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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 17, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. >> from fox 5 news, it's time for more good day new york. >> i don't know, these people don't look so happy, you know? the force hasn't awakened them [laughter] they look like they're sleep walking, right? [laughter] they can't hear what you can hear. this very inspirational music -- movie? this is the amc movie outside where is it? come on. >> coming up. >> there it is. tomorrow, also known as today. you can see it starting today. i think this is really wild. only in new york, one movie theater on one side to have street, another movie theater on the other side. >> but they have different movies.
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it's not like "star wars" is across the street too. >> amc 25, they've got lots of screens in there -- 25, i think. >> that makes sense. >> 25 minutes to get some popcorn. right across the street is the regal, and you know what? the regal's pretty nice. >> yeah. >> i was at that amc theater, i'm sorry, i did not have a good experience. i waited way too long. anyway, doesn't matter. it's not going to detract from the movie. it's supposed to be great. starting tomorrow morning you can see it at 4:30 in the morning every half hour all the morning. >> you might miss the beginning of good day new york, we start at seven. 7:00. >> you know what? i could get out before -- >> you are not going tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> your brother's getting you the tickets. >> there's one of those so-called monks who walks up to you, hands you something -- show that guy again, please. and then.
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>> he's just waving. he sees the camera. >> one of these guys walked up to me and gave me this beautiful me call the loan, i'm like, wow, what a nice gesture. $25. i tried to give it back, but he wouldn't take it. he really wanted the money. i'm sorry, buddy, this is what i call a scam, don't you think? >> well -- >> because there was no conversation, they just handed it to me like, here, handing out a flyer for a car wash. >> exactly. you're used to taking those. >> i do as a courtesy. anything. >> plus most people don't know that you don't walk around with any money in your wallet. [laughter] >> it's not because -- i'm not cheap, it's just -- >> you don't even have a wallet. >> the atm card, you can use it to buy a pack of gum. >> they're so happy when you use your amex to pay for $2 worth of gum. >> you'd be surprised. they used to have those $5
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those anymore. everybody's on board. you can use a credit card to buy a soda in our cafeteria. >> the retail people are not so happy because some cards charge a lot of money for the usage. >> the retail. you're always on the retailer's side. i'm a customer. [laughter] i think they're happy i come through the door. >> hey, listen, i don't want you to get too excited tonight, and you can't see it tonight, because we have the holiday christmas party here at fox. >> it is. it's the office party, and you know what? they do a good job. this is what we did to the office last year. man, there is lots of food, lots of drinks, and you meet people that you see in the elevator, and you really don't know who they are -- >> these are the pictures from last year when you were trying boss. >> i don't remember that. >> you had some joke that only you thought was funny. >> did i really do that? oh, boy.
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>> of course. >> you weren't? >> who are they? >> okay, i'm sorry. i've seen your family there. doug johnson -- >> i worked with him many years ago at channel 7 -- >> he's the guy with white hair? >> yes. >> nice guy. i don't take offense. i think i met him once. i admired him on television. it's okay. >> so i may pregame with them and then come over here. >> thanks for bringing it up. what's up there, mike? >> all right, you know what? we've got to get some more christmas-likewet here. everything's all about the warmer temperatures we've been seeing in the tristate region,
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least for a little bit. cloudy, mild conditions at this point with periods of rain coming to you. they're not too far away right now, and the rain will continue through the afternoon into tonight tonight the rain will come to a close, and then it turns cooler and breezy. tomorrow not so bad but the weekend, yeah, your temps are going back to more what we should see, highs in the upper 40s, lows in the upper 30s. for now it's okay. we've got, for the most part, a gray sky here in the tristate. some drizzle out on long island. here's the heavier rainfall coming through pennsylvania into south jersey as far as the rain is concerned, well, it's going do close in on us here in the tristate in just a few hours. 56 right now in central park. temps are warmer than 24 hours ago by 5-10 degrees for most locations. winds coming in from the southeast at around 3-7 miles per hour, and we are going to
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atlantic waters that feeds in more moisture, and look at all these showers back over pennsylvania and down to our southwest. there's an area of low pressure right along that frontal boundary right over us. right in the middle of day here today, and then it should back down later on tonight into tomorrow. so we've got a cloudy sky right now, the showers kick in around lunchtime and hang in with us through the evening commute and start to break up later on. we'll still keep some clouds later tomorrow. cooler temps will be filtering across the northeast, and your highs are dropping back down into the lower 40s. that's the big drop in temps, the big chill, if you will, for the weekend. high temp up to 57 later on, it continues into the evening and shuts down late tonight. it'll be breezy with a high of 50, looks like our high is at well. in fact, pretty cool both saturday and sunday.
