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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 18, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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breakfast menu. 's p5 friday. december 18. star wars day. rosanna: may the force be with you. a week until christmas. i am a nervous wreck. i have a lot to do. look out pretty it looks outside. mike woods has all the details. >> you have a lot to do. the guy that nobody seems to like. he was arrested. all kinds of fraud views accused of. martin shkreli is his name.
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a lot of trouble. juliet: escaped from prison now in police custody. the police commissioner not too happy about this. this happened in tribeca last night. he was caught early this morning. ben: a snake on the bus. was not hurting anybody. sooner or later, the authorities came on and poked him with a stick. >> fans are lining up since early this morning. they want to be the first to see the movie. you win. >> last night, throughout the city, you could see it. 4:30 a.m. screenings this morning. you could see basically around the clock for the next couple of weeks. >> when was the last time you actually wanted to see something
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middle of the night to see it? ben: that is a pretty compelling story. >> maybe because i have been there done that already. how about you? greg: whenever you want, rosanna. the holiday party. please do not bring it up. did you do something you regret? i did notice when i got there you were -- rosanna: three sheets to the wind. [laughter] this was our company party. greg: i arrived fashionably late. thank you to this waitstaff. what else?
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greg: thank goodness. i hear the congo line stopped. >> luckily he got involved. >> nothing like a good congo line. >> thank you. here i am with the boss. rosanna: why you backslapping lew leone? greg: we understand. how are you doing? >> i checked in with everybody. >> jack abernathy. he is doing great. are you missing bartending? >> i went to the party.
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>> what is that? >> that is the word i heard. we want to thank our bosses. mike woods. >> that thing was a hit last night. it was all anybody talked about. i am telling you. time to get to work. we enjoyed the party. >> pregame. i have one picture. i do not know if you have it. i pregame for somebody you may know. >> we will show it later. >> hanging out with bill clinton. >> and my dad. he was my date last night. he was my wing man. mike: we are leading into the week of christmas. it looks like the weather will be doing a topsy-turvy thing
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going down before we shoot right back up. yesterday? was it wet enough for you? many folks saw more than an inch of rain. check out plain view out there. 1.38 inches. even central park sought an inch and a quarter. some substantial rain. anyhow, here's what we have with radar. a few little showers popped up just two hours southwest near pennsylvania. it will not be a big deal. cloudy skies. your temperatures have been consistently dropping since 6:00 a.m. 55 degrees in montauk. the northwest wind moving to the tri-state. it will continue to combat us.
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pull together to where they are a significant player. high temperatures dropping throughout the day. forty-one is your high tomorrow. forty-four on sunday. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. the weather is nice and cooperative. >> good morning. let's start off with westchester. an accident has a lame blog. an overturned tractor-trailer from the overnight. still causing problems. only one lane getting through. let's go to our cameras. traffic jams on the eastbound side. there is an accident blocking two lanes. westbound side, you are fine. as for the lincoln tunnel, still facing some problems this morning. cleared away about 60 minutes ago.
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take that, 10-15. the van wyck, not too bad of a ride there. >> take you so much, ines. against that man once labeled the most hated man in america. ben: security fraud charges. let's go to robert moses. >> good morning. many say what martin shkreli did was inhumane, insensitive and morally indefensible. he grew up in brooklyn. he has grown to become one of the most unpopular figures around. >> market, what do you have to say?
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20 years in prison. everyone from investors to patients in need. presidential candidates discuss it with his grief. authorities say he started to he lied to investors about how they were performing. he then founded a pharmaceutical company. he used it proceeds to repay the hedge fund investors he had previously defrauded. >> ran his companies like a ponzi scheme. paying off foreign investors from the fire company. >> best known for hiking the price. 1350 a pill to $750 a pill. these charges do not have anything to do with that price hike. whether the increase was part of the effort to recoup money he
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>> they highlight. the outrageous web of lies. >> reporter: made $2 million for the only outlook recently and refused to release it. where he got the money to pay for that outlook. [laughter] >> i cannot comment on that. as i said, this investigation centers on conduct for the funds. we are not aware where he got the funds. >> the fbi did not seize that out of. they did not have a warrant. the attorney says he is confident his client will be exonerated. >> maybe he does not even have the elbow. >> he held it up in a youtube clip. he actually held it up. whether that was the actual
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ben: why would they only sell one album to that guy? >> a lot of life streaming. apparently he engages with students from hunter school where he went. >> thank you, robert. >> a guy ran away from the nypd while he was in custody. >> 20 years old. found in a homeless shelter in brooklyn at 130 this morning. on the run for about six hours. police believe he slipped into a subway station and got away.
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if you see a homeless person, sleeping and camped on a sidewalk, that kind of thing, here is the mayor. >> complete homeless activity. covering every single block. something disturbing. you should call 311. somebody will reach out to these people within an hour. the plan is fully underway. >> playing pretty much everywhere. i have not yet seen that. i had to go to the hollywood party last night. i enjoyed the heck out of it. >> still plenty of time to see
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greg: let's go to to resell priolo. >> our current employees actually left the holiday party to go see the movie. you will have to get a full wrapup. as far as the force is concerned, it is a way, it is alive. they went in about an hour ago. 230, 3:00 o'clock showing. we got a chance to talk to some of those people. they say that it is worth seeing time and time again. they waded in the heavy rain. they dressed in costumes.
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excited about this one. the seventh episode did it happens to be the first in the sequel trilogy. i said that some people -- the new york times happens to agree. it really was worth your hard-earned cash. take a listen to some fans. >> it was pretty freaking awesome. >> tell us how you really feel. [laughter] >> the sense of action-adventure. a little humor mixed in. >> it was allowed during. everybody was into it. everyone is just so excited and happy to see that. >> was there clapping? >> tons of clapping. tons of cheering. star wars.
