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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  December 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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managed to slip away. >> reporter: police commissioner bill brato calling this a significant neglect ofuty after this prisoner slipped out of custody. he made it into the subway station in tribeca at broadway and frankliand to brooklyn before he was recaptured. his escape the latest in a string of embarrassing incidents for the nation's largest police department. >> the two officers volv, as is our practice, have been suspended >> reporter: transporting prisoner is at the heart of policing, a job his officers failed to do thursday night. >> two of our officers failed their responsibility in a significant way and will be treated very severely in terms of the department's disciplinary process. we cannot tolerate it. >> reporter: the prisoner was being transported for stealing jeans and a jacket from the gap on broadway. on the way, he told officers he needed medical attention, so they stopped the vehicle.
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and ran into the subway station. >> reporter: subways in tribeca closed off as police searched. it's possible the suspect slipped his handcuffs while in the vehicle. the chief of department says that's not an excuse. >> they opened the door and he bolted. so it was carelessness on the part of our cops. >> reporter: he was captured at a halfway house in brooklyn, his escape the sixth time a prisoner has broken out of nypd custody since june. bratton insisting it is not a training issue but recognizes it is a problem that needs to be fixed. >> needless to say that i am not pleased, nor is any of the leadership in this department pleased. >> reporter: again, the suspect recaptured in brooklyn faces charges of petty larceny and escape. the officers identified as a nine year veteran of the force and a five year veteran of the force, suspended without pay through the new year for at least 30 days. back to you. steve: thank you. the man who made headlines after
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5,000 percent has resigned. he made the announcement after being arrested for securities fraud yesterday. prosecutors say the former hedge fund manager was stealing 11 million from another company he ran to pay back clients. he pleaded not guilty and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. dari: victory. 9/11 first responders will have access to much needed life time healthcare benefits. the house and senate passing a $1 trillion spending package that extends the zadroga act funding for 75 years. this is a huge win for thousands of 9/11 responders and survivors currently receiving treatment for their illnesses. >> we were promised that they would never forget, and today our elected officials delivered. dari: the september 11th victim compensation fund was also included in the omnibus bill and
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steve: protecting the men and women who run towards danger. a new law cracking down on those who attack first responders. dari: we see the dangers they face every day. >> we are assaulted more than any other group. >> edward and lenin runs towards new yorkers in what is often our greatest hour of need. in those life and death moments, they can find themselves in peril. with attacks on the rise, a new law is rushing to protect them. >> one wouldn't think it was necessary, but absolutely is, a law to protect our emt's and paramedics from assault. something you wouldn't think that happened, but in the last two years, has happened 150 times. >> reporter: emt teresa was attacked responding to an emergency. her patient assaulted her in the back of the ambulance. >> it happened so quick. had he his knee on my stomach and his forearm on my neck.
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the face. >> reporter: her attacker would be let go after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor. how hard is it to go back to work knowing there was so little punishment? >> it was a slap in the face. >> reporter: she stood behind those making an announcement that an attack will now be a d felony, carrying up to seven years in prison. emt's were excluded from a previous bill protecting firefighters. lawmakers behind this bill with a humble gesture. >> we're sorry it took so long. you have it now and god willing, less men and women will get hurt and you'll be able to do your job without having to worry about not going home. >> reporter: the law put emt's in the protected categories as other people, including firefighters, mta sanitation workers and it isn't just about harsh punishment for those who carry out the attacks, but it is hoped it will act as a determent. >> that alone, by educating the public, has brought down the amount of assaults around the
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>> reporter: the long wait to protect the rescuers ends february when the new law takes affect. arthur chi'en, fox 5 news. steve: president obama holding his year end news conference today, noting some of his legacy building successes such as the climate change agreement and reestablishing relations with cuba. he pitched his plan on handling isis and homegrown terror. >> squeezing isis' heart will make it harder for them to pump terror and propaganda to the rest of the world. as we know from san bernardino, where i'll visit with families later today, we have to remain vigilant at home. steve: after the news conference, the president departed for san bernardino, california, where he plans to meet with families of the victims of recent mass shootings. he heads to hawaii to spend christmas and new year's with family. dari: iraqi officials showing a series of air strikes against isis targets.