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afterward, but once we get to wednesday, we do have more showers back in the area. i want to say happy birthday to wilbert jarrett, he's turning 85 years old to. have a fantastic birthday. way to go, my friend. rosanna and greg, over to you. >> thank you, mike. take a look at this, everybody, and hit the music. what are you looking at? my first guess would be possibly luxor in vegas. >> i was going to say something like 2.0, you know, little egyptian pyramid or something, something in egypt, no? >> here's another sight. rosanna, we talk about it a lot, this is actually the rock and roll hall of fame. look at the architecture. >> that is gorgeous. >> it's in ohio, that's the only drawback -- [laughter] but they have a huge presence here in new york city. the rock and roll hall of fame, early this morning they 2015. some surprises, some
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aren't they in the hall of fame 25 years ago? let's put it all to the boss of the rock and roll hall of fame, he joins us right now. >> ceo and president of the foundation. nice to have you. >> nice to be back. thanks for having me. >> we have some bones to pick -- >> that is the rock and roll hall of fame, that's in cleveland. it's been open 20 years. >> it's a beautiful, beautiful spot. so, number one, cheap trick, they're now in the rock and roll hall of fame. >> that is correct. as of this morning. >> hit that cheap trick music. why them and why did it take you so hong? >> well, it's 25 years from the time your first record comes out. this is not a rhyme or reason, it's been a long time, along with nwc ash do. do -- >> nwa. >> we're going to get to them in a second. chicago. unbelievable music, so many hits. >> right. >> is it more than 25 years? >> unquestionably.
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1969, but now's their time. it just happens. >> let's enjoy it for a moment. >> yeah. >> i like this chicago very much. >> yes. >> you guys have a way to go, but, okay. >> hey, easy. [laughter] joel, how do you get in? like in the baseball hall of fame, i guess the sports writers vote. how do you get in you're a musician? >> there's a nominating committee made up of other artists, writers, critics, people that are knowledgeable about music that pick out the 15 nominees, then it goes out to a larger group, peers and people in the music business -- >> this is another chicago song. i love this song, joel. >> this song is in a hurry. listen to this. waiting for the break of day -- [laughter] >> one of the fist rock bands -- first rock bands. >> exactly. >> this' why these guys are innovative.
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and me, the same thing about songs we did not know each other, the same things impressed us. does that make sense? >> how about deep purple. let's listen to them, because they've also been inducted into hall of fame. >> everybody hears that, they know what it is. >> smoke on the water. >> some jerk with a flare gun burned the place to the ground. >> allegedly, a true story. >> this happened on lake geneva. this song, i think, came out -- my father had this album. this came out a long time ago. deep purple, why so late? >> it just is. i don't have a good answer for you. >> do you milk it a little bit? >> no. [laughter] >> it's really up to the committee. it kind of rolls over -- >> they even alive anymore? >> absolutely. they'll be here at the show which is april 8th back in brooklyn at the barclays -- >> yeah. >> and then the show will be on
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>> why don't you guys do it in ohio? >> we do almost every oh year in ohio. >> but it's more fun to have it in brooklyn. >> well, it's easier to get to for me. [laughter] >> you live on the upper she's side. >> alan freed, who was the original rock and roll deejay, put rock and roll on the map, allegedly helped create the term -- >> okay, what about him? >> he was from cleveland. >> so out of respect for him? >> no, out of respect to the people in cleveland also figured out how to raise $70 million to build and run this place -- >> there you go. >> everybody else just said it should be here because, they were the ones who said we have a reason for it to be here, and for it. >> some of the other inducking tees, nwa. >> steve miller. hit it. >> wow. >> i'll take this one. >> aren't you going to -- >> no, hold on a second. >> i love that song.