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>> i do not know. >> that seems to be the most awesome part. whether you are a star wars fan or not, you can appreciate that this is a part of pop culture. just opening night. it is expected to gross $2.5 billion in global sales. that is the latest. i do plan on seeing it. not until later on in the week where i can get some rest. juliet: how long is the movie again? >> two hours and 16 minutes. >> i hear it is a movie you do not want to end.
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flick. >> we will go over all the movies for the weekend as well. donald trump responding to calls. lawmakers filed legislation to remove donald trump's name. i do not know if you know this. donald trump donated 440 acres of land. plans for a golf course if they want, they can give me the land back. give me the land back. >> you do not want it?
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we will see what happens next. >> and unusual passenger. a boa constrictor snake. how did this make it there? greg: they showed up and started poking it with a stick. >> workers had to pull off panels to get to the snake. that snakes. >> kind of boring. every two weeks you have to feed rosanna: they assumed he took the snake with him. >> all right. rosanna: is this is a vil thing you had on last night?
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rosanna: what happened? greg: apparently the party kept going where mike woods. [laughter] >> mike pulled in all nighter. that a boy. [laughter] >> oh well. i am sure that they will replay that video. good morning. their brother builds -- rosanna: no. i think it is bill parrish. happy birthday to you. 50 degrees out at central park right now. the rain is done. it has moved out of town. we have a dryer sky coming to
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there are the showers from yesterday. we're going to see clearing skies with temperatures dropping. dropping down to the 40s today. windy tomorrow. thanks chance of rain is out. till later tuesday. let's bring in nine as. ines: this is the third one this week. the lower-level westbound headed towards the bqe. the belt parkway eastbound. you are doing good. everything is moving fine. there is a stall in the upper level. taking the trains, those are doing fine.
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greg and rosanna, i missed you guys. i was there early. greg: your boyfriend pulled in all nighter. juliet: rosanna: and he has the same close on from last night. greg: who is lying? [laughter] let's go outside. can we please? love triangle. catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte
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greg: alaska airlines. i have never been. rosanna: i would like to go. greg: more people that live in borough park oakland. in the entire state. [laughter] you are clear for takeoff whenever. you notice this story in the tabloids. accused of punching out a kite and punching out his wife. his wife was on a date with the
7:21 am
this happened last november. he maintains he has been found on friends finder site. rosanna: apparently they were swingers. greg: he discovers that she is out on a date with some that that owns a restaurant in queens. he shows up into usenet. she did not have permission to do this. he punches them all out. they are estranged the this to say. they are still technically married. pretty good there with the giants for several seasons. rosanna: meanwhile after a lifetime of helping the war, whether teresa is about to get the vatican says pope francis has approved the second miracle that she read it to her allowed her to be candid nice as a
7:22 am
pray to mother teresa for help. mother theresa died in 1977 did the nobel peace prize winner was 87 years old. greg: did you ever see her? rosanna: i never met her. i covered her trip here to new york from afar. by the way, next september on the anniversary of her death. so, new york city cannot require preschoolers to get a flu shot. there were a bunch of parents that were not happy that their kids were being mandated to have a flu shot to go to pre-k. greg: only the state legislature has the authority to require certain immunizations. it has allowed principals and operators to refuse children who
7:23 am
vaccinations. >> christmas gifts to people through the local postal we all know how that time is running out. >> that includes cards in smaller items weighing under 13 ounces. >> you have other options. fedex. priority mail express. greg: i have heard it's in pieces delivering on christmas day. rosanna: i think amazon prime does it as well. that would be good. >> i have to thank you. i think that it is extraordinary. rosanna: do you like the tie? greg: i love it. anybody want it"? rosanna: you like it. greg: i cannot give you a painting.
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homemade gift. you are like the martha stewart of fox5. i do not like these fancy things. greg: i am giving you something fancy with a label on it. like this.
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artificial stuff. switch to truvia. sweetness from the stevia leaf. >> this should be the star-spangled banner. listen. >> we rule. all right calm down i'm sorry. the global community. >> you can tell we were out last night because -- >> coming out of our mouths maybe should be --
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>> that's good. i watched a donald trump reallily he kept going and going. donald trump we're neutral but promised to make us ambassadors if heawin withs. >> i asked for somewhere warm with no controversy. maybe vatican thing have very peaceful there. i don't to be in the middle any conflicts you know -- j you can handle etly friends with rome, italy. >> but i don't speak italian. >> you're italian you know the good curse words. welcome back. late. it was a lot of fun. mike woods is wearing the same clothes that we wore at the party. walk, walk of shame. >> feels a shame -- mike you have the same shirt. >> because they have that nice
7:29 am
upstairs where you can crash out. >> is that what you did? >> somewhere other than home other than the party. >> i washed the shirt. >> it needed to be ironed. so you went out very, very late and somewhere along the line you found time to wash the shirt. [laughter] >> i'll be right back. wash the shirt. i rip ared my clothes off and put it right back. >> everybody needs to let go. >> running out of polo options. >> so shady. >> up and down in the meat packing? >> i don't know what that is. >> sure you don't. all right. ening this looks good. button, is that a button, anyway up and out the door. good morning earn happy friday we're closing it in on christmas.