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islamic terror group took over last may. iraqi troops with the help of u.s.-led coalition air strikes have retaken much of the surrounding area. steve: here in the city, some of the best anti-terror minds in the country discussed how to gather more intelligence on isis and terror groups. antwan lewis has the story from the upper east side. >> reporter: the council on foreign relations conference discussed attacks. >> i think it is about islam. it's not about all islam and not about all muslims, but there is a serious struggle within one of the world's great mono theisms. >> general michael haden appearing via conference from washington. the attacks in paris were proof that the united states and its allies must go on the offensive when dealing with isis. >> i mean they are training and sending foreign fighters from
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france where they carried out the attacks in paris and they're determined to do that in other locations, including our country. if you're only playing defense against them. they're going to succeed. >> reporter: a lot of discussion dealt with the collection of data, particularly phone records to identify and stop potential suspects. the recent san bernardino massacre mentioned several times. ray kelly was at the conference and weighed in to fox 5. >> we need some capacity to get into encrypted material, certainly when we're talking about a major attack on the homeland, the potential of that. >> reporter: the council said the purpose was to discuss the role of intelligence gathering, emphasizing any country is only as safe as the credible information it can gather and acon. from the upper east side, antwan lewis, fox 5 news. dari: a bomb square forced new jersey movie theatre to be evacuated on opening night of the force awakens. moviegoers were left standing outside a theatre today while
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this is coming after a series of threateninnotes were found in the bathroom. the all clear was given and then the theatre was reopened two hours later. this is the second threat at the same theatre in just less than a week. steve: on long island, a special screening of the force awakens went tosleep. malfu gaeepa stadium csed thcro bla and they never were able to gett ing. vioers were given tickets to anotrowinsh dari: sml cream shop is helping promote the biggest movie in the gaxy. stev that's right. the flors th'vereate to e rease of foe awakens. dari: an the local luxury eyewr companhat le customers design their own
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dari: many of the sunglasses that you see on celebrities are the vision of a soho businessman. steve: alison morris introduces us to the man behind it. >> reporter: hi, guys. this is an unlikely business story if there ever was one. they launched in the middle of the great recession. the founders believed that helped them. it was a time when people really
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products at more affordable prices. >> glasses shouldn't cost $700. >> for daniel silverman, it was that simple. good sunglasses shouldn't be so expensive. he was looking for a pair in 2009 and couldn't find anything, so he launched his own brand in new york city. >> it was a tough time to start a business. in '09, it was the recession and everybody told me don't start it. don't do it. >> reporter: he wouldn't listen. >> the biggest advantage we had in '09, we didn't know better. >> reporter: he launched with five frames in four colors. >> this was the firstair we launched with. this is our classic handmade in italy with green lenses. it's $177. >> reporter: all made in italy. >> he gave me a shot and made six samples. >> reporter: they have been different from the start. instead of using traditional
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featured old cuban domino players. instead of taking on investors, he financed the growth with its own cash flow and has been profitable since year 2. >> the company started with around $5,000. it was just basically every profit got reinvented. we tried to save money where we could. >> reporter: today they've grown to 50 employees with a host of celebrity customers. everyone from beyonce and rihanna to reese witherspoon, jessica alba, and kendall jenner. sasha obama is a fan. they've done collaborations with many and offer design your own glasses for $10 more. >> pick your front. then you can pick any lens you want want. you pick your temple. you'll be the only one to have that pair. >> reporter: last month they launched to consumer eyeglasses
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order of 3,000 pairs in one week. their success is something silverman may never get used to. >> i'm shocked every time i see them on the streets. it's the best feeling in the world >> reporter: they do handmade leather backpacks and wallets. the sunglasses are the star of the show. they lose money on the design your own, but customers really wanted them. that's the beauty of not having any investors. you can make decisions and no one can tell you no. steve: thank you. the fdny helping children with brain injuries enjoy the holiday season, throwing a celebration for students of the international academy of hope. the kids had a chance to meet santa and siren, the dog outside the ems station in washington heights today. firefighters from ladder 56 helped the kids open gifts and sit inside a fire engine. very nice. starting to feel a little more like december, christmastime,
