you go. coming up on "good day new york" the day greg kelly has been waiting for it's a "star warses" kind of day. >> half of the country rosanna. big deal "star wars" movie in a long time. do we have video of this? here we go. trailer that's seen like 100 million tiles online. force abackens tonight, and some people are doing like marathon "star wars" movies to kind of what wet their appetite. >> can't catch it tonight, tomorrow starting at look 4:30 in the morning. it is wilted. the screens they have scheduled
8:24 am
clock and good news is, it is
8:25 am
>> your four legged friend deserves something as special as everyone else in the family. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday
8:26 am
[laughter] >> i like that. >> look at those fancy dogs. you never see mutts in manhattan, to you notice that? >> you don't? >> for the most part. you see -- [laughter] i mean, for like an apartment. it's got a lot of meat on it, that's all. >> that's fifth avenue, some of those apartments are huge. there's a boxer, i see a labradoodle. some of those toy dogs you like. >> before we got lulu, my husband said, just whatever you do, no feminine dogs. >> hey, lou -- [laughter] lou's sound ago little bit like a punk. come on. it's 2015, lou. >> but my friend got lulu a jet pack, and he's okay with that.
8:27 am
up in nassau county, if two dogs saw each other, they would fight. not in new york. not in the city. >> they get along. >> they're used to each other. what else is going on? >> it's 8:30 in the morning. the rain, obviously, has not hit our streets yet but on the way. >> right. just some drizzle out there. >> i'm just concerned, you said it's going to really come down around party time. >> yeah. basically lunch up until party time. >> that's right. tonight we have the party. i think we have footage of last year's party. we turn fox 5 offices into a nightclub, and look at this. it's kind of cool. >> it really is. >> i gotta give it to the bosses. there's plenty of food and drink. >> yeah. >> quite frankly, they lighten up -- [laughter] you know? it's a really nice party. >> and they expect us to do it too, but we're kind of like -- >> well, no, we have to get the party started. >> i know. the conga line. >> last year you were doing some flailing. >> i don't think i'm doing much of that this year. >> i'm concerned, because you
8:28 am
>> one down, one to go. you know the conga, speaking of which -- >> i haven't seen one of those since the flintstones. >> remember bugs bunny? i want that music. starter. >> thank you. >> okay? whether you like it or not, you get people in the party on the >> all of a sudden? >> yeah. >> they're best friends. they're bffs. [laughter] >> you gotta grab somebody, more those of us who watch, it wasn't was. [laughter] us. >> because you did not get on the conga line. >> i've always carried myself with a certain quiet dignity. i'm sure you have to acknowledge that, and i will not do the conga line, mike, what's up? >> let's do the forecast and let him off the hook. we've got cloudy skies out there, as mentioned, yes. the rain's not been a big problem so far.
8:29 am
up into connecticut, making for some wet roadways and what not, but we'll take the real rain that's coming at us here later on because we are in a moderate drought. for the month of december, we've seen .93 inches of rain which is about an inch and a quarter below normal. we're nearly 11 inches below normal for the year. it looks like we're going to come in in a moderate drought situation, but whatever rain we can get, we will take since we are way behind. fox 5 sky guardian is picking up on showers over pennsylvania, down toward maryland and the southern sections of new jersey, delaware. looks like we're going to see some showers, but it takes a little more time. we'll probably get through the rain wise with. 50 in poughkeepsie with the winds generally coming in from the southeast at around 5-12 miles per hour, is so that pulls in more moisture off the atlantic waters, and it's going
8:30 am
have coming at us here, so bring the umbrellas along. cold front's off to to the west of us x it'll continue to slide in this direction along with an area of low pressure that's coming along with that cold front. that's going to give you some pretty solid rain later on. i think a lot of folks lose their gumption to get outside, but you'll have to do so. our temps are going to be at a high of about 57 later on, and tomorrow it's all out of here. breezy, high of only 50 then, 41 on saturday and high temps in the lower 40s on saturday and sunday. all right, that's your forecast. let's bring in ines, see what we have as we head out the door and hit the roads. >> the bronx parkway a mess morning, two lanes closed by bronx river road so this is causing heavy delays. the sawmill's an alternate, but you you have delays there
8:31 am
your new jersey commute, garden state parkway exit 135, there's an accident blocking a lane. long island expressway, this is gloazed to glen -- close to glen cove road, this is the eastbound side of the lie, traffic jammed because of that accident investigation. westbound, you're fine. george washington bridge normal 40-minute delay delay, 30 on the lower level. there is an accident on the lower level, looks like they just cleared it away. an hour delay with the lincoln tunnel, as for the trains, new jersey transit, that's a 30-minute delay westbound between metro park and trenton, amtrak issues. in the area of south norwalk and stanford, everything else running on or close to schedule. you know what, mike? they're talking about the conga line, why don't you demonstrate it? why don't you lead? >> you want me to lead? >> here we go. are you coming, sam?