7:30 am
a little bit, anyway our temps come back down. 55 just a couple of hour ago so yeah your tmps are tumbling. 46 in poughkeepsie. 34 monticello something tells me they're freezing because colder air is coming to us wase speak. you can see what's going on with the temperature changes, it's a little bit warmer new northeast. but here in the tristate most of temperatures coming from the west to the east. that will continue to happen had throughout the day so your temps hold steady or drop down as we head through the day 37 so there you go. clouds try to clear out. blips on radar don't be surprised if you see a sprinkle pass by or don't expect much to happen because most of the moisture has pressed on. cold front is coming through and looking at a drier sky later on in the afternoon but temps are down to 49 by 3 p.m. so again your high temp for the day is happened back to 45 by
7:31 am
and as by go through the next -- seven days between 20 and 30, and still going to be chilly on sunday too. okay let's get you over to ines see what she's got this friday morning. hopefully we can catch a break. good morning, ines. >> maybe after christmas right now a lot of problems this morning. 78 eastbound delays between 7 and 11 one lane getting through overturned tractor trail or carrying paper products and debris spill tieing everyone there eastbound. then another problem in new jersey, 24 westbound by exit one you an accident blocking a lane. route 17 northbound by paramus road also an accident. westchester, you're busy on new england throughway so delays easing outs that's by fenmore road in queens an accident on l.i.e. eastbound by exit main street flocking a lane. camerases looks at staten island expressway traffic slow because
7:32 am
level. verrazano brj so here by bradley avenue left with this delay. trains on or close to schedule. gridlock alert day. greg and rosanna. >> back in 1999 gunned by new york city police it was a bad shooting. 41 shots amadu unarmed trying to tack out his wallet and show identification when he was shot in the bronx. joined now by dilo the mother, upset as a lot of people are one of the officers involved was promoted to sergeant. welcome we have a background setup piece from lisa evers going to tack a look at that and then have a discussion. >> thank you. >> in early morning hours february 4th, 1999, amadu returning to the bronx in his apartment when had four plain clothed officers opened poor on him thinking he was pulling a gun unarmed laughter revealed that he was reaching for his
7:33 am
a total of 41 shots were fired that morning. 19 of them striking delo. four officers acquitted of all criminal chargeed. kenneth fired five shots is active with the nypd still. he remained a police officer because he was not convicted of a crime. just yesterday he was promoted to sergeant. a move that left amudu's mother furious yet the sergeant of the benevolent association tells us him. he passed a civil service test for sergeant and term came up and entitled to promotioning and 8,000 to 9,000 a year pay raise. that's the least from the newsroom. lisa evers fox "fox 5 news." ening they're upset about the promotion of sergeant now
7:34 am
>> you saw sergeant officer boss promoted to sergeant boss. the union there says that there's no reason why he shouldn't be promoted he was not convicted of anything. what's your feeling on this? >> first of all, i have two reactions. from a point of view of mother, mother of amadu whose son it was gunned down by boss and other three officers. working together in coming for no reason, approaching my son and killing him. i realized that what happened yesterday was a -- i disagree with it totally, and the reason is for e me my callings to think that someone sw was that was in power by his weapon and kill innocent victim should not be able to carry a
7:35 am
so i'm worried that this action will lead to another tragedy, that's my reaction. and for -- as the president of the amadu foundation and who is strongly advocating for police -- [inaudible] i think that i have more to do. i lend my voice across the nation to talk about not just one world. i want to bring two worlds together. >> sergeant boss was prevented from caring a weapon for many many years as you know ultimately returned to him. your family, what do they have to say to commission bratton to mayor de blasio you saw him smiling just your reaction to them personally. >> my reaction -- first reaction is that my calling is for leadership to be
7:36 am
because the conduct was really so difficult to watch. i think it was smiling but then maybe he want to make him comfortable. i don't to prejudge anybody. for me now is for my tragedy what i'm doing to rebuild my life an my mission and my calling. this work that need to be done, we are the amadu foundation are working hard to advocate for peace and racial healing and to promote through education because my thought to this country to father his education that. and through the foundation i'm helping to advocate, advocating for education and really bring dialogue. because we need to work with both world as i said. unfortunately, many families
7:37 am
police bullets, and also through general violence, so we have a clash. how do we bring these people together and advocate for real changes? that's my calling. >> you talk about fostering veteran relationships between them and the community. have you reached out to sergeant boss and like to talk to him? it's been a number of years since that shooting. i'm sure that he, you know, has gone through his own changes and emotionally, mentally about the killing. would you leak to talk to him? >>i would like to talk to many victims include police officers, victim who have killed in the line of duty. their families, i would like to talk to them. >> but not sergeant boss? >> i'm not commenting on that because i'm not there yet. >> not there yet. i understand that that has to be difficult as a mother. >> again i don't have any hate
7:38 am
three officers. as i said, what happened to my son, it was a moment where i realized that i need to rebuild my life and work hard for his legacy. because if you just introduce him as this street vender, to me he was a son. he was a son. a college student who was saving money. he was selling on the street but he was saving money for college. and through the amadu foundation we're award young student today african student one -- even one lady ho received this scholarship has become a vice president of an investment company. i look to see that more often. you know, through the amadu calling, that's my calling but at the same time as i said, i want to reach out to police officers who have been victim in the line of duty because both
7:39 am
>> because there have been police officers who have been shot by communities, people in the community as well. maybe that fosters like attention, neivesness between both. >> yes, is the disconnect and distrust and going deeper and deeper -- we have no choice but to work together. we need to bring this dialogue on the table. this is why foundation is doing forum after the death of my son, upcoming february 4th, 2016. i want new yorkers to know that we need, we need support. >> it's going to be -- right there details of the dinner. thursday, with february 4th at the alhambra ballroom. is there a website? >> foundation. we welcome all new yorkers, and we want to contribute to society
7:40 am
racial healing. >> thank you so much. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> all right we're going to take a quick break 7:41. "good day new york" will be right back. >> thank you. introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they' re twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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>> oh, oh boy they're having problems up in hunter because everybody thinks social security so warm out that they don't have snow. >> they don't have snow . they said they're opened. rosanna they have art official snow for couple of weeks there was no snow. no snow. what else? >> look at that picture. reopen on december 26th, last year at this time there was already 14 inches of snow up there. this is what is looks like in new hampshire no snow at all greg. how brown the grass is. >> so the warm weather a lot of fuss have been enjoying it, but if you're in the ski resort business it is tough. >> it has a ripple effect and on
7:44 am
>>shalle. swiss miss cocoa whatever they make. >> i can't look at mike. i can't with the t-shirt of the day. >> you're doing shots. patro n. [laughter] >> wow, now what? >> same out fit as he did last night. >> all right anyway let's talk about ski resort where you can ski. enough of you already. [laughter] so here's what we have out there for ski resorts relatively close to us here. white face with loose conditions but open and of 80 trails open. yesterday a lot of that produced rain for marmingt of the tristate including up in mountains. mountain snow wet snow there. buzz you can see what's going on with temperatures that threw us off. 6 of 68 with a base of 6 to 12 >>s so they're open here but you want to wait longer in most locations to do any snow, skiing in the northeast. and we do have some colder temps this weekend.
