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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  December 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> in december 2010, he solicited additional investors to keep the hedge fund alive. we allege he mislead one investors by giving him false information about the fund, its prior performance and whether it had an auditor or administrator. all important data point for someone considering investing. >> reporter: look at some sketches from court from the arraignment. during it, he was very aloof, looking up at the ceiling, not making eye conct with the judge, but smirking with his attorneys. somewhat making a joke of the proceedings today. he first made news earlier this year in a story you might remember after touring pharmaceuticals hiked the price of a life-fighting h.i.v. drug from $13 a pill to $750 a pill. federal investigars are unclear at this point if that's why he raised that drug price t
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procured over such a long time. now he was outside of the court. i asked that question. he would not answer for me a little while ago. meanwhile, a new york lawyer was also arrested, accused of running the sche alongside martin shkreli, who could face 20 years in prison. both men were told to hand over their passports and left court today with monitoring bracelets. they'll be back in a couple of weeks to take on more proceedings in court. the federal prosecutors promise to take the case all the way. back over to you. steve: all right. thank you, liz. umbrellas a common sight. liz had her hat on outside court. dari: but, you know, if it were a little colder, that would all be snow. and we'd have a tough time getting around, even worse. how long is this rain going to last? steve: nick, what's the deal? nick: here's the back edge on fox 5 sky guardian. you can see it right here coming through the hudson valley, much
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starting to dry out. still rain over the city moving across long island. fox 5 sky guardian 3-d into motion showing that area is moving fairly quickly. like i said, another few hours and it's gone. the wide view shows back to the west, not too much. a couple of showers over western pennsylvania. they will dry out before they get to us. it's been a mild day. a lot of these are the highs for the day. upper 50s the city to the shore. 53 at poughkeepsie. middle 50s across long island. we see the rain getting out of here, but clouds stay for tonight and for the first part of tomorrow morning, probably through about the 11:00, 12:00 hour, into the afternoon a little more sun will come in. breeze will get gusty. we'll transition towards more december-like weather for a change in the forecast. tonight, 48 the low in the city. 30s in the suburbs. the rain early. the clouds will stay. tomorrow, clouds in the morning. hovering about 50. a little sun breaks out the middle of the day.
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down and stays in the 40s for the rest of the afternoon. dari: all right. thank you. one of the nypd officers that was involved in the highly publicized 1999 shooting death of amadou diallo has been given a promotion. officer kenneth boss was elevated to sergeant during a ceremony at 1 police plaza, which only angered the family. boss was one of four cops who shot the unarmed 22-year-old as he reached for his wallet in a hallway in the bronx. the four officers were cleared of all criminal charges. boss is the only one who remains on the force. steve: the city is putting more boots on the ground to help the homeless. lisa evers is here to explain how the de blasio administration is expanding the homeless outreach >> reporter: the public concern intensifying about the growing number of homeless people on the streets. the mayor is rolling out a new program he claims will get a response within an hour. that applause is for outreach workers who are part of the
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the looming homeless crisis. >> i'm announcing the nyc homeless outreach and mobile engagement street action team. or home stat. >> reporter: 137 full-time outreach workers are being added to the existing ranks to bring the number to 300. they're taking the one-on-one individual homeless person that we showed you in this exclusive report last month. >> every day city teams will inspect hotspots of street homeless activity by covering every single block from canal street to 145th in manhattan. >> reporter: the mayor says if you call 311 to report seeing a homeless person, there will be a response within an hour. it's an alternative to police enforcement, which is tricky because of a supreme court ruling that says people have a
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still, commissioner bratton is not giving up. >> the big advantage we have is we're one of two cities in the country that are required by law to provide shelter. that's a big plus. we can indicate we are moving them to a shelter, not just kicking them off one corner. >> reporter: the department of homeless services is also being reorganized. the mayor says he wants a centralized command so that for. this comes a month before the official federal count of street january. back to you. steve: thank you, lisa. france has set aside more than 300 million euros for the victims and family members of the terror attacks. some have considered suing. isis has taken credit for the