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>> where's steve miller, please? there's his triple guitar -- >> some people call me maurice. [laughter] >> there we go. >> will you go. very good. >> now steve miller, again. i don't understand the delay. >> and so many great songs. >> for a long time. but, again, i don't have a reason for the delay, it just -- people have their time. these artists, this is their time. there's other artists that are on the list that they'll probably -- >> abracadabra, another good song. one. >> very talented. nwa, recently featured, i think, right? >> that was about them. >> their in, but they're not exactly rock and roll. >> it depends on your definition. rock and roll is a broad definition. a lot of people include hip-hop and rap and feel it's innine influential and important. today. >> joel, i don't want to freak
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to pick, o.k.? chic, nile rogers. some of the greatest songs ever. right? he's the great -- you that. i like this guy a lot but, look, he is not inducted, apparently he was in the be running? >> you're making a good point. nile rogers is an incredibly talented guy. chic was a great band. nile rogers is someone who has an incredible career after -- before, during and after is someone who could get in in other categories. chic just didn't get elected this year. >> they still could be in the running -- >> he could be considered for something else because he has -- he as a producer, as a musician is incredible. >> this is a great song, by the way. [laughter] >> it's like donna summer was inducted a few years ago. >> speaking of donna summer, i
9:14 am
>> inducted but nominated, janet jackson, chaka khan, last year joan jett was inducted, linda ronstadt the year before -- >> how many women are on the committee that decide who's going to be -- >> there's probably 20% of the nominating committee are women. >> okay. that's good. i'm glad -- >> talk to my daughter, she asked that question. >> so it's a legitimate question. >> and she's a lot tougher than you are. >> a legitimate question on good day new york. >> go figure. >> joel, something i want to know, what do the stars get? do they get cash and prizes? >> they get their picture on good day new york which is >> come on, joel. >> they get a trophy. there's a statue, there's an inductee exhibit that runs for a year, featured materials of theirs, they get featured in the materials we get from them are featured permanently in the rock >> all right. you think this is worth a trip to cleveland. >> unquestionably.
9:15 am
rock and roll music, you would find things you wouldn't believe. >> what else is there to do in cleveland though? >> the cavs, it's a basketball team that wins. [laughter] there's great restaurants. the football team i wouldn't go for, but there's good restaurants, there's a great basketball team -- >> and i think it's on a lake. >> i've heard of that. >> barclays center, can anybody just buy tickets? >> yeah. this is probably one of the only award shows, more say -- per se, that's open to the public. to the public. so we're going to announce probably late january when the tickets will go on sale, probably beginning of february, and you can buy tickets. >> joel, we tease you, but how did you get this big? >> -- get in this gig? >> i started in the mail room -- >> everybody started in the mail room. what's the responsibilities in the mail room?
9:16 am
answering the phones. somebody's secretary, answering, you know, typing contract, doing all that work and listening to how you do deals and learning how to be an agent. i worked at madison square garden for ten years, and then i got this job. >> were you ever an agent? >> i represented duran duran. >> wow. >> we did peter gabriel, genesis, dade bowie -- >> oh, my goodness. >> donny osmond. >> did those guys have, like, an advantage on get anything the hall of fame because you know them? >> they don't. i only get one vote. >> you're the boss. >> you know, i don't monkey with the votes. >> we want to be on next year, because we want our nile rogers in there. >> come to the show this year. >> talk to your brother-in-law. [laughter] >> joel from the rock and roll hall of fame, thanks a lot, man. >> congratulations. >> thanks a lot. >> coming up, marlee matlin's going to be here. she's in a great revival on broadway.
9:17 am
can't believe she's never been on broadway before. >> what is that movie but she says i'm deaf, but you're the one who can't hear? >> children of a lesser god. >> is that it? we're always looking for ways to enjoy more. so we called time warner cable expected. call now to get more. more speed. like, 300 meg.
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she was in children of alesser god -- of a lesser god. that movie was so beautiful. >> one of my favorite lines in movie history is actually in that film. fantastic career. some other highlights, west wick on it's, we enjoyed that. president bartlett, seemed like a great guy. let's see, oh, seinfeld, appearances in seinfeld. >> but i can't believe with all the stuff that she has done -- is that it? >> i can't remember. >> yeah, we did date. and i said this is on my bucket list, you know? i played a character on seinfeld, check that one off. >> well, the new project is a revival of spring awakening on broadway, and for some of us it's very surprising that marlee, this is her first time ever on broadway. >> absolutely, the very first time. 30 years after i started my career, my very first film,
9:20 am
took me that long to. >> i took my daughter to see this play, i'm thinking like nine or ten years ago, i don't beautiful. >> yeah, it's a great play. time around? >> it's different this time -- i mean, even though they call it a revival, i think it's, it doesn't feel like a revival. it's more like a reenvisioning of the show. i heard like you heard, you saw time. what we've done is we've actually put deaf actors into some of the roles, and they're working together with hearing actors. so there's rock music, there's sign language, asl. it's an entirely different look at a familiar play. >> now speaking of sign language, we have to establish, we haven't introduced jack. you're seeing marlee, but jack is the one doing the talking -- >> no, no, no, this is my voice, i just have a deep voice. [laughter] >> so wait, do you go on stage -- >> no, no, i'm not an actor.