7:45 am
will help us out. 49 at central park right now. 46 in philadelphia. our temps dropping here to another degree within the hour. and so that colder air is arriving going to be a different setup that you have in the afternoon versus what you have as you step out this morning. anyhow clouds break up around tristate. going to see a dry condition especially late in the day. tomorrow for many of that lake effect snow theats is up to get it there but mountains hurting unless they make it with the cold air that they have in place over the weekend at least it will be cold enough for that. high temp pretty much happening. temps will be dropping today down to a low 33. windy too and then through the next 7 days more rain chances back at you as we go into tuesday. fox 5 weather app hourly forecast at the google play store you're set to go. s here's ines to get you ready
7:46 am
good morning. >> definitely been a busy friday morning a lot going on. 27 northbound by exit 13 and bridgewater you have an accident blocking a lane. putnam county fine no problem in carmel brewster 84, 684. cameras tack a look at the l.i.e. by commack road westbound. eastbound side you're fine. as for west side highway traffic a little e slow here southbound. george washington bridge. there. so one lane blocked slowing things off the gwb and henry hudson parkway. lincoln tunnel a 45 minute delay. holland 10 to 15 from each approach. george washington bridge lower 80, 95 express inbound but other approaches are looking great. greg and rosanna back to you. >> quick wrap of sports rairntion lost pup in minnesota. rosanna let's see the goalie got nailed in the pass.
7:47 am
game. the wild rolled over rangers 5-2. >> hope he's going to be okay. >> islanders not that bad in denver. avalanche beat them 2-1 that ended that. >> denver avalanche. they kill people. what is going on here, all florida all of the time. panthers tear up the devils 5-1. >> so in cleveland lebron james had a collision with the wife of famous golf player. look at that. right on top of her and the chair collapsed. he -- dove, obviously, to catch a ball. he couldn't stop himself. he -- went right on the floor. >> that woman married to jason day she did not move for sferl minutes and had to be put on
7:48 am
bit to her second child. >> guy told her that she was going great now. so you know, going for a loose ball, trying to keep a possession going, hate the end result. >> by the way treated released early this morning. the calves ended up beating thunder 104, 100. >> what else? >> former nick excuse me if i don't say it right madeest assist of his life to deliver the fist child in their bathroom at home. the singer taylor posted this picture of the husband holding their baby. >> that's nice. isn't that sweet? birth surprised couple since she wasn't due until middle of january just so you know they play for the cleveland now and went into doctor mode as they
7:49 am
>> compared to the baby . >> he used the cord. instagram people don't get after after ties it can. what is happening weather wise it is chilly like it should be. nope. be right back.
7:50 am
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>> oh. a lot of those boats look like they're just hacked pup. >> a boat store. jim what are you looking at? >> we're over city island many of the boats pulled out of the water for the winter and get wrapped in that special classic wrapping. >> a jam up there in the bronx. i wonder if the lobster box is still in business? at the end of the road there main drag. there's -- >> let's talk some entertainment with many anna gilligan. >> okay, good morning so israeli model for tax evasion.
7:53 am
about her primary residence so she doesn't pay taxes and didn't declare free luxury cars which she allegedly put in name of her mother and brother, and they say that model neglected to pay taxes in her apartment in tel-aviv and released apparently this has been a month long investigation. no one here deceives anyone else. meanwhile married to a billion nor if she owes taxes she could pay them. adult adele fans brokenhearted. hard to get tickets that hashing tay adele tickets. and a lot of them went up on resale sites for $10,000. people got clever with their tweets who wrote hello from the ticket line. i've clicked refresh a thousand
7:54 am
peter joked attempting to buy adele tuckets is more suppressen than an adele song sold out fast after her latest album of 25. she's expected to have sold almost 6 million copies. pretty wild there. flj pastor is holding cosmic christmas services at the multiple campuses this is leia. i thought that was me i wore it so many times. >> i'm supposed to say this is sacreligious. >> they want to make church fun and message out there so they're capitalizing on star is wars popularity. and if it gets poem -- people to church it's a good
7:55 am
>> because i saw them dressed in stars wars outfits. >> you got me now. [laughter] >> we could probably go to church a little bit more often. missed here and there. >> thank you. >> last night's out -- >> her husband. but what had disturbed me is he was escorting her out while he was still staying at the party. hey, jay it's all about you.