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nick: for a bit. we're still in the middle 40s now. not tomorrow morning. when you step out, it will be around freezing. colder suburbs. the wind will be gusty. it will finally feel a bit like it should this time of year, cold. look at the average, 42, 31. we'll be around that tomorrow. we're heading down as the rest of the night goes along. 63 and minus 1 in the records. minus 1 in 1919. 46 now. humidity 43%. winds out of the northwest, picking up in speed. the pressure recovering and rising at 29.70. as the cold air tumbles in and on into tomorrow, yes, you might see a couple of snow flurries, particularly north and west of the city. nothing out there now on radar. everything is behind me and it's offshore with the cold front moving along. a couple of light showers over
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57 for the high in the city. mid 50s at belmar. it was 52 at poughkeepsie. 48 monticello. 51 allentown. middle 50s islip to the east end. 54 in bridgeport. now we're down into the 40s. 47 at montauk. it's 44 at bridgeport. 43 poughkeepsie. there's a sign of things to come. monticello, 34. 45 newark as you head to the shore. our temperature drop significant from 24 hours ago, 10 to 13 degrees across the area. there's the wind out of the northwest picking up 10, 15 miles an hour. that will gust tonight to 20, 25. tomorrow, the gusts will exceed 30 miles an hour. with the temperature around 40, that means windchill values will be in the 20s and lower 30s. out comes the heavy jacket and scarf and gloves which you've probably lost. every day in december has been above average. tomorrow will be the first day we'll be below average. that's interesting. here's the weather map. showers offshore. look at the snow squalls and showers out west.
5:16 pm
out by the time it gets here. can't rule out a couple of flurries north and west of the city and into tomorrow. there goes the cold front. here comes the next issue, which is going to be the wind. strong and gusty. sunday, still a chilly day, but the wind will die off. of sunshine. while. 32 in the morning. more sun for the day with patchy clouds. 37 at lunchtime. afternoon. there's the futurecast. and west. a couple of snow flurries or snow showers around tomorrow afternoon. and then sunshine comes in on sunday. the wind dies off. it will be chilly, but back to the middle 40s. the clouds start to come back monday. that will be a wind shift to the south and west. you know what that means. the temperature warms up but it will come with showers by tuesday. breezy and colder tonight. can't ruleut a couple of flurries. 32 in the city. 20s to 30 in the colder suburbs. 41 tomorrow. sun and clouds. flurries north and west. and again we'll look for sunshine and 44 on sunday.
5:17 pm
showers on tuesday, 57. a couple more on wednesday, 62. i'm going for 67 on christmas eve. and middle to upper 50s as we dry out on christmas day. the milder air will take us through the later part of christmas eve and we'll cool down on christmas day. steve: not the vision of christmas in our head. dari: the royal family sends christmas wishes to twitter followers with the new family picture right there. the snapshot shows prince william, kate, prince george and little princess charlotte in the garden at kensington palace. the duke and dutchess of cambridge announcing two-year-old george will begin attending nursery school next month. steve: a cute family. canal. dari: the project to clean it up. steve: and find out how a brooklyn ice cream shop got the
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steve: as expected, the new "star wars" movie killing it at the box office, raking in $57 million on opening night,
5:21 pm
held the record at 43 million. "star wars: the force awakens" is on track to take the title for the biggest domestic opening of all time. no surprise there. dari: the final numbers will be nuts. a brooklyn ice cream maker is offers fans a taste of the light side and the dark side of the force. steve: simone boyce is here to tell us how they came up with the unique flavors. >> reporter: if you're not familiar with ample hills ice cream, it's oprah's favorite. mine too. they're making brooklyn proud. the co-owner shares his passion for ice cream and how his passion for "star wars" landed opportunity. the villains and heros must choose between the light and dark side. at ample hills, you don't have to. you have like officially licensed "star wars" ice cream.
5:22 pm
it is the most exciting thing we've done in the 4-1/2 years we've had the shop. i had the "star wars" sheets that i slept in for a decade. we went to make the flavors and "star wars" is so big, it's bigger than one flavor. it was hard enough coming up with two flavors. it came out of my desire to tell a story with the flavors. with the dark side, we thought, well, what's the darkest, richest chocolateyest ice cream we can come up with. we wanted to throw in the other forces of darkness, espresso fudge brownies, homemade chocolate krispies. because nothing is black and white in the "star wars", there's white chocolate pearls in the dark side. in the light side, we did the reverse. what's the lightest, most pure ice cream we could make.