8:32 am
>> now everybody got -- i think at this point we're proving greg right. nobody wants to do it. [laughter] >> we're going -- rosanna -- [laughter] you know what? you're right, greg, it doesn't work. you're right. >> all right. >> that was really stupid. >> mike -- >> mike! >> save it for later. >> it's time to go the movies. lye to the amc -- live to the amc theater, "star wars" starts tonight. if you are not going to see it tonight, business schedule tomorrow morning at 4 a.m. it goes all the way like that up until 3 a.m. the next morning. >> wow. i'm afraid to think who might be at the movie theater at 4:55 -- >> do you think some creeps? >> anna gilligan. i know 42nd street times
8:33 am
>> where are you, anna? what's up? >> hi. good morning. 42nd street outside of the amc 25 theater, one of thousands of theaters that are doing this all-day marathon starting at is a.m. this morning. superfans have come here to watch nonstop from episode one all the way through episode seven tonight at 7:00. they are sold out for the 7:00 show, but if you want to buy a marathon ticket for $59.999, you could see it as part of that package. when they had a break, i spoke to some of these superfans about why they loved "star wars" so take a look. >> if you're a real american and you know about "star wars," it's off the hook! [laughter] from? >> well, my evil, evil russian girlfriend who lives in amsterdam came and bought me this as a gift from a thrift i don't believe in friends no more. characters.
8:34 am
[laughter] marathon? don't you think it's going to cut down on your enjoyment by the time you get to it? >> no, i will awaken before then. hopefully, i will be awake. >> it's great to have everybody together that has kind of the same, the same wants and needs and nerddom. you know, it's nice to have this kind of nerd family around you. >> well, it certainly is a fun group of people that come to watch the all-day "star wars" marathon. if you want to get in on the marathon, buy a ticket, you can come in costume but no face paint or face masks or light sabers are allowed, so leave those at home. actually, i checked online, some theaters still have evening shows. it's generally, though, the 3-d and i max seem to be sold out,
8:35 am
that level, you can probably get in tonight if you get in now. >> anna, thanks. by the way, apart from the movie, there's "star wars" stuff going on throughout town. in washington square park, they want the biggest light saber battle ever. >> tomorrow night at 8:00. organizers hope to set a record for the largest light saber battle in the world. similar events in l.a., san francisco. there will be professional light saber demonstrations by the light saber who knew there was one like [laughter] >> you can make money doing this. >> there's no charge, by the way, but you'll have to bring your own light saber. byols. >> excellent, rosanna. [laughter] >> so let's take a look at this stuff, please. it is a "star wars"-inspired >> yeah. >> there's the same footage. tell me more. >> well, apparently this is going to awaken your inner force with a light saber workout.
8:36 am
now we're getting a little carried away. >> all right. so let's go to a commercial break. we'll be right back. >> the year 015 is coming to an end, and once again, it can't get here quick enough for bill de blasio. i give him a d as his midterm grade for all the things he didn't accomplish this year. on public education, the mayor didn't improve failing schools. in fact, a recent report proved that bloomberg's strategy of closing failing schools was working, and de blasio made the wrong choice by abandoning the practice. on the homeless problem, there are a lot of things he didn't do. the first was not admitting there was a crisis. he failed to notice what we were all seeing and refused to take action in spite of mounting evidence and criticism. on the horse carriage issue, de blasio didn't take the hint. after promising to ban them, it's been two years, and he insists on proposing one lame
8:37 am
he should just admit defeat and move on to something more important. on his desire to curb uber, kate upton embarrassed him that by helping underserved neighborhoods, it was truly progressive. on the upper east side dump, the mayor didn't stop it despite legitimate concerns over air quality, flooding and safety. on leadership, he didn't make peat peace with governor cuomo, and he takes his election as a mandate to be 100% progressive and not consider other points of view. what did bill de blasio accomplish this year? well, in october to he finally received his security cleans so he so -- clearance so he could finally be briefed on terror threats to the new york. i hinted on social media that my grade would be a d, and some of you wondered why it was not an f. truthfully, the mayor canceled his planned inequality forum in iowa.
8:38 am
course pass fail, and that is d equals p. here in new york city we certainly deserve a mayor who's
8:39 am
who coined the term "side bread?" because there's nothing "side" about this bread. it may look like the moon. but it's the star of the show. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right.
8:40 am
no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. >> don't, don't, don't, don't -- >> i think there's a movie theater on 42nd street right across the street from another movie theater. isn't that right across the street from the regal? a little bit to the left there is another movie theater. >> competition? >> simes you see -- sometimes you see three gas stations -- >> "star wars" seems to be playing just about everywhere. where is the regal? down the block or right across the street.