7:56 am
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>> hi everybody hey it's friday just in time. oh, rosanna and i we didn't know what to say when had we admit it. >> you know, it is the season. right, greg kelly here rosanna scotto, barely here. one week till christmas. cooler out there today. what is the weekend log like? mike woods is supposed to et it us details but not sure if he's in any shape. >> mike woods was delirious. we have also this -- another escaped prisoner in nypd custody got out of nypd custody it wasn't an escape master's degree suspect just a shoplifting offense. but still this is happen hadding
7:59 am
many around the world free on $5 million bond this morning. martin rally known for hiking up price of the drug from 13 dollars to 750 dollars a pill. everybody was talking about it, he was arrested on something else yesterday. security's fraud charges. flghts all right. let's see what else we have here. mother teresa. saint hood appears eminent. well she's on the way to becoming a isn't a. there's jean paul the ii lost her. >> all part of the campaign. >> most likely be a saint very soon. also day that lots of people have been waiting for millions have been waiting for "star wars" force awakens is aweakened. lots of people are online buts there's a small contingency of it. >> what's the name of the movie
8:00 am
>> sisters. tend to be funny i think they're going to lose the box office battle. >> they may. but i think that those of white house are also you know like star is wars -- you don't know the difference between luke and lubi. >> go stand on the line. this sisters. >> with amy poehler and tina fey. >> you were pretty good last night at the party. we had a company party. rose nate it. >> i brought booze. served alcohol. brought tequila they always have cheap wine. in the box look at the line. we did it. we brought it together. greg you made like a fashionable
8:01 am
>> i i was so elegant wearing that new jacket. there i am with the boss. maintaining my dignity. >> that was nice. had a good time. >> like we tried to get the party started i'm not sure if it worked . >> rocking when we walked in. together but she came with tequila had bottle in hand. this is not a good sign. >> shots for everybody. oh, greg no they want have called the cops. rosanna -- anyway. look -- look at mike's shirt. look at mike's shirt and then looks at mike on the set right now. [laughter] >> good for you man, i admire that. >> just do it. not called walk of shame she tweeted me stride in pride.
8:02 am
>> there he goes. >> maybe i should dip down look that. >> dot kong airings line. tell us what happened. >> actually are you ready for weather wall? do your pride walk over there. this what happened mike did you get, you know, daft punk said did you get lucky? [laughter] throwing my balance off. ruins your game. but it's all right. >> did you sleep in that shirt? trying to figure it out. >> i did go home and wash it. that line is hard. good morning, good times thank you to fox folks we made it work and people from sales my goodness they're had happy like everybody else at fox. see what's going on.
8:03 am
section of new mexico -- new jersey. don't bring umbrella. even if you get a quick sprinkle in and out so quick who cares. 48 degrees temps dropping steady at central park. 55 montauk taking a while longer for cooler temps out to the east but you're generally speaking yes your temps down from yesterday only -- montauk is looking at temps being up locket. northwest wind coming through 8 to 16 miles per hour. and we're going to see a sunny day with cool temps. high temps basically happen but look cool over the weekend. sunny high of low 40s. all right that's your forecast. bring in ines see what's going on with the commute. >> hey. rmt good morning a lot going on this morning 78 overturned tractor trailer from early morning hours causing issues. eastbound between 11 tractor trailer flipped over carrying participate products with a debris spill as well so a traffic jam there only one lane getting through.
8:04 am
problems l.i.e. exit 23 an accident. cross island parkway watch out for accident before northern boulevard that's blocking a lane. staten island expressway over by clove road, normal delays as you approach the bridge by bradley avenue traffic is fine. to the verrazano you have that slow. george washington bridge, best out of the three no delays on upper or lower level. greg and rosanna. >> okay, thank you very much. a guy was arrested by police and escaped by police he wasn't wantedn most serious charming'ses. shifting charge from the gap. >> this has to stop. this is sixth who got out since june.
8:05 am
>> in front of first precinct and i'm going to go out on a limb here and say there are going to be red faces today. a mix of anger, embarrassment one of the people i would imagine be leading on former side would be police commissioner bill bratton who has been unhappy when these situations happened in the past. cops search for this latest escapee throughout the night finally catching up with him 12:30 early this morning in brooklyn at a shelter run by the department of youth and community development. again, as you said this is not the first tim a suspect escaped police custody the 6th time since just june. 20-year-old this time who reportedly went by seflt alias including birr rei tune and cruz had apparently been living at that group home over there in brooklyn police say he was busted after trying to rip jeans
8:06 am
police cruiser cuffed him but clearly secure enough and kicked window jumping out of the car and fleeing. reportedly going downtown, down station. that is what police think happened. search createssed a bit of chaos as you can imagine at respondent. the one, two, subway lines shutdown for that search. you know as you mentioned here ironic thing is young man initially, you know, probably just facing a misdemeanor. shifting charges, but now he's facing multiple charges including thety larceny, escape and commissioner bratton if you remember back in october a gentleman escaped police custody with a wrap sheet of 59 miles long specially. he had 59 different officerses. you know, at that point police commissionerring to police officers called them embarrassment and said they were
8:07 am
waiting to hear about that latest incident. the force awakens and it has awoken already best selling movie in faan fandango hurst. near lincoln center. >> that's where teresa priolo is right now. >> good morning everyone. when you talk to people that have had seen this movie already, they tell me at least that they actually concerned to see it because there had been so much hype they were afraid it wasn't live up to it. good news is if you are a "star wars" fan it has lived up to the hype. that's early words this morning hundreds lined up here at 6 a.m. to get into the movie threat or to see show around the clock showing since yesterday evening people dressed in costumes
8:08 am
be a part of one of the first showings. this is one of the most highly anticipated movieses in recent memory. and again people say that when you're in that theater it is simply elect rei electrifying all of a sudden they get goose bumps and realize it is happening. time has come. if you haven't following, "star wars" force awakens is 7th episode but it happens to be first in the sequel trilogy it takes place 30 years after return of the jedi. not only people herl saying it is go ahead although it won't save the world it is worth your hard earned cash. take a listen. >> most of the franchise it is now end at a weird point, and this one ended at a good point. >> how was it? >> pretty freaking awesome. >> back to how it was in
8:09 am
humor mixed in real time. >> lucasfilm logo pops up. everybody is into it. car roll, so excited and happy to see that. clapping inside notify theater? screaming? >> l tons much clapping, cheering. you know, "star wars" you know that is beginning to happen. yeah pretty great. >> this will shatter all records and rosanna said it was the presale record but gross 2.5 billion in global ticket sales one of the big things that is interesting is that since this movie wasn't made by george lucas and j.j. abrams they feel this was the best version because it was told by a fan. by somebody who once saw film had he was 11 years old able to bring that sense of enthusiasm fresh permit of it a franchise that everybody loves. latest from lincoln square this morning . lincoln upper west side back
8:10 am
>> movie theater they get letter grades for the food. over on your right shoulder they have a letter grade it is for the popcorn over there -- >> an a. you know when i see a b i'll eat anything. i will -- but this gives me he hesitation ever seen a c? >> no. but a lot of people in the straint believe it is a money making venture for the city not a true indication of the food. >> as a customer i haven't seen many. >> glad you look at the letter grade before you put anything in your mouth. >> donald trump continues to take over the world politically it seems and sat down with chris wallace for an interesting exchange watch this.