9:21 am
stuff like this. >> do you have an actor? >> no, who are you working with on the stage, on the play with -- who's your voice? your voice on the play, who's your voice? oh, t cameron manheim who's my voice. she's fantastic. we've been working together now for the last five months, and we play three different roles, and she plays three different roles. she is the person that you hear when i sign on the show. and i can't imagine working with anybody else. >> that's beautiful. marlee, i have heard you speak before. correct? >> i do speak only on thursdays. [laughter] >> [inaudible] [laughter] >> marlee, you had one of the greatest lines in history, i'm deaf, but you're the one who can't hear. give us the circumstances, what was going down in that scenesome.
9:22 am
said it to william hurt, but 30 years ago. >> very profound. very profound. >> it is the. i mean, you can hear through your hands too. i mean, you don't necessarily have to hear sound, you can actually look and see what's going on, but if you can't, well, what do you do? >> do you like being on broadway? >> i absolutely -- i mean, i have the utmost respect for people who work in neaterer. being here -- theater. being here for the last five months it is, for me, just something i've never believed that i would look up to, broadway actors are just fantastic, the community is be here. of it really is. >> talk about how this all started back when you first got your start as an actor, i would imagine there were probably some people who were not encouraging you're deaf. you can't be an actor to. >> listen, they did say that, and they didn't think a deaf actor could make it in hollywood, the person who changed that for me was henry winkler. i met him when i was 12 years
9:23 am
me that i shouldn't listen to anybody who said that you can't do it, just ignore those people and follow your dream, and i did that. i'm sitting here -- >> henry winkler had hearing issues. >> no, no. henry winkler had issues with dyslexia, fighting and proving that he could go beyond what couldn't read -- >> right. >> -- could deal with. they found out he had dyslexia 30 years after he had problems reading. >> do we have footage of marchlee -- marlee in the show? i know you have four children, are they hear with you? -- here with you? >> no, they were here with me on them. and being away from home has been really tough for me. it's good that i have a great, great support system at home and a great support system here, and we keep in touch with facetime, but i would love people to come and see this play, because they might think, okay, wait a
9:24 am
it, it's a deaf play. it's not. it's a play for everybody. everybody can appreciate the use of sign language, all audiences can really get into it. it's really fantastic. i encourage everyone to come and see the show. >> i'm going to see you in the show, for sure. >> january 10th is my last day. the show goes on until january 24th. to come and see it. >> at the brooks atkinson theater over there on west 47th street. can we learn a little sign? let's see, how do we -- i think it that way? >> no, that way. [laughter] >> this is i love you. >> the reason is because it's the i the l and the y. >> oh. and to promote it, i also have an app called marlee's signs, which if you want to learn sign that. >> very cool. >> how about good day new york? >> how do you do that? >> good, good -- day, day, and
9:25 am
>> okay. [laughter] >> does it ever get tiring? because you've got to move a lot. you know -- >> i mean, you guys have to get tired probably talking a lot, i don't get tired signing a lot. [laughter] >> we're just moving our tongues. >> you guys have way more work. >> do you ever feel like doing one of those kinds of signs? >> i do it all the time. [laughter] >> marlee, congratulations. break a leg on broadway, we're so proud of you. go is and see her now until just about the end of january. >> yeah, january thisth. >> and, jack, you are an interpreter for her -- >> 30 years. >> of really? >> i'm her body person, yes, that's correct. >> that's very cool. >> excellent. >> all right. >> thank you. happy holidays. >> same to you. >> thank you, you too. >> all right. coming up, we have a young, up and coming singer from brooklyn. he's got a great new song out.