8:41 am
as we get ready to do our next be report, where is that regal cinema? >> let's see. they've got big trucks and buses. >> don't be shy. where is -- there it is! >> goes goose bumps -- oh, i heard that's very good. meanwhile, speaking of don't forget about me, it is rosanne paronne's birthday, pope francis' birthday -- >> that guy's cool. >> okay. i think that's it for now. >> apparently, a new study says we've got the crumbiest airports in the country. >> you know what? we're used to it. when i go to the airport, i know just get in and get out. bring my own snacks, i bring my own snacks. >> it's economically prudent. once you're on the other side of that gate, you know, it's like $7 for a bottle of water. >> but by the way, do not bring a bottle of water, because they will --
8:42 am
it. carrie drew is live at laguardia. >> we've been talking to people here at laguardia airport, and nobody really seems too surprised by this. our area airports ranked among the worst in the country when it comes to overall customer satisfaction, that's according to jd power and associates that came up with a list of over 30 airports nationwide, and newark airport in new jersey ranked the absolute worse. it got the lowest marks for security, baggage handling and food options. laguardia came into second to last. jfk airport did slightly better than the other two but still finished in the bottom ten. we all remember when vice president joe biden publicly compared laguardia airport to a third world country. take a listen. >> if i blindfolded someone and took them at 2:00 in the morning
8:43 am
and said where do you think you are, they'd say this must be america, it's a modern airport. if i took them blindfolded and took them to laguardia, you'd say i must be in some third world country. >> all airports sort of look the same after a while. i mean, if you want nice airports, go to asia. >> i travel quite a bit, i come to new york quite a bit, and, yeah, they have got some work to do. >> well, there will be some work being done at laguardia airport, it will be completely rebuilt by 2021, set to undergo a $4 billion renovation. we do have some renderings to show you, maybe by then it will not fall is so low on the list. by the way, in case you were wondering what came in the absolute best in terms of the rankings of overall satisfaction, portland international airport in oregon. that's the latest here, greg and rosanna, back to you. >> then you've got to live there. >> i know.
8:44 am
it looks like indigo lighting, and the big feature is the -- >> traffic? >> the traffic. >> one more time. you seesome that's what your eyes are a kind of drawn to. and the traffic we already have. >> that lukes nice. -- looks nice. >> i don't know how special this all is. how many billions of dollars is it going to cost? >> too many. what's a few billion among friends? anyway, coming up, actress maly mate lin's here talking about her broadway debut x it's a really interesting way they're doing this production.
8:45 am
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8:47 am
>> that's one of the funniest things i've heard all day. rosanna suggested a gift for christmas could be a watermelon. [laughter] >> don't you pine for watermelon in december? you know what i'm saying? it's such a juicy fruit. >> it's healthy -- >> she's been having those
8:48 am
[laughter] dr. raj, what's up? >> what can we do to protect ourselves from the common cold? unfortunately, not all that much, but a new study shows regular exercise could help protect you and make you less sick when you actually do get a virus. this is a study coming out of korea. now, it was done in mice, but the researchers say they think the findings could be applied to humans as well. >> how do they get those mice to exercise? >> they had them swim in warm water, and apparently, mice are not swimmers -- >> like me. [laughter] >> exactly. >> mean to the mice. >> listen, it's better than cold water. anyway, they had them swim for about ten minutes, and then the other group of mice were sedentary -- >> poor mice were terrified. >> couldn't they keep them on the treadmill? anyway, they compared the mice to the sedentary mice, and then they actually exposed them to a bacteria -- >> aren't you glad you're not a
8:49 am
>> they give them everything. >> they made them sick, and they found that the exercising mice responded much better to the infection in terms of fight it off, a much more targeted and immune response. inflammation. but -- >> it's good for your immune system. though. >> they even did the bmi on the give me a break. >> they measured their feat? >> it's unbelievable. >> i hate that bmi thing. >> the call pers -- cally pers? >> exercise should definitely be on the list because that is great for you, and now we're thinking you can protect against the cold. one more reason to do it. >> okay. >> all right. >> thanks, doc. >> thank you. >> you have a very special day today. >> i do. it's my birthday. >> happy birthday. >> it's my 44th birthday, and i'm so happy to be with you guys. >> you know what happened on your birthday? >> tell me. >> the pope was born on this day
8:50 am
>> well, that's very special. >> and the wright brothers flew for the very first time. >> it was a different era, i guess. >> we're going to have to look up other people on this day as well. >> a major parade many late frill too. can't wait for that one. >> meanwhile, new inductees into the rock and roll hall of fame; cheap trick, chicago are two of those bands, but we have a little bit of a problem about who was not inducted. and we are going to see the ceo and the president of the rock and roll hall of fame, and shall we give at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains
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