8:11 am
would have admitted it. aggressive by playful and fascinatings interview. but you know -- you laughed at the right place ochesded by anything that he said, chris? >> no. i'm trying to ask him tough questions and we made some news. he called ted cruz he hadn't gone after him by called him a bit of a maniac. hillary clinton policies killed hundreds of thousands of people so we made some news, and he got his message out. you know, i just had to laugh at some of his comments and sometimes i think that's the best way to deal with him. >> donald trump puferl you didn't see this coming. people didn't that it would be this huge. have you noticed if you've mentioned donald trump --
8:12 am
at a party or elevator anywhere there's usually somebody ho will hate him and, digging this stuff he's saying i've seen in new york people who hate him and love him. >> one who is love him in the closet in new york. i don't know what it's leak on the beltway. >> i was going to say, i don't know that he does that quell in new york city. i'm not sure ysh not very well inside the beltway but that's not who he cares about. hehe has millions with the silent marmingt. majority but folk who is feel look there's an inside game frankly that new york and washington are part of the problem not the solution that they've been left out by the big money poem by special interest and he's speaking for them and you're absolute right. absolutely did not see this coming nor did so-called experts that shows how much we know with but he's got huging -- seriously huge support around the country and he's going to be
8:13 am
this campaign who knows he might win the republican nomination. >> your take on that first i heard not going to get the republican nomination. impossible now they're acknowledging it could happen if now i'm seeing stories he could never beat hillary clinton. never could happen. i feel look it is what we saw last summer that he could never get the nomination. >> i agree with with you on that. i wouldn't rule this guy out on any level for any situation. if he ends up as nominee he would be smarts enough. i don't think he can win the presidency acting the way he does now but if he turns and becomes -- keeps what people leak about trump, but calms down is not quite as frank about the insults, and people said reagan was an actor, right winger but finally on that stage he looks more presidential than the
8:14 am
i think that's had possible for donald trump. weekend chris? >> carly fiorina hanging on and hanging in there. does well in the debates but problems when she's not in the debates we'll talk about that. also terror, obviously, on the this christmas. top democrat on house intelligence who has been fairly critical of president obama's policy who is will talk to him about all of that. >> all right chris thanks a lot. >> see you sunday 10:00 here on fox 5. >> i would eat popcorn b as well. >> letter grade nothing about the taste. >> what? >> it's like being on tv. even it's bad he's god. >> they are talking in our ear sorry chris. you don't talk when chris is talking to us. >>i'm sure it was funny.
8:15 am
what happens to you in prison? if you're in trouble and more trouble while you're there job you beat somebody up. stab a guy. >> put you in solitary and punish you with food. >> bad food called u nutra loaf everything put together. it is not tasty, and they put it together, and >> i hear they throw powdered milk into that loaf compared to cardboard. ditching loaf is of the reforms made to the confinement rule. >> it is eliminating this dish called nutra loaf. >> out of their way to con conduct this loaf the other food is so delicious? >> if you got in trouble a diet of bred and water in the brig.
8:16 am
not so sure you dip request salt and pepper delicious. so good. >> aclu sued state of new york, and let's see it limiting amount of too many prisoners can be held in cells that kind of thing. all right you can read about it on our website but no more neutral served at punishment in new york prisons. >> 8:18 is the morning. mike woods has a check of the weather. >> looking just fine here. we've got skies clearing the you've given me the business. i have to let you know you're getting nasty grams at the front desk. not even 24 hours old. 48 your temp central park. cloudy sky winds from the west 14 miles per hour. other temps in the region looks at buffalo and williams port temps in the 30s that cooler air is coming to us quickly. as a matter of fact, around 3:00 in the morning temp at 55
8:17 am
sun sup officially even though not a whole heck of a lot of it because cloud cover but it it is out cooler air to us here. so showers move on with a chance spots may get a hit of rain because that is not far enough away to call the rain completely out of the picture but if you get something it will be a splash and dash situation in and out before you know it. we're working on gettings stuff out of here. it takes some time sometimes. colder air behind it. that's why your temps fall throughout the day. out the door this among don't expect to feel this way later this afternoon and eempg. check the the low dropping to 32, 33 degrees so that's chilly stuff so we start off cold tomorrow. end up on cold side. windy too. high of the 44 on sunday. 53 monday. more shower chances wednesday and thursday. fox five weather app at the
8:18 am
store it is free. comes in handy through holiday weekend. birthday shoutouts to melanie turned 40 years old. dx j happy birthday to you too pal he's always checking us out. good morning. do you know -- "don't ask, don'tdon't know him. i'll show you the picture a entweet. one lane blocked with an accident this morning west chest tear things fine off the tappan zee bridge no delay on throughway you are doing fine. long island expressway, over by the road westbound side, no delays, eastbound lookings good as for trains everything running on or close to schedule. street cleaning catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte
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introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they' re twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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>> if you ride mass transit,
8:21 am
the works. >> next year you get tax breaks that motorists get for parings their cars. workers who ride bus and trains use up to 255 a month in pretax money to pay for their commute. i have to have my accountant forget that had one out. up from 130 month that could save families up it a thousand a year. more money, back in your pocket. >> what else going on? >> fox means business. lauren simonetti was at the party adam. lauren simonetti sighting. >> baby is cute as a button have you seen the newborn? >> didn't come with a baby last night on the town with audrey puente. >> that's lauren. no pictures they were looking good. congratulations to lauren and her husband they're doing well if first about hover board situation.