9:26 am
and he's going to perform for us
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>> his name is miller starting out. i love the fact that he's from brooklyn. he's really like climbing the charts. i have to say he's got a new song out. it's called carter and cash. and we're so happy that he's here. nice to have you on "good day new york." >> thanks for having me. >> so where were you born what part of brooklyn? >> henry street between jerome. >> carter and cash. >> who are those guys? >> june carter and -- >> no june and jimmy. we have the movie now the song. so what do you sing about there? >> it's become to their relationship as well as reflecting on a relationship i've had. >> you look look joaquin phoenix a little bit. >> i think so. >> so you have a performance coming up in williamsburg. >> on monday. >> what's had the name of the place? >> candy shop. >> fits the whole bill. kind of hipster going back. you know, i like it. >> enough hype.
9:29 am
all right. tore miller. single is out now carter and cash. how difficult is it for young people like you to break into the business and to move up the charts? >> i don't know it is tough, but i enjoy it not difficult playing
9:30 am
>> tore thanks can we meet everyone? >> on keyboard and computer we have shawn. on drums andrew marshall. >> hi andrew. >> bass frank. >> are you a williamsburg guy? >> no i look -- >> hipster spotting right there. anyways. we love the song. congratulations all of the best, williamsburg next week and the name of the piece. >> peepts candy and carter cash out right now. tore miller thanks so much. thanks pal. hit the lasers please. here's rosanna shoots me with her ray gun. >> still feels good. time for technology we're going
9:31 am
>> rainmaker in the house. >> technology, everybody is looking for gifts this christmas season. >> this is ray maker one of the best technologists we know. he lives in paris, france. how's it going over there? >> getting back to normal. obviously, it's been a rough fast month. >> all of the begs to your countrymen.
9:32 am
in the holiday spirit, and, obviously, technology is on everybody's wish ligs. show us things that are different and unusual. >> new things here for the holiday first is tomtom spark that you see here gps running watch but it has m preponderance player in it so listen to music wirelessly with with u new bluetooth headphone. >> aye watch with do that? >> it can, but gps it can mix anywhere you go and optical heart rate on it. 99 up from there. coolest they think you brought was this baby. take a look. it's a go pro camera. >> go pro hero 4 session. here's a fir in the back you can see everything i'm pointing at there's rosanna. there you are. it's waterproof.
9:33 am
removed let's take it here. going to drop the camera. >> don't do it. stop it -- look at that. my hand in the water this is what we look like from the sea rose that. [laughter] which way -- did i see? rosanna u through the water. do you see that? while it came out this summer it dropped the price to 99 in the past couple of weeks. totally waterproof. taken it to the beach and dropped it in the water 40 feet deep on accident, and perfectly fine. >> still works. same camera for the last six months. there's her face now. >> closeup. great quality shoot full video
9:34 am
reduced down to 199 now. great, great deal. >> what else u tiewf? >> here is the bicycle with garmin radar on it. garmin the radar so we have the garmin edge 25 had is a small byte computer full gns inside of it so a standard byte computer but gps with heart rate sensor. >> everything has gps. so many it is tiny. someone knows where is you are. but connects to radar detecting cars that are pushing from behind. as it approaches unit will blink more and more to warn as they come from behind. >> you remember when it was a big deal. this is good because people are using their bikes all hours of the day and night. cost? >> so edge 25 starts at 1679 and the radar is 199.
9:35 am
>> yeah. the good people of bike and roll in new york city who rent for beak today to show off. >> now the drone is out of commission. drone is -- grab it from me. >> did you break it? >> i did not break anything. put it down if you would. so this is the ggi phantom series becoming more and more popular especially this past year. but seeing drones approach follow me technology that means that if you're in sports look riding your bike or skiing or you know or surfing, drone can actually follow you and be your own personal candidate. >> so we may have ourself it is 24/7. >> how much is this one temporarily on a break? >> start 699 up to 1299. >> by the way, looks like the same thing. >> very, very similar, an this is probably one of the less common models out there.
9:36 am
folds up and fits in a backpack and hiking you can bring your backpack potential >> you have to register these things. starting in couple of days here. >> in france? >> you do not. dc >> great ideas thank you so much. are you going to check -- >> i can't resist it. when we come back greg is going to be working on the bicycle and do a lightsaber workout because we're in the "star wars" trail of mind. greg be careful. >> .