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injured hundreds more. dari: the friends who bought the two high-powered guns used by the jihadi couple in san bernardino has been arrested. enrique marquez is facing terrorism-related charges. he is cooperating with authorities. he admitted to purchasing the weapons in 2011 and 2012 and says that syed farook was planning an attack several years ago, but doubted at the time that heould pass a background check for those guns. steve: president obama at the national counterterrorism center in virginia today getting a terror threat briefing as well as an update on the san bernardino investigation. the president says americans should feel safe during the holidays as there are no specific or credible threats inside the u.s. he insists that u.s. forces are doing everything to weaken isis overseas. >> we're hitting isil harder than ever in syria and iraq. we are taking out their leaders. our partners on the ground are fighting to push isil back and
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steve: the president also promised to strengthen the screening process on visas like the one granted to tashfeen malik. dari: three major theme parks are beefing up security ahead of the busy holiday season. officials at disney, universal and seaworld in florida announcing new measures today, including metal detectors, bomb sniffing dogs and increased bag checks. disney says it will no longer sell toy guns at its parks and park visitors over 14 will be banned from wearing costumes. steve: azalea banks has been arrested, accused of punching and biting a security guard outside a nightclub last night outside the up and down club on west 14th street. the 24-year-old was attending a private party when she reportedly got into a fight with bouncers over a hand stamp and was kicked out. she has been charged with assault, disorderly conduct and harassment. dari: international supermodel and her mom are facing legal problems. two are suspected of tax
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israel's tax authority says she failed to report millions of dollars in income earned abroad and neglected to pay taxes on her luxury apartment in tel-aviv. she and her mother were detained today and released. a lawyer for her mother told an israeli news station that no one here deceived anyone. steve: we're less than two hours away until the "star wars: the force awakens" a in theatres. dari: fans were braving the soggy weather for the chance to see it. antwan lewis is outside a theatre on the west side where excitement is building and building. >> reporter: good evening, everyone. 7:00, that is the magic hour that steven was talking about that the force will awaken in new york and the rest of the country. let's give you a look at 34th. you can see a lot of people are in line. to explain what's happening, as it is with a number of theatres across the country, they're going to be separate theatres
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they've broken the lines into separate lines. the first line, that's for theatre theatre, then theatre 13 and then theatre 7. a number of people will be coming out. those that we spoke with said this day could not come soon enough. carla and ian took a road trip this morning, one they've been planning for a while. >> we drove. 285 miles, i think. >> reporter: all to be first in line for one of the multiple showings of "star wars: the force awakens" when it opens at the amc on west 34th. >> pretty excited. the hype has been crazy. it's finally here. >> reporter: the 7th installment is poised to break every motion picture record in this galaxy and a few others far, far away as evident by the lines in new york and around the world. did you have to leave work? did you call in sick? how did you end up in the line
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>> i did take the day off, yes. >> this is actually the only show i could get. everything else was sold out. i didn't buy my tickets until two weeks ago. >> reporter: the umbrella replace lightsabers, but the rain not damping anyone's excitement. >> the my len -- millennium falcon and chewbacca. n youo the sound? come back to . let me let you know a couple of house cleaning rules. regarding items that you can bring, you can bring anything that is not going to uet o makeny of the oer peoe uncomfortable. you can bring a lightsaber but leave the masks at home. anything that's like a weapon you do not want to bring. no face painting, none of that, like darth mall from the phantom menace. they want everyone to have a safe and happy time. 7:00 is it. we'll see you at 6:00. i know you can do that chewbacca
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go ahead and share it. wrong. steve: pretty bad. i don't know why i let you talk me into that. thank you, man. all right, if you're going to take the uber to the theatre, drivers want to know what the deal is with their future d they're taking a more active hand in negotiating it. dari: the numerous legal battles that could change how ride sharing companies operate. steve: plus, former disney channel star bella thorn talks to simone boyce about growing up in the spotlight. >> and the inductees to the rock 'n roll hall of fame has been announced. steve: a salute to cheap trick, one of the bands that will be inducted at the barclays center next april.