8:22 am
no longer allowing you send board via airmail traditional ground mail is their what is it standard post parcel select so ground transportation. but this issue over hover boards catching fire and exploding is tag on enormity. airline won't let you bring them onboard an vee air mail. product safety commission said they'll intensify their investigation bauds they don't catching fire. >> in the meantime they are a lot of fun. dangerous maybe burn your house down. blowing up you have to be careful. >> we know a young little girl madison who broke her arm first night she got it. ferlg i feel responsible because i had such a great time. she watched it on tv. she got it. and then my son got it.
8:23 am
it's been great. [laughter] uses it as a form of transportation. time -- "star wars" is out everywhere. is it a good movie? it's a great movie. >> scott will be here from "the new york times" by the way i already told him host not allowed to only talk about star he must talk about sisters. sisters all of the other lame which can flicks you want to see. i'm sure sisters is fine but no a millennium -- what do you mean? "star wars" is a big, big duel.
8:24 am
i have to see this discover unexpected treasures, pfor the people who least expect it. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday
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when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that' s me. rosanna: so, 8:30, friday. greg: we are damaged, we partied hard last night at the company party.
8:27 am
this is our tradition. rosanna: we celebrate native new yorkers and who want to be. greg: half the people are not native new yorkers. rosanna: you have to be a certain amount of time to be considered a new yorker. greg: why are you in charge of that? rosanna: by the way. greg: you move into a dwelling, that is it, you are living here. rosanna: and spend all of the money you make on rent or a mortgage. you are a new yorker. greg: yes. rosanna: i need a moment with you. this is the last friday of 2015 that we are singing this because we are going on vacation.
8:28 am
christmas eve. rosanna: we are here part of next week. mike: like a day or two. rosanna: you are checking on the holidays? mike: yes. rosanna: well, please. greg: christmas is coming. this is a great time to be alive, star wars is out, vacation is coming up, the boss through us a decent party. everyone has a gift coming their way. the jar is empty. all good boys and girls were chosen. mike: i got the gift. rosanna: me too. i barrelled through in the rain, i'm doing it. greg: thank you for the beautiful tie, rosanna. rosanna: it is an early christmas present. greg: thank you. you went overboard. rosanna: i found the person who
8:29 am
directed me in the right way to get a tie. i bouth you a tom ford last year and you didn't like. mike: a thin one? greg: it was an sale, put it that way. mike: that is beautiful. i will take it. greg: no, this is my favorite second tie compared to the one two years ago. my christmas is coming. rosanna: i think we need to get him another shirt. mike: i want what he had on yesterday at the christmas party. rosanna: yes. wear it on the air. it is styled up. mike: i didn't recognize you. rosanna: he looked euro.
8:30 am
litchenstien. mike: to what's happening with the forecast, headed to the weekend, we are talking about the rain, we did a little catch up yesterday. miserable at times getting around town. a lot of rain out there. we saw 1.38 inches of rain in plain view. central park 1.5. bridgeport 1.08 inches of rain. so decent amounts but still behind in central park. we are going to end up behind. the radar is showing most of the rain moved on. just a little action near to philly. other than that, it is the temperatures that are cooling down for you. 48 right now. the temperatures okay. 54 high temp, that already
8:31 am
the day and down to the 30s tonight. cold over the weekend. the rain chances are coming back, tuesday, wednesday and thursday for you. be prepared for that. all right, let's bring in ines rosales and see what we have trying to hit the roads it is a mess. ines: it is already is a mess. 78 eastbound exits 7-11 own the shoulders are getting through. still tying up traffic there. in queens l.i.e. eastbound working on an accident by main street. an earlier problem on t cross island parkway. that is clearing away. if you are driving into the city, the george washington bridge the best option no delays on the upper, lower. lincoln tunnel 45-50. holland tunnel 20. trains are on running on or
8:32 am
grid lock alert day. greg: remember the guy over the summer, the pharmaceutical man upped the price of a pill. martin is in big trouble, securities fraud. that is the allegation. roz he's out on bond right now, it is apparently an uponzi scheme. robert moses has the details this morning. robert? >> reporter: it is safe the say he's one of the least sympathetic figures in america today. after raising the price of the drug in september, the only regret was not raising it more. he's brash and the feds say that did him in. >> what do you say to the people you ripped off? >> one of most reviled people in america is freen bon this morning and facing the real possility of 20 years in
8:33 am
he's drawn the ire of everyone. disgusted with the greed. authorities say he started two hedge funds and lied to investors on how they were performancing and founded a pharmaceutical company and used the proceeds to repay the hedge fund investors that he defrauded. >> he ran the company like a ponzi scheme and paying off the frauded investors from the prior company. he's known for hiking the price of a drug used to treat infections from 13.50 a pill to $750s a pill. it hasn't nothing to do with the price hike. it could be efforts to recoop the money he lost. >> today it is high lieblthing
8:34 am
the schemes and web of lies and deceit. he paid $2 million for an album and refused to release it. the u.s. attorney asked where he got the money to pay for the album. >> i wondered how long it would take for that. i can't comment on that. as i said, the investigation is centered on the conduct as manager of the funds. we are not aware of where he got the funds for the album. >> he's confident that his client will be cleared. back to you. >> well, okay. meanwhile, we had a snake on a bus in brooklyn. rosanna: apparently there is a picture of it. driver. nobody was on board the bub at the time. they pulled the panels to get to
8:35 am
it was taken away with the animal care add and control. greg: the last time it was on a set of "good day new york" april fool's day 2013 and rosanna was box. can we have that please. >> here's my friend. rosanna: that is not real, is it? >> it is a realsnake. ro z roz are you crazy? >> greg: it is beautiful. rosanna: have you lost it? greg: watch rosanna grabbing a baseball bat. some reason a bat was nearby and you grabbed it. rosanna: well, i am from brooklyn. greg: a bat is a solution to all of the problems, misbehaving kids. there you are. [laughter] rosanna: i nearly tripped getting out of the way. greg: the snake is fine. rosanna: by the way, that
8:36 am
of the chair, got me a new chair. there was a writing campaign. greg: nobody is looking at the snake, a lot of weird holes in the back of the chair taped up. strange. i love that snake. rosanna: thank you for the new chair. talk about mother teresa, she was an amazing woman and apparently about to get the highest honor from the catholic church. greg: saint hood. rosanna: she's allowing her to be cannonized as a saint. she cured a brazilian with a brain disease. she was 87 years old and she's expected to be cannonized on the anniversary of her death.