9:37 am
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[music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too. angel soft. >> may the force be with you greg kelly. bring it on already. >> you can see it starting tonight, and then starting tomorrow morning at 4 a.m. theaters all over the place are playing this thing around the clock including amc on 42nd street. wondering if anna gilligan bought tickets yet. what are you doing? >> i have not bought tickets yet they are sold out of their 7:00 show for the force awakens, however, i have been here all morning because this is one with
9:40 am
watch a marathon leading up to the brand new release. they started at 1 a.m.. right now they're on break they finished three movies already. they go back in at 10:15 but if you're not a superfan and don't want to rehash movies before force awakens i put together laingt of a cliff note if you will for you to find out how to where we are at this point in the "star wars" story. take a look. empire is gone brought back, the movie takes place 0 -- 30 years laughter. >> those stories that happened -- it's true. later from the force is awakening but beside the force being something that is with you. >> only to you -- >> the force is different in
9:41 am
you have in your bloods. sound scientific but you need to know if you're on the light side of the force you're a jedi on the dark side you're a bad guy and other than on the dark side has a red lightsaber. we know dat vader died but it seems new villain may have a fascination with him so dark side. >> i will finish him. when he started. aalso e know who luke skywalker is biggest themmist darth vader who chopped off his hand before he found out he's also hid -- dad.
9:42 am
who is a new character also they have had a long tortured love story. most root for them to be a couple so you should be onwith that. when you go to the theater you really can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. now if you do want to see "star wars," i highly encourage you to see it as soon as possible. as soon as first showing it will be hard not to read or hear about the spoilers. so go as soon as possible. greg and rosanna back to you in studio phil see you at the holiday parties later today. >> what time are you going? >> earlier. what's it start? >> 5 -- early bird. 6. >> see you tonight. >> i'll be there. >> one thing about the "star wars" franchise, the lightsaber
9:43 am
lightsaber continues actually check this out. rosanna, the lightsaber now featured in a new workout from good people at new york sports club. >> frays aric. look at myrrh are a and her friends there using the hi -- i understand you're ready to work out. let's see you do it. [laughter] take the lightsaber up and we're going to slice it down. do three more. one more. all right let's split up. good. this is called the lunge -- four more.
9:44 am
two -- and one, good. stand and do this one, push. perfect. you can feel this in your shoulders, in your core. in your glutes, your whole lower body. let's do the last one. grab a light -- gliding disk. from the movie there's an ice planet so wronging the element of gliding so with this we're going to do a courtesy lunge we call this move the general courtesy excellent so this gets the inner thigh, glutes, more core especially obliques as we rotate from side to side. so four more of these.
9:45 am
last two. and here's the last one. and relax let's get off the lightsaber. let's do the tubaca challenge had and take it around. again lower body. core, obliques, two more of these. and final one -- and relax. >> hay mirra beautiful workout. >> great. beautiful first of all you're in amazing shape i'm looking at your arms. >> i love "star wars." i love it, love new york sports world. but people really getting into this? lightsaber. >> when's it available? >> starting this week, and ailing you have to do is go to my sports, and you can check the different locations, different types. right now tuesday nights and friday nights. can i steal that lightsaber any weight to it? >> it is actually that is right
9:46 am
>> when you're starting to do a repetition then it works. because look at your arms show us your guns. [laughter] got amazing arms. been doing this for a long time. >> a very long time. >> class is 45 minutes so a combination of lightsaber work, gliding work, we do body weight work, a little bit of marshal arts. wrcht the "star wars" music in the background? >> dance mix remix "star wars" music. >> a remix of this song and i'm not going to feel too geeky doing this. >> that's it you're tone. >> thank you mirra.
9:47 am
we'll be why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough.
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>> judy judy, judy. j from some movie? >> it was no movie. judy old kerry grant? >> judy, judy, judy you're our facebook fan at the moment so thank you for saying nice things. >> charming full-time in the movie. >> all right. are you ready for tonight? >> we have to get ready. we have the christmas party holiday party coming up. >> here's foot aiming of last year's holiday party again we turned office into a nightclub an things get fun, intense actually.
9:49 am
going to be somewhat awkward with awe of the supervisors there at first. >> you promised me you'll be open to participating in the con ga. chicken dance. you know the chicken dance? >> thank you. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable. you can too. call now. now we can connect more devices, at the same time. the wifi in this house is
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