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steve: seattle allowing drivers in ride-sharing companies to unionize. dari: that is a development that could affect how uber and lyft operate in our neck of the woods. mac king looks at the legal battles that could shape the
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>> it's a whole complicated area of the law. >> reporter: lawyer daniel bright speaks of the distinction between employees and independent contractors. they do so at rates set by the companies and giving the mother ships a percentage of every fare. >> i suspect ultimately that the courts will find that they're independent contractors. >> reporter: uber would welcome that. in seattle monday, the city council voted to allow uber and lyft drivers to unionize, a right reserved for employees. drivers in california filed a class action lawsuit against the company demanding recognition as employees. >> there are a lot of lawsuits ing on. >> reporter: uber continues to demonstrate a willingness to go to court. bright sees those looking to control uber finding more success through political negotiations. >> ultimately i think uber will be regulated one way or the other.
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uber or lack thereof interests many parties, from the drivers, to unions, local governments, environmental and disability groups and urbanists. >> it needs to be thought of of limiting innovation and mobility >> reporter: the center of transportation transportation's sarah kaufman expects uber and companies to face some sort o national set of rules in the future. >> local govnments are grapplg with howo regulate uber. >>eporter: we can count new york city's government as part of that. >> it indicates where taxis are limited and where taxi service should beampe up. >> reporter: might tell the city how, when and wrehe to restrict the operation if it needs to do so. >> any company that adds to the great, in my book. >> reporter: in a statement, spokeswoman said that the
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opportunities for many people to earn a better living on their own time and terms and many of the drivers drove to supplement another income. i'm mac king, fox 5 news. steve: he did that during a break in the rain. dari: not very many breaks today. steve: a short window. nick: when the skies opened up, it poured. we need the rain. we're 11 inches behind for the year. we picked up 1.17 today. that's a big help there. still a long ways to go. we're running out of time before the year comes to an end. look at the temperature. a mild day. 59 for the high. 50 the low. 42, 32. that's the average. guess what? we're going to get there finally again this weekd. record high, 62. that was in 2000. it was 1 on this day in 1919. right now in new york, 59. the rain's coming down. the humidity is high. winds out of the east-southeast. the pressure is 29.71. it is falling off a little bit at this time. as we take a lok at fox 5 sky guardian, you can see a pretty
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it's from the city eastward. here's the back edge of it coming through orange county and right through the central part of morris county in new jersey sliding east. this is some good downpours sliding to the north and east. that's going to clip the eastern end of long island with locally heavy rainfall in another one 0 two hours. highs today, upper 50s in the city down to the jersey shore. even islip at 57 today. 55 bridgeport. 54 poughkeepsie. 58 towards montauk. these numbers way above average for this time of year. we're close to the highs now. 54 at bridgeport. 56 to 58 central long island eastward. 59 in the city. belmar, 57. and to the lower 50s in sussex. we're up three to ten degrees from 24 hours ago. we'll start cooler weather tomorrow and colder weather over the weekend. east to southeast wind. that will be around for a while longer. the wind has come around to the north-northeast. figure the wind will switch to the west-northwest after the cold front passes.
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you can see that rain advancing. you'll notice the bigger cells down here just going to come close to clipping the eastern end of long island. keep that in mind. heaviest rain in the next one to two hours. not much going on to the west. the cloud cover does hang in for a while. it goes all the way back to western pennsylvania. the cold front slides offshore. we'll transition to a gusty northwest breeze that will bring in cooler weather to chilly weather this weekend. clouds tomorrow morning. sun for midday on. we hover 50 for a while. then the temperature falls off. the wind picks up in gusts. snow squalls hit the great lakes region this weekend. we'll have a windy saturday. december. only in the lower 40s. 48 in the city today. suburbs. 50 tomorrow. clouds in the morning. more sun in the afternoon. the temperature dropping off by mid to later in the day. saturday, 41, but a strong wind 44 sunday. sunny, cold in the morning.
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20s in the burbs. back to 51. 56. rain wednesday. 62. and look at christmas eve. 67 potentially with a couple of showers, too. steve: incredible. 70 on christmas. nick: we shall see. steve: we'll pay for this in january or february. nick: mid to early january. you heard it here. steve: from disney channel star to darling, bella thorn weighs in on the pros and cons of the social media machine. dari: see what giants running back rashad jennings is like off the field. steve: and nwa part of the group. dari: the group shot to stardom by sharing tales of life on the streets. here's "express yourself."