8:37 am
7 7 million miles away from earth on christmas. rosanna: oh no. greg: 7 million miles is very far. rosanna: not that close, so why are you telling me this? greg: why am atelling you this, this is out from nasa. the moon is a quarter million miles away, this is 7 million miles away. rosanna: apparently, greg, there is concern that this aeroid it could cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. i'm very confused about this. so i will continue to eat on christmas, right. i will pray for peace among the world. greg: thank you. that is really going to help.
8:38 am
well, you are flailing for a moment. >> well, we partied last night and sorry we are a little rusty. rosanna: we are human. played luke duke on the dukes of hazard. he's more than an actor and singing. he came last year and sung for us and he's singing christmas songs from the new album, home for christmas. who coined the term "side bread?" because there's nothing "side" about this bread. it may look like the moon. but it's the star of the show. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right.
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greg: hey, jim is up in the helicopter. you are back in new jersey, what's up, pal? >> we have a late start this morning. the takeoff delayed due to the weather and we spent more time
8:42 am
rosanna: that is awesome. greg: i see the gym, brook field place. rosanna: that is a swanky place. they have good food and good stores. greg: we are talking about the winter garden, jim, they have mrent spent a lot of money renovating that place. rosanna: that is nice. have you ever been hacked, your email? i have been. it is a painn the neck. greg: a lot of stuff done online. ben simmoneau is here with a report on how to prevent being hacked. ben: i learned things about this. don't panic. you have to act fast though and you can contain the damage, have a look. it is a routine task, most of us do a dozen times a day.
8:43 am
what if you don't work and you can can't get it. you have been hacked. someone broke in and changed your pass word and you are locked out. act fast or the proem could be spretding to other accounts. >> once you are hacked online, they try to use that awe then kags across all of the rest of the popular accounts. >> take back your account. >> get on a friend's computer, go to the online accounts and change that information first. >> ta helps make sure that the hackers are not watching you make the changes on your computer. red jack works to protect the businesses and government agencies from the hackers.
8:44 am
hacked account and other big websites. >> you have to use a strong password, upper case, lower case and numbers and characters and ensure you have strong password. >> check the back doors. >> once the hacker as a foothold, they can maintain that foothold. >> see if they have changed your security questions, make sure your email is not being forwarded. if it is a credit card, make sure they have not requested a new card. now number four, update your computer software. reboot your computer. finally, tighten your security. the big websites offer two factor authentication.
8:45 am
code to a registered device to make sure that you are the person. >> i set this up, what happens is twitter texts me a code to finish the log in proce and nobody can log in unless they have my password and cell phone. it is a pain. twitter. rosanna: what does that mean? >> well, check your credit reports every couple of months. greg: bad news. ben: can you imagine. happy holidays guys. i'm joking, greg. greg: ben, thank you for participating in the
8:46 am
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8:48 am
rosanna: i'm looking forward to sleep later tonight.
8:49 am
i drank the caffeinated drink you were pouring. actor is doing well after the surgery. this proactive procedure and the 75-year-old dad is expected to be home by christmas and back to a hundred percent returning to work on grace and franky. great show, check that out. glad to hear he's doing well. the end of a comedic era. the soup, the show that made fun of the other shows, including ours. >> you know who knows a lot about fashion, if you didn't say greg kelly, you are ondiot. >> so the trend seems to be metallic gowns. >> i went to high school with
8:50 am
high school. >> but never hard feelings, of course. greg: excuse me. i was the brunt of it. joel brilliant talented guy and will go on to continued success in hollywood. rosanna: yes, he's focussed on the acting. anna: you invited him to the show. greg: yes, i made a cameo appearance on his show. there we are, joel was dressed like a military enlistee. strange outfit. he called me a fatty in the picture. any way, the final episode the tonight? >> yes. >> i think you will be in there. how can you not be on the last show.
8:51 am
family, the mother home for christmas. she's expected to release on wednesday and will be stopping at a halfway house. greg: w is the probation officer? >> i don't know. greg: she shouldn't hang out with the other wives. anna: she's got a little time with her husband before he goes in. >> we are taking a quick break.
8:52 am
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