5:23 pm
>> reporter: it is so scrumptious. they're both delicious. i think when new yorkers found out you were making the officially licensed "star wars" ice cream, they were like, whoa, how did a mom and pop ice cream shop pull this off? >> it originated with the ceo who ordered it online. we struck up a friendship. he offered his guidance and his advice. he's really become our most valued mentor. >> which side did j.j. abrams choose? >> he was leaning towards the dark side. >> the light and dark side flavors are only available for order online at ample and you can pick it up. you can't get it out of the cooler. but lucky for you, we have --
5:24 pm
we get the light and dark. dari: he said marshmallow. >> for the light side. and a rich, dark chocolate base for the dark side. steve: the light side is incredible. >> if you mix the two together, that's where the magic happens, people. steve: oh, wow. these are both incredible. i thought for sure i'd like the light side better because i had it first. then you have the dark side. it's good, too. dari: i thought i'd like the dark side better. steve: the light is incredible. dari: it's kind of -- i think >> reporter: we all have a little light and dark in all of us. dari: definitely. i'm very much a person who leans towards the dark side. definitely. >> all their ice cream is homemade. all the toppings, everything is homemade. incredible. dari: the light side is kind of buttery, not so marshmallowy. steve: check it out. it's in brooklyn. what's not to love. thank you. dari: well, if it weren't for
5:25 pm
the hottest ticket in town. steve: that's right. [music] steve: we know all the shows sold out in minutes. what the british singer is doing to stop scalpers from gobbling up tickets to the tour snoochlt . dari: and the plan patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide
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steve: if you couldn't love her more, adele is standing up against scalpers. dari: mac king shows us how she's trying to stop greedy ticket resellers from gouging her fans. [music] >> reporter: on thursday, adele fans felt they must have refreshed their browser windows a thousand times and most failed to buy tickets. >> you knew it was going to sell out and be a hot item for scalpers. >> adele planned to stop scalpers from hoarding tickets. >> ticketmaster is in the resale business
5:29 pm
>> after the 750,000 tickets to the 50 u.s. shows disappeared and reappeared, adele partnered with the company song kick to distribute tickets. they sell through artist web sites forcing buyers to register and reducing purchases by scalpers. for the 25 tour, the company blocked more than 50,000 sales to suspected scalpers. >> there are a number of ways scalpers get all the tickets. >> a security expert with hotspot shield says scalpers employ lots of buyers, using lots of computers, to overwhelm ticket sellers. they also cheat. >> the scalpers use software programs to beat the ticket companies that fill in the orders at break neck speed and they fill in the cap shot, like the code that you have to put in at the end. >> reporter: the bots prevent consumers from purchasing a seat at face value.
5:30 pm
see if something else would come up. eventually something came up. i was stoked. i go to pay and i get a 503 gateway error. >> elton john complained about scalpers stealing tickets. he says he would prefer empty seats at his shows instead of tendees who were forced to buy scalped tickets. that would require people to stop buying tickets from secondary vendors. steve: it's hard. you get a lame audience if they can afford $500 tickets. >> scott weiland died of a mix of drugs and cocaine. the medical examiner said he had a history of heart disease, asthma and addiction. he was found dead on december 3rd. dari: martin sheen is recovering after having quadruple bypass surgery. his son tweeted this photo of the 75-year-old sheen holding a heart pillow, giving the thumbs
5:31 pm
weekend in an l.a. hospital. it's being reported sheen will be home for christmas and he'll begin working on the third season of the netflix series grace and frankie early next year. steve: a great show. after months of recovery, an nypd officer injured in a hatchet attack is back to work. the officer received a standing ovation as he returned to active duty today. he was hit in the head with a hatchet in october in what was called a terror attack. the suspect was shot and killed. commissioner bratton says the nypd is glad to have him back. dari: there's a new plan to keen up the gowanus canal in brooklyn. steve: sharon crowley gives us a look at the park that experts hope will soak up the pollution. >> reporter: a place called sponge park in brooklyn starts to work. >> what this does, it
5:32 pm
planting beds. >> reporter: landscape architect susanna drake helped design the park at the end of second street along the gowanus canal. >> the water flows down the street and it flows into a sedimentation basin. it grabs all the water. >> reporter: the gowanus canal, dredged centuries ago to move industrial commerce, is still used to transport scrap metal. it's one of the most polluted bodies of water in the united states, a federally designated superfund site. it means federal dollars are being spent to try to clean up the canal. >> the idea is it will clean it up so that cleaner water goes into the gowanus. >> reporter: the park captures rainwater flowing down second street, filters out waste and toxic materials using plants, soil and gravel. >> it's specially engineered soil that are absorbent and
5:33 pm
kinds of plants that help to break down some of the biological toxins in the soil. we realize that with this small sponge park, it's about 2,000 square feet, we can manage over a million and a half gallons of stormwater per year. >> reporter: drake was a child when president nixon signed into the law the clean water act. >> that is enabling me to do the kid. >> reporter: she lives in brooklyn not far from sponge park. >> it really could have a big impact, even though it may seem like a band-aid. >> reporter: scientists will be checking on the progress of sponge park. they've stored equipment, monitoring equipment, under the canisters to check after a big storm. >> it's an exciting evolution to be able to figure out how i can have an impact on the urban environment. >> reporter: this is a pilot project.