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media princess bella thorne accomplished it all before she s old enough to vote. steve: simone boy here to talk abt he amazing care. reporter: just killing it. them young. >> she was telling me she learned a lot about hard work and work ethic. it's hard to believe bella thorne is only8 and in her short time in hollywood, she's accomplished what many could only dream of. she's in a new movie and opened upbout stardom, social media bullies and how s met herman. >> reporter: bella thorne is starring in alvin and the chipmunks chipmunks. >> everybody welcome the chipmunks. >> i'm playing a really down to earth selfless pop star.
5:23 pm
>> reporter: the 18-year-old singer and actress got her break on the show shake it up. the birthplace of many like demi lovato and miley cyrus. what is it about the disney stars? >> i don't actually know what the recipe is. it must be just because, you know, you work a lot. you really grow up on that show. i wanted people to like me and people to like the way i dress and think i was funny and pretty. i got very caught up in trying to be what everybody wanted me to be. at some point, i was like i'm not me. i want to be me. >> reporter: the disney channel is where she met her boyfriend greg sulkin. >> we worked on the same network. he was on the wizards. i love his parents. they're super sweet. i met them when i was really young. they were like, you know what?
5:24 pm
u'll fall in love. >> reporter: you have a huge social media following, like 8 million on inagram. twitter. how do you feel about the social media engine? >> i d't ow. i t nk there's great things about social media. you reach some of the people you would have never reached in the whole world. you would have never seen them again. i think that's a cool thing to be able to do. but ere's bad parts where everybody is able to speak their nd and tell you who you should be. sounds cheesy, but be you. if you're not popular, doesn't matter. you'll have real friends that stick with you. >> reporter: a family friendly alternative to "star wars", alvin and the chipmunks, the road chip, hits theatres this weekend. it's a great title. the last was the squeakwel. she's finding her voice as an adult. that can be hard to do after
5:25 pm
steve: amazing how polished they are for 18. cool. thank you. turns out giants running back rashad jennings is a man of many talents. [music] dari: who knew the giants star will tell you about all of his many interests off the field in his own rds. steve: and keeping watch o people hired to take care of our kids. how paren are shaming nannies who ehave. : when ccago fmen 1967, it was called the chicago trant authory. we a legal fight with the actual chicago transit authority led to theand to shortents name. steve: they went on to dominate the charts. they'll be ging into the rock
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go to or call 1-855-355-5777 deadline extended to decemeber 19th steve: rashad jennings played a key role in the win over the dolphins. dari: but the virginia native wants to be known for more than what he does on the football field. steve: tonight he tells us what drives himn his own words. >> hello, hello.
5:29 pm
you know me as rashad jennings, the running back of the new york giants, bui'm much more than that. i like music. music is one of the only elements in the world where you can change an entire room, mood, emotions witut tching furniture or people. it relaxes you. i'm a hopeful romantic at heart. ihink it plays into why music is really important piece of who i am. being a runningack on the new york giants is one of the funnest jobs i think you can have in the entire world. you're playing in a mecca, playing with the greatest head coach. you're playing with one of the greatest quarterbacks. it's a fun atmosphere to play. and my job is to find ways, some shape or form, to contribute to the team, whether it's fighting for first downs, whether it's
5:30 pm
whether it's protecting the quarterback's blind site, blocking a punt or contributing on special teams. it's fun. i love it here. i found a home. [music] every off season, i try to pick up a different craft to keep my mind churning. i did that in college. one semester in college, i pickedp a guitar and never put [music] and then this off season, it was poetry and archery. and it rhymes on purpose. >> no matter the weather or season, my location of region, you've given me the greatest gift, life with reason. >> you give me purpose. >> a lot of people don't know how much work is put in behind scenes to have any type of success or even a chance to success in the nfl. >> hand off for jennings. he powers his way into the end
5:31 pm
>> we get to wake up and see the final product on a sunday, on a monday, on a thursday. behind the scenes, you spend countless hours of time towards your craft. you make numerous sacrifices, but it's worth it because it's something you love. >> hand offnnings. runsriun standing up. touchdgiants. >> just my walking through the doorght, of opportunity, li a gentleman. [music] i had a reading comprehension deficit ow. i was a short overweight dorky kid with glasses a asthma. part of my asthma was my dad used to smoke in the house all the time. i hated it. he used to drink heavily. i hated that, too. i said, hey, dad, can you quit smoking and drinking for me? and he took another sip and he looked at me and he said, son, what do you want to do when you