5:34 pm
spring. if it's a success, sponge parks might pop up in other places along the canal. susanna drake knows it won't improve the canal, but she takes pride in knowing this canal isn't getting worse. in brooklyn, sharon crowley, fox 5 news. steve: bernie sanders campaign threatening to take legal action >> one of the staffers was allowed to peek at hillary clinton's private campaign information. a spokesperson for the senator says the staff member was fired yesterday. the dnc rents out the voter database to campaigns which update it with their own data. dari: meantime, republican presidential candidate ben carson back on the campaign trail in iowa. carson spoke to voters in storm lake today. let's look at the scoreboard. the latest fox news poll shows
5:35 pm
two top candidates in iowa. florida senator marco rubio is in third. and carson is trailing in fourth with the support of just 10% of likely caucus voters. steve: the bridge that connects to city island in the bronx is shut down. dari: and the fond memories residents have of that century old crossing. steve: keeping the super skinny off the catwalk. how france is trying to protect the health of its models. dari: first, here's tonight's new york minute. >> hello. ho, ho, ho. >> members of the fdny spreading cheer today. firefighters from engine 73, ladder 42, playing the role of santa claus and the merry elves handing out free toys and presents to sick kids at mt.
5:36 pm
deck the halls with bows of holly >> reporter: students on long island were in the holiday spirit. fourth and fifth graders paid a visit to the west islip senior center where they sang christmas tunes and handed out homemade cards. cards. >> in roosevelt long island, hundreds of students celebrated african country as part of the annual kwanzaa celebration. students recited poetry and sang songs expressing the true
5:37 pm
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steve: a bridge has seen its last car. the city island bridge was closed to traffic earlier today. dari: people who live here it say the closure is the end of an era. lidia curanaj was there as residents took a trip down memory lane. >> reporter: city island is far from being a city. nestled just about 10 miles away from midtown manhattan, the new england style section of the bronx is known for its delicious seafood restaurants and this iconic bridge. but after 114 years of service, the bridge is now closed and will be replaced with a new one. >> the new bridge will resemble so much the current bridge. we want to thank the department of transportation that worked with us on the design. you know, losing this bridge is like losing a member of the family to many city islanders.