5:32 pm
i looked up a hm a said, dad, i want to play in the nfl as a running back he took another sip. he said, do you think honestly you'll be able toketohe nfounkwig or smong yourself? and from a little kid, i said yeah, you know. not knowing what would happen years later, but jus to prove my dad wrong, you know, he still to ts dhiay don't know how much he truly saved my le with that challenge. and -- because i was tha overweight kid, i was forced to learn to train and take care of my body. because of my academics, i became a lover of lrning because i had to truly learn. and because i didn' always know the right things todo,
5:33 pm
and because of those three em i now able to give back foundation. how it works is instead ofs rowi awayur our sockur gloves from a game, number is on it. colli t the itemake i he lls want to partner wite jennings re reading program, kids come in, ad t ook,urn the book they a testn book. if they score 80 percent or above, their name goes inside of a hat. at the end of each month, the librarian pulls the name out of the hat. that kid gets to pick the first item. if the school has 10 items, there's 10 winners. i wanted to bring people together withaughter to raise money.
5:34 pm
foundation first annual night of comedy. a kid would rather have a funky, dirty, crusty sock worn by a professional athlete that they can be like, dang, he really wore this, than having something brand spanking new. >> i honestly sleep better knowing that at the end of the day, i'm trying my best, though i'm not perfect, but i'm trying my best to change communities. i'm trying to win championships and make a difference in everybody's life that i encounter encounter. i had a kid, man, that -- his name was jordan thomas. the parents called me and said that our child jordan is battling cancer. the doctor only gave him a week to live. if you can do absolutely anything in the world, what would you want to do? he said i really like
5:35 pm
it would be cool to meet him. again, man, it's the position. it's nothing about me. so i never take it for grant. i had him come up, the ambulance had to bring him there because he was really sick. i took him around the locker room and let him put on my helmet, played some card tricks for him, i took him in the weight room. i let him try to lift some weights. i asked him some of the things he likes to do. he asked me, he said can i ask you something? i said sure. he said are you fearful of anything? and his family's there. i said am i fearful of anything? he said yeah. does anything scare you? i said, well, not too much. i'm kind of scared to fail sometimes. he said you should never be scared to fail because you're perfect.
5:36 pm
death but inspire me with life means so much. and he said make sure you promise me one thing. i said yes, sir. he said make sure you keep doing what you're doing and make a difference. and that's just -- for me, that's an angel giving confirmation. steve: wow. powerful. dari: i wasn't expecting that. steve: incredible to hear that. dari: well, putting misving nannies on notice. >> the social mediand all abou catching the hiredelp act,reat expense. dari: plus the judge shot down the uhot ruirements in all city schools. dr. manny is here with what the
5:37 pm
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dari: nannies beware. somebody is watching. steve: stacey delikat shows us social media users are waiting to catch caregivers slacking off or even worse. >> reporter: when it comes to who is watching your child, parents know you can never be too careful. >> it's hard to leave him with somebody. never know. >> reporter: enter vincent and dennis, nypd veterans and the founding partners of private investigation and security firm the perimeter agency. they'll watch your nanny while she watches your kid and their services go beyond a basic nanny cam.
5:40 pm
investigators to follow the nanny. if they're in the park, we'll sit down on a bench. we put covert surveillance equipment, cameras, audio, so you can hear the baby crying. you can hear the baby sleeping. you can hear the nanny on the phone. >> reporter: the company fst started investigating nannies a year and a half ago and they've seen sinceusiness triple. the services aren't cheap. a basic background check starts at 300 bucks. having investigators tail the nanny can cost into the thousands per day. new york city parents seem willing to pay. this year perimeter worked on 100 nanny surveillance cases. what have they found? >> texting on the phone is a big one. you're walking with the kids, crossing the streets, you're looking at your phone, have aree-ar-old a five-year-old, not holding the nds. >> reporter: they've found them dozing off or ignoring crying children. perimeter is o of growing mber of agencies that will sy on your nanny.