5:40 pm
into town runs parallel to the bridge. for many people on the island, it's more than a bridge. it was a part of their childhoods. >> this is me sitting on the bridge and my mother was very angry about it because i was wearing shorts in public. >> reporter: jackie is 90 years young. the lifelong city island resident had this picture taken of her on the bridge in 1942. the memory decades ago, yet still fresh as ever. >> everybody went over the bridge and went to the beach, which was built a long time ago. that's the only way to get there. it was wonderful. >> reporter: the city island bridge harks back to a time when kids were just ds. >> i remember as a kid a re of passage on city island was to go up on to the bridge at high tide and drive off it. >> we'd go under the bridge and first there. it was a private fishing spot. >> reporter: drivers will have to use the temporary bridge until the new causeway style
5:41 pm
completed in december 2016. >> i hate to see it go, but i hope the newer one will be better. >> reporter: lidia curanaj, fox 5 news. dari: well, taking steps toward promoting a healthy body image. steve: what models in france will have to do before they can step out on to the catwalk. dari: plus, celebrating in style. yes, baruch in the house. he shows us hot looks for the
5:42 pm
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steve: fox 5 health news. to reduce skin cancer, officials are looking at a ban on the use of tantioning ning beds under the age of 18 and want other people to sign a -- dari: this is dr. doris day from nyu medical center. good to see you. >> good to be here. dari: what do you think? >> as a dermatologist and working along with organizations like the skin cancer foundation and the american academy of dermatology, we've been pushing hard for a long time to get these proposals passed. we know that skin cancer is one of the highest killers of women in their 20s and 30s. steve: so young. >> one dies of melanoma every hour in the country. we know all wave lengths of
5:44 pm
carcinogens just like smoking for the lungs. steve: i can't believe there's still tanning beds. >> it's cumulative exposure. we need to put laws into plays or proposals into place that will prevent people under 18 from tanning and find a way to enforce that. if you're over 18, we need documentation and warning labels on the tanning beds, better regulation for people to be able to shut them off or get out of them. and warning labels that they know how bad it is and sign a form every six months saying they understand the dangers of the radiation. steve: is there a powerful tanning bed lobby fighting the rules? >> there's over 100,000 tanning salons in the country. it's a multibillion dollar industry. their lobby is very, very strong. they're going to fight this. they used to say uva was less dangerous but it's not. it's bad for your skin. if you need vitamin d, get it from a supplement, not uv rays.
5:45 pm
there's a new law in france, and it's aimed at banning the use of fashion models that are deemed excessively thin. the models must now provide a doctor's note confirming that they are actually at a healthy weight. >> that's right. so there's a big problem with anorexia. they have 30 to 40,000 with anorexia in france. with models, they need a doctor's note saying their bmi is 18 or higher, in a normal range. if they do anything to modify the way they look in an advertisement, it has to be labeled it's been modified and edited. if they don't have these things in place, there can be fines from 40 to $80,000. there's a lot of methods in place to try to event it. talk about models, they like to tan because it makes them look thinner and healthier. it's an unhealthy life-style. now some magazines are not allowing tanned models. hopefully won't allow the super
5:46 pm
it's hard to watch them when they're so skinny. i wonder how they have the energy to walk up and down the catwalks. steve: it's an unfair expectation of beauty. dari: it's not appealing. >> they're clothing hangers. dari: they are. thank you. all right, nick. steve: nick -- dari: a little bit of winter. nick: a little winter coming our way. remember i'm too sexy for my shirt? steve: the king of '90s car rap and pop. nick: the cold air is coming in. you can see it. take a look at the map. here we go from the city westward. the highs were in the middle to upper 50s. 30s buffalo to pittsburgh. while it is going to get cold, that will be our overnight low in the city. we'll be kind of struggling to get above 40 or 41, which is where it should be.
5:47 pm
weekend. with a strong gusty wind, it will feel like it. start trying to find the heavy clothes in your closet. a couple of showers offshore. that cold front has passed to the east. we'll transition into the chillier air as time moves through. there's the satellite and radar composite. this is all sliding this way. we have snow showers and the snow squall machine will get cranking. we'll hear two foot amounts of snow off the lakes here. some of the snow flurries may make it to the higher terrain north and west of the city. i think that possibility exists tomorrow. i don't think it's going to make it down here in town. we'll see. maybe a flake or two. but that's about it. as we look at the current temps, we're in the middle 40s in town. 45 belmar. 43 poughkeepsie. 34 in monticello. a sign of things to come. middle 40s islip. 47 in montauk. check out the wind northwest, 10, 15 miles an hour. it will start picking up in speed.
5:48 pm
of 25 to 35 miles an hour as we move through the day. that put the chill in the air with temperatures around 40. the cold front is offshore. here comes the northwesterly wind. there are the squalls in michigan, western pennsylvania, ohio. snow flurries not out of the question. sunday's weather is right in here. tomorrow we're looking at 41 or so in new york city. only freezing in chicago. 28 minneapolis. already after being rather chilly, the rebound is starting. dallas, 60. 64 san antonio. eventually this air starts coming this way again. that will be starting on monday and last through next week. take a look at our latest futurecast. on that futurecast, we will find basically some clouds around tonight and maybe a flurry or two. tomorrow, sunshine, clouds. notice north and west of town, that's where we might run into a couple of snow flurries or snow showers around. doesn't look like a lot. might see them float across the sky.
5:49 pm
the wind will back off. sunday, beautiful day, in the chilly range of the low and middle 40s. tomorrow may be our only day below average for the month so far. every day has been above average. sunday it will be chilly but we'll be above where we should be. the average high is 40, 42. look at the temperature through the night on the futurecast. in the morning, near freezing in a lot of places. stopping in the 40 degree range. freezing tomorrow night. 20s in the suburbs. sunday we'll get back into the middle 40s. our forecast for new york city tonight is going to call for -- these are the wind gusts. they're gusting at 20, 25 miles an hour as we head into tomorrow. definitely going to be a chill in the air in the forecast. 32 tonight in town. 20s in the suburbs with lots of clouds and maybe a flurry. tomorrow, windy, 41. sun and clouds. sunny at 44 sunday. back to 52 monday. some clouds will challenge the sunshine. showers will arrive tuesday. 57. more showers wednesday. 62. christmas eve 67 with more
5:50 pm
steve: thank you, nick. crazy. a pipe organ, the largest musical instrument is being restored in new jersey. [music] talking big here. 150 tons. it's housed at boardwalk hall in atlantic city. it hasn't functioned since a hurricane in 1944. historians say its power and tonal range were unmatched. they hope to have the main organ working at 50 percent capacity by next summer. dari: if you want to look good for that holiday party, well, forget about the christmas sweater and the santa hat. steve: no good. baruch shemtov shows us how to look sharp in tonight's perfect fit. [music] >> reporter: the holidays are here, so i'm at barney's new york to find the perfect holiday outfit.
5:51 pm
men's tailored clothing and furnishings at barney's, breaks down the perfect outfits. >> it starts with a jacket. first and foremost, velvet. no. 1. this is not for the timid or light hearted. color is the main thing. you don't have to be black or navy. those are options, but this is your time to experiment. >> reporter: keeping the velvet theme. i'll try a brown velvet, a blue one and keep putting together the perfect outfit. now that we have the jacket covered, what do we keep in mind as we pull the look together? >> let's talk about the shirt, a tie, if needed, and the shoes. beyond the traditional white shirt, how can we mix it up? >> we like to keep it solid to respect the occasion. right now what's trending well is a nice dark shirt. this one right here will go with any color we've tried on. >> reporter: dark shirt with a dark jacket? >> absolutely. these are beautiful shirts here. very clean.
5:52 pm
you can wear it with a bowtie or keep it open. >> reporter: what about the color of the bowtie? >> match your jacket. navy tuxedo, navy tie. >> what about our feet? >> we love the black velvet slipper. by the way, the numerous motifs and designs. >> what about the christmas sweater? how do you incorporate knit wear? >> we have a lot of function options. looks like your ready for christmas dinner. >> let's talk through the sweater. what makes this the perfect holiday party sweater? >> color, fun, sense of humor. >> reporter: we've looked at a lot of options. let's say i want to take it to the next level. >> i have just what we're looking for. >> reporter: here's to shining bright with the perfect fit this holiday season.
5:53 pm
dari: that is shining bright. that would have been rather snappy. we'll see you at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. all right. thank you very much. we have a lot to tell you about tonight, including the countdown to christmas. today marks one of the busiest travel days of the year. so we're finding out how people are handling the stepped up security at airports. >> plus helpful tips you should know about from a top expert in the studio. it appears many new yorkers are in a real charitable mood. some are crediting pope francis' recent visit for the upswing in the giving. we'll explore that topic and take a look at the weekend forecast with nick coming up in
5:54 pm
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a full spectrum of essential nutrients... you enjoy like a mint. new centrum vitamints.
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. ernie: it's friday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us.
5:57 pm
timely story. we're exactly one week away from christmas, and today marks one of the busiest travel days of the year, especially at the airports. with the recent terror incidents here and abroad, there are new concerns regarding security issues. fox 5's jessica formoso is live at laguardia airport where she spoke to many travelers about the stepped up security. good evening to you. what's the mood look like there? >> hello, ernie. it could be a tough time when it comes to travel here. an estimated 38 million people will be flying this holiday season. and, of course, due to the attacks in paris and california, you will be thoroughly checked here at the airport. amber and her children have been traveling for 24 hours. their trip from abu dawb habi have had several checkpoints. >> they checked us twice >> reporter: robert strang says
5:58 pm
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