5:41 pm
sites or blogs like nanny to post alerts or pictures of nannies they see acting inappropriately. >> you're not sure who you're leaving your child with because you're forced to go to work and to lve your child with somebody. >> reporter: not all do a bad job and they often repor back a nanny is doing a great job. sometimes it takes a pro to see what's really going on. stacey delikat, fox 5 ne. steve: scary leaving yr kid with someone else. a judgeossed out a key public health initiative. dari: the flu shots won't be quired to attend school. dr. manny in the house to talk about the long-term implications, though, of that
5:42 pm
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steve: in fox 5 health news, a judge tosses the requirement that city pre-school kids get flu shots. effect january 1st. many parents felt the decision should be left to them. dari: dr. manny in the house. what's the takeaway? >> it's unfortunate. i'm for mandatory vaccination if you have a kid goi to public school. every scientist tells you that vacces prevent death and disease and the more kids get
5:44 pm
they'll get exposed to other things. the flu should be a mandatory vaccine for kids going to schools. however, like everything else, they botched the whole political scene because this was pushed through the bloomberg administration. it was voted by the health department. they're not elected officials. unfortunately, the judge might be right. i'm not a lawyer. but what he's saying you can't just do this unilaterally. you have to have the legislature vote on it. it sends the wrong message. now people think the judge is right. he's against vaccines. no. he said the ruling was not proper, so, you know, he's right to say what he said. but it's creating more confusion dari: right. you're arguing there's a big difference between the legal research. research. dari: understood. >> when you look at other industries, more and more you see other industes lkei in hospitals, now we mandate that every employee take the flu shot. steve: you can't go around patients or something.
5:45 pm
to take the flu shot, they have to wear a mask. dari: so you sense doctors will continue to recommend it? >> absolutely. absolutely. dari: we'll listen to the doctors. in any case, we've heard many, many times that regular exercise common cold. there's a new twist this. talk aut the new resech. >> lete tell you one thing. being physically fit boosts your immune system. having a good immune system helps you fight off diseases. what i mean by that is if you get the flu, you might be able to have just the regular flu, two or three days, and then you're back and running again. when you have a poor immune system, flu can turn into something else because you just don't have the internalighting powers to get rid of the flu. so exercise boosts your immune system. it helps you fight off disease. but it doesn't prevent disease. you still may get the flu. you still need the flu shot. but it helps minimize the
5:46 pm
whether you're talking viral versus bacterial. you need your internal army. that's what exercise does. when you're like overweight like me, we have a lot of inflammatory cells that interfere with the productivity of the immune system. that's what the study is telling you. not only this, but many other studies. steve: bng healthy keeps you healthy? >> keeps you healthy. when you're facing a disease, it helps you minimize the duration and fight it off more effectively. steve: pretty straightforward. >> strong army. all about a strong army. steve: going to war with the army you have. thank you, dr. manny. let's talk about the weather. it doesn't feel like this time of year. feels like an april day. nick: springtime in december. should be a song. it is going to get colder towards the weekend. finally it's going to be a real december to feel weekend around
5:47 pm
today certainly up there with the temperature at 59 in the city. 57 philly. 52 at albany. boston the same at 52. 53 as you get towards pittsburgh. all of the northeast again into the 50s, which is way above averag we had a good soaking. we needed that rain so badly today. there's the back edge of it passing through new york city, moving quickly. we have the rain ending in queens, moving through nassau county. still some good downpours across eastern long island. that's going to continue for a bit longer. the clouds will stay -- can't rule out a shower in the next few hours in parts of the area. i think once this whole bulk of the rain continues to move on fox 5 sky guardian 3-d, we'll get into better conditions. you look at the satellite photograph, and there's a fair west. that will be the deal. rain comes to an end. the clouds stay. northwest. we'll transition towards cooler weather tomorrow and chilly weather for the upcoming weekend. right now in the upper 50s in the city. 59.
5:48 pm
lower 50s to the north and west. monticello in the 40s. middle 50s islip towards montauk. 57 as you get to belmar. there's the wind flow out of the east to southeast. that will switch to the west and northwest with the approach of through. there's this line here. that's where the cold front is moving through. notice the air is colder behind it. got snow squalls and snow the great lakes region. this system coming out of the rockies just falling apart here. you'll notice tomorrow's temperatures are cold in the northern plains. look at chicago, one of the colder days they've seen this season. 29 for the high. minneapolis, 21. we're still around 50. and upper 50s down to new orleans. the chilly air diving southward. miami, 84. the main part of the colder airlifts in that direction. that's why we're not talking about huge cold air, just seasonally chilly air. by tomorrow morning, we'll see a fair amount of clouds.
5:49 pm
the wind will be gusty. temperatures near 50 and falling off. we'll see sunshine on saturday. that will be the chilliest day in the lower 40s for highs with a gusty wind. it will feel like the 30s all day. 48 in the city. 30s to near 40 in the suburbs. the early rain just sticks around -- the clouds stick around. the rain gets out early. 50 tomorrow afternoon. northwest wind, gusty. windy saturday, lots of sun. 41. it will feel like freezing most of the day. 44 sunday. right back up we go. 51 monday. clouds return. showers tuesday afternoon. rain wednesday. 50s to the lower 60s. that's christmas eve. that ain't going to feel like christmas eve at 67. steve: amazing. crazy. thank you, nick. dari: well, the fashion designers of tomorrow are celebrating the holidays the same way the famous department stores do. steve: jen lahmers live in chelsea at the high school of fashion industries where students have unveiled their creative holiday window displays. pretty cool. >> reporter: i am so impressed
5:50 pm
these are a few of them. they should be extremely proud of their work. this is one of the windows that was unveiled today. tiffany's obviously. all of these windows were handcrafted. it took probably around two or three months for kids to complete these windows. they should be extremely satisfied with their hard work. today it was unveiled for the first time. there is nothing more magical than new york city during the holidays, a time when storefronts become spectacles, displays of color, music and lights. and today the high school of fashion industries in chelsea re-created that magic. >> it's so exciting for us to bring in all of our favorite department stores of new york city, because we've been researching their branding and studying them. to have the students embrace each brand and put their own take on it has been -- it's been a gift. >> reporter: under the guidance
5:51 pm
ambassador simon dunnan the teens let their spirit to some of the most iconic windows. the glamour of bloomingdale's, the tradition of sax. >> i wanted to focus on the elegance of sax. i thought it would be cool to have the christmas feel with the chimney and presents. we made that happen in our window. >> reporter: and the jaw-dropping designs of barney's. >> we talked about all the things barney's is known for, the humor, making things out of other things, like you can make hair out of pot scrubbers or broom handles if you want. >> we noticed they were witty and simon would use very big and elaborate caricatures. we used popula r & b artists today, the weekend, and since we
5:52 pm
really love the wit of barney's, we incorporated them. >> this is incredible. i'm dying. the weekend, barney's. i love it. it's so barney's. it's fabulous. these kids are so creative. this is blowing my mind. i'm jealous. >> reporter: just under 2,000 kids go to the school. a lot of them wind up doing this kind of thing for a living. so even though it was raining today, still in the christmas mood. happy holidays, everybody. >> happy holidays! >> reporter: back over to you. steve: very nice. good job in front of that live audience. the kids should be very proud. very cool. dari: congratulations. steve: you're on tv. enjoy it. they can check that later. we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00. dari: here's ernie with a look at what's coming up at 6:00. thank you very much, steve and dari. a lot to tell you about. the latest headlines making news. plus grandparents who become parents again. i'll talk to an expert on the topic live in the studio to learn about the legal struggles
5:53 pm
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400,000 twc wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. ernie: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6. it's thursday night. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. there's a lot going on in the news tonight. we're staying on top of it, of course, and we start right now with the arrest of pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli. he made news recently for drastically raising the prices for life saving drugs. tonight he is in trouble with the law, arrested on securities and fraud charges. our liz dahlem has been following the story all day. she's joining us li from the federal courthouse in downtown brooklyn with the latest. good evening to you, liz. >> reporter: ernie, good evening to you. martin shkreli apparently has been at this for a couple of years now and apparently he's gotten the new name of wall street greed. lots of people against what he
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